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Best Of MSL 2020 30: It's Gut Check Time

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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July 27, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 30: It's Gut Check Time

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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July 27, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from how men are weak when women teach in the church, America's history with racism, and Matt has an impromptu debate on Full Preterism. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry, be sure to visit

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This is the Truth Network why is found online car. Well, I heard of it because the producer wrote it down in the box and I lifted up just so I have correctly the 16th 19 thing about slavery is looking at its so I'm not sure what they want to accomplish with it so I just don't know. But I'm reminded that this stuff I'm concerned the same thing that Christianity teaches is that people are sinful by nature and how we respond to what we love our enemies and pray for those persecuted. We turn the other cheek and we want love and forgiveness to abound.

If people today are resentful because their ancestors were enslaved and they want to hold that against people today than they are doing the opposite of what Christ requires what they're doing is behaving like Muslims in Islamic theology and practice what you do you remember wrong suffered to your ancestors then you hold it against the present people. They had nothing to allow you that's that's listed on the cultural and so they don't have true forgiveness because they don't have true regeneration. They don't understand that were changed internally and went back to this, so this reminds me of remembering wrongs and stirring up resentment you don't mind. My ancestors came from Germany and on my last name. Slick consular German Schlichting and Schlichting cut short the slick so were lawyers apparently was going to cost what I do, but I do know that my mom's side of my mom and my dad ancestors, both from Germany and they came in and was well for slavery but they had to work a great deal very very hard and very difficult conditions to survive and you know what I could do is dig up all of that past and then to the people, your family, oppressed my family present.

Actually, Louisiana and oppressed them so I want reparations I want you to pay for what you did your ancestors did they look at me laughing, it cannot hear.

And if I were to focus on things that were done in the past.

How am I going to take hold of the present and move forward into the future in a way that's not going to harm relationships, harm people, and what's happening and I know I'm rambling a little bit but this this hatred of of white supremacy stuff white privilege stuff is my opinion a manufactured thing has been racism. Of course, have white suppressed the Blacks yes have whites oppressed whites yes have black suppressed whites. Yes what what we do when we stop we stop with ourselves we stop in our own hearts are caring, resentment read something here. This is a little bit preachy and do get this window down here, read something, it says so this Ephesians 431 let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ has forgiven you. The people who remember wrongs are violating the true nature of love and prospectus 13 does not remember love wrong suffered me doesn't remember wrong suffered, will this was introduced, bitterness, wrath, anger will be helpful. Something occurs to us and I got plenty plenty of things in my life that I could bring up my dad was in the service. My last name was slick. I was anorexic because he blew so much and so I wanted rare among some to 12 different elementary schools, 12 went to I moved 26 times before I was 12 when I was 12. Although I would 66 pounds. This is no July. Now I'm 6 feet tall, 200 1966 I say get chased to the point of all, you stop having nightmares being murdered because 35 is okay here is not like with a special announcement from over novels and a sci-fi no homepage as well. One call time trap is about developing on theological examination without making sure the problem is to go for more information. Be sure to visit slick way. Matt lets get back on the line with Courtney from Ohio.

Are you still there right now. When we have a wrong suffered got this from Wilson's number was really good and true. We have some of wrong suffered that that happens to us, it can be a legitimate wrong or perceived. That means that we can feel ourselves insulted or slighted. It could be a real offense in all seriousness, they really did offend you do something wrong or the other one is now it really didn't you just think so. These happen to be make mistakes or judgments.

So when we harbor a wrong that is offered to us whether it's real or perceived. This leads to bitterness. When we have bitterness.

This leads to resentment. Resentment leads to anger. Anger leads to murder.

This from the booklet how to be free from built bitterness how to be free from bitterness really good and am so I've always remember this because it's true. If we have bitterness related to resentment when we have never resentment built, it leads to anger, and anger leads to murder in our hearts we want judgment get to talk about Ephesians 431 let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from along with all malice kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as Christ was forgiving you were to forgive as Jesus forgave so I've got to sick people in my life that have hurt me in different ways.

What am I to do. I can remember bitterness. I can remember the wrong I can let resentment control me. Let anger bear fruit of hatred and the desire for death and harm to others. This is not Christlike if I'm doing that they will Christ hold onto the same to me. I don't want that kind of thing when you're what you're connected at all about like it might take.

I never had. Yeah, it's an escalation because in the Jewish culture.

