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Best Of MSL 2020 11: Greater Is He That is In Me

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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March 16, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 11: Greater Is He That is In Me

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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March 16, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. On this episode, Matt discusses the Tree of Life, Tips on Witnessing to Jehovah Witness, the end times, false prophets and more.

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This is the Truth Network.

The welcome mat is why Matt found a resident of apologetics and research found online that car. There's others issues within the Christian church and the general apostasy this coming the Christian church. A lot of people are not aware of that and what the Bible talks about the signs of the end times and the warnings are coming along with so well talk about that a little because we know what was worse worth discussing what things are, how we are to be as Christians in the world so for example, Jesus said something really interesting medic 24 2224 he said unless those days had been cut short. No life would have been saved for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short what days is he talking about talk about the end times the end of the age, the eschaton, the return of Christ and what Jesus says and what Paul the apostle and others say organ to be rampant towards the end of days before he comes back it is a very interesting list and I did research on a while back. We'll talk about my weight for callers because it's always important for us to know the future could hold no Christianity to understand something that our job is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ to love God and love our neighbor and to further the preaching and teaching the gospel.

Some people might symbol if that's the case, and things I get really bad because I got Arnold talk about when, why preach and teach. We preach and teach because God told us to preach and we teach and expand the kingdom of God because people get saved by preaching and teaching govern things, and by his grace. This is what we are to do and so we are to worry about the end time to do is to carry out responsibilities we have now. Jesus said that false Christ's will rise and fall's prophets will arise as well and we have the false Christ's Christian science. For example, the false Jesus false Christ and Mormonism, the false Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses, a false Christ Islam a false Christ and that they are misleading. A great many people.

And Jesus also said to be wars and rumors of wars, as in Matthew 24 he said to be a heavy persecution of believers that we as Christians know this is on the increase, particularly here in America not able don't know Christians of the most persecuted religious group in the world and more Christians died for their faith in the 1900s in all of history combined. Jesus also said that building apostasy that many will fall away betray one another and hate one another.

So I met for 10 fall away pasta size.

Now if you heard our conversations been having with Roman Catholic Church. That's an apostate church, Eastern Orthodox, apostate church, and inside of Protestantism.

There is an apostasy that slowly moving through the corridors of of non-denominationalism and even denominationalism. There are those who add women pastors and elders to their churches. There are those that say homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle. There are those who teach you have to be good to become a Christian and stay saved Israel. In varying hypotheses during false doctrines or their and then verse 11. I was like this for so many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Joseph Smith the claim to be a prophet. Jesus is the law and the prophets were until John. John the Baptist worry more profits and a curriculum Smith came along for the prophets, and then these new profit etc. and am it is in their deception, stages, prophesied about the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach that the organization is a prophet of God. Mohammed will speak the last profit they always do this prophets from Jesus is the one long all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM love to hear from you Bobby.

Be back. Also download a free mobile apparatus truth We've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what you'll business before to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shall set you actually take it away Matt, let's get on here with Canadian Catholic from Canada. Welcome to be on again?

Can you hear me well for me. Well, yes I can. The question that I want you believe we got Scripture. The only God agreed document right for the church. Yes, possible for a Christian community had eight agreed document and did not have the correct body of beliefs of this possible yes Roman Catholic Church. Now the question is do you believe that they collect body beliefs about God agreed that the Scripture is also the correct body brief is inspired by inspired because in the context of the Scripture we know that the spirit of God work through the apostles and the prophets what they wrote was equivalent to the very words of God because they were moved by the Holy Spirit, and so therefore inspiration what they said is equal to God's word so if you say that a doctrine in the church is inspired by God, it would have to be equal to the very word of God. The only way you could say that that is true is if it agreed with Scripture. The Scripture is what is inspired not in a church in the sense of infallibility of authority of sufficiency because inspiration they've missed us. God breathed his only said to be of Scripture, you will lead you derived from Scripture body body central beliefs that you believe in. Other Christian bodies do not accept do you believe that you derived that you believe are necessary. Personally, also inspired about being God breathed like Scriptures you can see there inspired without the God breathed a contradiction inspired means God is like saying if a circle that's not around. You can take this. The Roman Catholic Church is not inspired teaches false doctrines. It teaches a false gospel.

It teaches idolatry in the form of Mary electric and the reason we know we compare to inspired Scripture, we see how it fails right. Do you believe that you'd be right. Collect beliefs from the Scripture. You need a certain hermeneutical method.

