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7 Money Saving Tricks

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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June 18, 2020 8:03 am

7 Money Saving Tricks

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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June 18, 2020 8:03 am

No matter how hard you try, at the end of every month, does it always feel like you have more month than money left? Is there anything you can do to save more and make your money work for you? On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore share 7 money saving tricks you won’t want to miss. Savings that add up quickly on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

Your brain trying to come up with ways to put a little something extra aside, but nothing seems to work no matter how hard you try, there's always just a little bit more month left over at the end of your money. So some money-saving tips and tricks that actually work. You know more than just using talking dryer sheets and have financial planner and teacher Rob West has some ways to save like money in the bank and now today so please don't call him you have some great questions already lined up that I enjoy and find more joy to support today's edition moneywise. Not the rubber not making fun of people who actually do cut through dryer sheets and half are we not at all.

More power to them. But clever crosscutting ideas like that will save you money.

They take a long time to add up to much today were talking about savings that will add up. Hopefully a bit more quickly good. Let's get started then what's first busting number one is probably the biggest thing you can do to save money and that's get out of debt and stay there, stop using credit cards less you pay off the balance each month to pay down what you owe. Use the snowball method that we've talked about many times before in the program start with the smallest debt first when that's paid, move on to the next and so on. By the way if you missed the program a few days ago.

Check out our archives of moneywise on snowball versus avalanche. I think you find it interesting.

If you're not paying thousands of dollars a year in interest on credit cards. Imagine what you could do in a retirement account instead earning money for you, not the credit card company number two isn't new either.

But it's really essential. Automate your savings part of your paycheck deposited automatically the first to build up your emergency fund. Then when that's fully funded build up your retirement account. If you rely on yourself to do it manually. Well, it may not get done.

I'm a big fan of number two. I can tell you that. Let's see were focusing on techniques that have rapid results so what's next.

Number three. We've also talked about before, but I wonder how many people actually do it and that is put away part of a pay raise who gets more money going into savings for you that could apply the tax refunds as well. I'd say actually bank at least half of your raises and all of your tax refund now number four is not so obvious. In fact, most people don't even associated with money. It's take care of yourself. That is get and stay healthy, eat right and exercise and get plenty of sleep. Watch your weight. This is because healthcare is expensive no matter what kind of plan you have, the less healthcare you use, the more you save. We talked about this one before. Studies show that if you're overweight and out of shape. On average, and it's just an average you'll spend more on healthcare in your later years. That's right.

I watch my weight rather watch that needle go up. I just I think I just need a new scale@what you Robert you do you will work out what what is yeah you know I like running periodically will be my preferred approach. I don't spend much time in the gym. I need to I just don't make time for number five. We have number five also obvious but extremely effective if you want to save more, make more take a side job or put in extra hours at work, you could drive through bird lift you could rent out a room through air B&B if you work just 10 hours a week $10 an hour. Well that'll add up to about 5000 a year or more now number six is tricky and if you are having trouble with number one getting and staying out of debt just forget about number six altogether and that is use a reward credit card.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Do this only if you all please pay off your balance in full each month and live on a spending plan. Otherwise, it makes no sense because interest charges will just gobble up any rewards you might accrue, but if your discipline. Using a reward card can really save you some money. Some cards give one or even 2% back on all purchases.

Some will give you as much as 5% back on certain purchases a reward card could save you a few hundred dollars a year depending on how much you spend. It could even be more than that. Okay Abbott the first month, you failed to pay off the balance drop that card right into the shredder, presuming you have a gas powered shredder. We need something, hefty sum of those cards I we talked about number 74 Rob oh what what what is it it's her final one here for this.

The segment yeah exactly. It's worth your time, or perhaps even a couple hundred dollars and that is if you get on the phone with your insurance and credit card companies and ask for a rate or interest rate reduction, they may just go along with it with your credit card. I just asked for lower rates and often times, no comply.

That's right I done it myself and it well so far. It's always worked. This is moneywise live with Rob West taking your calls right after this. If you listening right now. Please don't try to call today's program as an encore broadcast lots of interesting information still had so please stay with us.

This is moneywise live where we do our very best to remember that God owns it all the way to be good managers of it was the Bible refers to a good stewards and Rob. We took our break had mentioned that I have tried several of these things and they always worked for me. I was referring to Tip number seven, where you just ask certain companies to reduce the rates. I've done it without credit cards.

