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What's Going On: Totalitarianism & Truckers

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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February 16, 2022 12:40 pm

What's Going On: Totalitarianism & Truckers

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 16, 2022 12:40 pm

What's going on? On this weeks Hopecast, David Chawick and Jenn Houston discuss the rise of totalitarianism in current governments and how that has materialized, particualry with Canadian truckers. 

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Welcome to this week's test with my friends in Houston. Joining me, the purpose of this hope Is to give you some insights into contemporary culture locally and globally through the lenses of a biblical worldview through the lenses of faith and values.

Everybody has a worldview what's informing yours. Is it culture is that the world or is it the word or is it Christ. We want to make sure it's the word in Christ.

That's informing your worldview and how you think and Jen helps me each week be able to do so. Jim, thanks for joining me today. Thank you so much for having me David. Today I want to talk about totalitarianism and truckers. I think I mentioned that I might address the whole idea of how do you know if a church has become woke let's do that next week Jen but this week since it's so much in the headlines. Let's deal with totalitarianism and truckers now where my going with all of this where ever the gospel of Jesus Christ has ever been preached that particular nation or culture has generally honored the idea of freedom and that's because in Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 and 27 when God created us in his image, male and female, two genders the reason God did that was because he wanted us to be free as God is independent from all other outside causes on his choices. He does what he wants to do whatever he wants to do it. He gave humanity, male and female created in his image. That same independence. That same ability to be free and to make our own choices. Now why that's because God knew that love could only exist within the context of choice and, therefore, in the garden of Eden, which was perfect. The wording means paradise. It had many trees but to particular trees are pointed out in the biblical narrative, the tree of life and God said to Adam and Eve eat of the tree every day and you'll never die. You live forever, but you also have the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of that tree you will surely die spiritually suddenly immediately. Your death will occur. You will be separated from God.

You will not be able to walk with him and have fellowship with him.

Similarly, though then begins the process of aging and death in the physical body as well and of course you know the story that God gave that opportunity to eat of any tree in the garden but just not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and Adam and Eve did choose to rebel against God, and they invited sin into the world were all in Adam's loins, and we have inherited that same sin nature and when we are conceived and born. We don't have a spiritual relationship with God.

No one seeks God know what all the Bible says and we begin the process of aging. The moment were conceived to move toward physical death as well. But God gave that independence to us. He gave us that freedom and when ever that's been preached through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to choose Jesus to be saved from our sins be reconnected to the father spiritually and then have the sin problem no longer affect our physical death. If when we die physically. We will just inherit a new resurrection, eternal spiritual and the physical body that will allow us to live forever.

Jesus overcomes that with the gospel, and wherever that's been proclaimed again freedom has always been the bulwark of that kind of message to the government will opposed to that kind of freedom is the idea of totalitarianism is a kind of government that's most seen in Fascism socialism and communism. Basically those isms have outlawed God marks called him the opiate of the people and therefore the government becomes God. The government takes total control of every area of your life. George Orwell in the book 1984 written many decades ago foresaw totalitarianism in its most wicked forms, especially during his day in Soviet Russia and Hitler's fascism and he knew that it could one day try to engulf all the governments of the world. In my humble opinion as you see in the world today Russia and China are predominantly totalitarian types of government they want America to fall largely because it is the opposite in a representative democratic system of what they believe people being free to cry out freedom it's opposite again to totalitarianism, so as you cease totalitarianism beginning to expand more and more in this world we who understand systems need to know the government never gives back whatever it takes, it never gives back it's always looking for new revenue sources.

For example, and once they get them through taxation or whatever the government never gives that back one illustration of that is, for example, gambling many of us years ago have always advocated that the government should have nothing to do with advocating gambling because we've seen that is something that is destructive to society. So, for example, when lotteries became popular and one state did it, and then another state did it.

For example, Florida dated and in Georgia several why should Florida get all the revenues we got people from Georgia driving down I 75 in Florida and they are now getting that money in Florida. We want ourselves in every state. Practically now has an education lottery.

