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Best Of MSL 2020 12: God Is In Control

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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March 23, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 12: God Is In Control

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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March 23, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. On this episode, Matt answers questions about Communion during the outbreak, Adultery, and is God in control of both good and evil, plus more.

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This is good Truth Network, she will not why father and president of apologetics and research what is found alive that car. Welcome what I do is repeatedly bring my mind back to prayer and one of things you can do. Also, is to literally get a notebook and I actually have and a prayer notebook and you write down certain things you want to pray about and you can prove your eyes open finger underneath your word that you praying about and when you deviate.

Don't worry about it just just keep praying a lot about my problem is I used to do a lot of body surfing boogie boarding down in California a lot. It's all you praying next thing you know I've taken away from cutting annual getting getting. I took off and I might now get back to prayer. So I completely understand. So as I recommend this is due the kind of thing and just just keep praying. Just distrust the Lord. It'll be fine. It expressed a lot of right I would probably like really bad and I don't believe in that. When you try go away are clicking sound as you are in the mind. For some reason loud snapping sound coming through so I'm not sure. Okay. I do so seems to put some people do is no big deal. Just wondered so you get these these impressions these things can I have to tell me because I ask your age will okay because you sound younger a lot of times this kind of thing happens to people who were in their late teens early 20s, and a lot of times because the brain is simply developing its growing and solar wires could cross.

And so sometimes in some people. We feel excited, some depressed, some have more bouts of these is just a possibility. Nothing is what it is. If you're in your 30s, your brain is matured by that and so if you're having doubts of this kind of stuff. It might be a spiritual thing and just possibilities what you do is you pray, you asked the Lord to work through it you ask for your protection, things like that you continue to do that now. Baptist does remove things like that that this was a covenant signed by which we publicly proclaim our vacation with Christ and coming up so that's what we do in the baptism.

But it could be given.

Diet is an organ could be that you have the medicine for something because our bodies are sometimes hold off you will you right folks. Please write back after these messages nicely take it all away back welcome back to the show. Let's get on with Casey so long time effectuating your on here know your work about 50. I've been walking down the church is not there a first time and what they're doing all their father and their Document.

He thought it had a great and I find any technology in our communion with bank by pastor and elders and what difference between no like how communion right now where we can't get you in our church and pastors are we allowed my husband labor a lot.

My family and it felt like why not use Mormons as you knows non-Christian Colby will have the power of priesthood authority.

So that's it, because that non-Christian religion does something similar to what we can do this through correct.

Having said that the husband is the federal head of the family. He has that right to be able to dispense give communion to the family and nothing in Scripture that I have ever seen says only a man can give it or only clergy can give it. So entertaining the idea of doing a church service this coming Sunday online were preaching a sermon and stuff like that and so you know if you want me to do that I might do that was really the same thing but since you brought this up. I thought about that because people need the word and a lot of people are being sequestered right now that's okay but your husband because you're married, your husband is the automatic roll leader in the home he has that right to be able to take the bread, break it wine or grape juice. The kids whatever it is and just always going to do is just break it is talk about what it is and they will write an article on how to give communion it will do that today. Just for this reason, and put up on the current website will do that thing you do today and put it up. I don't mind getting able.

I get underneath. Umbrella corporate you know you think you know I don't want to usurp the authority the position of any church body and I'm Presbyterian and I have a Masters of Divinity from Presbyterian seminary, but I see nothing in Scripture that says only clergy can do this and that will be my comeback show me in Scripture were says communion can only be given by the clergy that we know that Jesus instituted to the disciples of so much wealth they had the authority were to say they had the authority husband has the authority in his home. When the church is I loved to see this project occasionally and Southern California and Santa Cruz. What they would do.

I love this.

My favorite way of doing it.

They had community Sunday Sunday. The elders would go awry front to the church and the first row of pews. The first row was always because every Sunday they would have communion and what they did was they had the family they take one row and move up to that empty road and it wrote the move up the front row and if there was a husband. There then the elders would give the communion to the husband with the father and the father within give it to the family. If there was no father there are husband there for that time. Whatever situation the elders would just do that to the mother correctly.

The mother would give it to the children. I have no problem with that. I think it's a beautiful way of doing. I loved to demonstrate that this coming down and the husband has that place so you can do it. I see nothing in Scripture that says to the contrary listener say that your husband is when testing this easily for two weeks and you know you if you have kids and you want to be in communion. I don't see any problem with your in-place you're not usurping anything. I don't see a problem with you giving the community to your children if you love your husband is not there, stuff like that you know Sue problem article. Yeah, I'm all now out regular church.

