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Joy - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 20, 2021 6:41 am

Joy - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 20, 2021 6:41 am

Joy doesn’t come from external circumstances. It comes from an internal, eternal relationship with the God of the universe. Part 1.

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Joy does not leave circumstances in order that joy doesn't come from external circumstances being right. Joy comes from an internal terminal relationship with the living God of the universe, moments of hope season of joy for any political turmoil and ongoing effects of the can tenant join me not seem obvious.

The truth is that Jesus came into the world that we may have his joy fulfilled. Here's David with the message you simply because joy Merry Christmas to you good to have you here. Thank you and even driving here this morning singing Joy to the world. The Lord has come in your heart, praying and was coming out of your heart is anything which joy it's written on our little bulbs that we hang on the trees was joy written on door posts will let me give you what joy is by contrasting it to happen. Happiness is a feeling we have when external circumstances are good if it's something Americans continue to strive for the pursuit of happiness because we believe if we just have a little more money, better car, better close our life situation be better then happiness is a guaranteed right and everything's okay. But the truth is we don't always get what we want and when we do get it we find out it's like dust in our hands and happiness for all happiness demands circumstances. It comes in the old English word Which means circumstances, happiness, happenstance, same room word rooted joy is completely different.

Joy does not need circumstances in order to happen. Joy doesn't come from external circumstances being right. Joy comes from an internal E eternal relationship with the living God of the universe and when we have that relationship.

We know first of all that God is good.

We know he's in control of everything we know he loves us and we know in the promise of the Scripture in this relationship he's working all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. So in that relationship. Then joy is the natural byproduct of that relationship.

I've tease with you before, but if you plant an orange tree. What should you expect on that tree, what fruit all your good oranges. Great way to go.

Same is true for bananas or whatever whatever you plan to come out of it will if you're rude in your heart is in Christ, the natural result of that should be his fruit and one of the fruit that comes from him is joy. Some of you may know, the fruit of the Holy Spirit Galatians 522 is love, joy, peace, patience, and is the natural result of being in Christ has nothing to do with circumstances. It has everything to do with the relationship with the God of this universe through Jesus Christ. In fact, I would suggest you today that joy is the birthright of every believer in Jesus is the birthright of anyone who's been born again by the Holy Spirit in Christ, if you don't believe that. Listen to some of these promises from Jesus and two of his followers who wrote most of the New Testament Peter and Paul listen to Jesus. John 1511 these things I have spoken to you that my folks. Joy may be in you and that your joy may be partial what folks full Jesus was the place is full joy in us. John 1624 truly, truly, I say to you whatever you ask of the father in my name he will give it to you until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full asking in Jesus name means in that relationship with him, trusting him that he's good he's loving is in control is working all things together for good, asking in his name gets answered prayer. And folks, there's nothing that will increase greater joy in your life than answered prayer in his name and that relationship.

John 1713 Jesus said, but now I'm coming to you and these things I speak in the world that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves. Jesus wants to give us all his joy that he had in his perfect relationship with the father to us a fullness of joy Peter writing to the persecuted church of his day were Christians were regularly being arrested, persecuted and tortured and killed. He wrote these words to encourage them. First Peter 18 though you have not seen him, you love some of you may have had an apparition of Jesus.

I'm envious if you have but most of us have never seen him yet we still love him, though you do not see him you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory not seen him. We love him were in a relationship with him. We know he loves the season control he's working all things together for good joy inexpressible should be the natural byproduct of that relationship. Peterson unexplainable joy inexpressible and of course Paul who wrote two thirds of the New Testament said this. Rejoice read with me. Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice look aboard. Always the dictionary means is always, of course, rejoice in the Lord always. And like any good teacher.

He repeats himself again. I tell you, rejoice have joy now listen when Paul wrote these words in Philippians 44 he is chained to a wall in a Roman prison. He's chained to a Roman guard in the prison. Either way, he's a prisoner. Moreover, most scholars believe that where Paul was being imprisoned running at his feet was basically Roman sewage. As Paul wrote these words, he was chained in a prison with excretion and your unwinding at his feet and yet regardless of the circumstances, he cried out.

Rejoice in the Lord rejoice in the relationship you have with the Lord. He's in you, you're in him. Rejoice in the Lord. Let me tell you, rejoice joy has nothing to do with circumstances, persecution, prison excretion, or your joy has everything to do with an eternal internal relationship with God through Christ. The natural fruit of which is joy you have that joy today or are your circumstances causing you to bicker and cut down and hurt other people like the drums joy to give you some enemies of joy things that strangle joy.

