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Whats Going On: Texas Abortion Laws

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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September 1, 2021 2:17 pm

Whats Going On: Texas Abortion Laws

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 1, 2021 2:17 pm

On this weeks Hopecast, David Chadwick and Jenn Houston discuss the recent changes in the Texas abortion laws and what that means going forward for our culture. 


What I'm David Chadwick and welcome to our hope cast today with my friends in Houston welcomed Jen mean it's great to be with you again.

I have come off a two week break. My brother Howard unexpectedly and suddenly died of five years my senior, my dear friend, a pastor in Daytona Beach died from Cove good to have some complications from that awful disease and passed away and I just needed a couple weeks away to recover and be grieve, cry, think about my relationship with him, but grieve with hope that I will see him again because he was a wonderful follower of Jesus, but were now back in on the weekly hope cast from my heart to yours to share with you some perspectives on what's going on what's happening in this world around us and I hope my insights help all of you deal with some of the things were seeing around us and I know Jen you're struggling as I am with all that has happened just within the last couple of weeks since we have done a previous hope cast down. There is a lot going on in the world and just to bring our listeners into the inner circle here in a noun educated with Marvin Gaye in his silence, I can here in Anaheim that's really truly what is going on now, you didn't know that song but God laid it for you. From my spot of file account and it's a pretty catchy song in a minute as he in a haunting way saying the course over and over again what's going on what's going on that he was talking about the 1970s and the Vietnam War and the race riots and a lot of things were happening during that time Watergate with Richard Nixon being dismissed from office. We think our times today are tumultuous and they are. We need to remind ourselves that the 1960s and 70s, especially in our nation were especially difficult or tumultuous.

So these times aren't new, but they are challenging and I want to address what's going on and let's start with a comment about Afghanistan. That's been what's mostly been in the news over the last couple of weeks, and what I want to say is we'll talk about that more in specificity next week will look at that as a major concern for America in the future as we realize a week from this Saturday is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and a lot of folks realize that the Taliban and others were a part of a network that helped clause 911 to occur. So, next week will look at Afghanistan. What has happened there, and the ramifications for our culture today dedicate with you Jen yes you are right on schedule will do Afghanistan next week and let's also comment on to what I call unnatural disasters that have occurred one is the earthquake in Haiti and then secondly hurricane Ida which came in 16 years to the day of Katrina the worst hurricane that the Gulf Coast had ever experienced.

This one came in with the same kind of force. Praise God. He did not have the ultimate ramifications that Katrina had, but nevertheless was devastating in many ways hate T happened almost 10 years after its earthquake 10 years ago which caused enormous devastation in that area the world every broken floor area anyway. And here's yet another earthquake that occurred to cause devastation in Haiti so I guess agenda question that many people ask is why you what's going on with these. Some call them natural disasters. I call them unnatural disasters and let's take just a moment to comment again on the biblical worldview that we hold here as hope casters that is basically we look through what happens in the world through the lenses of the Scripture and the Bible teaches that God made everything perfectly in creation in Genesis 1 and two and it all operated in perfect harmony when Genesis 3 occurred, the fall the rebellion of humanity against God. Every part of that harmony became disharmonious and that includes our relationship with nature that where previously in Genesis 1 and two in God's perfect created order. There were no hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, disasters of those kinds at all. In Genesis 3. They started and we see them now in creation, as in Pauline language in Romans eight creation is groaning for the day of redemption. It's groaning for the day when Jesus will return and make everything like it was in Genesis 1 and two operating in harmony. This is so good and I am is corrected. You think he sent unnatural that I see what you did there. I like to highlight his original intent is what you're teaching exactly.

And because of the fall. These disasters are most unnatural there not what God will do from the beginning in original intent so I always call them on natural disasters because I don't think God originally intended them. There were the result of creation and the fall and I know something that someone might ask at this point is is this an evidence of the second coming of Jesus guarantees the end of the time and your answer. Jen would be let's all pointing toward the end that is the answer Jesus himself. In Luke 21 and Matthew 24 and Mark 13 three different descriptions of the end times narrative from Jesus lips, but all of them put together can put the whole message together call the Mount Olivet discourse. But Jesus basically says that as the great tribulation approaches and that's that time when God pours out his wrath upon this earth as that day approaches, there are going to be evidences of the great tribulation occurring through smaller tribulations. Now, many people would save the hurricanes and earthquakes that we experience there, not small things while they are in comparison to the great tribulation, and Jesus just basically taught. Keep your eyes upward because, as these things happen like wars and rumors of wars kingdoms against kingdoms false teaching occurring more and more than he also mentions the very idea of earthquakes happening more in intensity and frequency that when they happen.

