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Best Of MSL 2020 3: Jesus Is The Way

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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January 20, 2020 3:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 3: Jesus Is The Way

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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January 20, 2020 3:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This episode covers various topics like Spirit Adultery, the New Heaven and Earth, and The Methodist Church Split, just to name a few.

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This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat is why in apologetics and research found online that car back back back 33 would be good. Don't worry, that would rather be watched by the word of the main of you know plan adulteress with sexual things and be washed by the word is different issue. What is talk about here is that what the husband's job is to sanctify his wife and fighting with the washing of the water with the word he doesn't baptize his wife is not the issue. It's the washing of that water washing of that word. Cleansing thing is God speaks but testament, but nevertheless, so if she's being discipled by another man. That's permissible under certain conditions. I would advise it.

A woman should disciple a woman .30 in the can look at every single circumstance and say every one of them is condemned in every rule but normatively speaking woman should be discipled by woman a man by man. So woman to be settled by another man's letter man not her husband.

Depending on things her husband could be in jail and he can't disciple her so she's under the tutelage of an elder and he calls her under full knowledge of his wife, and everybody's knowledge and things like that is he's coaching her and discipled her in that sense. If there are no women available to do that job. At that time until until woman is raised up for that purpose under circumstances in which it would be possible. It is necessitating the kind of adultery we want to hear. In 20 oh and if the man is in no way doing a job like you know the main map would be grown, well, what if he's an unbeliever, then what I write you and grab you like another man up now your problem is that the W problem because at that point. Here she would be risking something if there's no reason he might not be as small as knowledgeable as her.

But that's okay.

Then what you need to do is is submit and a willing way to his leadership and discipleship and check everything he says against the Scripture, because in so doing will happen is she will help him to rise to the occasion of doing what he supposed to be doing a lot of times women will say no.

I want my husband Ryan wants also to do something myself to find somebody else and they don't realize what they're doing is injuring themselves because if you give them an excuse to be lazy. He'll be lazy if you require some things of him in a loving expectation way usually rises dedication and women need to be be sensitive and unsupported in the process and the more they are the better they will do men have a tendency to respond very very well to that, but nevertheless that's what I would be saying is the issue in a sense, she should not be going to see the significance of something of a normal situation home okay now but verse 33 will grab no defense was going on. What if he's a drunkard and he's trying to get things right and this other guy is just a stellar example of something will are still risks their number so would recommend that necessarily continues to be woman involved in deciphering another woman but like I say, you don't.

You can look at every single instance but in this kind of thing normally speaking woman is to respect her husband whether she wants to were not is not the issue. This is where I teach my teacher took a course on the theology of marriage, just like a husband is required to love his wife whether he feels like it or not is irrelevant. That's his job and likewise a wife is respect her husband whether she feels like it or not that's her job and by the way most women and most men can list 15 different ways that a man can love his wife.

But when we ask one of the 50 different ways you can respect your husband usually is hear crickets because they don't understand what that really means. And when they do answer. Generally speaking, they want to respect their husbands the way they think that they should be respected themselves with a lot of problems in this issue.

This is a very important topic. I love discussing and talking about what I'm teaching on it but nevertheless normatively speaking, this room should be doing and when she does do that her husband usually will rise to the occasion of a dozen Chinese can talk contact with the old church need to be praying and some of these come alongside and help.

Nothing wrong with running a God bless arrive you to let's get on the phone with John from New Jersey John, welcome to show you on the air, John. I hit the button John. I guess he's not there.

I don't hear anything with them on hold and let's go to Carl from Idaho hey Carl look Michelle, your name what's up when we got a L I joined Reformed Church Opie the Coeur d'Alene Idaho okay. I've been gone for a week now. We went to Murray and have fun theology.stuff like that and the topic came about that.

I'm paid out that covenant baptism stuff like that. And though I agree with baobab that you know bring them into the covenant relationship between you know and God and all that and they were asked if a woman were to have an unbelieving husband that she got Dave and he refused to allow her to get baptized. Should she obey Christ and get baptized or be submissive to her husband and not get baptized and main island and the spectacle to if you were to ask her to commit adultery. Should she be respectful and do that or should you be the word of God's answer either. I I think I yeah I'm here. I think you should obey the mother.

You know you will be order obey the word of God over your husband over your wife if there's a conflict between the two particular initial baptism of the Bible tells us to be baptized is a very important covenant thing that she needs to obey the Lord and what she needs to do is work with the elders.

