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Best Of MSL 2020 16: Trust In The Lord

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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April 20, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 16: Trust In The Lord

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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April 20, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. Matt talks about various topics that range from, heretical evangelists, graven images, to the Coronavirus, the economy, and more.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Christmas gift why not want. She can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chicken thanks provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family. Jesus family this Christmas, give them six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network why father found online car email answered for here is the paper writer and some as for North Carolina, I misunderstood my question is relational after because Matt Matthew 1324, Revelation say that I was giving too much information because of someone who's in prison very very careful information on you because I just nine years of prison ministry years and years ago and it still ingrained me. You do not give any information out there is reason for the so jubilation rapture or post-relational rapture, which is what I hope to and this is so Revelation talks about people being saved in the tribulation. If the wicked are taken first. I believe because of Matthew 1340, 30, 30 and 40 were Jesus as the tears are taken before the wheat.

So how can it be left anyone to become believers well easy because the tribulation.

Seven years long gray jubilation 3 1/2 years were here during the whole jubilation. And so people will be savored as relation. And then at the end of the tribulation when things are so bad. This is so bad that Christ will come back to the first was taken of the wicked, and there removed his kingdom there. Jesus is attending the age 1st out of the tears and recessed so firm and so works for my perspective. Perspective is not popular for a lot of things I hold are not very popular talk to somebody about that today. Why is that you know who I hold the views that most of prison system multiple now not important documents as in the Trinity will hold holy Trinity to Christians to but the issue. For example, I believe in God's predestination believing in human free will, but that it subject to God's predestination. I believe the continuation of the charismatic gifts. I don't believe and how the people on TV. Misuse stuff and I got hold the hotel you would me. I'm leaving that stuff is ridiculous, but I also affirm going to go for the tribulation. Do you go through it and I hope I'm wrong but I believe I don't see anything in Scripture that says organ will escape it when people tell me of verses that they say show shapeless rapture when I just look at the context start asking questions just falls apart and so people don't have any of my pain don't have a good verses for that much is my opinion, prompting you to give me a call and one other issue was that when I held and you I didn't really go public with it for a couple of years because I want to make sure that it really was something I could back up with Scripture and I affirm that there's two ages this age and the age to come with Jesus and Paul the apostle taught that churches today still teach it on a wide is very clear in Scripture and at the end of the age is when the harvest occurs.

And Jesus says, first gather the tears and getting them to burn them and gather the wheat into the barn so the first ones gathered according to Jesus are the wicked recessed Matthew 1330 through 1140 just read the context or to be really surprised and the issue of thought is was in the days of Noah, so shall it be the date of the coming Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking they were giving in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and took them all away. 24 but Luke 17 says the flood came and destroyed them all to the ones who were destroyed by the ones who were eating and drinking and giving in marriage was to go to him with a 24 to look at that you know they were eating and drinking, giving marriage elliptically that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and took them all away. The winter taken the ones were eating and drinking and there's lots were destroyed and this is too minimum in the field one is taken. What is left in the context of the wicked were taken. This is consistent with the with Jesus in Luke 17 and they asked Jesus where they taken and he says with a body is the vultures gather he answers what are taken to the rapture being taken into heaven, and what gets me is not talked about this many times and you can go check out the stuff yourself. Matthew 24 Luke 17.

Go to Matthew 13 three chapters. If you really studied about this change everything and what I do is not.

I hold that position because that's what process it took me a couple of years before started going public on the radio and send you This is what I hold to because I just had to kind of verify it because I'm the only one I know who holds the butt to not been saying this for a couple of three maybe four years now I've forgotten and I've encountered a lot more people now who are holding that same position. Maybe because I'm promoting a turbine because or do the studies to I don't know enough birds of a feather flock together so hopefully that's it.

