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Justin Reeder

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September 15, 2019 8:00 am

Justin Reeder

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 15, 2019 8:00 am

Justin Reeder from Love Life Charlotte, joins David for this weeks show.

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Everyone, I'm David Jadwiga is limited 99 freedom show dictation. Although this is a faith and values program that has been on here now for 20 years hard to believe I've enjoyed every second of it and I need to give props and kudos and thanks to Perry fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for their sponsorship of the show without you doing it. I could not do this every week. It's wonderful to try to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally and globally. Thank you again folks for listening on a weekly basis. Today my guest is Justin Reeder I Justin is head of love life Charlotte which interestingly is not just now a Charlotte organization, but is expanding around the nation. I want Justin to talk about what love life. Charlotte does, especially as they take a very strong pro life position, but mostly I just want to get to know him first. Justin, thanks for being on the show anything similar fragments privilege, yet your background tell us about you family growing up and how you ended up in Charlotte or so from South Florida originally made up your about 14 years ago to start a business, a commercial cleaning business submitted in the marketplace for about 14 years, started the business was 20 years old and always originally thought about the business as a steppingstone into a higher calling of ministry right always felt the call of ministry. My life even at a young age, but the Lord quickly shifted the paradigm for me and I realize that you when you're Jesus in your heart.

It's always full-time ministry. So we started ministering to our employees are staff our clients really start to see the Lord do some amazing things in the marketplace but that all kind of should shifted for me were not some friends and invited me out to a local abortion clinic in 2012 expose me to what I call the tragic truth of our city and that's really what began seating love life and my heart so you were brought to Charlotte by whom. So I came from for business. This is a good area for what we do. Didn't know anybody in the city you live in a hotel for a couple weeks and and launch our business started with one truck and we now have expanded to 25 trucks crossed five states and 11 locations and about 70 employees and and so the Lord is really blessed the business and that continues ago we had a great staff the runs outside of it for us and that really allows me to do what I do with love life to be able to serve as a full-time volunteer with love life and really helps also fuel it financially.

So your business is helping you do the ministry but your ministry heart is really this clause, that is before us all and that is the pro-life perspective exactly but you also want to clarify it's something for everybody that's listening because I think it's important even for marketplace people to realize that it's not just about us as marketplace leaders, creating a profit to give to ministry. Yes, that's a very important part of it, but it's also doing ministry in the marketplace or how are we reaching our our staff members Howard reaching our clients how we letting the light shine in the marketplace. It's not either/or, it's both. So, a CEO, a leader of an organization listening to this right now would hear the call to be a servant leader to care for the people in the organization as well, but also use their position to educate them about some of the difficult issues in our culture, absolutes, use our platform its use or influence. You know, Planned Parenthood is just activated about 170 A-list talents.

A lot of bands, a lot of the musical talent across the nation to use their platform to push the message of abortion. These are people that are to stop in the middle their concerts. People like Taylor Swift and and again over hundred 70 A-list talent there to stop in the middle of their plot of of their concerts to use their platform to push a culture of death, how much, how much more so as of us as Christians should we be using our platform to push the message of life and in person message of the kingdom of heaven. A-list means what dessert dessert top name talent names that everyone would recognize you can go look about.

This is a new initiative that Planned Parenthood is just performed for the truth is, as much as I enjoyed listening to Taylor Swift for example saying Taylor Swift does not inform my worldview sine die. I could care less what A-list talent believes about anything.

When I care about is what is God thinking I go to his opinion before I could be anybody else's opinion not suing the church is the pillar and the foundation of truth and so you know we must speak you know.

