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Fiery Jesus - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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January 3, 2022 6:07 am

Fiery Jesus - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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January 3, 2022 6:07 am

We think of Jesus as kind, gentle and full of compassion. But he also got angry. Today we look at the fiery side of Jesus.

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She is looking for a way to make a profit scheme to help get those animals available and they could still fill the pilgrims coming to experience Jesus really not welcome to moments of help lifting traumatic can relate to Jesus when he is gentle and mild mind about him through his angry side to today continues our study of the gospel of John will be focusing on the second chapter in a message called fiery begin today by sharing no was raised in the pictures holding many people thought I would become like my dad and I didn't want any part of a fellow love with a game called basketball early on in my pursuit around ball rather than the pulpit and I accepted Jesus though is a senior in high school at the Fellowship of Christian athletes, conference. I came to understand that my sin was great and Jesus, grace was greater. I stared at the cross knew my sin needed to be forgiven and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was pardoned from all of my sin present from before he left office this week pardoned over 150 people from their particular sins. It means they can never be tried for those crimes again. There washed away.

They are pardoned in folder penalties are paid in full and and that's what Jesus did for us on the cross. He took our sins upon himself so that he pardons us of our sin will I came to realize that in high school and my life was never the same. But I continue to pursue basketball and broadcasting basketball coaching. I looked at anything and everything until the Lord backed me into a corner and said son don't you know that I created you to preach my gospel.

But not only that, folks, but to preach my gospel in my church when I came to the understanding that Jesus was calling me into the ministry of the local church. I realize first of all, the power of the local church the local church is really the hope of the world as a group of people get together to serve their community that came very clear to me but also how much Jesus loves his church. There's an old hymn that my dad's church used to sing all the time called the church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord. She is his new creation by water and the word from heaven he came and sought her to be his holy bride, and with his blood he bought her and for her life. He died, it became very clear to me one day right after I'd accepted the call into the ministry and we were singing that him at my dad's church, how much Jesus loves his church. He died to give his church life. So, for example, sometimes I joke with you and say the same to me, David.

I like you but I don't like Marilyn. The woman that I've loved for 40+ years is ridiculous.

You can't love me and not love the woman I love most in the world. Similarly, you can't say I love Jesus I know we paid the price for me on the cross. I sins are forever pardoned, but I just don't like the local church. I don't like the bride of Christ.

You can't say that because Jesus died for the church's life and if you love Jesus.

You've also got to love his bride and I came to realize that I went into seminary in 1976 or four years I earned my Masters and my doctorate degrees preparing for church ministry and I came to a church here in town back in 1980 and I love that church and Marilyn I built a lot of what that church stood for and what they moved on in the community and serving the Lord Jesus Christ and we loved the local church and loved that particular local church, but during that time. We were denominational and I began to see the denomination start lurching to the left start fudging on biblical truths and values that I just couldn't in my conscience understand, so about 11 years into that ministry. We left that denomination and entered one that was evangelical at that point in the early 90s evangelical man, a commitment to the word of God, absolutely. It also meant a commitment to the power of the Holy Spirit and a commitment to world missions to bring the gospel to everyone in the world so we committed ourselves to that evangelical denomination and local church and continue to see it grow and thrive. Ultimately become six campuses with a 20+ million dollar budget and a lot of excitement in the church but something really begin to bother me about four or five years ago.

Even when I was the pastor there.

I began to see in America. What we call evangelical start lurching to the left. The very same thing I saw in the late 70s and 80s with the major denominations all throughout American by the way, you see, each one of them slowly surely slipping in numbers and a lot very important and intellectual church historians are predicting that within 50 years there will be a major denomination in America build this go off into oblivion and shrink in the nothing because people are leaving it large numbers well. Several years ago I began to see that same thing begin to happen in the evangelical church.