Put your eyes upward realize that they are going to increase in frequency and intensity before he comes back. So they are signs of that coming not. It is Jesus coming back, but they are evidences that he is soon coming back, so make sure you're ready. This is a guy and I like how you brought up that all of creation is longing for the revealing of the sons of God. And so what what can we do as children of God. In these times. Yet we wait faithfully and we practice our faith to the Lord faithfully and we live in a way that is faithful to him always realizing that, should he come back right now we are absolutely ready so Jen let me shift from that, though, and as important as hate T and Ida are in the devastation they have caused. I really want to spend some minutes here today talking about the decision that the Texas Atty. Gen. made this week to allow the abortion law to move forward. That would ban all abortions at six weeks and six weeks and in the reason I waited even to see if we wanted to address that today was because up until midnight on Tuesday night. We didn't know if someone might try to intervene and stop that from becoming law.

There were tries and attempts but the Supreme Court would not allow it. At this point, so it has become the law of Texas and I wanted to spend some moments talking about how important that particular law is because it is the most serious challenge to Roe versus Wade and overturning it since Roe versus Wade became the law of the land in 1973. Interestingly, those pro-abortion advocates when Roe versus Wade became the law of the land they believed absolutely that that was now the law and everyone would fall in line and abortion would be a right that no one would ever challenge what has been fascinating over the last 50+ years is to see that many people are challenging Roe versus Wade. More and more, and there are two basic reasons. One is they are really asking is it constitutional as you look at the Constitution where in the world, though Supreme Court justices back in 1973 see that as written in the Constitution. I'm not a constitutional scholar but many people who are look at that and say it's just not there.

But secondly what's happened is the amazing phenomenon called sonograms. You know when my daughter Bethany was conceived and we went through all the processes of her birth back in the mid-1980s there were not sonograms.

We did not know if she was going to be a boy or a girl. Interestingly, some four years later when my son David was conceived. They did have the sonograms allowed us to look inside to see if he was a boy or a girl in those four years sonograms became a part of everybody's life and that's why the most pro-life generation that has been in existence are basically the millennial's because they have been raised not only in a sonogram culture, but an increasingly technologically sound sonogram culture that allows you to look inside the womb in great specificity and as people see what happens at conception and see that heartbeats usually occur around six weeks and see things like fingerprints and eyelashes and all the genetic code being in place. They're going that's a life so the argument of my body to do with it as I want suddenly becomes an irresponsible argument if indeed that body is carrying another life and I can't just abort that life because it's inconvenient for me or keeps me from being the career person I want to be. It's another human being. So this Texas law takes life down the six weeks and in doing so it's basically taking away 85+ percent of all the abortions in the state of Texas.

That's why this is such a huge challenge to Roe versus Wade. It will in my opinion, end up in the Supreme Court. At some point and should the Supreme Court support this Texas law, abortion on demand takes a huge hit and now what will happen is many of the states will try to cling to their present-day abortion laws. You have people doing interstate abortions. At that point, but at least from state to state to state.

It becomes more and more of a decision and the fear of the abortion advocates have is those states that are more conservative like South Carolina and Mississippi and Alabama etc. that they're going to copycat this law you're going to see perhaps as many as 37 states which presently have some restrictions on abortion, overseen by more conservative legislatures having laws like this one, which would mean then that 37 out of the 50 states of our land would have severe abortion restrictions and could put a stranglehold around Roe versus Wade and completely change the abortion narrative as we presently know it. Wow wow this is really a lot to take in and powerful, and I just thinking I'm thinking about right now is everybody's date is trying to redefine terms that the nursing trust the science and I'm thinking we can't do both because the science says when a cell divides, that's a sign of life and I just an interesting article recently about a celebrity.

He had become pregnant and was joyful about it in the headline. Why is this person had become pregnant with her fourth baby and called it a baby then the same people are saying that that's not a baby it's not aching and you know it just whatever they want to think it is in the moment.