But the reality is the other side is speaking they are using their platforms to to push a culture of death on our young people are people are in a sitting in his concerts and their hearing this message from people like Taylor Swift and others, and it brings them into such confusion and so for us as a people of God, we must use our platform that we have, yeah, it's interesting that we all are a voice for the light or darkness for truth or falsehood and the question then is what message are we speaking so the truth then becomes what is the truth. Right. And where do we find our understanding of our worldview. And of course, for those of us who have deep faith. We look to our sacred text for the also look at the truth. It shows us for this issue in neonatology was going on in the womb, and we let creation speak for its self. My guest today is Justin Reeder I he is the head of love, life, Charlotte. It is a pro-life organization that tries to help educate but also stand for truth adjust and when we come back let's get into the guts of the issue, South Carolina. Just this week passed a heartbeat along with other states predominantly in the South and what is that mean for all of us as we try to live in this culture that does want to be informed by light and not darkness by truth not false and I'm David Chadwick and we will be right back.

Everyone I believe in general this is letting his 99th as he is dealing today with one of the thorniest and most difficult issues in our culture, one that's caused extraordinary pain in Norma's incision. It's there though." We've got at me with trying to today, guest is Justin Reeder. He is head of what's called love life Charlotte. It is an organization that takes a strongly pro-life position on they stand in front of abortion clinics and try to encourage women not to make that choice to abort believing that that little one in the womb. Even at weeks early on his life and is a child so thus the love life moniker adjust and let's talk a little bit about what you're doing here in Charlotte and what you folks are trying to accomplish and also the city Council just recently imposed some measurements upon you regarding how close you can get to an abortion clinic.

Let's talk about all of those things and the barriers that might pose to you as a leader of this organization sure yes of the whole mission of love life is to unite and mobilize the church to create a culture of love and life that would result to an end to abortion, and the orphan crisis. We believe God is called the church to shape the culture politician legislation that's downstream there to follow the culture. The culture that we believe for as her family stop running to the local abortion clinics for the answer, they start running to the local church. We believe God's word. Matthew 1618 says the gates of hell will not prevail against the church and that he's given us the keys of the kingdom in every bite and earth be down in heaven.

Whatever you loose on earth to be loose in heaven.

We know that God wants to see an end to abortion more than we do.

Just waiting for the church to co-labor with them and that mission is a love life is simply a tool for the church for the body of Christ to use tonight and mobilize the church to see a culture shift in our city.

You aren't there with megaphone right and loudspeakers trying to yell at women when they go into the clinics. Are you know are not noticing our our motto is we really walk church and congregation through through four steps want the people to hear Craig go and can ask when educate the church that happens on a Sunday morning of their of their adoption week we call the whole congregation of prayer and fasting that Wednesday because we know this is spiritual battle that must be fought with spiritual weapons and on Saturday we go to the to the abortion centers for prayer walk were not out there protesting were not out there yelling or screaming or any of that stuff were there to pray. We operate under code of conduct that says were not here to engage with anybody at the abortion clinic today as the church is been showing up leasing a 70% drop in abortions on their busiest day.

That place was averaging 50 abortions every Saturday than ever now is fall to an average of around 15 as we know that when light shows up darkness has to leave and at the end of the prayer walk. We give people a chance to get connected into our city in different ways to shift the culture to become a mentor for mom or dad it's made the choice for life and speech that is be there to pray they make the choice for life and say God bless you, mom, hope, hope all goes well in your life. We want to say we want to walk with you. We want to help you. We want to connect you to real resources that exist in the city so we do that the relationship we also challenge the church a step in a foster care and adoption you care about the orphans as a whole, not just the orphan in the womb, but also the orphan outside of the womb, Scripture makes it very clear to us and also for those that have had an abortion in their past. We want to see people get healed and set free of this were not about shame or condemnation were about healing and restoration.

