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Best Of MSL 2020 21: Commit Your Way To The Lord

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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May 25, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 21: Commit Your Way To The Lord

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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May 25, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from aliens, flat Earth, Calvinism, to explaining to non believers why we believe in Christ. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry be sure to visit

Equipping the Saints, defending the faith, and reaching the lost.



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Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network why is found online car much amount once Excel question no I think you're some similar thing said in Mark but okay you right before versus something about praying in replication, like the Gentiles wanted to check that out. Maybe you can find real deletes in Luke the parallels are in Luke six we had repetition.

I was wondering That not do that to understand what he says is meaningless repetition as well. So you may have talked about the only operator for the country and that you know world that yes this course, not every single night my wife and I pray for you and my knees in prayer and she does sometimes to I always pray the same thing that she has a good night sleep. I have a good night sleep that our children be blessed in the Lord, we pray for people's healing and stuff like that and were repeating that is a meaningless thing when standing up as a Pharisees would do in public.

You just quote something and is recited over and over and over that's his rep right right of the Roman Catholic Church teaches is meaningless repetition repetition safe, say, 40 Hail Marys and only then do this and that grace back and so those it was not meaningless yet yes it is safe. I listened this before on the radio for Catholic radio station out here sacrament will start to do it is just a Hail Mary full of grace and note repeated on and on and on what that is the formula do it this many times is not a heartfelt prayer and posits idolatry because her praying to Mary but one more question that really made you pick that out, no do you station did. They got a guy to get it. I did not did a great job and lost when I was on the other radio stations we had in mind. The name of the show changed from faith and reason is because there for a few years and she did to Matt slick life.

I didn't want my name in it because it sounds narcissistic.

We found another group had that title, namely his ass beat it politely to change or your name your show because we believe around and I did shirt a problem and so we met slick life and I've had guys tax good name for the show. Well, okay, I will bring that up. For that reason they put some really sick Like that.

Sometimes he will call for less effort shows willingly pick up the people get off work and driving supplicants for the radio show for Ricoh for intros to have intros under that old style and some people did this faith and reason, and lately they took things of the night said put music to it that some grammar heat intros so I would offer this, that if anybody want to do that again would take various things that set of the radio or comments because they even got Spock saying something and putting these really clever little vulvar music and will kick in some various things and very well, and so we would play because of the regulars intros and the we had Rev. ER tickler and house your tickler ER tickler, and though he would speak out that the consumer that going in it what it would be irreverent revenue. Your ticket would come on here is an advertisement to not listen up to my show because I spike preach the Trinity and the salvation through Jesus. Listen to my sister that it was fun but was meant to be a joke you write so well I guess I'll things on earth. We can play some of them would enjoy right when I got left. Let's talk to Brittany from Louisiana Brittany welcome on the air talking you know what you will collect a lot of the key thing here.

Not exactly like Bill.

However, the topic, but I don't really know how I maybe like a very dear friend. I don't know well what things I need to do is tackle the NAR new apostolic Reformation and its could be a major project but right now I'm not able to get into that because of that so many other more important projects tackle and were moving the site to new things get all upset and so I'd like like to build provided documentation have an article on this. This is this is well. I got so close to gently isolate the call tomorrow who is interested in being a researcher for Carmen in helping me in the scenario and so then hopefully get some information.yes They are sought Reformation with all know that's what they hardly hold new X nation is after present-day apostles and prophets, and that the they work in concert with each other get words of knowledge from God directed church because they're the ones in authority etc. they dress in pretty bad and like you know again like you are thinking thing here.

You have a lot going on, even without learning anything that you would recommend me that you would just go to the women typing Bethel church problems. You will find article after article after article documenting some things will be difficult when we do is get a Word document together and get some research is a very good quotes with documentation and have them read just will present them to have them ready you talk to your friend and I Frenchwoman right and she's already really into this right and then she moved there to be next to them. Did she do that okay yes okay so whenever God hears his occult mindset and it takes two years minimum. Statistically the averages two years to bring someone out of occult and with Bethel.

I've been there. I went to the church and I've connection learning area and onto the are very wealthy and they are getting involved with all kinds of really service very good things. Getting money prestigious money positions and things like that undertaking over the city and so let's just say that to a friend down there and he told me that some Bethel people came to him with no heat who he was the only thing you and he knows quite a bit of stuff and he asked for the gospel. They didn't even know the gospel is there a way that helps. Okay right all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM. We love to hear from you. Love your feedback and free mobile app we've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry forward with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shelves met slick where met with Sean from North Carolina, Sean. Welcome running our question and going down a little bit.

