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Best Of MSL 2020 27: Debate and Deliberation

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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July 6, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 27: Debate and Deliberation

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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July 6, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt has impromptu debates with callers about why evil exists, Preterism, and discusses the topic of whether 2nd Chronicles should be taken literally. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry, be sure to visit

Equipping the Saints, defending the faith, and reaching the lost



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Christmas gift why not the one with the chicken leaving applicable waves as Christmas gifts chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide food and nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network not live found in apologetics found online car. Matt Matt, you'll hear my all white. Why would it make out the master. Are you an atheist, yet okay so you have a standard by which you can raise an objection to God what you should and should not allow you to have a standard what is a standard utilitarian and what is with whatever works. Looks good so so how do you know that what works is what works in the next example of something you start off aggressively so on that I just met you here in the choice of a man walking down a path to force, and the two was left 10 feet away as a cliff into his right. 10 feet is a forested path is walking down a tiger jumped out of the forest jumped right dynamic leaps and he docs the tide was over the cliff and he saved and he says hey I guess that's how you could say for jumping tiger just duck hundred feet later the same thing happened.

The second tiger and he docs a second time. The target was over, he safely concludes from his experience of what works that all you have to do when a tiger jumped to use his dog to be fine now obviously there's a problem there, but it utilitarian the public utilitarianism is it doesn't lead to truth, it only makes the temporality of convenience of what works. You don't know the things right or wrong. The little utilitarianism does not provide any moral but expect that you can object anything everything better right. I you know me on reality. You stated that under eight when like eating terrified that the cycle circled you see you don't have any right to complain except to say just your opinion you like something to say help you out here. Adam and Eve in the garden found what they did was they should behave like atheists.

They decided what was true and morally true for themselves and that's when things went really bad in the world.

In the fall, sin entered in the world and the parasites and get probably complaining and whining about BC. It wasn't until this article, like atheists that went bad so masculine why why I eat now, this is a punished process or punished will it work toward getting this crackerjack theology here. Okay you think that it had when sad. I like right like eating sad that sad or bad which which which word you say that sad. It said it said that I had that kind of bad moral bad or bad for the health of the of the infant looking about moral bad so it's morally wrong where did you get the standard that is morally wrong.

Kelly will wait I will write you and I would like you, but I think Mike I think you think that under your mortal when you see get to define what bad this is morally wrong. Back on the hole in the cycle, not a cycle that is morally God forgot to permit it so interesting and will it be better that never better what and what success makes a promise you is morality. You'll think things through and you want to argue as though you've only got a thought through and you haven't so this is the problem that you guys have time with atheists. It's easy flexion fish in a barrel. You don't have a standard which you can judge anything if you can I say to me, is it morally wrong for all this is a real-life example for my son to be born with holoprosencephaly and then die because of the dirt birth defect. Okay is that with real-life I do carry the body of my son to the grave literally literally right little coffin. So let's talk about the visit morally wrong for God to allow that so interesting yet under your frame bike and anything that God anything that God allows is morally correct for him by definition if you can argue get the Christian God.

You better understand the Christian God teaches you also have to understand and I yet understand that you have to understand a bit about morality to you see God to free certain thing and he has a pay was called the creative will be like for example he also has was called prescriptive will.

Don't lie in a permissive will, he allows people to lie, he allows sin to work its way in the world is not what he desires to have it in the sense as is what he desired. It is, it is what he desires to occur because people act in a manner contrary to him and he lets them have a consequence of the direction and effect of sin in the world. I have followed question new would it be for God dog nature. It is quite an God nature what God nature with God. Gordon supported and recorded that and all of the other bad dog at the I know you're not work without you making stuff up argue from a non-Christian perspective. You are offering me something is not a Christian and saying are you from that perspective.

Now, I argue, the Christian respect that and Let Me Ln., Matt I know you Matt.

Matt will not suck if you can argue the Christian perspective, then argue from the Christian perspective, don't abandon the Christian perspective and make up some false scenario seek to answer that one cannot do that when I bring a hypothetical of a false god. You want to adopt a false god to do. You know I like you and I would I would like if it were utilitarian to kill baby baby I am there would be yet no other utilitarianism leads to is so his murder will will wait and let Stalin buying chance.

Not now. I think Roy is my stepson some time I've been Stalin because he was very utilitarian know he's just adopting the philosophy that you, your spouse and I don't think you when it is a track record, utilitarian, being black mortal.

