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A Book Uninspired to a Discussion about Mrs. Meyer

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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December 2, 2019 3:00 pm

A Book Uninspired to a Discussion about Mrs. Meyer

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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December 2, 2019 3:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live.This episode Matt explains why the Book of Enoch is uninspired in detail. He gives his thoughts on Christians in AA, women leading communion, why Joyce Meyers is a heretic, and unforgivable sin.

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This is Truth Network why is found online car or dear note my mind always buy anything in question before you buy the book book is not in the Bible.

I know you probably felt you would tell me that not I want to go deeper than that specifically because it inspired the copper that I know I like to have a debate with healthy life without God will recognize his spine because the whole sprinkles Christians and Christians form the visible church, and so the church recognizes that those things as apocryphal books are pitiful and is written I believe between phone Malachi and when Jesus came on the scene and so to suitor people booking books test mental time of Scripture is good with some information just like your other books of the Bible mentioned not smart where that basically Freitag not here.well diction in it doesn't miss because that is fine as is not true. So you know, if I were to write on a napkin. 2+2 is four inspired of God and that is true or I prefer red over green when it comes to whatever is true, this means inspired inspiration deals with the autographs that profit and the apostles wrote what they did under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that it was manifested through their own personalities as well. Writing styles sent in the autographs and original writings accurate and completely true so they could for example the inspired documents could record a lot. It is the lie is inspired of God. It's the recording of the light is without error.

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Also, call 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth babies love them I love them please them out 100-944-5396 and use promo code truth that drug and alcohol recovery. I've been attending Alcoholics Anonymous like over two years and working great. I became born-again.

Actually there at that club about a year and 1/2 ago, and I dishonestly wanted to get your perspective in your opinion on Alcoholics Anonymous and a Christian attending, you know that program and what your thoughts are well. This could be tough to say because it's been helping you and then lay so you shouldn't go. I don't want you not get help.

The problem with AA. It was is it was started by a guy involved in the occult and its premises are our cultic and you've heard the idea the doorknob right got to be a doorknob, completely ridiculous.

I and the 12 steps and you know it would. It does is it teaches was under to everything on the radio for couple three years and no Christian church should promote Alcoholics Anonymous edition happened.

Christian should not be involved with is not to say that they can't accidentally or incidentally help people because often what helps is accountability you'll need AA for that you find someplace else, though they do have a kind of developed program seems work in the humanistic level. The problem is that a Christian church should never have them in and support them the right alternatives for this that gives you one but AA is definitely different, was started by a guy in the article and it claims to be a spiritual program that teaches that a higher power of your own understand it was a promotion of idolatry and also says alcoholism is a disease is not a disease it's assumed in writing. I dressed as Anderson, a disease like is not really your fault kinda got hooked on it. In this way it is so that you know it is your fault because alcoholism like getting addicted to anything else, it's your fault and it's not the same sympathy and understanding. I know it's difficult to get out of things understand that my wife and I were talking this weekend? TV together is anything head cold but so weak was some showing watching and it is about addictions and drug abuse and watching cops is what some people are sometimes drunk and I said why would anybody do this to begin with.

I don't understand.

I scripturally don't. Why would anyone risk getting addicted to something. To me it just I don't understand that I do know that people can gradually get addicted to things unintentionally know painkillers and berries and understand that and things happen. I got it is not a disease it's a it's a sin and just need to be addressed is a sin and dealt with in that manner, and then move forward with her eyes on the cross, and find people who are understanding and patient and helpful and things like that and is something we need to promote those things which are godly not ungodly in AA is ungodly because think what this essay church Christian church has AA uses premises as a meeting thing and the part of the principles are that you can make a God of your own mind of anything you want. So now there people in this group were being helped to believe the false God at the Christian church is a problem. This is kind of a thing and Bill Wilson who founded the program is the author of the book alcoholic anonymous. He used which points names and contact with demonic spirits and really ride and know that you and AA teaches that sobriety cannot be found in the church so it actually works against the principles of Christianity is not to say you know people are addicted not to make people understand I'm not just pointing fingers and judging and understand slowly things happen and little by little we have to be responsible and take responsibility for our actions and sometimes we get caught even though I was addicted to this article had a problem talk something happen okay and when that realization occurs, we confess it to the Lord and we seek to get the help that's necessary in commensurate with the level of addiction you might have need to be found in God. For Christians, not in the pagan authored step system which is what a close nemesis and a month later, I am. Here are hundred percent level.

I agree with you hundred percent earn and I kind of feel like I'm doing people wrong when I'm reading that book with Armand.

