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Best Of MSL 8: Adam and Eve's Free Will, and Talkin' Islam

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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December 23, 2019 3:00 pm

Best Of MSL 8: Adam and Eve's Free Will, and Talkin' Islam

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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December 23, 2019 3:00 pm

 Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. On this extended episode Matt answers a question about Adam and Eve's free will. Matt also answers questions about the undocumented years of Jesus's life, and sexual sin. Matt then speaks with a mother concerned for her child's salvation, as well as talking Islam with a Muslim caller.

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This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat. I found online car. I'm fine how are you doing great.

We talked way to go.

You adamantly have free will are about libertarian free will. Could I have chosen not got greedy and ordain them know we stupidly discuss with a decree ordination is okay. Nothing can occur unless God has ordained that occur with this means it is, reflects what the previous conversation was that nothing can occur at all unless God has brought it into existence. Now there's a direct bringing an indirect so God made Adam and Eve that was his direct action, but he did not force them to rebel against in the nature of free will is that a person is free and so for as he what he does is consistent with his nature and is not forced to do anything but his his choice is still his own. By nature, by essence like what is will Adam and Eve possessed this freedom. They were able to make choices consistent with what they wanted to do and so they chose to rebel against God. God did not make them rebel God did put the garden there. I did put the tree there. God did allow Satan to come into the garden, God allowed all of it so he could we could say in the sense that since God, the Bible says in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will. Satan entering the garden was after the counsel of God's will because this by definition logically necessary.

So why would God allow will because he chose to allow elegance and theories about this so ideas but as a topic so we can't say that God did not know when God brought the universe into existence. We can't say that God's and going all my goodness is asking to have it I what is that all know it did. That cannot happen with the Christian God is not the Christian concept.

So were stuck with this issue that will and that means logically, necessarily that God allowed by his will will be call permissive will of God, he permitted was his will to permit Satan to enter the garden attempt. So is it the will of God that that they be tempted.

Yes, but we say it's the will of God in his permissive sense, not in his what we would call safe prescriptive sense of prescriptive sense would be do not disobey God. That's what his desire is is is prescription. Thou shalt not lie.

Thou shall not steal. At this prescriptive will, but because we are made in his image. Genesis 126.

We have a module day the image of God in us, we therefore have the ability of freedom and our freedom is restricted to our natures. We cannot choose to flap your arms and go to the moon, we are restricted by what we simply are as is God. He could only choose to do that which is wholly consistent with his nature.

Adam and Eve were in the garden.

They were able to freely choose no one forced him. The circumstances are all their people so that was God put in the certain that the yes that's correct and will that he cause and the scent know we did not. Will he knew they would if you put in the situation that's correct, you did with her still free, and he did not force them at the same time people so that's not fair. You could say it's not fair which show how it is not true and show how it does not make it work. The four states fair or not fair then you have to demonstrate by what law fairness is based on righteousness. Show me that system that you have in order to decree or decide what is and is not fair as of 11 mom is doing the family would hold a little more than the break voted right back after two, Anthony from Iowa.

Anthony you are on the year you and I live well about earlier, whom the oil almost were to make a joke and will be taken wrong because he went to Indian learn from the because a lot of people say, but it's not true. He remained in subjection to his parents and then at the time of 33 to 30 will explain why 30. He then started his ministry. So if everything had been written between those years really does and fulfilled in the issue. The nature of the gospel message with the writers of the Gospels did was to signify and let people know that Jesus was there. I think it's Luke 252 and following that he was there with them and subjection to them under the law, fulfilling what was required until the time of ministry began at the age of 30 and had to be at the age of 30 because he entered into the Catholic priesthood at the age of 30, according to the Old Testament law which is found in Leviticus 8 numbers four and Exodus 29, so we got baptized. He had to be 30 years of age and verbal blessing given for the priest, my beloved son in whom I will pleased get every point. Anointing of oil on him and that that's the Holy Spirit coming upon him, and he had to be sprinkled with water. According to the law numbers 87. People don't like that but asked with the law set so it's taken up with with the bright Bible says there and so he would most probably be sprinkled but nevertheless what happened was he started at 30 and that's when the gospel writers began to record or decided to go to that point to record the importance of his work and his ministry to point in time that help relevant ministry and nothing important happened to Carpenter Valley got baptized and I did not I will be quick to say technically nothing important happened because everything that God in flesh, we do would be a what you nothing was written down and not everyone is Matt slick from that slick live and I wanted to let you know about my fellow I got one a few weeks ago I gave it a try and after the first nine. I said that said, I am not getting different.

