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Best Of MSL 2020 6: Theologically Speaking

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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February 10, 2020 8:20 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 6: Theologically Speaking

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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February 10, 2020 8:20 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks Apocrypha, fighting temptation, marriage in the afterlife, UFC, and more.

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This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat is why the founder and president of apologetics and research found online that car and it was Jennifer, welcome Jennifer Rainier hello Jennifer. Jennifer Jennifer, the hero here either. I that's around. Yeah, we can quickly there so so we got it right. Still, my point, I not I definitely would avoid the US, so I would insert will she will see safe can they do the teaching.

Good stuff here and you teach some support of the Bible is pretty good to teach some stuff. It's not very good nature. That of course is this correct date very often. I will fail to do that.Joyce Myers I taught heresy flat out heresy.

I could read some stuff from her Joel O'Steen, in my opinion. My estimation is not qualified to be a pastor because he doesn't know basic Christian theology.

He has gone on record and has said that the Mormons are Christians and then later Henry can't how you say that some knowledgeable person. In fact, I went to his church once and walked out feeling really good. The grant, but the they didn't teach the truth. The depth of God's words, a feel-good message which is why so popular and does for the other sex, and documentation submittals, but this just know I wouldn't recommend but remember Frick is the one who lets you think of my website here I believe yeah he's icily just like I want say something that's wrong, Stephen, Frederick, and he is the one who got me supportive and pastors and he just thinks TD Jakes is just incredibly awesome and great TD Jakes is probably the dock of the Trinity and or submissions.

There, I would like to say that even though some have said that TD Jakes has affirmed the Trinity. What I have seen and what I've heard does not vindicate that this assertion of further confirm broadcasters and that's not good. He should not be supporting TD Jakes. In that sense and I know you is as we talk with Kate on the show about reformed theology is also known as Calvinism and if you're believe that that's great or not is not a big deal but the thing is that he speaks of it and mocking ways, and it's not just don't do things like this. It shows a lack of wisdom and a lack of judgment, lack of understanding of a lot of things you agree with that is just you don't speak in such mocking tones, condemning tones of things like that would deal with the majesty and the this the sovereignty of God and then market by condemning people so there's lack of wisdom there and also tickets with growing assault because I'm very serious about the truth of God's work, more so than I think a great many pastors are so I believe in sticking with the word of God and within pastors not biblical of the Trinity is biblical.

TD Jakes should not be used promoted gaseous because of these issues these things and there's problems Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer we read a couple things that she has set okay and dumb. This is a cyst it's blasphemous he couldn't. He could've helped himself up until the point when he saw he said. I commend my spirit into your hands. At that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore.

You become sin. He was no longer the son of God. He was sin so Joyce Meyer taught that you do. Stopping the son of God. She talked read the cut was given the summation she thought he was born again that he finished her, and help that he went to hell. It was tormented there in our place. These are all false teachings. If you don't believe that Jesus well you can't respect that is for sure. She said is no problem thing called little gods, and she's not a sinner anymore you get revelation knowledge.

These are serious problems but because the Christian church as a whole so anemic it doesn't understand the theology the revelation then let's say that.she's not called on the carpet for her aberrant teachings. Be gentle but am. That's some serious things and must say they don't teach them good things because they do this with people they do, but a little bit of error is woven into it and sometimes that error can be very dangerous so it's kind okay well you welcoming to go hey folks, if you want to give McCall all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and we have broken lines right now.

Let me just tell you that was still nearby your support.

Please consider supporting us. On the other do is go to Carmen CRM.OR and on the right-hand side to see this link for donate to see the letter word or click on go there on the road/donate and you have all the information need right there that after baking.

When I sing always enough you don't do what you can will be blessed if you do, do it. You will be blessed not look as let you know that the only thing that supports to stay in here if you want to help us out to be great.