But the thing is that I I tell everybody there that you know I always went there I tell them that not make a God of your own understanding. There is only one true God. Like I I preach over there. You're absolutely right about all that now living up a little something because you just plot right what about the idea of going to a place like that in order to witness well I think that's a good idea if you're strong in your face. I don't have a problem with people using opportunities to go witness to seek out place we go point people to the truth instead of think I would having to do with it.

I'll leave it alone and is just begun. I said was AA should not be held in a Christian facility because it would be inadvertently promoting paganism can have that parents should I should I practice and their program or should I just be going there and let anything the people there were a lot that is something I recommend that you talk to some of the people about and them. Let's see got a friend here in the area and thinks Chad brick-and-mortar and he's the pastor. The weight of the weakness of the way ministry church way to nationals occult and he does so. Work on recovery reformation stuff excellent recommend that you do is type in recovery reformation and you'll find Chad print more. The ministry goes to the way our is not easy on Elvis recovery reformation in the lot about thinking that I back after two Rachel from New Orleans. Rachel will commercially run here up there you go. I was entering the bill back-Mark I did well yeah okay I was really going on. How's he doing good on you will you and Vanessa that everybody netted me in public. We have to have guards and cameras but okay now question on yesterday at my church.

I would find my worship director not to lead communion back for the worship team and production team on to my knowledge, my worship director and my media director were not are not might be at 1 o'clock.

Back in I get a lead and ethically inappropriate. I wasn't sure I don't know anything is good for. This is a woman cannot give communion and to have in Scripture, or the admonitions, the pastor, the elder and the deacon that she says at the bishop, the deacon and elder.

All the big men and one woman. The question becomes does communion must be done by a pastor if if it must be done by pastor, then it would've been inappropriate for you, but I don't see thing in Scripture that says it has to be done by pastor, though I think it preferable to have a man do it. Just so that we know, cover basis, but on the other hand, to be honest I just don't see any requirement that has to be a guy a male to admit to administer it.

I preferred that I think this is a lot better because it is kind of an authoritative thing and we're doing this. What were doing is you are in the sense of proclaiming a proclamation of Scripture because how it's mostly done is whether the formula for what we do is we generally speaking, we say the body is for the broken for the cry of Christ in the bread is broken and the wine represents his blood cleanses us. We do this we take this to receive to receive Christ himself but it's a little so the Catholics but to receive the trust and to proclaim and so that means you had to expand Scripture, but it doesn't mean you're the teaching authority position in the church. It just means the backstage get that going and so you I can wince at a little bit, but I never had a going away. I just kept finding in Scripture to say no, so I wouldn't worry about it. All right, folks, let's move right on, let's get to run from Ohio.

Ryan looking show here I met a question for you is I remember what your video for them. But when you committed. Never the faith upright and all out. I thought that worried about it. How can we back that up quickly.


If you have committed the sin. The Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven, then you are reprobate, you gone to the Holy Spirit is not going to woo you to redeem you is not possible and so if you're worried about it in the Holy Spirit would be moving you if you would, but it's an evidence that the Holy Spirit is still working okay okay what fate right are evident absolutely, and anybody would commit that sin has to be pretty hardhearted ready in the context of where it was committed is Matthew 12 2232 with the Pharisees were saying that that Jesus would do this miracle spent the that's what that is and so anyone and some people don't even say to make this right.

Some people say today that people today cannot commit that sin because it maybe could only be committed by the Pharisees.

The Jews of the time when theory but whether that's true or not.

I know however what they were saying was that he was commit that he was performing his miraculous work of exercising demonic forces from in that blasphemous thing right cannot be forgiven. So why would the Holy Spirit woo a person who committed the sin to try get them to be saved can't be an person without giving initial faith emphasize that first with his 214 says the natural man cannot receive understand the things of God is foolishness to him in room 310, 11, 12, that he does not seek for God is no good. So believer or sluice should St. someone who was worried about it.

Once that faith is seeking God because he believes in God leads in the truth of who Christ is and he has received in trust and understand fully would conflict with the idea of class B Holy Spirit that wouldn't get out while right Without well in.

Also Johnson, 740 can't give you your you if you're interested in helping out like we have in need and that I need is for computers for our three missionaries. One result, one and Columbia in one if your interest in checking out that we have to find me think you do a good car//go friendly because really is get on the phone chart. I okay Joyce Meyer has lots of problems and solicit his unwritten stuff to you for what she has tip taught and so this is a know your two, three, four old, five years old six years old.

