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Laborers in the Vineyard - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 17, 2021 6:48 am

Laborers in the Vineyard - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 17, 2021 6:48 am

What is God's calling on your life? The Bible says that work is good for your soul. Today we look at Matthew 20:1-16.

Part 2.

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There should be in all of our lives joyous life that has grace in place.

Every person who understands the king and has received the kingdom should understand the grace of God, help following along on our broadcasts where in the middle in a series called the kingdom study of the teachings of Jesus. Three parables when it comes to work. What is fair. Today we come to the parable that Jesus gave about paying the workers here stated in the second part of this message laborers in the vineyard. The next step in the way the different words of the day responding to is that there are first of all, workers at 6 AM in the morning who the master comes and calls them to come work in his vineyard and they say yes with agreed-upon amount of one delirious for their work. So they're going to work 12 hours the end of the 6 PM for one delirious now that delirious would be equal to today's monetization to around four days worth of work and it would feed a small family in Jesus day note that the call to the 6 AM workers was extraordinarily generous for 12 hours worth of work they get four days worth of supplies.

So to start off there with me. It was a wonderfully generous agreement so they going to the vineyard and they start working at 9 AM the master comes back to the marketplace and look for more workers. We don't know why it could be that the harvest was so huge he needed more workers or could be, since he was a very adept former he looked on the horizon saw a storm brewing and realized before the storm hit. He needed more workers to get the crops in so another group is called in and they make an agreement and the going to the vineyard, then at 12 PM he comes back it's more for whatever reason were not sure antebellum. He says I'll pay you. What's fair. They go that's fine with us. They going to the vineyard, then at 3 o'clock in the afternoon he comes back and does the same thing offers them a fair wage, they go okay and they go to work, then at 5 PM, an hour before closing the invites yet another group of people hanging around idly in the marketplace to come work for. They to agree and he says I'll pay you fairly and then that act closes as well. The next act is the different payments.

So in the story. The first people who were paid or the 5 PM workers now. This reversal really, because in most scenarios it be the 6 AM workers would be paid first. But Jesus says this master begins with the 5 PM workers and he gives them a then areas it gives them four days worth of labor hours worth of work while then the 3 PM workers come and gives them a then areas for three hours worth of work they get four days worth of day, 12 o'clock workers and he gives them a then areas for six hours work they get four days worth of payment and in the 9 AM workers, and he gives them a then areas and they get four days worth of work for seven what is it eight hours worth of work. Now here's where is like a great Friday movie with Marilyn we go. I can see that one coming. The 6 AM workers come and you can just imagine that their minds are going touching cut. She could see. I mean we been working 12 hours in these guys are gonna delirious that we agreed with the nares. But surely he's going to give us more more more in the boss gives them a delirious for their 12 hours worth of work. They got four days worth of pay them. Yes, you will quickly to the 6 AM workers really have anything to gripe about. I mean really they're being paid generously even though they work longer than the other people now. The 6 AM workers got there delirious and was the response.

Like little children. That's not fair. That's just not fair.

We work 12 hours as opposed all these other idiots work much less than we did. How come we get paid the same thing in their hearts start to be filled with the snare to compare something that all of us deal with God. Why are you blessed in blankety-blank over there more than me and in their hearts.

Start being filled with resentment and envy, not real quickly. You need to know that Jesus chose one of them to respond to. Perhaps he was the largest and loudest grow more. Perhaps he was the one making the most seen the response him with a beautiful word.

Did you know it. He calls him friend: friend, he said, are you resentful because I'm generous and ask another question… I have the right to give what I want to give to whomever I want to give it bases the first will be last.

