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Best Of MSL 2020 25: Let's Talk Theology

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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June 22, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 25: Let's Talk Theology

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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June 22, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from The Ethnicity of Jesus, separation of church and state, why you shouldn't listen to Beth Moore, Apocrypha, and more.

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Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia one her percent of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network why is found online car. Robert McCall or Malone and it really helpful to direct let me know a great deal of basic level what will water you African black what you have. Yeah, the problem I would think you why and I know European allotment. Maybe Arabs are Middle Eastern or all of Brown and that currently if you would like me always wagon up all the thing that goes along with it back to the Deuteronomy 28. I don't know that I can go there. Deuteronomy I'm sorry if you try to hear. They can't they go back to the 20 Deuteronomy 28.

Concerned with the transplant like vitamin E what Maury your your your follow Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Titus 15 upright slot.

I've read 70,000 you find all kinds list talk of what Jesus looks like this probably was not. He was not black and he would say white in the sense like I am. I call it the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus dressed woman strike that that sister Jesus. So you know he probably had a beard and probably had dark hair darker complexion, but he would've been black. He might've been every bishop looking at the Jewish people we know it today are more Caucasian but no, we don't know for sure. Just I would just say he was of that dissent either.

Every bishop looking at Middle Eastern look, version 5, lean towards reality, but certainly not water like location surfer Jesus.

What are likely they go all the way back to Abraham and Moses work that in color you know what that look and not in the bed and make your fear about the Ethiopian eunuch no. He pointed out as admin Ethiopian and I would think that would be more. The black skin, and Moses made shapes on Ethiopian woman and that will release you are well.

It was all because of her skin color was because of some other issues but nevertheless his brothers is not a problem with skin color construes Ethiopian not within the tribes and things like that so you know it it's just what's sad is that people put so much credence in some skin color and I just think it's ridiculous.

You know the problem with me and the thing that I wanted to run by you and your not indexing Blyton committee. There is always more to it than that. I'll care what color do you know he urine and you know that the Jew born in Bethlehem brazen matter. Note don't hurt from Scripture that speak of in the area. He grew up with people around him and read to me it was a lot. If you say what he's African black compared to that and why we have another what this just my opinion this just people showing the racism trying to make him into black and oxen to make than the white system, not the other social support is black. That's all somewhat but if somehow it was some evidence it came out that shows that he was a bit cycle I but I care about his blood, blood, and I say on the radio regularly. I don't believe in three racist Negroid caucus alloyed and mongoloid what I believe it is one race, the human race. That's it and that's how I view it and when carrying my daughters of the carefully married black guys are Asian because I don't care I just wanted to be Christians and love the Lord. That's what's important and you know that fear of anger very why I why we want to go there girl employees are a glass who we are and cry.

Why do we have to go back to an epic like because it's a smart real problem. It's a spiritual issue words the enemy of the gospel is trying to sow discord, hatred, racism, resentment and all kinds of stuff God teaches forgiveness, Jesus Christ, God in flesh teaches forgiveness.

Turning the other cheek. He talks about this. He exemplified it in the enemy the gospel wants the opposite and we have certain people in America helping the enemy of the gospel foments hatred and racism. You know this black on black crime is black on white crime is white on black news only supports or only promotes one kind and it's the kind of white on black, and then when it demonstrates is a see the whites all racist and it causes resentment and then people wanted to do something about it, but is not accurate. You know, it happens all over the place. It happens in different ways. I want to see news media produce statistics and do analysis, but never find any of that on the news release the hypes I've encountered certainly not with the leftist news CNN and MSNBC and stuff. I trust looked it's where the thing is because people don't believe in absolute truth and absolute truth necessitates a God because give absolute truth. What you have is art our truths. You have recalled, transcendentalists or UFOs called him home universals if there's our truths beyond us.

Then it humbles us in the in the face of universal truths that we have to recognize and submit to, but if there are no universal truths, then what happens is everyone believe that their own truth their own ideology is what matters. And then it just becomes who can have the most force to enforce their view of what truth is. So we have a disparity in L begins in Genesis 3.

One. When Satan said did God really say and he's the one who laid the foundation for doubting of absolute truth, and so when people don't have absolute truths.

