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Best Of MSL 2020 8: Walking In The Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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February 24, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 8: Walking In The Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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February 24, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about Jesus on Earth, Hypostatic Union, President Trump, Politics, and he takes some time to teach about Truth.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat is why Matt found in apologetics is found online that car hello. Welcome either merit will start with great thanks for all your work been in any your website for quite some time and your coat hook and your dear brother to me. I pray for you and your ministry very greatly encouraged by your work and so my question I I guess my question would start with Wyatt fee to comment on the on one of your posts I am a man by the name of Wayne Fox poster is something and the-couple comments by people who would not really be into sound doctrine per se and embrace some form of modal of them and she wanted to discuss a little bit about the distinction with the Christian faith of the Trinity. The distinction with the with the Trinity of embolism can better understand it shall be compared and yeah maturing as was the correct doctrine of God is revealed in the Bible is that God is one being who exists is three simultaneous that's important. Simultaneous and distinct persons to father son and Holy Spirit. Each are defined in their nature and essence, but each one is not the same person as the other three distinct simultaneous persons modal is him will be also call modal of an organism or oneness theology today is the teaching that God consists of one person and not three distinct simultaneous persons so modal is him would be a false teaching a false view of God and his heresy can and maybe I'm wrong on this me to get you can correct me about this, but I I always understood localism II really love that I keep medicine you you probably know about him and he teaches church history and wealth, although that eat all of what he teaches about the ancient receipts and stuff like that. I was very interesting understood moralism to be different modes that that if God were putting a mask and Denny is the son putting another map and then he the father and Denny putting another masking and so and so on. But this was called modal menarche in this mono and yeah one God and takes reforms or manifestations can usually consecutively, which is like simultaneous is the distinction the Trinitarian view.

The three persons is three persons who are distinct and simultaneous remodeling organism would which is also not a civilian is him in varying views of it is the idea of one God and one person who takes reforms and am but some people oneness deny that now and have different views but yes correct.

So 11 gospel today would take the model of position.

Some do and some deal the reason I say this because 30 years or so ago I was in Anaheim, California nine convention center.

They had a United Pentecostal convention and I went and I raised some issues are the Scriptures that we refute absolutely refute modal menarche and I had five other pastors around me and I was discussing this with them to have just walked away. Three of them remained in after I presented my little argument, which took about two minutes. They said they couldn't understand why with the Trinitarian. They saw the problem and then after that notwhat I said because of the convention. I'm sure the talk about stuff by messing with for me and not taking any credit but I noticed that within the next few years that night understood United Pentecostal to teach change slightly and that they went from modal menarche and is more to a dynamic menarche and is him with three manifestations not modal, but we dynamic it wouldn't say it was one likely, but moralism for those who don't know or talk about the Old Testament was the mode of the father. The New Testament was the mode of Jesus on the earth.

The mode of the sun, and now the person of God is in the mode of the Holy Spirit and the course is all kind of problem that I can destroy that very easily and plus it risks how would a understand Mozart Africa so much.

If I can ask you one last question, but every pair sure all right well how would the understand a passage such as the example when Jesus is praying to the father and a faint father, glorify me together with yourself to what was with the glory that we have the portable right with what I use that main idea by going to Luke 2242 when Jesus is praying to the father, not my will break with the response of that is, which I suspect the same one that he would give John Johnson's defiance of these hold on, give it right back folks after these messages to Matt's link to get away.

Matt Robert welcome back to the show was get back on the air with John with John one from Canada. Welcome back Tommy John@so Luke 2242. I've dealt with that verse with them many times.

