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Absolute Truth - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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October 25, 2021 6:36 am

Absolute Truth - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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October 25, 2021 6:36 am

What is absolute truth? In this series, we are looking at some of the questions that are directed at the Christian faith. Part 2.

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Jesus said I am the truth. If we Christians really want to affect we can just talk about our faith. We got to live our faith. We got to live Jesus. We got to live the truth, who lives within us welcomes in moments and hopefully make our last podcast we begin a new series of teachings. We are calling slid this series intends to answer critical questions about the Bible church and our Christian faith today. David takes a deep dive into the parable of the wheat and tares in the second section of the message called absolute truth so the question comes to those of us who follow Jesus. How we answer those objections. How do we respond I think there are responses is the first regarding oppression by the Christian church through the centuries. We went up to wheel up to. It happened so undeniable. The way we treated the Jews during the crusade time. This horrible but I think we also answer but you know, just because some people say they were following Jesus didn't follow Jesus makes your position true and we also need to remind them you Jesus himself said in Matthew 13 of the parable. Wean the tears that in his kingdom there going to bequeath people who really do follow him, but the evil ones also going to fuss so peers in the kingdom there when the people who say they are Christians, but there aren't any Christian more than the man in the moon and the way you'll determine the wheat from the tears.

Jesus said in Matthew 13 verses 1 to 13 fruit severe followers of Jesus who are authorizing oppression and abuse and murder and forced conversion you kindly scratch your head and say I wonder if there a tear it happened but were they really followers of Jesus and also Jesus said in Matthew seven verse 23 and 24. He said not all those who call me Lord, Lord, are going to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Maybe they really want followers of Jesus, and they simply use the Bible and the Christian faith repress for their own personal means. Their own personal gratification. But you need to own up to the fact that it happened but at least raise the objection may be, they were really followers of Jesus for this early work following his teachings. Also, the next step you need to take is to relative eyes.

The relativists say that with the relative eyes.

The relative is one of the world is that me. Here's what it means when people come to you and say there's no such thing as absolute truth.

Here's what your response should be.

That's an absolute statement you just made an absolute statement regarding something that you object to is absolute and if something puts them in a box were the Respond so relative eyes. The relativists challenge their understanding of absolute truth. Moreover, push them on the philosophical law of non-contradiction.

What in the world. Does that mean will any person who's ever studied philosophy and debate knows you cannot have the law of non-contradiction working in your debate so therefore when we are talking to people who especially object to religion and say that it is false and it is demanding an abusive. You need to come back with this asking.

Something's gotta be true, doesn't it make if there is religion in the world. One religion has to be true if they contradict one another. So, in the Christian faith.

For example, every other world religion believes you must turn your relationship with God by your works works righteousness every other world religion look at them as lots obedience to the Koran. Judaism is obedience to the Toronto Hinduism.

It is your karma that inestimable theologian Bono was perfectly right why DeBono when he said there two worlds religions, grace corneas, you get what you deserve is the heart of Hinduism.

Huge portion of society or the dolly class the lowest class and are there because of their karma so nobody tries to lift them out of that because there simply getting what they deserve from a previous life and those were wealthy and powerful they're getting what they deserve from a previous life, I can't speak for you, but from my own standpoint.

I'm certainly glad God relates to me, not by karma but by grace. I'm so glad God doesn't give me what I deserve and I'm not caught in an endless cycle of reincarnation having to prove myself with the next life, but all of those religions works righteousness. The only one the stains juxtaposed to them as the Christian faith, which is we can have a relationship with God by our works, we can never do enough.

We can never do enough to be holy in the sight of a holy God.

The God has to do it for us there two worlds religions do or Don either. I do it or Don is done it for me.

In Christ, and I'm forgiven by grace through faith, not one of those has to be true. The law of non-contradiction demands of one of those be true in first Corinthians 15 verse one through four, Paul cries that Jesus Christ is raising the debt in the gospel accounts theirs over and over the account of Jesus being raised from the dead, but in the Koran in the sora chapter 4 verse 157 it says Jesus did not die on a cross and was not raised from the dead. One of those has to be true.

