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May 17, 2024 3:56 am

Matt Slick Live

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May 17, 2024 3:56 am

MSL- May 15, 2024-The Matt Slick Live -Live Broadcast of 05-15-2024- is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. Matt answers questions on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues- -You can also email questions to Matt using-, Put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line- Answers will be discussed in a future show.-Topics Include---MSL- May 15, 2024--The Days of Creation Framework Hypothesis--Telling Stepchildren the Truth--Are there generational curses----Radio questions answered--Were Sodom and Gomorrah punished for inhospitality----MSL- May 15, 2024

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If you want to watch the show, just go to It's Matt Slick, taking a call at 877-207-2276. two seven six now for those who might be listening a different way we're having audio problems from my end every bit of the computer during the break and i don't know why but uh... working on stuff and we'll just get it figured out let's get to anonymous from raleigh north carolina welcome you are on the the air uh... so should i change my voice to uh... i didn't mean brother that was bad uh... said my name uh... anybody out there listening i did my my uh... fellow brothers and sisters in christ church and i was thinking that anyway i'm wondering i've been in i didn't know how to ask the question or what but and uh... to the gentleman and before you my uh... to eleven through twelve great grant no grandfather was com landers he was the last anabaptist minister he uh... he was arrested he was uh... him and his friends and you know brothers in christ and all uh... escaped uh... he uh... however went back to be near his family or something exactly details i but then he was uh... rearrested he told them before he was he told the executioner that he forgave forgave him and it says that he smiled at him but that i'm wondering question i'm wondering i've been in no less no less as per an easter carefully followed his name shepherd i wish and not like that you know uh... nothing we could do to win his love i've been in no less than thirty in those thirty motorcycle car accidents uh... other things i'd rather not say but uh... you know definitely there's no uh... the way that i was still here but god's grace and mercy do you have a little more question you know that they get sick thanks really does that have anything to do because i've heard a generational persons but what could that be what i have to do it because of pound land it's like a generational that on he showed me more grace and mercy because he was a marker uh... okay you know i don't think i was confused so uh... i want to look generation persons are these real you know i know that there's yet to be a generational crisis if i'm not mistaken that could also work the other way because he bought them are that he stood firm i mean could that be passed along to i mean to where i have he showed me more power no no uh... he did what happened to him was uh... on him and the lord will rewarding for his faithfulness but uh... other than that uh... you know the top of generation of curses but generational blessings there's kind of stuff like this spoken of it in uh... the accident access twenty the ten commandments area so they're spoken of but um... uh... but you know i'm not sure how much i want to get into it so not sure what's going on you know what you're saying that you're right that i have been shut i mean i'm not sure more mercy and grace and others but uh... that i'm still alive because of something he kept coming back to the bloodline i'd will there's a yes and a note to that you can still be alive because of something he did like uh... you know he moved your family from one place or another that saved your life and that's why you're here so there's a direct and indirect means of internet yet enters yes but if you mean is very spiritual thing that came down uh... that's uh... it's tough because i have i'm sorry it's tough because we don't know what extent when promises god might have been involved with it for progeny uh... okay okay well thank you so much and i've listened to you all the time and really appreciate your more than you can you know that i'm going to watch and you can learn a lot so thank you so much for that well appreciate it which i think you're right all thank you sir have about nine of us every day thank you to thank you well all right now um... we are having audio problems on my and everybody computer we can't get things solved i don't have time to uh... do checks on it i don't know what's going on it's just one of those things that happen sometime so the people in the chat rooms won't be able to to uh... uh... to hear me uh... but you can't over to radio so that that's okay all right now we have nobody waiting right now if you want to give me a call all you have to do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six and what we can do waiting for people is uh... is something in here to get a couple of things uh... and we can get to some of the emails uh... we have some good uh... real question emails that came in so I think I'm going to get to some of those all right let's just do that right now let's see listening to radio show and I have a question uh... in a conversation with a muslim he had a hard time with what was written said it didn't mean what it says I forgot what verse that was or what we were talking about but anyway he was wanting to say I see the same thing as this muslim replied from most that I see from your forums that jesus was god I'm a bit perplexed over why they say and what is actually written that jesus said to himself as god has sent him I'm not sure what the question is uh... here's my question of these if jesus was god then who was this that jesus spoke of and said he could do nothing at all without his father who sent him