I have not heard anybody come to me and tell me she's recanted from anything, read some stuff and try to understand that there are certain areas we can disagree on and that's okay but the circulars were cannot certain theological areas where it's worth dying over and she steps on at least one of those and violates the very word of God. For example how this would, she said he could he could have helped himself up until the point where he said I commend my spirit into your hands the first of all, that's not true. Jesus could do anything he wants. He doesn't lose his divinity doesn't lose his ability is a certain point in time. That's just it just had teaching.

Then he says, she said at that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. That's not true. It's the book of directed or second Veronica's just not in the Scriptures, and she said he had become.

Cindy was no longer the son of God.

He was sent.

That's flaming heresy that is down was that to become sooner he became sin know the Bible something and 10 521, he became sin and live read that because what she's going through is that that's not a problem because how can be understood right and she's not a good theologian all he made that he made him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf. That second court is 521 two, in the sense with 98 sin we understand despite imputation is not a problem but is a problem says is this, he was no longer the son of God that Harrison should I not know what she's talking about.

I would love to debate her.

I love to be on stage with her and debate her it would never happen. She's too smart to have someone like me or other apologists on on her program to actually go over some of the things with her. She would never do that because she be made of the bad she's recanted from this I she's to say heresy I taught I recant from check this out. The blood sacrifice was accepted. Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again. That is not true. That's another flaming heresy because she failed to understand that his deity and humanity were sinless born again means we are regenerated as being born again means the Holy Spirit comes and indwells us in the savage and it hurt like right, she's just sheets. This makes me angry because most Christians don't know what they're being taught.

They don't know what the truth is, because I believe that pastors across America are not teaching theology you not have a seminary education and everything to teach textbook stuff, but they should know it well enough to build and started throughout their sermons to teach the truth and knocked the Crittenton receipt like this, which he says things like S. The men them. Men around her are the ones called primarily to refute error and they could stop her from saying this, but they don't have the guts and wherewithal to know what's going on and it is much yes meant to her was around her.

There's no Jesus. He became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not state that he was in the great three day stereotypy entered hell where you would I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There, that's about how you make my Joyce Meyer second printing May 1993, page 35.

She said she paid the price. Whenever that is the sacrifice the sin debt in hell that is damnable heresy without me and held me back what it means is that if you teach this.

You cannot be considered a true Christian because Jesus said on the cross to Telus Dyke John 1930 it's finished. In Colossians 214.

He says that he canceled the certificates of sin that the successor the Vincent that okay the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross. That's what was paid for. He bore our sin in his body the cross. First Peter 224 she was teaching antichrist teachings antichrist file.go to hell now to help finish the atonement in the hell he did not pay for sins in hell that is damnable heresy is not qualified to be a preacher teacher for 41. She's a female to give your pastor and another is that she is disqualify couldn't even have to really competently and partially more about this subject because she's she's teaching stuff that condemn people that how it's like someone saying Jesus is not God. Now in a fight.

Now we fight sick you should believe in preacher Bratcher. I go horribly. That's okay, what's next.

But if SAG does not God on the fight you if you say that you just County sacrifice on the cross. I'm going to fight you with the same fervor. This is what she sent in that same book, listen to this heresy. Heresy Weightlessness of this might get to hear this because what she said that he went to hell when he finished the atonement there. Then she said Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place. God rose up and it was thrown.

I said the demon powers tormenting the sinless son of God let him go. They were not tormenting Jesus that is flaming lies from the pain of how it's not what the Bible teaches it anyway and then she goes on to say the same book. I said earlier, where he would finish the atonement hell. She says this is spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve ago. Listen to this. There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth, she just now violated gospel message.

She just preach the files gospel. She's she is a heretic coming.

She's never recanted these things. I'll try to contact her ministry and I said I have question writing about Joyce Meyer website has 100 million visitors a morning radiograph, etc. can we have some questions answered. We gotta just the standard. No thank you but thank you for right writing us so I don't know what she's teaching now I have to do more research on her and others for so many heretics on TV. I don't have time to do everything from snap listen without go ahead okay James, I don't fit you okay okay God took the rip man and made woman were not seen as equal or they're not working out like because being that is not what determines the quality just is rare for me. Now we break that quote.