I can link you either by neglect and talking to, I could strike with one frontal lobe tied behind my back and look so here's a here's a think they'll want to raise a moral evil, but not you want to want to raise an objection to the Christian God. You have to have a valid objection, but you can't establish a valid objection because all you have no offense meant, all you have in your opinion, you are my logical disk with premise one here.

One is opening a raffle to hear you all think I ate a rational higher relative to the well-being with subjectivity. She is citizen subjectivism subjectivism because at least yes it is.

Let me explain its dependent upon what the person desires at subjective know all people will they will desire their wealthy so they have a desire know it's a subjective to subjective and that they have a desire no set Matt listen you're talking about subjectivism of the preferences. If there rational first part of it is a rational and they what will the second part that they will get hold and self interested. What is self interested me. Narcissists know anything about the event think they're good for them that Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, what's good for themselves what would you be to be good for themselves. Sleep well what what what what Matt stop stop stop with good produces well-being.

So that's an arbitrary standard that you just pull out of your head say that's us that were to go by, you have anyone illustrate that's true for you to say when I listen to me listen you say that which is good is what causes well-being. Would you say that that which is global because well-being is also good when a certain nailer is completely circular. How do you know what is good with gauze and opening how do you know it's well-being is because that's what good is you have not know what fish in a barrel by lovey fun-loving.

Find out a mental state that it rational like how do you know what rational being irrational how you know what rational and self is something ITSELF is a form of subjectivism might experience my desire that many get one more night ended that thing for me, folks will be right back after this you will will okay have you write back after you want to learn to theology go to the car look sexy right hand side of the page you will see a laptop is online schools. Click on and you can on the side of the schools.

If you want to know your theology. This is the place to go to seminary or Bible college.

Not sure which book to read apologetic for you and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like that.

What needs to be taught the basics not just so basic. If you have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school, learn about hypostatic union justification and fixation you learn about things we can.

For more information about online schools. Be sure to visit Matt slick where he met with Rebecca Matt from LA okay hello trying to get out back when great having it out there people who united that. Inviting and avoid pain.

Like example nobody would be willing to put their hand on the people who denied it. Nine. You and then you found that if you hear your that talking just talking about experience. That's all you're talking about is not a moral issue so morally apparent that the badly look if if I know if I'm hammering a nail.

I hit my thumb is that a moral thing now, or is it just I just missed the male yet the moral thing that you have an argument.

How do you know it's bad I didn't say was not how do you know that if I never okay and so is that it will not hold on hold on life is bad because it causes suffering. So is what causes suffering also bad on that ring are bad not only the minute. What if I have to have my arm reset as I broke it is it's going bad. They reset it is hard and thinking meant later run also you changing your day long, long time.

Oh know it has to be long run.

Okay so in the gastric question if I come over your house and it won't happen, but if I quit your house with a gun and I probably was at morally right or morally wrong. Probably morally wrong with you making noise the background. Second wise, it probably morally wrong but you know you like your acting only morally also not your basic and your singers a universal moral principle that everyone must appear here to love it. So the four principles of abstraction to understand that it's a thing occurs in the mind so you know your your singers universal principles you have that in an atheistic world you have Internet like the way I wanted. Now I know you say that have morality and logic that's God I don't think you can provide say that not say that I didn't say that you always heard me but you misrepresent my site so your dear actually when atheists are perspective which means your materialist right you believe just the world right now supernatural being not mean that I materialist are you materialist out of the so your materialism is self refuting becoming to realize them off your agnostic. You know what you are, how you even know how to argue about these to give you the position you hold there, there might might nonmaterial like thoughts and principles are immaterial and principles of abstraction.

So how do you justify from your worldview that there universal principles which one ought to adhere to family that I think that there not liking what world today what would have time to continue with this.

You are a candidate for having your clock vacuum part vacuum cleaned and vacuum Preston bags and headed back to you clock clean. So you need to study the issue of the universals and transcendental CDs understand what you're talking about here and you to your utilitarian folks.

I love those kind of conversations I do because an atheist sergeant and atheist who argues like that doesn't have a leg to stand on. It just takes time to expose it and what he was doing was presupposing universality the laws of logic by which you could then infer logical principles and requirements was also inferring a universal form of morality which you cannot affirm from an atheist perspective so he doesn't realize that his foundation for argumentation was also self refuting. Get a presuppose Christian worldview, snort, argue against the Christian worldview.