It started breaking my heart and I committed myself even more powerfully and passionately to preach the word of the Lord calling people to holiness calling people to obey with the Bible clearly teaches about life beginning at conception about what marriage is between a man and a woman. What gender is just to a man and a woman and I keep taught those things with pure passion and then my last sermon at the former place was in 2018, January right after New York State had passed that hideous abortion law where they said that a second before a child is born, you can go on encrusted skull and kill that child and I said that is awful and sin in the sight of God. Even though the New York legislator lit up buildings at night. After that decision, even though on January 22, 2018.

When that decision was made, the people applauded and sang songs of joy because the decision had been made.

My heart was broken in many other people's hearts were broken and folks within a week I was asked to leave that church within a week, and I don't know if it's associated or not. III never knew.

I don't even know to this day, what all it was, but I do know that that was my last passionate sermon. I do find it interesting folks that one year later on January 22, 2019.

The first case of coven 19 happened in New York City one year to the day after they celebrated that hideous decision regarding life and abortion. One year to the day the first coven exposure happen. And of course New York City has been the major place where people have died in our nation. Accordingly, I don't think God was pleased with that position. And yet when I have watched the church they have more and more adopted those kind of beliefs as a part of their perspectives even what is called the evangelical church so moments of hope church was formed out of a lot of agony out of a lot of prayer out of a lot of seeking of God.

We were both in we have renewed our commitment to the word of God to teach God's truth no matter what might it be that the government will come against us one day might it be that we have to suffer persecution.

My response will welcome to what most of the church throughout the world is presently experiencing churches that stand for truth are going through difficult times all over the world and we are going to be a church that is faithful in every possible way.

I love Jesus with all my heart.

I love the local church. With all my heart. I love moments of hope church with all my heart. You can't love Jesus and not love the local church and is not just the building it's a group of people who come together, but we do need a building as we discovered a place where those people can come together.

God knew the importance of the building and he knew the importance of people coming together to worship him as well. When he called the nation of Israel to come together and they finally got into the promised land and Kings were chosen after King David passed the reins on to Solomon. Solomon had as a passion as his dad did as well.

But God would let David build the temple he wanted Solomon to do because David had too much blood on his hands as a man of war. And so David and Solomon raise the money and Solomon built the temple.

It was glorious. Some people have suggested it was a 30 billion yes, billion dollar enterprise. It was glorious with gold and silver and bronze and all kinds of precious stones and metals throughout the entire building. It was something to behold and what's even more so, that's amazing is the Shekinah glory and if you don't know that word SHEKIN a H Shekinah glory the Lord descended on the temple after it was built and in the holy of holies were there was the ark of the covenant, where there was the presence of God.

There was smoke there was the presence of God that cause lightning and a sense of his all and present like no other and the people of God, committed themselves to follow right temple worship as was outlined in the word of the Lord. But as it would happen over decades after Solomon's death, the kingdom split and people started inviting all kinds of pagan worship into the temple of the Lord and God warned in his word that if indeed you don't follow me, and you invite this pagan worship into my temple. I will destroy the temple and take you away and that's exactly what happened with Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian captivity. The people were taken in the captivity the walls around Jerusalem were destroyed and the temple itself was destroyed so the first temple built by Solomon in all of its splendor was raised to the ground by the Babylonians because of the disobedience of the people because they started following the ways of the world because they started adopting the pagan practices of the world so after 70 years in the Babylonian captivity. Different groups started coming back. You see in the book of Heidi I for example it Zechariah and also Ezra different Old Testament books were. They describe the rebuilding of the Temple when the people came back they rebuilt the walls. That's the book of Nehemiah the Old Testament and they rebuilt the temple those books I just mentioned to you.

It never had the former glory of Solomon's Temple, but it was a place for the people to come together and worship the Lord and that second Temple stayed around for 400+ years until Herod the great, right before Jesus birth started adding on to it, making it more splendor is making it more glorious. And the temple begin to take on new forms of beauty and perfection will in Jesus day the second Temple had been rebuilt over like a 46 year time. By King Herod and Jesus went to the temple during his lifetime right at the beginning of his ministry and he found a the temple had once again going to lurch to the left. Once again began the practice like a pagan place, not the temple of God himself. Today's story is about the cleansing of the temple by Jesus. Please note, as I said in my prayer before we began this message that this is the first of two cleansing of the temples. This is at the beginning of Jesus ministry. He also cleanses it at the end of his ministry right before he goes to the cross.