And lastly, first we'll talk about that just a sick story ends in all of us are asking the question, what is this story trying to tell us the parables kingdom truth number every parable we studied over the last weeks has a kingdom of God, truth, and so remember we did the parable to some of the soils, the kingdom truth, there is every soil there is a human heart, either have a hard heart a shallow heart. A busy heart or heart that receives the word of the gospel of the kingdom of God and he goes deeply within you, and you produce 3060 hundredfold fruit. So if your heart is really receive the gospel of the kingdom should bring great fruit for God. And then there was another parable to talk about hate which need to note that in this kingdom there will be quick in tears. People who say their Christian Christians powerful message like Matthew seven were Jesus and not all those who call me Lord, Lord going into the kingdom of heaven, but those who bear fruit for me and then there is the kingdom of God.

Parable about how you discover the hidden treasure or the pearl of great price and are willing to give up everything to him. Jesus is the hidden treasure and the appropriate price and was another team to parable reluctance in this kingdom is for the entire world is to be taken throughout the entire world were Israel failed.

The church is called to take the gospel into the entire will start in a small way another parables that would grow to be like a big tree that has many birds mull over the world nesting as branches so there's a parable truth about the kingdom and every parable we studied, here's the one today. There should be in all of our lives a joyous life that has grace in place a joyous life.

It has read with me grace in place.

Every person who understands the kingdom and has received the kingdom should understand the enormous grace of God see this parables all about cots cranks that he gives to us in his call to us is not based on our merit.

It's not based on works is not based on how much we've done for him it's solely based on his grace and his grace alone. You see, the master is Jesus the areas of the call skews me is the gospel in the delirious represents eternal life. I don't know you think the gospel is all about, but it's about the good news that our sins have been forgiven were not headed to hell were not going to spend eternity with God in heaven, and it begins right now in a personal living, dynamic relationship with Jesus. It's a gift that God has given us. There's nothing we can earn ever to get so then, in this story in my opinion the 6 AM workers represent children who can receive the gospel at the earliest of ages and work their entire lives for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Children at the age of two or three or five or seven can come to faith in Jesus and live for him all of their lives. There was a huge revival in Indonesia where the name of Jesus was exalted in thousands came to faith in him some decades ago.

It was led by a seven-year-old who receive the gospel and just preaching Jesus and the flame was ignited throughout the country.

The primary people who should be administering the call of the gospel to children to receive eternal life that in areas should be parents moms and dads that is your primary job were all called to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples for us parents that begins with our kids.

You should look for every opportunity to share the gospel with your children, my wife Marilyn brought all three of our children to faith in Jesus while driving them to and from school. She had a captive audience while she drove the minivan. That's why we jokingly called it EE evangelism, bad joke get the point. During that time of driving she would bring up things about Jesus and they would start asking questions and then she would say something like, will. Are you ready to receive him as your Lord and say and they all said yes. She led them to faith. Driving around the that might not be the best place for you to do it, but there's a place and it's your job because God needs 6 AM workers we have is a commitment in our children's ministry or try to bring the children come here to faith in Jesus because we know how important it is to begin at that early age and when they've genuinely received the folks they don't walk away. The 9 AM workers. In my opinion are teenagers there probably the Timothy's of the Bible who came to faith through their families. Most teens who come to a genuine faith in Jesus and then give their lives away in some kind of service during their middle school and high school years. Stick with their faith, even though they may have profs at the University try to dissuade them. They don't. 95% of all kids came to faith in Jesus in their teenage years, but then serve in some capacity in the church and give their lives way to the poor and the needy. They stick with their faith for their whole lives, and God needs teenagers in his kingdom. Field the 12 AM workers I think are your you in the 20s you millennial's he needs you need you desperately, you have a mindset and an intuition and energy that's needed for the kingdom. People in their 20s come to faith in Jesus and live for him.

They entered 9 AM and the 12 AM skews me at 3 PM. I think those of the 40-year-olds plus the people in the prime of their lives.

Many of you guys are successful in your business and your holding sand in your hands. It is no eternal significance not to take your boat, your car, your house or your professional acumen into heaven with you and I know men who've said at halftime of their lives in their 40s.