You probably do better not to benefit we came, but she came from man, but is not in the Senate is not an inequality in the sense of order. It's inequality in the sense of nature. So, for example, that expect I married my wife and married 33 years. Last week 33 years, actually days ago so were married, you know, and I'm the head of the family. This position I have, by fact of being male in the fact of being a husband. That's it on the head of the family doesn't like it is too bad I don't like it that's too bad as what it is with both human beings were equal in the eyes of the Lord is for salvation goes everything else but were not equal. Biologically, she can have babies. I can't have babies so other hand, the family, she's not had the family is not a big deal. This is how I write you know where were you think that you, for you know you know we get we know we and that the children and they make them only different, but it was the light but you said order. I just got. We came for. You were better and better. It's just simply the cold is called primogeniture. The firstborn male is the biblical concept, firstborn male has authority. That's it. Just how God set it up because it reflects the person and work of Jesus on the cross. He's the only begotten the first one of creation. He is the one who has that primogeniture and Adam had because Christ had. That's okay. Okay. God bless what you James all right hey folks, Joyce Meyer, unless she has repented me tell you this, that in less she's repented of what it is she is taught she is a heretic.

If she has repented and she teaches proper theology, I will come on the radio safe folks, theology is gone. I got hurt any thing that would lead me to believe that she is heretic no true Christian to listen to because of this, folks like that As much this Robert Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO my fellow wants to get back to our listeners. The first time you can get the discount on all Microsoft products go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillow tired of sleeping in and get the discount on my mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 8999 that with the promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my dog products 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty is go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body full of 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 three these great radio special David Hurley, North Carolina.

I was probably that was characterizing Joyce Meyer callers waiting to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let me teach you teach within the Christian church there is the necessity of teaching truth. There's a dividing line between truth and error. Some truths are so important that we as Christians should die for them these documents. For example, Jesus is God in flesh. Jesus says in John 824.

Unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. That is a doctrine that we must die for.

We must defend to the death as being true that Jesus is God in flesh was also defend the doctrine of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. You go to Galatians chapter 5 verses one through five. Combine that with Romans 328 Romans 45 but in Galatians talks about those who seek to be justified by the law, they fall from grace if they seek this through the issue of circumcision which represents any work that you do and that would say then that anyone who holds that cannot be true Christian. That's another document. We must die to defend another one is the physical resurrection of Christ. Paul the apostle says if Christ be not risen. Our faith is in vain for 20 1514 in verse 17 and Jesus prophesied his own physical resurrection. John 219 to 21. He did this he died in the same body died, he rose within the same body. He died and if he's not risen in Christianity is false. Anyone who would deny the deity of Christ, the resurrection of Christ cannot be true Christian. The atonement of Christ occurred on the cross. He bore our sins in his body on the cross. Colossians 214 says says he cancel the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which was helpful to a few took it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. Enjoy 1930 Jesus says on the cross because it is finished to tell us tying the Greek, which is a statement saying the legal debt has been paid in full. Jesus finished the atonement on the cross and he cancel distended on the cross. Anyone who would say that he did not finish it on the cross is a flaming heretic teaching damnable doctor just as someone would say Jesus is not God. Damnable heresy which means you can be damned for that to hell for teaching a false doctrine for denying that essential Christian faith. The essentials of the Christian faith, are in Scripture. They are declared in Scripture is not me making them up is not my opinion the Scriptures declare because they have a warning with the essentials of Jesus said it's finished on the cross. It's finished. Jesus equated sin with legal debt.

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Forgive us our sins look living for. Forgive us our debts.

Matthew 612, the parable passage so that Jesus equates sin with legal debt in the Bible says I already repeated first Peter 224 he bore our sins in his body on the cross. John 1930 he finished it on the cross. Colossians 214 he cancel the sin debt on the cross for anyone to say that Jesus did not finish it on the cross is to deny the Scriptures clearly teach and is the they are therefore outside the camp of Christ. They are therefore heretics must be rebuked soundly and thoroughly and publicly as heretics and they should not be listened to with such is the case with Joyce Meyer because she said in the most important decision you'll ever make. Second printing May 1993, page 35. She's recanted from this phrase got as far as I'm concerned, everything I've read everything I've heard she's never recanted from this. This is what she said he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not state that he was in the great three days during the time he entered hell where you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There just saying he paid the price and hell to say he did not pay the price on the cross is to deny the sufficiency of the cross that is damnable heresy, damnable damnation. This is serious stuff and when she says that was page 35 on page 37 of that book.

He says his spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go there is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth so she said you can even go to heaven if you don't believe his spirit went to hell because that's where we deserve to go and that's to pay 37 but on page 35. Six. He went to hell and paid the price.

There, folks, that's damnable heresy.

She's a heretic and people need to stand up and say, along with the other false teachers that are out there and if you're a pastor you're listening me you need to equip your Christians you to equip the people's under your care to equip them with the truth and don't be afraid to draw the line where it needs to be drawn. You need to know your doctors well enough to know the truth is, instead of the truth and not compromise the gospel not compromise the gospel and thereby damnation of the people care the list of the Lord bless you, by the grace of that go there tomorrow

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