It's just basically another form of gambling will then that led to the casinos that are now being opened everywhere, and now we've seen recently, the online betting has increased the Super Bowl, which was just recently played was a $7 billion legal industry.

It was $100 billion in illegal money and what you're seeing is two states have been granted the privilege of online betting legally. I bet you between now and the next Super Bowl you're going to see more and more states do that. Why because the government wants more money and when the government takes more money. It will never give it back to its citizenry because the government has to do with totally trying to control other people's lives.

The debate during this whole pandemic has been about freedom.

It's been about do I have the right to choose whether I want a vaccine or not whether I want to put a mask on my five-year-old child or not. Do I have that freedom.

Many in government are saying no work God, we decide that for you. And of course people are saying no, that's not the case. We need to decide that for ourselves and for our children now fast-forward over the last couple of years in the pandemic to what's going on in Canada right now. Interestingly, Canada does not have the history of the United States of America, the United States of America has been a nation that's always protested whatever they didn't like and have public demonstrations of that whether that's the tea party in Boston or whether that's more protest today like we see with black lives matter and other places. America is prone to protest when we don't like something Canada is not that way.

Canada was founded in the British Commonwealth and has a much gentler nature in its founding and does not have that built into its system, but there is something with these mask mandates there something with the demanding of vaccines for truck drivers that have tipped the edge for Canadian truck drivers. They are saying Canada has crossed the line. It's become more totalitarian than we like they're trying to intrude themselves in totality. In every area of our lives of the truckers have gathered this protest driving all the way across Canada into Ottawa.

The capital city of Canada we seen United States people joining the protest as well.

You're seeing it now sweeping the world as well and I can't help but remember that scene in the movie Braveheart were Braveheart at the end of his life, having fought all of the unjust government totalitarianism of his day cry out as he died, freedom, and that's what's happening Canada right now. The truckers are crying out freedom and now Trudeau has responded with trying to clamp down with emergency acts saying that they can keep these truckers from receiving any kind of aid any kind of food money being frozen trying to get to them and even the truckers themselves are being arrested. Jen, here's what I think these truckers are not gonna back down these people who drive 8 to 10 to 12 hours across the country and into American across America. They have a mindset that's pretty tough to me they are focused. They know what they're about.

They're not going to back down and it's interesting to see in Canada right now. The truckers taking on totalitarianism and saying no more and using it sweep even the world. In Austria, the government has mandated some of the most strict mandates possible and the people even there are rising up and saying no more were just not going to put up with that I find it fascinating. I think it is a battle cry. That's worldwide and I'll be interested in watching what's going to happen because I think too many people around the world have had the gospel preached in their areas and they understand the power of freedom, and they will not allow totalitarianism to occur in their lives. They will take the side of the truckers what you think. Jen wow this is a lie is that there is a lot going on to the north of us and I was thinking at the beginning when you are talking about freedom and the culture of freedom and wasn't the first pastor friend Canada. He was arrested when he tried to keep open his church content for people to come and freely worship yes and when he did not go along with the facts, mandates, and opened his church.

He was arrested. He was fined, as have been other pastors as well.

John MacArthur of famous pastor here in America actually had a 4000 online petition signed by American and Canadian Canadian pastors alongside these who took the strong stand in Canada saying we stand with you in this particular area and some other areas as well. A future hope cast where we will address the whole reparation therapy. Of those who are same-sex attracted will talk about that later, but that was another thing going on in Canada as well. With these pastors.

Here's a point I wanted to make Jen.

Interestingly, as you look at the history of the church and you know I'm a bit of a church history walk and I love to look at how the church has handled different crises.