They define it is not, and keep redefining and I just love I love how you relate all this out because I had no idea this is going on. It is a huge trouble is why I chose to address it today over Afghanistan because it has implications for our culture for decades to come. Especially for those who believe that's all life in the womb that needs to be protected in any culture that does not protect its most vulnerable citizenry is a culture that is in great demise and needs to be countered with the best arguments possible so we have the arguments of science now, but we need also to admit today Jen that this is a faith and values program that tries to look at issues through a biblical worldview and looking at the issues today. I would also say that we need to address the reality that biblically life begins, not just at conception, but life begins before this world was ever even created what is the biblical view. For those of us with a Christian worldview regarding abortion. First of all, we believe that God said clearly in his word in Ephesians 1 that God knows our names before this world was ever created. He knew your name would be chin chin and he knew that my name David would be David before the world was ever created. That's in Ephesians 1 a clear statement he knew was by name before the world was ever created. Secondly, though he knew us in our mother's wombs read Psalm 139 dear friends closely.

It is a wondrous Psalm about the majesty of creation how God is the one who needed us together so carefully and wondrously in our mother's womb, and not only newest by name before the world was ever created, but newest by name in our mom's womb. Another clear statement of when life begins, but thirdly and don't forget this when it is so powerful when Mary went into the presence of Elizabeth and it says the little baby left in her womb. The word that she use there is blood box and that word means baby.

It means child. It's the same word that Jesus used later when he said, let the little blood bosses let the little children come to me. So if that baby is called a child in the womb. There is no doubt that biblically we know that children exist as persons in utero in the womb and therefore demand our protection. And when we honor life at every stage in the womb outside the womb, and I need to make a quick parenthetical statement here.

Don't fall prey for the argument you biblical Christians just care for life in the womb and not outside the womb. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many pro-life Christians like myself who care for children in the womb and then when they're born want to feed clothes and care for them.

We have parents in the church I pastor moments of hope church who are fostering children on opting children giving them life like they could not of had before. Yes, we care for life in and outside the womb. As biblical Christians. But we care for life in the womb. Why, because God knows her name before the world was ever created. He knows her name in the womb while rubbing that together and he calls us a blip boss a child when we are in that womb we should have the protections of a civil society over us in that condition. Wow, you just did this in sentences think the way I never heard anybody talk about this. This clear data. Thank you so much for doing that and I'm just thinking that phrase we live life from the womb to the team and you can even say I know lots of believers in the medical field who are trying to fight Cove Ed early on not just wait it out. Waited out with it out, but we live like so much were trying to advance your treatment subpoena before a ventilator is plugged into you and so this is just such as distinct way of getting people and difficult worldview for life. Thank you, Jim. We believe in life and we want to support life and there are many organizations that are doing so and as a follower of Jesus. I just can't see how it's optional for you not to be pro-life in the womb and want that deceased and then work with women who give birth to children and help give those children that they don't want them to some family that really wants children that are infertile. That problem is real in our culture as well give that child a chance to live.

Who knows, that baby might be the one who discovers the cure to cancer, don't abort that life and believe what Jesus said no greater love does someone have been to lay down their life for a friend.

Do I think that's going to be problematic for a woman to hold that child for nine months in her womb and then give birth to that child, absolutely, but no greater love has someone than to give up their lives for someone else, you are allowing life to control our world and not death. Let's have a culture of life, not death. That's why I felt such a need today to address this subject because of this Texas law that was just past this week to not allow abortions to occur after six weeks of life in the womb, when a heartbeat is detected in that blip boss and that baby is his incredible energy and one other thing before we conclude, let me just make a statement to any woman out there right now who's listening, who's had an abortion. I know that hearing a pro life statement like this one could possibly cause extraordinary guilt and shame I don't want to do that. I don't want to impose any condemnation on you whatsoever me. I speak from my heart the years as I have done to dozens of women over the years. Abortion is not the unforgivable sin.

It is not beyond the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

All you need to do is go to the Lord and confess that first John 19. He is faithful and just and forgives you of everything, even that sin and it is no worse ascendant since I've committed in my life.

You give it all to the Lord, let it be absorbed on his cross, his grace and mercy is greater than our sin. Praise God, please know that reality as well. As you're listening to this hope cast right now Jim, thank you for being with me today for having me Dana listeners.

Thank you for joining me on this.

Hope cast again next week. I will address the whole Afghanistan situation. I hope it will help your hearts deal with what's going on there and allow us to keep praying not only for that life in the womb. But what's happening there as well. Praying for our entire world. This great prayer God kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There's only life in heaven. There is no war in heaven.

No strict Taliban measures. In heaven there is only grace and freedom Lord kingdom, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I David Chadwick with Jim Houston. Wishing you all God's speed and we all to talking with you all

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