I've done it with car insurance and I've done it with cable TV and in every case, particularly cable TV in every case, my rates were lowered or reduced, whether they are fees or interest rates. You don't have to go in with guns blazing, or threats or anything like that just guys have been a good customer for a long time, but these rates are, killing me, they don't fit my budget. Can you help and in every case it helped. And so that certainly is worth a try. I like it. Steve you really just your time and what is your time worth it's probably worth a lot to but not as much as you could save by just asking that question.

So, we highly one of the thing.

We encourage is that you check us out on Facebook with Aaron Facebook. If you're a Facebook member you can find this you can like us on Facebook when you go to moneywise media on number of people have gone there today Rob. In fact, a question of the day was what money tricks have you come across that of work for you and a number of people have responded what's exactly right will be checking this throughout the program and so you have some money-saving ideas that have worked for you. Perhaps share them with the moneywise live community and will be checking in on them and perhaps read some of them throughout the program. Mike writes avoid any purchase that will require you to pay interest. He said set up automatic payments of your credit card balance in full so that you never have to pay interest or have a late fee and that automation is a nice little tenant there to make sure you don't ever forget about it and as he said make sure you're paying it in full. If you set up that automated payment. Lorene said I always pay myself and put aside money for emergencies and that's kept me afloat.

Richard had a great idea. He said by items at the end of the season so winter coats during the spring seller shorts and winter sales which is a great idea. He said as long as you use a credit card and pay it off in full each month. He prefers it over a debit card because it's easier to dispute the charge. You don't have to wait to get your my checking account after a fraudulent purchase, and that is a good tip there and then someone else said, be your own lender and I think the big idea. There is if you can sock away money for your next car purchase and buy with cash. Well, there's that's a wonderful way to save yourself a bunch of money.

So thanks for those great ideas moneywise media when you do a search of Facebook. You'll find us there. You can like us and share your tips with us and I think my producer is telling me in my headphone here Rob that for the very best tip today. Later in the program were giving a giving away a brand-new Pontiac.

Is that true. I have not heard that. No I don't. I think about women in my other headphone I'm being reminded that Pontiac is no longer in business.

Well Maxwell we meant well and that that's that's what's important. Okay, Knoxville, Tennessee Howie good to have you out there buddy. How can we help our financial adoption not heard on radio status if used with another program.

Nevertheless, will give it a shot.

Howie okay got about 4000, and it just shouldn't matter and a lot invested. I don't know where to go today our friend mom boss bars and bars all our gear turned bad so I'm not how you got it.

Oh no problems sees that you have 4000 and you said to invest but if you don't mind me asking a couple questions and what I'm trying to determine here how is how this $4000 fits into the rest of your financial life. So first of all, do you have any debt. I don't have any. Okay, not a home nothing more. Okay, great. Congratulations. That's phenomenal. Do you have any other savings apart from this $4000 that might be an emergency fund of some kind. No doubt, okay, great.

Right now on your monthly spending and income. Do you have a written budget that you are operating by, I'm tired… A last okay.

Have you ever taken time to reduce all of those expenses to a piece of paper and categorize them and really design a system to control the flow of money in and out just the nothing slips through your fingers, and that if you want long dammit. It's devastating and I'm just now getting back on the yes or okay well here's what I'm excited about, and I'm delighted to hear that you say on average you have about 400 a month left over.

That's good to meet you living within your means, you would absolutely benefit from having a spending plan on talking about really take 30 days Howie and you track all of your income and expenses you put that on paper and then you develop a system that works for you, could be a web-based system or smart phone app could be the envelope system which thousands of people still use very, very successfully, and that is where you take your discretionary items. The things that aren't just a recurring bill every month where you can automate it or just write a check but things like eating out or whatever it might be, hobbies, and you actually fund with cash and envelope for each of those items every month just to keep yourself in check so that when that category is empty. You don't pull money from somewhere else. You reduce spending or accounted off for the month and wait till the next month so I think that would benefit from it benefit you now with regard to this 4000. What we would encourage you to do. Howie is to have 3 to 6 months expenses in a liquid savings account. This is going to be where it's secure. It's not too accessible but you can get to it. If you need it in your earning a little bit interest right now in a high-yield online savings account which is FDIC insured and could be linked to your bank with the super and automated transfer. If you ever need it. You'll get about 2 1/4% interest on deposits. I would look at Marcus, I would look at ally. I also like capital one 360. They're all paying about that 2 1/4% interest. I don't like the idea of you investing this money because we were investing.

