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November 2, 2023 5:17 pm

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November 2, 2023 5:17 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST. --Topics Include---05- Pray for Luke Wayne.-06- Completely Online Churches, are they legit without proper leadership---14- 1 Timothy 4-10 is Jesus the savior of ALL men-- 1 Timothy 4-16, How do you save people by preaching---23- Acts 2-17, Pour out His Spirit, could this be causing dreams---32- What should you do to start a church--

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. If you want to give me a call on November 1, 2023, dial 877-207-2276. If you want to, you can email me instead at info at

Just put in the subject line radio question or radio comment and we'll get to them. Alright, we've got callers coming in and I've got a little bit of an announcement. Some of you may know who Luke Wayne is. He used to work with us at CARM and he moved on to bigger and better things. He's a great guy, which we could have kept him, but it's just finances and he's got a growing family. And I'm going to tell you about him a little bit. I got a call from him last night.

We got talking. He married a woman who's blind and she's great. And then they adopted two blind kids from a third world country, or like, you know, I don't know, Yugoslavia, one of those countries over there, Romania, I don't know.

And then they had their own kids. And so I want you to pray for the little girl, one year old. She's got a condition that they're going to require brain surgery. She's having seizures and there is pressure building up in the brain. They're going to have to put a stent in. And poor Luke, you know, he's got so much on his plate and he is just trying to maintain, doing a good job of it for the most part.

But yeah, it's hard to go through it. And so if you would lift him up in prayer, lift his little girl up in prayer, Luke's daughter. And so the word was they wouldn't get any consult or emergency, whatever it is. I don't know the details until November 16th.

And I just got a text written to him a little bit ago that's been moved up to this Friday. So things are going better. She doesn't need surgery.

She may need surgery for the rest of her life periodically to relieve issues. What's going on? And so it's going to the body of Christ and asking the body of Christ that you would just pray for him. My wife and I prayed for him and been on my heart a lot.

And he's a good man, good man of God. So I just lifted him up and asked that you guys would pray for him and his little girl. And, you know, it's just for all of us who have had issues with children, but infants, babies, some of us have lost children. Some of us have had to watch them suffer, you know, my sympathies to all of that.

We don't know why God allows it, but it does happen. And it's just basically it's just hell. But if you would be so kind, lift him up in prayer. Appreciate that. I'll let him know that I announced it on the radio and that we can all pray.

All right. Having said that, let's get to Carrie from Boise, Idaho. Carrie, welcome.

You are on the air. Hi. How are you doing? I'm doing OK. Hanging in there. So what do you got?

Good. I have a question. I know of a church on, well, it's Facebook, I guess. Somebody started an online church and there's no elders or deacons or anything like that. It's just kind of a individual that wanted to start his own church.

And I just want to know, is it legitimate? Now, you know, it's hard to say yes and no automatically, generally speaking. No. However, what do you do under different circumstances? Let's say that there are a bunch of shut ins and they can't physically get to church. And someone has a service online. And let's just say that in this service, it's a legitimate church with a building with elders, et cetera, and they just put their stuff online. And the person goes online and attends that way. Is that legitimate?

Yes. What if in the situation you're talking about, there is no actual building, no actual elders, just somebody who's doing this? Now, is that a true church?

Generally speaking, a church is comprised of people, elders, and there's the preaching and teaching of the word. There's the administration of baptism and communion. And so the difficulty becomes administering baptism and communion online. You can't baptize someone online and on communion. What you could do is theoretically is tell people in advance so we can advance to get some bread and some wine or grape juice, whatever, and that they can have it with themselves. If there are shut ins and things like that and they don't have anybody coming to them, then they could just have communion as it's done. And I think that's legitimate.

I think those are exceptions. Normally we want to have communion and go to church, so as you know, my wife has a lot of problems. She's not been to church for months because of these problems, but we're going to try and go this coming Sunday.

She's been feeling a little bit better. It'll be the communion. And one of the reasons I want her to go is to have communion. Now, if she can't make it, what I'll probably do is have a service here by myself with her and we'll have communion. Is that a church? No, it's not a church per se, but I'm certainly qualified to do that kind of stuff, and the communion would be legitimate. So when we talk about this kind of stuff, is it a legitimate church?

