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The Richest Men in History

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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October 6, 2020 8:03 am

The Richest Men in History

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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October 6, 2020 8:03 am

America’s the richest country that has ever existed, but the wealthiest men in history weren’t Americans. Centuries ago, there were individuals whose wealth far exceeded the billionaires of today. But what became of their vast holdings? On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore will tell us their stories. It's the richest men in history on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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America is often described and rightly so, is the wealthiest nation ever wealthiest men in history, not by a long shot.

Over the millennia, some individuals have amassed jaw-dropping amounts of wealth. What became of those holding kingdom advises president Rob West has the answers for step today then will take your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 nine Steve Moore the richest man in history. I'm not one next year and moneywise Rob according to Forbes, Jeff basals, the founder of Amazon is the richest guy in the world today worth about hundred and $18 billion. We tend to think that the richest people ever are those around today, but that's not necessarily the case is. I know it isn't Steve. In fact, Jeff basals wouldn't come close to the two wealthiest people of all time. And what's really interesting is that most of us have never heard of right well in that case I must ask, we talking about here. While the first was Mansour Moussa, not a household name by any stretch but he was the Islamic ruler of the Melian empire in West Africa.

Listen to this in 1324 he made a pilgrimage to Mecca with an entourage of 60,000 people on that trip. Manson Moussa give away so much gold that it caused hyperinflation throughout the Middle East that we don't have a dollar figure of what he was worth, but no individual today, no matter how wealthy could come close to disrupting the economies of an entire week ship in the same way while Manson Moose is right right unnecessarily household name racing and 60,000 people in this entourage are who was the other richest man in history. Yeah that would be the ruler of the Incan Empire out a wall. How do you like that made anything interesting that the Incas essentially had no economy at all.

The Emperor owned everything from your house to the shoes on your feet you worked for him and he rewarded you with what he determined you needed. No wonder he was wealthy, but all that came to an abrupt halt when the Spanish conquistadors invaded and took the Emperor captive in 1533 at a wall plug paid a ransom said to be an entire room of gold worth 230 million which as it turned out, was only pocket change to the Spanish killed him anyway and stripped his empire of tons of gold and silver. Again, no dollar figure, but the wealth looted by Spain again caused hyperinflation, this time in Europe that caused a lengthy economic slump and again no one could do that. I guess not book words in pretty tall cotton here today and this is all very interesting but is moral to any of the story well you know there is, and we find it in Margate, where Jesus says for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul for what can a man give in return for his soul. Now that we can ask the question what ever became of all that wealth and the answer is absolutely nothing if it didn't advance the gospel of what value was it. In my view, little amen.

Good point about somehow I think you might be more to your lesson well. I would agree with that. Let's look at the two other wealthy individuals who use God's resources to advance his kingdom of the first is Henry Parsons Crowell, founder of Quaker Oats in the early 20th century. He suffered from tuberculosis early in life, but God had other plans for Crowell and he was eventually cured of the disease. He went on to become an extraordinary Christian businessman who funded many initiatives to advance the gospel including the Moody Bible Institute. He also led many other wealthy business associates to Christ, causing a ripple effect in giving to Christian organizations.

Okay argument give us the other example of someone using their wealth for the kingdom. Yeah well that would be a Robert Gilmore looked her know who is best described as the most inspiring Christian inventor, businessman and entrepreneur. The world is ever seen, with barely 1/5 grade education. RG as he was known became a world leader in the manufacturing of earthmoving equipment and held over 300 patents. Now that's impressive but even more impressive is that RG Letourneau lived by something we might call reverse tithing. Listen to this. Instead of giving 10% of his vast wealth back to God.

He gave 90% to spreading the gospel and lived on the remaining 10%. But you know what we talk about those kinds of numbers.

Some people might be thinking that's great. If you have that kind of money.

If you have a ton of money but you know what, let's come back after the break and chat some more about this.

This stuff you listening to moneywise live from West times more between us we have no don't run away. You want to chat some more.

This is moneywise heading with us today and moneywise live here is her phone number 805 five 7000. If you have a question for Rob West. Anything financial.