They don't have a foundation by which they can build a common structure of of love, forgiveness of hope in things like this injustice don't have these things because you don't have a proper foundation in universals in principle such as murder is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Lying is wrong.

So I found an racism here is not slick, with a special announcement from over the novel's novella and a sci-fi number of your check mentoring on the homepage as well. One full-time crap I know that's a novella about developing on island theological examination without making sure the problem is just as children to go for more information. Be sure to visit is best met slick take it all away. Matt get on the phone with was going on with terror therefrom. I would hate are welcome on high About my you know you're there you I recall not really knowing I like people call you to let you know I take a long time ago. My heart but I wanted to eat cleaner.

No more upright your ride like really get Starling to render, making an bout now it's there and I really I find I have to get training to come came out and whenever you knowledge is going let me outline the end and again. I held my cash okay okay and I like to yell and make sure I'll get back at him thinking about less about what I about getting back is not scared of my I'm going to happen that I am currently trying to work out okay. No specifics are what we know. If you're out murdering people on a daily basis due to baptism that I would course and if you're just struggling with bad thoughts here. You know the wrong you know things like that you're struggling you.

You know it think that you move forward will locate nothing that hey that's okay to send that way to get baptized Kind of an ambiguous kind of a gray area here and we all struggle we all struggle with that right if you're an open defiance of God when you have to seek it out. That's different then I'm struggling with something that I just struggling so you know, if that's what the case struggling with something baptized your program well you if you're living with if you're living with someone the opposite sex are not married to you, having relations, etc. yet the course of the Christian right and I got really and I didn't want to okay I and we all share, I took it at the talk about this little wonder why Sarah don't call yourself a Christian is not saying you're not a Christian family health (it's a false witness, and if you're living in a sinful relationship or having relations will maybe not a Christian. Maybe you're just pretending.

But maybe you are the holy snacks really speaking to you and you know what's in is time to break that awful that's that's a good thing and so you know if your we do.

This point is to be involved in church. We talked and hampers and the elders know they hit her worth her salt and if they say will know if you were in my congregation of the passerine UK to be set. I'm struggling with this issue. Living with a guy I would ask questions right. Are you having relations. He said my eye. I'm planning on moving I know I really knew was wrong. Anyway, you know, but it was your financial thing and I'm looking right right on it.

I make sure you have to trust the Lord. He only stores or do you open okay closes doors or do you place them and there's a little bit of that. You don't way go into a sinful situation because of convenience, right and I get I get downtown and interment okay I'm nervous about making a commitment to Lord when I'm not totally upright my archive. It is something you would recommend me okay in the work more. I love you all packed into realtors. The elders will ask you more details on going to the details of the error right. But my you know when when I do marriage counseling like I performed the wedding couple weeks ago while when do marriage and I interview the people before they get married. I do counseling with them all.

Ask, are you fooling around and I sitting there trying to truth is, tell the truth and tasting at this, I guess. Also, here's how can work all perform the ceremony under this condition that you from now, this moment on, never accept so if you get married, have it fall like that again.

If you do, then we postpone the marriage six months for more counseling and insert they look at me like your series is absolutely legal fines when often are you this is absolutely correct white I'm very serious about marriage and so anyway that's I'm saying is that you have to walk with the Lord deliberately not when you make when I struggled with it and you know what, Mike. Everything is that I cannot yet for me a card trick that I return quite and everything I II wanted to prolong it is a squeaky clean. I could talk like that's what I think there are no going around that I would not fit with my answer and but I asked her what the passerine control and at that time I will accurately baptized. Okay okay okay sinful alright so you have to you need to if I were you Pastor I see not to baptize you until after you find the situation with C. The evidence of the work of the Lord in you and your commitment to him right in the right. That's the idea with people getting baptized quickly in the Bible.

These are people who saw what Christ had done believed what Christ had done and they repented of their sins quickly. The did this right away. This what they would naturally do so.

You need to build do that because it wouldn't be right for you to be participating in that kind of a sinful lifestyle and be baptized or no or even take the right.

