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Best Of MSL 2020 29: You Really Should Hear This

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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July 20, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 29: You Really Should Hear This

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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July 20, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from Essential Doctrine, finding a church to attend, Salvation, forgiveness, just to name a few. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry, be sure to visit

Equipping the Saints, defending the faith, and reaching the lost.



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Perfect Christmas gift. Why not the one she can have a coupling checkup. Maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation or see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network why found online car are formed about a year ago and so are looking for churches in our area director required of the that we adopted but really no follow Reformed Church in our area that we've been able to find we find one that leaves more towards the reformed faith, but there really stated clearly in the old really fast Bible churches that are a little bit but don't want to be too offensive to any document distinctions within the pulpit. Watch what should me and my wife usually try to make changes, then a church or shall be go farther out really just really fell hour ago. Well, it's a tough one to answer because I have a similar situation and I attend a Calvary Chapel and the Boise Idaho area source reformed churches thoughts. They either do hymns which my wife and I just don't appreciate document with everything and live the stuffiness that goes along with it.

And so we can't prosper spiritually and in that environment and get the churches that don't have that kind of a restricted form of worship that they don't think they have more loose worship like like that freedom of worship and stuff like that without hymns to perform jollity. So what we do what we ended up going to counter Chapel of the cadets were becoming grew up in Southern California and we just endure some of the things that are there, but I I'm with you what you do. We pray and ask God to raise up the size of the S got a raise up a good church that is friendly to reformed theology or lease is not anti-reformed and doesn't try and cater the message to suit unbelievers, which I find is is that that happens because the job of the church pastors not to family are still comfortable is to equip the Christians the work of ministry. That's a job pastors purpose. The church so to tough it is a company that may be so full of laughter because I know someone and I tease him up and down that he loved just Lujan's reformed theology he said is so freeing in such a blessing.

You just can't get enough of it. I said to start a church and that I was joking and he goes all Joe, please don't so leery I don't tell you many may have to just go out further drive further. I do not find a home fellowship or you have reformed believers. Yeah, you know, we really want out today about we do believe strongly that church membership that we have used union and submit herself to leadership in the local community.

But you know it is our doctor just so passionate that I can relate to your friend that you talk about my meeting life discovered it so you can read the Bible to same anymore youth the on everything okay he says you have a glare that you and it's so great that it hangs out and I spent about four hours last night talking to some people about reformed theology and they were very very very very resistant to it and they said it was in a car chuckled. They said it was some put God in the box denied free will made God unfair. All these things with some think it will because the hero lease misrepresentations and stuff but it's exact opposite the Massey question since mechanic on my interest. He said he felt strongly church membership when we might church membership in order to make an impact in a local body.

My wife was to teach the Bible's reduction of Bible teachers is one I wanted to go to Revelation talk about the American and you know anyway that we can help on a church just as a mentor.

Leadership like we love the water project determined that every time before it through a dramatic a little log game thought that we gotta get plugged into local body and not answer your question is that the issue is to think that when it was the church membership church membership is not in the Bible there is no formal thing in Scripture.

Any place with a sign on the dotted line in order to become a church member but said I just tell people that's not in Scripture. But on the other hand, it does make sense in some contexts to be able to sign up, so to speak in vendor church leadership in an official context for your free either way on people just don't know that John also the issue of your wife teaching she's in the church context, teaching that she should not be teaching should be teaching women died out of the litter. I meet my wife agree that hundred percent Certainly when I believe in different roles that God provides for and I believe that he is a leader among women out the lady to grow strong in the faith, but it would be inappropriate for that leadership over mad men should be met. Distinction is made and inevitably that when women start teaching, then we can Smith is break. We got under and have a totally different if you want to learn to theology.

You can go to the Carmen website CAR right hand side of any page you will see a laptop is as online schools and just click on that and you can on the side of the school and if you want to know your theology. This is the place to do it. You can go to seminary to Bible college. Not sure which book to read apologetics for 40 years and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like that and I learned what needs to be taught the basics not just so basically you don't have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school and learn about the hypostatic union justification dictation you learn about these things.