And that's were getting to ultimately for me it should fish in a barrel is because not because I'm smart is because the atheist worldview cannot defend itself in the school of intellectual examination. Let's go to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome.

Thank you. I think people are able.

I know what typically are the wicked way that we people can turn well it's actually talking about Israel and you apply.

Well, it's a habit to do that either you and so what we can do. We can draw principles from it. So let's just redeliver the context okay.

Thus Solomon finish the house of the Lord in the king's palace and successfully completed all that he planned on doing the house of the Lord and in his palace and the Lord appeared to Solomon at night and said to him, I have heard your prayer have chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice if I showed up to heaven, so that there is no rain or I command the locus to devour the land or if I send pestilence among the people and my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, and I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. So what you talking about talk about Chris Traylor talk about the people of Israel the house of Israel and that if God were to judge them for what they did if they were to repent and turn to them or to God that he will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now that's which aimed at now can we apply it to us. That's the question we do what's called hermeneutics. We want to always look at what the text originally says which originally addressed to do this after the fall of the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM.

We love to hear from you. We love to hear your feedback and also download a free mobile app we've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal listing that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shall second know where he met Courtney from Ohio you still there are so we can see by reading the context of the context is not about Christians today. It's about the house of Israel and this phrase is used in other areas the house with the Lord's name is things like that and so the first application is is is its historical context. We do not want to take something that was meant to Israel and then ported over to us and say C is for us today. Not necessarily. It might be, but it might not be so how do we find this out.

What we do is relative. Tell people is what do doing this kind of analysis is to picture a target that you shoot arrows into the center.inventors of ring and ring and wrinkles on the � is the verse itself, and then you look just one ring out there what's its immediate context. And this is so critical and so God is talking to the covenant people of Israel and say boys talking to Solomon stuff, but he sang that you need to abide by what I'm telling you another's principle here, because the covenant is a Packard agreement between two or more parties, and so God's covenant with Israel for various think of the various covenants if they break his covenant curses and trouble.

Follow the keep the covenant blessings follow. This is Old Testament. Some people say there's a new covenant in the New Testament.

Now there is a new covenant because the old covenant is done away with this, the death of Christ. He was a 13. He was 952 60 know the question is where the stipulations of that covenant and we have to see if they did they match. Have a good research on this. My spare time while five seconds of and so I'm looking at the new covenant issue in the book of Hebrews and I'm not finding what people tell me that it is people are tell it's just a side note, people tell them it's about anybody. As a Christian and I'm not finding that finding it again. The house of Israel. This is house of Jacob and Israel, but nevertheless solicits cloudless concentric circles is a principle here, though, that we can lay claim to. I think the rents I think that we could understand and agree that if we Christians in the land.

Honor God, then God will bless us and that if we don't honor him. He will not bless us. I think this is a very basic principle and we see this kind of a thing throughout the Old Testament.

We also see it in the New Testament where people do what's right before God, and God blesses them he sends them places he anoints them and when they break covenant faithfulness he destroys them like an analysis of fire when they lied to the Holy Spirit. They were killed, and so there's a judgment that comes upon people but you know, for the most part with God will bless bless us a lot to really does.

But in order to get that blessing we have to walk in his way with the love our neighbor and love God did not bow before idols not put thing. Things that we like him want a big car big bank account. All health and everything and then will follow Jesus when comfortable this kind of idolatry needs to be stopped and things like that. So when we look at this issue it would apply to ourselves in the Christian context, we have to understand that judgment begins in the household of God and if this applies to us that we Christians need to repent a great deal and I believe that that if we do, God will bless our nation and the repentance of the Christian needs to go through is to put God first in his life in all areas and not seek those earthly pleasures for the sake of earthly pleasures is no problem with having a big screen TV and a nice car is not a problem if those get in the way of your fellowship with Christ and your love your neighbor, then it's a problem and we need to uphold the great commission and put it upon our hearts to give support to pray for those who are involved in ministry work to the pastors and teachers, the elders, various missionaries and to support them. The Christian church needs to be using its attributes and its talents that were given for that purpose. And if the church is not doing it but instead is saying let's make the church comfortable for unbelievers is that of a little uncomfortable for believers with comfortable for the unbelievers please don't be too offensive a really gentle and I CYC and that means that the Christians are really becoming equipped will if that's gonna happen in the Christians aren't being equipped with her being babysat and bottle-fed, then we Christians are not doing what we are doing or supposed be doing.