I'm not getting as a CPAP machine. The think is perfect. In fact, when I travel. That's the goal with only going to do is go to click at the top left on the bedfellows they click on the Fort Peck special type in the promo code truth, you get 50% off the four pack includes two Michael premiums and to go anywhere. Pillows are hundred percent God 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty tell you they really are good and I absolutely love the one I you also call 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth and you working on these babies love them I love them please check them out 100-944-5396 and use the promo code truth Brent welcome desperate on their hello Flicka Rick how are you doing right by God's grace. Great preacher that I know you are you taking my call before and very helpful book on the my wife and I have an archive and the calculating in a praying and everything. I have a question sir know the Scripture about committing sexual sin and how it began.

You like your body. The other kind.

Then claim that the me yes God forgives you, but how are you connected to that person that you have about sexual relation to speak in generic terms children listening which are you certain union is to be had and side of marriage because God had created Adam and Eve in the union context and because of that the command to fill the earth could be then manifested be realized and so this union is extremely important because it signifies a submission to God's dominion mandate is to fill the earth and so that's why it's so important because it's to be had in that way. And so when people violate that to fornication and or adultery. They are stealing with does not belong to them. They're breaking or they're ignoring the coveted requirements of God and they are furthermore saying that they are gaining simple physical narcissistic pleasure instead of using that union for the glory of God.

And that's what supposed to be like teach on the theology of marriage and preached about the stuff you make a noise the background and so to sin against your own body. By doing this kind of a thing is to impart to mentoring your body into a place of antiunion, when you have relations outside of marriage and you are working against the will of God in that credit order so this is one of the reasons for say this because they are you making noise the background of this records are desired out of the dark.

Yet I and so the things they didn't start out my window. I concentrate so innuendo that help or not but either I don't that help or not. Did it all.

I guess it did I get is that I me, but you still want to forgive your wife or you know something about that.

And of course I don't know a little little dozen of the fact that I don't think so too fast here so if a spouse is committed adultery. Is this what you talking about yet God and will forgive.

Yes, but you have the freedom of divorce, not the obligation of divorce and Jesus says in Matthew 1890 says you cannot divorce except for for me, which is sexual immorality, and it's that it's allowed then and also enforcement in 1757 17 is abandonment and solicitude that are permitted in Scripture so if the spouses committed adultery. The offended partner has the ability to be able to divorce but not the obligation, you're free to forgive and depending on the situation and hopefully the marriage can be restored. It takes work and the offending one have to come under church discipline and counseling. If the unit is a way to have okay thank you so much that I really appreciate it. Okay alright so I hope you like the low you know enough greatly to God, yeah, thank you for that.

