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Christmas Eve (Unto Us)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 24, 2021 6:37 pm

Christmas Eve (Unto Us)

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 24, 2021 6:37 pm

The most important question you can ever ask: Who is this child? Is He who the Bible says He is?

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The flush valve all the selfishness and flush in all of this world and all of its mass stress. Stress is a baby who died for us and it puts love in our hearts moments of hope with tenets, harmony, and religion say that Jesus was born in normal baby that he grew up to be a good philosopher in a fine moral teacher is God's word saw this child born in a stable. The Savior of the world here stated with a Christmas Eve message called unto the most important question that any of you could ever ask who is this child a mere mortal good person great teacher, a fine philosopher or is he truly the Bible says to use the Savior of the world who forgives our sins allows us to have eternal life. The Christ which is in his second name Jesus Christ means his position, the anointed one, of God and the king of all kings and Lord of all lords.

That's the Bible says this child is. Yet we have all this mess stress and distress that surrounds us. The world seems to be calamitous in so many different ways. How do we reconcile Jesus ruling this world that still being such a mess and that folks is the essence of the Christmas story answering that question, the Christmas story really doesn't begin with the baby in the manger is important is that is the Christmas story really begins in the heart of God throughout all eternity. What Christians believe is one God in three persons, father, son and Holy Spirit, a mystery, yes, but what the Bible clearly teaches.

We don't believe in three gods. We believe in one God rest three different persons, father, son and Holy Spirit, and they have perfectly love one another forever know for love to exist. You have to have the lover you have to have the beloved and you have to have an eternal commitment that that's the only way love can exist for the lover to have a beloved and then there be an eternal commitment in the father-son Holy Spirit perfectly. Love one another in that eternal commitment and they wanted to extend that love, the love was so great they wanted others to know that love to be beneficiaries but so the next concentric circle outward at some point in the expanses eternity. God created the Angels millions upon millions of super spiritual creatures, not flesh and blood, but spiritual creatures, and they were extended the love of God the father, son and Holy Spirit to them in the next concentric circle outward was God created this world perfectly and he created Adam and Eve and you and me to be extensions of that love. The bottom line is God wanted Adam and Eve and you and me to simply love him with all our heart, soul, mind and might and love our neighbors as ourselves. And if we did that the world would operate as God intended.

There would be no mess, stress and distress. Who is this child at some point in the human history. Adam and Eve rebelled against God. They wanted to be God themselves. And at that moment all the love they got it placed in their hearts extended toward him was flushed out and it was replaced with sin. Another definition of sin is selfishness, ego, e.g. oh edging God out it's me being the center of the universe and Adam and Eve had that and they passed on to every Trojan. He thereafter would be included. You don't believe that if you don't believe Original Sin is passed on through a man and a woman conceiving a child. I've asked this question many times let me ask it again and again children do have to teach them to obey or disobey.

Got decent obey because their natural bent at the moment of conception is to disobey. They want to rebel that they want the universe to revolve around them. What's the favorite word of a young child. Mine mine and that's proof of the rebellion in the garden and what's been replaced again with that love that Adam and Eve had the God extended to them with the Angels was hatred and bitterness and strife and selfishness, and in the angelic world. There was one named Lucifer who became Satan led one third of the angels with him, and they are the demonic hordes who now worked to destroy everything that God originally created this good. They are available. Believe me, they exist in this world they want to destroy you as well. But here's the dilemma for God even though we rebelled against him and are separated from him because of our selfishness and sin. He still loves us deeply and so he tries to figure out in his mind. What should he do in order to restore that relationship of love that he wants all of us to have with him broken in the garden existing thousands of years, and at some point in all of human history. The father looked at the sun in our rebellious state and he said, which in the second person of the Godhead, the son submitted himself to the father and said yes, I'll go the sun left the splendor of heaven and all of its perfection and glorying in the squalor of this earth and all of its misery mess and distress. The son put on human flesh as a baby in a manger. The incarnations the fancy theological term like silly like silly con carnet what does that mean against silly con with carnet flash with the baby in the manger is God con carnet it's God with flesh on the incarnation God becomes a human being totally got totally human and this baby Jesus because he's God lives perfectly as we can ghost with crossties for our sins so that we can be forgiven, and all of that selfishness be flushed out and love replace it. And Jesus said, the bottom line for his teachings and one sends his love God and love your neighbor and if we just do that, folks, how much of the mess and stress would be solved. Reconnected to God with his love reconnected one another with his love in the Christmas story is all about that. You just look at Luke's gospel we go through Luke's gospel and in the four major messengers in the gospel and how each one of them when they learn who is this child and discovered his name is Jesus the savior of the world. The King of Kings and Lord of lords. Each one of them wrote a song of praise. The first character Zechariah in the first chapter of Luke. He's an older man, a priest and he and his wife own more than anything else to be a mama and daddy they wanted a son. They wanted a child they been waiting for one for a long time, and in that day to be infertile was a scorch. It was felt that if you're infertile. It's a punishment from God and frankly, some of you infertile. Did they feel that same thing is not true. In Zechariah's a priest went into the temple one day to pray a special privilege as he was before the altar of God, he lifted up her prayer to God and suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to him say was Gabriel's name means hero of God. What a great name Gabriel and he says Zechariah God is heard your prayers you're going to have a boy and his name is John, and the name John means that God's grace is if you have that name.