We can know with Christian faith.

It. For more information about online schools.

Be sure to visit is Matt's link take it all away. Matt Thomas from Florida back again for taking another question regarding sure I have a self-proclaimed Gnostic friend, you're familiar with our modern-day but there really hard guys try to with the they use biblical language without the old really trying to get into it through the Bible like today, I badly want to know if you can perhaps give me an effective way. Given his worldview to help you. The truth of the first on monotheism and no Christ that one true Lord is a polytheist comparative religion is devised, you follow traditions like Carl Yoon with John Cole. You know he was in the cult like Gordon Peterson today of people do comparative religion they view the Bible is really weak and will present because there are things I talk to gnostics at first find out what kind of a Gnostic.

They are for believe in many gods that I got them by the jugular speak if they teach you have to have certain knowledge in order to do stuff. I've got it just depends on which which one you want to go with and thus the witch with a focus on so all you do for of a door on what kind of a dualistic dollars on my dual slightly bear versus Matt, yet bear versus Matt be fixed. Going through the 23 besides the lamp of the body of your eye out for your whole body will be full of light drive bad all by apartment and delighted in you is darkness, how great the dark and he liked it at the old battle yeah yeah in the context of something.

He ignored because set discipline with different but let me just to tell you that when people hold some polytheistic ideas, it's ultimately a self refuting view and the reason it is is because it serves many gods any more than one God, then you cannot lay the foundations for rationality or universal ethics. The reason is because, for example, that on the lunch I do get too technical, but there are things abstractions called the laws of logic lot identity something is what it is is not what it is not the law of non-contradiction statement can be both true and false at same time same sense law of excluded middle statements are either true or false, and outlaw proper inference.

If a lesbian vehicle seat, and a seizure just basic things that we use will discuss whenever anybody like a Gnostic is dealing with the issues of what Gnosticism teaches than what he's going to have to do is and argue with you, I mean that in a nice way he's going to have to demonstrate secular okay to do something here say it's okay there we go in order to justify the idea that these laws of logic can exist in his worldview he cannot. If you have say let's say 10 gods, or as Gnosticism is teaching one main one. Lesser gods and things like that and some gnostics hold similar views of God and this is an ethereal stance really can't have any knowledge of them only knowledge of the lesser beings within meeting to the higher ones which means you can't know who the ultimate higher being, yes, but you can't know that. How can you justify the universality the laws of logic. The laws of logic are extractions of non-contradiction and so these things are universal and not depend upon my mind or your mind so you ask him this little do with not suggesting how you justify the universality in the absolute nature of the laws of logic and they didn't do with this kind of stuff because it's a very difficult question of them to answer and I'll explain the laws of logic aren't say they are of the mind. You'll find them under Roxio take pictures of them and if you can't label them like that and find them and see them in a physical way. They are properties of the mind and since her everywhere. It has to be an absolute, universal mind because her universal with themselves so how do you know that your view in contact with her universal mind. She given these kind of questions and this really causes them to put the guard of it back up because they don't have a to think like this into difficulty and when he gets into the issue of light and dark. You can also contrast good and evil and ask him how do you know what good is what is evil is now that's this up more of an easier way for you to say what's good and what's bad like this is standard for judging what is good and bad. If he's gonna say anything other than what you will say things like, possibly like let's your own opinion you get into the divine consciousness you get to with it. With knowledge you eat or whatever these ethereal kinds of things that just kind of come and you have that diagnostic questions about that, and you undermine his view of the absolutes of fun right and wrong. If he says there are no absolutes of right and wrong, then I would all do it all say also come in your house robbed at gunpoint. That is, and if he said no it's wrong what you say to wrong by nature. How's it wrong by nature has an action wrong but nature. How do you convince me that it's wrong. What sorts of information you have, which is a universal source by which you can then say I'm I'm in contact with universal sources telling me this.