Mostly no, but sometimes yes. And so it's difficult just to deal with this. It's difficult to deal with all of this stuff going there. I hope that's better online.

I already had those things set, some audio stuff. So depending on the circumstances, I would have to look at circumstances and say if it's an actual church or not. What if you have an actual pastor who stays retired and he does this from his home because he really can't travel anymore? And he does this to minister to people. He's been ordained in good standing and he helps people.

Is that a legitimate church? I would think it would suffice and it would be sufficient. That's what I would think. So it's a tough one. It's a tough question. Okay. Yeah, okay.

All right. It's kind of new territory. I guess I don't understand what holds this person accountable. That's an issue. Elders should be in the case. In a situation like that, he would have to have elders if it was to be a church. Now some people have asked me to preach, just get up online and just preach a sermon on Sunday. And I could do that and people could listen and I wouldn't call it a church. I would just say I just preached a sermon and people are listening.

Now if in that situation, let's say hypothetically we were doing that and after six months we had 100 people who just watched regularly. Let's just say that's the case. And they can't get out. Maybe they're 100 miles away from a decent church. Everything around them is just liberal idiocy. Or maybe they've been injured and they can't get out.

Whatever reasons. Then if they were to ask for communion, what would I do in that situation? Because of a situation where people are realistically prohibited from attending a normal church function. Then I think it would be admissible to do that kind of thing online. And then administer communion online and say you need to do this.

Get your wine, get your bread. We just do it together. We pray over this and we do this together. And I think that would be acceptable. Okay. And so if this person was ordained as a Pentecostal pastor like 20 years ago but then he saw the light so to speak and left the whole Pentecostal thing.

And found true biblical theology and now is reformed and is doing a reformed online church. It could be legitimate. Now we get into some other issues. Okay. If an atheist pastor, and they're out there.

They just don't let themselves be known but they're out there. Offers communion. Is the communion legitimate?

Yes. Because it's not dependent upon the individual. So if, then we get to the issue of a baptism for example. Is a baptism of so and so legitimate if it was in a, let's just say a Pentecostal church that believed in the trinity but they were just, they were in a lot of errors in some other areas. But they baptized and they were the fathers and holy spirit. Jesus Christ was God in flesh and they believed in grace through faith. Would that baptism be legitimate? I'd say yes. If the person then moved away from that into reformed theology, there's no, I don't see any need to get pre-baptized.

If, however, he had gotten baptized in the one that's Pentecostal cult or the Mormon church or the Jehovah's Witness church, then he would have to get baptized because those are not legitimate baptisms. So there's a lot of factors in here and it's hard to over the radio just say, oh, here's a universal situation. You know? It's not that easy. Yeah. Okay. Okay. All right. Well, thank you so much.

You're welcome. All right. You guys take care. Bye bye. Okay. Oops. Sorry about that. Okay. You too. All right.

Well, that was Kerry. Now let's get to, let's see, it'll be Scott from Spokane. Scott, welcome. You're on the air. Thank you, Matt. How are you doing today?

Doing all right. And I just found out that my cat is in the office with me at the closed door. Don't know how he got in and he got up on my desk. So I have to hold him while I'm talking to you. I love that cat.

I don't like that cat either, but I love him. He's awesome. Oh yeah. That's right.

You've been here. He's huge, isn't he? Yeah. He's big.

He's incredible. So yeah, I have a couple of questions for you. Both of them.

It's funny. I've been reading 1 Timothy this morning and I have written down like 10 questions. I'll just pick the two. Okay. So first one will be 1 Timothy 4-10.

Okay. And I just want to know how are unbelievers, quote, saved in this? What is it saying here? It says he's a saver of all men.

So when people bring that up, I'll ask them. I'll say he's a savior of those who are judged to damnation. And the answer, of course, is well, in one sense, yes, in another sense, no. He's the savior because he's the only savior of all people, not just the Jews, but he's the savior also of the Gentiles. Not just the Jews, but the Egyptians and the Syrians and the Americans and the Spanish, et cetera. So that's what's going on. We're talking about all men, not just the Jews.