Probably rail on on production, not the US things which come to my own conclusion, but I wanted were thought that any research into that which you agree that your real and yet there. There shall body really doing implant in the people. So were the series and the evidence is evidence to support that idea so we know that there are physical manifestations of craft is plenty of documentation from all of the world, different countries have experienced varying degrees of encounters with the biggest one to go check out his 1980s in England with American military base that was there. It will document something.

Yes that's right think so and something to happen before something happened on the radar and a full view of people, something's happening these things been going on since the time of Alexander the great, he recorded sing flying shields of fire moving across in unison in formation across the sky so they don't affect what you hope, what is clicked on something that he wrote there are pictures and stuff and making hundreds of various stuff and people are abducted. I read which got me started in research on UFOs and aliens and stuff was reading an article by a secularist who said that he was doing research on youthful object he's found commonalities between them and also found out that they taught theology and the theology was reincarnation is true where all divine and Jesus is not God in flesh and yes New Age philosophy and so only one Christian is ever been abducted on record.

One Christian was a woman.

I forgot her name and she had to get permission and also turns out that when anybody cries out in the name of Christ is help me like like that duction abductions instantly and pleaser. The these are various things and books that I've read documentation.

I did have an opportunity wants to speak to the top.

Willis is a top and a Christian, you will follow. Just, and he was working with the group is very cautious about talking to me and I completely understood why because so some of the theories we got talking and I told him my theory serious, but I told my theory about stuff and after 20 years of research and so that's what they believe they suspect is the case, and so got done. Listen to hundreds of hours of tapes I read books on it and when I was younger I saw beautiful. I could see its image, but is with a friend of mine and we are both in the evolving occult at the time I saw is in California and I saw lights in the sky that was moving without resisting a helicopter distance and it moved up about 10 on the horizon down about 10 in horizon and shot across from a far distance chart overheads sign sky and that so Roger yes right New Age bankcard during birth you love and with other Roger Lear no no not be used, more so than this, you wrote the alien was.

But even with that urgent that ended up doing implant from real and implant that that technology like carbon nanotubes and think that I don't even get in our current state of technology, and I know I want to.

We know right and what I like. I but by basically being the being the being that I think were destroyed in the flood course of always look for bodies known yesterday. Whatever you like. I because I don't I don't think fallen Angel, she wanted that there in Tartarus that is helping all angels or regular Angel need a body like the material your body. You know right then and there. I've always wondered like the fallen angels, but but but that's the point. The if they were destroyed in the flood and the targets. The next one that had a show I body of grade: that on net gain, wouldn't they have had they been around for more than 5000 for thousand years. You know they have developed technology over all that time to be able to create the goal like will be interdimensional physical type things. Now I mean is offset well. I would talk to prying about these things but a lot of things really and you propulsion systems that are generated now and some other things are going on stuff you mean I think I'm in love, conspiracy theories, so I most enjoy these kind of things.

How much is true with her theories so I always wonder where you know going down that night on the trail. I wonder how far should a born-again Christian. Go in researching know the point of all the yellow units being glorified in the gospel, not just the week they hated what happened, happened in Roswell go that's that's such a subjective thing people go different distances. Believe different things.

Research different things, different levels, so I just say keep your your eyes anchored in the word of God and believe what God says and that's what I said people other demonic manifestations absolutely are the can want to continue. Yes, Jesus is as was days of know what social movies with the Son of Man so what was in time of Noah was sniffling. He said to be like that again. Daniel 243 prophecy towards the end times, which is basically about now with the measured feet of clay and iron mixed and access and 243 they will employment you have been since they will combine with one another in the seed of men.

And so this that can't be people. It's really interesting all right to skip Anthony from Iowa Anthony welcome here on the air. I question I work with a guy who proclaimed the drop down maybe hopefully will throw and we were talking one day he asked me why you believe in Jesus Christ and and for some reason, the question just don't need to go me. I can say you know will because I have faith.