Do you believe that hermeneutical would lead you to the body of beliefs that you believe are essential for the Christian church any hermeneutical method because her clinical method of the Roman Catholic Church's philosophy first and the truth of God's word. Second, I know this because I written by 50 different priests who left Catholicism became Christians and they talk in there about going to Catholic seminary and how you're not even allowed to use the Bible or get to it until two years into seminary when you been indoctrinated at the Roman Catholic philosophy. Congress should not necessarily follow the question.

The question I formulated with any hermeneutical method exists in the Bible going to yield you that you believe needs to be derived from the Bible, not necessarily because of method, which is what stops you from the hermeneutical method that you believe is the central employing blanket to derive a quick stop you from calling method is the method you go to use reading the word of God and you say this is what it says right here. This is who it's addressed to. This is what the topic is. This is immediate context hears cultural relevance information that's hermeneutics derive what it actually sounds. That's what it applies to this apply to tradition because you don't know what tradition is the right tradition, you don't know what traditions inspired as you guys like to claim or not inspired because only you magisterium tells you what to believe. It's like a gigantic cult is a phenomenon called snapping it happens with people who adopt a theological, emotional, political, sports team viewer where all of a sudden that object becomes the best.

The thing that you identified with it's a psychological phenomenon happens in religion and secular realms in Roman Catholicism is no different.

People snap that happy Protestantism. It happens people snappily believe the gift emotionally committed.

How do you know if Luther committed to his correct you compare Scripture the hermeneutical method is used to just derive Scriptures, the Roman Catholic Church doesn't do that. The Roman Catholic Church reads into the Scripture is everything out of it. That's why so false you like, it is not the correct doctrine from the Jehovah's Witness with York that you're taking to what they Scripture what happened out Scripture. For example, read a cut yet so like Jehovah's Witness who can take the Bible and read head of Christ is God, you honestly believe that you contradict the Scripture what you mean what you mean is that the correct correct body of beliefs derived from Scripture, compared to Roman Catholicism body beliefs important for selling. You probably been believe that and come to understand the correct about your beliefs without ever seeing the Bible like you believe I forgot the catechism that consent, the Calvinist person could comfortably without having ever read the Bible every that is not God's thoughts in the condensing not just call me think: one thing you never stop Scripture and the correct tradition and Bible together Catholic Church Bible roaming the Roman Catholic tradition contradicted tradition is not an issue.

Tradition. For example, the Roman Catholic Church, since paragraph 2068, the Catholic catechism that were saved by faith, baptism and observance of the commandments is what it states as official doctrine. If you commandment to be saved.

The Bible says we maintain and manage justified by faith apart from the works of the law Romans for five cents does not work but believes in him who justifies in godliness, faith is credited as righteousness.

So we can both be correct. Roman Catholic Church is false because it contradicts the Bible simple issue of tradition, the Catholic Church teaches something contradictory to the Bible before the government.

The catheter just falls civil like the Catholic Church might well want mutually exclusive right so the scriptorium means that the Bible is the only infallible that's using it as the final authority is maybe a different counsel me just the final bricolage you write back his message stand nearby your support information. We ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something. This is so Less Is Matt Way, Matt all right looking back, the shorter one Canadian Catholic.

Are you still there. On longer than usual and I'm sorry I'm taking right.

This is important, people need to hear a couple minutes of your callers. Two more minutes and I'll probably but here it really be issue of what you be honest about Roman Catholicism versus shank your credit and devoted like I wasn't here I debate not not right that you could argue that moment about all Roman Catholic principal might be right. You could say that charge, but also like to thank my question was, we agree.

I agree and not just me.

I guess the Scripture is God glory only of its kind. But I also believe there are very tolerable authority that are not God believed in the same way the Scriptures, but the kind one is the hermeneutical method I use to interpret Scripture, the other in the canon of Scripture that is the correct term. Scripture, why don't you agree on things without without becoming Roman Catholic Q still hold to the canon you still hold to the what you consider to be the correct faith you still hold to the correct hermeneutics but none of these are God agreed they are still infallibly important right now.

The reason I can't become Catholic and will suffer and for become Catholic is because it Jesus says in John 637 to 40. He always does well.

The father she came to to save those who were lost and he would lose not just the will of the father that Jesus would lose none is not possible for Jesus to fail to do the will of the father.

The Roman Catholic Church says yes Jesus can fail and can lose people Catholic Church is wrong. The Roman Catholic Church says that keeping the commandments observing the law is necessary for salvation. The Bible says that's not true. The Roman Catholic Church is false.

