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MS Top 6 #46

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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August 11, 2021 5:00 am

MS Top 6 #46

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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August 11, 2021 5:00 am

Matt gets calls on Biblical Theology. Matt has answers on Biblical Theology. The questions come from people all over the world.  We've compiled the six most memorable of the week. Number 6 to #1! 

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This is the Truth Network. Monday through Friday, Matt takes calls from all around the world on his radio show.

We've compiled this week's best, Matt Slick's Top 6. So the biblical kind of love that is the truest kind of love is sacrificial. It's other centered. And so when someone says you've got to love yourself first, what do they mean by that? Do they mean, you know, you kiss your arm, look at me, I love me, you know? Or does it mean that you take care of yourself? Surely you have to take care of yourself. But what is really meant by that issue of love yourself first before you can love others? Does it mean value yourself and values? It becomes self-centered and narcissistic. And instead of putting others first, you put yourself first. And so there's a paradox kind of a contradiction problem that exists because of it.

Number five. My question deals with applied kinesiology and muscle testing for like allergies. Is that something that Christians should be involved in? Well, kinesiology is filled with body movements in order to heal, to do things like that. If it's just body movements, that's fine. If they get into this area of energy transference and balancing, then it's occultic.

Kinesiology is kind of like just regular physical therapy. I don't see any problem with it from that as long as we're not getting into Eastern mysticism and stupidity like that. Number four. Before I go, I wanted to tell you that I was listening to one of your Bible studies that you were doing at your home, and you were mimicking somebody making fun of you. Every time that I mention, if I say with my own words, that's what it says in my brain, I hear you going, that's what it says. That's right. My friend Nathan mocks me about that because I would say, what's it say? That's what it says. And he exaggerates it, so now I exaggerate when I say it. It's all in fun.

Well, it's contagious. Number three. I would be glad to meet with people to discuss the issue of what proper eldership is supposed to be. I'd be glad to meet with any of the women who say they're pastors, and we can go through the scriptures together. We can have debates, polite, and we can discuss this.

This is an important issue. This is the nature of the church. It is the authority established by God himself in the church. It is necessary that the men get off their rears and start behaving like godly men, which I could teach. I could do a thing on the theology of marriage, which needs to be taught. And the biblical role of pastors and elders, and what the authority issue is in federal headship based out of the Trinity. I can go through and lay all this down. I'd be glad to do that for any church that's interested.

Number two. God made us in his image. Now, I've wrestled with that for a number of seasons, and I want to know what you think about that word, what you know about that word image. Generally, what's understood is the difference between what's called the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God. The communicable attributes of God are those attributes or characteristics that belong to him that we can participate in. So he loves, we love.

He hates, we hate. He reasons, we can reason. He can recognize others, we can recognize others. He has attributes of personhood, we do too. But consider that his image deals with the communicable attributes of God that can be communicated to us, that we can experience because we're made in his image. And that's what it means.

Number one. What if he's married to a woman, he's a Christian, and she abandons him or vice versa and leaves? Well, in that case, he or she is free to remarry the one who gets abandoned. These are the issues that need to be addressed by your elders at church. You need to go through and talk about that. So whatever they decide, I could go with.

I would suggest that they err on the side of grace than law. What you just stated, mine wasn't beautiful. Because first off, we weren't saved when we got married. Stayed married for ten years, and I'm the one who committed adultery. I just keep it real.

So I'm screwed from day one. But my thing is, I'm hoping that where grace will allow me, because I've met a lady, she lives in another state. Heck, I hadn't even seen her in ten years. But I knew her years ago. Before that, you said you got married, you divorced twice. So what's the other divorce reason? We just grew apart. She was a good woman. Were you Christian at the time?

Yeah, actually we were. Yeah. So then, you have a serious problem.

And I need you to talk to the elders at church. I do. I do.

Yeah, you do. You guys give up, or you're thirsty for more? I always trust a guy named Matt Slick on the radio. We hope you've enjoyed this episode of Matt Slick's Top Six. For more on Matt and his live syndicated call-in radio show, go to Got a question? Matt Slick has your answer. This is the Truth Network.
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