If you're just a Gnostic you can find the universal source. So how do you know what's right and wrong. So it's these kinds of approaches with you very quickly. There is these kind of approaches that you can use to undermine his his worldview, just destroy it in a text of the time of the practice so that helps her not to answer my question. Is this an issue called grounding and so for example if someone were to say to me and responsible net. How does Knapp look good because God himself. The Trinitarian being has revealed himself in the word of God into the person of Jesus and since he knows all things. He then reveals to us what is right and what is wrong. That's the answer, not against you.

Don't say well how do you know it's true because God is revealed to us in his word into the work of Christ. We know it's true there because Jesus did. He rose from the dead and all and end you just keep going back to the fact of what it is a skull presupposition is you presuppose the validity of God's existence in the Trinitarian sense and only that I get into this more the one in the many particular instances of actualities and principles things like that can only be demonstrated only be grounded when the Trinitarian being, and that the eternal fellowship and things like that which is other than talking about the other ways to do this and what takes you toward extending the radial so they could ask with his God is a single being, and if it's eternal. If you believe the one eternal being is not Trinitarian, then, is that God has the capacity of fellowship, because if the of being like the Islamic God. For example, in the Jehovah's Witness God is a single person without a floor. The plurality then can have fellowship not become right back Matt slick to get all the way back.

Travis welcome and doing alright alright I got I wanted to do my very bad you get this stated that you understand get burned, try not to be eight I got law that is a question I have and it's something that I'm looking.

Anyway are that I have a heart in it related to salvation and have been Hebrew. They are Khmer have a lot better neighbors or or to click success yet and articulate where I'm looking at here it is talking about how Avon felt a mailing and the cross again and holding them about the public, though a little back story real quick. I grew up not in a Christian home and I've had some help here and there through rapid walk with Christ one group of friends. In particular, help me out. At one point and I was living very well now I'm going drug making thing is I bought they were eating the well you know what right then and there. I'm going every year to go where I asked right come into my life, but not a lot of the change really I was still living in that way. While, but luckily short, I'm yet on my question and if I've asked Christ to come into my life more than one time that I have it done correctly or whatever am I doing something wrong is that the enemy is emulating it more knowing the cross no-name. First of all this is correct a few things that they told you to ask changes in your life and they weren't being biblical. There's nothing the Scripture says, ask him in your heart or ask them in your life.

It's not there okay to list talk with truth when it really yes the truth is you are a sinner before an infinitely holy God just like me and I only would you be forgiven of our sense is to receive Christ as John 112 as many as received him to them the right to become children of God. So you what you do is you receive by faith you trust what Christ did on the cross is trustee safe. You know I don't have the perfect faith. I believe this I believe he is gotten flashed on the cross rose from the dead, and I just best of my ability. Lord I did I receive that I trust and that what you've done.

That's what it is and when you do that God is not going to give you a stone if you ask for bread. Matthew seven talks about this. He's not a fake you out if you really want to be saved from your sins, it's because the Holy Spirit working on you convicting you. John 16 talks about this yet. So you're worried about having committed the simple talk, but he was six. What is really talks about is not applying it to you.

I value and understand that you trust in Christ comes out of this.

You either trust in Jesus, or you do not trust in Jesus. It is the case that you're a young man or number or is not the case.

If you indicate that you own a car or is not the case. If you own a car's weight is due to this sorts, that the case was not the case that certificate you trusted in Christ, or is not the case and trusted in Christ will be asking to be trusted in Christ you have trusted Christ to forgive your sins right yet. Okay when you're Christian that the problem here is that he was six is not as clear as it needs to be gotten my opinion. For those of us who haven't really studied by say who the book of Hebrews written to. There's a hint who's the book of Hebrews written to go all right for in the case of those who had once been enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift, and they partake of the Holy Spirit does it say that the same as a say that they were in Christ. To say that they receive and trusted in Christ know. Could it be said that Judas was enlightened.