We want at least 7 to 10 year time horizon and we really don't have money to do that until we have this emergency fund in place because if you have unexpected expenses. Come your way and we all do at some point we don't want you to have to rely on credit cards or some other means to fund them. That's where you need to be pulling from is this emergency savings so and in my estimation, I'd encourage you to open one of these online savings account at one of the institutions I mentioned link up with your checking account deposit. This 4000 and then continue depositing that 400 a month until you get up to at least three months expenses then we should be talking about setting aside some longer-term savings and perhaps a Roth IRA where you can invest the Rob of the three banks you mentioned Marcus Allen, capital one.

We have no personal or business relationship with them there just three banks that attended pay higher interest rates.

Is that what you're saying. Online banks that's right a couple reasons doing you're right we don't have any relationship with them. I just review all of the banks periodically and I'm looking for not only high interest, although that's a primary consideration looking for those that really purposed themselves to deliver excellent customer service and to be very user-friendly in terms of their smart phone apps of their website. Hopefully right now. We were glad that you called today. We wish you the best. Thank you very very much.

When we come back and chat with Jane in Jacksonville, Alabama and Shirley's in Cleveland that and much much more.

When moneywise live listening to moneywise live find us on the web it moneywise. Live boring, but we're not lives so here that phone number. Please don't call but to stick around. Lots of good info nation ahead. It's moneywise live he's Rob West, I'm Steve Moore and were happy to be taking your calls today days in Jacksonville, Alabama, what you have for strength.

I use my rewards credit card to purchase cards 20,000 online.

We get you anywhere from 5 to 40% off gift cards that you not only get your reward points saved a ton on the starter to go to anyway. What J look it's you that's great yeah you really work in the system there.

I like any that's as far as I can. J. For those with never heard of this concept. Buying a preowned gift card me.

First of all, it sounds a little shady but it's not a bubble but what is that how does that work where these cards come from, you know people who get gifts or they returned, they don't want to start again. I will purchase them and then they turn around and sell him again in the transaction is essentially the way it works is if you have this gift card and whatever reason you want to unload it and you're willing to sell it at a discount and get the cash for it then somebody else buys it at discounts and it's it's really a business out there for people but it's a great way as J said that's if you're using a rewards credit card to get money to purchase a gift card for store, you would already be spending and perhaps it with a budgeted item and abided a discount. The other other ministries out there. Steve or you can actually donate unused gift cards and their then turned into dollars to use for ministry purposes for nonprofits out there doing a similar type of thing. I love great aunt and rich our producer is telling me that one place and there are many one place you can check out his gift card gift card Granny and please give her our best. If you decide to work with her right did you get did you get an email on Facebook and by the way, you can find our Facebook page and like live show.

Stir said I use and envelope system for saving that we were talking about this just a while ago. He said I label my envelopes.

Vacation savings new purchase.

He has different envelopes for different items and then he funds that envelope every time he gets a paycheck.

Now you can do that with the physical envelope. You can also do that with a virtual envelope with one of these online savings account doesn't charge you any fees to set up multiple savings account so you can actually have them tagged for different purposes but I'll tell you, Steve. The envelope system is been around for a long time and is still working for a lot of folks it's fantastic to again. That's what were looking for something that works for you. Something that takes your attention and focuses it on your pocketbook on your wallet on what God is giving you a whatever system works for you. That's the best system, Cleveland, Ohio Carrie, what do you have for us today. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so apologetic where I stand three dollars and 40 at the store right down $3.43 try four dollars and you have between 20 extra dollars and 30 think about Larry while we desperately need credit card there yet feel fixed dollar here and there.

Yeah I love that idea Carrie because essentially it's for savings, but you're doing it in these micro savings contributions in a sense, into your checking account on paper so you're not feeling it as much and then over time.

That adds up. You know what's interesting is one of the new tech companies in the finance area.

This getting a lot of notoriety lately is a company called acorns and they have something very similar that takes exactly what you're doing and automates it you'll find it online and and essentially they invest your spare change. So if you link either a checking account or a bank account to every time you make a transaction Ville rounded up to the next dollar deposit that amount in an account that can then be invested in low-cost exchange traded funds really interesting concept based on the same idea you may want to check it out. I've been using it just to test it out. I really like it. And again.