If not, that's okay. Some of the Lord bless you. All right list on the phones with Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina Michael Michelle you don't go right for you reading about their right yeah Barbara believe that the character merger though. Not really actually living there about it here from you you you know about the care of their yeah will I studied and I did an article on different kind of angels in the Bible and the Seraphim is found in Isaiah 63 and it probably means having to do with fiery ones and they have six wings of this is when the benefits of six wings, Nick, or the presence of God. Cherubim are often represented as wink with wings as in feet and hands describe the different forms of having faces two faces even for faces this legal representation are the real yeah that there real beings there alive. Seraphim and cherubim and his archangels, and so sort that exactly sure which which is the higher hires higher wrist while highest group I looks like the Archangel are the cherubim have a certain function. Seraphim have a certain function that we have rulers powers are the fallen Angels as well.

Yeah the Seraphim chair, a mentor, and archangels are deftly there in Scripture. I've an article on this on Claremont different kinds in the Bible.

And yes, there are however a quick question. I know that quite walking over like duty Angel at all pleasurable daily life. Yes yes because they are here to do the bidding the will of God and angels have been sent by God to do various things to fight to reveal to inform, to help in the Bible so yeah we can say that they're involved in our lives. And that's the date the let's see if they can never be redeemed once were lost because of the Redeemer foreground, but the ones who do not fall they will forever be as they are not, that's fine.


But you can go out and are sinners and ministering angels in the Bible as well and saw one of four talks about Luke 16 but you know it says there are the poor man died and was carried by the angels to Abraham's bosom. So Jesus said there's some interaction that they had think I wrote a novel called the influence where demons and angels and I took some liberty. There is fiction, but they they fight each other and they influence people, and so on. In the novel violate Scripture so good. Okay, lockable.

God bless. Okay. All right. Hey folks want to McCall. We have the let's see we have all the lines are open.

They want to give McCall to become after 877-207-2276.

So much talk with Angel little more than our fallen Angels and one of the theories is that some fallen Angels had relations with Mary with the man that with the women and Genesis 6 is definitely one of the theories is that the offspring than ethylene them and that when the flood came, the nestling were destroyed in the flood. The disembodied spirits. They became demonic forces or demons is just a theory, but there's a lot of studies about different angels, some sailors, rulers and powers of different levels of angels and archangels, cherubim, Seraphim the letter to seem to be ministers that ministering to the work of God and offering worship around the throne of God. Various things like that so have Seraphim cherubim and the archangels and see Michael's Archangel and Gabriel's Archangel and it looks like Satan.

Lucifer's name Lucifer was also in Archangel and Sutter seem to be three mentioned in the Scriptures. Other books so the pitiful apocryphal books of other names we don't consider them Scripture. So the three angels sexy to be part archangels who did mention Michael, Gabriel and go hey folks, with five of the last give me a call 877-207-2770 it is cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel and we got some better for you.

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Matt all right, why don't we just jump on the phone to Michael from Pennsylvania Michael Baucom near when on that, we got though wanted to you about fighting against temptation and sin. I love the Bible code. The only thing temptation, but no, it gets very difficult when it beginning in your mind, how do we know something that constantly entering a daylight train your mind to do something even less likely chance.

Anything we did train yourself overnight in.

I watch about you. That's how we should talk about that. That's a good idea mutually watch UFC I could talk. What we do and Marshall. I took it for years.

In order to train this in what I do publicly. I can trouble people tell me they want to threaten me.

The various things that happened over the years, so it's just us and needed that I do what we do is train the same move over and over and over again and when you train something in your mind over and over and over you train something your body over and over. Your brain actually physically changes you nicely caused mappings remapping. So if you were to do an experiment. For example, here you take your your your handsomest neck or fingers were on 30 seconds to snap it over and over and over 30 seconds and see if you have a continued desire for 30 seconds to continue desire to continue to more get hooked but the what it does is it shows you that the brain can be patterned and you can patterned your own brain regarding thoughts as well. Recommend you do is you get some Scripture that you memorize.