That's an interesting thing and so you check in and hear the questions if I can within two minutes. Shake someone's faith in particular set of scriptures as an interpretation associated with that subscription show is not what it really meant and rapture the rapture occurs, but is just you know if I can do that automatically for you to Benefield was taken when his left I've ever talked to all this rapture is not. Why is it that the pastors and elders were teaching this just can't see it. I think it's because they're just not doing the deep study they need to be doing and homework and are not there just listening to the denominational preferences they don't want to go too far to deep and then want to rock the boat while I but I see this as just what it says and so that's why teaching you don't agree, okay, if you don't give a call we can talk about it Something was talking about stuff you going to McCall. We have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jason from Michigan.

Jason welcoming on their gun on you and your you and it on home or on the law what it says and wherever you get to it right now. Revelation 2020 Exodus 20 says the Lord your God brought you out of Egypt I shall not make for yourself an idol is a graven image, or any likeness of what is in heaven above the earth 'neath or the water. You shall not worship them or serve them and what is talking about is the issue of not bowing to them.

You don't want to do that it's wrong to do that and out go to Leviticus 19 for do not turn idols turn to idols and make yourselves molten images, etc. don't do that and that is another verse that says it says it etc. find it recessed graven images for yourselves in the form of a figure like disability not do that and that you would bow down before them so that Deuteronomy 4 so can have cross in your house, you never cross her because you not bowing before you not using it the focal point of worship and adoration is not alter your bowing before this this thing so no problem. So I guess in the wearer a wooden cross and it's a bold cross and also not work out Republican and lost some stuff around fighting the finish coat shows up and I'm aware I don't want an image of Jesus in my house because I don't want the blonde hair, black of patients or for Jesus image to be propagated because it's not him and not like, pray to my Lord Jesus, I just imagine anybody I went to to do that. So what about not one day there right there you not tell you is that I will never wear a crucifix and I won't have a crucifix my house. Now this is my opinion slightly disagree with it all you want, that's okay.

And the reason I want is because it's an image of Jesus still on the cross and is not on the cross anymore and it's an image of him and we have a tendency is people to visualize things and I don't want to provide anybody image that they might look at look upon in the remembrance or thought as they were worshiping the during the Lord. So that's why stay with most things, a cross across. I don't know.

He's wearing your chest. What I don't visualize anything with that at all. But what I do pray. Sometimes I will say this, I do visualize the cross and one way and what I do is I visualize the dirt blood on the dirt and the wood of the cross and my thesis on the ground next to and because that's what. And that's as close as I'll get to any imagery that I'll think about visualize him.

I just don't do that. He's too fast for them to get it wrong assisting along with that.

The new commitment you know that they will get that and you the many that are trying to portray biblically Jesus there and I think that's okay because what it's trying to do in that sense is portray what he went through and we know it's an actor nobody that I can see the right mind would visualize that actor as actually being Jesus in their prayers that we know that would be wrong to have a problem with that.

Personally because it understand what's going on at actors. We understand that in such a different category for me and so have seen the passion of Christ only saw once that's all I will ever see because it broke me down and weeping but there are some errors in their because with his name was Roman Catholic yet Gibson is Catholic and there's some Catholic. False images and not too many.

If you does not were looking to find him. It is a new show that came out God and I know one of the writer will think that to help his message is stay on the air while your support information. We ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based so forward less is slick way back to the shelter, buddy. Let's get to Jonathan from Arizona. Jonathan and I do. Alright man grace we got money, no question about the action regarding account of the director, where those where with all like you want to count their Bob didn't hear her to do fear like that yes and non-that you like maybe a month ago and I study apologetic for the last nine years that would write that led you to believe in resurrection and then from then I started putting apologetic, but out of what I heard about the addiction actually jumped online and I googled it and I actually found your website and I thought what inflation there was something related to like the different things like Greek you hear something like audit or flight in the back row. Your mom's deli at you hear what she said like you heard it, but he didn't.