If this is a real situation from shirt Before she needs to work with the elders in and provide a way to present it to the house without doing it against behind his back, but she needs to make it clear that she has to obey him. The Lord over her husband and that should not try to disrespect him what he's asking her to do is to violate the greatest of conscience that she possesses.

I right, wouldn't it be under the federal headship of the husband. Yes the federal headship deals with representation and even if he's not a believer. He still has that place and women need the wife you'd understand that, but the Bible says, for example, to get baptized, so she should get baptized. The Bible says do not lie. If he asks her to lie for him. She can't do it whenever I want to have a job and am the boss actually told me when so-and-so called to tell. Not here massive I can't do that because my job I said that I circuit is either what is it because it's not true.

It's I can't lie, I will say your unavailable but I won't. So you're not here. If you are here and he was all right.

That's good enough. That's what I said so you know you had to obey God rather than man becomes of these things means always you do that, but make sense okay I okay sounds good all right does call from Idaho. Let's get back to this, try again.

I think it was Chris from Raleigh, Chris, are you there yet you think okay you look at me on the hello that Mary yes I hear you. Go ahead okay I so I thought all though. My question is about like heaven, and not further the lot number like actually needed thing that there about home we get there and they were worshiping God and not saying that the bad thing because I worked for God here on earth is not docketed. The matter would be like, you know, in heaven, but there's also that the you know there can be a new heaven and new earth, can you like kind bring Scripture to clarify that time and time again but I'm I always try like Google are like oh you know kind of thing. Let me help you really in Jewish theology. There's three heavens the first heaven is where the air and the clouds are the birds.

The second heaven is where the stars and the moon are the third heaven is called the dwelling place of God. So the Bible talks about new heavens and a new earth is talking with the first two levels. First two in the Jewish cosmology, not the third heaven, which is that that place of God.

I won't be redone. Everything that's always going on yeah okay but not like the first part like it when we get to heaven, like all working to be working for eternity and that I would like the me the main part of like what I will okay what your question about worshiping God forever at 100 you'd like had clarity on like okay what about the only guy go to heaven. Then when the Bible says versus says we don't have any idea of how greatest can be when we got there and I'm hesitant sometimes talk about this subject. Okay casual way but will be able to get back to the breakup tell you about experience that also tells me you have nothing wrong. They voted right back Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my company and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great guy, inventor and CEO Michael wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all Microsoft products you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows tired of sleeping and get deep discount mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 8999 that with the public code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my 60 day moneyback guarantee of a 10 year warranty go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body for 2999 truth 100 942-9613 great radio special is slinking away met with get back on with Chris. Chris are still there and I'm here. All right, so I had the experience once when I was 17 and I got saved in the Trinity be make it so casual, but it was the singularly most important event of my entire life, the singularly most emotional event of my entire life and I have literally divided my son the grave I have experienced things, but only tell you that I got saved. I can tell you is the very presence of God himself, not just who I can feel something no being reduced to just a heap of sobbing tears. The presence of incredible holiness. Now leave it at that. But up. I believe that if all we do in heaven. This power faces to the ground and worship God that we will have her people, the glory of his presence is so readily intense and wonderful that it will have for goals.

It can never grow in her capacity to understand it will heal in comparison to the infinity of time With him, so it's not just what we can be doing house and around talking, no way to be in the presence of credible purity and holiness that will shine in and upon souls notice and this more miraculous things okay yeah Natalie Dr. Island on the wallet very light but godly. I now want like I thought about that you no longer fly like my goal is not get all the grit to talk about like creditors in heaven, but I don't know if that is not only that: you can hear your thoughts are on that one. 30 nobody got off the island Outlook yet one night you to move over to Mike from Winston-Salem North Carolina might look at the show. One time with their first time calling L3 while cooking right while in whole thigh with the multicast got a new thing hundred and like your opinion on it. Well, not evangelical always want their you know God and no okay but here's the fun of God, though I like your opinion on how is that when when the Pentagon get ready for nocturnal son of God, but did not consider him none even before the beginning. Yes, let me help you with the defined terms first so the first element defined here is who Jesus is.

So this make the statements people hear Dusty to hear it out. You might say what Jesus came into existence. 2000 years ago and what I mean by that is that the incarnation where one person has two distinct natures that began 2000 years ago Jesus the man Jesus the person with two distinct natures. The divine nature and the human nature God and man that began 2000 years ago. However, the word which became flesh and dwelt among us John 11 verse 14. The word has always existed. The eternal word has always existed as a second person of the Trinity, and in that eternal existence.