A lot of time. You why you believe you, I can tell you and people asked me that pre-regularly once or twice a month. The very first avenues that I speak in media stuff like that. So why do you believe in God and my answers. Space goes the same because he and his great mercy condescended to open my heart and my mind to this truth, revealed himself to me. That's it, because that is the right answer to God grants to believe it's 129 he grant you repentance second to the 225 yet you're born again, not of your own will. John 113 as many as have been appointed to eternal life believed X 1348 so if this is the case then we give just tell the truth you're not there to convince your there to hold on to and now with immensely if you believe in Christ to serve and serve that with Anita Mary about the need to hope now the needed anybody be included.

Trust in Jesus Christ and him alone and don't believe you have to keep commands to be saved, because this incapable only one person everything good was Jesus killed you and I can't. You cannot keep commandment same, that is blasphemy is with the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach us with what Doc teaches is what Islam is Christianity. This has been a moment of truth with immensely. As always, Matt still there.

Okay so I want to reiterate, make it clear it is not your job to convince it's your job to speak the truth. That's it. The reason you believe in God is not because of your great wisdom because he presented evidence to you that you could weigh and then decide as if you subject God to your reasoning, understanding know God in his mercy opened up your heart, your mind. I've said this to atheist me to come God hasn't done that to me and also because I don't know why he asked is not chosen to but I know this you are openly free will, rebellion against God and so he said the Bible says he resist the proud and gives grace to the humble in Jake's torso you want to believe in God and also know within there you go asking what you want, but he's not been gracious to you in that way yet and that you have been given the grace of belief that life and so they like to tackle that but is no way to tackle it for what it is true, civil, God doesn't want baby doesn't want to save you. I don't know really throws a wrench though, to be saved. Maybe, maybe not in equipping scriptures, I say, let's talk about the Scriptures show them stuff you know about and most atheists don't study the word of God. But anyway, that's smart, questions and answers lesser job okay to tell because God granted me that belief is 129 is not done that for you yet likely printed note that he does so that you can escape the damnation that you're presently under I talked just like you were no inevitably come back. They will how do you know for sure real is easy.

I know he's for sure real because he revealed himself to me change my heart. He said my sins was the answer mean when we talk, but evidence within the light God.there are.

That's right God do it. Look, I hope and says his home to a plea on my end but maybe you would agree that basically I know how to defend the faith that I can give answers a lot of answers right will I don't believe that those answers are what convinces people. God has to open your heart and mind and he doesn't and so Luke 1619, Jessica 14, he open the heart of Lydia to believe the words of Paul the apostle so he does this and people think that they became saved because of their own ability to make a choice what that is is speak about this because it's important that humanistic philosophy imposed upon the word of God and the reason I say that is because the Bible says are born not of the will of man, but of God. Your appointed to eternal life. Acts 1348.

Granted, the act of believing clippings 129 it's granted that you come to Christ. John 665. These things are not because of you because of God. What people do is they say will I made the choice for God. Therefore, that's what's true because I saw it I was the one who picked I was the one who did this and what they're doing is they're saying I'm going to judge truth by my experience in the subject. The word of God to their experience in an air it well. It is not an intentional American-style, but because people just doing, they naturally would do will, of course, I made a choice. You saying that we didn't choose.

Of course you did. These got enabled you to choose by granting you the case and regenerating you and granting this to you. The question becomes, why does he do if everybody in the answer is I don't know that's as far as a golf. I don't know I don't write because think about God can certainly save anybody all he has to do is just give 1/10 of this percent of the sliver of the nuance of a miniaturized little bitty sliver of his glory for the second year on your knees and sobbing tears of repentance in the presence of incredible holiness. You believe, why doesn't God do this. Everybody was it was up to the free will white it I can is a list of the people I can make you do something without violating your free will you and I could be sitting at a table having a discussion about free will and I could decide that I want you to look to my right. So were talking and I looked to my right and I point to see what the heck is that you look I just made you do what I want you to do but didn't filing free will that I really trusted right so it's just very simple illustration, but God can certainly bring you to the point of believing and in coming to that realization.

If God wants every individual to be saved equally and it's up to us. In the end God's hands are tied. That's false theology.

