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Best Of MSL 2020 33: M&M aka Marriage and Militias

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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August 16, 2020 8:00 am

Best Of MSL 2020 33: M&M aka Marriage and Militias

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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August 16, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks Christian marriage, divorce, remarriage, and Christians in Militias, just for starters. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry, be sure to visit

Equipping the Saints, defending the faith, and reaching the lost.


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Why is found online car art dizzy and by God's grace in here.

"Do the radio show will doing okay and bulb person versus Saints just means that Christ has bought you and you cannot lose your salvation because God himself will work to perseverance in through you and upon you, and that's what it means. And so it manifests in our lives and our struggles against sin in our failures as well. In our hope in Christ that we realize we don't have to do good things to keep ourselves right with God, which is false doctrine, so it really in my case, I can tell you what it manifests in his confidence. Confidence in my Lord and thankfulness that I'm securing him that my goodness is not what determines my salvation.

I maintain it. So because of that I'm free then to be able to live my life for Christ and in and messed up nothing. I want to mess up, but I'm not worried about my mess ups making God pick me up the kingdom of God.

And so the fearful expectance and because of that freedom to the Canada search manifests Lisa my life. Mary Jo I look at pornography in my white wind up leaving shortly after that and she began to get into relationships with different men and she wind up with five different relationships and she wind up having a baby with somebody out so I was wondering if I was able to marry again because I was the first one I looked at pornography and she said that she which I agree. But my question is if I can I ever remarry.

I never saw anybody physically. It was just watching the shape actually. She within five different relationship over a five-year period.

Having a child with somebody am I able to ever marry the first one I would suggest is to go to church and dismissing you to talk about that now you are attending church right and because of the nature of this and plus I don't want to get too much detail because I know the children are sometimes listening like so here's the thing is to what degree is that porn thing that justifies the accusation of adultery because in one sense it is in another sense, it's not.

Jesus said if you look on a woman to lust after you commit adultery with her in your heart, but that's different than actually going through with Anna, my thing, therefore okay. I'm not saying that but we do when when you know you see an attractive woman and for whatever reason you lust after five seconds left to say to catch yourself, does that mean now you commit adultery well.

In one sense, yes, in the sense that you decide requirement of security, their heart, but in your hand know you didn't you didn't actually do anything you didn't actually go through with it and so I would say in a situation like that is not grounds for divorce. I would say that you're still able to remarry in this situation I just gave because you repented of it, etc. need to actually go through with anything with real blessings okay. Of course, and and but when we get to the issue of how many times how long, how many issues what's this for help, then it become so there is little more serious. This is why the elders need to be involved in your church because it just some variables. If you are still. For example, say to people for struggling listeners. A man who struggling with this and let's say once every three months. He falls into and is married and he confesses it and it is a real struggle for him.

For whatever reason I'm not saying it's okay I'm icing is justified to say this is what is the heat but happens to him and he hates it and he's at war with it and she falls every now and he doesn't hide it from everybody talks his wife.

He can even go to the owners of this church with Debbie grounds for divorce. I think now is a stand and he struggling and I was his wife doesn't have the grounds for that.

But what about a man though who is hiding it and is going through it over and over and over and that's what he's thinking.

That's what he's desiring in his relationship with his wife is being negatively affected in a great weight she's found out the elders and found out they say you need to stop this and he just doesn't care is that grounds for divorce now are approaching the area where it might be grounds for divorce because it's an unrepentant seeking of sin in the leadership of others. But the real relationship, but it's a pseudo-relationship so they would get into the issue if it might be justifiable because there's a gray area in between. This is why the elders need to be involved so that makes sense. We were actually going to church because I started on or really God in my life and I talked to Dr. Dave Durst's degree from what my pastor at University of Pittsburgh biblical study. They told me that you think that I can) now based on knowing more detail by saying is if it's in the issue, struggle, repentance, retrying you feeling you I would tend to see how you can remarry.

You need to be involved with the elders and their something I recommended with people I've never heard any body else. Recommend but I recommend that you keep a journal of what it is that you're doing in order to make things right with God make things right with the people offended you.