Yet, I believe, meaning holy, holy ground, but yet I have all of the right lever background and my yellow thing that you are absolutely thing I don't think I've been rather here and you get the computer is nothing like no you forgot that you know you're talking about. Watching all the morning and unite yet. I don't believe and not all the time to think how they feel, what the Christian you and I would really like you not like I don't believe any authority that you either my head free but you have the authority in our home, kind of a little bit a little bit walking all the morning know how their union and I like to wait it out. How curvy planning occurred and then go back church that I think I'm no Mike I think you administer communion tonight with our family because I can feel that I need. I want to share in Gary's hand, and I wanted that I felt like I wanted that yesterday problem with and again I'm just going to Scripture and if anybody wants to take take offense to that: it was wrong, his wife, I'm absolutely open to hearing it from Scripture. I've looked over the years and wondered about it and I've never seen anything in the Bible it says thou shalt only have clergy administer communion with your your plane wrecked on a deserted island and there is no pastor around no clergy around, and what you can have communion anymore. Just as Mickey set you also very called me, my family, I care now together with our Lord reverential is an article on how to do community in the home. Okay some like that I would communicate my reasoning on why my fellow believer like notetaking and so I would appreciate that information also pretty cool that you're 25 years old. I know one Jewish and one for 2010.

We got a video where somebody roasted me and it was literally because people who knew me knew all the quirks that I have five courts of Ashford are sort of works yeah yeah you and so good. It was I was absolutely just love it I can find you put it up.

It's cost me a lot of humiliation. Certainly worth a good laugh and laugh article. Why not hold you know know never really made me either. But I article okay I just go by the word tonight because I got a lot to do with the okay okay I Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM. We love to hear from you. We love you. Your free mobile app we've gone digital only ask you to join us. Thank you for your loyal listing that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth. Truth shall set you away that actually from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Welcome your call and all yes logically written as required. If you controlled everything that would include good and bad so therefore the answer logically necessities. Yes, all I automatically like while God is all God all day by living we can shed some light on this.

Ephesians 111 says God works all things after the counsel of his will, therefore, everything that occurs in the world. Whether it's good or bad you for coming occurs after the will of God. He wills it to occur. However, we have to understand that when we say that theologically we have to understand that there is a kind of a will that God have such different than what we might think. In one sense, what will say is there's a decrease of will of God. He decrees certain things to be directly so you might say something like B light enters like that we have what we call the prescriptive will of God, and God says thou shalt not lie Sweetser prescription right then that that's the will of God that we behave morally but he wills to allow us to disobey and so people lie switch with this within his will that people live and what that means is it's within his his permissive will to prepare to permit people to live so he wills to permit them to disobey him. So when we say within his will.

When I sing is direct causation. That's not too confusing. Let's open up the book a little more is forced causation goes, we have what's called the ultimate approximate in the efficient, the ultimate cause is. For example, Dr. B light and he's direct that these efficient cosmic the ultimate cause is that which is the beginning the process would God brought the universe into existence.

He's the ultimate cause of all things coming into existence. The proximate cause means that it's the thing that is next to a certain event so if someone lies whether certain causes certain conditions that were in place that enabled the person to lie baby situation.

Put pressure on him like this was called efficient cause that's the one who actually does the event to actually.

For example, does the longing so God is the ultimate cause of all things in that she's the one who brought the universe into existence. He's would put everything in place but is not the efficient cause and that he's not the one who made that person because that person directly to lie so we have in theological circles within causation and within the will. We have become about Trinity was looking causation is the ultimate approximate, efficient, and in the will decrees of prescriptive and permissive, and not trying to get to head to hear all that. The reason I bring it up is because we thought about these things before and people to think about for centuries and all kind of discussions have. That's why we have these terms of these issues that help doesn't want sherbet allow us can stop someone from shooting somebody else for murdering somebody because not always something to Don's sometimes you are so something that we don't know that he's prevented we go about our lives and everything's fine. We don't know what God has arranged to prevent something happening to and yet things do happen to us with within the will of God to permit certain things to happen and so when I stub my toe actually getting out of my small once about seven years ago I slipped and broke one of my toes so that was within the will of God from all eternity that it happened and so does that mean he was the efficient cause of. She's the one who pushed my foot. No, but he's the ultimate cause of the universe exist everything as a result of it in there.

But, on the one responsible.

And, incidentally, about three years later was in martial arts and I got thrown look at the throne of martial arts and my foot got stuck in it on broke my 20 and so the rate so it's within will go to permit certain things and yet he does interact with us in our prayers because complicated does, but there this is new stuff for a lot of people. And when I preach actually teach some of these things which Bible studies. I introduce this concept on a Bible study I will slow down and talk about the ultimate proximate the efficient cause I'll talk to for half-hour submit sherbet in the room gets it and will talk about will of God and will relate them back and forth because of important concepts understand most pastors and teachers don't ever teach this kind of thing you could pretty and so not complaining a lot better.

