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Best Of MSL 2020 26: Setting the Record Straight

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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June 29, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 26: Setting the Record Straight

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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June 29, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from Charismatic Gifts, why the serpent was in Eden, is Mary the queen of Heaven, and more. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry be sure to visit

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Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family and Jesus family this Christmas, give them six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network why is found online car got grabbed my dear with the God the father and God on in terms of teaching and practice where in the old like the father, commanding genocide, and in the New Testament on the commanding forgiveness of enemies how to do things reconcile. Have you ever been both angry in a day, both angry times yeah but that doesn't determine that there is an adjuster. He explained so you have been different times, different in your attitude and your actions right is no contradiction is not.

I would like and all the sex you hold on hold on Nesta you have something different about addressing what you asked the goalposts and discussion or something is US. What the father would be what he was missing would be what he was as a victory, not because you yourself admit the same day you can be loving and not loving or full of anger same day as me not to become like to chime not. I'm not about emotion I'm talking about action. We behave based on what we believe and what's in us. So if you say not talk about emotion then you're saying that God is a robot. He doesn't have an emotional nature of the Christian God, so that this making sense for you what what what you mean in one eight command genocide in another command the loving of enemy. So what's wrong with genocide really really wrong is wrong with it. I mean it. Contrary to loving your enemy well hold which I did ask that I said what is wrong with genocide, God, you say God I mean in the land (not murder. You now shall not murder the same thing is killing.

If you defend your life shall submit the process and hope it never happens is not murder, correct it. What is the murder of women and children is that all is that correct what I just said is that correct yeah.

There's a difference in murder and killing good ideas that someone of violence for not what their letter. What are the grounds for killing the Bible. What would God's grounds before killing you know that's what I'm getting at with they none were going in the Old Testament talk with the father. What will be the grounds for killing in the Old Testament would be the breaking of the law of your your proving my point is that the x-rays between you're not listening and not listening proving anything to you except that you're not able to hold a coherent, logical conversation I been through this many times with unbelievers over the years like you I've been to this many many times. I know what I'm doing. So just below the patient answer you but I want to show you, you don't have a grounder what you can complain if you're not a Christian. Obviously you had any justification to say one thing is right or one thing is wrong. If you want to say that internally the Bible is inconsistent unity begging the question by assuming the validity of the laws of logic that you want to do what you can justify clear perspective that's another argument. So if you want to discuss this we can answer my questions in the process ignoring them and shifting the discussion's house and work will go for it at me again.

So if God is going to kill whole group of people do you know why he did that in the Old Testament yet yeah I mean the Canaanites were they were apparently at an extremely rebellious people worship false gods and did terrible friend thing and according to God, it would be to so is a problem well when you get do you love your energy is it a problem for God to wipe them out yet it is so good on X: it's a problem for God in the Old Testament. The Old Testament God in the Old Testament to wipe out a group of people who were completely evil.

Wrong forgot to do that is a water sign. All I'm asking is can answer the question will yet yet Israel had at our far as I can tell in regard to Jesus is the express image of the invisible God. If you can try questioning that Old Testament trust me I know what I'm doing here mask in your questions.

Is it morally wrong for God to wipe out a nation of evil people.

That's just a question I'm asking is okay and why is it morally wrong for God it morally wrong for anybody to do something like that.

I asked God why is it morally wrong for God. That's were talking about. Why is it wrong for because God it good and he made humanity in his image and likeness and love.

All human beings doesn't something like that. You don't know you think you love documenting Millie does not. Some 55 Psalm 11 five. He says he hates all who do iniquity Jacob. I love these. I hated Romans 99 through 12 talks about your unit atheist and curious know I'm not innate that I'm a Mac they have been born and raised in the church.

I'm very familiar with.

In the RUL on my friend that I find I can answer what are you I don't.

I'm not a label or a block. Actually, the only believe you an agnostic on the legal and so we could do is you're saying that you have a stand on moral standard by which you can judge that's is ridiculous. You have noticed and what you can do that just want to show people know that's not true.

