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What's Going On: The World Economic Forum

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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June 8, 2022 1:40 pm

What's Going On: The World Economic Forum

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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June 8, 2022 1:40 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the impact of the recent World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. 

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Welcome to this week's purpose is to try to intersect issues in our culture locally and globally through the lenses of hope calls all of us who live in Christ should be people off great hope. Joining me as she does weekly is Jim Houston, Jim, thank you for joining me again today. It's always an honor. Thank you for having me and let's plug your Castrol quickly because I want people to hear. It is not called cast. Actually it's more of a podcast. Please plug it thank you so much, I cohost a podcast called the journey expressed and it's about faith and the more of God with one of my closest friends. Now Boyd and most recently we had the honor and privilege of having your life Marilyn Chadwick on our shadow so it's called the journey expressed and you can find on any podcast software I will listen to my wife, folks, she's far smarter than I ever hope to be and is just a wonderful human being.

Jim I guess you have learned that more and more as you've interacted with her he is wonderful. So take a listen at what Marilyn has to share because it will bring so much hope and encouragement for you right now. Well today I want to talk to all of you about what happened recently in Devils Switzerland with the world economic forum as we have been soliciting questions from all of you some questions have come in regarding the world economic forum because it is an absolutely fascinating something to study in light of biblical prophecy.

Now, in case you don't know. It's led by a character by the name of Clouse Schwab and folks if you go online and listen to him you would swear you're looking at a character out of a James Bond movie is dark, deep German accent and he looks like a low finger kind of character whom many of us have laughed at through the years but this guy is serious as the leader of the world economic forum. This been going on for a long time he brings together annually.

Billionaires who are influencing millionaires who are supposed then to influence us and what's absolutely fascinating is if you go on the world economic forum website and or listen to Clouse Schwab at all.

You will see that he said two years ago.

For example, the goal of the world economic forum is to help us all realize we need own nothing and be happy to own nothing and be happy which then begs the question will who will own whatever is out there and I think the implication is that those elitist globalists. The billionaires who are influencing the millionaires there going to be the ones who control everything in order to make sure that Shangri-La. This new paradise can be brought to this earth by their decisions.

Who tell us what to do fascinatingly. If you again listen to Clouse Schwab and what he thinks is important. He said this recently quote famine, floods, pestilence, drought, plague, war and rumors of war. These are the key issues facing the world today.

Imagine what is that cell sounds like enzymes he uses almost verbatim of the very words that Jesus uses in Matthew 24 starting with verse four regarding the birth pangs of the new world that God will create and he Jesus lists some of those things and they are famine, floods, pestilence, drought, plague, wars and rumors of wars.

Jesus said that these will be birth pangs that will increase in frequency and intensity as warnings off his second coming.

The difference, though, of course, is Jesus. As I'm the one who controls it all. I oversee all of this Clouse Schwab and the world economic forum warns that these things are going to happen and happen in greater intensity, and these billionaire globalists elitists are the ones who control everything and therefore we just need to fall in line behind them and whatever they tell us to do. Now we've had these kinds of messages through these different kinds of globalist forums for some long period of time. But what's interesting about them. Now, more than any other time is in the past we have seen the instrument that's being used for control fear as being something we fought against. So for example when World War II occurred, Franklin Delano Roosevelt our president of the United States at that time, sat down with a fireside chat for all of the nation and he said the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. He implied there that we've got to fight fear with every ounce of our being. And we know as Christians that's got to be what we need to do against the enemy himself who is the one who creates all of this fear in and around us will is in at one of the most often use commands that Jesus said is fear not yet depending upon the theologian you look at its anywhere from 72 someone really did count up all of the implications at least of how were not supposed to fear in the Bible and there are 366 of those passages used implying one for every day of the year that were supposed to fear not fear ushers in every other evil thing. In fact, even secular psychologist suggest that fear is the emotion that ushers in all the other negative emotions of the calls all of us to be crippled in our lives that you cut off the head of the snake of fear. Those other problems will slowly but surely shrivel up and die. And of course the way you combat fear biblically is with the presence of God. How often in the Bible it says fear not for God and with you. God's presence drives away all of the dark of doubt, of fears that exist in our lives, so we have biblically not only that particular command, but we have. For example, second Timothy 17 that God did not give us a spirit of fear but gave us a spirit of love, peace, and a sound mind. We have first John 44, where John the apostle says he who lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world. We have Romans 837 where the great apostle Paul said that we are in Jesus more than conquerors because he loves us so much and perfect love drives out all fear is what the apostle John wrote in one of his epistles in the New Testament, so fear is not honored by God.

Fear is the opposite of faith. It is an antagonist to faith and again for years and decades, probably because of our Judeo-Christian heritage Americans have known the danger of fear and know that it needs to be fought at every single turn. We cannot let it come upon us. But what we've seen happen Jen over the last several years is astounding to me. Someone once said that when you start allowing fear to dominate your life. The first thing that you will give up is control you give up control of your lives. So again before we would fight fear, we would say no. We must keep our liberties and our freedoms as earmarks of the importance of our life as citizens of this nation.

But what we've seen over the last several years is a slow but steady adaptation of giving up our rights and letting fear control us.

And then as a result were turning over control of our lives to government and what seems to be some kind of outward globalist elitist forum that's overseeing our lives today. So you see that in several places today. First of all with Cove. Who would've thought a pandemic where it is serious.