The ice as I continue to the first two mixed up as a long time that if you have our argument.

One man had not man they wanted to do is pull the other person's beard and the other one was to spit in her face and the final level of hostility was to's physically assault him and slap and basically this at this point he will fight a physical fight. And so it was like this understood escalation levels and Jesus is saying it is maximum level of escalation energy were not to to return evil for evil or harm for harm now with imbalances with the right of self-defense. 2236 and this is more complicated as we work through things. But Jesus is teaching the principle of forgiveness because if we remember wrong suffered you to ourselves or to people that we didn't even know parents, and maybe even our grandparents or their parents, etc. they were doing is sowing the seeds of hatred and that isn't going to help anybody and everything. Hatred does it blinds those who it's stops them from being clearheaded it it destroys their emotional clarity and they become self-righteous. It is the the soil in which the movement in the work of Satan himself will buy seeds and bear fruit in hatred and death towards others. So this is why we as Christians were to forgive and to not everything Jesus says that God will remember your sins no more will if God is all-knowing. How can he not remember your sins people to understand something God never forgets.

But it's different and remembering to remember is to bring it up again to remember. I choose to remember this is different then I forgot to forgot is passive to remember is active and I forgot my khakis work and I didn't sit there and got there forgot khakis were to go.

I do not give myself doesn't have that right Lester my age and you walk the loop living in the kitchen go was I doing here so so when God says he will remember them. He will bring them up. This is what we are to do as Christians were not to remember the sins of others against us. And it's something I struggle with periodically when I have remember what someone did to me or people close to me people not supposed in different ways and I choose to push it away not remember. I looked across all who has hurt you. Yes, that's the part of everything healing so that you talk to and don't get things right. Confess your sins one to another, you ask preceptors you don't want to just go to your brother and and talk to doing something wrong. All this blends in with this issue of forgiveness.

What it really means that you can't forgive you pieces so hard to having a problem then you gotta go to the cross, but also sometimes gotta go to the person's offended you and talk to them. I remember hearing her talk once about a guy who said this. This is really blooming away that he was very upset that someone who done something to him and in a right to be angry and he really did examine what happened was after a while he realized that the anger he was harboring towards the other person then required that he go to the other person wronged him and asked him the other person for forgiveness of his own hatred in his own heart towards that person because he was so close to Christ.

He didn't want this, that he was seeing the his own hatred in his own heart. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and one other story I heard was about a man whose son was murdered by somebody and he was caught with the jail and the father had to forgive is a Christian. He worked in his heart and he realized it was very difficult and he went to eat as much as he could in his own heart to forgive and he prayed he forgave me for gave an effect on the go talk to the sky until my forgiven him and went to the prison to talk to him and met this man and for gave and found that he ended up going back on a regular basis to meet with they became friends man father led him to the Lord and when this man finally got a prison. He stayed with that father wow father got help them get back on his feet and brought him to Christ. Great, that's great. Is there how much more is God forgiven us for what we've done against him. Should we not also forgive those who've injured us know what we do is we have a double standard. God you forgive me of everything but I'm not good. Forgive others of most anything. And this is just all about that guy with the million dollar dollar yes it forgive so anyway okay yeah goblins and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep the church in America is largely Laodicea has so much power that has so much money has so much comfort yet not serving Christ they think they are. They don't know what it means. So God what he does is he sends persecutions to purify so that they become united in the hope of Christ because when you're persecuted your cell phones like the same cars looking to save you in a situation of persecution look up to heaven while you're bowing down God and the date lived through that, take that into other areas of their lives and their lives are changed in their strength because of strength. The church is not in numbers or how big the building in the commitment that each individual has the person work of Jesus Christ and how they would put Christ first likely trust him beyond the that's the strength you can't learn that comfort is your panacea comfort is false teachers out there teaching the comfortable being warned be filled Jesus cross if you don't do that you're not Jesus. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep Matt slick taken away that all right with the phones with Emily from Iowa Emily welcome here. Sure we got okay will not make our heart listed in first.

All right. Why do women pastors make men weak where like to say my wife gets a little uppity with me on this when I submitted their most everything.

What I mean is that were stronger. We climb hills faster we can drive cars faster we dive deeper. Your strong okay and we do a lot of things with a lot better than us a lot of butter sandwiches just got myself in trouble like this always with what we what I say is this is that men have a tendency to excel to get worse.