She needs alright but thank you all right now focuses let you know that I'm not advocating divorce legally biblically, the person has the right to not the obligation that they should very consider it very seriously consider seeking reconciliation in the marriage, but it would have to be done under certain circumstances with counseling with confession, repentance, etc. etc. it's a very seriously, so let's get our phones to Joanne from North Carolina, Joanne, you're on the bottom of the list: yes, I went is not to be children present. I can get more specific, but not I'm gonna be careful with what I buy magnetic tape may I'm very mild to daughters them by the fact that Dell and IP in her 30 very active in her church. My oldest one night a profession and when she got her in church as a teenager and I when she went to college. She had never from college age paid 40 then back to church except for a landing waiting for phenol Concourse.Curran get shot down and I think I can make it worse, not out dry land. Little things like honey need to give the Lord all honey, it's just not God's grace and she still failed mama I'm a Christian, mama. You act like I'm not I and when I try to help anybody about this by fashioning an adult you can't worry about it while lowering the union no reason to slurry in the dark Really quickly worry in this context what you mean is your concern for her and your concern for future and that's not sinful, it just worry has that many different meanings and in that context know it's a good thing you worry for your children. You don't want him to be harmed. You wanted to be damn, that's a good worry child that's okay I understand. Trust me I do to not really.

Yes I mean I guess you get like man fall on your face before God and bank that after daylight will MIB and repetitive good and she's not here yet you you love your daughter. You want to see her repentance and you want to see her with you. See heaven with the Lord and how could it be heaven for you. If she's not there and you know that eggs lost like all horses are those are our wonderful, loving folks with you when that your love for your daughters and ask God in his great mercy he saved them and who know it could be that what he's doing is allowing her to have a time of Say rebellion and God will use. I know that's the case in many, many situations, my own included, God allows us to wander so that we can see what it's like away from home and then we come back we see how wonderful it and he's glorified all the more, and you get to glorify God in your trust as you seek as you trust him with her because this is a very difficult thing to do for parents, especially moms moms are just awesome in your heart is deeper than most dads can be like that to monitors moms mom. Instinctively she came out of your very body.

It just there's a connection we we men just have and so you and it's a wonderful thing. So don't think badly about don't think you're in sin because you're worried about when God says don't worry we talking about is worry about where you can be the things that are under his control how he's going to provide for you to worry about that you trust in you work hard to do what you have to do to move forward so you don't take that context transferred over here is what you're doing is you are loving her and part of that love.

Of course, is concerned which you know it's the word worry in that context is on board for my children as well and concern for the word for praying for them that they would come to a place of repentance. They know the truth they've been taught and they made choices and there's always two sides of the story, but nevertheless we have to be concerned about this. Okay well why not file an you brought me in such a conservative church while it was a bandit wiping out night by I and and she probably highly educated and all must make that harder yesterday Lane home and I am yes we are highly educated and gone to secular school and secular schools very antagonistic to Christianity. It's very in ticket antagonistic. This is not talked about on the news media but needs to be the media sync is complicit with the enemies of our country. The news media is largely a lot of errors with this left-leaning as is the meaning and the leftist leaning greatly. Misrepresentation of truth. The attack of instrumentation Christianity. This is part and parcel of other world we live in. You understand that part of the issue, not all meat is bad. Not all schools are bad, etc. but this is pretty prevalent. So when your daughter goes in and she's going to be influenced and it's difficult for you as a mom because your mom you can't teacher from dad my kids I can listen to make the listless stranger. I have a friend that would've my daughters will listen to for hours and he'll say the same thing. I will. He's even come to me and said his body was it not at all, not about a lot of likely and because fixed it for mom and dad and so what we have to do is just continue to love them and trust God with them, and sometimes to test for us as well. Sometimes God wants us to do is let go. Now I don't mean like those in don't care.

But there comes a place sometimes what we need to do is truly let go and were truly trusting God more than were worrying and being concern for children. It's a difficult place to get because his parents. It's a difficult place to get this were obligated to do, about eight right now won't date in church. I think now won't prorate the Bible you know what I'm I am an and Friday and I get scared. What if she was that not too bad that when the gods concern not yours, but you don't know that.

And we do not allow him, but we we don't know how God predestined this nation which we don't know how selection works. We just don't know.

And so what we can say is that as the Bible says James 516 the prayers of the righteous Mandeville much with God is at work. How does our prayer, influence God. I don't know because he knows all things from eternity and yet appears influence of that work.