Anything related to earthmoving. I guess we could talk about that to 800-525-7000 were chatting for just a little bit about being rich were talking about guys that are pretty much billionaires and then some and what it really means from a biblical perspective to be rich. We were chatting a little bit about Henry Parsons Crowell, who was a very, very rich man, and the founder of Quaker Oats and what he did with his money for the cause of Christ. Also, RG Letourneau, who had over 300 patents and invented lots of the major earthmoving equipment that were still using today and he tie 90% and lived on 10%. So all that pretty impressive stuff. But what about for average normal people probably well, right. Stephen the big idea here is that very few individuals could be as generous as Henry Parsons Crowell or RG Letourneau, but that's really not the point.

God doesn't care about how much money we have only how we use it.

It's faithfulness to opportunity what are you doing with what you been given, you see that these examples are just to show that we shouldn't be caught up in the trappings of the world and that we should use God's resources and that's in fact what they are. They also belong to him where the managers so we should use those wisely for his glory. As Mr. Kroll and Mr. Letourneau very appropriately demonstrated the amount doesn't matter. Let's go to Jesus words in Luke 21 when he saw the wealthy giving in the temple, and of course a poor widow giving two small copper coins.

He said truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them and I think we can certainly take something away from that and ask ourselves the question what should I be doing with what God has entrusted to me not looking to the left were looking to the right. This is between you and the Lord and how can we talk about this kind of thing Rob without thinking about the person that Jesus said was the most generous person of all, as he was standing there watching and then come along and I guess women several women. Perhaps I am put their money down. He said this woman who put who put her two small copper coins. She gave more than all yet that's exactly right you listening to moneywise live Rob West here. I'm Steve Moore I happy to chat with you today.

It's it's moneywise live not related to any specific topic, but whatever is on your mind. 800-525-7000. Let's begin by going to Lancaster County Pennsylvania and leave pleasure to have you there sir, how can we help well.

I would like a financial advisor and he try to explain annuities to me and it sounded like a really good deal.

But I know I've often heard that in the weedeater a bad thing and I wanted to know what the problem with yeah well you know nothing inherently wrong leave. Here's what I would say you know I'm not one of those it says there's never a case for an annuity for somebody who wants to transfer the risk of the investment returns away from themselves to an insurance company in return for some sort of stated guaranteed return, either through a fixed annuity with a set a specific amount to over time annually or a variable annuity where there's some investment component perhaps with a floor that it can't go neither and then some percentage of the upside or something in between. Like with indexed annuities yell there's a place for that was the reason though they're not my first choice is number one day can be fairly complicated. There very difficult to understand lot of fine print that you have to read through and investigate and understand what it is you're getting and oh what about the writers there's a lack of liquidity is often a penalty to get your money out and so often folks in this season of life are looking for the ability to perhaps have access to their principal if they had a major medical event or something where they needed the money, not just an annuitized payout. But if you're going to do that or try to withdraw it or move it.

There's often going to be some penalties associated with it. There are significant fees and commissions tied up with these and in most cases. Now there are what are called no-load annuities, meaning no commission annuities, but those are very infrequently sold yet. That's not what the typical person has an error in lies the lack of liquidity, because you've got to keep it in there long enough for the company to make back the significant fees and commissions that were paid out when it was sold so for me I would rather you see of you take a long-term approach with a straight investment account with a good mix of stocks and bonds that's appropriate for your age and risk tolerance where you're through taking out the long view with some wise counsel. Perhaps an investment professional. Managing these funds you can generate the appropriate returns for what you're trying to accomplish, but still have access to your funds without some of these other components tied in with it. So anyway, I again it's not an automatic no. But for me I just think generally speaking, there's a better way to go without the complexity in these insurance contracts does it make sense only if I were going to make the investment on my own. I'm not being a stock guy or knowing where to begin about Jan I think that's where you probably need to heed counsel just like if you were to sell your home you hire a professional real estate agent and if you were going to. You do any number of things that required professional expertise you would hire someone, and I think you when you build up a wealth over a lifetime of saving then deploying those assets in a very well thought out investment strategy requires a professional at your side so you we will always recommend you go to a certified kingdom advisor is not the we get anything out of that. But this is a designation for investment professionals who have significant experience in training.

They come from a biblical worldview that got character and regulatory reviews in there that have been done and so this is somebody who could walk alongside you. I always interview at least three and find the one that's the right fit for you. But no matter who you use I would say you'd want a competent investment professional making these decisions on your behalf or at the very least, walking alongside you as you make these decisions together. They were glad you called today thank you very very much 805 7000 Grand Rapids, Michigan Bob, what's on your mind's or call got to make this quick and simple abilities of income, property, about 18 years ago and and manager myself, and so on. Some employees and back in the crash and 07. My mortgage came up. Darrell and lender wanted their money and I was you guys don't try to get financing during it. Don't know what he was lending money.