Could it be said that Judas tasted the heavenly gift that has made partakers of the Holy Spirit could be said that that was the case you he tasted the good word of God. The powers of the age to come, and if falling away is impossible to renew them again to repentance is a key if it's about believers who could lose your salvation if all the way, I can never get it back again if they go to this verse because it made it to them. It would have to means impossible to renew them again to repentance means once you believe a fall light. Sorry you couldn't be saved right. But that's not what I will teach you come back you can lose you come back you got a illusory come back further violating their own interpretation of what they think this means. Furthermore, this is why theology is so important in Colossians 214, 13, 14, it says that Jesus, having forgiven us all the transgressions. Verse 14 says, having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees, which is also to if he took it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. The certificate of debt and just so you know Jesus equates sin with legal debt. In Matthew six 1211 for he equates them together. Okay, now it says, having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled the certificate of debt at the cross. So are all your sins forgiven you in their forgiven women at the cross Crop right now you are a screwup your screwup know was a Christian screwup because we do those things we shouldn't be doing. We struggle we fail, we have warnings with me and we were not sure we did not Say because of this, or because of that, how can I this outlay that welcome to the screwup world right as well. But this does this work Hebrews 6426 does not apply to us. That is a Christian's living to taste the heavenly gift, not assuming you swallow consumed. It was part of you may partakers resentment major saved word to say or say CC it can apply to the Jews who knew who Christ was, had seen a lot of what Paul the apostle, and Don Peter had done.

John had done they knew who Christ was and they rejected him.

They had a temporary fulfillment in understanding a temporary position.

Yes, I believe this just as the Bible says equity is 1070 says there's a true repentance and a false repentance. This was going on. True repentance and false repentance. Okay.

So with this. What is talking about is the Hebrews who were close to what they look like God was doing what Jesus was doing, but were never true believers on the surface they look like it. They felt like they weren't believing in the real truth.

They walked away from Christ. As Jesus said to some of his disciples are even leaving to submit left them already. They had partaken of many things were enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift, and he walked away. There's nothing left window okay Roman and you know and I have gone back after working at the been a lot of net. I have had a lot of pain change made a big change.

No no longer in that Cleveland state God Roman and I and my mom declaring about war. I have done that all like for some reason I feel like like the thing that by tell me I haven't done that correctly. And I got, of course, you have come over to my house you spend that you know less than a couple out of meal. Find out who that guy the writing he hasn't done it either perfectly right right, who lives in a perfectly nobody is not okay is on the second I will rebuttal's and all I want no no no, perfection is the way reckless to be, but we just can't do it. Welcome to the club. Welcome to the Clary sound like somebody whose regenerate struggling not sure and you don't seize the failures in his own life. Welcome to the club.

Okay you can understand something.

First John 513 says these things are written so you may know you have eternal life.

And if Christ canceled descendent of the cross.

He canceled every sin you cannot be lost. You cannot, because Jesus said in John 637 to 40 particular diversity nine is low, the father that everyone he's given me that I will lose none. In response to the last day you cannot be lost, trusted and asked don't look at yourself.

Don't look at your feelings. Don't look at what you fail because you will always be discouraged. You're always so look on the deafness analogy a little bit you know if you and I can build out the garage and build up a chair look pretty bad when were done, but we've got is a cruddy tool come from tools out there right and you and I work with cruddy tools we build this thing.

It kind of currently resembles a chair.

The neighbor comes over. He's a carpenter.

He takes the same tools to build a great chair because it's the skill of the builder. Yeah, the master nothing tool your tool on the tool let the Lord God the masterwork and you yield your heart to end on a daily basis say Lord I want to serve you this day I'm going to fail to teach me how not to fail, at least in one little area. Each day I get better and better by your grace. I depend on you. I look to you yield to you. It's all about what you can do and I'm not look to my feelings because her deceptive look at my failures because they don't glorify just look to you will trust you beyond this website try trust you Lord. Beyond my ability to understand trust that all right and free world quickly. Hello my beautiful wife sure LOL my church. Thank you. You welcome brother right. All right. God bless, I got but okay right let's get on the phone quickly with Bellini because only have a couple minutes if that's over one minute we got there, Bellini, learning a lot yet quite quite the eight that Dell lap and you that it now know that is counterfeit Jesus the Job's witnesses denied the true God deny the true Christ deny the true gospel so they deny that Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity became flesh. They deny that he has two natures, the divine nature and human nature. So it's a complete non-Christian cult. Okay, they do not serve the children and got the cult all right thought that a false Christ there.