That's who Jesus is and so we want to get people connected to a biblical post-abortive Bible study here in our city so they can be healed and set free. So let's talk about that for a second. It's often overlooked and not wanted to be talked about, but the pain women go through in a post-abortive context and they feel great guilt and shame even though they hide it and push it down, but that is a real part of what you're trying to do in a real part of the abortion choice. Absolutely I think you know unfortunately a lot of people, even in the church think that abortion is the unforgivable sin. And a lot of times when pastors speak about forgiveness. A lot of times, or the grace of God. A lot of times abortion isn't brought up even in that context and just so because it isn't brought up that a lot of people are left thinking will then does that mean abortion isn't unforgivable and so you know we really are just encouraging the church and on how to talk about this. We have some incredible testimonies of pastors that have been quiet on this for so many years because he been afraid that it might hurt some people in their church if they brought it up and in actually seeing the exact opposite happened. As the pastors begin talking about it in a way that brings life we see people are being set free people that have had this in their life.

Maybe 20, 30 years ago. They haven't even shared it with their spouse. But now as it's being talked about and people are arguing connected to these post-abortive Bible studies. People are being healed and set free with testimonies after testimonies that are happening every single Saturday at the prayer walks. Interestingly, there is a verse in the Bible in Hebrews chapter 12 verses 14, 15 and 16 about the root of bitterness and how when it gets into your heart. It ultimately defiles many and I'm convinced that one of the sources of the root of bitterness is women and even men who have chosen to abort a child for a variety of different reasons that I want to ask about what are those reasons momentarily, and when they don't deal with that guilt and the pain they've just pushed down that root of bitterness into their hearts, and the defile many is all the people who are hurt around them as they lash out sometimes not even understanding why they're lashing out, but if you get to the root of the problem, their sadness, their guilt, their grief, all of those things they never dealt with this just pushed down and is a route that comes out in all different kinds of ways that mean suicide, depression and all that stuff. A lot of times follows insulin that is had an abortion their past and you brought it up, but it's not just with women. It's men to and in fact we actually believe this is more of a man's issue than it is a woman's issue if men were standing in our proper place responsibility. Many of the women would not be turning to abortion clinics me most women that we get the minister to save the father of the child to just simply said I'm with you mom will figure this thing out.

I know this was an unplanned pregnancy, but will figure it out then. Everyone thought about abortion and part of that bitterness is the woman toward the man who often pushed her to get the abortion who said to her I'm not with you interest.

This is your problem you gotta solve it. No money for me and all of that. She's just got so much rejection and pain that she's dealing with toward him and again if you don't deal with that is gonna come out in some way one time or another but you don't have mobile sonogram units at the sites or do you redo Rios we partner with a lot of pregnancy care centers here across the state and some here in Charlotte. Some in Greensboro and Raleigh that have mobile units that are bringing that are bringing them out to the abortion centers are parking right in front of the abortion centers and offering free ultrasounds to the moms are coming there for abortions inside there to charge him a couple hundred dollars for an ultrasound of the abortion center, but they go on the mobile unit will give him a free ultrasound let them see their child and let them hear about all the resources that exist here in the city. The real choices that are available to them just in reader head of your love life. Charlotte is my guest today talk about this very difficult and painful issue of life and abortion. I just know what are some of the facts about what's going on in the womb, even from the earliest days of conception, damning heartbeat and writer set a couple weeks. The heart starts beating and you know it's interesting we always identify life with a heart beating them on my heartbeat stops beating eggs in one day and other unit there to say that I'm not at a funeral home right exactly, but that the heartbeat starts in a couple weeks and you know the baby at 20 weeks is fully developed, you know, moving around in the womb sucking their thumb in abortion is legal here in our city in Charlotte all the way up to 20 weeks. This is the leading cause of death in our community more death is happening through abortion and cancer or heart disease or anything else about hundred 50 to 200 abortions every week in the city of Charlotte so we have a at weeks brain waves we have at weeks fingernails we have at weeks. I color all the genetic makeup of the child is formed fully done and so were talking about the debate at five months whether that should happen. But really, at weeks, we have what is everything necessary for the full development of a child correct is right that that is a human being that is a child. Science confirms that the word of God confirms that these are children were talking about and and probably the reason that this debate continues to rage and really became law in 1973 with Roe versus Wade.