without adding to or taking away from what was actually written okay so questions like that I can't answer because there's so many if this condition of that might just look at like five or six different things in one question and I'm not able to answer that so I would just suggest that if someone has a question you just need a basic question so I know exactly what it is that uh... is the topic all right so uh... we'll get on to another question let's see if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 uh... can you please help me understand why one would hold to what is to what is called corporate election and why one would believe in this over individual election corporate and individual are both true in the bible individual election uh... god picks individuals to be saved and he picks uh... people groups and he did that with israel to be saved corporate work we always have to define our terms when we're talking about stuff like that to see if uh... if what is being said is what we understand the question to me you know what's the terms there so uh... also does this deny original sin no it doesn't and man state of depravity uh... I really don't get it okay there's so much I want to discuss well jeremy you can give me a call you know or we can get on to some uh... other stuff uh... anyway all right let's see here's another one uh... when did jesus get the spirit that's a tough question because there's two levels we can answer that get the spirit well since he's god and the divine nature and the holy spirit and father and son are all intermixed as one divine essence then he's always had the holy spirit in that sense because the fathers and the holy spirit are all one thing but as a man under the law, Galatians 4-4 uh... then he received the the work of the holy spirit upon him at his baptism now that's uh... now can we say well that's when the holy spirit moved in him as a man I'm not going to say that but uh...

I believe it was in the womb but that's another thing because it says after this he was baptized by John it was like a dove in the wilderness to be tested so it's just different levels of of answering the question because we don't know what exact issue you're trying to get to anyway hey there's the music so tell you what we'll be right back after these messages give me a call 877-207-2276 should be right back it's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's Matt Slick alright everybody welcome back to the show hope you're all having a good time hopefully things will be working out better hey look if you want to give me a call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and uh... I can get you on the phone we have nobody waiting right now and I'm still having problems with the microphone I do not know what's going on uh... it's the weirdest thing because everything should be working fine and uh... for some reason it's not working in the uh... stream yard it might be there's a little glitch in the stream yard that's where I'm thinking now alright let's see let's see let's see defending the Catholic faith against the Matt Slicks of the world oh that's awesome I gotta check it out stuff like that you know the Catholic faith has got a lot of problems let's see I have a friend who believes that the Ark of the Covenant is right now at this moment in heaven he cites Revelation 11 19 does the Ark represent the presence of God oh boy yes it is the presence of God uh... does the Ark in Revelation represent Jesus or is this the actual Ark in the temple in Jerusalem like my fellow believers I can't answer it's just not that easy there's Revelation is a symbolic book and very symbolic so if it says the Ark is in heaven it might mean it in a spiritual way and sometimes say well then that means it can't be unearthed well does it mean that because there are there's a city in heaven that is spoken of but it doesn't seem to be a literal city the way it's described but yet it's called a city it's just not that easy to say well this is what it means and it's tough now uh... so let me read the article I just I really can't get into it uh... explain too many because really what would happen is I would be explaining things that basically end up with but it doesn't really we don't know that's how it would be I just don't see how we really can get around that right now let's try this one let's try this one uh... my understanding regarding demons and their abilities towards us believers is that uh... they can torment and afflict us yes they can I don't see scripture to support believers being possessed but rather oppressed good for you uh... agreed with that what concerns me is the growing number of so to speak ministries traveling the world casting demons out of believers some with manifestations and posting these events on youtube and social media platforms yeah I have a concern about that as well I don't believe it's legit and I don't know anything in scripture that says that um... that we can be possessed as christians you know by demonic forces I don't see a thing so what's happening in those places well there's a lot of places it's uh... it's uh... emotionalism and cultural necessity and it could also be that there are really demon possessed people who are pretending to be christian who on the surface look like it but are really not and uh... that's one of the things that might be the case alright eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six let's see horvash from virginia welcome you're on the air hi can you hear me yes I can okay uh... so my question is I know homosexuality is uh... is wrong and there are pastors uh... who are are pretty much saying that like in the bible during like uh... sodom and gomorrah that god didn't destroy sodom and gomorrah because of homosexuality but in hospitality and that the men yeah and all the men that were coming in to like rape the angels but that wasn't it was more to like uh... show their dominance rather than to really rape them and there's a book called