Jesus taught his guests all stretched their Jesus is Michael the Archangel, who became a man. That's a false Christ. Okay while I get to Stephanie from Indiana Stephanie welcome your fear may be if I hit the button this time that that always helps. If I get the botnet to do at that time I met Stephanie-ites. I still RS off after all these years okay and I can hear you. Sorry about that.

Okay I will count onto thought it might have a pretty now where the word of God, believing that the violet work, not about Brian are essential in what sense like is difficult not to be difficult, but there's different levels of the committee to be essential. There's some explained that there are essentials is a bit tougher for actually combat and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep Bible says, for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth and righteousness.

Lemanski is Christian. Are you suppressing the truth is we have to ask is think about what is the truth. The truth is that which comports to the mind of God and the only no absolute truth as it is. If God is absolute sense reveals to us what is actually true truth is revealed in this inspired word that he says don't lie so don't lie. We don't tell white lies to try and spare somebody by lying. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep was a mess, Matt slick taken away. Matt was get back to Stephanie from Indiana Stephanie welcome.

Still, there I write this to be a little bit verbose here. There's different kind of of what we call it essentials what something is essential for if chemical necessities things are essential for chemical reactions mathematical necessities that are essentials within certain formulas logical essentials and things like that. When Christianity, there are essentials of the find the Christian faith in a doctrinal sense, but then there also essentials that define moral issues and then there's gray areas in between them and are essentials that are the result of something in essentials that are the cause of something giving a lot more information. What you need.

But the issue here is where the basic essentials of the Christian faith, and then does the issue of believing in the Bible is word of God fit within the essential doctrine.

That's what you're asking right all right essential quality on coming on homeboy hose that went almost half young turnabout that is, lingering waiting for me to write so essentials we have essentials that are proclaimed in Scripture. For example, if Christ be not raised the dead.

Our faith is in vain for crickets 1514 and $0.17. This I call this a primary essential because the primary essential as something that stated that within the statement that declares its essential nature. So unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sin that essential doctrine. Jesus Christ is God in flesh Janet 24, while his resurrection was already quoted in interstitial the gospel English is 189 there's one God monotheism out of Xmas 21, two, three, and that the gospel defined for 2015 account with foresight like much English 29 and we have these kind of essential in justification by faith alone in Christ alone can't mess with that and the issue that's been declared in Scripture that of Galatians 5 right so that we get to what's called I call secondary essentials and secondary essential. For example be the virgin birth is still essential but is not stated as being essential is no warning associate associated with it, but you really can't defend the idea that Jesus is God in flesh, without the virgin birth, but nothing the Scripture says you have to believe the virgin birth in order to be a true Christian. We do have statements unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins to list different levels of essential here I call primary and secondary essentials of primary essentials are stated as being essential unless you believe that I am healed diner since Johnny 24 secondary essential be something like the virgin birth. It's essential. It's not stated as being so. So I call it a second secondary essential still essential but is not stated as being essential when the other ones are. So if we have someone who believes that God Jesus is God in flesh and chromatin purposes are saved as far as we can tell, and we know that that's the right track if they were to then say why don't believe in the virgin birth that we have to ask questions. Maybe they're just confused doesn't necessarily mean and not say so, then we have the idea of the secondary essential being essential with a verify that they understand what it really means, if then. At that point we were to deny the virgin birth yet to start questioning the true salvation and teach them if they were to continue to reject it at some point I think someone might want to say why don't think you really saved and you don't see a loving way.