I did find one lender alone on the project and it was not a very good long but here that are the property. The property mortgage was 30 DRAM with a 20 year blown and it had a 12 year option to do a prepay or pay off after 12 years and a 12 years is coming up here another month or two and I just found out today from lender that the prepayment penalty is just astronomical. It's not trying to pay it off so I'm looking out just like nothing else. Another eight years and my question is, is now that I know what I'm here for eight years will still be a balance due at the end of the eight years, the payoff should I take the extra cash in the that the properties producing and stock delay to save up the money so that in eight years. I can just pay the whole Lovenox without getting a mortgage try to shoot for that or do I or is it a combination of taking so mild we take very little lot about how we take about 10% out what the prophets are year ourselves & I question how much do sold away. The payoff and in verse not we we give quite a bit my life and I do so yeah our long-range plan for the property is in others is to give it to our kids and they know that there be a trust set up half the income be dispersed to the kids and other Napa go to charities. Yes yeah I like the idea Bob of you paying this off doing in a way that makes sense. I also appreciate the background in the work you've done to really put a strong financial foundation under you and clearly we want you to be debt free if I'm hearing you correctly. Although your pulling perhaps 10% of the rental income. It's really not necessary to fund your lifestyle. The other goals that you have is that right of money were taken out or given away now. Okay, I don't live off this property yet very good and you've run the calculation to look at the prepayment penalty over the course of this eight years versus the interest that will be paid in it just doesn't make sense for you to prepay it exactly more than 50% of what I on no well yeah okay well I like this idea of you sucking it away.

I mean I'm I'm always struggling with the tension of you know if the Lord's directing you to do some additional giving now and always love you to get that into circulation into God's economy.

But I also know it's clearly in line with God's heart that we would be debt free. Overtime does mean borrowing is a sin, but it does mean that there are clear warnings in Scripture around debt and the extent to which we can get this encumbrance out from under you. It's good for you up down the road to do even greater giving you once this is done so I like the idea of you beginning to sock that away as you have extra funds available and perhaps taking the lion share of this so that when the eight years comes, you can immediately pay it off your then free and clear. You got the flexibility and the peace of mind that comes with it. I would just be prayerful along the way that if the Lord directs you in and in another direction, where he asked you and your wife together to perhaps do some additional giving just be open to that, because it sounds like you know you all are going to be fine. You know, down the road. Even if this mortgage were to extend a little bit beyond that. But you know all things being equal, I love the idea of you being ready to knock that out on the absolute first day it makes you sound like generous folks and we hope that information helps you plan to get through today Cindy and Sarasota were coming in your way. All the marrow wants by entering a jeep she's in Chicago. Those calls and more. After the moneywise live start with everything, regardless of the question with a common trend member that God owns it all okay just on the 10% that we give him on a Sunday morning, perhaps, but he owns it all and he sees us as managers or as the Bible refers to its stewards. So we want to know just how he wants to direct us when it comes to stuff our time are talent and resources, and if we can help you with that. We love to try 800-525-7000. We have a couple of open lines right now so give us a call Sarasota, Florida Cindy what your situation, how can we help you you really weird how your program okay I am getting ready to party apply for system security and I am retiring from my job. I have probably about $100,000 have a 401(k) that have a lot maybe not $10,000 just recently told my home have no debt and I the situation I'm having right now is to possibly think about buying purchasing another home a lot cheaper home than what I had felt like I wasn't being a really good secured of my money and beyond my means going into my savings account every month you putting money on. I'm currently renting and I think that one time they start collecting system security. I'm not fully I'm going to be back in the same situation. I'm going to be getting back in my savings. My question to you is that I've been thinking about purchasing a home.

However, it will be here in Florida it would be back north and let's continue. I originally came from and I can purchase a home there just about paid off, but I have to probably use about hundred and $20,000 on my savings so I need. I don't really why so many situation where you basically just happy no utilities to pay to anything in your city is yeah I appreciate all the background that's really helpful and I think you certainly put your finger on all the key issues here so I understand correct if you were to buy this home that you and what you expect to spend for cash you have about 35,000 left over in savings is that right that's right okay and have you run a budget just to say here's what it would cost you to cover your lifestyle, your fixed and discretionary expenses.