The word has always been in relationship to the father as the sun we mean by that is that from eternity God in the Trinitarian form always had decreed the incarnation, and that the word should be the son Jesus would be the one who would atone for our sins so for forever ago that how it was so in one sense in the intra-Trinitarian Communion from before the foundation of the universe from eight infinite time back, the second person of the Trinity was in relationship to the father in the sense of being the son because he would become incarnate. Leave it at that for now and the person of Christ began his existence as a single person with two natures, 2000 years ago so depends on how you look at it.

I want to answer the question because Jesus technically didn't exist till 2000 years ago the divine nature always did. So when did Jesus become the son of God. As soon as he was conceived and had this to natures in the hypostatic union incarnation with the word was also always the son by relationship having been decreed to consent that make sense to help out.

I think I think I would think it would or the beginning but as I said, but in this ticket. Is this Jesus himself didn't come into existence until 2000 years ago.

In that that actuality. Of course he's the son as soon as he's incarnate now doesn't mean Burling's conception with no great there was no data, no 2000/or the beginning that handwriting in Nazareth and inception when the word became flesh. Now he is the son of God in the flesh and he is is in the flesh and have the correct yes and forever will be a man you then heaven and gave the man and got but that talk to some people and I read a little bit. Then something on the done all the dependency I did was I define my terms they didn't do that. So Jesus, of course, he's always been the sun in the sense of his divine nature, but the human nature didn't exist till 2000 years ago so you know we have this. This place is going to get here where apparently Becky can appear in the flesh anywhere in the old Jessica topic of immediacy could be good to explain that's that's called a Christoph in the not incarnation in incarnation is a permanent indwelling a manifestation is simply he just takes a human form and this happened in Genesis 17, 118, 1 to 24 nine 211 Nexus 6213. Mention these things. So these things occur, but that's not an incarnation.

It's a manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ okay though.

Without thinking, you know, one of the hand of God and is gone they call them right agent. The defendant done the earth is the eternal son ship in the sense that in the intra-Trinitarian Communion the sun which is called a word here in this relationship was eternally decreed to be the one who would be the son okay I guess he was the second verse of the right okay I already focus on my right back FA's budget is one of the mind 87720722 Matt slick taken away. Matt said yet again thanks for those of you been supporting us. We do need that and it's want to say thanks so we stay on the air by your generous support. You predict that a phrase was dinner inventors okay to truth you know if you like to show you want to be chick continue to challenge you want others to be challenged.

Please consider supporting us. As you probably 40 figured out I'm a little bit different and most of radio hosts tackle all kinds of things and get into discussions and I don't pull punches so we don't serve anybody but my Lord, and you like that if you don't agree with me that's okay as long as you check when I say against the word of God, which is what you're supposed to do if you want that show the Kundera/donate that's what you do see and hope Lucas McCall was coming that nobody calling right now. I had a conversation today with the guy you call the office and/or a call and forget whatever it is make a difference. We got talking and it took me a while to figure out that he was a trick to cut Christ and we got talking and he did the same thing. I confirmed the same thing that I discovered with my debates with the guy last week on the Church of Christ guy what they're doing is holding to the idea that salvation is by God's grace and the act of baptism.

Water baptism by immersion.

So I noticed that in both cases that ended that this guy had this conversation with today, I noticed that in both cases they were both informed pretty well informed of their position. I noticed that they do not entertain the difficult questions they dismiss them and it's like they have a a no. It's a trigger that if a certain thing is said to ignore it and go to something else and that to me is very telling. Well, I got thinking about something because because some there's a teaching. The Roman Catholic Church called con dying merit and condign merit as a reward for an action because God has promised to work in that action at you. You're doing so for example in Roman Catholicism, connect this with church pressure. If you do certain things God has promised to bless you in those certain things and if he does not reward you with what is promised that he's not being just and fair bit of self. That's condign merit congruent merit is of a reward for an action is not based on anything other than the kindness of the one giving the rewards of does or doesn't do it. It is not right or wrong. So with the condign merit I realized that with the Church of Christ people are doing is saying the same thing as the, the adherence of condign merit inside the church.

I'll explain. So what they're saying is that God obligates himself to save us in the waters of baptism know for I understand and am still open to be corrected in this. This is minutia point that what you're telling us the Church of Christ people is that it's not the act itself of the mere water that saves the promise of God to save us in the water baptism and so that oversight will that's the same thing is condign merit and that God promises to to supply a gracious movement of some sort.