All right, having said all of this knowledge to the issue of the Bible being the word of God. What is it mean for the Bible to be the work of the Bible says in 2nd to 3, 16, 17, that the Bible is inspired for new stocks in the Greek God breathed, Jesus spoke the word of God without justification. It was true. He just assumed this truth and spoke of its truth, as do the apostles so they would speak the truth of God's word and this is what true Christians do they believe the word of God is true. So if someone were to come along and say what the Bible is not inspired and has full of many errors then we have an inconsistency with the profession of faith versus the profession of of inerrancy or the word of God with be careful at this point because they want to judge them as not being saved want to say look how can you hold to the deity of Christ, doctrine of the Trinity justification by faith and also say that the Bible is not trustworthy is not the word of God. Those are incompatible and then at this point you to work with the person to bring them into harmony. So having said all that content to be careful. If someone were to say the Bible is not the word of God but also believe Jesus is God. There's all those inconsistencies. I would then seek to train them and work with them in order to get that person those people to believe in the truth about the inspired word of God, so I wouldn't say that someone automatically does not say that they denied the inspiration sufficiency of the word of God as it was what I would think maybe they're just ignorant duped don't have all information.

But if they were to continue to say it's not the word of God, then I would doubt that the site because the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truth.

16 talks about it so if you bears witness to the truth, while thin so the truth inspiration. Please see the issues you see how it can work as hard as I listened languidly and at an athletic believer and I entered and ran as well. Like all mono I may all right not yet well there is one guy got nearly yeah yeah Greg I do and I meet people like that is. I quickly focus on the essentials and then I asked, diagnostic questions and then I try and work with them to bring them into better understanding of the truth by using the word of God and if they continue to rebel against the truth. Then at that point, there is no exact time it just depends subject at that point I will say I don't believe that your true comfort and the reason I say that is because I don't see the consistency that you generation brings with it in the truth of these is not slick, with a special announcement from Carmen or Eric over the novel's novella and a sci-fi number of your check mentoring on homepage as well. One call time trap. I know that's a novella about developing on island theological examination without making sure the problem is to go for more information. Be sure to visit is not slick to get all the way back from Ohio. Andrew welcome Rainier yeah wanted talk about Matthew chapters in verses 18 through 19 and about wanting to talk to Catholic about that part about Peter being the first open the rock church don't talk about what he says is a city that your Peter and the Greek word there is Petross and I can do the Greek omicron signaled on the student English OS ending the same thing and I that's masculine singular, and upon this rock is Petross that's feminine singular. So it's saying I also said to you that you are Peter this and incidentally the Petross is another.

It's a name but it's also means a small mask elements a small rock masculine gender, masculine gender okay in a lot of gender, but this is great just like saying you are Peter you are the small masculine gender rock, and upon this feminine huge rock. I'll build my church because the word Petra means a large mass of rock.

So the analogy I use is like saying acting company in Cedar I say to you that you are the actor, but upon the actress I'll build my church was like that in the Greek you are Peter masculine, but upon this rock feminine. I'll build my church and so the Catholics what they do to get out of this is the date go to the Aramaic bill Sable Jesus spoke Aramaic not Greek here so if A lot, a lot names are just like had I think it is use the Aramaic formulas had a rock. I forgot which angle say it's neutering the Aramaic so therefore if there you go. Slither doing is her admitting that the Greek doesn't support what they want, so they go to what we don't have a say this is what the answer would be. It's ridiculous her admitting it now want to show you something here. In the meantime now want to do is is read at a first contents 10 and the word rock when it comes up is the same word for rock, and upon this rock I will build my church, which is Petross, which is feminine all right what I say rock that is happening at the same word. This is first contents 10 starting at verse one, for I do not want you to be unaware, brother, and that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, and all ate the same spiritual food and all drink the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them and the rock was Christ with sign and it is a singular feminine. That's what's going on in the Greek there and so we see here that the feminine form of that rock is in reference to Christ, so it doesn't mean that Christ is feminine. It has to do with the truth in the. The whole issue of the massive nests of this this fact of who Christ is his massive truth in English we don't have feminine and masculine and neuter very often have boy boys we have girl girls, actor, actress, actors and actresses known Spanish for example, you know, La Mesa. The table lot is a feminine definite article Mesa is there and so you left off bluegrass the turtle and we have masculine words as well and mono noses brother L models we have. They have words that have gender in them automatically.