I like that one instance one way of looking at it is there hearing without understanding, and one is here with understanding the different ways so says the article class at 20 to 9 can be translated. They did not hear the sound the IV correctly translates the verse because of up to here with the genitive case that means showing possession, genitive, management position means to hear a sound with the accusative case to here with understanding so one means just to hear that her case means to your understanding the accusative and talking here about the direct and indirect objects and things like this. So what it does in Greek nouns decline. So we have boy boys, but will have actor actors actress actresses declension in English but in Greek nouns decline all over the place.

They have what's called nominative, genitive, dative accusative optative their cases and has to do with the with the subject showing possession.

The direct object the indirect object command vocative and so this is how it is working Greek and so when we have different words used in different cases, that's what it means. The accusative case, a genitive case can have different meanings and it and so the genitive case is employed. 97 and read my notes accusative is using 22, nine the travelers with salt heard the sound but did not understand her, but in here with understanding.

So would you say I heard what they heard the sound within hear the sound with understanding two different things. Greek is a very powerful language. It's very powerful language and so you can say for example how author Foss artifacts in Greek, which is the good man or the man a good hot author pots artifacts literally is the man good, but on deposit in August. Sauce man good art and the same ending syllable. Arthropods are the thoughts that OS ending his masculine singular, and August. The way the masculine plural authority would be masculine plural of the ploy. Okay, so you could actually say for example the good man are the good man extremely hot water thoughts. Arthropods of the good man is hoping in that order and you can actually take the work on surpass off and say hot August thoughts, but his masculine singular patient visits the good man is Lucian Greek in the Bible sometimes like they may have on how to thoughts just hot hot artifacts.

The good, but it singular masculine man in italics because the con the word in Greek carries that that the singular masculine sense and hustle to put the word mannitol is implied by that Greek, but we don't have it like that in English we don't do that we don't speak like that so this is why we have different it's a very powerful very, very powerful language. In my opinion, nobody ever spoke Greek 2000 years ago they invented it and put on paper to torture people in the future to understand because it's the other genitive absolute with the date of the means means what it does. Next to the nominative Afro vocative on Tuesday and Wednesday's different and I'm exaggerating a course, but these are the kind of things we deal with and man it's coffee this very powerful language very precisely at probably wider like the looks like it got so like urology pocket the Bible right because we don't certain context of the Bible. Unlike just don't know what that means I'm reading it.

I know the word I think I need and very certain parts of the Bible that I did have to look at you like language a little bit understanding it My get their lock effusion because it trying to claim the Bible in a language that will write just as tough sometimes as idiomatic phrases to clear your nostrils and someone your angry at them. In Hebrew, so there's different kinds of things with dynamic translations.

We have the translation that are meant to be literal and that are meant to be, meaning carried over. Like for example knowing is finishing thing laundry and I have hunger literally aside, I have hunger legal speak like an English was a hungry and so what we do, what you translated literally when you say I have hunger but but what we do is say I'm hungry. Both are correct.

What is more literal than it was an interesting problem literally for the ready before the break coming up. You heard of the phrase in the Bible talks about building your house on the rock St. well right because it has that solid crack will they hear there is a culture that the head of translation, difficulty because if you built your house on a rock in that culture of the floodlit, sleep it away what you had to do is built on the sand and with it did with it would take these poles long bamboo poles which are superstrong and pounded down way deep into the sand and then they could build a house on the support structures that was anchored firmly deep in the sand so we come to translate that into into that language.

What you say because you missed something, if you say build your house on the sand because the rock represents Christ.

So this is play on words in the original, but in their language.

It wouldn't carryover so that the deal was a translate it the way it was intended to be understood in the context of the said build on the sand and then will be up to the teachers and preachers later to explain more accurately what was going on with just write some of the linguistic difficulties interfaced but for the most part there's very few eyesight not that good in Spanish, but we have some Spanish guys next door to us and I'm practicing with them and get around. I just do it and am in it works and say governing perfectly but were able to communicate quite well right now it is sometimes a precision okay yeah right helps give a lot of information there yet. Lotta a lot about both.