I know my day going going to help me quicken well and I am thinking much for talking me tighter and you are very special writer and I will be donating. And that's okay deal with the Lily for dinner. Okay when you're standing on being firm because you need to hear the truth.

I'm assuming your pastor saying the same thing but on the other hand, I want you to know the Lord Jesus is so kind and he wants you to live in from her soon and his arms are open to confess your sin and stop in that area and what should there just go be baptized because that baptism is a public display that you are following Christ and try to people to see if you're living with one another and are not married in a sinful relationship like that because of the Christian. Don't be a bad with this and you might be that you're not a Christian because you were not convicted by that kind of sin that's the standard holsters not in the number generator that saved you have a lot so praise God. You know Chris got imagery can work on this. You get in such situations take care of and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep we need to understand Christians that the government decides what were doing more and more in our lives. And the more it does that, the less freedom we have, the less freedom we have, means the less we have, to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is very important, very important. The government doesn't have the right to force us to buy things as Obama care, forcing us unconstitutional to force us to make monetary purchases. The Constitution says, but when you get liberals in place. Then they start telling you what you have to do.

They start telling you what you have to buy and that if you don't you penalize the no longer representing the Constitution properly is what we have sorting battles about this.

These things are important.

All of these things are important. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep Matt slick taken away, Matt, Brenda, North Carolina is a can, and why you brought A couple weeks ago more and earn camping.

I think I wondered if you elaborate on that little glad to. She says things like God wills incomparably great power for those whose choose to believe read again and conversely great power more than enough to break the yoke of bondage or belief, and clogs the pipe and invites the power to flow. Yes, thinking on the radio because I'm having a little thing that's fine from little shirt.

Alright, so Miss Beth Moore says that and the issue here is just a minor issue. Our belief and clogs the pipe and invites the power to flow with this kind of thinking does statement is it puts the responsibility of God's work on you and it's not trusting in God and being changed to be like with God's plan is. But no, it's you have this power you have this ability and you have to release the power of God that kind of mentality that leads to errors she promotes contemplative prayer.

She says this quote.

A true lover of God once spoke about practicing God's presence to me that such a part of contemplative prayer. Oh, contemplative prayer is on Eastern mysticism methodology that's crept into the church and its is not good going over briefly stop. She says that Catholicism is part of the Christian church and any other preacher or teacher who says Catholicism as part of the Christian church does not know what the Catholic Church actually teaches with the Bible actually teaches an Allstate again.

I said hundreds of times over the years in radio Catholicism is not true Christianity.

It violates at least one of the central doctrines of the Christian faith by cutting works of salvation.

They say they don't like quote from their own official material. Yes, they do, and it is not a true Christian church in his apostate church, full of idolatry and works righteousness. Teachings God shows Beth Moore a vision of the church to switch to such." This is the sole document to my website. I see God doing something huge in the body of Christ. I do not know why I have had the privilege to get to travel around and see one church after another, one group of believers after another interdenominational.

He all over this country. I've got to see something I think is huge and it will also style also suggest you look that I'm not the only one. Tonight I'm going to do my absolute best to illustrate to you something that God showed me sitting on my back porch. He put a picture. I've explained to you before, and very visual person, so he speaks to me very often putting a picture in my head and it was as if I was raised up, looking down on the community. I saw the church in a particular dimension. So when is a different dimension and God puts images in her mind and she's raised up and she can see things certainly not all dimensions, not even many, but to no we discussed about the church as Jesus sees it in a particular dimension. So now she's saying she sees the church which is the signature when you say this kind of thing you're elevating yourself up to a spiritual level, and people who are the sea, emotionally, mentally ready to follow somebody because they stay want that experience.

They want that. Wow kind of thing they will fall victim to that kind of thing. She says whispers in the heart is revelations from God, check this out as we study, we may says we may see several examples of him. Christ posing a question that only he could answer Christ certainly uses that teaching method with me sometimes will cause me to dig deep through Scripture for question. He seemed to initiate a problem there.

Other times, the question may come as a personalized whisper in my heart.

Beth why are you acting that way. Often my answers. I don't know Lord could tell me why if I really search his heart. Sooner or later he'll give me insight into my reactions so this you know, I can understand this with but this is another one of those gray area.