Unclobbered and it's pretty much it talks about christians who have were saying that you know when they were talking about homosexuals in the old testament and the new testament they were more talking about pedophiles and not homosexuality and so how do you how do I like rebut that? well first of all I need to just say that such pastors who teach that are fools and servants of the devil they need to repent they need to trust in the gospel and believe the word of god really says instead of twisting it to to serve the enemy of our gospel of satan himself so uh... if any pastor wants to debate me on this who says homosexuality is not a sin or sodom and gomorrah then you contact me and we will go at it we'll have a nice polite debate using the word of god but uh... just call the pastors who affirm such heresy to repentance and they need to repent alright so it was not an issue of homosexuality uh... that uh... excuse me it was not an issue of just hospitality god wiped out our entire city because they weren't hospitalized they weren't housed people it's ridiculous this is foolishness it's the fools getting in the pulpits serving the devil and they are imitators of the truth and they need to be rebuked and kicked out of the pulpit and they need to repent and come to the faith that's what needs to happen so sodomy is derived from uh... sodom and we know what that means it's part of god's judgment and so uh... they wanted to get in and uh... do that to the angels of men and they were forcing themselves in and it's just insane it just makes me mad when people do stuff like this it's just horrible and so we go to leviticus uh... eighteen i believe it is it says you shall not lie with a male is one lies with a female it's an abomination uh... also you shall not have intercourse with an animal it's a bifurcate stuff okay because they're children but anyway uh... it's an abomination in the old testament it's an abomination in the new testament it's just how it is now what do you do with them? well my sister um... she has her friend who's also a pastor who i mean i don't believe that women should be pastors and i know you feel the same way but she's she's a quote unquote pastor and my sister has um... really taken to following everything she says and ask her if her ears tickle ask her if her ears tickle when she does this you know yeah go ahead yeah no but i mean i i i'm not sure how to get this pastor hannah her name how to like get her to like call you and debate you but i i'm just worried i just want my sister to follow someone like that well i've been offering uh... i've been doing radio now five days a week nineteen years and one day a week two years so twenty one years of radio but uh... for a good portion of it maybe close to seventeen eighteen years i can't remember maybe more maybe less but i've been periodically offering over the radio to have a debate formal debate on the issue does the bible support women pastors and elders and uh... i'd be glad to debate them and i've never had anybody take me up on it not even once and uh... they don't want to because i will go to the word of god and i will put their feet to the fire and i'll call them to repentance in the debate say you need to repent of these things because here's what the scripture teaches et cetera et cetera there's a theological reason to this as well and uh... not just a biblical one there's theology behind it in the created order so uh... she won't do it because they're unrighteous i remember once i was in escondido california san diego county and uh... i was at a coffee place and there's a woman obviously woman pastor had to call her on at a bible she's working on stuff and i went up to her and i said oh you're a pastor she says oh yes i said would you be willing to have a discussion with me about the biblical basis for women pastors and she immediately said i'm not talking to you or anybody about it just very hostile and uh... i said the bible tells you to give an answer to everyone i'm asking tells you to do that and she goes i'm not talking to you get away and so uh... you know wah wah but they're obligated to defend the faith and this is a critical thing these are one of the topics that gets me going because it's like when i talked about marriage yesterday to the guy men need to stand up and start acting like men they need to start being godly and strong and not hold their finger up in the air and see which way the doctrinal or social wind is blowing or sit there in kowtow to the leftist and liberals they need to start being men they start following the lord jesus and say i'm gonna follow my lord if my wife doesn't like it too bad if my boss doesn't like it too bad i'm following my lord my savior jesus christ and we need to start having men who do this well we need to start having men in the pulpit who do this and men in the church who start doing this and say no we're not going to have this and let me just tell you guys out there men let me tell you if you're sitting underneath a woman pastor you are supporting sin and rebellion against god's word you're supporting it that's not what you're called to do as men and if you're a woman pastor and you are involved in sin and rebellion against god you need to repent and uh... be glad to have a debate on this a formal debate we do it online i'll come to your church and we will we'll have a debate on it but like i say they never call me up on it never do they never no one ever accepts it that's a challenge what do you say to someone like her i'm sorry go ahead no go ahead i got so much i could just spew more crud about it in fact i'm going to did you know i did research uh... eighty percent of the denominations in churches that adopt women pastors within two generations start adopting homosexuality yeah heresy breeds heresy and we got a break coming up so thanks for letting me vent that's one of the ones against me we'll be right back after the break so stay on I'll be right back okay hey folks