Everything about Rick and understand how you did. You enter yesterday Greek for four and half years in college and seminary, but I forgot that I've forgotten so much so that I know the tools and unable to to understand a lot was going on is my tools things like that will yeah another that I applauded last year. I really hadn't heard about you. Until maybe. Tom was lucky.

Well, they did not want that to this day and when I had heard anything. You are paraphrasing. You know you have a public debate departed was destroying them or whatever the last note I did a lot I was destroying you was like destroyed me.

I never even heard of at point in there when I had waffled debate any of it like another great argument that that I'd not heard of me like that Matthew regarding like the alarm or whatever like what causation is is you break down all right a photo right back after these messages, please. And now a moment of truth with Matt sleep rightly with secondly second the blessing that comes from God is not money you give the blessing comes from your faith in your trust in Jesus Christ he may strip you of everything so that you have nothing left but your faith in him to be the greatest blessing because when you go to heaven.

It's the greatest of rewards, but people do. Here's what I want you to get your blessing right now. Give me the money negative blessed right now.

It's a form of feeding on people's greed on people's desire for security and financial gain appealing to the sinfulness and new, as well as others, myself and that we want to have. You want to be blessed.

We want about ourselves.

This will build it with were susceptible to listen to people like that. If you do this you will be blessed, and they look like they're succeeding but they're not. This is Charlotte. This is false doctrine. False teachers there were wolves in sheep clothing.

This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep actually take it all away. Matt Rick from High Point, North Carolina Richter on the air. There Rick okay will try little bit longer. Amen. Are you there is I can't put my okay it will go stay way from a bad teacher.

My worst teacher she teaches heresy. See CS Lewis is pretty good, just lucid, brilliant, able to communicate very well with some issues.

Somebody, leans towards universalism and monism in some areas but the most part is really good.

TD Jakes, TD Jakes as he hovers between trinitarianism and oneness theology and oneness theology is heretical, so therefore I should not listen to Dr. pretty good. Dr. Yamagata is really good. I say go sailing on that slick because that's it for the little guy name slick okay you know my problem why I'm really everyday I'm real you forgot you forgot I'm autistic. I have Asperger's. Well hope you will enjoy that know about is whether you do better on their plenty took me I'm not new, I have a very personal relationship with Christ. It took me 30 years I'm 65 and it took me 30 years to get quiet now in Christ and on the left, but you will not go into court and you know what I'm talking about how you think will not complicate things like go all about okay so not about okay smile. I have a real quick. Her name is real good real good Jehovah's Witness now she knows she can't convert no think of are so so I don't work on the house also but you know we talk about our outlook great.

I will look at the thing about Blackie figuring to careen the New World translation of the Holy Spirit that the job right along with the thinking that any update its false translation it's it's bad is not a literal translation altered the text of the Bible in very significant areas. It's not to be troubled trumpeted out on the reef that I want your help around the ship. I really wish you and I could get back to you about great you know that the patient elliptically prompted Michael Happ sit down and let her teach you for a couple of hours.

Take notes okay because what you'll do is earn the right just to say. Malachi teach you ask her if I do this with you said let me do it with you.

She says no.

Fair is right back after these messages is Matt slick getaway Matt back to the show record is still there year. All right, so was I saying we gotta do is say yeah glad to sit down and study with you, I'd like you to teach me what you believe and I'll take notes and then can I respond to what it is you say we can we get together and talk about the other side ask if that's okay. If she says no, then you have to ask her why is it that you're not going to be equitable.

Why okay and it is if she does that is because the watchtower will tell her what she can and can't do regularly say that, but that's is the case I got a little bit of the thing for you here and tell you something. I remember clearly, years and years ago when I was studying the cults with Jerry and Mary including who worked with Dr. Walter Martin Christian research Institute in Southern California was in her class, and a ex-Mormon woman came in and she started talking about how she got converted to Christianity.