For example, you go to and this is a good set of verses to use go to Philippians 4608 for be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests related to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Now that's a great couple versus One is really something that you should memorize in this context. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things. It's an issue of the mind what you can do is train your mind to react certain way when you marriage counselor people all things will find out his bad habits that they have reactions will have certain reactions and wife says something a certain way and over the years you've condition yourself to react a certain way and not be a good reaction we have to do is rehearse in your mind over and over.

The right reaction and with Scripture guiding you.

You rehearse in your mind the thing of it. Temptation comes what the right thing to do with time is the meaning to do particular time, but does mean is that your training your mind over and over and over, and when you fail because you're human being.

You continue in the training of the mind and what happens is things change. It works. There are going right now and can be pretty bad and that you added that what you're saying because the thoughts that I'm having a hard habit that will I was a child now like growing the psychic cancer spreading and getting stronger and stronger throughout the year will go away for a while lie dormant and come back fiercely battery right now you sound kind a lot of people and a lot of issues have these things at surface and sometimes though, think about this that when we are Christians we become more sensitized to the problem might think it is getting worse. While we don't realize that the frequency of the occurrence is less and less, and when it does happen we feel it more think you're doing worse a lot of time to submit a respective so sometimes recommend people keep a record of when the thing or things surfaces and nothing detailed just anything private note little paper notebook. Whatever. And what you did in response afterwards prayer to the Lord, remembering the Scripture you have to train yourself that way and we tell you and I'm in my 60s. And you know the young man with the kind of temptations and hormones and thoughts activities and stuff. It took years and years to have as much victory over some of them as I have had some not a complete victory and the summons put in a note. I have an article you need to do Christian CPR CPR keep you alive confess. Pray read Christian CPR. Confess your sins, pray for the Lord read the word in the case were talking here rehearse in your mind those things that will you want to do react in the right way.

It's a battle, but it's one of their it is it is what I you could you elaborate you like watching you. The good is it thank you elaborate on that. Well I look at it this way, you know, when I wasn't in school high school to get the fights and the people would gather around and scream and yell and encourage violence and encouraging people hit each other and harm each other and he would laugh and they would love it and I could never understand that I thought that was evil. Reaction I've always thought that they and so when you they do MMA is still the different boxing. I don't watch boxing either boxing is more controlled. MMA is former Bilotti and etc. there's degrees of things and so I have a problem personally with with enjoying watching two people made of the image of God injure each other for the entertainment of others, and reminds me the gladiatorial games that would occur in ancient Rome for entertainment people would go to watch people fight each other and they would cheer them on sale that was a great strike, see what he did have bad he heard a yes more of that and I don't understand that. I've Christian friends who watch MMA and they know my view and judge him on it. I don't bother them, they just know my view and I don't understand how I do that but it but you see I'm sensitive that way and they're not. So I don't judge them because maybe on the one is wrong, but I know I identically agree with you and I do think it kind of sacred somebody given enjoyment out of it. I guess I watch it learn when I can afford a good MMA class and class notes but I do watch certain people and, like so help myself and watch my motive into watching it yet. I do agree with your negative plans enjoying it hurt like to consider. I could not just no one ever told me it was just something I didn't understand why would you see somebody hurt each other. I just met. I just understand this legal I still get it just doesn't. It's around the square to me. Why would you want I get it okay different and why one month on an okay guy I been up in the real quick Google not acting or not. I know you get me a coffee down member but I'll in you before how really studied theology really grown to accept it in the Bible.

It is just something that we should go. I came to the relaxation I really don't think that you can glorify God believing and you know glorify God holy doing the full glory without believing it. Theology is what I see on the other end of the all God or not all knowing me if he did. If you can dictate it is you coming halfway God come together happily you not giving all the glory to God is the pot board without filing report theology. You agree and I think it's nice and resistant because it does not elevate themselves does it salvation in their own wisdom and their own hands in the hands of our Lord and the great sovereignty and his greatness of his Majesty and it also what I do people and explain what theology does is off to my left and right hand in front of me in front of them for me. Sweetness and space in my hands equal assesses on the left is God is us and the writers God and I move God authored us down sake. This is how it really is between us we really below God said this what reforms yielded to us in the name separator hands even further.