If the people who are called by his name Christian will humble themselves and pray and seek his face and turn from their wickedness. He'll hear us. I believe the principle is still true and you will forgive us and he'll heal, but don't you think a big one are Christian effect of the great I and I don't know now Manny and I can't talk. I may not get that observation that we don't thing to witness that much on perfect side and I am not with dateline and also I don't find anything at the how hard time finding a church I find a lot of churches that do it like you ain't going want to do it that you can't find a church I'm not even ended in charge of.

I've brought it happen and I LL you not get the paper people and I want you to pray for me to hear me wait wait wait to cross the pastors. It is just better to pray for time in out anything that is I think about that typically I really like Ray comfort and that it is that I just thought it was. I mean I would actually answer the prayer Lord, I like my way of putting what I you.

You find somebody when I heard you know I with my way of saying it was. I went in like a telemarketer, like no you think they say that you stated stated that like they are prepared, something like that your bringing up that. They're the one I'm talking right now.

Let's not bring just to brag a little bit.

I've done opener with Ray going to the beach and swapped pulpits with the more soapboxes and the done opener with them. So he's a great guy and all, and the is is warmhearted and open arms.

He's great at what he does not like like you guys like a box as seven and now a moment of truth with Metz late. I don't understand how anybody who's a Christian can't be seeking to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything he does is not how great the tool is how great the hand that uses the sole illustration I have three daughters. My middle daughter can take a pencil she can draw a person's face so well you think it was a photograph. She is the exact same pencil fairly scribble out a stick figure and no drawing. So the same tool is has different accomplishments in the hands of a master in the hands of the Masters Lord God himself and for any of us who is a simple black and white pencil which you can draw God can do. This has been a moment of truth with Metz Lee Metz Lake Gen. where he met Courtney are still there right now.

I guess for Albert comfort box after he talk� If you want to go around or not you were going to talk one-on-one. You we never talked about the rain so I don't know. I think it was predominantly woman crowded woman want to talk. I think of you fine.

It's not she's on elders is not a church is not in the church context so I only like that break yeah it because it's a gray area, but the reason she gets on the boxes. He's short and see yeah yeah yeah and so easy does it. But yeah, it is a great technique but one personal neglect out of the crowd. He's good at doing that and then people who work with them will grant have individual conversations when I like to do in groups like that is to persist with open-air many times look to when they do it. I like to watch the crowd and see there's any hecklers and I will check hecklers through can be difficult and only got this about that in apologetics, jump right in there and then step away from them and start us a mini group that the takeover is often what happens.

So we work together we coordinate together and it's real privileged church like I have are the other out there know if I were a pastor. The church again. What I would do is train people to do that go out with him occasionally because I'm always working like I've done years of street evangelism swap meet ministry going on the beach and doing various things prison ministry now. I elected preach and teach over the root the radio and online live, but you people need to be encouraged to do it, but most people just don't know anything. I believe that part of the reason is churches are just teaching them how to how to be namby-pamby. I think that okay for a woman to vandalize that nature and in line with what silence is about. I know how when the pastor that it was a great paragraph let it go.

What if you know I was out that your Aryan and we Metz and we are out walking someplace in and the council to hate to see this happen, say, aren't you Metz looks I get known everything on the insula conversation starts right� A bunch of women start coming to the group and I look to you and you know if you want to jump in. You don't go for because if that's the case I get some essay I would have no problem with that at all with my view kind because you can do it. I would have no problem if you're talking to a guy picture look for protected things like that.

I'd be there and keep out of it. If you're having a conversation.

It was saying Bill McKeever actually quote calling this with me for scheduled weekly neuron fish music, talking to somebody don't have some bills come and take over and Lester asked. So I go out I just sit and let not let join people in the conversations by standing there and backing them up. That's elected to the back people up so that that you think, sorry, what about the car about like the church. The person who should be teaching fellow to go out that he said I church function and he should be teaching in the church about evangelism and women should ask ask to see the Bibles asked to see the and just turn to the end of Matthew and see the great commissions in the Bibles was crossed out missing and now I out on went, but the other bathroom and I would like to know that they're not.