if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 877-207-2276 we'll be right back it's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 here's Matt Slick alright and welcome back to the show let's get back on record are you there? yes i'm here alright so yeah one of the topics that gets me going so two of the topics so did you any more comments or anything you want to ask? uh... so the same pastor was telling my sister that a lot of the the translation from the bible uh... part of the whole like the homosexuality is god didn't condemn it that whole translation is because it's been mistranslated uh... and so i just i don't i don't know like how to tell my sister like that's that's that's not true like i mean god's word just go to Romans 1 okay so i'm having to do a translation thing uh... the word for homosexuality didn't occur until the nineteen hundreds and then it was added into the english translations of the bible because the term came uh... to bear that's what it means but it comes from the greek word arsenikoitas man better that's what it's talking about it means man better arsen man better koi-tas koi-tas i knew what that is but that's actually the greek arsenikoitas so it has to do with sexual perversions of the same sex uh... if you go to romans chapter one it says for even though they knew god they did not honor him as god or give thanks but they became futile in their speculations and their foolish heart was darkened professing to be wise they became fools and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible god for the image of the form of the corruptible man etcetera god gave them over to the lusts of their hearts to impurity so that their bodies would be dishonored among them for they exchanged the truth of god for a lie worshiped the creature rather than the creature for this reason god gave them over to degrading passions this is verse twenty six of romans one for their women exchanged a natural function for that which is unnatural in the same way also men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned with their desires toward one another men with men committing indecent acts of receiving their own person to do the due penalty of their error and just as they did not see fit to acknowledge god any longer god gave them over to a depraved mind to do those things which are not proper check this out being filled with unrighteousness wickedness greed evil full of envy murder strife deceit it was on and on and on and it was interesting is the last verse says this in chapter one although they know that the ordinance of god is that that those who practice such things are worthy of death they not only do the same but also give hearty approval to those who practice them so now that pastor is giving hearty approval to the practice of evil and he is under judgment okay alright thank you so much you're welcome sounds good alright now let's get over to jim from greensboro north carolina welcome you are on the air thanks matt i have uh... not really heard you talk about this may be just i have a listen when someone has but with the end of times and signs of that nature uh... what do you let let's just say one of the signs of the building of the temple in jerusalem's third times and i'm like well that hasn't happened so we're not near that but then i go well is that a metaphor or or symbol for a different all pattern is it a physical third temple or like you know our body is a temple is it a symbol for a different thing that we're just not looking at it looks like it's going to be a physical temple that's going to be rebuilt in fact the jews now have the uh... the red heifer and they are training priests oh wow now i've been to the the site and uh... i've been to the dome of the rock been outside and walked around it and there's a very large area very large area where you could build a temple jewish temple right there next to it now this this is gonna this would greatly offend the muslims it would greatly offend them but uh... well so what but uh... there's plenty of room to build a temple in that area okay there's another area down the steps a whole other area where uh... a temple could go there's uh... i would say this is off the top of my head football fields there's probably two football fields down below and maybe two or three above thomas how much space there is i have a listen to some people talk about the antichrist and of course whenever that particular person comes uh... i'm totally do you think that that enterprise would be achieved that would bring that particular certain area of the country together and then probably was looking at everyone i think it's probably a bit muscle uh... i've heard about it might be but uh... it would make sense because muslims would accept a muslim but they would never accept a jew to be over them in that area i i don't see that it's happening the thing about judaism and christianity we're tolerant of others but islam is not tolerant you know don't take jews and christians as your friend sir a five fifty one says so we're not so uh... they're intolerant and and it's a it's a death cult is what it is about killing people that's what it teaches and so the when things get really bad it might be that uh... any muslim will arise who's the antichrist and he will offer peace and the jews are safe line uh... and that he allows the temple to be rebuilt and when that happens when that happens saddle up where they are yeah yeah saddle up and then get ready because one of the other prophecies is a uh... two hundred million man army that marches up uh... from the east one to try to be freddie's river and uh... you freddie's river is drying up it's gets in fact all of the fact i'm from and that's china has two million man potential army there so and then magog from the north maybe russia uh... come down in israel along with the kings from the east to take a spoil out of israel and uh... the the thing that israel has is the dead sea the dead sea has trillions of dollars of minerals in it but