I'm going to assume that they're going to use the same kind of an argument in John 17. Five. So when Jesus says thoughtless capacitor may nevertheless not my will but your will be done with they say, is that the human part of Jesus was praying to the divine part so that's a heresy. Of course, but I suspect that they will be along the same lines of reasoning in John 17 five and also say it was just metaphoric was symbolic, but they could say well that's also say well that's because he was God and he could talk to himself that way so is where I would think it would go. It would go that route. But how could he explain the fact that Jesus is saying that you thought about a glory which he had with the father before was good question. Their answers are convoluted, desperate, so, and that particular verse have not heard an explanation that I've heard under the talk, the different lists who said various things in that form. I hear some of you think about if you go to Carmen my website and you look up the plurality study, we find this is what stomped the pastors in Anaheim 30-ish years ago was when they said that the motor the father was in the Old Testament and I said are you sure they said yes they all said this to me.

Yes, that's okay. Then Jesus says in John 646. Not that any man has seen the father except the one who is from God. He has seen the father in first Timothy 616 says God, the fog was in unapproachable light who no man has seen or can't sleep so I said if that was the father.

The Old Testament wise of the Jesus as he was never seen who was God Almighty, who is not the father and yeah they destroyed them by this writer argument. Now they come up with different ways to get around that and they try and be slicker than me come up with an answer. I would want to be to be slicker than you on your last debate took them out gallantly ago I watched it. Marion enjoyed it very much.

I myself come up with additional guys so I like I like that guy that side of the debate, and I thought you did a very good job, so I thought you would want to thank you all for that appreciated. I love discussing stuff with atheists. I think they're quite easy to defeat not because you're stupid. It's just that atheism doesn't have a leg to stand on it just we positionable so yeah got you even got one on your on your undercoat lately by the name of Katarina and she really, really angry should make an altar to coast like Jesus never existed like that and she gets a lot of attention now that was brought to my attention today. I gave some moderator ability to take tackle that because the person you can say that this finds apologetics website. If they don't listen to the evidence and they just argue just arguing and negative will then okay you know we just couldn't move on but so when I deal with atheists who say that Jesus never existed on to say and what's your evidence that he did not exist which your reasoning once making a statement on this can ask them to verify the statement and then I'll just jump all over like a monk and a cupcake ripped to shreds okay right underworld he didn't even make sense of evidence. I'm surprised you said that because you're correct I tells me you have studied all the more than the average bear.

I pray God I got a good teacher, yet they can't justify evidence that cannot say with the Ground never have have a grounding problem when it comes to rationality. It might basically ontology deontology epistemology origins, evidences, and things like that. There's just it.

It's six fun is an amusing but it's so easy to deal with them when you know where their weaknesses always keep pointing them out. Which is why the Delahanty debate.

I could not believe that he actually said let's just forgo art are rules here are rate would you have a back-and-forth discussion okay and the really fair well you know I mean he's a materialist which means he can't trust his physical brain to produce proper information is just producing chemical reactions so his brain made him say that I kept saying that to him during the debates and and then afterwards he did a video where he took a chessboard in and then swept all the pieces away angrily to this would Matt slick did. He doesn't go by the roots and how we got in those areas ago we had that are atheist than Skyler fiction who I try to teach them about God's decrees and stuff and now he put up a video we just found out yesterday where he took things that I said out of context and combine them to make me convict myself and it is desperate. These guys are no issues with contradicting themselves in a world that have no mind behind that no transcendental things I find that's right they can't justify that with what we call the one in the many with your interesting discussions like that go to discord. We have discussions like that periodically ran right okay thank you very much, Matt arrived welcome. Very nice. God bless. Okay. Alright, I do think discussion, let's get to the next longest person whiteness Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina. Scott welcome your on here man are you doing I'm doing all right hanging in there.

We got our right right I wanted to know how the leg. No what is cultural and what is literal in the New Testament are just talking earlier about women being silent in the church and that was cultural and you know, I know some of their other parts of the Bible. It would take literally jobless. How do we know which one are cultural which ones are literal study throughout the history a lot of people written various things and we can go into the Scriptures and see doctrinal statements. Some of very clear in all its influence for the glory of God. 323 okay well let that's very understandable when you do when it's for example, a very culturally rich parable of the good Samaritan and why the.