When we do something that he says he will combine himself by and course they can't prove that this is the case need a coach or Catholic Church or the Church of Christ that I noticed was interesting and I'm working on an article probably gets released tomorrow, as were those articles is taking more more time plus at a lot of things to do today. I think that's I say this this is important for you to understand and listen to this. You should hear this no heresy sits by itself, which has company.

No heresy sits by itself.

No heresy is alone and always has company and because of my discussion with the guy last week.

It occurred to me to ask certain questions of the guy today and so I did and lo and behold the exact same issues were stated exact same heresies were supported. For example, the idea of no original sin, or that we don't have a sinful nature. Winterbourne now the Bible tells us were by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 that all have sinned from the 323 that were fallen and I get into all kinds of things were talks about this and yet they'll deny that the reason they deny it is because if water baptism is necessary for salvation, then, if babies who die have to be baptized, but since they're not baptized.

They can't say they go to hell. So they have to instead of saying baptism is necessary now what they say is no. They don't have sent for them to get baptized so with in order to substantiate their baptismal regeneration heresy have to sacrifice another doctrine to support their error. They also deny federal headship that Christ represented us on the cross, which is really interesting because to say that is to just invoke all kind of problems and I will do that. There's a whole kind of problem also problems there. They deny that we are totally touched by sin and all that we are is a think that's it, along with Original Sin. They deny that and they deny they will have to advisor could come little aspect of God's redemptive work of the thief on the cross.

It's another thing and they deny eternal security that were safe in the arms of Christ in the deny election predestination. So I anyway, it was just the they are across-the-board to do that none us. If you don't believe in structural security or heretic and not saying that but it's just one of the things that they do teach a few deny election predestination. Yeah, you are a heretic because the Bible teaches selection for this nation tells us were elected at that said it predestined you like it you like to reverse it across your Bible.

So those are there but nevertheless of the point is that no heresy is alone and always has company and whenever someone has an agenda still sacrifice other truths to that agenda and the other releasing an article maybe doing a video on that pretty soon, as well. Anyway, forgive me call if open lines all you do is give me a call at 877-207-2276 is good to send Nick I guess that's right. From the look of the show. You're on the air. No problem at all. So I got back on find information about Mark church had been going to allow the nomination of churches engaging in conversations about joining up with her partnering with a nine Mark nine Mark church about the nine characteristic that on there that night Mark church talk about the characteristics of a healthy character. I got to figure out look fine critics that are very where you like Bill Murray and Ironman start on when I look get educated on because this is about done on you know there's a lot of things I've heard about yet so what I could do.

Looking at their website. BRCA2 is probably contact them and ask to interview some of them about what it is they teach if they don't want to do that tonight. Have to write a review without their input, which I would make known returned my calls. It had this kind of thing happen before people talk to me most do you know most evident out of the deal.

So nine marks Journal nine marks the stuff you know will will check it out.

I'll check it out. I'll have to. This is interesting preaching and theology look pretty pretty harsh and anything that you can offer if you like it here and on your website periodically at yes it's a good idea and I'm looking women things is training limited. Teach women women something to be doing for your that's good you know how soothing contact and went to see if you would be will to have a conversation with me about your questions and when article 1, you don't approve or disapprove split looks pretty good so far but we'll see that you let me know a great you to be installed. That's right, will God let us okay alright was interesting, and I have to research that's more nine marks.

Yes, that's correct. I hadn't heard of it before or if I haven't forgotten. I know there's a nine marks of a set of proper church or something like that. The nine characteristics of her level for me was the same thing. Posting a call 877-207-2276 this get to Jim from North Carolina Jim one want to talk about. That is, how do I believe in eternal salvation, and that was the question five open lines folks can call 877-207-2276 yes I do live in eternal salvation were save or save eternally. Christ doesn't make any mistakes the ones given to him by the father are knocking to be lost.

As John 637 through 40. Jesus says give eternal life to the sheep and they will never perish. This is what Jesus says in John 1027 and 28 John 316 God the world he gave his only begotten son, that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

So you know Jesus equates eternal life with never perish. If he's going to give you a photo fourth in line give a call 877-207-2277 everyone is Matt slick from that slick live and I wanted to let you know about my fellow I got one a few weeks ago I gave it a try and after the first night I said that said, I am not getting difficult and I'm not getting as a CPAP machine thing is perfect. In fact, when I travel. That's the goal with click at the top left on the bedfellows they click on the four pack special type in the promo code truth and you get 50% off the four pack includes two Michael premiums to go anywhere.

