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Whats Going On: Transgenders and Biden

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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June 23, 2021 12:31 pm

Whats Going On: Transgenders and Biden

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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June 23, 2021 12:31 pm

On this weeks Hopecast,  David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the growing amount of transgender athletes in sports, as well as the Catholic Church's decision to refuse communion to President Joe Biden. 

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David Chadwick welcome to this cast where we tried to look at different issues surrounding us through the lenses of biblical truth, and we hope you'll enjoy this one today, as we will address two issues one is this continuing conundrum of trans gendered athletes and also the Catholic Church is proposed offer to Joe Biden that he cannot take communion unless he renounces his public position on abortion.

Joining me today is Jen Houston. My friend and cohost on this. Hope cast gin welcome. Thank you so much for having me David. I'm especially excited about this at the said wiki today. Could I really want to hear how your week is Dan this is been an exciting week for you and your household. And it has been generated. It's part of why I want to cover this trans gender athlete issue, especially at the Olympic level, because this past week my wife Marilyn and I were in Omaha Nebraska and we were at the United States swimming Olympic trials. Our son Michael was trying out for the Olympic team that he is an elite swimmer just barely missed the team in 2016 and this past week. He competed in the 100 freestyle and the 50 freestyle events I he is ranked in the top 15 in both of those events as United States swimmer and we watched with great anticipation as he finished 12th in the hundred free by hundreds of seconds just missing that top tier that would go to the Olympic team and then the 50 free, he qualified for the final eight and misted by hundreds of seconds as well. So it's a little sport you train for four years for that one moment and Olympic swimmers tell my son Michael that the Olympic trials are more pressurized than the Olympics themselves, so he barely missed the team and Jim, if you don't mind my given dad this moment here like crazy because I was sitting on my couch watching him and Martin let Marilyn and you are feeling because my heart was invested so please have a moment yeah I want to give a post-Father's Day tip to all dads, especially out there right now but mom's as well. You know, my older son David played collegiate league basketball and I played collegially basketball as well. So whenever he would play I would critique him and I would come meet with him after the game and too often start probing into the areas where he may not have played well and was one particular day, where he didn't play fairly well and the Lord Jesus said to my heart. You are his father, not his coach.

You are his father, not his coach so when he got into the car rather than being his coach saying why did you not shoot well or follow-through as well as you should have or make the play defensively. I just simply asked the question, how are you doing in our whole relationship flipped that moment because I decided from then on, to be his dad, not his coat and he was relatively young at that point so that drew us together as dad and son like nothing else is something that reminds me of what you always say the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart, and you gotta have that heart connection. So if you're going to remain dads as your sons coach. You can surely know that your son will keep a stiff arm the distance from you because he doesn't want you to be his coach.

He wants you to be his dad, so just ask your kids how are you doing care for their hearts because the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. So after my goal in the 50 free. We'd Artie known he had made the team in the hundred free. I didn't make the team. We got with him and the first question I asked him was son. How is your heart, and he was disappointed because again Jen, can you imagine working for four long years to practices. Most every day early morning, afternoon weightlifting what's called dryland, which means printing on dry land and trying to build up your endurance for years going through all of that for really two events, one that lasts around 48 seconds. The second when the last around 20 to 22 second smile and your whole life is determined by that second so he didn't make the team and all of us were disappointed, but you know what we've taught here on this hope cast before disappointments God's appointment and we believe that in that disappointment. God has something else planned for him or maybe will make another run at it. He still got some years and will see it's God's deal working with him in his heart and the calling he has upon his life. We know it will be clear, because our God is good is good in everything. Just believe that God is good that is good and it's about the journey Internet is not just the destination. It is Jen all the don't neglect the importance of the destination. If you work hard to get a metal that's important. But you're right to that the journey is really what makes you who you are and that's what we need to emphasize with all of our children look at the journey. Enjoy the journey grow through the journey and if the metal comes great.