Funny thing is about being a man is we rise to the occasion. Generally speaking, or we lower to the occasion. Generally speaking, if women pastors are there and the man comes in, then he is not listening to the word of God because he submitting to one pastor and elder and he is not taking the place of leadership in the church so the Bible teaches that men are supposed to do so to say. Men excel most things I that's what I mean excel at most things, including being lazy. If a woman gives men with women give men in the church the ability to be lazy will be lazy if women are doing everything in most churches that I've been in the matter quite busy. The women are quite busy that work well together, but there's something about the issue of women being in the pulpit and men sitting under that authoritative spiritual thing and it atrophy some they don't really grow spiritually.

They learn how to sit and basically do nothing and so the funny thing is I give an example of something back in the turn-of-the-century 1900s they are. They, whoever they was wanted to get men together for a dangerous trip to the South Pole and he put an ad in the local paper was England. Whatever men wanted for trip to the South Pole. Sign up for Bob Loblaw pay is lovable and basically nobody signed up on that date someone got an idea and said put the ad in this way, a dangerous mission to the South Pole.

Survival is not guaranteed pay is minimum to sign up for this.

Come to this depletion time and they had to turn people away men like challenges and they rise to the occasion and challenges. If there's no challenge if they get up to their air-conditioned homes and their automatic coffee pots and driving a GPS guided comfortable air-conditioned cars to the really nice church where everybody is dressed perfectly in the end, the chairs are comfortable everything just wonderful. The message is really gentle and everything is fine in the end and everything where they strain where they grow where the push forward the kingdom of God.

They don't men have this tendency to sit in the Tennessee to meet the need, and if there is no need that he will do anything, but if there is a need they will so I say that if women are in church and they have women elders and pastors with women should do on a Sunday morning, literally, is all of you should sit down and his nocturnal service and someone to get up and cite you men, you're the one responsible in this church take care of it just happened. And men need to come together and do the sermons and do the majority of the work in the church and a lot of churches. This is the case with this is what needs to happen. It weakens men spiritually when women are in spiritual control were designed by God to be the leader in in Genesis chapter 2 and three when God made Adam and Eve gave Adam the authority that the breakouts them is more what is okay hold on right back after these messages, please Matt slick taken away.

Matt will come back to the church a little controversial here in the minutes or so Emily are still there. All right, as I was saying before the break, Adam and Eve.

Okay so Adam was in the garden and God had Adam name all the animals, not Eve's and Adam named Eve he has authority because with the doctor called primogeniture, the firstborn male firstborn male has certain rights that the others don't.

On the firstborn male in my family so back 2000 years ago. I we got a double portion of inheritance that my two younger brothers from across a room, so this is how that this works so when Adam and Eve sinned.

Sin entered the world through Adam. Romans 512 that she send first Adam and Eve sin. First, eat the fruit first.

Then she gave it to Adam and he ate and he said the Bible so that sin and the world not to her but to him even though she was in the world and she send first. Furthermore, when the pre-incarnate Jesus came to Adam came to them.

He said to the man where are you safe Adam and Eve, what have you done he said to the man where are you addressed to me at first this because he's in this place of spiritual authority. That's what it is. People don't like it will take a part of your Bible.

Now Matthew question. Are you married okay.

Don't ask a question would you recall your husband the Lord now right. She did so not taught on this in live sessions and Bible studies before sister obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord, and you become your children if you do what is right without being frightened by the fear, know I talked about this with the ladies present in Bible studies. I asked would you recall your husband, Lord, the way Sarah called Abraham Lord and they all say the same thing no limits is a question as it is important that this is an attitudinal thing is affecting everything the church in whole but the people I said do you want your husband to love you as to what you want to be loved and thus of course you do.

Can you list for me the ways husband can love you and the hands go up. And I writing on the board thinking to elderly men. Can you list me some things and how you love your wife that you will add more to it aplenty for the women okay can attest for you tell me how I'm writing down how you respect your husband and you know it's they don't have no idea what to say because are not taught what it means biblically to respect the husband Sarah calling Abraham Lord is a sign of respect. You see, that the reason is because he is a spiritual head of the family so me. For example, I married my wife good woman that she has accepted her taste and that I am the head of the house because on the mail This just what it is so in that sense on the board of the house now, not an lord it over. We talk everything through you, but she understands that I'm the head of the house and I take it seriously. I don't always do a thing perfectly.