I said what it does isn't it shows you who you are before God and before yourself, and then in light of that, you understand incredibly great love because in reformed theology, but I believe is biblical theology. The unbelievers and incapable of understanding the truth. A hater of God who does not exist slave of Sandy's deadness since I was going. Scripture and yet God saves all right but I felt that right back after these messages, please welcome back Matt slick to get all the way back to Josh from Texas Josh on their a seven, five point car matters quickly and well here, you affirm that the reform doctrines of God's grace. Okay now like you are born new questions that you are right yeah okay it's 40. I'm sorry to have smiling my left your marriage. Find one because I was wanted to know if you had a perspective on merit in the afterlife.

There is no marriage afterlife. My wife and I will no longer remarried when one of us dies were no longer married in the afterlife. Okay, I think. So that was kind of does pretty much what I was wanting to know what you believe and on that last. The Bible teaches that the covenant of marriage is his broken upon death till death do you part that you agree to go why I guess another way of putting it is very there would be no sort of like marriage. You know I got I guess you could say that again for people.

The only marriage that will occur in heaven is the marriage of the Lamb.

And it's a ceremony don't know how literal it to what extent let's call the marriage supper of the Lamb. And that is a release of figure to the event that were going to participate in heaven but now there is no giving of marriage in the afterlife were done. Marriage is for the purpose of earth procreation sexually you need and fulfillment raising of children is to be done in the covenant bonds of the marriage relationship and marriage is a reflection of the intra-Trinitarian communion because it's based upon the work of God in his intra-Trinitarian communion of fellowship and extension of that is in the covenant aspect between male and female were made in God's image and will as God created.

We through God create life. We don't create life. Life just continues.

Life does not begin at conception. It continues at conception because the egg in the spirit make some people have referred to Leica women as being children of God, it still considered a form of son ship the children of God. This misreading my son ship because it can be used in different contexts, and in different ways in the Bible, but we are all made like this is a direct like there's always a statement about whether there is a direct kind of a direct contact between the weather's angelic beings or like Adam and stuff like that heritage is there always closes connected to God when the referred to as sons of God, like like not little versions of God that you know like a there to be like God in his character itself and chance know nothing, just checking because Mormonism teaches that people are married in the afterlife and have potential of having offspring afterlife is. I also believe that that will offspring of a lesser God drive you they teach that God and his goddess wife, looking for the world come to this heavenly realm and produce spirit babies by having physical relations in heaven because they have both a body of flesh and bones in it and Nissan spirit babies and havoc. Human bodies at birth.

You have the potential becoming God of your implant and starting over again, Mormonism and what I've noted is that they don't ever really don't ever refer never say God the father.

They only say I only say I think father God, but they never say God.the father heavenly father because they literally blow heavenly father. There they go because they believe that God the father is literally, physically, literally, their father, if you think about its God in his goddess wife and Mormonism and not the preexistence hardly produced offspring billions and billions and billions I can just see the goddess wife look at him, saying, I don't think so billions, and know how to work but any rate. So anyway, that's it. So there's no marriage, and have right, we are not remarriage or spouses anymore and have a great relief to my wife okay so I know that you do too good she slave right now if you listen to your friend in the other. You just inflict of you how it is a way that she's a good woman, except for taste of myth open with for that. I have a lot more respect for her any rate, so you don't get to be with the Lord and that we had children and repented our marriage and it's what is so she's a good woman okay thank you man already evokes what you may call you 7207 stand nearby your support. information. We ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based on some of Africa's so the Lord bless you Matt slick getaway.

Matt, writers, phones with Cannata in Canada. I think they've OIC oh I get it okay welcome your on-air go right and you hear me Matt right now. Yes I can fill the connection with you, I might not Canadian like I'm thinking of your website on your website harm ERM you have opposed the Apocrypha I think basically they're not Scripture. The Jews did not recognize that Jesus did not start that the Jews didn't. Jesus didn't get the apostles, the right height? Shouldn't we as Christians rely on what the church recognized other than the truth because Jews denied New Testament. So that was the crux of my question.