Is this all there is and they received Jesus and entered the kingdom of God and of working for him fabulously. Now and then there are the 5 PM workers and they are in my opinion, 70+ even Bernie Sanders to come to faith in Jesus there people in their later years, the lights going dimmer and dimmer, but I know the people in this church in her 70s and 80s. He said it's late but it's not too late. I'm giving my life to Jesus and the entered the kingdom field work for him. You see the point. It doesn't matter if your 6 AM 9 AM 12 AM 3 PM 5 PM as a worker for Christ. It doesn't matter when you come in to the mission field. What's important is that you come in to the mission field. It's important that you receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and you give your life to him and I know some people to accomplish more for Jesus in five years of their lives. Somebody who spent their whole life trying to live for him. He wants people to come to faith in him no matter what age you may be in my I just saved you the joy in my heart increases the more I understand this gospel of grace.

The older I get, the longer I live with Jesus. I realize as I said you already several times. Nothing meritorious and they were chapters. She's the greatest interval on the biggest moral follow-up on our campuses and yet God brought his gospel of grace to me. So if one of you want all of our campuses today wants to give your life to Jesus Christ in your 7580 years old. Should I resent that I didn't do anything or to begin with.

Why should I resent it.

If you come at the 5 o'clock. I just want you become what you know the joy that I've known of the forgiveness of my sins, and a personal relationship with God in my heart that means I can face anything because I know his peace love and joy to the drills with that's what's important is grace. Don't you see, there are two kinds of righteousness in the world. There's a righteousness by works, that somebody still at the height you still think that you just work longer. Love God because a man well done. Come on in the juxtaposed against all those different world religions of the works righteousness is only one is the Christian faith, which is you can only be saved by grace, righteousness, receiving the call of God, that he was to give you through Jesus and some you asked the question will how do I know I received the call of God will respond to it.

If you respond to the call of God are called people as we through the years handling on one of God's chosen will choose him if you choose any one of the chosen to knowing he'd given your life to him. I don't care what age do you know them today.

God gives us the good gifts we don't deserve. Oh, praise God that he does not give me the punishment I do deserve.

Does anybody understand what I'm saying. I'm so thankful that I don't live by karma. I'm so thankful grace. That's what this story is all about its basic messages.

It's never too late and in heaven.

The last we first took the last of the ones you understood grace, there can be first in heaven and the first of the last those who worked hard to achieve in this world and get all the glory themselves, their tobacco cause in heaven. It's all about grace. For those of us who love him. It's all about grace. So if your child today not receive Jesus. It's never too late. If your team today. You never see Jesus it's never too late. If you're 20s and plus you not receive Jesus.

It's never too late.

If you're in your midlife now 40+, it's never too late.

If your 70+-year-old. It's never too late. Would you please receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I think you'd just pray this prayer with me. Heavenly father in Jesus name I receive the call ended in areas and I give my life now to you in Jesus name. If you did that the grace of God is entered your heart I will embarrass anybody but anyone just received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, would you stand just for a few moments, because Jesus said if you honor me publicly I'll are you publicly so did anyone just received Jesus, would you please stand in response to the gift of grace.

All of us who receive no matter what age may I invite you now moments of thanks for listening. Cunning data joins me in a stadium continuing our conversation about David by Mark McManus with moments of hope churches ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community with me in the studio today is Tony Marciano, Executive Director of the Charlotte rescue mission to tell us about the Charlotte rescue mission Mark Charlotte rescue mission.

Everything we do is about transformation with a focus on individual struggling with addiction uniquely work from the inside out to address the root cause to be accomplished by providing professional Christian presidential recovery services free of charge and let me back up for just a moment and explain all that to my city were transformation I get those marching orders from John six very interesting chapter the Bible when day when Jesus feeds 5000 people that night the disciples flowed across the lake. Jesus follows them by walking across like in the next day the crowd gets in boats and follows them. But on day two. Jesus chooses not to feed them.

He begins to preach at them they all leave.