Is this no no I'm I'm saving might actually like I'm basing the standard on the belt and number on the mouth. Okay, is Jesus asking is the basket will talk about Jesus now is he God in flesh. It all you ladies got in flesh enough to claim to be. Do you believe he's got in flesh. Maybe I'm not sure but that's what he claims okay so he claimed that I'm glad you you would not acknowledge that what did Jesus come here to do. He came here to die for our sins. The Old Testament in the Old Testament God, not just God the father, but God was very, very difficult on people because he was keeping the messianic line. Pure because the enemy of the gospel wanted to destroy the Messiah to destroy Israel that he could do what he wanted to get the messianic line destroyed and therefore the Masai would not come here. This is why God was so tough in the Old Testament. Once Jesus was born, then the completion of requirements of history with their and in place so that the Messiah could then come and then he taught that you to love your enemies, and he taught. We are to love our enemies. That's what he said to do your to do this in your to do that because as the law talks about in the Old Testament and the apathetic law. For example, 94923234. To say this, you would say that but I say to you, he's actually giving the inspiration of Scripture's a run for its money and said that he is reinterpreting it.

He's claiming to be God. In this issue of of the flying not defined with the finding what it truly means the issue. He has the right to do that because he got in flesh and just so you know when Jesus comes back, he's going to be just like God was in the Old Testament he's going to rain judgment down on the unbelievers to cast them into outer darkness is to send the hell far worse than anything God did in the Old Testament, so there's a perfect was he is going to do their and it did the exact opposite of what you want to love our enemies asked all of his enemy and to hell import them forever. Yeah that's right what he's going to do yet. He's going to do that if you cut out the opposite of what man no no no no no you to understand something.

He tells us that were to love our enemies right, but he also doesn't Luke 2236. He says bias sort.

He also says that why would Jesus say bias sort of peace and just love your enemies, as if it means to do nothing. Just love them and just love them. That's it. He says bias toward the issue of self-defense. That means even remedy under the wind all due respect that the misinterpretation of the notes not he's quoting from the old yeah yeah photo is the Old Testament you yell it he's going with verses. According I don't know Dick Beckford but my dad and it had do with the idea of how it is that he knows he's going to get arrested by commanding Bible to get the word he knows that it's like a look at this, getting them to create them kind of militia are you going out about my Anthony flat out wrong about it, that's not conducted an outing anything. Yes, you are welcome to live in Anthony when I show my horse Anthony Anthony so she said bias toward what he said I'll read it to him and don't you ever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also bag never has no sword is to sell his code and by one Jesus said this to what you're doing is you're misrepresenting a note to Cookeville.

What was spoken right back folks. After this, please. Here is not slick, with a special announcement from over novels and a sci-fi no homepage as well. One full-time trap is about developing on island theological examination without making sure the problem is there to go for more information. Be sure to visit is Matt's link to where Matt Reiber looked back at the show. Are you still there now cover the context of Luke 2236.

He couldn't see what it actually says okay and I said but now, whoever has a money belt is to get along. Likewise also bag whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one for I tell you that this which is written must be fulfilled in me, and he was numbered with the transgressors numbered with the transgressors is a quote from Isaiah 5312. I believe this for that which refer to me has its fulfillment.

They said look we have two swords and he said that is enough. So the numbering with the transgressors is has been crucified, which hadn't happened yet and he says it must be fulfilled say that buying a sword was out of Isaiah 53 is talking about. So you need to read contexts.

When you say negative things out of context. No, I didn't. Now we are problem is doing is you're taking one aspect of Jesus and you're saying on the define who he is. By this statement, the totality of who he is. He did say bias toward and this is for self-defense. What most commentators disagree to its first right of self-defense.

Yes, the most common okay to say that that's what it is right that it they get into the garden and Peter you would tell them to put away. I think you think you said you know the Bible.