The Bible says is one mediator. Jesus, the Roman Catholic Church looks to marry often before they look to Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church is false. Your hermeneutic is a problem may be an electronic judge to hear you're a great guy.

We talked many times extremely polite like you probably false effort. You probably are a convert to Catholicism and not to Christ because your loyalty, your defense is of the Catholic Church, not of Jesus, and not of his work on the cross. The Holy Spirit first witness of Jesus you defend Catholic Church is another reason. See if you can believe in Christ then serve Christ and serve him and that with Anita Mary bow the knee to a Pope bow the knee to anybody, me included in the body you trust in Jesus Christ and him alone and don't believe that you have to keep commandments to be saved because Canadian Catholic are the same for just incapable of doing anything.

Only one person everything good was Jesus. They killed him for you and I can't. You cannot cannot do any good works and keep commandments in order to be saved, that is blasphemy is with the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach us with the Mormons teach it with Eastern Orthodox teaches.

It's what Islam teaches, but is not what Christianity teaches. Christianity teaches justification by faith alone in Christ alone. By faith in the Catholic Church and sacraments and works in penance and indulgences in purgatory is a huge difference. The Roman Catholic Church is a false church. It appears Christian on the outside but inside it is full of dead men's bones.

It is whitewashed to occur on the outside and full of death and decay on the inside Roman Catholic Church is in the service of the evil because it's preaching a false gospel and leaving millions to eternal damnation. You need to find Christ and repent of the false harlotry found in Catholicism trusted him him alone to do. Okay, I think so much for a perfect time will talk again okay okay to tough words, if you know the Bible you will know Jesus spoke of the Pharisees called whitewashed. What is the sepulcher. It's a grave and they were whitewashed so that you would not in those days actually step on it or touch it and then become defiled and he called them, whitewashed settlers. He said horrible things about the Pharisees and religious leaders who in their self-righteousness were leaving others to damnation. Christ condemned Roman Catholic Church is like the Pharisees and Sadducees because it has works to salvation claims that it itself has the truth of the church alone is necessary for something. It teaches from many. You don't have to Masters degree or study agrees to know this, read your Bible and recommend Romans three, four and five. This study rooms three, four, five magnificent chapters in the Bible been looking for an article in the article what is necessary for salvation and compare we just plainly read maps way to get away. Matt Scott from Winston-Salem. Welcome here you all the current and I can get one grant in both 23 Ryan said you brought out about do not become slaves of man right yeah and they navigated their man. My question is if I drive down straight and get a job in a manner that certain parts should be a Christian 96 context of this because context always helps says when you called Wallace leg not worry about it. But if you were able to also become free rent to do that for he was called in the Lord while a slave is the Lord's freedmen. Likewise, he was called well three is Christ's slave your bot with a price not become slaves of men rendering each one of use remain in the condition which is called so this is an issue with the slavery that was around the miscreant area at that time and a lot of people with Jos give a little bit of preamble here. A lot of people will assert that what Jesus and the apostle should have done is warred against which war against a slavery kind of slavery, not the kind that was here in United States years ago. That's chattel slavery nest not when it is the Bible's different kind of the section on slavery, on the on the convict. Nevertheless, the reasons that he didn't advocate. Just getting rid of all of it is because it would've caused famine and economic collapse because of it was a 20% at one point were slaves in the real Roman Empire. Nevertheless, so he's saying if you're a slave seek to be free in fear, you're free to do what you can would be good in your job and think like that little places as you about the price. That means we include acts 2028. This is were bought with the blood of Christ and of God's were bought by the blood of Christ. We don't belong to ourselves as we should not become enslaved to others. That doesn't mean you get a job and you work for a certain wage for certain hours. You're not a slave because you can quit anytime you can do what you want. You don't have to work there and slaves generally were not free to quit. There were some contractual agreements freed after time and things like that so okay thing on top of it. So the idea of being a slave here. You don't want to be like selling dad. For example, the Garrett enslaved to whoever or whatever you have to serve them is that of yourself and serve the Lord. This kind of a thing is what generally think this means it will sure not really my day more layout questions on your my write a book about out stock market lies hidden in their speculation if we speculate you lose your money and where that money go. They might not already booked on my stock guys I could begin but you Chris is without help. I remember God bless God date not, let's get to and from Chapel Hill, North Carolina show you sent for this chest congestion of anything in there when you know so little question that bug me for a while and just the thought that to three tree of the knowledge of good and evil also speaks of the tree of life, but you really do go any detail on the tree of life like it must be significant to have a name but really doesn't go any detail about what the tree did what it significant. Would you have any idea why. Named we know exactly their theories and ideas.