But abortions happened before that and we know that in and a lot of the back alley abortion nomenclature is somewhat true, but not fully true has been used as a red herring if you will, but this debates been going on, and many people thought in the 70s because I was alive and in college when the whole debate started taking place and are number people saying this will ultimately go away because it's going to become just a part of our society just the opposite has happened. It has become more furious and more intense, and I'm convinced one of the major reasons is because of neonatology we have the ability to look in the womb and see what's going on at the earliest days right after conception and people looking at that are just horrified and and it is probably the major apologetic to convince people that maybe the pro-life position is truth absolute sciences backed it up. You know three ultrasounds back it up, but unfortunately really that that the pro-choice argument is even really shifted away from that, because they know they can't stand on the ground anymore and just recently, one of the abortions was being interviewed by a major news network and he openly admitted that the yeses are. These are babies or children that I'm killing. Whenever I do these abortion so that's really even not so much.

Even their argument anymore because science has proven it otherwise. Of these are children in the womb, so we only have a few moments before the moment to break but what are their arguments yet so it's the woman's choice. It's her right, it is your body. It's her body it's her choice and obviously argument back to that is you know that that's another human being. Now that's in your womb that's that's not your body that's not a clump of cells. That's not a tumor, you know that's a child that's a human being and so therefore you don't have the the right to choose to take another life just like you don't have the right to choose to kill your two-month-old baby are your two-year-old child. That's not a choice that we can make just in readers my guest.

I have love life. Charlotte talking about the very intense and abortion abortion debate that's out there on but yet Justin internationally more more countries are voting to approve of abortion even like Ireland, which is been a staunchly pro-life country recently and I wonder what's going on there. I'm reminded of this verse in the book of Judges when Israel was in its darkest days and everyone did what was right in his own eyes. I just wonder if that's where we are, let's talk about that when we come back on David Chadwick and we will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is unlimited 993 WBT dealing with an incident subject today with my friend Justin Reeder who is head of love life. Charlotte trying to look at the abortion issue through some different lenses from a pro-life perspective and what that means. If you'd like to hear this program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the podcast from beginning and to end Justin the question again is what is from the pro-choice position. The justification for this you mentioned before the break that the woman has control over her body of the answer you give is when there's another body inside of you. Another life inside of you. I we know that from neonatology and from God's word and other perspectives.

What are some of the other arguments that they give Jeff that you know that there are very real circumstances and situations that families are dealing with him in a minute want to minimize those you know those are maybe in poverty, or those that potentially even are doing with it a sickness that though the child might be interfering with, but you know that there's always an answer for those things. And the answer is never abortion a note what we here in the city in the state of North Carolina of the church is ready to walk with these families, no matter their circumstance or matter what they're going through. There are people that are ready to walk with those families and what we have found is is as people come alongside these families to were there no longer alone in this third actually not even making the choice to place their child for adoption. Even though it's that's an amazing choice. It's a loving choice as they receive a little bit of support they realize you know what I can do this I can do this for like yours child, I want to keep this child and I can do this am no longer alone in this. So you it's community.

It's the family of God, you know, coming alongside of these people and walking with them through whatever situation they have. You reminded me that in the early church.

One of the things that the Christian church did that impacted the Roman culture so deeply was the weight cared for little babies.

I was very common in Roman times for families that didn't have either of male child or an unwanted child to just go deposit it in the garbage. Eat me with fine regularly little children deposited in the garbage heap and it was the Christians, particularly the women, the diaconate asses who would come into those garbage places and take those children bring them into the church bring them into homes adopt them and love them. And over time that so moved the Roman culture because of the Christian's position on life that eventually they prohibited. That kind of of children, a children discordant sediments, a shift in culture, they just explained there and that's what happens as the body of Christ as the church steps in and in general he starts laying our lives down so that others can live are giving up our comfortable giving up in our weekends were giving up our schedules to come alongside of these families. We have seen that happen, as we have no hundreds of mentors and walking with families here in the city of people are taking notice.