The law of non-contradiction demands. One of those to be true. So percent that. What do you do with two contradictory standpoints in religion, here's the answer usually get well you need to understand that religion is like a huge elephant and around the elephant are blind people and one blind persons holding the tail of the elephant and another blind persons holding the leg of an elephant and the others holding the tusk of an elephant is holding the trunk of an elephant. They're all holding the same elephant God, but there blind. They just don't see one another. That's the truth. Here's how you answer. How do you know there's an elephant. There, you're demanding that there's someone who has objective truth website and is able to see an elephant all those blind people around then there objection is okay will all religions are wrong. I'll just become an atheist.

When you especially our culture talk to that ever-increasing and burgeoning population. Here's some of the things with which you can challenge them. First of all, ask them honestly.

Is there a daddy wound in your life. So many of you are suffering from daddy ones hard for you to call God father because of the memories of your day. Prof. Paul Fitz VIT Z PhD, professor at University of Michigan did a study of all the major atheists through the centuries who influenced thought regarding atheism in every single case, there was either a daddy womb or a trauma that happened in their lives that make them angry against God. Everyone Darwin lost a daughter which moved him away from faith toward his own views. Say to them, be honest with me. Is there something that's happened to you that's because you to hate God.

Then the next question that I've asked through the years that people who are atheistic or antagonistic to the Christian faith hate me asking, but I never listen to asked this question, is this more about sexual license, then your real belief or unbelief in God is your real reason for denying God because she want to have sex with whomever you want to have sex with everyone have sex gonna be honest with me and on more than one occasion I get awry smile and a bit of an embarrassed look as people own up to the truth.

A good number of folks don't want to believe in God because they don't want to be held accountable to a holy God who demands holiness and the way they live their lives, especially their sex lives also point people to nature to the design of nature and of the middle people ages didn't have a bunch of doofus is who understood natural law. People like Aquinas people of great intellect came up with that idea pointing to natural pointing to nature. One of the greatest thinkers in American scientific life today is Francis Collins.

He was an atheist, antagonistic against God, and then he slowly but surely started looking at nature you look at the beauty of nature and when he was able to behold beauty.

It forced him to ask the question what if there's beauty. How can I define beauty unless there's also ugliness and therefore there must be some kind of natural standard that allows me to consider something beautiful from where does that come the whole idea of nature shows the existence of absolute truth. How did you ever say old you have ever sailed midnight you have. Aren't you glad when you sale at midnight. There's a Northstar, a fixed star in the sky, they can always tell you where you are and where you're going. That's why we call it true North. If you need an emergency heart surgery would you not want an emergency heart surgeon who believes in absolute truth, do you want him or her cutting on your heart wondering what to do next. You want someone who believes there's a right way to do things with the whole idea of the Big Bang postmodernist believe that in eternity, and in this is an atheistic view to that somehow, some way all the elements came together and produced the first Adam then began evolution, but most every scientist today and Francis Collins says don't let anybody can do that all the scientists today are atheist. He says 40% are theists.

Many of those committed Christians and the Big Bang has been the adopted theory. Now the scientific community because they know what happened but it also explains for them how this world began, and hear the argument you got to present the people if you don't believe in the Big Bang, then how did something come from nothing.