Keep a record of the dates you know I called Matt slick on the radio and blah blah blah. I talked to my elders on so I called so-and-so about this. I'm working hard to make this wreck.

The reason talk about this kind of things because what happens is you will then have a record that you can present to others about your struggle and your desire to work against it. It's a sign of repentance to sign of sanctification, and this is a good thing to recommend this for example 21 I started this years ago with a woman who wanted to hug and was committing adultery and she was willing to reconcile and he continued to adultery in this record that she was keeping was able to justify her efforts right so that you Matt slick and I want to tell you how much I love my pillow and check out the new mattress toppers with my pillow and mattress topper.

You can get some of the best of your life to come to the 10 year warranty and cover for washable and tribal and make right here in the USA is also back with Mike Lindell 60 day moneyback guarantee, so good.

My and save 30% when you use promo code Truth Network. All hundred 445396 and use promo code Truth Network at 1-800-944-5396 Matt slick taken away Matt back on the phone with Florida Andrew Stiller so that no not going to write the car with me were driving right now. Sure we have nobody waiting out their usual so yeah I'd love to talk about marriage with the problem I do not arrive by God's grace, God blessed me when he got Margaret by BMI wired both in right at that back go back don't believe that you should never remarry in that I what I mean by that date, BMI believer BMI wired right. I keep an eye bit by one, but then I would buy be able to do that all because I don't never get the guy a matter You met big God will speak God's suit is real certificate of divorce and exact reference is your my 31 kn not even rate of five during a break he was summoned to deny me to know if my memory but so divorce is not automatically as soon because God issued Israel a certificate of divorce based on their spiritual adultery, false gods. The Bible talks about two reasons that dissolve the marriage one is adultery and this is out of Matthew 19 nine and Jesus as I say to you, whoever divorces his wife except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery and generally what's understood here's issue of adultery. The work there for morality is poor name, which means sexual immorality and adultery. So this is a grounds for divorce.

And let's say a couple is married and was to say she commits adultery and he's trying to work on it and she divorces him. He's the innocent party and he's free to remarry. She's not on the grounds for divorce is in first 2715 if the unbelieving spouse leaves let them leave a brother or sister is not found such a case of generally speaking, witnesses in the context of persecution and this is what Paul said this, but he does say if they leave limb got and not under bondage in that place okay with it means is the other person is abandoned the marriage covenant abandon it and has deserted the reason this is important is because when you do it like a wedding on II do weddings and I married a couple. I always go to the issue of the wedding ceremony with them in the vows that they make the reason that marriage is what it is is because you're making a promise before God before each other and before the community with the people to Trinity Trinitarian kind of a commitment.

It's three-way in that it's between the couple and God between the members of the marriage party has been the wife and between husband and wife in the community, the witnesses, the people so because God does things by his speech he does things by the power of his word that he binds himself by his promises, so too we find ourselves in marriage to be faithful to our lives. For example, etc. etc. and so because I take very seriously and my wife does to this is why were still married. We would be divorce if it wasn't for us being Christians because we had some rough times and we did not want to be married to each other and love each other. This is all true and the fact is by went to counseling and and the counselor said.

So what's love got to thing married and this is the short version said now you can love your wife as Christ loves you not depend upon how you feel, but upon your commitment and this is what Christ has done with you is committed himself to you so you are to behave in a manner consistent with the love of God to you, he doesn't love you because of how good you are pretty you are on the family sounded you can make you feel like it, so start loving her biblically with what we started doing to each other. And here we are still married and I'm glad this is a slight kind of okay. She was the nature of marriage.

People take it seriously because they don't take the bond of their word before God before each other before people seriously. So when someone abandons and commits adultery with her doing is breaking the covenant promise to be faithful to one another in sickness and in health.

This kind of a thing means I will, for example, I will never have relations with another woman as long as I live as long as I married my wife. You know about a remarry. That's one possibility, but endeavor to do this and I will never abandon her either just never going to happen because were both committed to each other so in the promise of my marriage. I promise to be faithful to her and to always be there with her. If I were to commit either one of those by abandoning her and/or committing adultery. Then she has the grounds for divorce, not the obligation with the grounds. She began as a party to point JC this is how it works. So when people say you can never get married, remarry, execute that you die will.