I think they're good people like you don't have any ER that there I thought I would know that bleeding got yeah so well this is it. You know, and opacity do to be doing with the Bible says to do instead of babysitting Christians make you comfortable. The Bible nowhere. So just make people comfortable as is equivalent to the work of ministry. That's what it set up your cross daily and follow after me. That's what were called to do as Christians that's it a lot. I want to know 63 and 65+ retirement retiring. I was going to continue on as long as I possibly can to serve my Lord, whatever capacity would be. It doesn't matter if I even have to end up being a janitor someplace, then I will serve God doing that I would consider it to be work for the Lord my God and I would do it for his glory and I would look for opportunities to witness even that context. This is our hearts. The heart of Christ supposed to have as Christians. And if we don't have that heart that is externally motivated to care for others to preach the gospel to others then were not accessing that spirit of Christ within us. We don't have the heart of Christ in us in the sacrificial means of getting out there getting that word preached into just like Jesus did. Just like Paul did in the summer for the faith.

That's what it is that Jesus is pick up your cross if you don't pick up your cross, not worthy of me. This is what Christ is taught. You don't hear this much in churches because people want to come back because not be made uncomfortable. I'll tell you if I were preach and I sometimes think you don't let's say it was a pastor that secure had a six-month hiatus, whatever, and asked me to come in and fill in its are you sure you sure you will become and fill in, because you might lose people to preach the word and not to say that they want doing it already, but is that kind of a thought, you know, because I'm with you. I just don't think a lot of what is his knees be taught to start when I preach temperament preach for a few months I needed. I miss it. I get very enthused and I moved in and I it's the words he likes the word of God is its incredible getting to hear it, preach it, live it as Christians I'm excited to work and anyway I'm okay okay alright Courtney thinker, all right, let's get on the phones with Michael from New York Michael welcome you on the air. How are you doing I just said so there was listed.

I position with my with a brother partial brothers on yes what is your full progress in his medical not biblical. Partial plagiarism is within orthodoxy.

He swayed wondering maybe you convert me sure I'm new to this so it's not like I'm expert. What troubles me is the time statements but let me know sir all powders on about �300 and I know there's something called the noun the not yet familiar with the concept very much okay so we would say that within partial plagiarism which I adhere to that. It's the it's the manifestation I found the not yet both of these things can't be fulfilled in different ways. Now you make a lot of noise and background are so okay so so let me ask you, do you affirm to set you up on this effects will knowledgeably come to go to the Scriptures are a few wellness see if your firm okay to tell you in advance so the idea in full plagiarism is that Jesus returned, so to speak in the armies of Rome and destruction of Jerusalem would you hold to yes yes that's you want to not yeah I know there is but it's refuted in acts 19 through 11 and after he had said these things, he was lifted up while they were looking on in the cloud received him out of their sight. And as they were gazing intently into the sky while he was hoping going, behold, two men in white clothing stood beside him. He also said men of Galilee, while you stand looking into the sky. This Jesus was been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched him going to heaven. So what the Angels are prophesying is at the return of Christ is going to be the same way that it occurred here is that he went up into the sky, the clouds looking up into the heaven okay that the same way this was going come back this in reverse order.

Okay, that refutes the idea of 7080 was a lot of fun. Okay folks, you write that break here is not slick, with a special announcement from over novels novella and a sci-fi no homepage as well. One call time trap is about developing on island theological examination without making sure the problem is jeweler to go for more information.

Be sure to visit Baxley ghetto, where he met the effect of Michael from New York Michael Stoker cut down the utterance but I take the sort of cumulative picture in what I look at Matthew Mark 14 work and I preach that he will see him on the cloud and looked at John, chapter 21 is basically telling Peter that what if I want John to remain before I return.

And there's other scriptures that you know what goes for the cities and returns and so yet the difficult touch, but I would look at it in a context of how God would come down on the clouds in the Old Testament so I don't see Jesus as according to the flesh I think is a life-giving spirit.

At this point.

So what will know what we know now I would tackle you just said but you just said son is very serious to believe Jesus is a man right now. That's another discussion, but I know it's a critical critical doctrine, you can just get on in the can call your heretic don't I just want to discuss it. Because this is an essential and so you know Jesus is a man right now.

If he's not a man right now.

We can't be saved.

We can't go to heaven.

I can explain you how I would respond to. So what constitutes a human and I don't think that the flesh alone is what constitutes a need to understand I am saying he's physically right now, man.