God is gracious if you don't have that name. God is gracious and this boy John John the Baptist would be the forerunner of Jesus. Zechariah and his older age just couldn't believe it was true.

They waited for so long, and what you need to note if you waited for something that God has promised you believe this is true that God's delay is not God's denial that good news God's delay is not his denial as the children of Israel waited for hundreds of years with the prophecy and cried out,, manual come, God with us. They waited for hundreds of years. Again, God's delay was not God's denial. The babies on the way but Zechariah spoke words of unbelief and got shut his mouth up. God did not want words of doubt and unbelief spoke in the presence of the special child he doesn't want damnably spoken from your words they destroy speak words of life blessing, especially to your children so Zechariah shut up for nine months. Finally, John is born they presented to the priest on the eighth day for circumcision to be named the presets what is his name. Elizabeth says John thereby says there's no John in your family lineage.

They turn to Zechariah still mute any rights on the tablet John in that moment folks think and speak one of the first word the commanders mouse by hymn of praise is called the Benedictus for nine months.

He couldn't say anything for nine months.

He watched his wife's belly swell this child promising given that he couldn't help just sing praises to God, the next step in the journey is Mary the same angel Gabriel hero of God appears to her as well and says hello flavored one that's not just a word for Mary to work for you to if you love God, you're flavored one of God. You're one of his favorites. He loves to bless you. He says to Mary was just a young T got have a baby girl questioned not want a Dell exec riser just how can this be, she never had a man by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, God created the sun in the womb of Mary.

He had to be perfectly got a perfectly human to bypass human conception way since passed on to be the perfect God. Men can die for the forgiveness of arson and then when she realizes name was going to be Jesus, Gabriel said that's his name with the name means folks God saves Jesus name is Savior because that's our greatest need is grades needs to have our sins forgiven to have her guilt ridden people live in relationship with God in loving loving way so she accepts the name of Jesus and then she goes and says to Gabriel whatever you want, I'll do.

Unlike Zechariah words of faith, words of life.

Words of hope words of blessing that she goes visits Elizabeth and was was five months pregnant with John. Jesus is just conceived in Mary's womb's counties in the presence of his Savior and then Mary in response to knowing who Jesus is. She writes a hymn of praise is called the Magnificat because her first line was my soul magnifies the Lord magnifies God is so great God is so good you believe God is good today, so good to you and the proof is Jesus being sent to you. My soul magnifies you got your good but the third people in the story are the shepherds watching their flocks by night, and suddenly one angel appears the Angels unnamed than Gabriel.

I just wonder so significant in the story.

One angel appears and says them this night a child is born, who's the Savior, the Christ and the Lord, the Savior of the world, the Christ, which means the anointed one, the promised one of God and the Lord and suddenly a multitude of other angels. I think millions upon millions in any of the angels are God's military hosts. There is armies to protect so many of us from think I think I would get to heaven to find out God protect me in so many ways with his angels, angel armies appear and with a perfect course they start singing the third hymn when Jesus was born. Call the Gloria glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill toward all people, Gloria in excelsis deo and I just sang in the shepherds then went and saw the baby, told Mary and Joseph that it happened there probably 710 are you kidneys angel and of the shepherds went back to where they were in.

They started singing praises. I bet they started singing the Gloria, don't you. Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth and goodwill toward the fourth story is one that the Christmas time.

Doesn't often notice, but it's very important that the character is named Simeon, who comes from the center of simians, an older man maybe a priest. Maybe not an he had been waiting all of his life until he could see the Messiah, the anointed one gone, the Christ. He waited all of his life. Did I tell you that delay doesn't mean God's denial delay doesn't mean God's denial in your life. He's given you a promise. And Simeon sees Mary and Joseph on the eighth day bringing Jesus to be circumcised in his name Jesus is given to him than on the 40th day there is a purification ceremony that Simeon watches this child and Mary go through Mary, the woman had to go through a purification process according to the law. What had to be shipped for her forgiveness and interestingly velocity needed to bring a lamb but Mary and Joseph brought to pigeons why because loss if you aren't wealthy enough to afford a lamp you can bring to pigeons which suggest that Mary and Joseph were what folks Jesus was born a manure field. Stable, they offer to pigeons in their poverty and we sometimes wonder and self aggrandizement in all God wants is the can be filled with his life, opposes the proud, he poses the ego, edging him out but he gives life to the humble. Mary and Joseph were humble before God, whatever you will hear and Simeon watches all this happened and he comes forth in in response to all that he noticed with Jesus. He sings a hymn is called the not commit us. What is that mainly reach the him Luke 229 through 32, Lord how you were letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word for my eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for the glory to your people Israel. So this child is born is going to light of salvation to forgive sins for all the people in all of the world you and Gentile alike, and then he says now I can't depart in peace, not diminished, is a Latin phrase which means I can now depart, all you do know, don't you every single one of us going to depart like planes that have departure times. All of us have a departure time. Only God knows it will all have one and Simeon use his was coming up.