So that's what I do. I ask him, is he the savior of those in hell? Well, no, he's not.

He didn't save them. Okay. That's what I, you know, I immediately think that, but when it says especially believers, you know, obviously that's the first thought anyone would have, that the believers are saved in that sense.

But it seems like because you said believers, that's more of a distinction between believers and non-believers versus the huge Gentile. So that's why I have the question. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's right. Yep. So especially of the believers, especially those who believe, you know, that's where it is.

He's generically the savior of all people, but specifically of those who trust in him. Yeah. Okay. And the next one would be 1 Timothy 2.15. Yes.

1 Timothy 2.15. Yeah. Be prepared, et cetera.

Handling after the word of truth. We've got a break, so hold on, buddy. Okay. We'll be right back after the break. Okay. All right, man.

God bless. And folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody. Welcome back to the show. Let's get back on with Scott. All right, I got rid of the cat.

I put him out during the break. All right, so 2 Timothy 2.15, right? Yeah.

Just wondering what he's saying by women are safe and childbearing. I'm sure you get this question from time to time. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it looks like there's a pun going on because in the culture, in the context, birth was dangerous and still is, but women more frequently died in birth and children died. So one of the pagan gods that the Greeks had was, I forgot her name. Diana?

I think it was Diana, yes. And another version of the same deity was Soteria. And something like that, a play on the word. And so Soteria is salvation in Greek. So you'll be saved in childbearing or through it. In other words, don't look to Diana or Soteria, look to Christ. And it looks like this is what's going on in there.

It's a pun in the Greek. Okay, interesting. Yeah. All right, well, I have one more if you want, but I could let some room for some other people. Sure, one more really fast.

What do you got, buddy? All right. So 1 Timothy 4.16, it says that you'll be saving those who hear you and yourself basically by preaching and teaching good things. I'm paraphrasing, of course. Yeah. I mean, it's just a general, I mean, I think I get it, but. Yeah, it's just a general thing. You'll be saving people by preaching the gospel.

We don't actually do the saving, but it's just a generic thing that it'll lead to their salvation. Okay. I figured that. Just had to double check there, but yeah, that's it.

I think so. I appreciate your time. Thank you. All right, man.

God bless, buddy. All right. Hey. Oh, sure.

That was Scott. He came over here and we did some stuff down in Salt Lake City. We did an outreach of the Mormons out there during their, uh, what was it? Anyway, we did some stuff.

Let's get to anonymous six, six. Welcome. Hello, brother. I knew I liked you, but I can't get to my phone to turn the volume up because I stopped a minute to take a picture of you holding your cat up. So anyway, I love that. Beautiful.

If you would, um, I have a question, I don't know how to put it out or question or comment. I've noticed what he said in the lab, latter days, he will pour out a spirit. I used to have more dreams, more quote unquote coincidences. I mean, increasing and even a, uh, uh, a deeper level and it's almost, I don't know, it's almost too much is happening so fast and it's not my imagination.

I know it's not. And now I was getting coincidences before here and there. It's like the whole day long. I can feel him like a personal, like he's personally with me.

And I guess I don't know if it's a question or comment as to where it almost is too much like the song Overwhelming by Big Daddy Weave. Well, it's probably that he's prepping you for something. If it's from the spirit, then he's probably prepping you for a little something to come. It's like I've had, well, testimony, which I won't share on it, but, uh, that I'm even alive probably with many, many motorcycle, many, many car accidents and, uh, well, overdoses.

I mean, there's just no way that I'm still here technically realm. So I'm just, you know, I'm thinking I keep feeling like I've, cause I've already shared with other people, you know, deliverance and healing and on and on that he's done. He's blessed me with so his mercy that, and so I'm feeling like it's to be, you know, that's my, like, how do you know what your calling is? I feel like that's my, that all of that, Romans 8, 20, it was meant to help other people. Yeah.