He's in a physical body. He prophesied his own physical resurrection and John 219 through 21 destroy this temple for days I will raise it up to speak in the temple of his body. In Luke 2025 to 28 he said to Thomas after his resurrection, put your hand into my side and put your finger into my hand. So he retained the crucifixion wounds after his physical resurrection and the physical resurrection utterance sort of divergent that he had a resurrection body is assigned that God affirmed his message, but when he ascended the assumed a spiritual body that is harassing this damnable heresy. Okay damnable damnable and the reason this because it's denying his humanity right now.

Now his physical form not know me ask you, can you be a priest, a high priest if you're not a man, and I know you can say in a human in of the essence we get into that I talk about that but can you be a man cannot sleep if I preach a pi�ata man you and John. Your help will will make our abode with you and so I I'm looking at John 14. He says you will see after Holy Spirit would come so I thought when I know you see, I know it's okay to be very polite.

This is the will is politely but you're making all kinds of exegetical mistakes.

You don't know that yet and you making a lot of mistakes and the full precursor doing this a lot that I can see that your your your your into that do not try to knock you on the different insults you, but so he is a man right on explain why if he's not a man right now were damn, why is that because Jesus is a man, according first Timothy 25 is one mediator between man and God.

The man Christ Jesus and he is after the order of Melchizedek. He's a high priest and he lives forever to make intercession for us is Hebrews 620 and Hebrews 725 if he's not a man. Right now he cannot be a high priest is not a high priest that litters what it is fair to say though, I would think it's slightly a straw man I met. I actually believe he is a man, but how I understand all talks about a basically a fleshly body and the spiritual body. So my understanding of what Jesus is. Right now it is not literally sort of a ProNet data God and love symbolism involvement virtual being in a physical body. If I leave this flesh I go to be with God at I don't necessarily have to remain in a physical, literal physical body to a man between my consciousness, my spiritualized connect is the essence of humanity is not restricted solely to the physical box we will be resurrected and where to be joined in with a resident body the spiritual body spoken of in first Corinthians 1535 to 45 is not a spirit form, but the spiritual body, which is the resurrected glorified body, which is what Jesus retained. He prophesied his own resurrection and when someone in this of the jobs witnesses say to say he was resurrected to demonstrate his resurrection.

But then the body was dissolved as he went into heaven as the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach this. Why would you said what you said is hardhearted. What about body, and another seven. His kingdom is not of this sort of playing right now and save don't say the of this plane because it introduces New Age terminology and cause rather write it is a cool� Physical, but he that's a whole other topic. God is not physical but Jesus is Jesus is both a man and is both God and man right now on the throne and had so what and unless you think you doesn't have our physical body has some sort of number you see how you speak. This is a problem and have our physical body you are you I'm me I worked there is no our body between you and I you what you're trying to say is this you have a human physical body. Yes he does because we are going to be resurrected physically. This is what the Bible teaches that when you're on Quicken divergent topic, yes.

So when Paul talks about a resurrected body except the cumulative corporate body with no pain, no numbing, no seat yet so printer is when you hold of this is down what you're doing something informative here you are denying the of the physical nature of Christ. Right now, which demonstrates the for sufficiency the resurrection and reality resident fleshly is not as being you and what you can understand God made us as human beings to be inhabited in human bodies. That's how he made us when we dock yes and it goes back to be with them know what we can head was going to happen here. The Bible says God gives it a body just as he wished the seat of the body of its own and we go down access was resurrection of the dead is sown a perishable body, it is raised an imperishable body, the resurrection of the dead, a perishable body, an imperishable body now it says here, it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. The sudden weakness in his rights and powers on a natural body is raising spiritual body seat what's happening is the body that is being resurrected is a glorified body. It is no longer going to die. Jesus was the firstfruits of the resurrection, and he was in that glorified body that were to get. He's the first one for you to say what he is no longer a man that he's no longer in a physical body you by division of nature and up and yes it's okay but if you don't want a physical body that he's no longer high priest is no longer high priest. He cannot claim 45 first became a living being with Christ. Now I like to spirit. Yes, since we don't we no longer know Christ according to the flesh but according to spirit your ignoring what it says on this is a stroke. This only perishable body raise an imperishable body is shown perishable Ramsey imperishable. What is the thing that is raised when something is ranged it's that the physical body about you so is talk about it. That's the it it is sown a perishable body, it is raisin and perishable, it is sown in dishonor the physical body it is ready to glory the glorified body is sown in weakness of the boys I got. Now you run it morning when a way seat goes ground changes Mark Blodgett given our candidate is using an analysis and analogy what he's talking about here is the resurrected. We know this is legitimately real resurrection because Jesus is the one who exemplified it is resurrected body. You would have to show you have to show that heat is body became nothing in his physical body dissolved. You can't find it in Scripture.