Once that were to happen you put that on paper. I attempted okay. How is that link runs so usually about $2000 a month. Okay, what are your income source. So right now I have a I'm working currently right now that my last day will be next Monday@my system security will be about $1300 a month and I have an external source from past relationship that I get thousand dollars every month. About $2300 every month and you expect that to continue the thousand a month. Yeah, poor birth remains alive, okay and do you plan to go back to work. I really wanted to spend my time on my time.

Okay, let's do this thing on the wind will finish right after this break stay with us.

This is moneywise live 800 557 joined us today we know there are lots of other options on your radio down, but chosen us for this, though the seller and appreciate that we were talking with Cindy just before the break as she's apply for Social Security.

She's 62 years old wants to move from Florida, maybe back to where she came from, which is West Virginia around what exactly right. In Cindy, as you said you got 155,000. That's the proceeds from this home if you were to buy something smaller when you move. You could buy it for cash at around hundred and 20. That would give you 35,000 in liquid savings, which it if your expenses are about 2000 a month to me. You have plenty of resources there to cover for over a year.

The great thing is you would own your home, you could build some equity over time and you would keep your expenses at a minimum because you wouldn't be spending quite a bit on rent, which I realize can be costly.

Really good potential challenge here is just there's not other assets to fall back on. So in addition to the 1300 a month in Social Security you have a thousand a month coming from someone who was a you were in a previous relationship with, which will continue as you said as long as he's alive.

If that were to go away.

Obviously we don't have other retirement assets to fall back on. So I would just say I certainly don't want to get in the way, what the Lord may be directing you to in terms of his calling on your life when you get there, but I would be looking at. Yes, buying something so you can keep your lifestyle at a minimum your expenses down.

But consider what you might do to add some income to the equation that you can be socking away. In addition to whatever else the Lord might have in terms of your ministry calling so that you have some additional funds. If at some point that thousand were to go away or you were to have increased expenses that were medical route medically related or something like that. You can always sell the home or converted into an income stream through something like reverse mortgage, although I'd probably prefer you to sell it at that point, but I would just be thinking about how can you continue to save in the future when you get there and probably the most effective way to do that is to have some additional income coming in, but that to your main question about whether you should buy something small and for cash. I do like that. Just recognize there's a few pieces of the equation here that if they were removed. You might have to make a change, including selling this home down the road. Does that make sense though I really appreciate your here all right.

Hey God bless you excited for you in this new season as you lean into what God has for you.

Thank you for: thanks and right Chicago Illinois Altamira. We appreciate your patience. You have a jeep you're thinking of selling, trading it in.

What's the scenario how 2015 jeep compass paid for and I was thinking that maybe within the next two years I dictated in and down. The problem is – and somebody scratches my ticket to have. It is estimated at $2000 for the repair and I'm not sure it worked on investment when I get it back when I go to treated in Altamira is are actually some body damage. Some dance or something like that or is this really just a matter of meeting paint job know I hang up against Apollo okay alright so does actually need somebody work as well and tell me about the defect you want to go ahead and traded in what why is that what what about just continuing to drive it as it had some some repair issues or what's the scenario, there no no I was just thinking that if you can't conquer 200,000 mile and making it be able to make any more repairs on it to keep it going. Let it be worth it or should I just traded in. Yeah, you know, I mean these days cars are built to run well past 100,000 miles so mean. I don't know whether you're single person or not any clearly. I want you to have reliable transportation.

But at the same time if this thing is been maintained properly and you've taken care of that cars these days around 200,000+ miles.

Now if you were to get into a situation where it's just not a reliable car. It has unusual repairs and that were to become costly at some point you may need to decide that you need to get rid of it. But just because a car hits that hundred K mark doesn't mean you automatically need to trade it in. This is the time where you're really getting a good bang for your buck because if you had another 50 or hundred thousand miles and it you don't have a car payment. You own it, free and clear your putting modest repairs into it.

Keep in the old changed and the brakes. You know, in good working order. You should be able to drive this for quite a long time. Steve, any must agree with you Rob, I mean already. The car is what five years old.

If you keep it another two years. That makes it seven years old you putting $2000 into fixing up the body is not really going to come back to you will want to trade and is concerned because with a seven-year-old car or a nine-year-old car. However old it is, they're going to just auction that car, take it to the car auction. Anyway, they're not going to fix it up and sell it on their used car lot more than likely, so I mean, unless it really really bothers you the damage I would drive it like it is alright and then traded it in a couple of years. If you feel led to do so.