You say you know the Bible. Why do you think Jesus is my own eyes that talking about it. Think about all things about dying Anthony, why do you think Jesus told Peter to put the sword in the context what you think, what's the answer that you live by the Lord your God. Five because Jesus had to go get crucified. Jesus came for was to be crucified to die for the sins of others.

He cannot quite Peter Lissette Bobbitt list okay which I hold okay I'm on hold because you keep the conversation here. That's the reason that Jesus told Peter to put away the sword he doesn't want to use violence as one do that on.

In that context right there when we talk about Luke 2236 most the commentators I've ever checked with I researched and said this is assumed to be an understanding of self-defense. We have the right of self-defense. Nobody denies that we have a right to defend ourselves in addressing the radio not the obligation, we have the right couldn't have to defend ourselves, but we can if we want. If someone's going to assault me to defend myself for the faith. I may or may not defend myself. The assault my wife. I'm going to defend her extra short and so the idea that most commentators think about Luke 2236 is the issue that it is talking about is that we got in the world that were to be persecuted. We have the right of self-defense and as it says, turning her cheek and love your neighbor and love your enemy were to love our enemies, we are to love them, but to love them doesn't mean that we can't defend themselves from them and loving them doesn't mean really walked over by them. Loving them doesn't mean that it's okay to have violence done to us. So with this guy is doing is is not understandable context. Love is the whole bit. Think you got a hobbyhorse you want to try and set something against God back on the air. So this is a thing you're just not bring the context of stuff can help you know you're not okay you're not going to do this for living folks read context because I need to be able to understand what it is talking about ready context on the air and showed him that that quote that he was referring to the social film. Luke 2236 was not from Isaiah 5312 which deal with the issue is crucifixion that was going on, which have happened yet. So he does know is doing their all right, let's get on phones with Daniel from North Carolina, Daniel welcome here on here you doing all right. It's what you okay so Carolina and I'm in follow and I worked with a lot of non-people and told him about the word nonbelievers and one of the think what I did not. Anthony asked me like you knocking the movie will get hit by crazy and make it to customer before they die. And then they died and they asked me okay will like what Allah right you know if you felt that he let you win right and I got it done.

But then they countered that the all know thinking enter heaven right now Valid like modern Swiss and I want know what I told him I asked someone and I could I do want to give them positive for me.

So the idea of doing was soon let me ask you how to get there soon to get rid of your sin know that that's incorrect is not correct is a false teaching. Okay repentant. Repentance is something Mormons can do something. Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholics, atheists can do, turning from something that's wrong doesn't mean that what's wrong is not forgiven. The only way to be forgiven of our sins is by faith and trust in Jesus Christ. That's how this is a forgiven number of dependents, so whoever taught you. Repentance is how you get forgiveness of sins talk to a false gospel flat out right now so that you need to know the truth.

This Internet answer these guys we don't die with our sin.

Jesus died with. We died with Christ from the sick sick from six they were crucified with Christ and because we are in him when he died. The cross we died with him and therefore our sins died with him. All of our sins to any Christian who dies has all the sins already paid for already taking care. Even the ones that say he's driving on the road and he has a very bad thought, lustful thoughts, to any dies before he is all that's wrong for me to think you guys before that will that's paid for. We do not keep our salvation, but how good we don't maintain or obtain our salvation by or compliance with anything in the law is a loss of stop lying to the law. The snow is please hold on and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep clear.

Penitence is not what saves us, saves us his faith in Jesus. It's not our compliance with the law. Repentance is change your mind and do what is right. How do you know what's right.

What the Bible says if you're lying in your stealing. The Bible says do not live, do not steal, so therefore you know those things are tense of them.

But those things that you stop doesn't get salvation by not doing something is not how you get salvation.

Furthermore, the Bible says honor your mother and father. If you honor your mother and your father. Is that what gets you salvation get you salvation is faith in Christ.

This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep actually take it all away Matt so let me just reiterate this folks. This is important. Maybe some of you are confused about what I said to let me be clear.