It's an automated for savings, but not only does it force the savings it actually will automatically invested for you which is really interesting. It's amazing and Carrie were glad that you called Carrie from Cleveland, Tennessee. Thanks so much. Have a good day when not sending carry the Pontiac based on her testimony, he or she can afford her own Pontiac.

So hey, here's a quick email from Kelly that Robbie rule of thumb is to put 10 to 15% of my gross pay into retirement savings is that only the money I'm putting in or can it also include what my company matches as well yeah will typically we would say 10 to 15% total and so you can just roll in and what your company is matching is a part of that 10 to 15%. Obviously, if you can do more. Assuming your giving and doing all the other things you need to do.

Pray but typically we would include the match as a part of that 10 to 15% right. We appreciate that email if you have an email from Rob send it along to more moneywise after this moneywise.

Live and talk about our telephone number often because we live today pretty recorded so if you hear mention of the phone number please don't call us.

You can find us Matthew 2540 tells us that the king will answer them and say truly I say to you as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers you did it on to me. Let's go to Key West Florida. Lou, thanks for holding my friend how can we help user hi you have a question about do I need insurance 73.

My wife is 68 and her health not too good and I'm just saying that if I do want a bus pass away when the next five or 10 years.

I don't really think I have the cost 10 $16,000 for burial and everything and do I need or should I get a new insurance policy now and which one to help me get along at that time. Well Lou, I certainly appreciate the question couple of thoughts here number one of the cost of burial doesn't have to be exorbitant if you're part of the memorial society create a cremation Society and so I would look into that. Just to begin to explore the various options that you have look for the memorial society in your area to get some information about that. So you can be planning and thinking about what you need to put aside what I would prefer is if you figure out that you have a certain amount that you could set aside each month.

Perhaps equivalent to what you might be thinking about spending in the form of an insurance policy rather than paying that to an insurance company. You could take and set that aside and the saving specifically for this purpose, or in some cases you could prepay for some of these services, you know, in terms of insurance, there is the possibility that you could still get a term insurance policy you know the a lot of people buy these in their 20s, 30s and 40s, and they're very inexpensive but of seniors in their 60s and 70s can buy term insurance policies and obtain your policies. Even a 15 year policy. Of course the cost is going to be dependent upon your health condition and your wife's health condition and so you'd of course want to look into that and you want to have somebody if you did decide to go this route really is an insurance agent representing a general agent who covers a number of companies because depending on your age and the specific health condition you have and your wife. He or she will go probably to a certain company who treats that particular condition.

A little more favorably and perhaps can find a better pricing.

It's gonna vary significantly from company to company. Depending upon what medical conditions you have. But if you could arrive at a cost and and really understand what it's going to take to handle the funeral and burial expenses and so forth and you could develop a plan now to set that money aside over time that would be my preferred approach and maybe it's a it's a hybrid you get a short-term term policy while you're building that up or you do one in lieu of the other. But I think those are probably one of the two places to go. Start by figuring out exactly how much you need and then second determine whether it makes sense to just save it month yellow month at a time for you.

Your bias a small policy, assuming either of you can qualify based on your medical situation well yelled out.

That was my go I know that's why I called to see if you had any insight in this have to put it down on paper. My wife help does not look good cheer you certainly can be problematic in terms of raising the cost dramatically and that's where you may be better off just taking that money and setting it aside so you have it for some unexpected expense or ultimately to cover the burial expenses and so forth. So you need to do a bit more work in exploring this a bit further.

What I would say though is I don't like the idea, burial insurance versus life insurance that burial insurance is very expensive and is often given without any medical exam with guaranteed acceptance, but that means you're in a high risk pool of people and the premiums have to be very high in order to cover that.

So I'd rather you see first if you could qualify for a term policy that does involve some medical underwriting as a starting point and Lou again. We would urge you to also check out memorial societies. I'm sure there's one of the Key West area. I know there are many of them in Florida and we know lots of people who have used these in the past they can save you a lot of money there.

Well respected and accepted these days. Maybe it was kind of a different product. 40 or 50 years ago, but that's not the case today, and this can be a real cost savings for you. Should you choose to go that direction. We hope that helps. Thanks very much. Chicago Mary what your question for Rob West.

Network network create credit. They are currently or get your credit check and Hackney might be doing something like like yes I like the idea of taking advantage of that free monitoring Mary, I just want to make sure that it doesn't auto renew and start charging you a fee of some kind. So I want to understand that before you go into it really the best option for you which is now free. Based on the legislation that passed last fall, is what's called a credit freeze.

