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Best Of MSL 2020 5: Jesus Is The Life

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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February 3, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 5: Jesus Is The Life

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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February 3, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. Matt takes calls dealing with such subjects as not remembering when they got saved, what happens when we die, and Coop Baptist Fellowship. 

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This is the Truth Network he will not live in apologetics and research found online car door and are worried about your courier. Got it on the Kobe Bryant okay when we got.

I met what exactly does the Bible say Lisa exactly can I put a little damper on it a little bit. But what happens is we will be with the Lord we don't those who don't go to a place of judgment, and that would be eternally the level of the judgment my calendar on the side of the later judgment of those who do you think will go to the Lord to absolutely thank you so much Matt but I think I thought the white horse with a fork coming out of his mouth with a lead and of angels behind that post. Yes, I think either one is that horse that that's right you're correct when you say post trip here think that the God returned his return label people get taken away for that.

That's what you're saying yeah that's what I believe because of what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 piece is talking about the end of the age just designated for 40 that you have a regular thing on the Internet okay I got in. So what he says is when the tears and the wheat are both sewn he says aloud both to grow together until the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers as the Angels first gather the tears so he specifically says.

The first was gathered of the tears. So what I can so I conclude is the first one gathered in the tears when I say that because Jesus is first gather the tears that's widely the first was gathered on the tears.

It's not difficult and so there's some things along with it and I think it's an interesting discussion with one goal that we can talk about that hateful break right. His message is called to open my backswing to get away Matt to Michelle from Michelle on your head mentioned that you were all aware of when we were in relate to that. I don't recall where I was earning flush moment I know that I had alerted me and I know I walk with them and I'm wondering why I am aware that you know you know some people. I look at this when I'm trying to illustrate it this way. That's so some people know when you want to arraign if it's a deluge of a rain you get what's drenched to the bone very quickly. But if it's a soft mist takes longer and when did you become wet at that point and we can't say some people when they become saved is by gentle wooing and drawing from the Lord to such a slow degree that one day they decided when I say I would say when that happened were others like myself who was a very monumental event.

I remember it clearly. But you know it just doesn't matter.

You want to worry about it and when you do if I were preaching and I would never say we all know that day know we don't not all people do. Some people could have a traumatic event with a loser memory and are still for a while and are still say they don't know is all kinds of things but don't worry about from the reassurance. I wanted to clarify that my comment. No problem, Michelle Coblentz schedule Ricky from High Point, North Carolina showing on their thank you first hole.

If I understood you. I wholeheartedly disagree with you when you gave the lead and asked about her not know when she say my understanding is that it will saunter. Did I understand you to say that something said expand a little more God can move people and they can come to a place of believing in and later on I don't have to remember it understand, but I guess I'm okay mom started is you. You you have to ask him to come into your life and video, Lord, Lord and Savior, as most will if you say you have to say those words than the people who are mute can't do it or the people who work in hospitals on their deathbed tubes down the mouse they can't do it understand the sentiment of what you're saying we talk about those with legal people are different.

They are so different in so many ways and I remember very very clearly the moment of my regeneration in the very presence of God, but that doesn't mean that's how others can be and I have talked to people who just they see you the race in a Christian home, for example, anything just to believe their whole lives. Would you say what they were. You saved. I don't know. I've always been a Christian I talk to people who believe that this happened in the Christian students raised in a Christian home you have to you have to become saved and are you just by your belief in him being your Lord and Savior. You click on site God grants that we believe it's 129 are believing is the work of God.

John 620 29 so anyone who believes our trust in Christ according to exit 1632, 31, when is it what must we do to be saved believe the Lord Jesus Christ. You shall be saved. For someone who believes they do so because God is granted that to them. Then there saved okay okay just your opinion.

It may sound right but it's not all about why if you look at all of the plague to be so many of the countries where people need to get the domain get physically deformed and even going back to the Bible for all of the people who are so minute problem: as you want. It appears that all of the people of color and not the okay well my lucky group that is you that yes the house I got serious about it and believe it has to do with anything anybody with race is only leaving one arrest of the human race. And there's different colors of the human race as my physician is skin color goes does seem to be a tendency why I think it's because the truth of Christianity spread out throughout the Mediterranean area which happened to be at that time probably predominantly Caucasian and it moved westward and I believe this is an interesting topic. I think I have. I believe that what that's biblical theology, particularly in Protestant theology, not Roman Catholic that when it is the underground stage of the undergirding foundation of a society's morals, governmental systems, believes that it results in prosperity. I believe that I do it and select the generally speaking the Caucasians with one of the Mediterranean area and so that's why we think would see that because as he moved west and they came into America etc. etc. and those of the other, so to speak.