Things were shall talk about that, as though God is talking to her directly and now shall communicate to you. These are kind of the things that prophets did in the Old Testament. We can be careful and she's also says this to be last one, what God began to say to me about five years ago, and I'm telling you it is in me on such a trick with him that my head is still whirling over to begin to say to me. I'm gonna say something right now.

Beth and boy you write this one down and you say it as often as I give you utterance to say that my bride is paralyzed by unbelief. My bride is pure life and belief and he said quote starting with you. Now she's telling us with God literally is saying to her, to save the church because we can do a lot of finger-pointing around here about why where revival is not happening here and there. Let me tell you something. Revival will always happen with faith.

So you see it's easiest kind of. These are a lot of warning flags when people don't know any better. The word of God.

They go to a place they listen to someone like that speak in civil, God told me this God spoke to me.

I had a vision, let me tell you how it is people walkway will shift visions this incident and all the well the Bible so we can have those things in acceptor 217 1819.

The thing is, how is it done is done to bring attention to yourself and your authority or is it done, because the Lord Jesus Christ has given you something and you're very cautious about how you presented seat.

The thing is if working to get something from the Lord, and I have before. I'm very reticent to talk about it do not flippantly and if I'm preaching and II talk about it on the same look. I am not this.

I'm not that I'm not saying this or that, but this happened one time to don't think anything about me special. You can happen you and go on like this because we don't want to draw any undue exaltation, self exaltation, and this is one of the psychological manipulation things can happen to a congregation when someone up there that they're just trusting has a good speaking voice and say things nice-looking has a big ministry and those going in the belief and so there's a lot of things to be warned about with Beth Moore and there's more seventh had time to verify them and write on them all right is it to Casper from New Jersey, Casper, welcome on their right day for topics, but the good is the same time I like is short for short and I have a question different from that. No hurry though, but my question yet dark, the separation of church and state. How is it different from that. Now what was the original meaning operation how to leave you original meaning was that the states. The state was not to interfere with the church and would not to establish a national church that was it. And so what is happened is the other is happened is that the secularists and try to make it that you can't have any relationship between the church and stated all but all you gotta do is go to the Figley today hundreds, but the 1800s are full of the supernatural soup of the United States Supreme Court plus Congress and the Senate actually purposely giving funds for religious Christian organizations and so you never hear about this in the news media. All you hear about is separation of church and state, which means Christians are always wrong and you can have Christians be supported by the state in any way.

And so I can even see things come to the point of you have a church on the ground someplace and you pay taxes and the taxes come back to you for the government to help you pay tithes so therefore you can't have churches anymore see this kind of a thing going on. I would be surprised but the George Washington and some of John Adams.

They were Christians and they spoke about Christianity establish Christian principles in the Senate, the Congress did not see anything wrong with it and these are this is how it was supposed to be the way it is today. Secularists are doing what they're supposed to do. The Christians are to go but okay. And now a moment of truth with Metz late because we want to be able to preach and teach that gospel message we want to be able to preach and teach Jesus Christ and him crucified.

We need to be able to stand firm on the truth of the word of God need to be able to say because of freedom of speech. When you bill to say homosexuality and abortion is sinful. We need to be able to stand on truth and we should not be so weak by the name of and claimant gospel message being preached being taught by guys and girls with perfect hair and all kinds of money in private jets saying if you want to be blessed.

Send them the money people are to ready to be con because of what they personally want this has been a moment of truth with Metz late Metz Lake Tollway Matt DiFranco you're there, but we got man what's up you talk about the way no and it talked about you know the new heaven and the new art. Get your take on on you know what that look like for the future.

Well worth it.

Say yes right there city Peter 310 but the day the Lord will come like a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its works will be burned up and says since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God and and this was really interesting because it repeats it because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat. So it's it mentions it twice and goes on to talk of the new heavens and the new war. So what some commentators think is happening is that because sin has affected the fallen world, and it is in the creation of what God is going to do is remove people from the earth. The wicked will be destroyed in hell. But the Stabile life.