Repentance is not what saves us, what saves us his faith in Jesus.

It's not our compliance with the law.

Repentance is to change your mind and do what is right. How do you know what's right.

But what the Bible says if you're lying in your stealing. The Bible says do not live, do not steal, so therefore you know those things are wrong and you repent of them, but those things that you stop doing doesn't mean you get salvation by not doing something is not how you get salvation. Furthermore, the Bible says to honor your mother and your father will if you honor your mother and your father. Is that what gets you salvation, of course not, would get you salvation is faith in Christ. We are justified by faith. Romans 51 sins were not made right before God and the law that justifications this does not occur by anything we do by any compliance with the law by any act of repentance. If any of you have been told that you must repent of your sins in order to get forgiven of your sins. That's a false gospel. I am not saying it's okay to continue in your sins the true gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins we put faith and trust in what Jesus did. That's what makes us right before God. That's what justifies us before the law of God, not what we do and not what we don't do and not what we start doing as far as the law being good and not we stop doing as far as a long big band that we repent. Of course we should.

But repentance is not what gets us salvation plus repentance and faith combined. Don't get us salvation. It's faith in Christ alone was not repentance and faith. It's faith God grants that we have repentance second Timothy 225 disagreements.

We believe Lincoln's 129 and are believing is work of God.

John 628 29 so I'm trying to tell people is do not believe that you have to stop doing something in order to be forgiven of your sins, you have to trust in Christ to forgive your sins and anybody and everybody who trusts in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins will also repent of their sins, they must repent of their sins and they should repent of their sins. You cannot continue in your sin willingly, purposefully, and also be a Christian, again, repentance is part of being a Christian, but it's the result of regeneration in the us it's not the thing that brings us forgiveness of sins.

This is something very important. We ought to turn from our sins. God commands everyone everywhere to repent. Asked 1730, but our salvation, the forgiveness of our sins is not based on that repentance is based on faith in Christ. And we ought to repent and turn from our sins, but those aren't the things repent. Those aren't the things that seems faith in Christ, you need to repent of your sins but you have to understand that your justification before God by faith alone in Christ alone. That's what the truth is look at the Lisa from New York Lisa welcome you want to hear how you're doing all right how are you doing to call you or contact and finally am here and I I'm the one who's been telling you about rationally.

A video that I think it him and started talking about the cleanup having married as being the queen of heaven and I refute him and other people at all refute tenant but he think that there is no proof that she died. That means that she got neither unkindness and that we could pray to her. I know we can because she does not have that power is bad. God have a private transfer not make content and I'm not Diane and while we we been like arguing with different Catholic and it page 1 that made the queen of heaven and the Bible and keep it off, but my friends that she's been trying to refute the argument with the Catholic are online now.

They are very happy that the city will answer mine on their side. Yet that's very unfortunate. I know Sam and talk with them many times. I may have to take some time out my very busy schedule and do loop your research and then contact is if he is teaching the stuff about the queen of heaven is okay to pray to Mary, then his teaching. If he's teaching so hold on all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM.

We love to hear from you. We love to hear your feedback. Also download a free mobile apparatus truth We've gone digital only ask you to join us. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shall set you free Matt slick get away. Matt was get back with Lisa from New York Lisa back on here regarding number from the bylaw.

Right now I don't have to worry about it. Talk we will be king and queen can have an reigning way and he said that she then have either Graddy Greening and and Karen and act like anything that she get the queen of heaven right now.