Skin tones want in that area geographically and they didn't have that same gospel affect them in that way. That's what that's going to spring okay alright so separated him from the rest of the people of color when it came to things like that don't you think now I was a separated them. I think it's just a geographical not chance because is no chance in God's economy, but just the way thing I kind were and if it happened that things happen in the African cough confident Christian believers was mad just reading some turning point church appear all all recognize the course I do Thinking of you recently. I get so busy you will be listless something like wasn't able to meet. I just married is my excuse how you doing doing well and doing well no I haven't gotten back to you yet either, so they were both guilty and and housing and everything.

I know because I know you were talking about the member you know it's great.

It's great able to get into the truck that was dependable and everything at oratory provided that's awesome somebody just anonymously donated the meeting was because I was think about something because I was say this because it involves the member we were up in the upper room there, so to speak, talking, and one of the guys the security guys came in and talk about stuff and he recommended certain something. Were you there. I was you tell him you though his recommendation is what I want to get have to get it but I do say that I deftly will and and Mike yeah that's exactly what he's asked. He was impressive. He would try that Troy, this is a good guy but hey, I'm ready can affect back up there in the and stuff, but I figured you didn't call me back right away after I spoke at your church because it took a couple months to clean up the mess that's what I was suckling it up at target, not knowing if there there was a mess to clean up.

People were mentally blessed by your resources downstairs. As for the print off for Jehovah's Witnesses in Mormonism and in the Colton things like that so it really helps help people great deal.

I like that you need more stuff. Just let me know you guys are great loves Qubec if anybody I use can't regularly fill your small business 111 and there's a break will write that you write back with Thomas from Washington state and what is that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off.

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I have a pretty I think I have a conclusion as to what I think your views are be, but I am wondering why specifically and in what they are, will have no problem with literal 624. I have no problem with something symbolic to some degree I think is within exegetical possibility in the six-day creation. The seventh day God rested got his need to rest on the seventh day, and some say with ordinal numbers first second third fourth word llama Hebrew word for day was ever with ordinal numbers me 24. Click doesn't because 1/7 days without vent and so that's why because of that I say well just there's a exegetical possibility why it may not be literal. 24. 23 hours 36 minutes because the year to do this is 365 days five hours 40 minutes and 46 seconds you don't get the stuff that in the trivia talk very often, but not now right that's my geeky mission statement. So what happens is it is that I cannot. If you look at the stuff that's going in there. I think you like for example the sun is created to look after the plants will happen at work will because the sun is existing beforehand because one way to look at it and tell your story. This is what got me reading the Bible. Again was Genesis 1, the account of light first plants afterwards and then the sun after that it was my first read the Bible and I read that I discarded the Bible because that was not scientifically accurate because I want to be a scientist on the marine biologist from Kim Christian. And so I know this is can be corrected. I don't truth is, in my young teenage ignorance and then will I read an article by somebody who said what would you see if you are on the earth, watching it evolve and what you would see is light. The sun is there because of the nature of the atmospherics diffuse light, you would see the sun, but after photosynthesis of the plants. The result is a clear up the atmosphere and you see the sun that's exactly what Genesis said. And so that got me reading Genesis and believing the Bible just from that's not a very deep and great story but that's what happened to me so I could be a sense in which that perspective is showing a longer period of time, though I generally don't think so. And in that order. It does make sense from the human perspective of being under it does with how would anybody know that it shook me up. So I started reading the Bible account because of within again there could be some symbolism going on in there. I think there is is was called the framework hypothesis. What you could do is take Genesis 1.Day 123 on the left column in Genesis days 456 on the right, and you see the similarities between the and light on the first day the creation of the sun of the fourth light and light, and various things waters and land plants of the other and so some people hold was called the framework hypothesis. But there's a reason that they're done in the parallel like that with what is that reason to be will dedicate to this theological issues so II think there's literalness to that this as well as more than literalness woven into it that makes sense. My answer okay I think so. I think so. The exit article possibility. You can see, you know you there little seven-day or space because the seventh day itself had no end but ready six days. In the seventh day of God entering his rest so that I would be kind of like an age I've been looking a little bit at car misfires resources eNote between micro and macro evolution and things like that and so II was just kind of trying to I think figure out like there is some disagreement on whether or not macro evolution is asset as as we would say it is, but mainly that the only people who are disagreeing are creationist.