The injured man was naked and unconscious because he couldn't tell who he was, by his speech, his clothing is so sometimes it is necessary to understand the culture that explains things like the account of the unrighteous steward which when you understand the culture it makes perfect sense why Jesus praised the unrighteous to but there are times were not exactly sure how much of a cultural route relevance is there is a passage that's what I'll do is I go to commentaries and look pretty cultural and like I also recommend that you get a book called, if you're interested in something like this called poet and peasant is a two-volume set. The first longest poet and peasant.

The second volume is through peasant eyes and it's by Guiney Bailey and it's one of my most valuable books I have not because it's a rare additional autographed because of its content. The goes through Akai Astec structure analysis and cultural norms.

I learned so much from and with her with a fine tooth comb and took me two weeks of just reading every day and studying for the few books on never loan out so I recommend doing that because it cost the parables, and cultural context. You know when the man is born blind sees and he says I see men walking around like trees.

Is that well back in that culture. At that time people would walk up the hills and take twigs from tree branches and they bundle them up and they would scoot underneath them and look them up on the backs. They walk down the hill and some firewood. I see men walking around like trees so you see these things from the culture and a lot of the culture from over there is the same as it was 2000 years ago and some of the areas and so they have researchers go in there and ask certain questions as a lot of books to go through that stuff. Okay then the US over the name of that book of poet and peasant. The first volume and thought peasant and through peasant eyes tell you if you read it you will be challenged and you will be enlightened. It's a wonderful book but it's not an easy book to get to get through is not hard but you had to study book. What he does. I wonder recommend okay I met my man.

God bless our stand nearby your support information we ask for the recurring small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based so forward less is best. Matt slick getaway. Matt Michael from Michigan you still there I am right so kinda cut off that what you go over that again. Yet I was told by you and your E Opry as a man not denying any union, but he operated the mayor started one and only true and if you can expound upon that.

Yes, hypostatic union teaches that in the one person or two distinct natures, the divine and the human God and man. And so Jesus according to Luke 252 grew in stature and wisdom, but this is having an expert and he remained a subjection to his mother and his father so he was there in Israel Anderson and Rick so at that point when he entered into his ministry. He did what he had to do when he died across so he was not physically as a man anyplace else because by definition of man can only be one place at a time and so he's a man so the human part of him, so to speak. Human nature can only be one place at a time in the ubiquitous nature of the divine aspect then I did was ubiquity, it was universal of presence and how we could talk through those and how we might work with those. This would take a long conversation but that was it.

Then we have is called a doctor called comparator rhesus and with that is is it with in the Trinitarian communion.

The father-son Holy Spirit they enter penetrate each other in their essence so that there is ultimately one will, but as a father is everywhere in this Holy Spirit everywhere and the word is everywhere then finest necessity. There's the attribute of the person of Christ, having some form of ubiquity because the attribute of the divine nature is ubiquitous, ever present, so that cannot be dispelled. How that works in the person of Christ. We don't know since he apparently cooperated with limitations being a man flickers to five through eight and having been made under the law. Galatians 44 so we can speculate how that works but we can't solve it precisely because knowing for sure. Okay.

I felt hello and we lost a given hello yesterday are okay I get out. I think that there help a lot so eloquently to the question I had with years ago and years ago when I was teenager I called and by I will question regards to the book of Revelation, and I remember you said that you was sure that it was really interested that use the study and that's what was when God gave the word when he said it. The Lord hated the adoption of the Nicollet Nicollet you think, and that with that any correlation with one of the first Deacon Deacon Nicholas, I heard that paprika one time I even give any any proof for any commentary further than that statement when no. Did you know there was any correlation with that. I was told it he had deflected from the faith in, I don't even know what is the top of the Nicollet, though I wanted on the all that, no I don't. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't study it may have forgotten about it because I am so inundated is not me whining is just the nature. What I do that I will study things and forget I even written articles that I look on website written so I've written so much of the years of studies. Only thing is remember too much anymore. What I did what I didn't do so.