If it doesn't come remember Paul's words that don't strive in life, for he use the word, a wreath which was given during the Olympic style games in his day, but it's a wreath that withers it's a wreath it dies. Strive for the gold that only God can give. In heaven, his glorious metal which basically is the phrase well done my good and faithful servant surgeon that leads to one of the points I wanted to make today and that is in New Zealand. We have on Olympian now named Laurel Hubbard who in from 1998 to 2012 failed to qualify in any international weightlifting competition. Though you have an insight about this transition demand to woman now named quote unquote Laurel Hubbard that is interesting for us to note yes before this person made a transition to become an of woman.

They competed in and broke and created a record in New Zealand for weightlifting as a man. This was a national record. But this Laurel Hubbard had not qualified in any international competition from 1998 to 2012, though she did set some and I say she with quotation marks because she is a biological male transition to a woman that she did have some national records but never succeeded at the international level. Well, in 2013. She transitions at the age of 35 now from 2014 to 2021. Right now she qualifies for 11 international women's tournaments now, including for the first time the Olympics and what's so interesting here is she had no other previous Olympic qualification. But when she transitions she does get that bid and I can't help but feel some pain for Nini my new model who I thinks how it's pronounced. She's 21 years old. She was trying for her first Olympics in the weightlifting category in New Zealand but was defeated by Laurel Hubbard and and I can't help but think of my son Michael it's going to be three more years out until the next Olympics the same thing for Nini as well and I wonder if she's not terribly disappointed as she has to lose to a male who transitions to be a woman. One other illustration here Jen that I thinks fascinating in 2017 Cece Telfer was ranked 390th among male Division II athletes in the 400 m hurdles category in 2018. He transitions to BCC Telfer Telfer now in 2019 is the national NCAA Division II women's 400 m herbal champion and in 2021. Telfer hopes to qualify for the Olympics and I guess I asked the question, the transition of men to women debate what's that going to mean for sports down the road. We seldom look at the ultimate consequences of the decisions were making. Now this could have a huge implication for women in sports. You're right now Chelsea Mitchell from Connecticut who was ranked number one in Connecticut in her particular track and field events has now finished second and third repeatedly to a transitioned male to female.

She's actually taking this to Courtney American defense fund is actually overseeing this case trying to argue that men even biological men who transition to be women have more bone density. There have more muscle mass and even though they try to control the testosterone levels before the events begin. There's no way that a woman can compete against a man is become a woman do agree, I totally agree in my heart is just thinking and I just honestly can't believe that were here today. This is our reality. And this is our our children's reality for the future even more right in his heart, and you have a daughter correct yes and if you had a daughter that was a high level athlete, what would you feel as a mom if she had to compete against biological males transitioning to female hello this is a highly theological statement. I would say it's not fair. I was amazed mind that it really, truly at the end of the day it's not right it's not fair and you just don't know where it's all going to go will some of the Golden glimmer that's on the Olympics begin to become paler because of things like this in the years and decades to come. No one really knows. But I guess I cry out at some level, this is just insane in saying that it is crazy, but it reminds me of Isaiah 520 as Israel was going through its darkest days.

The prophet Isaiah said woe unto you when you start calling good evil and evil good when you start calling dark light and light dark that seems to be what's going on among us today and I would just again to remind everyone of GK Chesterton's quote when he said when you remove the fence. You'd better first know why it was put up there in the first place. God created us male and female that is undeniable biblically.

If God's word is true. We got to go to there to find our realities.

God says there's male and female that transitioning is a lie from the devil, there's a kingdom of darkness, with one who lies all the time Jesus in John 844, said he is the father of lies and those lies have as their ultimate in destruction. Every study shows that those who transition from male to female or female to male have a 30 to 40% higher suicide rate. Let's not denied the devil just wants to kill, steal and destroy any also wants to kill, steal and destroy the dreams of naturally born biological women who are gifted athletes who should only compete against women. I think one name that we talked about for the enemy as a divider team and we talked about some of these these thought patterns, and these ways of thinking and ideals and really if you go down the path far enough they all contradict each other. When you think about these far left thoughts and needs to steal it feels right at the end they are contradictory. They are gin and you just hit on something very key that we are either led in our hearts by fact or feeling. And if you're led by what I feel.