That was when I heard that caliphate not actually enough, but that was not me. He said that by wearing nine hearing Lawrence and arm. He also said that you have images of ether than Marion, but you cannot bouncer them. We refute that filled by it says that we could have images of Mary and everything and mostly that we could pray to her because she guarantee here. Could you email me the sources of the nation's video. Whatever it is, and also when in the video that he says it and send it to me at info at work and I cannot read these things I can write an article on so yeah, I know Sam and his brilliance when it comes to Islam, Jesus and credible, but that he's the he Ashley moderated a debate I was in and we talked many times but missing is some if he's teaching this this is this bad stuff that's mutually going into Catholicism is already there so we'll see how far it goes. If that's a good habit, hearing the so frequently now, but I am so incredibly busy that major major projects as we move our website from the old style to the new style requiring me to supervise and recruit people to help format 7000 articles. It's just monumental's so it's like all my goodness so well anyway I could put caught in here with his coffee machine and I can sleep in my office for 24 hours later all in and also you have to take some time not work on summative I refute him to be Catholic 40 year I was tired of hearing be Catholic about that. So I asked because I asked the pre-to answer me questions about the Bible and you never know nothing about the Bible that caliphate like to be working on the Bible and I noticed that he didn't know nothing about the Bible and when I gave birth.

Exodus 20 with a weak attack about that another time though, I asked directly defense. Then I started studying the Bible.

I've been studying the Bible. I had a beer ready and I know I came nine years from Puerto Rico now living in. I started hitting the Catholic Church here, but I've been reading so much. The Bible now I'm not getting military and when I go to it. I found Hyperion. I don't find it for a while, the radio, you know that I teach at the Roman Catholic Church is not true Christian churches of Falls Church is a paucity to get destitution. Paragraph 26.

The catechism says were saved by getting salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments which works based and making false group so you know it. Just sit with the Catholic Church, keep talking to Mary to Sarah Cedar said that keep take it out of context. That's it. All one time I noticed was preaching this particular church, but many times and someone the elders came laughing at first preacher said what I said what you what you set up there, smiling. Mary, though I said Jesus is not God.

I said all right yeah they said we knew what you were saying to the content you just messed up and kept going, but they were laughing like all man.

You know, it happened just before the visit got a tape we could we could prove it, you know, they were smiling in right so yeah she's not the queen of heaven just worked in the Bible the queen and beside what is that mean, was it me for to be the queen of heaven. She's the queen that will who's the King of heaven father-son or Holy Spirit, God himself who is the king and whose acquaintance King and Queen are Mary so who's the queen of heaven and what authority does she have and what would happen if you didn't make a sandwich is a serious question because in veggie tales. One of the accounts there were. The queen should not make it so much for sticking to get kicked off the kingdom. So joke when she stay okay okay well I will again on the information about man and a time exactly when looking for cannot tell website event in your lifestream right now right. It's just kind of orgasmic website.

See If you're been there arm while been yet and I don't mean any thing lacking output night to avoid week writing my friend recommend that you and I'm learning a lot like you are ready. There's a lot more to learn.

So you have about six months of restructuring a lot of repetition going okay. Got six now hope to listen but I all I'll say something to agree with.

But here's the thing. Always check when I say good Scripture that's it. Compare with Scripture.

Okay good for you very good very good.

Love to hear that. Okay I just hope I can find it. But let all I got my name right might fit three questions that I got. I always activate the Trinitarian how it back if they speak in languages and and they do I will call again I Trinitarian I will go either no will I not speaking in tongues is not bad. It is biblical good first contents 14. For that I believe in speaking in. I don't do it and I don't believe that a lot of churches that do that are very good because it misuses nickel wacko. I think it's her talk about is the wacko stuff that people do so. There are churches that believe everything Calvary Chapel is a good basic church to go to and you be safe there putting up a believe that it's possible to to do those things speak in tongues, but they don't do it in a congregational wacko to S&S.

An example of something you have. When I write. I can't lie. If everybody for our ghetto everybody think the language by the beacon language that Gandhi communicated buddy out of the in a lot of the language and every time I hear when they speak in kind. It like it's a matter you don't even understand what's what I mean at that I get fed. When you become current. You hear a language by here Chinese.

I don't I don't know what you're saying but I know there we do this one views on tongues are the tell you what's you go to car and go to work.