Since we now I can't depart. I can leave I can die in peace because that which had been promised to me has now been fulfilled and have I told you before that delay is not God's denial and Simeon had that fulfillment of the Christ child and he held the little boy in his arms and he says in Luke two 3435 these words and Simeon blessed them and said to Mary, his mother, behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for assigned it is opposed and a sword will pierce to your own soul also so that thoughts for many hearts may be revealed. Think about that. Simeon says to Mary with the birth of this child beautiful baby two things. First of all, in the years to come. This can be great opposition in Israel guess this boy and secondly, your souls can be pierced because this boy take a picture of Mary at the end of Jesus life. She's one of the few at the foot of the cross of Jesus dying, don't you think your souls pierced in sadness and grief folks are the first biblical perspective of the connection with the cradle and the cross there inseparable because God came in the cradle to begin the process of living the perfect righteous life.

We can't live and then died for us so that we would have to pay the penalty of our sin and be separated from God for all eternity got paid that price on the cross in the cradle without the cross makes no sense. Nor does without the resurrection which is the crown which proves the cross was valid for the forgiveness of our sins. And what a different world this would be wouldn't if every person love God and love their neighbor with everything they have. Who is this child is the Savior who forgives us of our sins and gives us love in our hearts, not hate. He's the Christ, the chosen one of God to do this work is the Lord of the universe is in control of everything and have I ever told you that is delay is not as denial moments of hope. Thanks for lessening. David joins me in discussing about and often overlooked an important word for this Christmas Eve.

This is the ministry meant focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community by Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte you and Bowen direct tell you guys. Thank you mama. Suppose David and Marilyn Chadwick all of you there will, for us, you been there since OA starting Kings and grew into the dream Center building. The last eight weeks, probably exceeding 55,000 where's the city is yet as were with the well, Rotary Park never see people come out as well is the meal you know the first only made this route and provide you all you everything you and not only is now this is all with you as you got last week is see listening today doing this for being with us today hi Jan, it's good to be with you in this morning's moment of hope you read about the word memory cell. How does that word relate to Christmas. Well here we are Christmas Eve and I'm sure a lot of people go will talk about love or joy or peace with those of the word you talked about over the last couple of weeks and I've gone in my heart will we talked about those and I really want to emphasize the word memory because we need not forget what God is done for us during the Christmas season.

I just want people to remember this Christmas season and all Christmas seasons for a long time, and remember their true meaning we have this debate going on in our culture right now, whether to say happy holidays are Merry Christmas and some people going will I don't want to offend anybody. Some going to say happy holidays. Well first of all, if you say that remember the meaning of the word holidays. It comes from holy days.

The word holy means set apart. These are different kinds of days and people. Yeah, it's about Yuletide and Christmas hymns and sugar cake and all of those kind of things and ended. Is it reminds us of great food and family in football and fun and all of that, but we need to remember that to say Mary Christmas you're talking about Christ mass mass meeting, worship Christ, meeting Jesus.

It is the worship of Jesus because what happened during this time. And it wasn't necessarily in December because shepherds would be watching their flocks by night in December. It was probably more in the past over time.

But during that time. God sent his son into the world why to save us from our sins. Why, because our greatest need in the world is not more stuff. It's not even a better family situation.

Our greatest need is the forgiveness of our sins. Gabriel said to Mary this man who is in your womb is named Jesus. He is the Savior of the world. That's what the word name Jesus means our greatest need is to be forgiven of our sins and dear friends, don't ever forget, especially as you say Merry Christmas to people that we are worshiping Jesus during this time of year. He is God in human flesh. He is God is come among us. He's got to live the perfect life we could never live all of us grew up so badly. Jesus never did. He always met the righteous requirements of the moral law, and he went to the cross to take the wrath of God for God's anger against all of our sins, and how we screwed up our lives screwed up other people's lives screwed up this world God poured out his wrath on his son because of love because he loves us so much he did not want us to experience that wrath and there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus our sins are forever forgiven. We are free. Our identity is not in what's happened to us.

Our identity is not found in anything on this earth identity is in Jesus and Jesus alone. The Savior of the world who lives in us has forgiven us of our sins, and that we live for his glory and his glory alone.

Mary Christmas we worship Jesus alone this season and forever.

Don't ever forget that let memory be a keyword in your Christmas vocabulary this year.

This is so powerful and it reminds me of something you mentioned recently to me to preach the gospel to yourself every day, something Tim Keller set reminds yourself of that good and he is and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore Christmas day should be every day awaken each morning going Merry Christmas cannot hang lights and they all year long, especially in your heart because Jesus is the light of the world everyone Merry Christmas to you moments help with senior moments of hope church. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning cleaning day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte.

You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope again morning at 10 AM, a school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. moments of hope

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