The Christians are to be with the Lord. And then he's going to remake the world and it says a new heavens and the new words what might be to re-create the entire universe might be there just in our galaxy are solar system planet. I don't know but this is the implication and when it says with intense heat of the elements of what's interesting is that when you take elements Adams electrons all that stuff and you separate the a lot of great energy comes out and intense heat. Looks like it's on a molecular level atomic level here. It's been remade to God can certainly do this in the it'll be the greatest fireworks show ever you know you talk about like like your I'm coming down in the med unit now. Let me know that it measurable late. Not like you know whatever yes but you see in Revelation, as measured is 1500 miles x 15 x 1500 and is like the word thousand and Revelation 20 will thousand is used in a lot of negative contexts in the Bible and so is it to be taken literally. Next, the question we have to ask, almost able to assume or take it literally. If you look at the context very very figurative so with asked that question so it talks about the cube isn't really a city that the cube is it really cube is for 1500 miles on each side 1500 miles inside cube.

We do have to be embedded in the service of the earth.

And then it goes up 1500 miles into space doesn't rewrite makes sense and I figured out that I could have no gravity of their inevitable forceful going out and so it's it's gotta be symbolic. Okay I and I'm not like my work allowed me to depend on when I get off work, but I really like to go a lot and not get what you're talking about about your take on it, you know, I know the parts of the Bible, like talent, being right because you my opinion but I made it down like symbolic and I totally get what you said about like the other dollar but think up and contact me right context is the love people right I get you a like what you're doing and I like you not like you a lot. I live in the Raleigh-Durham area, though. But I really appreciate your show a lot though. Thanks and will appreciate that the what your other collar probably would get dormant happening. Though Yamada got messed up and all he was trying to get monologue because of that will things. Let me know that just came out of them on all I love rain I wish it was never here in Idaho and I just love it that you bring a couple nights ago and had the door open 11 clock at night just watching the beauty of the rain it's his wonderful wife thinks I got to okay will one you already owe you get there there with their back in line. I think there is a great evening all right and God bless you and your from Ohio and you welcome your on here I was just alterative article by the American Humana Association humanist Association yeah is just amazing all why we reject the Bible certainly course I I feel every atheist they bring on this. If the man even though I want out about the New Testament that but I want to bring up the third. Matthew 16 of the last verse in Matthew 28 it says Julio say there are some of those were standing here. Do not taste death toll is to the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.

Yeah, I've talked to humanist atheists about this and I'll officer them want to do some homework before you start asking these questions don't go to the Mac right chapter 3 an hour and Robin are in their yeah yeah I debated him once and he wants nothing to do. I wonder what is what talk to the type of day so yeah you know you don't know about old what I find funny when I read Paul's letters all the Mark and Luke about matching together you will you chemically for letting about all I will look. Here's the thing is, that's the early church knew who wrote the New Testament documents we talk to humanists look me just tell you they don't have water logical pause in the litter box. They generally can't think the way in the back and when we come down to the issue of arguing with them, but the facts don't care about the facts. If you decide church fathers. The first second third fourth century.

These are the writings that were attributed to John Peter you know we did this rejected let it happen. It doesn't mean anything to you. It doesn't matter what you say to them. So what I do is I work in the presuppositions and I are you knock out the foundations of the basic premises at that used to even argue I show them that they don't have a leg to stand on. I enjoy doing chart but I do because I love talking atheists and humanists to just love it there. Basically, nominal lists, which means that there are no transcendentalists are no universals and that without those things than they become the one to determine truth and when you are the one who becomes the truth determine are both morally whatever you can. If you going to get whatever information you can that bolsters your assumptions and presuppositions and that's what happens with the guests in the humanist. Generally the same and I will discussing what may be called difficult for but I like like a room in case you want to go 100% will look at this thing to say for example that that the New Testament authors are known to Missy how do you know you're not with the evidence you have for what you're saying because you make a statement based upon facts. When you believe you believe something hopefully don't believe something because if there's no evidence for it. What's the evidence that they're not written by who they said they work particularly when we as Christians have the evidence that they are so can you please work and counter evidence but I'm doing is talking present positional using terms, a couch, and evidence will now they're coming up with all these offers are coming up and it is absurd to me that is not here's a response he just say look to your right hand put printer face and what happened to your left you a slapper subsite. The idea saying the idea that Jesus didn't exist is just ludicrous and I have the it is there just you know and and I want to find out. At that point, really critical precept on I will just take their worldview apart and I'll say okay let it you can say he doesn't exist or he never existed then. Can you please tell me what was the purpose and the reason of the New Testament to be written, and then have to get some answers. But we don't know we don't know nothing in the suit give answers and I'll tell you when they come up with answers. I I rip him apart like a monkey and a cupcake shredded like talking to me but I love talking to them, but they got rejected. We find evidence like the one they fell upon the filing of well the bullets I will give McNair always found that many let me help you with something when evidence is evidence is an abstraction. Now the illustration I use is there's footprints in the mud outside of house that's been broken into and the windows open. Now the footprints are evidence that fit the theory that a vandal entered into that window.