The website that I been working for most 25 years and you can look up what should we look for the church, which thing she would look for in a church and got some things listed out there and some morning things so it'll if the church has always asked us to have women pastors and elders stay away from okay that's one of the things and ask homosexuality ask about the Christ centered, ask what they do to get there salvation if they say be baptize in and repent. It's a Falls Church because baptism of repentance are things we ought to do list, not how we get our sins forgiven their sins forgiven by faith alone in Christ alone, trusting in him so there's things like that that are in their I go through list 12 things that if they give the teacher something to watch out for.

All right, you can recommend you do is find churches online and call them up and ask him questions about this past okay you want to theology go to the Carmen website. See ARM right hand side of the page you will see a laptop is online schools. Just click on this and you can own center for schools if you want to know your theology.

This is the place to go to seminary or Bible college. Not sure which book to read apologetics for 40 years and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like learn what needs to be taught the basics not just so basically you don't have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school, learn about hypostatic union justification is dictation you learn about these things. For more information about online schools.

Be sure to visit Matt slick taken away. Matt all right muskets of Caesar from Raleigh, North Carolina, Caesar, welcome area doing all right. By God's grace we got talk about it. Several buddy Bible in the it was thing I get any that you what God which well one of them that there be the gift of healing and thought that the bay where only active heaven there.

People would believe in Christ and they are no longer active. I don't think that I could be wrong you. I think that the active how would you know if you're right or wrong.

What would you feel to how I know if I'm vital what would you appeal to what Bible right okay so what people are doing or saying is that these could call the sign gifts that the sign gifts are no longer needed. For that reason that you said ask them to demonstrate that that is what the reason given for inscription asked him to show that in Scripture and the can't. It's an opinion what they really do, however, is good first contents 13 and what it says in first contents 13 is the best they've got. This is the closest that God says when the perfect comes partial will be done away when I was a child I used to speak like a child think like a child, reason, like a child when I became a man I did away with childish things. We get a break after the break read this explains show you all right Matt slick aware Matt would explain why the charismatic gifts are still for today. When are still for today. According to the Scriptures and if you take don't believe okay this hear my argument and will see what you what you say call up and disagree we can talk alright so let me give you the argument.

The only place that anybody can go to in order to even hint at the idea that the gifts are going to cease is found in first Corinthians 12 versus 10, 11, 12, 13.

Read the when the perfect comes, the question is what is the perfect when the perfect comes to partial will be done away when I was a child I used to speak as a child think like a child, reason, like a child when I became a man I did away with childish things. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face-to-face. Now I know in part but then I will know fully just as I have been fully known, but now faith, hope, love abide, these three but the greatest of these is love. So the Scriptures with a focus on reverse 911 12 we know in part, we prophesy in part, and then in order to actually distribute 10 and 12 is what to focus on 10 verses 10 and 12 are the key verses.

But when the perfect comes to partial will be done away for now we see in the mirror dimly, but then face-to-face with words. Then, refers back to the perfect comes, the question is was a perfect what is that some people say it's the Bible. I do believe that the reason I don't believe that is because of what it says in verse 12 for now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face-to-face the phrase face-to-face occurs 13 times in the Bible, and each time it occurs it talks about its interpersonal relationship since, for example, the first time it occurs is in Genesis 32, 30 so Jacob named the place up in IL-4.

He said I have seen God face-to-face it. My life is been preserved. It occurs in, for example. Jeremiah and he says so he will surely be given into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he will speak with him face-to-face and see him.

I try or even first with the third teen screen for X.25 16 it says I answered them that it is not the custom of the Romans to hand over any man before the accused meets his accusers face-to-face cc the word. The phrase face-to-face with a personal encounter at specials going on so it says then we'll see face-to-face know I seen a mere dim dimly, but then face-to-face.

When the perfect comes to limning us to question since the term face-to-face deals with personal encounter.

Let's look at this perfect comes, that means the completion of the Bible to the Bible's complete then will see face-to-face is personal encounter with this quick work.

Let's use the other option that is given for with the perfect perfect is the return of Christ for the return of Christ, then I'll see face-to-face. That makes sense right in the virtual dishonesty.