Let it tell you that you know but that's just how it is when I asked women. Would you do this, they see no they would not in those at all. See why not. And you say to me because he's not worth working. They don't understand the theology of marriage and they don't understand the theology between male and female transgender gender confusion thing is partly an attack on this God's creation is a serious issue in the church to so when women get up every pastors and elders with their doing is taking the title of Lord doesn't belong to them there taking that place of headship and what it does it. It takes men out of that place and to sit in her hands, and are quite good at being lazy.

And then the quite good at promoting error. Further tell you I was. I spoke to a budget many years ago in Palm Springs, Southern California, and these men out of this quick story.

Some men work they wanted me to teach apologetics soft tissue apologetics.

And one thing led to another is there for 2 1/2 days, and one thing led to another and it got to the point I can't you all the details take too much time we got to the point I started finding out that they didn't know anything and or pastors and elders is where well as laity. There I start asking questions and then I start asking this I said, if you have 100 or more persons memorized no hands 30 people no hands only have 50 memorized usual men, no hands went up 20 a couple three hands went up to more than 10 but have to handle human Christians for 20 years or more, almost all the hands with I said show me your hands how many of you pray with your wife on a regular basis.

Nightly basis have to hand only pray for your children on a regular basis.

Lead your wife and guide and this maybe 10 345 manner, the crisis in the church, and when they're in a crisis of the church. The battle to fight.

There's no battles because were pulled in touch with your feminine side and toxic masculinity facet of looking to Christ as their guide and listen to the world and they also listen to some women on the air TV radio talk like toxic next masculinity and then on toxics guilty in an accident or handle more when pastors get up as are teaching the men and men are will subside. We are the ones that God has given the command to be leaders in the home and leaders in the church so nobody should be going to any church with pastors and elders here in America should not be many to go for lazy rivers start spreading the word of God and and leading in their houses, and leading the churches of the best of their ability, with humility, love, with patients with kindness and the women need to do their part.

When the men fail because were men were going to.

We don't do everything perfectly white men both in our failures as well as our successes one to another with the thinking that was Betty listeners on how bad it was when you when you're stupid ultimates duplicates is what guys do.

If we do we boast his mistakes as part of being a man is easier for a woman to stand by Hein that my aunt behind minutes and point fingers and look what you did not want to do much with women understood how to encourage their men to Ruby really men and not consider anything is like toxic masculinity, crap, and they encourage some of the churches. The churches will ask explode. Men will start wanting to go.

I'd like to have a church in my dream where when you walk in Honda you walk into the right and the pulpits in front of you walk in the right wall and on the wall to the right. As for the won't want the left is for the women thing the flowers and you know recipes up there myself in trouble get on the right wall is a painting 20 feet high. 1050 feet of the Galilean storm where Jesus was walking on the water in the Mandarin struggle in the boat is ready to be swamped on the waves to see a picture that that's what we need to be alive church men all right. We have called what had okay go back in line folks we write back of his messages you want to learn to theology go to the car. On her website. See the right hand side of any patient seal laptop as online schools. Click on that and you can no sign of the schools. If you want another theology. This is the place to do it to go to seminary or Bible college. Not sure which book to read apologetics for 40 years and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like that and I've learned what needs to be taught the basics not just so basically you don't have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school and learn about hypostatic union justification and petition you learn about things we can. For more information about online schools. Be sure to visit Matt slick no way meant to Michael from Pittsburgh.

Michael welcome earlier. How are you all right thanks last week I got an email from our minding my own business at work and it did not like repute (click here I would like you all night so I clicked and I watched it and now you thought the government for about maybe 15 minutes about it and I wanted to call and maybe shed more light on the subject, as I think you will just the beginning of sorting out different scriptures. He wasn't quite dogmatic on a lot of things and quite honestly didn't know how to answer you on your objection. I think I could do a better job at one thing that I would get your conversation with him, you kind of only dome in the conversation you spent more time correcting them on word nuances than actually addressing text.

He was asking about.

I was hoping that when I talk you today that we would have more of a direct conversation, we wouldn't get off topic and she thought that all depends on how your ability is to focus on the topic without circumventing issues are directly related to think yeah are you full text that yet okay so then you believe that I remember before we go on you remember there's different strains of rhetoric that it will ask you, do you believe that Jesus returns in the armies of Rome and 77 to 80 yet. Okay, then what you do with Rome X19 through 11 which says he'll return in the clouds from heaven Scott yeah it impact you would use back 111 against him to stay in the same manner as he he will so and you you had said that that was audibly present and I wouldn't argue with that but also that he left in a cloud came back and when I come back and when did you know that I briefly was going to come back and he was gonna ask God hybrid Beta Son of Man on the cloud with power and glory. And of course gives me any old excuse that always been inexcusably excused. When did Jesus return in a cloud, 70 A.D. so there was a cloud. That's what it was a quiz at the cloud was the armies always a cloud.