Jesus says in Matthew 1919. I said you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, tornado, sexual impurity, and marries another woman commits the first 2715. If an unbelieving one leaves let them leave the butter sister is not under bondage in such cases.

But God is called us to peace those the two grounds. Okay right now you Mary.

Thank you Matt okay work quick Carl you know all right no I'm not okay lick you some advice. Okay, that if you're dating a woman and you're serious about her only reason you should or dating her is to consider her as a possible marriage, which means that you which you need to honor her protector. This is for advice for everybody if you're in the car alone with her is not something to be advisable.

You would not want to be in the apartment alone at home alone with her behind closed doors because what you would be doing at that point would be compromising her integrity and reputation.

And if you're going to marry any woman, then what has to happen is she has to be able to trust you that what you're going to do is guard her before marriage as well as after marriage is the kind of things I teach men how much even honor because it's trusting God is trusting you with a woman were to protect and honor and is not just the physical protection the spiritual interpretation one as well. Some of the things that need to be taught to company rents want to say that right. All right. Thank you Riley. God bless you guys with Lisa that is always a pleasure because usually it's not always a pleasure you want to learn to theology.

You can go to the Carmen website CAR right hand side of the page you will see a laptop that is online schools and just click on that and you can on the side of the schools. If you want to know your theology.

This is the place to do it to go to seminary or Bible college. Not sure which book to read apologetics for 40 and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like that and I learned what needs to be taught the basics not just a basic if you don't have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school to learn about the hypostatic union justification is dictation you learn about these things we can. For more information about online schools. Be sure to visit Matt slick taken away. Matt found a verse during a break at your my 3/8 what God says and I saw that for all the adulteries of faithless Israel, I had sent her away and given her a writ of divorce yet her treacherous sister Judah did not fear, but she went was a harlot also.

So here's the thing. It's interesting God should a writ of divorce against Israel consider Jeremiah 38, and yet to be a wedding feast later on the marriage ceremony. The lamb is going to be very loose sense. Remarriage is technological. It's representative is poetic, but the idea here is that of the intimacy of marriage is something God takes very seriously and yet God issued a writ of divorce. He also says in Isaiah 50 verse one thus says the Lord.

Where is the certificate of divorce which I have sent your mother away so the certificate of debt is made of divorce. The writ of divorce that God is talking about is due to the spiritual adultery so he uses this analogy in that sense. Nevertheless, and 99 and 715 we help.

It appears to be the lead to justifications for divorce okay. Check it out if her husband divorces her contribute remarry close talk about this issue. Remarriage and stuff is when you call folks five of her life was a slow day 877-207-2276 let's talk about this issue of marriage. If you were married and your spouse abandon you and/or committed adultery and you were seeking reconciliation to work it out but your partner, your spouse abandon you committed adultery and did not want to be reconciled to not want to repair that marriage, and went through with that divorce then you're the innocent party and you're free to remarry.

That's how it works out.

If you have been the one committing the sin and you divorce your spouse you can and cannot remarry dependent, because if you are an unbeliever and you did this assist one of the arguments that some people) unbeliever, you committed adultery.

Let's say and then years later you divorced years later to become a Christian, then what happens because now all your former sins always have her taken care of and you've come to replace repentance then can you remarry. Some say yes, and some say no because you weren't a Christian, what would happen. So if you were a Christian claim to be a Christian can walk with God and had committed adultery and your spouse to divorce.

You then we can make the case that you cannot remarry because you were the one who was defending Parker in the marriage. Knowing better in supposedly a Christian relationship under the banner of being a Christian. Now these are just topics that have to be discussed because there are variables and I'm not saying that these are absolute. I'm just saying that there are differences of discussions among theologians about the issue of marriage and remarriage. Some go so far to say you can't remarry. The matter what situation is unless your spouse dies, then you can remarry. And some will save you committed either one of those sent abandonment or adultery.

You can never remarry under any circumstances is others who would go so far to say.