What happened she was driving down the 22 freeway which goes east-west question in Southern California and she was listening to a Christian station in worship and they were singing praises in this fellowship in this intimacy that they had with Jesus. She wanted rings of her recent and and she wanted that and so she felt this need to charge or was he just left. She felt his need to cry out to Jesus and she did and she said she pulled over off the freeway dangerous but she did on the shoulder and talked to Jesus and asked Jesus to reveal himself to her and she said instantly. She knew that Mormonism was false. She said it was a revelation that she had this relationship with Christ. I never forgot she would just praise Jesus verse I want you to take a look at the New World translation. This is what it says this is first greetings 19 God is faithful, by whom you're called into fellowship with his son Jesus Christ our Lord fellowship. There is coin in the it means intimate fellowship relationship and what you can do is ask a simple question.

The shift fellowship and issue. In addition I felt was very okay the shift fellowship with her friends and all and and people who are alive. The shift fellowship.

What is ask her what is this fellowship and she has never described you. You spend time with someone you talk to them. That's how you have fellowship and you ask can we have fellowship with someone that you don't spend time with no if you don't never talk to them. You never speak to them and have fellowship with initial civil course in UniFirst content 190 to use her Bible. They messed up a lot of stuff in the Bible that this verse is okay. God is faithful, by whom you're called into fellowship with his son Jesus Christ. So he asked her how you have fellowship with Jesus because you just said you talk to someone have fellowship with them. How you talk to Jesus the city to spend time with someone have fellowship with him how to spend time with Jesus because that's what the Bible commands them to be doing and then you can tell her how you do that no effort.

Okay, I need to know the difference.

Jehovah's Witness had with Christ's birth.

Maybe an accursed thing okay. Jehovah's Witnesses deny the doctrine of the Trinity. They call it polytheism, and often represents regards the misrepresented, they say that Jesus is a created thing and actually he said he's Michael the Archangel, who became a man who died on the torture steak, not the cross and that he died but was not physically resurrected and if usually Saturday resurrected and so he rose from the dead spiritually but not physically and they have reasons for that, but I know that he became Michael the Archangel again and in order to be saved from your sins, you have to keep the commandments have to follow the law. If the grantor yet.

Hopefully do what's right before God and so this is what the cults teach and they can't take communion only hundred 44,000. Jehovah's Witnesses are leading to communion with a only offer once a year in April and so this is okay teach its non-Christian grant that you know why you will say God is because you know well the name actually is from the graviton you think. Five. Take in Hebrew which is exit 314 and 15. It talks about the name of God. When God says to Moses, I am that I am Cecil say this individual. I am has sent me to and so there is not a in Greek or Hebrew, and so is roughly 1500s. I forgot to a Catholic priest or someone like that coin the phrase Jehovah and so it just became a way of great became a way of just saying his name Yahweh. And yet it's just it's it's an Americanized kind of English proficient what you know because it has great luck. Ask her to go to the kingdom hall with you. If they couldn't enough that close right now. I know all that. Don't go to find out and go and get as much literature as you can and go through it, you'll start some of which are very distressing had a brainwashed dog all that it would make now and in group you not doing."

But what are you see what we do so until you do these things. I told you about and also go to Carmen and look up on first Corinthians 12 call upon the name of the Lord and use that in connection with the first is 19 fellowship with Jesus. You do this very, very powerful way of witnessing to her right you welcome, but not going to last rightist telephones with William from LA William you're on the on the air with somebody you doing we got wonderful actually calling because I wanted to know your opinion about the whole movement going on. I know, Dr. swami. Dr. Connor started off going to the evolution of the whole idea of God pulling out of any out of a group of pre-existing solar Homo sapiens and then giving them the command. What's your take on the school board means is a lot worse than garbage but it just like the devil know God created Adam and Eve, he didn't take some priming briefs of the life into them and all that kind of stuff. Now that we deny what God did in his credit order. Theistic evolution sickly sex canal water takes no good right right I completely agree. But the problem I'm having it there are people who also deny you think evolution may deny evolution, but unity, academic circles, people are saying. Well necessarily improbable or impossible.