I don't know. So maybe, well, no, I just comment about it, but generally when people have stuff like that happen, generally it's either because something really bad is going to happen or something really good is going to happen. Like he's prepping you for, um, a trial, you know, and, and then you're prepped for it or it could be that he's just loving on you and nothing, nothing big and he's just loving on you. Or the other one is he's prepping you for, uh, you know, something good, a door open to be used and to, uh, you know, bring glory to him. There's just possibilities, but usually it's, there's something coming.

Usually that's what I've seen, but sometimes not. Okay. And I can't keep getting the, it's like something with, and this is before the, you know, October 7th at that, uh, I feel like a strong function. I've told a couple of people that something with two years, I don't know if it's been in on that anyway. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Two years. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. October 7th, two years.

What was that about? I, I don't know that something major is happening. I was, well, the doctors diagnosed me with, uh, when you say major cancer and then in my right lung and I wonder, but I don't know if it's with me, if it's with somebody else or with me or just in general, but something about two years, I keep getting, I don't know.

The reason I ask is I've had the same, um, I've had the same feeling in two years. Something's coming. Oh wow. Yeah. And uh, yeah, but I don't know what it is. I have a feeling that it has to do with our country with some major stuff happening.

So, um, you know, wouldn't be surprised where the Democrats are destroying our country with the liberal woke crap opening the border. Who knows? I'm sorry. Democrats. I'm sorry. What? I made a story, you know, I, oh, you mean the demoniac Democrats?

Yeah. Democrats and the Republicans are much better, but the Democrats are, I'm just amazed that they're evil, the evil that they promote to blindly do not research, to blindly refuse to not see or even research that there's, you know, it's just my neighbors. I'm like, I don't understand.

I'm sorry. It's a cult mentality in the democratic party and the Democrats who follow brainwash people. But anyway, so that's why I was asked what the two years thing because I've not said anything to really anybody except my wife and like something's coming. And, but you know, what does that mean? You know, it's just like, well, of course it borders, but, but I'm saying that because the borders are open because of how bad everything is going. You know, it could be just bad pizza. So who knows?

But if other people are having a similar to know about it. Oh, wow. All right. Yeah. Okay. All right. And by the way, he is a gorgeous cat and he looks like you.

Yeah, he was given to us. One of our daughters did a lot of modeling. She's very pretty. And, um, she got all her, actually one guy said she had all her looks from me and I'm like, what? He said, cause you've got, he said, cause you've got none left. And I laughed. I thought that was great. But, um, so someone, someone gave, that's funny.

It was funny. So someone gave her that cat. She had another cat and he didn't get along. So we inherited him and he's a Russian Maine Coon purebred and he's 20 pounds. I had a, I had a, um, a Norwegian forest cat, 18 years passed away.

I've got an all white cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye and I'm helping out the other people. So, um, Hey, well there's the music. A couple of weeks ago we were kidding around about being a 66.

Well, that's where I'm at. All right. We got a break coming up, so God bless. Thanks for calling. Okay. We'll talk to you later. Hey folks, be right back after these messages. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right. Welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276. And if you want to email me, you can just email me at info at, info at And just put a radio question, radio comment or something like that.

Um, and the subject line. Okay. Let's get to Shaboo. Welcome. Okay, so what do you got buddy?

Hi. What are the, what are the best qualities of a church? What are the qualities of a church? If I want to start a church, what I, what I want to looking for? I want to start a church. You want to start a church? Okay. Yeah.

What are the things I need to do? You need to be a Christian for one. Okay. You should know your theology. You should know it well. You should know how to counsel. You should know how to relate theology to the counseling. You should know what it means to preach a sermon in historical redemptive Christocentric soteriological system.

As you actually genetically look through the scriptures. What that means is everything's about Christ. And ultimately every sermon must be Christ centered. Ultimately, we're not to preach a sermon about just being good for the sake of being good, because God makes God happy. That's moralism. And a good preacher would know the difference between moralism and Christ-centered preaching. Things like that.

No women pastors, no women elders. Okay. So, what is the, what about the remuneration? What is a salary?

How do you, if the cost of living is high? Well, that's a bother right there if you're asking about that. Okay.