I have no clue so our job is to pray our job is to seek him and we don't know even if our heartfelt desires lovingly even as the father's love the sun and those prayers that God is moved by that to have already predestined, so to speak.

We don't know how it works. So don't put all your eggs in that basket, and on and you know why I believe in the stuff, but I don't have all the answers and I don't like to say this is how it works for safe.

This is what we see the Scripture say this as far as we can go.

But there are other things we don't know about. We do not know the criteria by which God has ordained by which he saves people we don't know what that is.

So what we can do is pray and ask on the site and that's what I do every night for my children and they .9% of the time every night.

Okay, I pray for my children. I just ask yourself to them. It's his his job to save them. Not so. We pray okay well I will first tamale. Thanks thank you ma'am. Sorry. Every time I probably sent to timely talk to me in apprising this drug. But I don't should be, but it's nice it's okay Joanne, I like to talk is that of all intellectual I love to to minister to people counsel them and just reach in their hearts and trying to touch them as well. Not cry everything that you your sale map that will collect data and how I'm not. I don't mean to embarrass you a sheet that I didn't want to decide that I have ground spiritually out of what Christ went to write you and that I'm not right now like to say is thank you, but give God all the glory because I'll tell you in and out.

I did but I thanked him that I found you little house at I'm the one that had a little granddaughter that have active partners member yes it's not, girls, girls, and that is what made me start listening United and vacant land. You have ground match and basement dispatch spam dock. Map my play church you go. I bet and again, and she didn't get. I'm glad that you brought home made on the other that outflank right thinking it just goes to show you first is 127 is true, God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise week things to share those machines which he uses week foolish people he has to receive all the glory asked Rod all right, can I wish you health, family, American thinking is Joanne, it's me Matt slick page let you know that we are through the end of the month here were having a matching funds drives you want/domains and anything that you today on so if you're giving $10 a month already done To add another 10 that additional 10 recount one time gift of 25 and so this is so CAR/donate page here with North Carolina welcome your all and are you Muslim, I you Muslim right okay so what you question our client by buying not about backfiring on me that I even reincarnate a lot better than I doubt what you question okay can you lie on their life because eternity is the document, one God, the Trinity is monotheistic and just so you know, I know a lot about Islam.

I debated many Muslims formally and informally and very frequently they misrepresent with the doctor. The Trinity is the Quran alludes to the idea that the three separate gods, but that's never been what it was. The doctor, the Trinity has always been it's one God, the certified 73 they do blessing was a call is one of three of the Trinity. There is no God except one Allah. That right there demonstrates Mohammed didn't understand what the Trinity was. He got wrong. We never teach that the Trinity's recent regards ever.

Okay I concept I the Trinity is the teaching. The one being who is God are three distinct simultaneous persons father-son Holy Spirit. Think of it this way, God loves and he has someone to love, to and that which is love is 32 God is Trinitarian, we could look at it that way, or covenantal, that God makes a covenant by his word he binds himself and said he covenants with someone and that the covenant itself is 1/3 part the sender the receiver and the thing sent.

So we see that and pleasant in nature. Time is past and present and future, and there are three separate things but there's a, they're all one thing time and matter is solid, liquid and gas and spaces height and width and depth, and so the Trinity is is is nothing more than the revelation of God in the New Testament Scriptures and eviscerating 34 it says that God's words cannot be altered. And Jesus gave the words from a lock supposedly even in the Quran and yes all the truth and so is can't be corrupted and and what he says about father being God himself in God's will go through that is Mohammed who got this wrong Mohammed.

So Barry is non-when he does something to why he needs it. We need to have a son and not in the sense that Islam teaches. We do not teach that God had a concert. We do not teach and never have taught that God had relations with a woman to make a baby when I hear God everything that now like and how do you know how you know him as a Muslim. He's not a person you and stand you understand where Christians do some of the Christians mean when they say person so you are. You're a person I'm a person when you and I think that we think of two separate beings know your female and male but in theology and Christian theology. What that means is that personhood the quality of awareness, self-awareness, awareness of others being able to say you and yours and me and mine.