I think that one chapter it's the heart of God for the poor were God says on day one. I love you so much except you just as you are today to go to St. I love you too much to leave you there. And that's the hard work of transformation that we focus on everyday Charlotte rescue mission. I mentioned we uniquely work from the inside out to address the root cause that root causes shame, guilt is when I make a mistake the same since I am a mistake and if you knew me you would like me and of God to make out with like me and I wrapped it up by saying we address this by providing professional free Christian presidential recovery services. I like to use the verses that are efficient. Chapter 3 verse 18 with the apostle Paul says that you may have the power to comprehend with all the saints what is the breath length, height and depth in verse 19 says and to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled all the measure the fullness of God. But I believe firmly that when someone realizes that God's love is four dimensional, not three-dimensional, not conditional but unconditional they have to aha moment that God loves him all the shame of their soul goes away because they know their fully accepted by God for what they've done simply because God loves them and that's what we do every day. Charlotte rescue mission love to have you get involved, please go to the webpage Charlotte rescue ways that you can think much for joining me today. Yes Jen. Of course it's wonderful being with you this week we've been talking about David enzymes and nuggets of spiritual wisdom that you collected throughout your life today returned to the wine. Forgive but don't forget, yes Jen.

It is so important for us to understand this lesson. Let's begin.

First of all with forgiveness. Forgiveness isn't an option. According to Jesus, it's a command. So, did you know your own forgiveness from God is contingent upon your forgiveness of others. That's what Jesus said, not just once but several times in the Scriptures. For example, in the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples on how to pray. He ended it by saying, for if you forgive other people when they sin against you. Your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Again, it seems like there's a tie between our forgiving other people in the receiving of God's forgiving grace ourselves. Wow, this means that if we want God to forgive us. We must forgive other people, but please note here. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting what happened to you. There is a huge difference. While God is an eternal amnesiac. He doesn't command us to be such God forgives and forgets we should not we need to remember the harbor that's been done to us for the good purpose of not putting ourselves in a position to ever let it happen again.

In this way. Our memory serves to protect us from further harm. Memory then becomes a wonderful good godly precious gift from our Lord. At the exit of the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem are the words never forget that's a reminder to all the viewers who attend the Holocaust Museum's exhibits to never forget the Holocaust and what happened to the Jews.

We should never forget what happened to the Jews, but nor should we ever forget what's been done to us as well give your pain and bitterness to Jesus learn how to forgive.

Let him heal you.

It may take some time for sure. That's why Jesus taught.

Forgive 70×7. I he was not saying on the 491st time, you can then suck them in the light as he was saying continue to forgive over and over and over again as you do so. Your bitterness and anger will become less and less God will give this gift of grace to you, but also don't ever forget what happened to you forgiveness and forgetting our different disciplines. That's why it's important to forgive but also to always remember you need to forget that's really good and powerful, and one of the things that I remember somebody teaching me when I like forgiving someone and they said if you can imagine living the abundant full life and you nosy forget that's powerful. Jen and I also heard that you know that you forgive and that when that person's name comes to your mind or you might run across them out in the public someplace. It doesn't hurt your heart anymore yeah and I can. That's another sign that you have truly forgiven that person.

But don't forget me.

Just because that person doesn't bring your pain to your heart anymore. It doesn't mean you're supposed to let them back in your life for those who been physically abused. For example, you don't go back into the abusive relationship simply because the person is spoken, some smooth, buttery words to you, you remember what happened to you and you don't place yourself in harms way. Again, I think that's also the idea of forgive but don't forget that so powerful thinking semi listeners if you'd like to receive a daily moment of hope from me go to moments of Hope you'll find a way to subscribe to those daily written moments of hope coming to your inbox at 7 AM. It's my way of starting your day with no help links to senior pastor and moments of Hope Church is from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock going to moments of health insurance.born wow your online daily, moment, delivered every morning here in both free and available moments of hope insurance.moments of home. Turns

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