Well, as long as you repent you really nice about it in the recovery married and now I would go that far within another's variable what you do if you don't, you committed adultery and either Christian or non-Christian.

The details there and then you got remarried.

Later and then you realize what you did in the remarriage was a sin because you should've done that then what will this general consensus is he staying married and you don't get divorced because it would just be making something even worse. You stay where you are and that these are just the surface area they require a lot of discussion and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep I was saying trust and go trust God move forward. I don't don't be stupid. You don't trust God to catch me up one edge of office building and go down 10 stories not enough. No, if God calls you to do something is on your heart and move in that direction. What I would suggest you do is if you have something you want. Do your thinking about told ask God to increase if it's from him and decrease it if it's from you because you have certain desires and I pray this is from you increase and it's not from you, decrease it, and all notice things will decrease in a lot of areas.

Things I want to do different ways. He increases and because of his gift as a matter what it is. So you have to trust God do. You can't just sit take chances in trying to help somebody. Whatever it might be because maybe somebody find out. Not like doing this you can you find something else to do and then after I say wow I cannot believe that I really like going to the bread stores getting old and taking it to the homeless shelter doing that you wouldn't know that if you try might try that say this not for me okay for you try something else we do is we move forward in our gift. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep Matt slick taken away Matt and Vicki are on the air supply. How are you allowing all prayer better right everything is really really worried for you, God the only guy that got me I'm ever bothered me that he should bother you that the government would facilitates an anti-democratic religious system that's oppressive to women kills homosexuals, threatens, atheists, and says that Christianity is polytheistic and worships false God must be done away with. This is what a few of us what Islam teaches and if you go to Sir Annette chapter 9 it talks about subjugating all people under Islam was called sharia so the politician theory and I think my theory really I think is correct. You don't get energy to receive zombie movies zombies yellow their brains are working right frontal lobe functioning.

This kind of far left Democrats still have a frontal lobe functioning, so I assume that directly zombies and tell yeah I think or something to that he could tell zombie dissolve. The phi is to to Africa zombie not user frontal lobes and do stupid things, and this is one of them and the leftists who don't have a pure frontal lobe functioning for leftist they were in power and is really a sad thing so you know this is just my opinion of it.

Islam is a dangerous religion started seminars on Todd on Duke.

I thought about for years. It is evil and dangerous religion and flat out is it so why would anybody want to have a public call to prayer and then yet you penalize Christians you don't let him go to church and worship in what Christians do they say let's serve our community faithfully.

Let's not riot.

Let's not threaten people with death. Let's not put women under subjugation. Let's not kill homosexuals. Let's not do that stuff where the government do not. Let's attack the Christians and set the Muslims free.

This is a modification it's it is so the current zombie apocalypse I think will be. It is forthcoming with the rise of the socialist leftist communists who want to do stupid stuff to to our country like I got that right now. I mean like my he would never want the nation to promote the ungodliness of any religion accepted the truth that he actually and it's it's a horrible thing that our government is doing and before doing in a lot of areas.

It really is assistant amazing to me, all you do is there something wrong with the leftists. The politically correct people who just this reactive holder finger which weighs the social wind blowing all this go that way it doesn't matter what truth is this not examine anything we have to get rid of Christianity because it's oppressive and it's evil and it's wrong.

Let's get something in like Islam and how people come in because it like black religion. I heard an article where a guy was not admitted into Canada because he said Christianity was a religion of peace. That was the reason they would let now, you said that and see in Isaiah 520.

It says woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness to submit to bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own site. Woe to those who are heroes and drinking wine and valiant man would justify the wicked for a private tick with the rights of the ones who are in the right of Isaiah 523 that's what's interesting justify the wicked for a bribe. They're not trustworthy people and political power in the take away the rights of the ones who are in the right. This is what's happening in our country today and it said on my Cheerios all yeah so what do I think about it. I am very restrained on the radio necessary and on because I like to be restrained on the radio, but you know I like to say things like this in a polite form. Islam is evil religion from the pit of hell that was used for Satan used the false prophet Mohammed, who's a pedophile thief who got guys to's have their sexual fantasies fulfilled as long as they would kill people and things like this do stuff in and in college, bloodshed, and then they were given the possessions of of those whom they killed and said that this is what Allah wants. This is the true God.