The church has responded to pandemics. Interestingly, through the centuries. So you look at the bubonic plague. For example, that took away hundreds of thousands, millions of lives are in the 14th century in Europe you look at the Spanish flu with broke out in 1918, largely because of all the craziness of World War I and the lack of sanitation will the Spanish flu broke out in 1918 and 19 and took millions upon millions of lives and now we have had this pandemic with covert and I don't want to minimize it. It's not been as large in the number of lives lost as the Spanish flu. It has been hideous though and the church has had responses to these different pandemics as government is tempted, especially during these times to excessively overreach and take control and totalitarian kinds of thoughts and actions so the church has spoken and said that we will agree to government overtake during these times off pandemic. If there are three things. First of all there's rationality. Secondly, there is equality and thirdly, it's temporary. So, let me mention those again the church through the ages with pandemics has said we understand government getting involved in trying to oversee the pandemic for safety's sake, as long as there is rationality there is equality and it's temporary. Will Jen what's happening now and why the truckers are so mad and why other people of faith like myself are angry is each one of those has been abrogated. For example, the rationality of it. It was always trust the science trust the science trust. The science will now two years later were seeing how the science has shifted under our feet.

They said one thing than another thing.

And we can no longer trust the rationality of the science.

Secondly, the equality, the whole restrictions are still supposed to be equal for everyone what you've gone is you've created an underclass of people. Those people who either through their own physical understanding of their bodies or their understanding of their religion. Having objections to feline tissue cells being used for the particular vaccine or something else. Maybe another reason that they've not had the desire to be vaccinated.

You created an underclass of people you creative subservient class of people, so that the mandates are not equal or fair for everyone and then go to the third one it's temporary. Well here we are two years plus into all of this, and though some states are beginning to relax. The mask mandates and the vaccine requirements.

Others aren't any sort in the Super Bowl where 75,000 were gathered in the Super Bowl.

No one was wearing a mask at the next day in the California Public schools five-year-olds were demanded to wear mask a lot of people said that's not fair and that's just not fair and it's simply not temporary how much longer is this thing going to last. And it seems like it's going to last ad infinitum for ever and ever is just never going to end some people are now suggesting in some more liberal leftist progressive states what you're just going to have to live with it and again, there's just a lot of people who heard the gospel understand the gospel and say no and like Braveheart, we want freedom and that's where the tension and the clashes occurred. That's what's going on in Canada right now with the totalitarian government versus the truckers and you know what gin I just think the truckers are going to win. I just think they will because they're knocking to give up and I think more and more people want to cry out with Braveheart freedom freed on clean and being rationally 90s truck drivers there in their tracks by themselves day in and day out. It is, it is not rational to demand that they be vaccinated. Exactly. And if they have their own reasons. Would we all have our reasons.

It's just not right to demand date that, especially as the virus is showing now that it's waning. It is beginning to go away and become more endemic than pandemic well and showing that the vaccine isn't stopping the spread eggs that are preventing this back to number one that it it's rational. It is proven not be rational. Our own president said get the vaccine. And you'll never have covert again and you won't spread it to other people will hello your people do get it again and they are spreading it to other people, even if there vaccinated so the rationality of the scientific evidence is not proving to be true over time.

You know one final thought here is all of us hate bullies.

We watch movies where there are bullies we go, man. I hope the bully gets it who will hear two things that bullies hate. First of all, they hate to be ignored. So if you can ignore them do so when you hope their bowling. This will go away.

But secondly, bullies hate to be stood up to.

You've seen those movies where the little guy gets beaten up and then he goes on and learns karate and goes back and beats up the bullies and everybody in the movie theaters cheering going to go will bullies hate to be bullied and at some point, totalitarian bullies are going to experience their freedom loving people all over the world who hate to be bullied and are going to stand up to the bullies and that's what's happening in Canada right now all over the globe is beginning to gurgle here in America as well and again one final thought. As we look at the totalitarians versus the truckers. I think the truckers are going to win. I think they have truth on their side and Jen, I want to say this, I believe the gospel is true and the gift of God to choose freedom to choose.

Independence is a gift from him. That needs to be honored and practiced regularly. That's really powerful. I believe it to thank everyone for listening to this week's hope cast. I hope it helps you stand up to bullies stand against totalitarianism. You do not want government inner truth in every area of your life and you want to be free next week will talk about what this "church look like why should I think Chad would

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