You'll notice that later on after Adam and Eve sinned. Angels were put there to stop anyone from coming back into the garden and the theory is that they would eat the tree of life, and in so doing, would stay in this the fallen state instead of the glorified body state so. Some think that that may lend credence to the idea that the tree of life is this treated as you eat it you live, you continue to live forever. You continue to be healthy and will never die. So that's what date it seems to be from the context of other stuff and ending their will have life and you know it's interesting, I just thought of something. Never thought of this before. Just looking at that life to define what life is to take a cell life is biological structures but is also energy in this information without information personal life and have information in DNA tree of life in the knowledge of good and evil interesting as any relationship there knowledge is life stuff anyway just think it's alternate late opinions out there. A big study in a curious a couple articles with the tree of life which the tree of knowledge. Good meal and a big of any written articles on so many that I can't remember all the ones I've going to write articles and went and when I wrote something on this so that we understand what appreciate time it really think and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep well lately we have a right wing second blessing that comes from God is not based on how much money the blessing comes under faith in your trust in Jesus Christ he may strip you of everything so that you have nothing left in your faith in him and to be the greatest blessing because when you go to heaven greatest rewards people do. Here's what I want you to get your blessing right now.

Give me the money. Bless right now. It's a form of feeding on people's greed, people's desire for security and financial gain appealing to the sinfulness of others by solving want to help.

You want to last one about ourselves is so susceptible to listen to. If you do this you will be blessed when you bless I should do it and they look like they're succeeding there. This is Charlotte.

This is false doctrine.

False teachers wolves in sheep clothing. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep actually take it all away. Matt, let's get to Nelson from California Nelson welcome to the med question.

Pretty sure you had many questions that good but reprinted the friend of the family exit the front of the family came over the day trying to witness to me is a great guy to come over and and started you and one thing that I noticed that when I start my testimony. He didn't make it kind of ignored it and I was wondering why because you bring what you think. What I would suggest you Janet suggest you call it your friend and asked to attend the kingdom hall with them to church with you be surprised to be shocked and don't be there to cause a problem.

Sleep you need to know if you know what is your up against and why they behave that way because when you going there many times have to update of services could feel for what's going on.

They are told they have the truth they are in the truth. They alone have the truth.

Everybody else is in the darkness and deceive that they have the truth are told over and over and over and over again so when you start saying anything contrary to what they see is the truth, they could automatically tune out or trained to do that we can do is what I do the witness and I see that happening out. Remember, I've asked for, and I learned body language so you have to break tell you the kind of things and get their attention. Real simple stuff right back folks after these messages is Matt slick it all away.

Matt looking at everyone. Are you there Nelson still there from here right now as I said I was born with Asperger's and I learned to cope by studying body language.

I didn't know others and do this until I got diagnosed and told my shrink about that psychologist said my people to still do that you have developed a very good way of coping and getting around by Scott so not to be manipulative, but I know I watch people. This is what I do and so if a Jehovah's Witness were with me say suitable sitting and opposite each other and is a table in between should just give you a scenario and I'm getting my testimony.

I notice that there start to drift off because the train that I know they're trying what I will do then is take my fingertips. For example, an Amount on the table just like this and when talking to you. I just I just don't do that loudly.

Here's a can here make it softer and they will respond to that sound. They will look back that you raise your hand up by your face and any point with your fingers or hands open a little bit and continue to talk and so is not manipulation. Don't do it for that reason, but found a witness and they're going to be disrespectful like that.

I want them to hear the gospel and make a movement or do something like that and so distraction is, is one of the things that you can use but that you and if I said not manipulate but might draw their attention and and usually sounds and hand movements are the things you can do you can just stipulate to gesticulating to use a lot of handbook which is think of Italian person you know how they talk with their hands we could do the same kind of thing you start moving those and I'm doing a camera right now and purpose of my right hand and over and over and over and move my hands in a rhythmic form and it helps them to have a stimulation in both visual as well as auditory and it helps them to focus and then if they continue to ignore even more. I stop talking sick, you know, I thought you wanted me to know this is okay.

They wanted to talk to but I'm not trying to be rude but you you you want to talk and I listen and when I want to talk you don't seem to do that or am I wrong about that.