That is a good question. Revelation to the Nicollet attends no no and I want to study it, but I got I mean you my schedule single to show. I got things to do and can jump on stuff and I don't know where the event that you get.

I don't know about what we thought you have my theology book not yet learned. Once while you know where to start. The will here recall I'm doing is looking because I have all this technology in front of me makes me look good in my horse, I should say sound good but looking at a commentary and it says there's been much speculation concerning the identity of the Nicollet attends with the Scriptures do not specify who they were. They apparently were a sect wrong in practice and in doctrine and that's one of the views I have discussed with what you might find later on this V neck and archaeological discovery where documents or in writing inscribed someplace mentions of Nicollet attends and something to think we found over the years that this kind of thing happens repeatedly so there might be something later on to two okay thought out the arc out that God gave man a renewal. God bless buddy work all right this jump on the line with John from Georgia, John, welcome they met on paying an inner Megan we got about the lanky good for the country of and why do you think a lot of Christians, or even everything you got it. In my opinion and I didn't vote for him. I did both on the Democrat and Republican in the constitutionalist but the I've learned to like him. I do not trust the media at all. As far as I'm concerned most of the media. Not all the left media liars and I don't trust him. I I've seen it firsthand what happened with that done and why trumpet is hated by them as he goes directly to the people and you can sign up on the on twitter get his twit tweets you find others I would get a website that is where they put the news down what was going on I be on the trust immediately spent just know he's done things about immigration.

I have no problem with immigration personally this coming legally. So I say this to legally become an illegal is a problem and I'm in San Diego for 1516 years and let me just say that illegals were everywhere, and was very often that we either speak Spanish to just get around and do things and am the I could tell you story to story and I understand that they want to have a better life, but coming legally and we need to have our own language be English not be broken up, but how you weaken the nation and transfer that as well.

I like those ideas. He does tax cuts he could do another one soon. That's great that stimulates the economy does a lot of good and some not so good stuff with them seem to be womanizer to some degree, and I believe very strongly in the Second Amendment right to bear arms and so a few things he's done. I've understood have five restricted the look that of the hat for that at all. So what you doing me I know Obama is now trying to claim credit for the. The economy is doing so well, but can't trump his undoing of so many things that Obama and Obama was concerned by Obama's Muslim Marxist communist.

So the things he did what people don't know how bad he was like so you know I like trump mineable form again I didn't vote for label. From this time. I don't know his head in the constitutionalist. I believe we should stick the Constitution and enforce the laws and already there and by the way, when people say that children cages because the borders because of trump. Now those of the loss of her already passed before Obama and under Obama and even during Obama's tenure.

People were treated the same way to the leftist media spins things in such a way that you can get the truth from them and this is why there's so much brouhaha about him and stuff so it is interesting to study him more.

Wonder where you you will eat one country and the like way to do it but Christian Martin not let go gram by kilogram very old and a lot of Christian preacher them up in but on Week, say, come on out does not escape it. Well into deli's fruit singular, but the eye could see that you understand something to I know what it means to be a fighter because I moved 26 times before I was 12 I was super skinny of anorexic buck tooth and went and click on military bases and so we got in civilian life. It was radical adjustment for me. I learned how to become a fighter, not in a physical sense, determination, and resisting and standing for things that are right and so I understand him. I think a little more than the average person in that respect. He's a fighter.

He thrives off of what happens with a the media does to him and then realize this is how he does and that if you want to undo him stop attacking him work with them. He feel he will become very gentle and work with you but this is just my of my opinion about what you filed your vital I get that but you think that Christlike attack back yesterday about what you have to say look like he does well I know something good to be said so many things I can't say which part of those thing that he said something and some are inappropriate and some are appropriate. But Jesus did say very strong things to people: whitewashed up with her dear father the devil, etc. so there comes a time when people need to say with these be said and I absolutely just love it when he just knocks on the media. I might be. I want to yell at the same yes like I said I don't trust the media and you have some inside-out nation that some things and how they blatantly misrepresented information. I believe that the media is working against the country a lot of areas.