Now I know in part, but then this is critical. I will know fully just as I have been fully known. That phrase there have been fully known as very interesting because you find in the Bible that know that God does not know unbelievers in Matthew seven 2223 God says I never knew you. Get away from me and Galatians 489. When you did not know God you serve by nature, those which are not gods but now that you've come to know God rather are known by him to serve God when you do this search for to but it needs to be known of God, you find it only occurs to believers. God never says to an unbeliever.

I know you and this leaves it at that is a place where Jesus is the Pharisees.

I know you your father the devil, and so he qualifies it.

What he means by that site that one instance is qualified whenever God just says to you know you meet your safety says I don't know you are not saved. This is relationship and judgment in the hold that which occurs at salvation and occurs in on this committee and judgment kind of a thing going in here. God says I never knew you. Get away from me. If the perfect is the completion of the Bible, then, is it true that the completion of the Bible.

Now we know God as we fully been known by him, but at the return of Christ that would make sense to say that we will be fully known.

In that sense God knows us and we will relationship with him and were going to spend eternity with him and finally one more verse that really makes a lot of sense for first Corinthians 17 this is what it says so that you are not lacking in any gift. The word gift in the Greek is a response charismatic gifts from them so you're not lacking any charisma awaiting eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, the apocalypses, the return of Christ you're not lacking in any charismatic gift, waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. So Paul wrote that in first Corinthians 1 verse seven and for scripting 1310 when the perfect comes, the completion from the Greek Tellos and perfect completion. The total completion of what's to happen. This is about the issue of the world. The failure of mankind. The issues of all things are going to happen until Christ comes back then. We'll see him face-to-face and will knows we fully have been known. This makes sense. The other way just doesn't mix. And so that's why hold to the continuation of all the charismatic gifts is not to say that a lot of these churches where jumping up and down and wiggling on the floor and swing from chandeliers speaking in tongues all at once.

Not to say that those actions are biblical people often will misuse the charismatic gifts do those things which are not proper and out of order from not promoting that I am promoting biblically the charismatic gifts have not ceased. That's my position is based on Scripture. And that's why hold any right that my physician hope it's yours to it is not well this makes your positions consistent with Scripture, the Timothy from Virginia Timothy welcoming on their not the doctrine of original and I'm wondering about in Christian why when the crew blamed her mother, Adam and Eve. I when God created the Garden of Eden. There are many good men wander around the garden and what about creation of land anatomy regarding the human element alcoholic the human but human element in the garden of Eden. How can you blame that on Avenue Bennett already, following the within this universe I barely got you while discussing this with last night sky stuff though I've not so you left. I took a walk on the block and walks 7 miles was talking to people with missing questions on a headset.

Everything is so the Bible is not that I would like to. It was interesting.

We had a lot of conversations a lot of people so the a lot of ways of tackling this, trying to answer question. Best I can. Why was a servant allowed to be in the garden. We can only say that God simply permitted it.

I can't speak for God, and say all I can tell you exactly the reason here it is, we can offer theories. One is that God desired to allow them to be tempted so that they would fall so the Messiah could come so he could deliver people that might be part of it might be part of it that since God alone is holy and sentient beings were created don't have that quality of holiness than their capable of sending and one of the theories I have just me personally I believe that all sentient beings will end up sending against God unless they intervene. Not only is Matt slick taken away Matt back to the show, Timothy. Are you still there alright so as I was saying. First of all, God doesn't explain why he allowed it, we can theorize and just reiterating perhaps is to allow the freedom of people to be able to act in his image which is having free will and so that was part and parcel to the two why Satan was allowed to fall, and Satan was allowed to enter the garden. I mean, you think God wanted to fall he would stop signal getting in there and there and deceiving the why did God allow that Molly doesn't tell us if it's regarded in the negative or literal good little literal, but a lot of problem other. You don't look reproduction.