God saves whom he wills. What he does not tell us is why or the how is above our pay grade. My job simply tell you what the Scriptures teach and what that's why we need to be praying for people salvation and those in this debate last night to Skype you know he he was misrepresenting the theological position I hold he does understand that people will I pray white wife might preach if you believe God would it does because he told us to and You he did know he was doing a lot of areas, but he wanted a baby so okay but some. Nevertheless, you see, so this is what we do, we present the truth. We want to get away from humanistic philosophy that imposed upon the Scriptures and racial humanism is judging truth by our experience and was able I'm dutifully choice Joe so therefore that's how it works, not necessarily okay Road, unless what call back again write to Gary from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Gary welcome you on here will your little muffled muffled having trouble hearing okay so I want to talk is just a little bit better that's better. That's better. Yes, so I doubt I'm sorry okay Matt, thank you very much for taking my call and him can you hear me now yes I can much better. Okay, great, great, thank you very much. You and I had a chance of talking and pray about it years ago and together and I really appreciate that, Matt, Matt, I got a friendly strong Christian, but he believes that the earth is flat and you know I just don't know really how to respond to love them just the natural observation whatnot and you refer to the book of Enoch Solomon. You know what you know is not a biblical book but he's a strong believer and I was one that passed you know where it is not a castor standard force in the East from the West, speaks more of the polar globe, I guess, but can you think of any passages in the Bible that would count as you flatter, well, there aren't any that refuted because recitation would be the earth is a sphere, but it doesn't say that it says the earth is a disk exercised, but the context and what's going on is different because it's from my perspective of looking from the earth and looking around the may have thought the earth was flat. Who knows but some if you look around you can see the roundness of your position and what looked like a dome, and so the Bible talks about the firmament and the firmament issue he can bring all the stuff up as you say felt about that's correct right and the problem is that he fails to understand that if you get to be consistent and he's going to say that the earth, this is a disk and round. Then you can go to Isaiah 1112 where it says the earth has four corners and say will and Isaiah 1112 is it sets the earth to the four corners of the earth, so this or have four corners and you'll see will know it's round disc will but why are you picking disk over the four corners and if you were to say or anybody says that the earth is has four corners to go to the verses that say that it's it's fix it so you as a disk. They just use the word disc okay doesn't mean I should word circle meets the circle of the earth where it really means is where where will the Scripture were talked about this girl circle circle. Isaiah 4022 okay so it says it is he who sits above the circle of the earth will okay it says and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers will there's a lot of usage here. So what they're inconsistent about is that they'll say well it's either the circle of the earth which they interpret as being a disk, but then I'll just go to is 1112 oh what about the four corners and if they go to Isaiah 1112 or so there has four corners on the go to getting Isaiah 4022 and said what's at the circle which everyone they pick a medical pick the other one because I like that and there's nothing in Genesis that really limit firmament billing only had over a flat surface is correct and I've written article on this and it's on the current website but you can check it out. Just look at flatter okay hold on talk a little more about this letter is taken away.

Matt will come back to show Gary, are you still there, yes I am at. Thank you. Right now, to give you a couple pointers okay good work with what he says now he's going to say that the earth is around a flat disk and that there is a solid dome over the earth, and that the stars are embedded in the dome and the dome is somehow moving right okay yeah now the planets are in this model supposed to be embedded in the dome. How is it then the planets move differently than the stars in the same dome which is supposed to be solid and they had different explanations, but they really don't make any sense.

Plus, imagine a round dinner table say 4 feet across and that's the earth and then put it dome over the dinner table say that the dome is a 3 feet high. This matter, so the stars and the planets are all embedded in that dome now inside of that dome is the sun and the moon according to their model. The sun and the moon are suspended above the disc of the table the disk but they're not embedded in the dome in the sun and the moon according them about equal size and they rotate orbit around a common access around each other and the reason we have light and dark is because the sun on one side of the dome sheds light on the. The earth when it rotates on the other side.

It sheds light on the other side is how come you have dark and light.

Well, verify this with them and also that's correct okay, good.

So then we can see the moon all the time. Exit was other side of the plaintiff in the deck. See if we can see there today and we can see that night right yes and yet so when it's daytime. That means the sun is over us and the moon is far away never side we can see it. Yes. Okay. So it's like for us and dark for other peoples of the people in the dark and see the sun see the moon and we can see the moon and were in the light.

Why is it the people on the dark side can't see the sun if the sun is brighter than the moon and it's up there and every can look up and see why they can only see the moon sometime and not the sun.

The whole time she mixed, but the problem is not, yeah, here's another problem. Why is it that they don't sun and the moon don't come crashing down on the on the because we have gravity things pull down planes fall out of the sky so there we go why they fall down. Why don't they well will see there's an on known invisible force keeping them up.

What where is this. We can't tell you because we can't get the scientist to do the test because her on the great conspiracy right right was non-falsifiability, none were just know it's always a conspiracy always compares whenever he backed into a corner. They say they go back and you can't prove it right all non-falsifiability now the Bible will talk about.