So therefore we need to raise you think evolution is both good like that is and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep if you know the Bible. Jesus spoke of the Pharisees: what is this is a grave and whitewashed days actually step in and become defiled. Call them and said things about the Pharisees and religious leaders who in their self-righteousness. Christ Catholic Church like the Pharisees and Sadducees because it has worked for salvation claimed itself as the true church alone is necessary for some teachers. Masters degree or study Greek recommend rooms three, four, five, three, this has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep is taken away. Matt Blaney still there. Your prayer alright so not a college waiting, but I wanted to get a little bit of information out evolution has all kinds of problems with but the scientists and the media have ways of burying contradictory information and the reason I believe is because they don't want to serve the true and living God.

So evolution has not been observed. Science is the is observing something theorizing developing tests for it, finding repeatability and then modify your hypothesis into the theory where others can repeat this test with science really is. When you look at a fossil in the ground you have to impose certain philosophical ideas and beliefs into it and studies have been done were people do this all the time and all kinds of mistakes Eagle hippest the answers of the words is a good example and hunted by research back in 80s on you hippest and I found for example that they would assume certain gradations of evolutionary development of you hippest smaller figure to the horses with ending up with these and ordering semen books but turns out that a lot of these fossils are reversed in their order some belong in the ascending order, they go to big or too small or too big your diskette when you look at the real evidence from the perspective but they don't tell you that they don't tell you about the mathematical impossibility of abiogenesis of life only by chance they don't talk about the impossibility of thought that the impossibility of information formation and transmission through DNA. It is so incredibly fast against it. It's just that of damaging the fossil record does not have really any transitional forms know people say yes it does have traditional forms but they don't know for transition because how do you know one conditional form is really transitional form and the answer is because it looks like it. This is mostly scientists testability repeatability will have you know. Looks like it will. This is basically comes down to, and I would recommend that you learn more about indirectness. Everybody gets the book by Jonathan Wells icons evolution and Rachel McGregor is a great book and also the evolution's Achilles' heel is to get evolution impossible. You can also I recommend get book on intelligent design, and a lot of people will balk at intelligent design. But when you read this stuff.

It's impressive. The audio obviously have it integrated information is a really special that would do it how you how you deal with, it might be Christian or elite academic thinking people that you know what we can't herald a evolution that they are wrong is can we have to break them out and brothers in Christ understand this. A lot of Christians who want to say I don't want to send somebody to tell the truth that embrace them in their heresy because it's okay to get off doing that is figure out yet. It's at their wimps know just telling the truth, lovingly, patiently, but tell him so if someone calls me up on the show and said luckily and if theistic evolution of the disabled. Let's talk about it. You believe that Adam was greeted by God. No, you deny the word of God. How can I trust you. True Christian if you deny with the very basis of our faith is the God's creative work of Adam, the first Adam, if you can't trust the first at his creation happy trust in the last Adam. Redemptive work tackling a great question. I love it so okay so I like that it be firm and tell them that they're being wimps during a loving way that brings them closer to the right is hard to do because people don't want to be offended.

You can send me you looked in the wrong you offended me enough to sue you a minute complain that it was a so advantage of having Asperger's. You know the area as burgers were not acted on that socially inclined. So I say thanks excuse me, like I don't mean this to be mean, but you're wrong.

I can tell you the truth, to run the 60s became your address I can mail you some diapers and all the right thought I could appreciate it. Bless my don't we meet on the phone with Joanne from North Carolina joy and welcome your call question softly. Dear friend for eight at least 50 years. She had been married over 30 years.