I mean, reflecting the evidence, but will you see evidence is an abstraction that you you look for in order to fit a criterion that you developed in your mind and so you be careful what you call about what you say evidences because it's an interesting discussion but to why you say the garden of Eden is a problem of what about the children going to marry people from other nearby villages occluded about the oh creation going on that would outside of normal. How do you Jesus.

They had other exact burst had other children. The Bible says let's see. And word is in Genesis 3 or four, but they had other children and so these magic her brothers and sisters.

Now you will say well that's not right out of it.

The problem with, go thing that they had other children only really made me believe that weight is a problem. Chromosomes positive problems chromosomes and women have different all makeup I get my meaning. It's a problem.

Wiser problem problems will go out that out of the implication is you derived from ribbon got it will set you use reading stuff and with the Bible doesn't say excluding possibilities as well. If God created Adam and created have created perfect genetic line. The perfect genetics would be any junk code in there and Eve was taken from him doesn't mean she was identical to him in every area because she wasn't so God did what he did with her and then they reproduced and they had children and had lots of children and then the children married each other and then after many many many many many generations down the line God circuit. The this incessant genetics were appropriate. Mark, there's no problem. Well, I got in a big River Park Myrtle like the human implied that there are already following element in the universe. My right all along time ago in a court old covenant by the revelation in and gathered up and looked her on Angel or even human appeared in the general theory general Terry that Satan and the angels fell before Adam and Eve were created. Another theory is that Satan fell in the garden when he was trying to deceive the population that it is easy to do. You know what ultimate cause and approximate cause and efficient, because our familiar with those terms will to me.

I get the probably not your all right know I got the ultimate cause of Adam and Eve in the garden were was God's creative work universe. The earthquake garden he created them. And when God does this. He's directly involved the proximate cause is God putting Adam and Eve in the garden and allowing the serpent took that this demonic force to come in.

So God allowed these things as quick call this approximate cause he arrange things, but the efficient cause of the rebellion is not God's adamant even if they are the ones who performed the actual act of rebellion. God did not cause them to do that so the efficient cause is the issue and it separate from the proximate cause and so when you want to say will. God did this, and he made them fall. It's not correct. He didn't make them fall. He put the circumstances there. They freely chose to fall and so therefore God is not responsible for their fall is responsible for the proximate conditions in which they were allowed to fall just as he created you and allowed you to rebel against him. He's not forcing you to think of your own free will go. If I could go a little further garden even and Adam and Eve are in covenant with God, but they break the covenant without their bend about what makes have been any different than that I'm even having to guide you were. You will will all perfect union with God. Under whatever government you know production everything but what will prevent you having proximate cause of the report notes that with the garden of Eden. You know you question was, I'm sorry. I guess my question is regarding a "work you can live in perfect communion through their covenant with God. Originally, but now why what men in heaven will also after the redemption impelling to walk on opportunity and have a talk with you not being cognitively ceased type of the covenant aspect of this was a discussion can only hear sometime going to check over to talk with validation of the different kinds of covenants there's eternal Covenanters the covenant of workup and grace. People talk about how many covenants etc. etc. so the covenant aspect is the know if you obey him. You be fine if you touch the treaties that tree will be lost if the covenant boundary in the covenant of punishment in the covenant sign was decked with the tree in the trees that were there so they broke the covenant. Now in heaven, it's a different situation. The eternal covenant spoke of in Hebrews 1320 with the intra-Trinitarian communion covenant that God the father would give to the son, the elect and the son would redeem them. The Holy Spirit would apply the redemptive work that covenant is the intra-Trinitarian covenant, which is not dependent upon the font, the faithfulness of the human participant where in the garden. It was through different covenants, so we will enjoy God's faithfulness forever. We can't affect that covenant because between the father and the son is reiterated to some degree in John 637 to 40. When Jesus is all the father has given me come to me so different covenant aspects okay listening to the best of Matt slick live great content like this donated a ministry. Be sure to visit Carl see can also catch Matt's leg live every weekday 6 PM to 7 PM Eastern standard network at and you to

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