That's what is meant by personhood. Okay, so we don't say I don't say God is three persons in the sense of like three beings walking around in the hands and feet is not will repeat okay why not. I try my he `Eric Pratt 90 Jesus said Jesus is, unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. Johnny 24 Jesus says to Julie that I am in John 858 pieces before him was, I am the ticket stones want to kill them for saying that he's the I am in the I am is a course in speaking of Exodus 314 when Moses said to God, what your name and God says I am you deny that he's IM according to Jesus, you're going to die in their sins. I know you did not deny it right and you have to deny it but doesn't the Quran itself teach that the words of God a lot cannot be altered is not correct and I know no you will eclectic list Without the Quran says okay this is a region with I'm to read it to you and Sarah 1827 to 3014 27. None can change Allah's words did Jesus get the words of the law. Okay, so, so that none can change his words so that means Jesus gave the words that means nobody can change them resend it some doubted. That is not what it says you just altered the Quran is change the Quran. None can change his words, and none will you find as a refuge other than him. None can change his words, you just miss it all is wrong. So you see, now I know I you and I you mean by cumulate.

Mohammed changed because he did not not as he did not know we didn't. How do you know that because Mohammed said so I understand we go to the hadith know he will now you call out no liquid lately. No, Jesus hold on a second. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit with the one who would come after him. The Holy Spirit is not Mohammed Mohammed: I can read the Greek okay what it says. The thing is Mohammed Mohammed was prophesied by Jesus as a false prophet. Yes, he wants because Jesus said, let me explain to you all and hold on whole it is not your show is mine, because Jesus says the law and the prophets were until John John the Baptist. There's no more profits. Mohammed came along. How do you know Mohammed was true you know I can't sit down, you still he said that Mohammed said that how you know it's true you know. He said his okay what if I can prove to you what I can prove to the Quran has mistakes in it. What would you say that by oh I will I get a question for you to be very careful how I say this because her children who are listening all right where is a man's seed formed in his body yes any genitalia in the genitalia right okay sir 86 527 now let man but think from what he is created he is created from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone in the ribs break the hold on back of his estate to their love to filter filter hello okay I forgot we were sort recited are you there yes that's right that the seed of man. Yes, so the Quran, the Quran says now let man but thing from what is created to screen from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone in the ribs worse between the battle and the ribs. Where is that that's a chastisement that's just not right there does not seem that is not just is what it says. I'm looking at the back and he love the common era elected by Yusuf Ali is is excellent.

You read Arabic okay good then you need to go and look because it says in I don't read Arabic. This is an con it says proceeding from between the backbone in the ribs in you go check it out for yourself that if it does say that in the Arabic then according to the concert for 82 minutes there's one thing wrong yet for you to do not consider the Quran. Had it been from any other than a law, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. If there is discrepancy in the Quran, then it's false. I found hiring out that Brian did why it's having what is it, get the crucifixion wrong talks with Pharaoh crucifying with Pharaoh what didn't have crucifixion then insert 71 23 through 24. Crucifixion was of and by the Phoenicians around 600 BC or why does it say that to Mary was a brother of the of the Moses I was in your pocket matinee back in okay what they like to say what they have to say that you have to say and so then I tell you what, could you then do some research. Do some homework on sir 86 527 where it says that a man's seed comes from his chest, found that I know does not know doesn't I have ever read. People I would a second. I know people Arabic I knows people who raised in an Arab countries they speak. This is what it says so you and ask question on what I will plan on going well on land that firm now that I can affirm that I is and often anything will that oregano on God match came back at him and I can radio to add) is laying claim can your Islam. That same finish since your Islam save you from his you understand what I'm saying is the teaching of Islam. This is how do you figure sins forgiven. In this long by seeking my guy and I missed it but here I have a question for you.