Islam is a false religion. Mohammed is a false prophet and cultivate any Muslim on it publicly. Let's go on TV. Let's do it is an evil religion. It is dangerous and I got statistics to migrate in your Catholicism is bankrupt I I say that it's disturbing the evil one because it's official document salvation and Mary is antichrist on the second and people he to say stuff like this on the radio to speak up and this is me saying it calmly because I know that I work that way better than my right not Like and I get that hot believe now it really bad. I never really knew what their whole life.

I like this without me try this is just a lucky your Catholic rental.

Could you believe Jesus is God in flesh. She's gonna say yes. Do you believe that you forgive sins. Yes, you can pray to him. Yes, if you were to pray to Jesus and ask him to forgive all of your sins, would he do that and if she says no woman that's a problem. But if she says yes then she will want to do that because that's what you're asking. Actually, it's so basic and I asked Catholics this all the time I asked. It just last week or earlier this week and you and early this week is talking to Catholics and they won't do it. Pray to Jesus and asked him to forgive up. They say that if they did that all sins are forgiven within what you need a priest to go to pray for forgiveness. We know restricted Jesus and give me all these trees as well as a true church will if it's a true church, then why is it not pointing you to Jesus. Just like I did for the Holy Spirit witness of Jesus.

Why is it not the truth is this real simple.

But people. People like to be led around by the nose because they don't want to do the heavy lifting of thinking they want to do what they want to do and it's a great deception.

We are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 to see the light of the gospel against our natural self-righteousness so that's the way it always meant.

Let's get to this was going on here with fiddlers North Carolina Larry welcome you on the air all Matt, quite rare. Let all military unrestricted going the military and serve honorably and got all or than what you think any of them, all going to do the thing that got in a dividing line there that personally know I like I like to refer back to Nehemiah where nearby building the wall and have a AWOL building yet or defending your call. I don't know that delete from a list of mass but country been torn down to the point where it needed rebuilding and in order to get it like a bar that's historically speaking, you never get the country back little by little it's always through. Unfortunately, so always violence countries decay historically, little by little by little the liberals get in and I was mentioning yesterday people need to study the rise and fall of the Roman Empire because the parallels with America are just incredible. And one of the things at half-price.

Homosexuality became normative pedophilia goods and also these people in power from passing laws that they themselves were exempt from morality was lax and done so, you know, these are some of the things that went on and then the Roman Empire fell and then they basically as things are getting worse or blaming the Christians to have some of the blanks of the term limit Christian to Christian some word about the same thing happening here. I don't know it's gonna happen, but the idea of fighting. I understand that during the Revolutionary war. There were ministers who would preach a sermon on Sunday morning and when you're done they would take off their caller and illegal pick up their muskets and go out and resist the enemy is at right is wrong. I don't know but in the right. Well, you know, at that's all this insert that is your opinion must think it is right or is it right but I do know that the preamble of the Constitution does say we have an obligation to throw off an oppressive government I believe is preamble assessment and so when we do, because in November. We got some issues I talk about this a lot of my friends November. If Trump gets it elected people gonna hate it. If Biden gets in the beginning hated and what to do. There are people with guns on both sides ready to shoot each other. And the reason this is the case is because everyone's doing what's right in their own eyes had her eyes on God. They had her eyes on something else in the left, the far left doesn't have a moral compass. Its agenda is left is the Christian church on the on the right has been doing its job. It's been to narcissistic thumbsucking and a ghetto give me give me company. Company company as it would not enough to do it when I do in our culture and our country for decades and so now are reaping the whirlwind because of what you are doing the time comes you I don't know what's I think Christians need to prepare as the ant prepares the food in the summer for the winter.

We need to prepare for some some lean times it may, possibly, because if violence doesn't sue all over the place, then supply chains will be lessened and with that will come according and with that be problems, so the writings on the wall and we get. Be careful so you don't hold much or break your vote you right back after these messages, answer Bible questions.