How to get back here around the file that he not basically be very nice verbally and I'll thank you and, thank that not help with her about the divorce I just wondered I want your opinion now 108 that complicate things that had mercury that got out of the bay hacking at work quarantined at half profession can only by right that he got out of the Fayette and get a couple of the nurse that I think that faith yeah right thinking right yes I just even before the years. The guys had surgery on and it was blocked off legally blind driver in think that she is going every night to make our final understand my she do while she argues 4/like shows like today you keep interning right okay by fat and I just got a question that will affect your partner. Things like pink and a towel with question which she mostly at Brandon, let's jump in and add a little bit here issue Christian to crystal tissue a church where my arm I'm sorry I just got a match her that she go to church church. Not a lot to a large card. Okay, well knowing the surgical you know she has a church that she can go to the others concerned that lot that I would probably line this matter the you know it's not an issue with her. They not believe the issue is specific church goes to his talk the elders and yellows need to be involved with something like this emotional abuse is a different setting than physical abuse with their abuse less and depending the degree of what is different levels of action taken. The counseling is necessary and because of the pandemic, heartache, heart attack, all of this now complicates things a great deal.

So what she needs to do is be faithful to her marriage. During this time possible and to support him and support him in the way. It's okay, but stay supportive in the wife role while he's recovering from his illness but she needs to have a serious discussion with Angie to sit him down. Maybe you have someone over the house. The quarantines get someone over the house. The mask on whatever and she talks to her husband about this and she's right things out what he said and limits for the state and if he is going to continue this sheepishly, the time does this every time he's going to start with every sickness to leave, she initially informed him that you need to distance herself from and I would suggest that she starts with okay now I vote no. But this was to be subdued. Well, who cares this, which is a lot of times while trying a lot of one part of the counseling understand that it's okay but a lot of times just one person will then it's of the one person who will to do is to be done. When I talk to men about this wife don't want to go to counseling. The men are willing to I just tell a menacing look US man and you start acting like a person is a Christian who picks up his cross daily basis and follows the Lord Jesus and you love your wife underwent this a tough, very difficult and supernatural people. It works both ways. So an icing and that it's okay for her to just sit there and take abuse now, there are certain things that she needs to put in place in certain boundaries that need to be put in place and she needs to do that to find someone to help her emotionally through this kind of thing that a male female find someone who can help and culture.

A good godly woman give her good advice and she worked on over. Time and informs him that this isn't acceptable.

This work like that that you need to take steps in right direction.

If he gets worse and worse. Once he's viable on his own that you might want to seek the ideal of being separated from because lifetimes. That kind of thing will shape somebody shaken up enough for them to better advocate divorce but sometimes she won person wants just abuse. You constantly another one dependent situation to a fine take off for a while go to so-and-so's house on all to be there the whole thing. Okay, so some of you the elderly to be involved welcome call limited comments.

I have talked to numerous couples Christian couples to my utter dismay and shock who will separate from one another during this difficult time. Sometimes it happens.

I understand, and during their separation, they behave as a single start dating other people and I have encountered this once and you know the sinfulness of somebody else, separate from her spouse.

I asked the person's guys and girls still married.

Yes the wife did some housework were separated okay gotcha so very great. Yes since somebody else why doing if you're still married. Your marriage is still viable. Marriage is still intact. If any of you out there are separate your spouses and you might start entertaining the idea of dating someone else and see what's stop it stop it right now and you and you don't do that and you work on your marriage.

You do is necessary to fix the marriage now I know it's it's easy to say not easy to do what I can tell you I've had to do this. My wife and I have a really Americanism serious problems.

We did to counseling and I can tell you I know what it means to do what's necessary and do what's right even know you don't feel like that's just how it is so you're still married, you're still married. That's the way it is marriage all right. Let's conference with Britney from Louisiana Britney welcome you here Rick, sorry about that fact that Matt's link to get all way back from Houston, Texas. Eddie welcome your on here is an excellent day so-and-so meant you had the Christian that are angry because they're not allowed to go to church and that I mean that they're being denied that God and noted reading up on the Roman 13 wanted to and I was wondering if the goods maybe give me your opinion on what's what that's about to delete delete follow man got right 13 toxic physical no subjection to the government. We need to be in subjection to the general rule is worse in subjection to the government unless the government covered in Scripture.