From what I've seen another couple scientist you are not you see general holes in it, but I've been looking looking at that. Of late, and how that would fit into the creation account will not terrify something I don't believe there is millions of years old, or even hundreds of thousands of yourself so I met relatively young. This people know and I lean towards the 24. Do not come with dinette hill, but nevertheless, so those who don't know evolutionary theory teaches generically the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution teaches that genetic information through copying error. Errors of varying sorts produce new genetic information in the new genetic information that arises is either kept or not kept by on environmental pressures. With respect, predation, or famine or whatever might be and this is how new information is selected for survivability. This is the basic idea of evolution, it doesn't work. It does not work because one gene is never by itself is always connect to something else. We alter one part you're altering other parts. So for example you I call it might be related to how well your ear right knee bends really weird like that and so macro evolution with stakes is that new information is being formed all the time and is a yes or no to that, but that's another topic. Microevolution basically says that it's a reduction that's what body will know it's a reduction of genetic information. Because if you have, for example, words that are all brown and one every once every hundred births. There's a white one that that is born. If the environment is brown. The white one stands out and gets eaten with her the snow and all the brown ones look at Eaton but the white ones will survive and so what happens is if all the white one survivor.

The brown ones no longer survived than the genetic information that manifested brown birds is wiped out, and that's what's called microevolution so macro is theoretically the increase of genetic information or micro is a reduction when evolutionist dues essay will microevolution proves macro and it doesn't. The discussions that that the genetics of some other things so this is a basic rundown for people who want what he say so go ahead with your question okay know though that is my question that the effect on my life and I let other people: okay, if you can in the most briefly possible. Explain if everything is passed through the ordaining will of God right like God ordained the end of the mean. If everything does, including the eating of the fruit and fall and and and I kind of understanding of the difference between his will.

How is man still held morally culpable. How would you explain it to somebody who from an atheistic route. That perspective, looking in. How is menthol ultimately culpable whenever God is completely sovereign, has even ordained the things become the path difference and see what we call the ultimate proximate and efficient causes.

The ultimate cause of all things is God and that he's the one who generated began all the events by his nature and essence proximate causes deal with the causes that are related to one another of events efficient causes are the individuals that bring certain things about where God is the ultimate cause of sin is not the efficient cause he's not the cause of you or me being prideful.

For example, in the simple way we do that freely. What happens is we get in these discussions of the nature of free will and his libertarian and compatible us free will and interest degrees within that we get into the fecundity determinism is logical determinism physical determinism theological determinism and then they can mix with a compatible list of free will.

Libertarian free will and so the discussions become quite involved in-no lease terms of the concept to be able to wait around in these areas. Now, you did say in the simple version.

So here we go. If I were to say to my daughters there's an illustration I want you to clean up your room and they don't. My daughter doesn't do it.

She has disobeyed me I did not force her to disobey. She freely chose to disobey but I'm the one who with my wife's consent brought the children into an contradictory course brought the children into existence and gave her when the group gave her the room with those toys with those whatever, by which she could freely make it a choice to be messy and when I say would you please give her room and she does not, even though I'm the ultimate cause in this analogy sense of her beginning in providing the circumstances. She's the efficient cause the actual one who's committing the rebellious act is not responsible for that. But I'm responsible for all the things around it and she is the efficient cause we would say she's the actually generated out of real desire and will not accept.

I think you left on Friday photo right back at his messages.

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Also, call 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth and you want your babies love them I love them please check them out when 100 944-5396 and use the promo code truth is Matt slick taken away. Matt, let's get right on the phones to Matt from North Carolina here.

Thanks for taking my call had a quick question Gloria, I was wondering if you dare learn anything about the cooperative fellowship before know I had not, and the producer put those words in your block on the thing is, and so I looked it up in the break.