If that's what you're interested in, then I wouldn't do it. So, you have to have what's called the internal call. And then there needs to be the external call. Got to be, God's got to call you to this.

You got to feel it. It's just something on your heart and your mind. And if you're thinking, oh, to start a church, I can get a salary. Well, then you don't have no business being a pastor.

Okay. So, what about the baptism? Baptism should be a priority. Baptism. So, we are saved by grace alone.

Well, wait, wait, wait. She said, should baptism be a priority? I don't know what you mean a priority.

What does that mean? Most of the church priority of baptism, immersed baptism should be part of, we need a swimming pool or something. So, that may give more importance to baptism. Faith and baptism. I don't understand what you're asking.

So, should we be in more importance to faith and baptism or just faith alone? You don't know? This tells me this is basic stuff. And you should know this kind of stuff. Anyone who wants to be a pastor, God would be preparing them to understand things like this.

Okay. You should know what the scriptures teach. That's why I say you need to know your theology. A lot of pastors don't know their theology. They only know skin deep theology. They don't know very much. A lot of them do, but a lot of them don't. Okay. So, you got to learn.

All right. So, how do I reach unbelievers to that church? How do you reach unbelievers? The job of the pastor in the church is not to reach unbelievers. The job is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry. Ephesians 4, 11 and 12. This is why you need to know your theology when you don't.

Okay. The pastor's job is not to reach the lost. The pastor's job is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry.

They're the ones who go out and reach people. Now, that's not to say that the pastor can't preach a sermon to the lost and doesn't seek the lost. To preach to them. But his primary job is to equip the Christian body. That's what Ephesians 4 says.

Okay. So, I want to say go and preach the gospel all over the world and make them disciples. And the pastor is coming in the name of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Matthew chapter 28. So, we have to go and preach the gospel outside, right? Yes, we should.

After the mission? Yeah, that's a generic call to all the disciples and all the followers of Christ. But the pastor's job specifically is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry. That we all obtain to the unity of the faith. So, as a pastor, you should know things like and know what these words mean. The Trinity, economic trinity, ontological trinity, aseity, non-contingency, necessary preconditions. Know about incarnation, hypostatic union, communicatio idiomatum, the difference between justification and imputation and sanctification. Any pastor worth his salt should know those things inside out, backwards, forward, and be able to institute an article on demand or a sermon on demand out of the scriptures from memory.

They should be able to exegete scripture, be able to teach exegesis, be able to apply the theology to marriage, and his or her, well, his marriage should be in good standing with God and with the people. Okay. And other stuff. The salvation is by grace through faith alone, not by faith and baptism, right? Correct. So, basically saying that the preaching must be Christ's and their. Of course. Jesus says, you search the scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life, but it is these that bear witness of me.

Okay. That's John 539. So, the scriptures are about Jesus. So, if you're going to preach, anything in the scriptures ultimately has to be Christ-centered. And the reason in any sermon, the reason we do ABC or believe ABC or repent from ABC is because of the work of Christ on the cross.

That's the reason why. Otherwise, it's moralism. Be good because being good is good. The Mormons teach that. The Catholics teach that. It's moralism.

It's not Christianity. Okay. Okay. Thank you, sir. Okay.

You need to study, man. Okay? Yeah. All right. Thank you, sir. Okay. All right. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. Nobody waiting.

November 1st was a special day or is a special day for me. Back in high school, a friend of mine, Dave, we're walking up, riding our bikes up a hill in Orange County, California, Buena Park over the 91 freeway heading east. And we're on the left-hand side walking up against traffic, you know, like we're supposed to do. This guy in a blue van stops, cuts us off, gets out. Dave was in front of me. And he runs over to Dave screaming, grabs Dave, and says that we almost killed him. We don't know what he was talking about.

It was like 7.15 in the morning. We thought he was crazy. And he says, I'm going to kill you guys. I'm going to kill you guys.

This is all of a sudden just what happened on November 1st, like about the year 1974. And so the traffic was heavy, and this guy's there, and it's dangerous. And I didn't want him to get me. I got on my bike, went down the hill to stop and get traffic, get some help. And I realized I just left my buddy. I hit the brakes and looked back. My friend had broken free, and the guy was in his van after me. So I got in my – I just pedaled with everything I had.