So that's just how it goes. And so we should never support as Christians, any taxes that go for abortion or in promotion of homosexuality or anything that is contrary to Scripture, we should not be voting for people to convict Scripture either as true Christians we shouldn't do that we should put our endorsement behind someone who is anti-Christian.

Now how far we take this effort we take this issue of submitting a government particular niche of coronavirus will and that Leviticus 13 or 14 and it talks about the quarantining when His disease wrote an article about this so weak or so ago two weeks ago and I try to show that it is biblical and it is difficult to do that. And even when those who are not showing symptoms but have touched something unclean come in contact with something that potentially diseased. They are to isolate these things are biblical but California taken and that's the question and that's what's so difficult and I can understand not having a church service work in the middle of a pandemic might be the one who brings in a yeah a disease you know and don't do that sort. And so, with careful Getting into the place of of of getting sick I'm going to meet with other Christians and yet we spent a disease went with her to what we do lie I have no problem meeting went online, doing things like that online I think it would need to be careful and not get into groups yet until this thing is is abated sufficiently where's that, I don't know what the experts talk about but I do not like was happening in their resting pastors. Finding people even limit their sensibly good bill heard about the people to try that they are in their own cards are isolated and social distancing is no problem, and the cops given in ticket that will, in order to do that. The talk that the cops had to break social distancing to do it doesn't make any sense of that work that was way too far in my opinion it was not a lot of respect for the cops I do I constantly for years and years. I stopped cops. I say thank you for being an officer would appreciate it.

Etc. I've done this hundreds of times but you know is perfect, but this is just going too far, breaking the peoples homes confiscating this and that is happening there. Parts of the world because of the virus go to for so you don't mind, I don't know, theologian, and don't have an answer for the medical economic balance along with it because I know all the other issues that the economy going. Soon we can have major depression, major that's right already rate is exceeding what was or the Great Depression and bankruptcies are to and oil tankers are full of gasoline and are sitting idle because business is going through so that the the prices dropping the people think that's a good thing not necessarily because this is one of the signs of severe deflation with the money doesn't really come to the point of not having much value can be very careful would have got get the economy going. Soon we have to get going so we have to answer starting a friend who said that of the entire history of United States $10 trillion in debt in the past, but three, four months and another 10 because of all this is a serious stuff economy cannot survive that something like this. If this continues to have some so I recommend people to tell you this, I recommend people prepare to go crazy, but prepare get food and water does have enough supplies for 23 months and I have NSF you don't just be smart about things and deliverables in praying. Truscott agreed to return about the warning to that so we can make it on our not filled we don't obey the government yeah and I understand that it kind of an audit going, although you have to get calculated out right away to leave it in the notes here and so it is a tough one and I think will be good is to have several people were really knowledgeable about all the stuff just get the group to start talking and seeing, you know, we don't know we don't know what the economy is going to do. We don't know what trumped Mel's and we don't know that expertise. No stupid man, that's for sure. He's he certainly puts his foot in his mouth, but he's not dumb. He knows what to make money and he knows what it takes to get things taken care of. There's a story about a nice trick in which the representation of him. I vote for folks constitutionalist, but it was a skating rink that the city was forced to take care of or build something like that and there will be our budget months over budget and he stepped in and got it done under the budget and in less time than than the contract for his will need the people in government who summaries not perfect but who know what business is and now we need to get things going and we need to reduce taxation and set free. You start restricting people's movements that hamstrings the economy. We have to have movement we have for people buying and selling and going and doing well. When we got a line without a pandemic where people can die that to think that they have not heard from the news media is a comparison coronavirus deaths with normal flus seasons that we have and I've understood that a lot more people die from influence Andy in Corona and with hearing you yeah so why are they not is the question I have. Why did I bring this up, why, why will the suppression of information is misdirection. So this is a concern.

You don't get worried understand about isolation. I have no problem with my switch attached to it was happening me to be praying for the president. The vice presidents may be praying for people to do with right to be praying that the wacko leftists don't try and insert social bill

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