If you see it's raised a spiritual body and is you quoted in first visiting 40 foot it will let me explain.

The body dissolved getting to know them explained it extension. I don't mean it is not on the physical or dismissed this as a spiritual body, which is what you quoted. That's what's real spiritual body but is raised as an imperishable body, and you said it was the physical body that is raised and Paul goes on to say that that body that's with the it is it's raised imperishable is the physical resurrection it is raised a spiritual body. Physical change, it's a yes in the glorified body, so when you said is a spiritual body as though it's not physical.

You taken out of context and you're misusing it because that's exactly what it means in the text that it is physical body you see that with you why to reverse what is a spiritual body glorified body that's with the text to say but I think her feelings was | break all the books was the best, Matt slick taken away. Matt must continue this Michael you still there. Thank you. If it physical body is in it is necessary for Jesus.

The pages and how it is cheated and not that he can be a spiritual being and speak to us to live in us and move them utilizing a very first of all to doctors of hypostatic union in the community caught you in your Martin and hypostatic union says that in the one person of Christ are two distinct natures a divine and the human that you caught it with autumn says the attributes of both natures are ascribed to the single person so the attribute of divinities ascribed to the single person so therefore the attribute of omniscience and omnipotence on the presence is distributed to the person of Christ is called the communication of the properties so therefore John 1423 he can live in us and be everywhere.

Always with us, even though he also has a physical body because we don't know how those two natures interact, but he still retain some of this person. Okay, so what you're saying it's just the divine nature that's in us and not the dual nature is by definition a physical nature cannot be in the house of a human nature can't dwell in more one place at a time of the watch is not a man of Jesus. Human nature was still confused with the wind. I don't know I'm not the start is no separation, no fumes.

This modifies autism, which is a heresy you really okay one with the divine nature to be say one with that is nondescript, it doesn't mean what he was. The human and divine, that, however, your hypostatic union. I would want whether well you get these errors call you. Taken as a modifies autism the story and is him the canal system during the various errors without he's one person with two distinct natures and arrive yes divine nature and human nature and the attributes of both natures are ascribed to single person, which is why the sacrifice on the cross was a divine value is only the human nature died.

How, then, is the sacrifice of the line value because the one person died on the cross and the person had divine attributes ascribed to him even though the person is was perceived was in human form the beginning of the issue. If we see the divine manifestation of the human athletic topic back to eyes directed first contents 1542, this what you said in verse 42's was also the resurrection of the dead is only perishable body that's a physical body we have, it is raised a parent imperishable body. That's the same physical body. You said yes that's what it is.

If what you look at in that text, I would suggest you do, 42, 43, 44, you will say see that there's two things. The perishable the imperishable dishonor rates in power natural body spiritual body. When you've done it by going the spiritual body is to disassociate that with the rest of his context, the imperishable rest record glorified body is the spiritual body. That's what Paul is saying what you've done is to the spiritual bodies in physical and you've missed the whole point because it says he's sown a perishable body raise an imperishable body physical body. It is sown it is raised. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. It's the same it so the that which is raised as a spiritual body raised in power which is imperishable body, which is the glorified body that's what's going on. The FY.I don't know. I know that was not my particular view. That's what it's your future. You know it's what it says nice things spiritual by I think it's it's using language. Mr. Tate necessitated a physical body or would not of said in several instances is not a physical being. Now is a life-giving spirit.

What is a spirit see the cancerous doses if he's a life-giving spirit is a human I don't I don't split natures when language is that I got I got all the way is he a life-giving spirit. Does he have a human nature as a spirit is a divine human nature is in his human spirit if not in a physical glass and said goodbye.

You quoted something it says he's a spirit alright so does Jesus have two natures right now if you don't know okay so then he has a human spirit are connected yeah I have a different view on the nature of I think the human spirit with human spirit and God spare me the physical spirit is like a full figure is misleading you is to even more more heresy you are. It's just you deny what it as it says in first in the 1542 through 45.