extracting it is very difficult right now i don't know why they're not doing it but it might be one theory is that it might be that there's going to be so much wealth that they're going to have because of this that they'll quickly become the richest nation in the world in the history of the world if they can get into mineral school i've heard theories about this but you know i just don't know and i've been there and into the dead sea i've floated to the dead sea and um... it's really interesting it's so thick with stuff that when you're in a normal pool you can float you know i'm six feet tall two hundred fifteen pounds so i i can uh... float up to about my chin you know or my nose you know that range but in the dead sea it's below my pecs the water level is right about there yeah it's that that buoyant you know it's just amazing and then i got a drop of it in my eye and i was almost crying like a little boy who bonked his head it was really bad alright well that's very interesting i appreciate it Matt well sure man well sure god bless anything else? no okay so you know i had this article up uh... what are some of the signs of the end times uh... a lot of people think i'm gonna just pop some balloons here a lot of people think we're gonna get pre-trib wrapped wrapped it out of here i don't see that in scripture i hope i'm wrong and if you hold to that position i hope you're right but having just really just uh... examined it let's just say looking at the verses that support it and the verses often taking it way out of context you know like two men in the field one's taken one is left that has nothing to do with the rapture when you look at the context just stuff like this uh... i believe we're going to go through it i believe we're going to see the trial of tribulation just as so many christians throughout the centuries have who've been martyred, been beheaded, been burned frozen to death, torn apart by animals why do people think that hey today we're special in america we're gonna get out no we're not but uh... there are many things that the bible talks about that are uh... signs of the end times let's read some to you and this is this is where we get into what's called depressed catology eschatology the study of end times and this is depressing so depressed catology so there'd be the presence of false christs and false prophets so the muslims both have a false christ and a false prophet as do the the mormons for example and the jovis witnesses because they all teach about who jesus is but they're all false and they all have prophets and they're all false uh... there's going to be war uh... this is out of matthew twenty four the persecution of the faithful that's matthew twenty four nine it says they will deliver you to tribulation it will kill you and you'll be hated by all nations because of my name now here's the thing people say we're going to get out raptured well why would it say they're going to be killed for his name if god wants us just to not have to go through this why are they going through it there'll be apostasy that's occurring lawlessness will increase and love will go cold matthew twenty four twelve talks about that there'll be earthquakes famine and plagues in increasing areas luke twenty one and increase in selfishness at second timothy two to that's certainly the case also uh... and second timothy three chipper three verses two through five it talks about to be an increase in the lovers of self and money and pleasure arrogant disobedience ungrateful unholy haters of good uh... that's we see that america right now conceded appearing godly but are not we see that a lot of churches uh... appearing to be godly but are not the mocking of jesus this is happening more and more by the media and movies and things like this to be an increase in knowledge that's obviously the case inside of daniel twelve verse four a rise of spiritism this is dealing with uh... not christ but the idea of spirits and coming into contact with spirits and energies and things like that there'll be a decay in marriage that is obviously uh... happening to be a rise in false teaching that's obviously on the rise the gospel will be preached to the whole world well that's good because people are going to be raised up by god through all of this to preach and teach that gospel and praise god praise god and also to be signs in the heaven different kinds of signs the moon the sun and moon will be darkened this is uh... matthew twenty four twenty nine the sign of the son of man will appear in the sky matthew twenty four thirty there will be according to revelation eleven eighteen abuse and destruction of the earth and its resources uh... yeah that's happening and so all the nations of the earth will gather against israel that's zechariah twelve three rebuilding of the temple second thessalonians two talks about that the arrival of the antichrist also uh... second thessalonians two they'll be the enforcement of the mark of the beast revelation thirteen seventeen it's reminiscent of the enforcement of the vaccine you know for covid the jab they call it i'd never believed it was the mark of the beast but i wonder if it could have been a test run to see how many people would buy into it and just get what they do what they're told by the government by the people in power it could have been a test run who knows i'm just thinking out loud and also repentance of israel and the jews coming to faith in christ that's romans eleven so all of this stuff is yet to some of it's yet to come on the scene a lot of it is here and so there you go and we could do a study sometime on why we're going to go through the tribulation wouldn't you guys like to hear that on the radio show sometimes uh... people go no hey there's the music may the lord bless you and uh... by his grace we're back on there tomorrow and we'll talk to you then so god bless everybody we'll see you another program powered by the truth network
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