Everybody can put a credit freeze that is independent by each of the three bureaus so you would need to do it separately for experience, Trans Union and aqua facts, but this is going to put a pin number on your account such that if anybody attempted to open a new wind of credit in your name.

They would require the Bureau would require the pin number and when they couldn't provide it, they would not be able to open the account so your question was, will that prevent somebody from stealing my identity know somebody can steal your identity by accessing your information fraudulently as it sounds like was done previously by getting your Social Security number and other important information, but what it can prevent is somebody opening a credit account in your name because in order to do so. There would need to be a credit check and when that freezes in place that credit check would likely not be able to be completed which would prevent the additional account from being open so you can do that online or by calling their 800 numbers again.

You have to go direct to each of the three bureaus and contact them and ask for that credit freeze. There is no cost any longer but it is something you have to do and update periodically here and credit pre-credit may have been part of that service that was offered to you free. When the breach occurred, but I would just double check and call each of them independently and said just want to verify there is in fact the freeze in place because that's can be your best protection even more so than something like LifeLock just notifies you when there's been information attempted to be accessed. Thank you so much for calling today. That's important information were glad that you asked for moneywise live return. This is broadcast previously recorded. Thanks so much for being with us today and we hope to stick around and enjoy the rest of the program, Sarasota, Florida. Carla, thanks for holding and how can we help my mom told her she would be 65 in October.

One whole herd that strategy for retiring man could be for her to liquidate her 401(k) pay taxes now and find a Roth IRA and all of that strategy would be that now high tax bracket. The taxes are lower now that would be at a later time. She decided to draw led and if she'd effectively drilled at a later time. Won't she have any pay taxes already, but old again is tax-free. So the whole thing any time is tax-free. In the first thing that I wound that's like the best kept secret, why not everyone's doing it terribly passionate and later a chuckling retirement. What is something wrong with that, or whether there are number of considerations there. Carla and I appreciate the question, how much do you do she have in this retirement account in question. Do you know roughly something that help me in working for her for over 30 years. So like if you can amount money okay very good.

You certainly can convert to a Roth.

I don't advise it in the way you're describing in the sense that number one any amount that's converted is taxable in that year, so if you convert a large amount of money in a single year. It could have a ripple effect in a number of ways. Number one, it could bump that portion up into a higher tax bracket because remember the tax brackets increase as you reach certain thresholds of taxable income. So you have this huge amount that you're added to your taxable income in a given year. It's likely that a significant portion of that if we talk about a large sum of money would be bumped up into a higher tax bracket. Perhaps a portion of and even into two brackets higher than that. So you're paying more tax than you should. Which is why if you're looking at a strategy that makes sense to convert money to a Roth. You'd likely want to spread it out over a number of years. Number two, you could inadvertently trip over the threshold that the results in high income surcharge for Medicare with the same idea that you're bumping up into a higher adjusted gross income that then is is causing you to have to pay a surcharge for Medicare which you'd want to avoid. I think the other consideration is remembered the benefit or the most of the benefit from the Roth is that tax-free growth so the reason we like them early you in your 20s and 30s and 40s's were willing to give up the tax deduction in the current year because we want to enjoy years and years and years of tax-free growth well. The challenge with the conversion in the enduring retirement which makes it not as effective is you are probably not investing with a very aggressive investment strategy. I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

You're probably much more conservative and you don't have as many years for it to grow. So the fact that your your investment strategy is going to result in a lower overall return because you're trying to be more conservative and preserve your capital and that you don't have decades for this to grow, or at least as many as you did in your 20s and 30s, then the benefit of that tax-free growth is not going to be as powerful because you don't have all of these gains from stock and mutual fund growth that you would then be able to enjoy tax-free and and then the other final thing which you mentioned is the tax rates, you're assuming that the tax rates will be higher in the future.

Certainly there low now, and it's likely. But again, you may not be able to enjoy as much benefit. So I think perhaps she needs to visit with a financial advisor and run through all the scenarios look at the amount she has and what are her income needs in retirement to determine whether or not she's going to be drawing from this or this is money that she could then let it grow over time, but I wouldn't automatically convert that.