Went down to the bottom of this overpass and made a hard 45-degree tilting angle cut into a trailer park. And this guy in the van, just like in the movies, the rear tire screeching around the gravel and kicking sand and dirt everywhere. And it was right on my tail. And I jumped off the bike and ran to my left.

He slammed on the brakes and got out of the car and started chasing me. And I was – at the time, I weighed about 115 pounds, maybe 105 pounds, because I'd gained some weight by them as a senior, six feet tall. I was extremely skinny. Now I'm over 200 pounds.

Now it would be a different situation. But then I probably weighed about 100 to 105, I'm thinking. But anyway – and so all I could do was run, and this guy was yelling, he's going to get me. And ran across into the boulevard, Orange Thorpe Boulevard, and just bolted right into the traffic and dodged through the traffic.

Hopefully – I was going to go across the street to a building where I saw some cars at 7.15 in the morning. Hopefully people were there and they could rescue me. And this guy was right behind me. What I would do is dodge left and right, because I was lighter than he was. I could gain distance by just bolting my direction differently.

It took him longer to change direction. And so I continued this for about three minutes, and exhaustion was kicking in. This is all true, and I'm making this up. And then – I guess someone asked me to tell the story. And so I got in the other side of the building, and there was, I don't know, 20 cars.

I don't know who, what, when, where, but they're just a bunch of cars. There's nobody out there. And I'm running, and this guy's on my tail, and I put a car between us. And I'm looking at him, and he's looking at me, and he wants me.

I look past him, and I see my friend, and he's with somebody. And when I get back, I'll tell you what happened. Be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned.

Be right back. But he goes, what happened? But I'll tell you what happened. So I still remember it. You know, I'm almost 67, and this happened probably 50 years ago. And I remember that morning. And this guy had sandy, blondish hair, and he was obviously either demented. I don't know what his problem was on drugs.

I don't know. And he was out to get me. And so what I did was I kept the car between us. It was the only way I could catch my breath.

This guy was bigger, stronger, faster. And I just kept doing that. And I see my friend over there, and he's with someone. And this someone is in a chef's outfit, you know. And turns out later I found out because the chef had a knife. And my friend Dave was talking to him, but the guy didn't speak English. And so he misunderstood the situation and thought that the guy and I, or it was me, trying to get Dave.

So he had a knife. So I was trying to get over to where they were for protection. It's a good thing I didn't get over there because who knows what would have happened. So I tried to get over there, and he kept blocking me. He'd bolt around the car, and I was getting worn out.

I knew I was going to drop pretty soon just from exhaustion. So he made a move and forced me to go in a certain direction to get out into the open. And so I just bolted, and I saw a door. And this door was just open, and there were some cars next to it.

I don't know what it was. And so I just made a beeline for this door. Hopefully people would be in there. It made sense that people would be in there. And I just ran in there.

My whole life I've never had my eyes adjust so fast to darkness. Because it was in the bright daylight, and it was just dark. I went in there, and I just ran, and it was a bar. They served alcohol. And I just bolted in, and there was like three people in the bar plus a bartender. This was at 7.50 in the morning.

Yeah, I know. And I realized there was no exit. And I ran to the far wall next to a cigarette machine, just puffing and puffing, heart pounding, sweat coming down, fear, adrenaline. And then the silhouette of this guy at the door, he stopped, and he knew he got me. He knew I couldn't get out.

And he starts walking towards me because he saw me. And there was this big man sitting at the bar about seven feet from me, and I said, I don't know. This guy's trying to kill me.

I didn't do anything. He's trying to kill me. He's trying to hurt me. And right when the guy got to me, right before he did, this big man stood up and stood in front of him and said, Not here. Get out of here.

Leave him alone. And this guy tried to look around him. And this guy was big.

And, you know, he knew he couldn't match this guy. And the guy just stood his ground. And I'm breathing and I'm panicking. I mean, I'm super small, you know.

I had no chance. And the guy points at me. He goes, You wait.