So let's just say that there is a very very evil man, very evil, and he's murdered and he's done still works because of the children listening but very very evil man did many many many many things he deserves to die and is been filmed on this and have hundreds of witnesses and at his trial, he is found guilty, and the judge. The judge does to this guilty manager says the good, the judge assessed your free. Don't worry about it. Go had your free punishment saved by his a good judge or a bad guy is a good job or a bad judge is a good judge who ignores the law and lets the wicked go free. That's it.

That's good listening.

Humility is the law. The judge ignores the law is not the law of the law that people who sin should be punished. Does the law nor his law. This year your eyes on.

Now he doesn't lock better find my guy month so if you just said that he does just that he does so he doesn't unless you say that means he does ignores along your to forgive people, Hitler ignored his own law is ignore is not a law brain you are still excited about. I didn't say dead but I am saying that you are your understanding of sin is to break allows work set right all that's not true that's not true. And like actually most of the talk like to keep focusing back on the main topic you keep want to go on the attack. So look what is sin in this long to define sin, okay. So sin is going against the law of God, and you said that with the Christian teachers it's the same thing but for John, three fourths good.

So in order for a lot to forgive people does he have to ignore his own law and I don't want all okay so you admit that Allah can ignore his own law just want to make sure that's how he does seek the God of Christianity can't ignore his own law is to perfect impure for that is too holy for he can't ignore his own law, which is why Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, God in flesh is to nature's that he became one of us and he fulfilled the law perfectly if you want to say that I the Quran is on God and man at law line that tranquil hand because the economic back on again and he loved that they forget that not how I met with the point is making is that in order to do that. He is to ignore his own law is to just not do what he said he's gonna do yesterday contradict himself, but there are not law that you are on the Korean lot line you stop doing that thing and you with what you know what that that convinces everyone that happy."

But I thank God, yeah, that convinces me that allows false and the reason is because in Christianity.

Repentance doesn't forgive you repentance. This means turning to the law. Turning away from doing something bad in doing the law by which you are then say because that means that God would accept your goodness your effort in Christianity God of Christianity is far too holy to accept anything that we can do because I'm a sinner. Everything I do is touched by sin. Nothing I do is let you run me alive again. The bad the wrong thing, except that there are an accepted Islam, God, your God has to ignore his own law, which means he contradicts himself in Christianity God is not ignore his own law he fulfills his own law in Christ, and I law the lot is the law is what God has revealed is morally right out of his character don't lie.

Don't steel no commit adultery. Don't murder, etc. so these things that I lack know I said that the people all people have sent everybody has the only way for the law to be satisfied is for God himself to keep that law you can do a lot of harm because only because I because he's doing to keep the law. He's gotta be a person to do the law about a lot of what Jesus Christ Jesus has two natures, a divine nature and human nature and he became one of us under the law. Galatians 44 and he fulfilled the law perfectly. You can't Mohammed certainly didn't Mohammed send in the Quran teaches that Jesus was sinless, even the Quran exalts Jesus above Mohammed was a sinner and find it.

So Jesus is is perfect, even in Islam and Mohammed is not in Jesus, was given the words not mine, so insert 23 111143 when the trumpet is blown to be no more militia between them and that they rooms at a time and those whose balance of good deeds is heavy they will attain salvation those balances like they will have lost their souls through 23 so you have to do good works to be saved, if ever since forgot all kind of good works.

I tried so deep the me get this straight, your God accepts your efforts as being good enough for him. And when your efforts are touched by sin your God accepts the unholy guy guy guy and God is not your God is a false God. If you die in Islam to tell you this that make leaving me dying this long you can go to hell, I have Jesus at all tomorrow.

Enjoy the conversation folks the Lord bless you advice for your member matching funds driving the carbon org/

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