In fact, I would discourage her from converting a large sum of money to a Roth IRA without a lot of further consideration and input from a financial advisor and by the way, if you don't have one, or she does and you can find a certified kingdom advisor there in the Sarasota area by going to moneywise and just click on find a CK Carla. We appreciate you calling. Interesting question and were glad that you're there looking out for your mom thanks very very much a quickly to Spokane, Washington, Everett, what you question people like me security money while being on Social Security yeah well Everett I appreciate the question. I think the key is yet we want to look for money-saving opportunities. No matter what her source of income and no matter how much we have coming in the starting point for that is to make sure you're not taking on any debt because we don't want you paying any interest unnecessarily and try to get out of debt if you still have any and I realized on a fixed income.

Everything is needs to be considered carefully so that you help me use your money wisely because you there's not a lot to speak of, but many of the ideas we mentioned today automating your savings it you know is is really important even if it's 10 or $20 a month just trying to automate some money going into savings is going to be a powerful tool for you if you take any opportunities to reduce your expenses.

That's going to help out. For instance, one of the ways people often times will try to save money is in the health insurance area. Our friends at the Christian healthcare ministries can be a great way for you to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Depending upon your situation I would I would look at that it's a healthcare alternative if you look for ways to perhaps the pickups of money by working a few hours a week or or adding some side job something like that would be a great opportunity, but I think at the end of the day. It starts with the spending plan and ultimately that's what's going to drive the opportunities you have to save in the future. How's that sound Everett. Thank you so much unite appreciate your call… Here we appreciate that.

Let's go do a Pennsylvania sacred time in Pennsylvania I believe it is and Beverly understand you have a money-saving tip for a sound way to delete the right one dollar bill anytime you get a one dollar bill look at this.

Number at the beginning of each serial number.

There is a letter signed his name starts with D tell any serial number that begins with a B. I don't spend.

Every year you could end up planning several hundred dollars, depending on how much cash you unit versus credit card nor your debit card or whatnot, but it's been a very effective way to easily save money for solar shopping or whatever. And now you don't. That's great.

So you actually get out the bill. Every time you get one check for the B if it is a B on it you drop it in your pocket and then when you get home you put it aside with the rest of them is that the way that works I will okay that's a creative idea Steve.

I really like that. Lucky me. My one dollar bill begins with an F. So as you can buy lunch. Then tomorrow is that within the right Beverly how much money have you saved typically any year this way.

$500 at the time really and why dollar and where you put the dollars you actually keep the dollars stashed somewhere and then okay were going on vacation at the B are spending money or you know what an envelope in the firebox Beverly were glad that you call you've given us something to try something fun to do. We appreciate that. Thanks Hartford city, Indiana Levi, we have just a couple of minutes. It's my understanding you're about to take a job at youth for Christ and you have to raise your own support. Is that correct yes or okay and you're wondering maybe about some ways to go about that. Any thoughts or suggestions we might have that regard. Yeah, looking for an intimidating thing and I am kind of a line on myself so I like you guys that well first of all leave.

I'm delighted to hear that you're working with youth for Christ.

What an incredible organization. I was sexy just with amen one of the executives yesterday having dinner.

Interestingly it's a long story, but doing some incredible work literally all over the world couple thoughts we have just a few seconds.

Let number one is I would really ask them because I'm sure they have a tons of resources and ideas.

Number two I would talk to your peers. Of those have been working with the wife see for a long time and and see what's worked best for them. Number three. As you know this is a relational fundraising and you really need to be thinking about your network and opportunities you have to share the vision because the vision of what you for Christ is doing is really compelling and iced. I would actually add Levi that your youth is going to be a benefit to you. I think you know when when I'm looking for ministry opportunities to support I want to know that it's a organization I can trust that they're doing God's work with excellence and that it's somebody that I want to get behind and support because I know God's gonna use them in. Clearly somebody who's young, who can be used in this way is somebody that is going to be really desirable to support. I would think about seeing her friends would invite some of their friends over for you to share a vision for what you're going to be doing and when ever you tell the story.

Whether it's through letters or perhaps somebody's house over a dinner or dessert or even just somebody that you run across. The church always connected to giving opportunity to the creek incredible ministry work that's being done and really give them a vision for what's gonna happen and then over time let's see, people will support you systematically.

By the way, don't forget to go back in future years, and asked that they increase that monthly support. Those are great suggestions. Levi we wish the best will ask your listeners to pray for you moneywise. Live is a partnership between woody radio and moneywise media. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling friends about us. Join us again tomorrow

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