Then everybody ends up doing what is right in their own eyes. Judges 2125 when Israel was going through its darkest days, and I personally believe that as the country tries to deny what they call reparative therapy that is telling someone who feels like they're female, you really are female and here is the therapy you need to go through in order to have them. I think we as Christians need to say it's not reparative therapy, its discipleship and what we Christians believe is when Jesus grabs hold of your heart, and he gets hold of your mind, he starts to conform you to his image. Romans 829. It may take some time, but he'll start to conform you to truth and not the lies will start conforming your feelings to reality and over time you'll be able to then as a woman say I am a biologically born woman and I'm okay with that and the same with men as well, but it's this Holy Spirit who does it inside your heart.

By his power, conforming you to his image. Its Christian discipleship is for all of us who have feelings that are off target that aren't right, Jesus takes hold of our feelings and conforms them to his perfect fact his image and that's what were supposed to be about in all areas of our lives whether it is struggles with male-female or sexuality or anything that has come into our lives that controls us and that's really powerful and reminding us that we were all created in the image of God. I think we forget we forget the beauty because were not holding you and I don't I don't think we know we either gin the power the Holy Spirit know Jesus said to the Sadducees who were just a political group trying to cozy up to the Romans he said to them, you guys don't know the Scriptures nor the power of God, and I would say to so many in our culture that you don't know the Scriptures nor do you know the power of God and if you do, you begin to understand what it means to be conformed to the image of Jesus and your life becomes a servant not a superstar that's okay yeah we the church are not even know we all have these phobias. If people are trying to transition. I'd like to say our hearts are tender and wanting to restore original intent and identity for these people yet involve your critical of the gender identity questions just ask your own heart. Where do I need to be conformed to the image of Christ's holy all have those areas whether it's greed or selfishness or envy or strife or anger or resentment or whatever it might be. We need to be conformed to the image of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do that to us and again as we point a finger toward anybody with an issue in life we need to see the four directed back toward us that we need to change as well.

Thanks again gin as we talk about the devil and the kingdom of darkness. His name means again the divider you have an insight on how that division is worked out in the human personality that I find fascinating. Please share it now.

I really think that we need to find the devil as divider and you trace these patterns of thought that people have that contradict Christianity and a biblical worldview. When you go down the lane of you know thinking about transgender sports and you know we should allow people to do this well if you go down that path in your paralleling the same person with the same thought as you know, safe funding is on a great with each other and if it did, that it's a divided thought and a contradict what they stand for and I just really don't think that people see that the devil is trying to divide everyone. Everyone at every level, and you see that nationally, with the two parties that are so angry with one another and other divisions but that's an inward division of people aren't recognizing that when people are confused about being male or female in transitioning and they don't understand. Again, the suicide rates increasing so greatly when you make that transition. One of my questions is where are the feminists in this argument. Where are they yeah I don't now.

I mean I'm not a feminist but on a female and I care about that stuff and I'm wondering where are my feminist friends and what are their views on this.

There's yeah especially in the area of women becoming men because at that level. Biological women are saying I don't like the fact I'm a woman and I want to be a man, which is the very thing feminists have fought for decades. We want to value women, especially creative creatures in the side of God it to me seems oxymoronic. It doesn't make sense yeah well it's a good thought, and I think it's something we need to continue to struggle with as we move down this road. As a nation.

One other insight today. Let's talk for second gin about Joe Biden, our president and how the Catholic Church is now forming an understanding among its archbishops that if you say you're a Catholic, you must hold a pro life view and if you publicly or in your actions support a pro-choice view, then you can be denied communion. You can be denied the Eucharist. You can be denied the actual body and blood of Christ which is the theological perspective of the Catholics now. I personally believe that the Catholic Church has every right to do that, they form their belief system. They say this is our doctrine.