It must've been very important for him. For people not only to love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind and my and love their neighbor as themselves, but love the temple love this place of worship. Love this place for the people of God come together and can praise and pray and hear the word of the Lord now with all of that background information having been given to you. Today's text is John II chapter and will start with verse 12 and go through verse 22. Follow along with me. These powerful, wonderful verses after this in verse 12, after what after the changing of the water into wine that we saw last week in the story at Cana of Galilee.

After this, Jesus went down to Capernaum, knows he went down to Capernaum number Cana was a small little mountain astound an impoverished area some 1300 feet above sea level and right of the job and it dropped right down to the sea of Galilee were Capernaum is located. So after Jesus change the water into wine. After the wedding feast was over he went down to Capernaum, which was his headquarters in Galilee. You see a lot of what he did in the future happened out Capernaum and some of his disciples were actually from that city and he went there with his mother, his brothers and his disciples and they stayed there a few day I noticed that Jesus mom was at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee. We saw that last week.

Evidently some of his brothers were there as well. And for those of you who may not know what no matter what you've been taught in your particular theological background. Jesus had brothers and sisters that he was the first born to Mary and Joseph impregnated by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But after he was born Joseph and Mary obviously had relations and they had four other brothers and two other sisters. So Jesus had brothers and sisters who walk around with him that he probably loved and cared for deeply. We know the names of two of his brothers James the one who wrote the book of James in the Bible and Jude the one who wrote the book of Jude in the Bible so we see that Jesus had brothers had sisters had a mom. Joseph is probably dead by this point and he loved them dearly and they went to Capernaum, where they stayed for a few days. Verse 13 the Passover of the Jews was at hand.

So this is the high holy season in Jerusalem and Jesus is now going to go up to Jerusalem will see that from Capernaum to Jerusalem is a trek upward and especially where the temple was built on the Temple Mount. That was a mountain that Jesus had to go up to, so the Passover of the Jews was in hand and Jesus went up to Jerusalem this very significant very important holy day of the year where people would come and they would bring their pure unblemished animals to be sacrificed. The blood shed by these animals for atonement for the forgiveness of their sins. People from all over the area. Jews would walk 50, 60, 80 miles to come to the Passover celebration at the temple but not only that many godly Gentiles who were God seekers if you will, spiritual seekers, maybe not committed totally to the Jewish faith.

Some of them probably were, but they came to Jerusalem as well to experience this magnificent holy feast holy day in this reconstructed second Temple. Especially being reconstructed by Herod himself.

In verse 14 in the temple he found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons and the moneychangers sitting there, so if people had to walk 50, 60, 80 miles or even for a Gentile. Beyond that, they could not bring with them the necessary pure unblemished sheep or oxen or pigeons in order to sacrifice them.

It was just too burdensome for them to be able to do so.

So ingenious Jews looking for a way to make a profit came up with the scheme of how they could get those animals available and they could sell them the pilgrims coming to experience the Passover coming out joins me in a conversation about life. I can help build character and a closer long will the right time. Mark McManus with moments of her churches ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community with me in the studio today is Tony Marciano, Executive Director of the Charlotte rescue mission to tell us about the Charlotte rescue mission marked the Charlotte rescue mission.

Everything we do is about transformation with a focus on individual struggling with addiction uniquely work from the inside out to address the root cause to be accomplished by providing professional Christian presidential recovery services free of charge and let me back up for just a moment and explain that to my city were transformation I get those marching orders from John six very interesting chapter the Bible when day when Jesus feeds 5000 people that night the disciples flowed across the lake. Jesus follows them by walking across like in the next day the crowd gets them both and follows them. But on day two. Jesus chooses not to feed them. He begins to preach at them they all leave. I think in that one chapter it's the heart of God for the poor were God says on day one. I love you so much except you just as you are today to go to St. I love you too much to leave you there.