First of all, unbelief. If you are going to have faith folks. Your faith is rooted in the character of God every ounce of faith is rooted in the character of God you first will have to believe that God is good. The gods in control, that God is love and God is working everything together for good. He is good. He's loving is in control and is working everything together in your life for good. And if you believe God is evil.

God doesn't love you and chaos exists in this world everything is out of control. You will have unbelief and unbelief wrangles joy. The second enemy is trials. Romans five verses three through five says this not only that, but we rejoice. We have joy in our sufferings. Another word for sufferings in the Greek is trials say more sufferings are trials, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us knows Paul masochist, he says have joy in the midst of suffering have joy in the midst of your trials. But don't miss it. He's saying the reason we have joy in our trials is because there is a progression that God is doing in our lives because he's loving good and has everything under control is working it together for good.

We rejoice in our trials because the next step is. It produces endurance. There's something important in God's economy about learning, perseverance, endurance and patience. He doesn't want us to live in a microwave culture we get everything immediately wants us to learn endurance and want the best ways of doing that is rejoicing when there are trials and in the endurance. After some period of time that moves us to character that in the injuring process eternal characters being built that. Have you guys figured it out yet. I'm still trying were going to live a whole lot longer. On the other side we do here that you figure that out. We live here, 70, 80, maybe if you're lucky. 90+ years, but eventually were all going to die. Have a nice day.

It's all going to come to every single one of us and when this world ends for us were going to spend forever in the other world. Therefore, if we are in Christ God is preparing us as eternal creatures. He's preparing every single one of us in Christ when relationship with him for eternity.

Therefore, as we rejoice in our trials, sufferings, and we learn endurance and perseverance. He's shaping all things that are keeping us from being his eternal creatures.

Let me say it again. God is more concerned with building our eternal character than he is our present comfort. God is more concerned about making us eternally holy than presently happy in the trials revealed to us the stuff inside of us.

The goblins gone. If you squeeze a tube of toothpaste will come out toothpaste. I'm so proud of you.

Your brilliant folks toothpaste. It's inside the tube will come out when it squeezed God sometimes puts us in squeeze trials so that as we endure we see what's really in our hearts we see the selfishness and the anger and the bitterness knowledge stuffing squeeze But get because I want to build your character and it's only in the trial that you see the character and folks the character God wants us to have is the character of Christ the servant heartedness of Christ. He wants us to quit living like where the center of the world and live giving our lives away for the glory of Christ and trials prove where our hearts are whether we want to be served but to serve, and then after character comes hope and that hope doesn't shame us because through that hope.

We then learned the love of God that he is all things under his power in his control. As I joke with you so often the most often spoken word and have is going to be oh all is God reveals to us how he was working that trial, that suffering for our good and his glory all oh all, and this can lead to, although I praise you preach stuff to believe that we are the middle of it was true on most of you folks know I have three children.

I have Bethany and I have David my middle son is taller than I am. These basketball like I used to.

And my third son is Michael he's 17 is a senior in high school and its my privilege to all you that Michael just recently signed a partial swimming scholarship to go swim competitively at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri let go my son Michael yeah I am so proud of him and he's really good I would drop them in the water when he was seven and he hasn't gotten out he loves to swim. He's really really looking a barracuda cutting through the water and he really is good. It was so funny. I was a kid I almost drowned three times. I couldn't swim. One lick, but there's much like really a good competitive swimmer.

If Michael continues to get good. The big if in his times continue to lower in 2016.

He could be invited to the Olympic trials in Omaha, Nebraska okay tonight. Here's how that goes. You have a certain time trial. You got to make but if you go there proximally 400 other swimmers who were there, and all of them compete in a trial against each other and out of those 400+ only 16 are chosen and they go to the Olympics that will Michael go the Olympics. Who knows you got your really really fast.

But there's every indication if he continues to get good still go to the Olympic trials is an interesting their call Olympic trials. Why because they compete against each other's times and the best time trials get you on the team but you first have to go through the trial so we rejoice in our trials because Indian insurance and the hard work we see whether our time matches up, not against other people, but against Chase. We see our character is the character of the servant hearted. Christ and in that produces hope, which produce love in that relationship with Jesus. So we have joy in the trial, but if you don't believe the trial is being used by God for good trial will choke joy in your heart. And there's guilt we live in past mistakes, failures, foibles, but I want to tell you some great news. In case you're living in the past with extraordinary guilt on the cross Jesus absorbed all of our sins so that when we confess him as Lord and Savior. All of our sins are on his body, not ours, and were guilt free in the side of got mad tell you some wonderful news is that if you are in Christ and Christ is in you. God is an eternal amnesiac in the good news to give God glory for that is an eternal, amnesiac, and you know I called my goofball sins for which I'm terribly ashamed and embarrassed that I went to God right now is it Lord, do you remember when I was a David. I distinctly remember forgetting that scores the students from the West, God remembers our sins. No, Jesus suffered an excruciatingly physically painful death. Any considered joy. Why, because he knew that would be God's way of bringing us into a relationship with him. They knew the cost of his physical suffering for the moment and compare with the eternal glory that would come in you and me being saved and having a relationship with God was joyous to go through suffering, joy comes in doing the will of God and because of that God even exalted Jesus to be his right-hand King of Kings and Lord of God exalts us when we exalt Jesus to his primary place J Jesus first oh is what others next God made you to serve not be served.