You need to adapt your question to the full set of information I gave you the Jews didn't recognize it. Jesus didn't recognize it in the apostles and recognize so I don't recognize it either. So the question is this one also like for example, comment that you know Jesus also didn't recognize the book of Revelation in argument, eat it right our phone is not correct because God because Jesus said he would give them the Revelation in the words and he did and the church then recognized what was already inspired, but you understand something you read my articles you know this, you need to abandon that the Falls Church of Roman Catholicism in its works righteousness and is false gospel you to come to the faith in the truth of the crisis in trust in him alone and you should know the articles that I've written that the Apocrypha was not considered Scripture by by Christ. It was not excluded in Luke 1151. We set the blood of fabled Zechariah at the first and last book of the Old Testament arrangement at that time in the Apocrypha was excluded from that by Christ's own words in Luke 2444 he spoke, he said to think about him in the the law, the Prophets and the Psalms.

He excluded the Apocrypha. He knew what that was, that there are many people in adequate.

If one you broke up. He seemed the book of Enoch in Scripture, but based on current authority. We know not so sorry know he doesn't say that Judah Scripture. Are you familiar with the other books mentioned in the Bible the Ivan article I and as many books there's at least 20 that are mentioned in the Bible that are not Scripture.

The book awards the book of Joshua, the Chronicles of David.

The kings of Israel and Judah there just referenced a lot, something referenced.

If you want to say that because Jude quoted to Enoch. Therefore, unit is inspired, then at the amenities of Menander. Pagan philosophers need to be inspired with all the rest is because Paul quoted them. What should be our final. On what is recognize that scripture should it be the church or something else you understand when she when you say church.

You mean something like the Roman Catholic Church of this authority ecclesiastical structure.

When I saw the church I'm talking about those who are drawn by God were manifested in the first century second century. They're the ones who recognized God. One of the apostasy later in different folks. Please stay tuned right back at you Matt slick getaway. Matt was get back on the phones with the name right so Apocrypha. My question was slightly different. Ultimately the question is should I know judging the point B they charge when deciding or should there be other factors such as what you think the question is ill-informed because you say that the church is the Roman Catholic Church and it has authority was major, begging the question, assuming it has the authority to begin with but you don't know if it had known I put sorry sorry for that matter. It really doesn't matter what I am Catholic, so I will. You could say or climb church and it's the same thing will know it is not an issue for a lot of church today Jews are the ones who recognized the Old Testament canon. They're the ones who established it. The New Testament Canon is not the Apocrypha, the Apocrypha, as part of the Old Testament time and the Jews themselves rejected it. They never considered Apocrypha to be Scripture. They did not. They're the ones who recognized the Old Testament canon. They rejected Roman Catholic Church. It accepts the Apocrypha, which the Jews themselves who established the Old Testament canon. They're the ones who gave us the Old Testament can they rejected the Apocrypha what business does Roman Catholic Church have of saying that the Apocrypha is Scripture. When the Jews who recognized the Old Testament canon rejected it themselves. And we got the Old Testament canon from the Jews to enter the question yes I said can you answer the my perspective and I'm not trying to break out of my shell and I wouldn't.

I'm not that good or anything, but if you want the country. From my perspective I think that the fact that Jews reject the New Testament completely disqualified from having an opinion on what our Bible should look like. Also, then the Jews are wrong about Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, etc. they're the ones who did not cite they got not all the Jews rejected the Messiah. The New Testament books any of them became Christians speak to you can't yeah they read they accepted the Jews who gave us the Old Testament also recognize the New Testament they became Christians. Those who rejected the New Testament did not become Christians. Both groups still accepted the Old Testament in both groups rejected the Apocrypha know something really quickly and I know I'm thinking probably right know people you hear this but did you know that origin, Cyril of Jerusalem, Athanasius, Jerome. They rejected the Apocrypha here.

Also I find troubling you think you look good you they don't they call the Hebrew Bible and clearly we disagree that what they have is the Bible automatically excluding our New Testament completely for them what they have in the Bible.