Pillows are hundred percent cotton 60 day moneyback guarantee 10 year warranty really are good and I absolutely love the one I also call 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth and you want your babies love them I love them please check them out 100-944-5396 and use the promo code truth magically is Matt slick was good to Todd from North here. Matt, I'm just wondering what your opinion is only a little bit came out of the Methodist Church, last two Fridays ago about potential separation agreement familiar with it what they say.

Basically there the high profile mediator who went to the church and brought 16 people together from all the different angle and there the agreement are going to put the general conference is that UMC will keep the name and they will they will donate $25 million to a fund established a new war. Wesley and Methodist Church, but it will be a new church but still hold to the sexual stuff UMC will they Wesley in the spinoff church will not be a traditional Beano no gay marriage and all women pastors and elders look at when article on this, but scanning so it's nothing to do what they should do it right. This need to stop supporting the idea of homosexuality being legitimate lifestyle, etc. and they need to not have women pastors and elders to do it right yet slightly yeah the new church will use you and they will not have the UMC name anymore UMC that's that's is consistent with the rule of thumb I got that if it church or denomination has the were united and it is generally pretty bad deal. Except I'm aware of is United Reformed Church. That's a good church but why it is with those of the liberals will keep the were united so okay yeah except yeah I literally literally actually have stood out in front of the United Methodist Church with signs and handouts any literature, protesting what was going on inside your ass on the service when they were having a young Muslim commitment, a message on the Sunday service from one faster while you this is heresy and I'm when the people would come out a fuse had been to your right she should be doing that, but others were condemning me for being intolerant so I said Jesus is intolerant but do you not notice Patel his people to want the truth.

But you interesting okay and Methodist Church announces proposal to split over gay marriage should split no church should support gay marriage or homosexual pastors and elders visibly we don't love them.

Treat them well sister not depositional authority shouldn't be doing all right. Okay, sounds good. Thanks a lot.get the loop from California.

Luke, thank you. You think you will rent all my question is regarding human. Great debate Muslim and RDRAM it would be speaking about Eric and the Bible. But there is an allegation that Muslims claim that up.

Adam 90 feet of society.

We try to buy the can you give me some insight. I know are three archaeology why did I typically cost about 890 feet thought it's a bias is a biological side. The blood pressure necessary for the heart to push the blood down and then up to 60 feet requires an incredible amount of pressure and you can study the giraffe in the issue the heart pushing the arteries up through the neck of the giraffe that be the place research and how much pressure is necessary how the arteries had to be of incredibly status of critical strength or for that to happen. Now if you're to basically be in the scientific edges of the Bible, then you stick with now that undoubtedly you know that in the Koran.

There's many problems in the Quran on the man's seed formed in a man's chest and things like that seven heavens and things like this. I'm sure you're aware of that debate is about the debates about the issue of the of the. The Bible, so let me get a recommendation are you selling your notes are doing here but always look at what they say in context always and don't let them snow you and say that this is what it is and then going to something a signal we must look at everything in context. Okay I want a lot of the point that most marked with no whatever book you the voluble look about Nobby ago that Rachel Hart Muslim. The thing that he could maybe fight incorrect. Not everything not only prickly is what you do is say say there's verse there's nothing outside a man which can defile him if he goes into him defiling is a spiritual thing right yes but I think out of the man with the file then you say that is talking with the biological function to go to the restroom. Music can you show me that the Scripture that that's what is talking about the three double so when they make an assertion that there always will almost always wrong. I debated Muslims to publicly and on TV done on radio. I've done it many times and they don't listen. I don't care what you have to say what you need to do is continue to ask the question, shall mean the text whether your view is the right one for me that that's what it means. Since you talk about defiling and defiling is something that occurs to the person's heart, soul, mind person that they won't be able to and when the human Harlequin want to change the topic you Satan know you said and repeat the verse you said Mark 715 he repeated.

Please show me what you said is true, because I'm going into. I tell him I think I'm in asking the same thing for everything that you raise up but I like their enjoyment of the Lenoir hook and also to all you right the Bible, however, in regard Mark. My rebuttal to make that argument against them because in the hadith, on the all water and make water into your know that body will probably make that the only prickly then but you don't get the reject it on faith because mom and made the same type of claim regarding water you like to make sure the double standard's sake is blessed.

that is okay.

no call back when, how they voted right back after these messages you open lines 877-2072

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