How did something come from nothing. So even though site is now are saying. The Big Bang caused the beginning of our world could not the Big Bang because by big God, who in Genesis 11 created the heavens and the earth. The single word also forced the skeptic to look at Justice to look at Justice WH on one of the most famous ports in our American life in the 1930s was an out and out atheist and one that he did anything to do so went to a movie and a German area of town Mena back in the 30s and during movie times it would take clips and show what's going on throughout the world. One of those clips was the Germans absolutely abusing killing murdering Jews in concentration camps, and in this theater that was largely a German section of town. Auden was amazed that at that moment when they show that film clip. Most everybody uproariously, applauded, bothered his heart. He said God how can this be, and that made him begin a search toward God that was found in his relationship with him through an understanding of justice. He said the Nazis can't get away with different sizes can't get away with. They can't be hid. Human beings potentially even children and get away with our you were in the last 10 years. 50% of all homicides in America are unsolved or are you really satisfied that they get away with it or might you believe that in the metanarrative of the Scripture that God holds everyone accountable that everyone one day will appear before him in perfect justice will exist, but perfect justice can't exist without perfect CS Lewis was an atheist. Here's how he came to faith.

He looked in a crooked line and when he looked at that crooked line, he realized if I can find that line is crooked.

There must be such a thing as a what a straight line series of words that come it has to come from God, who defines things a straight and crooked. Also, let me encourage you to look at the person of Jesus. You see the Christian faith is not a mere morality of following rules and regulations. The Christian faith about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is forgiveness of our sins and the text I just read to you. John 11 says that this Jesus is perfect logic. He's perfect truth and he came to this earth as man to show us the perfect truth in John 831 and 32 Jesus said if my teachings of biting you if they rest in you. If they live in you and I live in you and were connected in union life you will know the truth and that truth will set you free. How does Jesus living within us, set us free. Because when we know he loves us. We confess our sins, and he becomes the most important thing in our lives. Dear friends, let me tell you, going into the new year. Don't make a New Year's resolution to quit drinking, smoking or watching pornography or whatever you know is godless to work the power of sin is the law doesn't work to simply say I won't do this anymore. Here's the way you overcome addictions is the only way I know of and all of my years in ministry.

You got to love something more than the addiction right anybody out there who knows what I'm talking about. You gotta love something more than the addiction. And when Jesus enters your heart's teachings become a part of who you are, and his ultimate perfect truth becomes your truth.

You know that you know Jesus and he set you free. He becomes the master passion of your life more than your addictions. Then John 1513 Jesus had with my spirit comes in lives within you, my spirit who lives within you will lead you to all truth will point you to me because I am the way the truth and the life Jesus and before Pilate, that's what he meant when he said I come into the world for this very purpose. I was born for this very purpose, to bear witness to the truth so the people know there is truth.

He was speaking of the Greco-Roman world at that time and Pilate as the representative shrugged and said what is truth in Jesus and I am the truth, which leads to my final point. If we Christians really want to affect the world. We can't just talk about our faith. We got to live our faith. We got to live Jesus. We got to live the truth, who lives within us in the Greco-Roman world where absolute truth was mocked and there was a postmodern mindset, much like today. That mindset was changed over 400 years. Why, because of the church of Jesus Christ and Christians living Jesus. They do it several ways. First of all, with slavery being in preponderance in the Roman Empire. The Christians love slaves and invited them into the church as equal participants in the family of God with women who were denigrated long before the feminist movement ever started Christians and women should not be denigrated and they were invited into the Christian church has equal participants in the kingdom of God given leadership in the church getting teaching responsibilities in the church and that's what Paul meant when he said in the church. Galatians 328 were not slave or free, male or female in Jesus Christ and the Roman Empire took note of the baby's discarded because they were inconvenient to the Roman Empire put on garbage heaps and one of the Christian church do went from garbage heap the garbage heap taking those babies and adopting them and their families in the Roman Empire noted there were the plagues that swept through the Roman Empire on two different occasions killing hundreds of thousands as the Romans fled to other villages to get safety. The Christians stayed, and they ministered to the broken, the hurting, the deprived and the needy.

The same thing can happen if we would stand for justice care for the orphan give water to the thirsty, feed the hungry speak out against genocide and live the truth. She's dear friends, is the answer.

Postmodern moments and help. Thanks for listening. Dana joins me in a stadium in a conversation about the difference between me and availability.