And so it looks okay been afflicted for a couple of minutes, but it's it seemed to be okay seem so. Okay.

Good idea.

One couple in a couple weeks straight and I think the thing that jumped out in the know what that what I think with the fact that Eric communion was not close to believers. It was pretty much anybody could take communion and eating. Specify if you're not a believer, you really should have gone for what it represents an altar to a have yet they did not share the gospel and batted the head pastor with almost giving more than a I'm kind like a chat online generation in insert to bring along younger generations with our biblical but that they've done those. It sounded like it would be like a conference or something and then I've been with it.

Me and he says well he had come down he'll come down find if you want you want me to share the gospel with you with theme to cleared me that somewhere could be not knowing the context. How things are purposefully going on. It's always easy to sit back and go hey what about in this time I so in what was the goal and maybe you know it's always possible that people are talking about that incident sandwich indented better with within the staff is possible that there were children. I could've done better and you could've just gone.

Not the best example. So yeah I is hard to tell, but I got to look at it and I didn't see anything noteworthy is in no that seem to be okay right nexus with the truth and yet look so okay okay Radiated my call and I keep up the good work that question, Sue. Thanks. I think that my rent was math North Carolina folks therefore open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276, both from New Jersey will welcome your mere I will not have a bill lugging around in order that question come from loving everything but you without going out of their thinking how you have to click the button. Crying like different click on of you another down in about an hour late delay would likely different click to feel like you're maybe feel a little like you that I contact fellow you maybe a little rough on the guy cannot hear the whole thing at context. I didn't know. Maybe if the guy that was kind of stand and I like it with. Maybe you know you carry it more reactive to how he was acting but anyway I get from that point I was, like looking on karma find different things and I'm just trying to understand if you learn to annihilate that there's a place for within orthodox Christianity like I'm not at all. Clearly you deny it flat out and I was just talking my wife this morning about Christine. I have Chris's number and he's been my house and we were supposed to see if you have debates on the exact wording that we couldn't come to an understanding of the exact wording that I wanted to discuss the nature and extent of the atoning work in light of annihilation is from his perspective because I believe his view was heretical as far as that other I just I don't know which one it was. And you're right.

Maybe you know he was being up to somebody living obstreperous and maybe was just me just having a bad day, and is not being nice. It certainly does happen. I try to be respectful as I cannot and something to blow.

I used to be pretty tough on people now have really worked hard over the years trying to abuse you live claim and I brought that up. Think about kind of you believe that heretical that somebody if they hold all other point of orthodoxy and believe that there is a final annihilation that you would think that that person is in a Christian I think that that holding the view that heretical. It's a false deal and what we would in this context. What I would call it aberrant, but it doesn't negate a person's salvation because they believe in something is not biblical. And I have written hundred and 80 articles on annihilation is 180 and I could do even more, and I know there's all kinds of skinny variations will be explained to you why annihilation is a start. Different versions I can explain why one version is heretical and is dangerous, so let's just say that the we talk with the version that says that when a person dies he ceases to exist, and then later God resurrection okay to bring the forms of an untimely death, is some hold to the idea of soul sleep now with socially part answer questions that are very hope is energy expenditure occurring either thoughts occurring how you have existence without consciousness. How do you have this in the spiritual room realm. Since consciousness is a physical thing or unconsciousness is the obvious question and they can't answer these questions.

They hold to something I think is when you get this. But anyway, let us assume for a moment and Ashley why it is dangerously heretical. Maybe even damnable.

Maybe, depending on how far people go with this if it I know if skating on annihilation is holds the position that when a human being dies. He doesn't exist anymore, and then God later resurrection is a problem of continuity that marketing in the if that's the case then it invalidates the atonement and the reason invalidates the atonement is because Jesus is both God and man. And if his human nature ceased to exist and we no longer have the hypostatic union we no longer have the union of the divine and human nature that would mean that in those three days that Jesus wasn't existing anymore because Jesus by definition is both God and man.