This is what happened talk about was on her mind maps link to get away.

Matt Larry still there right now to briefly comment on the previous scholarly load early against the Republican Party and drop getting all included goat great Democrat. Do not know that they are pro-choice and will you know abortion shall use their words pro-abortion party also gathered them into party also was the party defending the KKK and slavery 1900 don't know that you know the people who will build destroy statues of a people from the 1800s, and yet they felt like crap just hi it's like are you thinking hello where's your consistency.

Yeah, I know I Matt, thank you for all right okay God bless, but all right to Mark from North Carolina. Mark welcome around here. I'll be going. It's going where you all right I just wanted to show my concern for the country to country or nation of Nigeria. There seems to be like it is that there is a base for genocide over their child's needs to send I've been in all prayer and supplication he could take care of it by morning he needed to go there.

There slaughtering Christians over there. He needs to do is right.

Once you write well so long to get the mail.

You know I you know you hear that that that that I don't think Trump listens to my radio show might be out there thing I area. What's the chalk talk to them but get him to stop following Apollo was polite and lets you know what call up Hannity Collette Fox news and say this was going on can make a mention of it because I don't think about that so I know that I Jerry you know that you have for pastors get. I'm sorry that I answered Don Wilton. You know you can brag like listen here about meeting a year brag that everything so I called his a little. I get prayer lives directly and I said you know on can you get in touch with him.

I need you I that's all I got that you know you say you need a biology, you could probably call you get a message to them. This may be taken care of now. This is like a Hitler type really you have any I was due this yelling documentation for this. I've not heard of that no news is that I started on the world news, yet they do not heard on the email documentation because it is important not being dismissive. I want to know that this is the case, but I get it now.

Nothing like 12,000 or something or maybe was 24,000.

It was ridiculous.

The amount that the number and I just thought a lot about was manually cried. I want to say that it's just the entity what what we need is documentation and so when people call up that's fine. Some like this is happening and we need in those Christians need to be praying about at the very least, and do good.

Your needs and not just pray we need to see what we can do but it has to be established that it is happening and so I like to see documentation because of it is happening.

I will mention it on the radio focus would need to happen and nothing heard on the Truth Network think article Truth Network the yellow belt clip in okay yeah it concerned me to answer all of us some insight.

Hitler bought a cake.

I know I'm looking at nines are you genocide right now on the web and is Christian's night is genocide happening in Nigeria's world turns a blind eye. So another sense of concern could I'm scared, clear, and rambling just like you know was clear that from our own salvation is been through that I write exactly I didn't want to mention the name but when you that's exactly right that I get that one mention I need. I didn't know that I don't want looking at stuff were talking and yet it looks like there's something going on with their wise news talk about this now. This is not good. Got it.

So Monica get over there yet like you did.

Hannity maybe this pray pray that you have. I prayed that he thought Bob pray that you get fighters in the air are not clean A flight pray last night take care of this before the sun see that, but we can't and I don't mean how the president either say what can we do about this. If whatever's able to be done. Let's see if we could do something is possible, just send fighter jets over without vendor's permission to start attacking people you can't do that so it has to be done properly through proper channels and my ability. Well okay it might be the Trump's already working on something like this. I don't know.

But the thing is different.

Get a pray and look for you.

You look for avenues to be able to communicate this to the right people you start. You know this is a meager radio show that I have here is not that many. It's been wrong less than 20 stations. I think that for me and got hundreds but not in so long.

Now we need more money anymore funding many more support. We can do it now. The funny coming to help you learn about Chris are jealous and clear support you think you really enjoy.

So I just thought I mention that so that more people out here but like you say Chuck try to get Hannity maybe yeah and also I have know that in Nigeria.

One of the largest churches. There is just an abusive charismatic name and claimant prosperity gospel churches using the people so there's a lot that's another thing going up appreciate that that's not yeah man thanks so much a really present. Matt got God bless you have a great doublet thank you for listening to the best of Matt slick live great content like this donated a ministry. Be sure to visit Carl see can also catch Matt's leg live every weekday from 6 PM to 7 PM Eastern standard of the Truth Network at and you to this is the Truth Network

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