It spreads too many lies is way too leftist in Aurora.

That their conservative think I have an app on my phone where I get my news from and the app is called conservative news Pro and has conservative groups and I will also go to USA Today and CNN and see what they say.

But the same topics. There's quite a difference of spin on things is not so okay will thank you for Matt slick to get away.

Matt all right with telephones with Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome around here every at-bat you think it is that private trap. I things very submit that I can sometimes go. I think it contributes to some of the issues because in Islam the Muslim Muslim. The Islamic religion teaches hatred for the Jews and the Christians certify 51. Do not take Jews and Christians as your friends are friends one another and so were to they are to avoid Judah Israel. They think that Israel took the land away from them. But no, Israel had the landed, the Arabs took away from them and so they got back so by moving it to Jerusalem what he was doing was was not agreeing with the with the muscles and I good. Wonder how your lack mom now. Well, we need to complete understand that Islam is based not only in the Koran and the hadith, but also in its history and its history. It views people to be weak to compromise and then when they compromise its weakness to them and emboldens them to move forward. This is part and parcel to the culture of Islam and our politicians did understand this with trump did was slap in the face on that aspect and good for him because they understand strength and the like our weakness in our politicians and the left are so weak but nevertheless this is probably one of many events that are going to ultimately contribute to the culmination of of history, so who knows what degree, but it's part of it. Okay okay I not I cannot read a lot of laughter right now.

Clearly I Israel and now I think I think people in the left of the far left. I think there's something mentally wrong with them and I'm not joking. I think there's something wrong with mental there's that whacked if they want communist stuff they want free everything there. They vote in the detriment of our country. The height is real. I don't they promote homosexuality.

They promote the killing of the unborn is I see I like really sorry and define the Bible I get when you look at Ethan like you you as possible so regularly I felt there's a break we got three of the lines you may call 877207270.

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Matt now we have nobody waiting that teaches the issue of truth is very important what you think about something way to ask yourself the question is truth important to you. I mean, truth, truth, I have a friend and names Nathan and he and I are different and similar, but one of the major issues of her similarity as he and I are both extremely concerned for truth were extremely truthful to each other and that means because of that we trust each other. We trust each other with each other's families because the foundation of truth brings trust truth is what is that light of hope. Jesus said he is the truth. If you're a Christian, you need and ought to regard. Truth is extremely important. This means you can't tell white lies. You can't just say well it's okay got understand know it's a sin to lie, for example, Maya, my wife and I never got kids and talk about Santa so you have 30 seconds presents compact but so if you listen to your listening but to my wife and I put is what we told our children the truth about Santa and we have no problem with that because we were not going to misrepresent the truth. I so what we did was level with other things like because the truth is important that the Bible says, for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

Lemanski is Christian. Are you suppressing the truth in your righteousness, so that we have to ask is think about what is the truth. The truth is that which comports to the mind of God and the only no absolute truth as it is. If God is absolute sense reveals to us what is actually true. And the truth is revealed. It is inspired work and he says don't lie so don't lie, you'll tell white truths truth. We don't tell white lies you're trying spare somebody by lying other ways to spare somewhat by not lying to be gentle about certain things about to be rude and claimant on Seinfeld District cite Thorton out things with you judgment and wisdom but don't lie is the ungodly who lie if the ungodly who twist the truth. Romans 125 for the exchange of truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who is blessed forever when people give up on the truth there suppressing the truth in their unrighteousness, their agenda. This is why I'm so against the leftist media in a conspiratorial list all this kind of stuff. I just don't trust the media okay and Fox news. I watched I check with thanks and against the best way I can find truth. There's a lot of ways to do that. Nevertheless okay the thing is we have to make sure truth is super important to us to your spouse to your husband to your children to your relatives, the people you work with once had a job where the boss told me if someone calls just tell him I'm not here. I looked at him and I said akin to the is not true. He looked at me so that I want you to say I can't say if you fired in the spotter walked out okay, fine.