We don't have that in English. Is this what confusion is there in the Greek it is quite clear that help make it. I want I want to like more like when you go to first Corinthians 3 verse 11 for no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid photo collage address is not what you say you say yeah but the foundation of Jesus and he built the church on on Peter. He's the head telling us. I get the foundation of Jesus with but he that he gave the authority to the kingdom and everything to Peter Luger. Not to get ready for this. So this issue with Peter Nawrocki go to Carmen and take a look at this issue on this verse. See, I have met are not go to the Old Testament as well go like a Deuteronomy 32 for the rock's work is perfect for all his later draft I got up and without careful because when you do that kind of a saying you can't just go willy-nilly all over the place and say this rock, you know, for example, Isaiah 46 Isaiah 44. Six. I think it is, which says some 4444 eight yes or is it any of the rock. I don't not talk. I talk about himself. That's Hebrew and it's not the same as the Greeks you want to stick with the Greek and this is why said look at this Greek and the issue of Christ because I I go straight to the place where it says this rock to rock the truth of who Christ is and we find that the word rock is used of Jesus specifically and so that really supports that. That's a discussion okay right now about debunking the pope and all that I would and I really never argued, how do you go to Matthew 23. Nine. Your father on earth you have one father who is in heaven. Call no man on earth your father and Dennis a sense that they want it: thought, I don't think it's blasphemous to the papacy is man-made. It's not biblical.

There is no preeminence of Peter, the order of the's disciples vary throughout the Gospels are written on this memorized, but their articles on this and if they have the authorities they want to say that take the keys or the kingdom of given few well okay with the keys given to the apostles later on to read. I think it's in Matthew 19 forgot where so the issue here is if they're going to say that they have the authority in the papacy has the authority of Christ that I want to hold their feet to the fire and go to Matthew 10 because in Matthew also Matthew Fliss. He is five verses in my head so much he says is as the father sent me. I send you these John 539 selected around the area, but in Matthew 10 Jesus says this this is what's important, he summoned his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. In verse 1010 weighty inverses yet here he overstates heal the sick, raise a dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely received, freely give. Do not acquire gold, silver or copper for your money belts. We back your journey, etc., will the Catholic Church violates this lately is violated because they don't do things for free at this hospital system is costly and independency have indulgence, especially if money is ridiculous and they don't have the authority Christ gives the net after healing sick, raising the dead, cleansing lepers, casting out demons.

These are the things of the apostles were given the authority to do if they have the authority, then why did they not do the same thing ethic generally will say is an article on the still say that the Roman Catholic church does have the authority but I this article written called us Roman Catholic Church of the authority of Christ and L in their eyesight when they say they do well in Matthew five and Luke five $0.24-$0.25 Mrs. get to but so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins I said you get up, pick up your stretcher and go home. What the Roman Catholic Church says it's priest has authority to forgive sins. Let's see them demonstrate the same authority because Jesus summoned the 12 and told him to do these things says, heal the sick, raise a dead, cleanse lepers. My auntie auntie doing it.

Jesus raise a data command. Peter did so.

Also, he also healed on command and Paul healed on command and so if they have the same authority as apostles, why can't they do this and I don't generically look at what happens in the quick and the Catholic Church.

Well, even if it does happen in the Catholic Church are still a problem because Matthew seven 2322 and 23 Jesus says something is really important here is he says, many will say to me that they Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name that's Catholics and in your name cast out demons as a Catholic attorney perform many miracles. I wouldn't talk about here today judgment will save that they did look at what we did and we believe in you and your name we prophesied cast out demons and for miracles Jesus has never let you get away from me, you practice lawlessness, so they're doing is on the Church appeals to works and stuff like that and what they do as proof of who they are and Jesus condemns them for so you get a message there are.

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