But if the man part ceased to exist and that has ceased and Jesus ceased you see the problem yeah yeah but I think you will I hear yeah but I couldn't believe it, without believing that you said there's no letters of annihilation is him trying get around that problem and with all due associate soul sleep, so that the, the nature of the person continues within the supply to Christ was Christ's human nature not working was was it dormant, and I would just explain to me what is immediately dormant was the mean to be asleep in Christ's human nature with people don't realize that annihilation is an is to enlist.

The family that I sent you. I know you I forgot what you think of the creek that will be a myth. I'll know what I like in the same way as a ministry that God problem with mystery is that you can say anything and just say it's a mystery it's a mystery. So therefore because of this this this and this. The mystery of how God can be both God and man how Jesus could both God and meant it. That is a mystery but we know it is what the Bible teaches flipping 2528 Colossians 29 John one 114. We know the Bible clearly teaches and we can see the attributes of both natures describe the single person.

Hence, we have the doctor the communicator to enjoy not as clear.

But we don't have this I decide clarity of what happens to somebody if their position is correct in the afterlife.

When the if if they want to hold to the issue of soul sleep how it continues, live questions, what does it mean to be sold to be asleep. Unconscious. How is the soul unconscious.

What is that mean that they can't answer because the only reference what they have is our unconsciousness and they say that's what it means positive title spirit.

It doesn't easily start asking serious questions they don't have the answers to these things and they'll say what is the mystery within you can say anything you want, because the Bible doesn't say that there unconscious weight says that Jesus had two distinct natures. They say just unconscious will show the verses for that and we have sing when he was 12 to Paul out of the body.

Saw things was conscious with we have a Luke 1619 to 31 in the afterlife by letters enrichment both conscious, with Jos is that the parable about to be nice to each other that they just think it is incredible. Still, there are I thought you article your point of view, certain aspects, certain aspects are in the nature of soul sleep as it relates to Christ is highly problematic and also that annihilation teaches that the wicked are disconnected not exist and that it doesn't make you non-Christian okay with you only put in the category of someone that not ministry with defense of the situation.

I can disagree with people in different settings and if they're promoting annihilation is him and that's what they want to promote. That's their chip on their shoulder. I'm not good to work with them if they say that aspect is that I could push anybody we can work together in some areas. I think it has potential danger because say just like universalism, universalism, everyone can be saved.

Annihilation is him. Not everyone can be saved but the wicked to stone exist. So in both cases the wicked won't be suffering forever. So why was the motivation. Then really with some believers some unbelievers to get saved now because of the spin. I waited for you level up. Yeah that I would recommend you go to Carmen and look up in isolationism and check out the articles I did extensive study and work studies of written articles on continuity issues, logic issues, identity issues, and you know, for example, punishment is say there were punished with her punished and the punishment is nonexistence will house a punishment. You don't exist, how are you being punished and I did a search on the word punishment and it's experienced in the Bible without there was a single punishment. Like when we execute someone they don't live anymore. That's the punishment the execution but is is that what God does. That's begging the question to say they don't exist anymore. They're taking a human analogy and imposing upon God, but the biblical pattern is that they experience it, and if the person is existing and then they stop existing. The experience and punishment. No real experience of it.

I really went in-depth on this issue.

I really did. There's a lot of problems with it lots on the look more into it. Please do please do, I hope you got it. The bake date that only I will fill it. I think that everybody yeah I begot him to get useful talent to debate the issue of from of the nature of soul sleep and ultimately that's his position as relates to atoning work, and hopefully he's changed his position know and I hope I represented him properly as possible.

I misrepresent him, but that's not my intention so you know Dr. Phil Fernando years ago on a nightly but I don't think they didn't cover like the soul sleep as something that is likely yeah right, and because heresies are never by themselves. There they have other fellows okay to cut glass iritis can the phone with Botha North Carolina Bob luck initially on the fact that adequate comment on the part of the minute go about the idea that okay. It is a rather small leak.

No denomination, and without the then we have. Could we attended FEB after while we were enchanted one that was nearby with rooted in the old mainline Southern Baptist convention, but they split away from that event and I can't speak exactly for the if you fly, but I will say and Kurt that let you trust there in think in terms that what they were hearing and experience thing and the clerk. It is wandering from Scripture very little. The group is the coat cooperative values. Yes, in general, yet they are the week that that we spent a good deal of time there, but it rooted in an mainline good old Scripture based Southern Baptist theology, and in many of the old. The older pastor or holdover from that that there is there not knowing thing. And if the little you have been hit. So what kind of things with 1/2 can think of anything sailing in well we would go weeks on and not my daughter knows that the really wealthy with probably 98 or nine fan at the time would would affect in the car on the way home.