In fact, even the that the manager of the abortion center. Her niece came for an abortion a couple years ago and her niece made the choice for life got connected to a mentor in the local church did an amazing job of loving on her in caring for all this got reported back to the manager. The abortion center and as people were coming in for abortion counseling.

She started pointing people to the local church is a very real resources a very real place of refuge for people to turn to. That's a shift in culture right, Margaret Sanger, who is the founder of Planned Parenthood made very clear in her writings and we would challenge our listeners to go do the research yourself.

She made it very clear that her support of abortion was to eliminate the unwanted and the ugly and the unnecessary in society and it looks to me that her eugenics also had a very racist flare to it that wanted to eliminate people of color from our culture and people don't understand that that is the foundation of the Planned Parenthood perspective.

Absolutely I would encourage anybody that would want more information on not to look it up at a great documentary on his mama offered 21 Moffat 21 he can find it on YouTube.

It explains the whole background of Margaret Sanger and her whole plan of eugenics, but absolutely it is been targeting especially the African-American community, we have seen that really that community has been affected the most from abortion in New York City. There are more African-American babies that are that are aborted than born in New York City and we must speak about this is our brothers and our sisters are being targeted. A lot had people asked me from time to time. Why doesn't God cure cancer.

For example, in my response sometimes is when you know we may have aborted the person that God chose to cure cancer that could've happened. I had built my producer and your uncle has Down syndrome and yet you and are talking before the program be game about all the love that these downs kids and adults have not only for one another, but for people who don't have balance uncle Tom. He was he was to lose the boy be about a 10-year-old boy with a down syndrome.

Had he lived till he was 63, David and the my mother because he you know my mother was a year couple years older. He was the last chalices were grandma had bad eggs and because it was late in life that she was pregnant, but he sees the angel that God gave our family and he is. He's full of love. He was never cranky, never upset.

He always wanted attention and caring for it. He became adopted not of course he was a loving child of the family. The entire neighborhood gave him things to do and cut grass and do that and he was a very viable human being until until his death and he was a and as my mother so my grandmother reinforced. He was a gift from God will will those who have Down's kids see that incredible love. I somehow think that God bypassed a lot of hatred and anger. The lot of us normally have. It is gave Downs kids his ability to live like nothing else. And yet, just in a reader who is again had a love like Charlotte, Down's children are being aborted as I understand it now at over a 90% ratio among people who are impregnated that way correct as very very sad.

I relay with your story ideas. My sister-in-law Sarah had the George syndrome. I really believe that these are the precious jewels that we are really missing out on a mean honestly, don't don't see too many people anymore throughout the city decides you're doing life with down syndrome because they're being lost or being taken through abortion and I believe that there's so much that we learn from people like that and I know that I learned a lot from Sarah my sister-in-law my she really helped shape my wife. I mean, in so many ways to create the caring and compassionate heart that my life as an were missing out on these amazing jewels you know if you them, the mentally challenged adults and children of a Sort every year the Jewish community center. If you want to go experience some of that love firsthand go volunteer for a few days. I mean they would love to have you help out. But when you go there, they'll remember your name, year after year and it becomes a whole family until itself when Justin this is a faith and values program and we do look to our sacred text to help us understand what we should do with certain issues and I don't know how to get around the idea that the Bible from cover to cover honors life on me know do not meet 3019 says choose life. I've always told people look if you gotta make a choice if you choose life. You probably made the right choice because God is not only light but is also life and he wants us to do so, you look at some of the Old Testament commands that are given about protecting that life in the womb. It's extraordinary you look at Psalm 139, for example, which talks about God formed me and needed me in my mother's womb. You look at Jeremiah the prophet, and Paul the apostle in the Christian New Testament. Both of those writings have God called me, and my mother's womb, then you have the extraordinary verse in Ephesians 1 where it says you before the world was ever even created God knew my name right. So when does life begin light begins in eternity in the mind of God and that the Scripture seems to suggest that there is a name that God has given all of us is the name we have here on this earth.