But putting the extra 2000 into it to make the value go up, we'll never get a return on that money. We appreciate your call.

Altamira will ask the Lord to give you some wisdom as you make this decision and watch those poles Altamira they can jump out at you when you least expect it would have some open lines 800-525-7000 Akron, Ohio, Candace, what you question my call on hold for a while.

My question is 32 years old and I have about 10,000 in my banking account like draw interest from my money like my money to work for me.

Practical point I'm not current, financially savvy.

Tell I just need you not point in the right direction can ask your question and appreciate your holding us along the 10,000 that you have is it money.

The truly is. You would consider your emergency fund so it's it's savings that you need to be able to have access to, or is this money that has a five or a 10 year time horizon. Were you wanting to invest now like emergency fund. I needed my car okay or anything like that shirt want to put this in in a savings account. Here's what I recommend. I like an online savings account. This would not be a brick-and-mortar bank, but you still have FDIC insurance not paying a whole lot right now were in an unusually low interest rate environment. So on a high-yield savings you can get about .6% so little more than 1/2 a percent. But you're going to get something on it and I'd look at Ally bank you could look at Marcus capital one 360. Those are three that I like a lot. They have great websites and smart phone apps. No fees.

You get that .6% maybe a little more than that. And as interest rates move up, down the road. The interest rate will go with it. But here's a great part Candace you can link it to your checking account and then you'll have the funds available when you need him. With the click of a button you can transfer it over your checking if you needed to spend so that's where I go from here. I think you'll be glad you did. Again now I Marcus her capital one 363 that I would recommend Less Candace thank you very much for calling in today and you can call into 800-525-7000 is a thought from the book of Proverbs Proverbs 810 choose my instruction instead of silver knowledge rather than choice school's knowledge is found in God's word that we rely on the most around here.

Let's continue on up to Washington state Renée thank you for holding and what you question how I might Lord while I and I got back I had a medical problem, I hired and I had a call and now I'm on my care. Paying them off in a debt consolidation. I also think that the charity validated I have to pay them back for about five years overpayment because I worked my tail thousand dollars and my aunt Herman and about 1900 and I don't have much means that saving I really appreciate our wanting anything to look 99 to take responsibility high ministry work and me like great dialect that he got me to the church. I'm not now and I need help.

Had I also putting my name now into day shared with me and from day bank account about a medical reason and money going into that now where I can actually, however, might you money or any of that. I can that it will only be able to be used for medical, car or anything like that I'm renting. I downside I had a wonderful few years ago. Wonderful family finances at the church. I went there and help plan and I quickly realized that I could not rent how downside and I just talk my home which was typically only now I'm going into an apartment and Michael I money telling me and I'm help on what to do right now my okay so where you rename by the way great work in managing all of this to me and I realize you been through a difficult season here you know.

And yet here you are on track to pay off this debt, you're actively giving your making decisions. That's putting you in a place where you can live within your means even though it's not easy and I don't pretend for a second that it is I hear you doing a lot of the right things with the true, heartfelt desire to honor the Lord with what is entrusted to you and all that's all fabulous. Given this recent change this taking place with you going into the apartment. Tell me about the spending plan.

Tell me about your income that you have versus what you expect your expenses to look like as you and anticipate these changes will call.

I want change it and now I I like it different, compartmentalizing back that I can and I'm gonna have to really laugh and cut into that now not working right now… How I'm trying to ban on medical and I'm hoping that I fail I got one client at that and I get paid way down the road on that and I pray that's way down the road.

I'm not let's do this because are so many moving pieces here and we really need to get all the numbers down on paper and then really help you navigate some of the decisions you have coming up so want to do this. I want to pray for you and assess Lord give you some wisdom, but then I want you to connect with one of her moneywise coaches if you go to moneywise click connect with the coach. This is somebody's going to get into all the numbers with you, help you develop that spending plan. Look at these changes that are coming in. Factor that in and help you make the decisions so you can be the best steward of what God has entrusted to you right now and I know that's really the key in there so many moving pieces I don't want even try to give you some direction necessarily hear over the radio so I just pray for you. The Lord I just thank you for Renée Lord. This journey you've had her on.