I am Tony Marciano residence in Europe. Charlotte rest commission would ask you a question will you do when you stand at the intersection of homelessness and addiction in the person's shoes for just the second one is that you really need. You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end of the interstate ramp holding a sign is said hungry will work for food, whichever use the money for food and booze and drugs with it most likely you hate your life you addiction has stolen every aspect of hope John to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning you addiction screams and you surrender to it. There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rest commission Charlotte rest commission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness. The rest commission provides free Christian residential high-quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ commissions 120 day program has transformed the lives thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rest commission is grateful for the financial partnership maintains Easton thanks for listening today.

Joining me in the studio is our pastor David David, thank you so much for joining. It's great being with you Jen well in this morning's moment of hope. You titled your David is an God is not looking for identity and availability. So true.

And people need to realize because often times followers of Jesus. Think will I don't really have much to give to him and therefore they hesitate in doing whatever they could do simply because they don't think they have the gifts to do it again. Nothing could be farther from the truth because God is not looking for ability. He's looking for availability to biblical examples come to mind. First of all Samuel as a young child keeps hearing a voice calling out to him. He runs to Eli his spiritual mentor if you will, and Eli finally says, just stop and listen and hear with the voice is saying to you and then Samuel goes back hears the voice again and simply says here I am. I'm your servant. Use me and God used him mightily as one of the great leaders in Israel, indeed, may be the most powerful of all the judges that Israel ever had. The second example comes from Isaiah when he is lifted up into the heavenly courts in Isaiah 6 God tells him about the rebellious people in Israel who need his voice to go speak to them. Isaiah says here I am, send me and then heavenly Coles touched his tongue and he turns into a powerful proclaimer of gospel truth to his generation but in both of those illustrations. We have two men, Samuel and Isaiah simply saying to God. Here I am, send me do whatever you want with my life. I'm available not looking at their ability but looking at their availability and God used them both. Mightily we should be like Samuel and Isaiah. It doesn't matter how gifted we are or may not be our call is simply to say to God, I'm available here I am, he can use anyone for his glory who simply takes that stand, let me say it again. Jen God uses not our ability, but our availability may I encourage everyone today just to say here I am Lord, use me send me to wherever you want me to go for your glory 11 of my favorite modern day examples of this is your life Marilyn and when she wasn't able to get pregnant. She was available to serve those he were easily able to get pregnant and this is my favorite story that you share now about her.

She was unable to have children at that point we waited six years before our first child could, and it was a long hard way we were told by doctors. We would probably never have children, but she believed she thought God had a child for us and during that waiting time. She just said, Lord, I'm available and so God sent her to the crisis pregnancy center in town where you just mentioned.

Girls can look at their boyfriends and become pregnant and she ministered to them faithfully, and indeed had one situation where a young OB/GYN came in he was interning here in Charlotte and was struggling with this whole abortion debate in Maryland did have sonograms back then showed him the model of what happens from the moment of conception through the first trimester, second and third trimesters he totally changed his view on abortion.

Now he lives in Missouri and as Missouri has passed pro life causes. He's actually gone before the Supreme Court and argued the case. Pro-life why because a lady who said I'm available. Lord spent some time in a crisis pregnancy center here in Charlotte and was used mightily by Jesus to transform the life of a young intern now a doctor who's argued pro-life before the Supreme Court. Amazing, so inspiring to see settlement statement and thank you listeners please go to moments of hope to receive a daily written moment of hope from me subscribe there it's free of charge for my heart to yours to begin each day with a moment of hope and moments of helping senior pastor is moments of hope Terrence. We'd love to have you join us for worship this Sunday morning.

We meet at problem state school located at 5800 Sardis Rd. in South Charlotte. You can find more information on our website. Moments of hope and while you're online, please sign up for David daily moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox and also they're both free and the entire moments of hope Church James Easton need to pray for the underground church in the middle

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