And then in eternity were going to be given a new name that God's going to give us so it just seems to me like from before creation never occurred. Certainly in creation and in eternity. God knows us and loves us and each one of those children that is aborted is loved by God and is that the biblical perspective is alluded think you nailed it on all the Scriptures and another one I just love that. I think this kinda brings in a new perspective on it, is weight. When we see that Elizabeth that John the Baptist and in her womb, and we see that that Mary Eno at Jesus in her womb, and she went to visit with Elizabeth and the Scripture says that the baby leaped in her womb, and the word use their radios date word exactly the same were English learner little children come to me and John said the very next chapter we see when Jesus is born in know it's talking about that the baby was lying in the manger with a very exact Greek word to describe Jesus outside of the womb.

There is Pareto's which is exact same word that was use the chapter before just to describe John the Baptist in the womb, so these are children if they're in the womb or outside of the room will also biblically we acknowledge that as Christians we are adopted into God's family and that there is nothing meritorious within us to deserve that is all. By God's grace that he instills his life within us and were now Jesus is our big brother and God is our father were adopted and his family and an air of everything God owns all of the whole inheritance idea because in inheritance we get to spend somebody else's money that they work for you know and that's what we have in our relationship with God but were adopted ourselves an adoption is a real part of your ministry in life and how courageous are those families that adopt children and bring them into raise them for the glory of God in an absolute yet so I just this Monday. My kids are playing soccer with a family that came through one of the orphan care ministries and I was fostering these two beautiful little boys nobly finalizing the adoption here in a couple months. This is the picture that God is given to us and we are do we just want to see the people in our city.

These children in our city no longer identify as orphans but as sons and daughters. I can't say better than that, I'm David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I maybe chat with 11 to 99.

Three WBT fill my heart of God with love those voices sound like children singing and I think the children of this world are singing all of us adults to take responsibility and be people filled with the love of God when yesterday's Justin reader, head of love like Charlotte, you just we spent the entire program. Looking at the pro-life perspective the home. In my opinion it's both profound.

I don't want to understate though my heart of love for those caught in the difficulty of a pregnancy. They don't want the quagmire of a life that is not wanted, but in a way would destroy another person's life, at least immediately. If they took that responsibility on. I don't want to minimize the pain of that choice. I know for my own ministry years I been doing ministry for 40 years I've had to do with women caught in this difficulty and their pain is immense, and I don't want to again minimize that struggle.

Yet on the other side we have this call to love and honor life and you know these little children that don't have the chance to enter these woo this world because of abortion they they could be the answer to so many of our life's issues today. So what can people do we people been listening to this program. They heard our pro-life perspective. It's something I share with you as well. What can people do versus want to encourage those maybe that are listening to find themselves in unplanned pregnancy just want to encourage you that you are stronger than that situation. You have the power to choose life, mama and daddy and you already are great mom and you already are great dad and we don't want you to walk alone.

We want to walk with you and Sophie. If you are find yourself in that situation. Please reach out to us. Love We would love to help you surround you with people surround you with real resources that exist here in the city also want to speak to.

Maybe the mom or dad it's had an abortion, their past same thing. We want to walk with you through that innovation should not walk alone. We want to get you connected to biblical post aborted Bible studies here in the city all across the state.

Its confidential we want to help be a part of your healing process. But for those maybe I haven't walked this road may be a little bit even disconnected from from from the whole situation. I would encourage you to be a part of the solution come out to a prayer walk with us every Saturday we do this for 40 weeks from 9 to 11. You can find all the details on our website love comfort prayer walk experience it for yourself and I'm telling you that two amazing things happen when people come up for Kamal for prayer walks we see a drop in abortions receive more moms and dads make the choice for life as God's people are out there. But secondly, you begin to get the heart of God for this thing. He begins to break your heart for what breaks is and then you can you can take steps into our connection components to become a mentor yourself to become a foster adoptive family yourself to be trained as a sidewalk counselor so all of this is on our website love