Now your you're messing with the hypostatic union and you're denying the full resurrection so you don't with the resurrection glorified body isn't dissolved anyplace you don't find it in and what you do is you go to another place to go to spirit you take it out of its context, and you apply the meeting someplace else and trying to show you that and we go to let me answer question. The last session you and ask when it refused refutes your your idea that he returned in the Army's because the Angels prophesied he's going to return the same. When he went up into the sky. That's what it says what he chose the high priest that he's going to see him as well. How do you reconcile that an resurrection for resurrection.

Everything to see him. Every eye will see him, not a problem to different context. What you're doing is you making a huge exegetical mistake. You see some is problematic in what you do if you abandon what it says and go someplace else in the quiz is over there transfer the meeting over this difficult area to make the difficult area.

I have a difficult time with the kind I have no question that he didn't come back and 70. Let me I'm on Matthew 517.

How do you reconcile that that until heaven and earth passed away were still on the law you've addressed this essay we go. This is an example of the mistake of making with respect. You said were still under the law, nor does it say were under the law in the first buses nothing of the law of the smallest of the greatest pass away, until heaven and earth that I asked you where does it say were under the law and the text doesn't say that. Do not think I came to abolish the law, the prophets, and not come to abolish but to fulfill it heaven or from the past with the smallest letter of the law is accomplished, it doesn't mean to be under the law the phrase to be under the law means that we have to keep the law. The 613 commandments in order to be right before God.

But when we have died with Christ. Romans 6H ever crucify, but room 66 crucified with Christ.

Romans 68 then we are free from the requirements of the law, for he was died is freaking a lot.

Romans 74.

What is talking about here is what it meant heaven or let your you're right. What what is okay will this could be a new heavens and a new earth to go to second Peter 310 for that she did not think what he says.

This did he said under the law, but you made a mistake in some big ones make when he can't see it, you read in the top the apostles kept the law. I walked out away. Do we have to keep the law to be saved, not right now, but but they didn't have to keep the love you understand you do understandable theology.

Romans 320. We maintain in man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. So the Russian has nothing to law. Okay, we don't let it heaven and earth was symbolic for the temple system which Josephus and the Old Testament alerts. I think that that was the context for Jesus well with you. You're not focusing on when trying to show you is that you made us brace fundamental error when trying point out you do you continue with the same error is centered not on the law I said in the respect that used you said it says were under the law. It doesn't say that you read into it with doesn't say.

And then when you did the same thing with the next one you to other places citizens is here. Let's go right here and it means that here. In other words, when you find some that doesn't suit you your theological perspective, you find a way to justify taking the meaning from other places and putting it into this place of make it fit. This called illegitimate totality transfers in this difficult error and you're doing this repeatedly.

You need to go to ask, why not look at this for 40 years.

Okay yeah I mean but I what I'm saying is probably heretical, I don't. I don't have an issue with the prescribed recommended to stand by and say it's political okay you can hear denying with the Angels prophesied by taking other places in different context in transferring the meeting over there to ask one actual 9 to 11. The angel said he will come back just as you see him go into the sky. That's what they said you don't believe that. Which means you have to adopt a very symbolic transfer of meaningful other places methodology to make things work. This is what you do and it takes time to work through that and I met up in the real long time and want people to understand the kind of problem that you're doing and we disrespect you that your your your bro okay without your you're in serious trouble here. Okay, look at acts 1 L for what it says and don't make it fit something else you don't do that first you do if you do that last strong evidence for the speaking to their debt. In other words, for St. Louis and your guys go see Jesus family killed his family on back is more to the story is not so black and say that he made another mistake in the state you will see. He says he will come back in the same way that you have seen you did it again you miss read the title his audience relevance wasn't speaking.

It wasn't you, but do not hearing me.

You made another mistake you make it say what it doesn't say those people. There will be the one to see him come back is not what it says you said that's what it says in the say that used it is says this Jesus whose been taken for him. It will come in just the same way as you have watched them going to have a doesn't say you will watch them come back is still come back the way you watched you to come back this way you did.

Again, I actually like the several times already. Okay okay you have a call back another time you text okay thank you for listening to the best of Matt slick live great content like this to donate to the ministry. Be sure to visit car see can also catch Matt's leg live every weekday 6 PM to 7 PM Eastern standard network app and you to

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