This is what we believe you are welcomed into this church, but when you come into this church, you got to believe as we believe if you don't believe that, then just don't join this church and I think they have every right to say to our president and to say to Nancy Pelosi to say to any Catholic out there if you call yourself a Catholic, you must conform your views to the views of the church and the church holds a pro-life position and if you then publicly say well I am personally pro-life but publicly I can't make that decision for other people. You're basically throwing your right to an opinion away because at that point you can't say that what informs me personally doesn't inform me publicly in my opinion your thoughts well I mean this is a bull statement that it seems cowardice to me.

You know if your NHS if you're not going to stand on a conviction publicly and your only can he do in high that doesn't seem very brave. It doesn't and and I think that if you are a committed Christian, you can't help but allow your Christian convictions affect your public policies. How can that not happen and then if people look at your Christian faith and say I don't like the fact that your personal faith informs your public policies then ultimate yeah but you're representing a group of people who have voted you in, and they surely knew that you were a committed Christian and they knew that your personal convictions about Jesus would inform your public policy decisions and again if you don't like it every two years will vote for another member of the House of Representatives or every four years.

Vote for another senatorial candidate or vote for another presidential candidate I think you make your convictions known and the people vote accordingly. So the Catholic Church has a right to say if you call yourself Catholic.

You can't take a public pro-choice position and if you do, we will not allow you to receive communion. Well similarly, I mean we have guidelines in the Bible that we need to forgive each other before going to the table to take communion. I mean there are guidelines here that the Lord sets forth and again it's the heart and matter is the matter of the heart.

Yeah it is. And I think also we all need again to consider what happens in that womb of me there's a lot of debate right now regarding 15 weeks before you can do an abortion but 15 weeks. There are fingernails. There are brain waves. There are heartbeats, I mean how can you say that's not a life, and then even at 15 weeks to be able to say will now it's okay. How can you say before 15 weeks. That's okay even life begins at conception all science says so the phrase we use often today. Just follow the science will follow the signs to the question of abortion and most every scientist says that will life begins at the moment of conception. And if that's true. We need to value life in the womb.

Yes, we need to value life outside the womb.

Yes, we need to care for children outside the womb. Yes, we need to care for all children everywhere, but it begins at the moment of conception that we care for human life. I totally agree. It is when the first cell divides entity that is the sign of life. And if we were to see to discover Sal on a planet far out there and see it divide we would say there's life there's life out there and how do we deny that right here on planet Earth inside of the womb. It just doesn't make sense when you get back to the force of darkness, and he wants to kill, steal and destroy his first desire is to kill life he wants life destroyed, and if you begin in the womb, then you can convince others that life outside the womb doesn't have as much value as well, which were saying that around the world all kinds of murder, destruction, killing going on that is from the forces of darkness and those of us who love God need to fight with all of our hearts to bring life, justice, and hope to this world. Yes, in the womb and outside the womb. I one of the thought gin about the whole thing with Pres. Biden will use this illustration from Alexander the great, the amazing conqueror of most of the known world. Back around 400 BC. After one of his battles. There was a particular soldier who ran away in the midst of the battle and they brought the soldier in before Alexander and Alexander ask him bluntly and with some anger. What happened and he said I became afraid. I have a wife and child at home. I was thinking of them. So I ran away in order to spare my life so I might be able to care for them will Alexander the great's heart was moved with compassion, thinking about a wife and a child so he looked at him and said I understand he said by the way what is your name and the soldier said Alexander and Alexander the great paused for a second and anger began to swell in his soul.

He said Alexander change your behavior or change your name wow change your behavior or change her name it. Dear friends, if your name is Christ follower. If you are one who is in Christ, you need to conform your behavior to his you need to conform your attitudes to his you need to conform your heart to his and I would say to our president and anybody else.

If you call yourself a Christ follower and if you're part of the Roman Catholic Church. You need to change your behavior or change your church affiliation or change your name.

The fact is, if we follow Jesus. Our behavior needs to follow the fact that we say Jesus is Lord.

Those are my thoughts today on this hope cast gin thanks will be with me today and see so much always an honor and listeners. Thank you for being with me today. I look forward to sharing with you some other thoughts in another test

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