If your pastors are in the city. We have around 300 churches that have now parted with us across North Carolina. We had over 50,000 people would've mobilized for the prayer walks, resulting in over 1500 families that have made the choice for life at the abortion clinics which cost if you want your church involved with that own encourage you to adopt a week adopt one of our 40 weeks. We do this for 40 weeks every year is at the time, from conception to birth, and we give you the tools the tools needed to walk your people through the four steps of here, pray, go and connect, so it didn't reach out to us for a website love that this wall and make sure people understood again repeat that the website they can go to to connect with you. Love okay simple to the point and just one of the things that I have learned in this pro-life movement that interestingly it.

It transcends even the Jewish or Christian perspective.

It's now inviting even atheists and those who have no religion itself to enter, and they are because people are looking inside the womb, so I think you know everyone's talking about this right you got the news media that's talking about at CNN and Fox news.

The politicians everyone's talking about this issue and what people are really wondering you know what is God's word say about this and identities when encourage the church of Jesus Christ is all because we are called to be the pillar and the foundation of truth and we have people atheists and people of all different walks of life for about 100 alums and others are now entering this as well because of their sacred understanding of life right right and but us as the body of Christ. As Christ followers of we must lay the biblical foundation of for people to be able to follow Lester want to emphasize the question how did Christianity overtake the Roman culture and there were several different things that they did.

They exalted women who were considered second-class citizens on they took slaves. For example, and eradicated slavery and raised up slaves as equal members of society. They eradicated a lot of the prejudice and racism of that day over time by learning how to love one another.

One of the things they did was they solve the whole problem of child sacrifice and because they would take the babies into their homes.

We can change this culture it is possible is an absolutely and one of the Scriptures. I love that we we speak about a lot is no truly loving our neighbor. What is it really look like and I portable.

First John three 1618. This is how we know what love is and we can get a take back the word love because the cultures kinda corrupted that word.

This is how we know what love is Jesus Christ laid down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and our sisters not just with words but with action and in truth. So no matter what walk of life. Your anima small business guy am not a pastor but you don't have to be you know in full-time ministry on the staff to be called to this if your Jesus follower.

He tells us to deny ourselves and pick up our cross and follow him. If you want to find our life, we will lose it.

If we lose our life for his sake and for the gospel.

That's when we truly find it so it's a call for Christians to lay down our lives so that others can live and Jesus said by this the world will know that you are mine. By the way you love one another and especially love the least of these my brethren, I and he said that when you look into the face of the deprived of the need even those who have care needs your looking into his face and you're serving him himself on Justin Reeder, head of love life shortest in my guest today okay Justin you got about a minute and I'm to give you a bully pulpit with this microphone is speak to the thousands who listen on a weekly basis.

Would you say to them about this very difficult issue but one that should capture our hearts. And I think first and foremost you have to ask yourself do I fully believe this is a life if you 100% believe this is a life not talking 90% to 100% that there's no difference between a child in the womb and a child outside the womb, then we must respond. We gotta start living like people are dying in our cities. I believe that this is 1943 when the Jews were were being murdered to the Holocaust in 1943. We can't just look back with 2020 vision and say if I lived in that time I would've done this.

There were Christians in the time that were sitting on the sidelines doing nothing.

I'm telling you that this is 1943 for upwelling and 43 many Christians knew what was going on in the concentration camps and in the fires of some they knew what was happening and they chose to close their eyes and silence the voices you're saying don't do that, exactly, there is a phrase used opposition without action. That was a phrase used during their Nazi Germany saying let that not be said about us like that not be said about our generation, Justin Reeder, thank you for being on the show today and blisters. I hope all of you will continue to study this issue. Struggle with it and I think when you do find the truth and the truth will set you free.

Everyone love God, your heart, soul, mind and life and love your neighbor as yourself. Those of the two great commandments given to us.

You'll just do those things that a lifetime's worth of work to do hi David Chadwick this is news talk 11 1099. Thank you for the show all

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