The water vapor in the sky white cloud thing which will now I don't believe it.

With the literal clouds okay got look at language will so it says after he had said these things, he was lifted up while they're looking on, and a cloud received him out of their sight with the literal cloud and as they were gazing into this as they were gazing into the sky.

It's a little sky, the actual sky with clouds in it right yeah of the whole two men in white clothing stood behind them and they said men of Galilee, while you stand looking into the sky. This Jesus was taken from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you watch him go to heaven so the Senate and the heaven taken out of the way, look no clouds of block.

Is this whatever it is but a cloud was there received him in the sky. That's how you can return. Is that what you agree to and so the literal cloud will yeah I would have to be right will then you said the cloud was the was the armies will yeah it is that I mean, it's not one thing when being about women.

So in the text here is the cloud that is talk about armies. It could be pointing toward symbolism. No no no no no no no no no no no no no, look the text says here, I don't know how long you listen to me, but I would listen 40 years and I deal with cults and fallacies of interpretive abilities, so we for 19 years, I've been on here for 19 I've been saying for 19 years idyllic, linear for a long time gone. 19. It got at least 15. Okay, let's good. So, in acts 19 when it says he looked up into the clouds is not a figurative clouds literal cloud in the literal sky which you already said and that's how Jesus can come back with it when you say comes back you say no it's not literal cloud yelling armies out onto the hope that I said it so it's it's all so let me ask you is the Army a literal cloud distance is just societal logic question is an Army on the ground, a literal cloud in the sky what the Bible doesn't literal language when it prescribes God's judgment, you will continue on a new Holland can you hold on right asking outside of I will do. I'm going to put him on hold folks notice notice what's happening. I'm trying to do is focus him on something on an issue of logic here and he does not want to be in the corner logically wants to jump the other direction and take over not going to happen. Folks, here's the logic is on asking this question is a cloud in the sky the same thing as an Army on the ground. The answer is no, for him to say that they're both in this context can't be true because if you're to say that they were both in this context then he got to say that the cloud was also an army in the sky, which doesn't make any sense, the context does not allow a figurative usage. In this context of notice folks. I keep saying in this context right here and notice what he does. And a lot of people in these aberrant groups. With all due is they ignore the specifics of the specificity of the exact context and in the go someplace else. Let's try one more time, Michael.

Remember I said as long as you can stick logic of the issues with but will have a problem not doing it. Now I'm trying to give you an answer with Scripture interpreting Scripture not allowing me to do that. I thought allow my Michael.

I asked a specific question is a cloud and give you what Michael answer and you're not allowing me Michael is I like your goal and I got another call okay so notice e.g. won't let me ask the question again, notice folks, this is a technique that wouldn't I deal with this a lot they don't want to have me asking various precise question and get a free precise answer. Let's try one more time in this context. Michael is a cloud in the sky the same thing as an Army on the ground, automate God's game in a cloud to destroy all and yet he wasn't in the literal cloud is in this context is the cloud that you already admitted. Can you let me.

I'm asking a specific question the cloud in the sky you already said is a literal cloud and literal sky is what you said it was earlier.

I'm asking not getting the little cloud, and it was the Roman army.

Remember that thing that I limit my mic. I like all if you say it's an Army.

The list put your Army on the ground thing is clear in the context of you said that's what it can mean after you said these things, he lifted up her mother looking on any and Army on the ground received him out of their sight. And as they were gazing intently into the sky where the Army was what is holding onto men like clothes clothing stood behind beside them. They also submit a valid logic keeps looking into the sky where the Army is it is that how you want to do this, I'd like to have an honest conversation were a melodic answer and not be so restricted because you know that my answer. I'm going to compare Scripture with Scripture and evidently you can't do what you do not with a lot of people like this. I'm not the prize because you don't allow people to be able to talk to you Michael, I ask a specific question you not and I answered it already, and you are left represented me on my and I'm not applying logic you don't know the issue of logic you don't know the massage your question, I told you the answer was both many repeated fact my answer at literal only so you're not even listening to me, sir, is it is does both applying acts 192 11 is that with the angel said yes because the type and shadow is the cloud of judgment that what is outsider. I got the little I want you to walk out words that later. Where does it say it's a clouds our judgment and in acts 19 this is talking like what this is talk that one out. And I love my company are all that really and I were sitting at his hyperbole is hyperbole now. Anyway, Michael Michael Michael is at hyperbole with the Angels are saying in the prophecy of how Jesus is to return any judgment in the Scriptures, often by talking.