Nothing like that.

But the people just don't. I do that I preached on Sunday. I talked about the nature of truth and how truth can be known in the different theories of what truth is and how you justify your statements and brought the side of the issue of Christ is the way the truth and the life listening, that he is the truth the final truth is, and we can only know something is true but infinitely reveals to us. This one can trust to use etc. etc. so I sometimes I see people's heads jerked a little bit. Their eyes rolled back in her head. I realized too many things.

Some brain cells explode like will actually know what I'm thinking about doing everything right but yet he works all those things for good.

And so my wife and I lost a son years ago and God worked it for good.

Why write God bless Ashley a break so talk to you later. Already folks will you call 877207 and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep if you know the Bible know what is actually step become defiled, called said things in their self-righteousness, church sessions claims itself as the church is necessary for some teachers have different Masters degree or study.

Recommend rooms three, four, five, study rooms, 340 chapters is necessary for salvation. Comparing just plainly read in Scripture. Big difference. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep where he met with the slider from Kansas. Welcome to running their like you question my best friend is a good and very high IQ and read the Bible on now 70 and the writer second book is published that have not been published yet. The it's a fictional nonfiction fiction includes the words Michael hold on to that is right back after these messages we have three open lines 877-207-2771 hey we have three open lines 87720722761 slider still there.

Okay and I wanted a book about the end of the public were Christlike on order coming down to destroy the world and five years ago Matt Jehovah's Witness on the line of sight my book. They'll and you know that Bible during his life and on. I want to know what is going to bring back Christianity's is five years is thoroughly brainwashed and so attacking the issue of Michael and Jesus is again really be that productive.

To say it just generally is not going to be what you could generally do was ask him to demonstrate from Scripture that Jesus is Michael he Archangel logistical problem here now describe this has to do with nature and continuity so is Mr. question is a cat the same thing as an elephant real simple answer is what we know cannot Become an elephant will answer know they're different in nature and essence can Angel become a man can Angel chinos nature and become something it wasn't no because then you have a cessation of the first, so when the Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus who is by nature and Angel Michael the Archangel, he stopped becoming an angel.

Stop being an angel and changed his nature and became a man so Michael the Archangel ceased to exist became a man, because human nature and Angel natures are different then and Jehovah's Witness theology. Jesus became Michael the Archangel again.

But that means that Jesus doesn't exist anymore logical necessity of Jehovah's Witness theology because now he's an angel again, but an angel in a manner different by nature before going to explain something in Christian theology. When we say God became man. We don't say that he stopped becoming God and change his nature became man will do as we say the nature of the word. The second person of the Trinity added human nature in the person of Christ Jesus has two natures, the divine and the human so the continuation is not a problem. The continuity is not a problem. It's different in the cults like the Jehovah's Witnesses, so this one issue is called the continuity issue and they can't refute that they could associate with vessel civil guy can do what he wants but now the strokes but will he do with what's logically impossible and intercourse is no less one thing, here's something else that I think you might be interested in doing is go to the car my website and look up the search engine call upon the name of the Lord okay typing out right now my search engine and first Corinthians 12 to let me give you a brief outline of what this article is about when my longest wasn't written on the website and I did because it's very powerful against Jehovah's Witnesses and some Jehovah's Witnesses try to refute it and then I closed any gaps and problems and had to add to do it. But here's the basic thing. There is a phrase in the Old Testament to call upon the name of Yahweh or the Jehovah's Witnesses. It's fine will sit where Jehovah call upon the name of Jehovah someone 16 forks in Zechariah 13, nine, and many other places and it means to pray to to worship Jehovah and him alone and you get him to to see that you didn't see this is all written on an article and so what I do deals with us is also is that true is it true that whenever you see this the phrase call upon the name of Yahweh, Jehovah, it's worshiping at adoring praying to the true living God, and only help in the site correct good canal or sunk. So what I'll do then is say okay the Septuagint which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament Hebrew by the Jews when they took that phrase call upon the name of Jehovah or calling on the name of Jehovah. They translated it into the Greek call upon the name of the Lord because the Hebrew Yahweh is not there in the Greek so they used the Greek word's subject. This is call upon the name of the Lord right well which is was what it says in first contains 12 with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord what it literally says in the Greek is call upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus, Paul is using that same phrase call upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus, we don't talk like that Hendrix will be different.

So the English they say call upon the name of Jesus our Lord.

That's not what it says in the Greek literally. This is some this is why we need a literal translation so that's what using the SP okay so call upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus and that's what setting in first contains 12. It's a very, very powerful witnessing tool that you go through that article you take a look at it. Hopefully you'll be able to use it and him and demonstrate what issuance okay real quick fix going again. Repentance wants someone like that. There is no Hebrews 46 no, he was for six and eight differently getting mixed up a resource for six or no problem. So she was 646 and it says in case of those who been enlightened once been enlightened, consider St. enlightened tasted the heavenly gift have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit.