And Lord, you are her provider Lord. We trust you today. We just ask that you would even supernaturally bring provision into her life, perhaps even prompt those around her in the body of Christ to see the need that's there and even step in, but Lord, I just pray that that you would grant incredible wisdom. You said, if we ask you, would provide it and James were asking board to you. Give her clear direction as she moves forward and tries to honor you with what you've entrusted to her.

So we tell you today. We love you were thankful for Jesus and what he did for us on the cross and we ask all this in Christ name, amen.

Renée God bless you stand alone.

Let's make sure you have all the information you need to hook up with a budget coach to help you walk through it a put this process together for you. Thank you very much and from one Renée that's click to another Renée in Chicago, sir. How can we help you all. Thank you very much for my call almost every day, not I love you guys got medical advice on how to be a good sport off. My question was augmenting on Mark Tucker 12 and Luke up to 21 on the poor widow who gave him everything that she had all her life to give in my? How can be applied at like the poor widow dad because she had basically departed all her livelihood into offering any you know, maybe just guidance for you know, for the Christian who you know that you are there today in our Christian life. Yeah, I appreciate that question so much Renée, thank you for listening so faithfully know this is such a fascinating and incredible story of the Jesus tells I think it's perhaps impossible for us to appreciate fully what was going on but you remember that all the rich were being generous but they were doing so out of their wealth as they put money into the temple in this widow who had these two coins comes along. She puts in both the Jesus is watching and he turns to the disciples. He says she's put in more than everybody else. And so I think the take away here is that we don't have to be wealthy. We don't have to be particularly savvy to make a tremendous impact for Christ.

And she was getting out of her poverty and so then I think the question we all need to ask in context is everything in terms of what was going on among the religious leaders of the day and the scribes and the widows and what the church should have the Temple should have been doing to care for her and there's all that in the background, but I think for us. The question is Lord. What is my part and what should I do with what I've been given, you know, we started out today talking about some incredible men RG Letourneau and Mr. Kroll and what they did for Christ, even with reverse tithes and that's not something that necessarily the Bible says you need to live on X percent of your income and give the rest away. It's a conversation between us and the Lord and the Lord may do something if were open and willing to step out in faith. The Lord may ask us to do something significant like this widow did giving out of her poverty and in trusting the Lord for her provision. Even the next meal and I think we need to be willing to ask those hard questions and say Lord, what would you have me to do tonight.

I can't tell you what that is. I can't tell anyone apart from me asking for me and my family. What we need to be doing and some incredible people, starting with the widow and throughout history have done amazing things for the Lord by being willing to step out in faith and give incredibly sacrificial.

He because the bottom line is, no matter how much we give even everything it will never compare to what God has given us through his son and his death and resurrection for us. So I think we need to find ourselves on our knees, saying, Lord, with what you've entrusted to me. What's my part.

What is it look like for me to walk by faith and not by sight and I can answer that for you but will I think should be asking that question in earnest. Renée I wish we had another 20 minutes here to kick this around with you. Unfortunately, we don't but it's a great question, one that we can all pray about and find God's will for our lives. In this regard. Thank you very very much Fort Lauderdale Samantha just a little bit of time what your situation well okay so 90,000. I love this, you can really do that best 90,000 as the student will you save the hundred and 40 is this in addition to your retirement assets.

Got it. Got it. Yeah I mean I pay it off as soon as you can. There's no reason to wait going get that paid off, then that payment comes, you know you're no longer have that payment you're no longer paying the interest you've saved. For this reason, by the way congratulations for tubing that so well and having that money available so as you enter retirement. Here's what I love Samantha is your to keep your lifestyle at a minimum your expenses as low as possible. You can have the flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from being debt-free, at least as it relates to this particular debt and I would say go for it as soon as you're able to do it, I'd pay that bill and be excited about doing so. Samantha were excited that you called and got through today.

Thank you very much and we hope that that out. That helps you moving forward with that were going to have to put a bow on it for today which I just want to thank those of you who listen and tell others about us moneywise live as a partnership between Moody radio and money wise media and you're also a partner.

Thank you so much for tuning in each day telling others about us and being generous with your donations when you visit moneywise I thanks to a technical crew today, Courtney, Dan, Amy, and of course none other than Mr. Jim Henry, hoping you have a wonderful day where your mask.

Be safe. Do something nice for someone then come back and join us again tomorrow will be here with a brand-new edition of moneywise live

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