If I were to say those footprints and those footprints are in the state of Ohio and I'm in Idaho those footprints are the demonstration. I love my wife, then the evidence doesn't fit the theory. Therefore it's not evidence.

Evidence becomes supportive inside of an assumption inside of a theory, so it understand that the issue of evidence is a concept footprints is just a physical formation.

What theory do you have that you fit that phenomenon into so when they say they want evidence that went on to say is I need to know the criteria you have to justify what evidence is or is not within your worldview and this is where they were to back it up because it's really important talk about level with them and will see you have a problem. Okay, expend more that Ralph already all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM. We love to hear from you. We love to hear your feedback and also download a free mobile apparatus truth

We've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shall set you free Matt slick getaway. Matt Benjamin Charlotte on the airborne okay yes I can sound good. I recall about a month. My good lap recall the been very spirited. No say just say that I can't say everything I would give people ideas quickly to say that this ministry is under attack constantly. We had an attack on like today. We have financial attacks we've had threats we've had stuff we have people call up we have people on the discord on PayPal pal talk excuse me, will have discussions they call a dog pile and getting on their threats. We get stuff we fed varying threats. I was even swatted. You want to call the cops say zero someone called the visit with what he met you and your hands up there walking backwards outside my house handcuffed back of a squad car. All that kind of stuff and I've been I've had my life threatened by Satanists of hip you follow me go on and on and so this is just part and parcel of of what it is I do predate daily basis not just for the Baptists you know that joke is still a lot of yard you go to bed hard to hear me out, I'll call you if I not follow. I feel they make that a government I didn't type with a sigh lowered of videos of people put up why I'm not a Christian. Seriously, it's two hours three hours five hours take things out of context rip things up, put things together all and that that's not even having tall told you even how the use my family against so it follows no oh no, there's a real one as I can get the specifics, one instance was so bad that even the atheists got on all yeah it's that fact about to go over someone's house next week to talk theology which I met a woman at a store and we got talking very nice godly woman there inviting me over to dinner and to talk about various aspects of theology and stuff and they have of you at three with an answer from the conversation my wife like someone with you.

I don't like yourself, she know she know that's why Steiner still loves me. Though I should say goodbye yourself cursed. You are in a strong marriage my wife luck my wife has medical problems that so she stuck with me and she keep you around open jars and carry heavy things so that's what this you know, and I look at her sometimes and she's with women if she points at me and slapped her for head. If something is seen as let's yeah I know what's going on and then she had some heavy you carry this exit that I got it figured out you are in a biblical marriage. You guys are stuck with each other until you talk she's stuck on an island problem, but she is still awkward.

No go for a minute that minimize that member. She's got you got your bow. She's got stupid as husband is to show up but can't admit we stayed at like they are deserving of another most deserving of having light will you I'm a Calvinist of the predestination. I know that God had to pretend to be married to me because no one else would've began to bite her how you want to stop by for the she's hot.

My question eventually right okay okay folks, we write back. Benjamin was the best Matt slick getaway. Matt Ryan, Benjamin, if you only get serious. I'm always series announcers, good 40 got so big reach of the major goal know how much sponge I told you firemen and recruitment to go. I'm blessed to be married with no children, not married, no children, so you could say God I get plenty time to break so the Apocrypha which is you know the book that are not in the Western Bible and I had a black you will in light now tell me about it. I don't truly believe in an obviously Robbie's reason but I think all I it's very intriguing are some of the context of everything regarding accountability regarding lies about you not feel mine is standing United Methodist you use Orthodox use it in the open church youth.