But I said this to should look, just tell them you're not available because you're not available to talk for whatever reason that you deem that your between you and whatever I can say that it is okay that's good enough that I wouldn't lie for.

I won't lie. You don't serve God. The me ask you do you serve God. Do you fear the issue of your mind and your heart softening to telling lies, so that telling little lies becomes easier and easier even as you step further and further away from Christ away from the truth. We can't, as Christians worry with the world's gonna say and worried that they might not like what we say. You know you been listening for a while, you know I say things I say things I get people think and I hope to get them thinking in the area. Truth I want to understand truth and seek and notice what is says the wrath of God is revealed from 2010. The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness. If you're being ungodly. The question then is, is the wrath of God being revealed against you. What is that wrath will that wrath of God in the context of Romans one where is talking about the they exchange the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature that doesn't apply to Christians but the principle of judgment coming upon all who would lie even as Christians is there because what happens is that God gives people over to the lusts of their hearts to impurity so that their bodies would be dishonored among and we have to be careful what we do as Christians is to represent our Lord properly. Not when it's convenient. You know when I am when I give the gospel message when I try and do is I tell people several things I say you need to understand we are guilty of Bible system lie, cheat and steal. If you do those things. You've incurred upon yourself the judgment. That's the that's the gospel is the good news that Jesus fulfilled, and that by our faith and trust in what he did on the cross we can be saved from righteous judgment of God upon but I go one step further. I tell people to count the cost in Luke 1428 it says this for which one of you when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it. So many Christians are people they want to become Christians what they want to do is have a really nice Christian life and they say well you know I'm I deserve to be healthy and wealthy.

That's incidentally a lie. You don't and what to do is they don't realize that what Jesus himself said is that if you do not pick up your cross and follow after him. You are then not worthy of him. This is what he has said to pick up your cross and follow after him to let me ask you, are you willing to pick up your cross and follow after him. The cross is difficult to cross is costly. The cross is painful. The cross is heavy. The cross is full of jagged edges. It rubs against us. It's not comfortable. Jesus says pick up your cross and follow after him daily. That's what he said to do. Are you willing to do that but he says this in Luke 923 if anyone does. If anyone wishes to come after me, must first deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow the cost in Luke 1428 is what he tells us to consider, and that cost us to pick up your cross and follow after him unless thing happened for and everything has to be bad. No I'm saying is being willing to stand for him and standard integrity as a Christian before the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, don't call yourself a Christian will call yourself a Christian, you're telling little white lies after fornicating throughout their looking at porn. If you watch videos that are pirated and you have no conviction about it. Now these are deeds of darkness people that understand the severity of what it means to be a Christian not become more that's easy, but trusting in Christ, but to be one his heart because he wants us to change you wanted to pick up our crosses and follow after him and then recommend you do if this is serious business to you if you hear the words I'm speaking. Listen to this at a Colossians 3. Consider the members of your earthly body is dead to immorality, impurity, passions, evil desires and greed, put them all aside anger, wrath, malice, slander, abusive speech or your mouth.

Don't lie to one another, since you lay this ideal self with its evil practices and from the new self is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the engine created understand Colossians 33 Colossians 3 toss understand if you're a Christian, serve the Lord Jesus church organization, not a doctrinal stat whether it be Calvinism, Arminianism or Lutheranism or nondenominational is on you serve Jesus and you speak the truth and you live for the truth.

Jesus, that's the cost to do that Jesus will take you as you leave. If you're not willing to be king right folks, the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow will talk you then

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