I'm just just curious.

Can you tell me about that don't matter to. It really puts them on the spot you want to you and I'm sorry really think that you go ahead now. You really got right you can talk to and you can lean forward, you can do things because when you lean forward in your talking lever very subtly, it conveys the idea of intensity you want to go too far, but just a little move and you watch them and you can mimic their movements and things like that.

Now again this is not manipulation thing not using it for that is just did to make up for my Asperger's loss seek to an end of the SB's don't tune into social cues very well so I had to learn a different method is threaded into it helps witnessing also befall her hearing it was a wicked millions give them a menu like that. I allowed them to express what he was a and and everything and on and what we did got about documented only that it was great that the Jehovah's Witness or yourself so you is pretty much what way and there. I don't want to but I want to go back and forth on it. I know they encounter. They would think that given the Scripture and Hebrews 1 verse five and if there which of the end of that which they can, they're right there and them and write them in and out, holding his daughter and he started staying love. I write about two Michael the Archangel Hyden and then I'm assuming I'm guessing right that whatever you tell me what the watch start there like iCloud and then phenomena have a condition for going to my website. Current network and look up the true Jesus approached the true Jesus is also called a plurality study different versions of the same thing, but the pin rally in his letter to the entry of the plurality study that that's what you want to go to because in the Old Testament God Almighty is seen, it has to be dealt else, it has become the father because Jesus is numb and searching the father anytime I got the father will looking once he got the father soliciting his pre-incarnate Christ is called God Almighty this with me for a loop. Now that's right, I recommend you study that an end at the comeback that they might have with it and also first Corinthians 12 Mattel you first Corinthians 12 is deadly for them to go to Carmen and look up first Corinthians 12.

There's an article call upon the name of the Lord Jesus read an article and just have a method that memorized the Scriptures and you will be able to really present to him very difficult for you okay things are great this is Michael Brown. I want to personally invite you to join me here on the line of fire brought your calls, your comments make up a part of our broadcast and we are a great having you as our listener self join me for the next broadcast with special interviews for special interaction right here on the life I for more information go to ask Dr. is Matt's link to get all the way back to Carlton for Michigan Carlton you're on their. The article where they lie at the upper end of 144 anointed wire you witness this article on: never website. When you work on my website: what it does what it one part of greater density that the water will be 144 and that the everlasting will be. I on earth and in the next paragraph the state that Jesus was speaking of everlasting light that is life in heaven for the 1.0 which contradicts what it did earlier that the immortal within the 144 be in heaven with the Lord says decisively on earth since the sun here. This is the race to cloaking" Immortal life and others to everlasting life, more life is for the hundred 44,000 Lord in heaven. Everlasting life is for those in paradise or reading Gabriel.

Okay let's Jesus speaking of his everlasting hell as we see the quote above to clear the water like a Jesus speaking is a blessing like that is from like the hundred 44,000 own mortal life who a good got that good here because here I will prepare, Claire and I don't know much about the boat. So know you would teach me something that I didn't know and then they contradicted the table deal that I see what you're saying and I can't read the contact to get out of the way to well-designed research. It will fix it tonight after the show right healthcare sometimes it happens is I have written thousands of articles, sometimes you're thinking this and you write that you put a word in. And it's happened many times years. It's something people like you will call a know you have the word wrong here. We talk about your right and just make a quick fix to appreciate National Geographic so I can okay go the pre-beat the previous one is correct. The second paragraph worth of everlasting life better human. That's wrong right on the auto left because literally doing is opening up while were talking here, opening up a program that I have the GW library, and what I can do is search through that and make sure it's accurate and also because believe it or not, they change things they change their to change their comments so I got it open and will do but I'll just do a quick search this with her latest information is in all neck adjustment on that article is consistent okay. Here, I'll get quality good and it caught me off guard and are no good anyway. It was good that I would be at church Sunday night to declare Olympic plant that was a high communion as witnesses is our non-Christian cult. I know and I would say quickly but looking to make a pair I the Late for school year that the Catholic Church correctly and is not at the Platonic aperture like the contract everybody else needs and how we see it now that I would do an add liquid, when I ran across make the hot young unwritten so much over the years that sometimes you know I did get a very strong: the delay just happens, and I appreciate people and then I go to tackle. So there you go right okay I good for you. I will check it out. I was going to do when will it be corrected. I know which way to go with Susan, my three year electric emergency comes up I will check it out fact while talking on actually researching okay go right. I have you

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