Some of the book that so why is it around what's around because of her inter-test mental books written between Malachi and the first book of the New Testament. Your next larger.

So they have technical value but are not inspired and they have errors in them for month for one thing and Nebuchadnezzar's and King disk to disk errors. Their factual errors if it's inspired, you can have any factual errors also. It approves of the use of magic forgiveness of sins by getting money and offering around all residents of the dead others are. But until the second Maccabees. Plus, here's a minute love people don't know about it.

In Luke 1151 it says from the blood of Abel is what Jesus said, for the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah who was killed between the altar and house of God.

Yes, I tell you what the law widely say blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah what he was doing was calling the first and last book of the Old Testament in the way it was arranged that time. Chronicles was at the end of the we have Malachi but then it was Chronicles for them to same books just arranged differently.

So what he was doing was thank you note from us like our saying from Genesis to Malachi is was like thank and when you do that you're leaving out the Apocrypha.

So Jesus did not include the Apocrypha right. It also wears it so he said from his is from the law where is that verse 11 2412. It was first mixed law and the prophets. Yeah. And in Luke 1616. The law the profitable claim. Tell John the laws. The first five books and the rest of the book of the Old Testament prophets excluded the Apocrypha. But Jesus did not include the Apocrypha as anything authentic and the New Testament writers don't quote from so it is not Scripture. Ethiopia should not have it be United Methodist churches but as liberals. As you can get it so liberal basically difficult is not even Christian. And by the Christians in the United Methodist Church and isolate yes United Methodist church, the United States, I have had to go out with three with literature and pass out literature in front of United Methodist Church in the Boise Idaho area because the woman pastor, which is a biblical was having a Muslim E mom come in a given message to the pulpit on Sunday is blasphemy and so I offered to have her my radio show. She declined because, now stressful questions it yet United Methodist Church basically you just assume people and are not Christians or false converts doesn't mean that they all are false converts but a lot of the respect and the Eastern Orthodox trustees Orthodox.

They have baptismal requirements, you can lose your salvation by being good all kinds of false doctrines or false things they have five toll bridges where you get your measurement of your goodness and badness are kind of weighed influences salvation. One area but not another gets in some pretty whacked stuff so well that. I maybe spend every night and day you like a fellowship with him at Methodist Church here locally in North Carolina that we share the gospel and what you should do so as is put your right hand front of your face and look to your left, slap yourself until you get that idea in your head. Just keep going stop, or you go there and witnessed okay that's what I would do if I were attending Sunday like that it would be there to preach the true gospel. We understand United Methodist Church is very bad however I will say that there are some good United Methodist churches there actually run by my real pastors men pastors and are teaching the institution of the whole gospel But it does happen in the UNC but for the most part it's just something to want to sue the cancer the radio Dr. okay let me ask you really should go in the Apocrypha from the board to confuse people how to come about why you but by the Jews and just was never considered Scripture that's all just extra information. What a right to do it right up front and what keeping track of history itself is political history and their other books is over 20 other books mentioned in the Bible that are not in the Bible you go to the book of Enoch, for example, discussed majestic stuff in Scripture. Okay rocket will quicken ecological product greeted the true factual been subscribed to third-party verified its true and mostly, but like I said there's there's some factual errors in it and some just as history writing that you can get things wrong, not in Scripture. You'll get in trouble is not wrong it's not Scripture.

Think about if it is not Scripture from the Catholic Church added 1546 they'll say that we took it out of 5046. Know the Catholic Church attitudes Catholic Church so okay more about how you hang in there Mr. slick innkeeper. My reward in heaven is great, but I written you got well by God's grace on what he gets all the glory arriving to get thank you for listening to the best of Matt slick live great content like this donate to the ministry. Be sure to visit Carl see can also catch Matt's leg live every weekday from 6 PM to 7 PM Eastern standard network at an you to

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