This even fits Judas Judas betrayed Jesus was enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift with me to partake of the Holy Spirit doesn't see was indwelt by or saved as a taste of the good word of God and the powers of the age to come in a fallen away. It's impossible to renew them again. Repentance that means that anybody who knew this stuff and fell away pretty new to repentance. But Jesus says he won't lose any. John 637 through 42 of the fathers of he lose none so it can't be that they lose your salvation. So Hebrews 646 can't be talking about losing salvation. All okay my friend gave you the book and left by God in Christ like on the book knowing that Jesus is not Michael is not safe. Okay, okay that I was on folks right back after these messages stand nearby your support for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something. This is so less is best. Matt slick Elway Matt, let's get to DJ from Florida DJ welcome Victor waiting there kind one. Look it were to divorce her no other reason than the lawful we could afford it if you were to remarry, what it be a continual creeper simply an act of adultery straight so you're saying that something was a divorce for biblical reasons right nonbiblical resort and you were to read. There is then that would be a states of adultery. It would be just as so as Christ said that's what you do with this girl you would recommend you went here we had a discussion on this in seminary. I remember it because was one of those good good discussions among many. What you do at this point, so someone just divorced on biblically and they get married they technically committed adultery yes what you do at this point so you have children do not get a divorce because you don't want to continue sin of adultery. Well, it's a tough one to talk about so will be concluded was the general consensus was that we just lay before the cross confess that that first divorce is sinful and that they did wrong in this divorce in this marriage but there in the state of marriage and to stay there and that's it and it's just washed away by the blood of Christ, and you continue and the consequences of it would be that such people would not be allowed to serve in any ministerial position group discussed okay but as great as I do have about you. Divorce because you go, let's say that your that I that I cheated on Mike about an she divorces me she can get remarried but I cannot be there correct what we both were unfaithful that we divorce and we are we free very good old Scripture answer will be no because on the divorce and the person in this case it gets you. Things are not easy to answer, and are not not because we have to deal with the issue of of what you do with unto unbelievers who get divorced on biblically and then they get they want to get married later on after they became Christians solicited to get divorced on the plea 10 years ago five years ago. Both of them would have one person does matter becomes a Christian and wants to get remarried. Now what because that's all that that sin was his washed with my love of Christ are they then freak.

This is a discussion that we had in seminary about this because the Bible doesn't tell us at this point we do know that such people who have done these things and become Christians. My opinion is that I want to err on the side of grace nonlaw.

I want to be gracious to people and not put them under the law, and so that in those instances, if less a woman was an atheist divorce on biblically became a Christian.

Five years later, and that than five years after that wanted to get married what I say that it was a good it was okay to get married. I would lean towards yes it's okay because it's all washed away by the blood of Christ and just move forward from that time on, and what it was a Christian who got divorced, knowing it was not a divorce and they want to get remarried, then I probably would not want to perform a wedding ceremony at that point but have to talk to this people a lot get a lot of counsel from others on that it would be a serious issue and so because the Bible doesn't specifically address this that we have to go to counseling. I have like go to things like this. We just talk about and generally speaking, grace is the thing that really generally so it's tough is a good question. God bless. Okay DJ from Florida.

Those are tough questions folks and not easy to answer. Let's get to Ronald from Raleigh, North Carolina run welcome you here lets you pay your preachers and afraid to stand up some more. Well, if they are afraid to stand up for God's word, then they're not being true shepherds of the sheep and the need to speak the truth so that it is 1822. You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female is an abomination I would preach that from the pulpit and I would say that to first Corinthians 619 69 also go to Romans 126 28 and I would talk about this talk about why it's a judgment that connected to the order of God's creation, order, and ultimately the cross of redemptive work of Christ, and so I would speak on and didn't like. If you like I have the right to be able to speak the word of God in this country. Still, if pastors don't want to do because they want to offend anybody not preaching the word of God because the word got the priest that since nobody is not that we need to be offensive. No we preach the word and preach it. In truth, and we cannot as Christians, just rest and do nothing and let the ungodly us because once they're in control. They won't stop and what they require of us. It always about history, has led to oppression that will happen again. This is why we need to be involved in why Christian to be running for offices is electricity to become lawyers, Christians need to start acting like Christians and not waiting for a pretrial rapture or anything like that. This can get us out. We need to push back against evil, and we do with truth, education, prayer, mutual supports God in the world realize it'll be difficult. I know trust is what were obligated to do is look at that crime is thought that Jesus would do that speak I wish to speak with more power and not be afraid.

Doesn't mean you have to speak on these things all the time. That's not should not shy away from

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