For example, in Job 38 for the foundation of the earth will ask what is the foundation and for sample 28 it talks with pillars of the earth will wait a minute. The earth has pillars with the rest on giant turtles write that figure to write in this book for a tree visible to the whole earth again before 11 how's that possible-information on it just you can't have a tree be visible at 6000 miles away. Your eyes aren't acute enough to see that kind differentiation cc theirs and theirs was called a parallax effect and this will more complicated. The parallax effect is is if you and I are standing 10 feet apart and were looking hundred feet away at a tree in your angle of I in mind you looking at that. But if we draw a straight line between us ready to see that the angles for equidistant.

The angles are exactly equal to maybe 7 nearly 7 cover forming a triangle in her time.

Except this time to think of tell parallax know if you know to walk back backwards.

You don't say 100 feet further away than that would mean that the parallax effect would be diminished in the city 7 of metal be 5. The reason this is important is because when the earth moves. On the other side of the sun is 355.

Day five hour 40 minutes and 46 second year, then the parallax effect to us.

The heart of any particular star will be changed and you can measure the parallax effect.

Knowing the distance between the orbit and you can determine how far*away*is way will we do this. It's incredibly far away. The stars are immensely distant, immensely distant from us will. How does parallel affect work inside of the dome theory because that would mean that the sun and the moon were 20 miles hundred miles up to it miles up you see stuff like that. Finished product. Great that that the little bit above my head but appreciate that. Is that in your flatter narrative on your website. Yes, another thing you just go to this flatter theory and is a biblical disk to Carmen type in flatter send and I pictures and stuff like that and earth which I did. Couldn't grasp what you do you get to the you know the perimeter and heater well that you can't get there that they won't let you go there now and that Isaiah 4422 to get the edge of the earth right there to says that there are inhabitants on the earth right and it also talks about inhabitants at the end of the kingdoms at the end of the earth, so, so gasket work is if it's in the earth that they won't let you get there will then there are people that are core the Bible that's in the article also. Have you ever heard of many Christians believe in flatter, so I wonder what drive you mad it is that all nonbelievers notes is deathly believers holding to its and it's unfortunate that they do. They don't understand that the Bible speaks of hyperbole electrons in anthropomorphism's will speak in terms of looking at the earth.

In fact, if you were to venture a little bit on a limb if you look at Genesis chapter 1 and read and say what would you see if you are standing on the earth lot was forming, you would see diffused sunlight without seeing the sun because of the atmosphere and everything else. It's cloudy and the whole bit.

And then with sunlight photosynthesis the plants. After that, you'll see the sun and the moon.

As you read this in an article before became a Christian scientist wrote this to give the formulas the whole bit of why this would be the case, and I went back.

The Bible said that's exactly the Bible's addiction and it got me interested in the Bible again around 17 minds of stuff.

I was in advanced often high school and stuff to read all these weird articles is a nerd was. Anyway, I really appreciate good and nobody were talking about the UFOs earlier that interesting perspective and that you saw one so it's it's potential that they do exist and but there some sort of demonic because they never they already of the refugees is one people were taken captive that you got a perspective that these are they are they are down but they're demonically energized and manufactured somehow or another that county or that's what I think is a possibility of studies related topic related topic in the 70s.

I was called abiogenesis and abiogenesis on confirmation of life like so to speak, chance, and little principles all teach to people is a 2+2 = 4 one. That's because we have two sticks into stick request for sticks. Mathematics relates to actuality relates to reality. If something is not true, it doesn't relate to reality. You know if I holding a phone in my hand and I say this is really an elephant in Africa. It makes no sense. It's not true doesn't comport with actuality with the following. Is it mathematics relates to actuality with what we have equals MC squared annual Pythagorean theorem.

If all kinds of things that just work.

Mathematically speaking, life cannot form by chance it would look technically, it can, by chance, but the odds are so incredibly well that's weird. The odds are so incredibly against it. I can explain it sometime. If someone wants me to of the year. Maybe this week but has been with permeability expedition rotation and telling you it is so incredibly small that it is so large it's it's at the issue of zero people understand how bad the arguments of how strong Artemis are against abiogenesis anyone of the world in the universe and abiogenesis named it everything comes from nothing that they don't bio life Genesis beginning a with without so abiogenesis life because the beginning of life is the issue.