And that's the hard work of transformation that we focus on everyday Charlotte rescue mission. I mention weekly work from the inside out to address the root cause that root causes shame, guilt is when I make a mistake the same since I am a mistake and if you knew me you would like me and of God. To me, God would like me and I wrapped it up by saying we address this by providing professional free Christian presidential recovery services. I like to use the verses that are efficient. Chapter 3 verse 18 with the apostle Paul says they may have the power to comprehend with all the saints what is the breath length, height and depth in verse 19 says and to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled all the measure the fullness of God. But I believe firmly that when someone realizes that God's love is four dimensional, not three-dimensional, not conditional but unconditional they have that aha moment that God loves him all the shame of their soul goes away because they know their fully accepted by God for what they've done simply because God loves them and that's what we do every day. Charlotte rescue mission love to have you get involved, please go to a webpage.

Charlotte rescue for ways that you can change and thanks for listening today doing hard after dated, thank you so much for being with us today. It's great being with you Jim, thank you for your support and your involvement with this wonderful broadcasting to enjoy your morning interventions. He recently started a series that you're calling David is I'd love to know about how they started and what we can look for a team in the days ahead will gin you can imagine that in over 40 years of ministry and just life in general.

I've learned a lot and there are pithy phrases that I have learned through the years that I often referred to in sermons, people affectionately have called them. David is and I use them all find that there are easy to remember. And there probably what people remember most about all my preaching and speaking through the years. So over the past several years, especially I've had some people come to me and say you are to put those David isms down on paper so I've been motivated to do so and thinking about this time that we have together with the broadcast and having these, you know, four minutes or so at the end of the broadcast time to speak to people's hearts. You know from my heart to theirs.

I decided to put these David isms down on paper, but also to use them as a part of this broadcast altogether and now these phrases are things that I've been taught by mentors like my dad and coaches and teachers there phrases I've learned others say through the years and I probably forgotten a lot from where I've heard them the quotes I've read and have adjusted to my own life or to the people's lives, to whom I'm preaching, and occasionally there something I've even thought of myself that people say I like that one as well and I think people again appreciate these statements because they are easy to remember. Yet profound in their veracity. All truth is God's truth. And when God's truth is learned and applied.

Life is richer and more meaningful.

All of the David isms will have some biblical foundation because you know God's truth is found in his word. So if you're listening right now and you're a parent feel free to use these David isms with your kids or if you're mentoring anyone in any way again to use them as you wish. They were given to me to guide me in my own life, and unlike no other time in human history. Do we need practical common sense to guide our thoughts and actions. With the formation of our country. A gentleman by the name of Thomas Paine wrote a book called common sense. It was just common sense insights into how to live life it's sold in exponential numbers. Now I think were there again today, people just need and want some commonsense advice on how to live my life how to raise my kids how to confront this crazy culture.

These David isms are my attempt to do so. So here we go gin over the next probably year plus going to give people these deaf David isms that I have learned through the years. Again they come from my heart to yours. Everyone listeners. I hope you enjoy them but mostly I hope you'll live by them while I'm still excited to hear what you had to share with us this coming on broadcast thank you so much for sharing your heart with you and everyone that not only will they be a part of this broadcast but they are written in form and if anybody would like to have them sent to their inbox every morning, simply go to moments of Hope you can subscribe to my daily blogs which will be these David isms for the next year plus and they'll arrive in your inbox around 7 AM every morning. Again, from my heart to yours to help you begin your day with a moment of hope and hopefully make your pastor has moments of hope Terrence nothing on the Gospel of John is from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine 11 o'clock I going to moments of Hope your online sign everything in daily moments of hope delivered every morning here in David's weekly free and available through our website manager is not charged not going for in the entire moment to pray for

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