He wants us to live to give. In fact, our depression might even lift if we learn how to give our lives away, especially to the needy and the hurting Isaiah 5810 I wrote this verse on a bracelet I gave to Marilyn years ago, one of our anniversaries it's her favorite verse in the Bible. Here's what it says read with me if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted. If you find somebody who's worse off than you want to serve them to click on the need hungry depression your depression, listening to moments of hope with Dana Tomlin.

Thanks for listening. Dana joins me in a studio in a Christmas conversation about how daily living right I am Tony Marciano residence in Europe. Charlotte rescue mission ask you a question will you do when you stand at the intersection of homelessness and addiction in the person's shoes for just the second one is it that you really need. You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end of the interstate ramp holding a sign is said hungry will work for food, whichever use the money for food and booze and drugs with it most likely you hate your life you addiction has stolen every aspect of hope going to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning your diction screams and you surrender to it. There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rescue mission Charlotte rescue mission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness. The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ. The missions 120 day program has transformed the lives thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership in listening today joining you in the studio is our pastor David Sadler asked David thank you so much for being with us today.

Hello Jim, it's great to be with you as well. Now I know the word hope is a major part of who you are as a person and your ministry. That special meaning this time of year. It really does. The word hope, but we see it hung on our Christmas trees written on an ornament or as a word that we place on our mantels, sometimes even in a secularized city. They'll put the word hope up during Christmas time. And I think it's because whenever we think of Jesus we should think of hope and in the reason for that is because during what's called the inter-test of mental time. Between Malachi and Matthew.

God had spoken through his prophets in the Old Testament over and over again. Then there was silence. There was no prophetic word until finally Gabriel. The angel appears to Mary and says I'm going to give you this child created by my power in your womb, and this child's name will be Jesus, which means Savior, for he will save God's people from their sins.

So finally, God speaks again. But during that 400 years of silence all the people had was a promise.

They had hope in their hearts that God would still come and speak to them.

Will God not only came and spoke to them with words through the angel Gabriel. But he is Jesus the logo's as John one calls him. That word means the word in Greek it means concept or logic. It is the thought of God regarding what he wanted human beings to be in flesh and so God put on human flesh. He took on a tent if you will, and moved from heaven to this earth, one translation has it this way that Jesus moved into the neighborhood, God moved into the neighborhood got put on human flesh and moved into the neighborhood to fulfill the hope that people had in their hearts that God would still speak to them again. So not only did he speak to them through the angel.

He also became one of them in human flesh, so that they could see the concept logic of God in human flesh to be will understand his character, hope. Jim, we can't live a day without it. And that's why Christmas time should be filled with hope God does answer his promises even in silence as we wait.

He still will come through for us on this is pretty thing helping me and really in the times that were living in.

We can also find hope in God, fulfilling the promise that sending Jesus that he's coming back and we are in another waiting. And in recent take help from Mary and Elizabeth and Ann look back at the forerunners to take. Hope you've made a great point Jan, we in the church world have what's called the Advent season, and it's the four weeks of Christmas leading up to Christmas day Advent means beginning so God came in the beginning of his salvation message through Jesus, but there's also something Christians believe in, and that's the second advent, and that's the second coming of Jesus. He came once as our Savior and love will come again, though, as the judge of the world to make all things right and restore this world to its original intent.

So we should celebrate the first advent with great joy and hope.

We should celebrate the second advent with great joy and hope as well. The one who came one time will come again and make all things new, so powerful, thank you so much state and and to all who are listening right now.

Make this Christmas season be the most joyous you've ever had, and may you enjoy it with great hope moments of hope with the senior pastor of moments of hope charts. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning. We need to stay school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte 10 AM. You can find more information on our website again comes in the morning at 10 AM day school located at 5800 Sardis Rd., Charlotte just this moment. Hope charts.the entire moments of hope charts

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