How does abiogenesis work had a crystal skull letter atoms come together and then you develop into an organism. The DNA is too complex for that. The mathematical models against her or just reducing it to run to ashes theory and so the reason for this, you can have life forming in place by any universe. What sort of alien is you can't have life. What you can't have life form by chance anyone universe colloquial dinner of the aliens that's the question okay I get it all away, going up. Thank you very much I really appreciate you, buddy, let's talk you later. All right, let's get to Nick from Seattle, Washington Nick, welcome on the air, buddy.

When he got there. Appreciate the call. Matt wanted you John for lifting, but I wanted to get back to the desert right and got the devil without the desert and you know you could jump off the cliff and not God that he will think think of the faith you correct what you have in reply will not cut the Lord your God so they get a question.

You know the devil you have a question yet. Are you comfortable preaching a false gospel and meeting people to help helping somewhat gospel to preach I preach the gospel is that Jesus Christ died in the cross and that right. He rose and the dead.

This is defined in this. That's what I preach, and what I teach and that were justified by faith. So how are you saying this falls not work were in agreement that might but lightweight hold on Nick, you sent preach a false gospel so you can retract a statement that he preach a false gospel since I preach the same thing you said you preach what you left out the part that we all know that's not the gospel. This it has an issue of eternal purity, but if you view believe we can lose your salvation right absolutely okay so what you do think even just tell us what you listen to what three things for salvation. 1313 therefore, everything pick up the full armor of God, while the devil okay so MNC had to resist the devil to be saved or anything else. Resist the devil okay about about the go. Just 14 GameCube 14 faith without works. See you do good works. I miss asking you good works is that you follow me, pick up your God daily.

Okay, so I simply made me wait so you're telling me in order to keep yourself right with God. You resist the devil and do good works right, not could you write that with Confided by the court will hold on hold on hold in James two need to read the article and calm about. That's justification for people not forgot. Look at verse 18.

So what you are doing is some is really interesting to me ask you, do you agree that were suggested were saved by grace through faith. After all we can do you believe that saved by grace through faith. After all we can do right and creating what is & you agree with that or not agree with that were saved by anything, I will ask you a question asking the question of what you agree or not agree with the statement saved by grace and faith. After all we can do you agree with that or not, were able to work by grace you agree with the statement are not a good statement saved by grace after after all we can do you agree with the statement are not repaid by grace but you not answer my question correctly migrate after all we can do what I said. After all we can do is that what you're agreeing to is yet to resist the devil that you good works widely that the gate at least struck Nick narrow gate nappy agreement that Nick and asking the question I which I question Nick, I did migrate.

I just answer saved by grace. I said saved by grace.

After all we can do you agree with this statement are not what you mean by effective affect treatment. Okay so Nick, I'm trying to talk to you. You're the one who said in order right right with God to keep yourself right with God. You have things you to do. Resist the devil and you do good works for me. Ask are you doing enough good works to keep yourself right with God will play this.

I'm not perfect, but every day I do a daily examination are you are you doing I know are you doing enough good works to keep yourself right with God is either yes, God will judge me only I so want Nick patient okay because only tell you something you're a false convert in your preaching a false gospel, you don't know the true gospel is the Bible says were justified by faith without the works of the law, but you're the one telling me you can do good works, or keep yourself right with God.

That means your justification is the third upon your ability be good with God, you're a heretic you're a false convert.

You don't know the true gospel. Now you need to come to a place relationship with Jesus Christ you need to believe in Jesus Christ and you need to not godly marriage to salvation. You're a false temperature, your false teacher narrow gate that we felt very false now to Make one of the Catholic Church is the one true church. Anyone mistake hold on his leg and hold on a sec not to have him trying converting to Catholicism, I put them on hold if he's that in the true church folks was to get rid of them going next, did you know in paragraph 460, the Catholic Church assessment become God's in paragraph 972 and the Catholic catechism. It says that the best way to look concerning the church is to marry Jesus if he's in the true church was to speak such heresy to let you know that we have the schools if anybody wants to sign on your theology in apologetics is the kind that are websites and you can check it out. Then special going on because a lot of people are having issues studying them and remind you that we do charge for that we produce to cause quite a bit but I mean this is before many times if you want to study and use can afford it. You just email us and you can afford. That is how it is always done that many times over the years, but if you want to sign up and help support us.

That's very good, but if you want those you just can't afford one study, we want you to do the car in the home page. Check out

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