Why didn't they talk about Jesus today in the thermic. Why was there no script or really very workday very almost with the word they good the good work and the death painfully was the one church that you and Harry thought, but that was one church that you were not seen. I don't see you like that, but that's a concern I would.

I would say that effectively because there are holdover thereon that you were from the front and back victim of Christ centered opinion and there's a lot of a lot of spirit filled believers. There, in fact I would say that the ones that were there were generate the older I was a very multi generational wonderful and I would say that probably most of the older believers who were there, 20, 30, 40 years or more probably were even unaware of the week to week, but we did a little digging, we did a little leadership thing than Weaver.

You're involved in into the thumb of the meeting and the theft. Beyond that, the thing that Sunday and you could you get Dan Fay a liberal underpinning. Most of what we think and and in the leadership movement there definitely worth investigating deeply on that thing that all the all the yet.

That way they that the denomination split from the southern Baptist early, as you're talking I'm looking at an article is with their articles.

Everything I know about the doctor, the holy Trinity and learn from Wayland Jennings, and that's not a good title for Friday settings and set them that will really fear now and there are better off if there are better and I would encourage that you might be worth looking at it more deeply into them. I never heard of before.

So today's the first I have heard of them and then we had before we learned there affiliate and after standing there because it was an old mainline earth that at one and and over over time that had drifted and yeah I would encourage that and think I'm glad you if not that I'm glad you experience. I really appreciate that. That's clinical thanks not you and your ministry very much.

Always learning much from you that we picked it praise God. Okay good night you 2000 Bob from North Carolina.

We have the city through for the last 877-207-2276 Michael from Utah Michelle you're on here. There Michael. Let's give it a try. Here I can plant below hello there is a fairly all right. I'm fine, fine, I like Brent but yet that line the other day I fit the concerns I have yet well but don't do what the third note that you got go with and vacant that well will go with you started everything like that.

Well, a couple of that dealbreaker for me with note that far when something about being nobody at a greater work that I have. I didn't know the reference volume out which one it is one of the value yes is the church volume loss I quoted volume 6 exists formally for not just let me read to you okay Natalie time on your website. Yes it is right in front of it in the church line sufficient only for nine. The switch assessment sent this quote was read to me by a friend of mine Chuck spine, who right now is inside helping in the chat text and things like that and none for forever. She read me this quote, which started me studying apologetics. This is the quote switch assessment sent God is in the still small voice in all these affidavits indictment to dissolve the devil corruption. Come on you falls come on you prosecutors you false swear is all hell boil over you burning mountain drill down your lava for I will come out on top.

At last I have more to boast of than ever any man had.

I'm the only man is ever been able to keep a culture together since the days of Adam, a large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter nor Jesus ever dated. I boast that no man ever did such work is I the followers of Jesus run away from him for the Latter Day Saints never run away from me. Yet that's what he said his research points as before) and validate without thought they think that I get that right six and again I don't like it, dealbreaker, belly, and without thought damnation noticed that's not true exaltation Nigel Tatian Mark not everybody gets saved and Mormonism salvation. A double meaning it's universal resurrection as well as the forgiveness of your sins and other Universalists. Only the very very wicked go to the place of darkness. And as for thousand years and then released. And so the three levels of heaven and and Mormonism. The lowest is celestial in the middle is terrestrial and the highest is celestial in the celestial kingdom are three levels and that the highest is called the church of the firstborn and that's where they get exalted, so exaltation is becoming a God becoming onto the list so salvation everybody gets saved.

So to say that I salvation without exaltation is damnation is not a true Mormon essay like that without God really yellow Mormonism just to give an order to become a God, he is to keep celestial law and no Mormons keep celestial law you basically perfect and many go deep D&C doctrine and covenants 80 E. to seven I believe it is where it says 43 seven work and if you sin your past sins come back upon you is called impossible gospel and Mormonism you can be saved and Mormonism is a perfect it's on not a Christian organization. It's they say they have Jesus. Jesus, they have a new SI medical model for the moment is

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