I don't want to doubt its seriousness. I know people who've gotten it. My own brother died from it, but still 99+ percent of all the people who get covert survive, it was nowhere near as dramatic a pestilence if you will, as the Spanish flu. For example, of 1918, yet in this pandemic we turned around and gave control of our lives to the government and we have what came out of the world economic forum recently on a statement from that particular group of people that we need to turn over all of our control for different pandemics and diseases to the who the world health organization and even Joe Biden came out and said, America is going to place itself under that particular perspective and allow who to control what goes on when a pandemic may occur when I just think it's an interesting connection you are talking about fear and then we brought up the coronavirus, which seems to have ushered in this whole new era with that world economic forum that we may have mentioned this before, but Corona means crown and Satan wants to crown us with fear, but the Lord offers the crown of life, and he does like you said in that Scripture gives us a sound mind that we need to rent chocked discounted fear in Jesus name exactly and anything that turns over control of our lives to some unknown stealth entity that's out there. The purpose of the world economic forum and they're becoming bolder each year and just coming out with what they believe is I think showing it to us. The danger of this perspective, which then leads to the masked mandates which have lots of questions whether the mask really work or not the vaccine demand, you get the vaccine, or you lose your jobs. The number of people had to stand up and say I don't want that. It was a vaccine that happened too quickly. All the tests have not been properly once you have the faxing passport now which is being eliminated some in some places, but again the control of your life happens because you're fearful of something negative happening to you. And when that occurs. Nature abhors a vacuum. Something or someone is going to step into that void and control you if you allow fear to dominate your life and I do want to stay here clearly that if you look at the world economic forum and how it's operating. It certainly does help you understand how in Revelation 17 and 18. An antichrist can step onto the scene in great chaos amidst the increasing frequency of these wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, etc. how that chaos that surrounds the world allows a very popular, aggressive, thoughtful, articulate leader coming on the world stage, along with the false prophet. His great advisor and they come up with a solution that allows the opportunity for there to be a one world government, a one world economic system and a one world government. Everything is so chaotic, so fearful, it allows that one person the antichrist to step in and offer the solutions and set up the second coming of Jesus. Now there is definitely a spiritual battle going on and I do think that were seeing some things in that that physical RAM even thinking about them asking which he mentioned he know this past year. In the Hebrew calendar is the year of the mouth, and here it is manifesting the covering of our mouths and to think that the spiritual realm is a lot more real than we are thinking about will and I know of some elementary school teachers who have told me that students young kids around the seven, eight, nine year old area won't take off their mask now not because they're necessarily fearful of the disease they think they're ugly why they don't think they're attractive and there again is this whole idea of when people don't think they're attractive and they're not accepted by those who are around them will do anything even give up control of their lives in order to be accepted by everybody else. It is a demonic assault upon our souls that I think all of us need to realize today and need to be aware of Jen. I just want to use this time to suggest people need to know what's going on in the world they need to understand the world economic forum that someone like Henry Kissinger was even a part off and he is giving his advice, someone who's been around for decades, giving in situ international affairs. But now he is buying into.

Again, this globalist economic forum that allows a few elitist to think they know what's best for the rest of the world and one of the interesting things to is this whole gasoline hike that's going on right now well out of the world economic forum came the phrase. This is a transition that were going through with the increasing cost of gasoline around the world because we got to make this painful transition from fossil fuels to other kinds of supplies of fuel and what's interesting is when Joe Biden made his speech a couple of weeks ago regarding the gasoline prices he kind of brushed it off and said this is just a painful part of the transition that we've all got to go through Joe Biden is a part of the world economic forum idea he, Bill Gates and others are part of that idea. He's even using that same language and a lot of people are wondering what can I do how in the world. I begin to come against this will first of all, folks don't have fear do not fear. Trust God is in control this world. Secondly, know the biblical perspective of the book of Revelation and see how these things can happen. And thirdly, we can be salt and light in the world. We can retard evil in the world that Jesus said in Matthew 513 through 16 you are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world may be the fault is partly in the salt that the church of Jesus has not stood strongly enough for God's truth fighting against fear to fight for our precious freedoms that were given to us by different people who gave their lives through the years so that we can celebrate these freedoms. June 6 just past did we remember that that was the day that we had tens of thousands of American soldiers lying dead on the beaches of Normandy, wife to give us these freedoms that we should celebrate and enjoy today. So know what's going on. Fight for those freedoms run for public office.

If you need to make sure you bring the Judeo-Christian system to the table where fear is defeated. Faith is exalted. We don't have to worry about people accusing us of being Christian nationalists were just Christians were bringing to the table freedoms which if that's nationalistic, so be it.

Because we in Israel are the only two nations on the face of your still fighting so tenaciously for our freedoms today and that's good. And finally look to that first Tuesday in November. How interesting that will be because finally get out and vote and vote your conscience vote truth and when you do so you can bring people into office that will help defeat these evils that surround us. Jen make sense to you, it makes sense. Thank you so much state and thank you Lester for joining us today. Next week, so cast will be well.

As we move down this road, what nations should we look at and I'll suggest that there are three nations. You should look at as we move down this road together and the United States is not one I David said with this is this week so cast. Thank you for joining us and I will

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