Is this like mass.

This 20 hyperbole. Michael worked with Mike all I'm asking you about acts 192 11. Yes, it I've answer that question work by and working to move along.

So notice folks that he doesn't know how to answer the question directly listed on here with Dr. GE Carlin from Arizona.

They are not all right. I looked into your reputation of the predator yesterday. They will work, but it was brilliant and I thank you for that I be without partial pressure of the more but God, I got my credit more, but you know what thing you know what credit rhythm and you have in common know they have they have the same type of failed hermeneutic and logical file that if I if I can prove back.

I've automatically proven why you know, the equipment will go well. I was a man therefore I prove that he thought about that logic without anything happened with credit they think like improvement from Scripture are about 870 wild and therefore no Scripture there about the end of the world and right bank committed a bold problem that you well that mean that one of the many problems.short/exclusion. I think you yeah and yeah and I also wanted to run by you. Save it with some trepidation because I know if there's anything new thought through thought. I have a linear or the Jehovah's Witnesses out there.

One of the mind that kinda leave them with their job know I like like that you do beyond and I've never heard this from anywhere else that I may not that nobody else you. I haven't heard of it. I've heard it about you that it comes from and I want to know if you if you've heard or not you could that argumentation, but I use that a lot acted like that going to be dealt with okay and that is flipping chapter 2 and in verse six and on and 37. I kinda didn't read it through you know how to read the Bible and read through what the board follow and I say to them, I think you're being though he was in the form of God did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped at the golf by taking the form of a servant. My thoughts) after my former servant mean that many kinda look like the and don't don't generally see that form of a servant that currently a night that will form of meat truly experiment the form of God.I've never heard them after they just don't bet on talk after that one file. If you ever heard that one or not. I have never put anybody out the string as the servants was that mean no say you look like a servant. So this is from by looked like servant and update no MEP was truly a suburban form of government meat truly not there yet. I could go back form of God, truly God okay Anyway, that's because I fear likely that there is a less quick and slick Allstate does the term son of God mean he's not God in the same that's correct. Does there was a term son of man mean that one really good one. I like dear dear one with the with the bedding that priest forever and upgrade have to be a man right abandoning man The Archangel Michael again. There's a saying it's also the initial continuity because if I take a chair and break up the wooden chair and break it apart and I turn into a rocking horse is is a still a chair. No it's not. It's nature is no longer that of a chair. So if an angel comes a man is no longer an angel correct that it lost its existence as an angel so that you have the cessation of the angel and then the creation of man and the theology is reversed. Jesus stopped existing and become an angel again. So there is no Jesus, there is no mediator.

The civil he's an angel has two natures. Angel and make unmanned the same time if they were to ever say yes.

Like any begot them at the same time you have any debate, the creditor, I have impromptu debates.

I like yesterday with a guy couldn't get in. The logic you stumped. But you know with others. I do know somebody.

I kept a lot of stuff I know I got no formal debates of printers to being Exelon I was 11, is killed and that's Ramana campout and the sick and was a backwards and forwards looked like it was a guy yesterday.

You know he had to abandon it and then was called illegitimate totality transfer cloud in another place in Salem just transfer over the meaning and overhear you do that this is that's right right you will they come up with promote it with somebody you know why I brought that up. No late work. I'm going to come back to wake the lap yell he came back in the cloud. Coming back out the cloud and I like it in my car and I leave I tell my son I'm coming back the way I left my knee.

I am coming back in a car back Adler car relaxing your relaxing just as you have seen no. Dr. Carlin get into the car and drive west from there you will see him come back just the same way you sign left to go to Qubec in the Western car. It's simple know the word West car overhear means such as a okay in the West from thank owe that to come back at Betty. Betty in the black Navy nutriment quickly acute that way. On occasion.thank you for all your work.

I've been a long time. What nerve to call her and I think maybe I'll call more often still talk with you about.

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