The Jews now want to decide the Apocrypha, the Jews of the Old Testament times, there is a want to recognize with the word of God was and it was certainly good enough for God to use the Jews establishes Old Testament canon and God directed them, and God move through them and he did not have them recognize the Apocrypha and the Jews who became Christians still did not recognize the Apocrypha and the Jews who stayed as Jews still do not recognize the Apocrypha. The Roman Catholic Church in 1546 included the Apocrypha in light of the Plaza Reformation doctrine of justification by faith, and so wanted add its false doctrines, it's false gospel and justify it so it it then canonize me official. The Apocrypha, you need to repent of Catholicism.

You know I've had a lot of discussions about your very respectful and I very much appreciate that you, but the fact is, the Roman Catholic Church preaches a false gospel. It says in paragraph 2068 that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments.

The gospel is not that we observe the commandment to be saved but they were justified by faith.

The Roman Catholic Church preaches a false gospel. If you believe the gospel, the Roman Catholic Church, you will be damaged. This is my concern for you yet. Mr. I am a convert to the comfort I would actually make you so I can read it back to be honest with you I'm definitely someone you're still just to get him from atheism to to Catholicism.

No gospel to false gospel.

You still held down to youth understand something. If anybody preaches a gospel concert we brief you live, the accursed Galatians, 189 says that the gospel to death been a resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That's what is defined as properly for our sins and Paul the apostle and Jesus very clearly teach that justification is by faith and not by faith and in the ceremony or any sacraments or anything, and certainly not like commandments righteous deeds we do are filthy rags.

Isaiah 64 six in the Bible in public policy. Paul clearly taught. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

328 g 45 the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies and godly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Go to Galatians 5125. If you receive circumcision Christ to be of no benefit to you.

You are under obligation to keep the whole law that's with his Catholicism. You have to keep the whole law in order to be saved and its damnable heresy from the pit of hell. This is why the price Reformation occurred. I respect that we did on something and I I bet we can disagree and still have a civil conversation in the understand and appreciate that you understand that I'm not mad at you like that wasn't wronged by some Catholic guy is not revenge. This is an issue of salvation. You, the Mormon church says are saved by grace through faith. After all he can do Jehovah's Witness organizations has yet to keep the commandments in order to be saved. Your preaching, your church teaches the same thing as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses teaches that to have to have faith, but you also do things to hear think that your works can contribute to your own salvation with the blood of God himself was set on that cross. You can add to the blasphemous arrogant thing to do.

That will ensure judgment upon you will in the afterlife, but now is the hardness of the hardest is a result of sin and the sin the great sin. The Catholic Church promotes is a false gospel works righteousness saved by grace through faith definitely can do no second Nephi 25.3 the book of Mormon.

No but that's the same thing that Catholicism teaches you have to do all the works you can with the sacraments yet to have grace re-infused into you. You commit a sin venial sin a little bit of grace is lost from your soul. You commit a mortal sin. All of the grace is lost from your soul youth to go to the church and its authority to get it all back in the give you works to do works works tenant's various forms of things that are due to get that grace back into the turn grace into works. They turn the grace of God into war. It is a blasphemous religion.

While I don't want to anyway like me to another topic which is not my initial question, I respect the fact that you understand think differently and, when you see things differently than we see, and I respect the fact that we can disagree on things and still be cynical because I don't see it the way you do. But that's not really something that I think Kyle and other good thing is that I still respect you because of your experience and your way of presenting many important and essential things to unbelievers and on and I mean no, I came across your material.

When I had an atheist face before converting to Roman Catholicism, and after accepting Roman Catholicism and my respect for the same appreciate that we had good discussions with four different venues besides radio continue to preach the gospel to you faith alone in Christ alone.

I take a look then you not Roman Catholic, Roman Catholic, Shiite. I would like to have the I don't know if it's fair to others willing to talk with well Greek mold discord. Sometimes when we can have an discussion tomorrow night. I probably will be on apologetics life. We can have a discussion about thanks so much for getting

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