I'll catch you. And he leaves. He storms out. The guy goes back to sitting at the bar. And the bartender didn't do anything.

Nobody did anything. Just went back to drinking. And I sat in there for 20 minutes. I mean, I was terrified.

This guy outside, is he waiting for me? In the meantime, my friend David called the police and there was cops everywhere. The van was gone and my bike was beat up. He had damaged it on purpose. He'd gone back to it and kicked this and broke the wheel and some other stuff. So they, the police, thought I'd been kidnapped because they couldn't find me.

So there was an APB, they call it all points, bulletin or whatever description, the whole bit for 20 minutes there. You know, they didn't take very long for the cops to get there, but I didn't hear him. But I was just terrified, you know, breathing and panicking and everything. I stayed in there for 20 minutes before I dared to get up and go out.

And I finally did. I got the nerve to just take my head out the door and no one said anything inside there. I just, that's OK. And I could see these cops everywhere. And I run over to them and my friend Dave goes, There he is.

There he is. And so they asked, you know, what happened? I said, I ran in that bar over there, you know, and I was in there and Dave almost got me.

This guy saved me and all this stuff. So they took it, took us to the police station and they got a report. And then Dave told me what had happened at this guy.

When he had this guy says, You threw something off the freeway, the overpass, and hit his car, almost killed him. We didn't do that. But this is what he was so angry about, apparently.

And it was really interesting because the area in order to get around and get off the freeway and go around would take a full five minutes. You know, it didn't make any sense that we're there still walking our bikes up and he attacks anyway. So that was the end of that part of the story. And two weeks later, I'm not going to tell you the whole thing. It's not a big deal.

But two weeks later, I get home from a trip from an appointment, doctor's appointment thing. And Dave calls me and he says, Man, they got him. They got him. They got him.

And I said, No way. Because, you know, we got to go to the police station. They got him. They arrested him.

So it's all good. He says, I found him. I saw him. I identified him. I said, Really? You did?

Okay, good. So going to the police station, the detectives, they said, Look, it's one of the guys. He goes to high school with you. He's a senior.

I think I was a sophomore at the time when this happened. Anyway, I said, Really? And he says, Yeah, he says. And he's in the annual, your annual. You've got to go through what you got to just find it. We can't tell you who it is. You've got to identify him.

So I went to the annual looking for a word that matched his description, sandy blond hair, et cetera. And I went through and I looked and I said, Nope, I don't see him. And he goes, Look, the detective said, You've got to, you know, do it one more time. Because if you miss identifying, you can't identify him. We got to let the guy go. I said, Oh, great.

So I remember paying attention to every single face. And I looked and I said, He's not here. I don't see him. And he goes, Well, there's our case.

I just blew our case. I said, Who is it? And he pointed this one guy. And this guy, I go, That guy? No, it's not him. He's a friend of mine. I, you know, I help him with his homework.

And I was, you know, brainiac in high school in our trig class, whatever it was. And I said, No, no, no, it's not him. I know him. He says, Are you protecting him? I said, No, I'm not protecting him. I said, Look, it's just not him.

I'm just telling you the truth. It said he and he said, He's got a blue van and he hit matches the description. I said, I could see what my friend Dave would say. That was him. But in all honesty, it was not him. And I would testify to that. But if it was him, I would tell you it was because he terrified us. He threatened to kill us. I would tell you that's who it is, but it's not him.

And I will testify on under oath. It was not him because I know him. I know this guy.

He wouldn't do that. It wasn't him. He was OK. And that's the end of the story.

We never found him. And that was it. So that's just one of the interesting stories I've got in my life. Man. Oh, man. Oh, man.

But that really happened November 1st, about 50 years ago. How about that? All right. Let's get on the phone with Rebecca from Salt Lake City. Rebecca, welcome.

You're on. How are you, Matt? That was quite a story. I remember it well.

Oh, man. You know, my friend Dave and I often talk. We often talk on November 1st.

We call each other up. Hey, how's it going? Still alive. Yeah. Still alive. So anyway. Yeah.

So what do you got? I've had a lot of scares in my life, too. You know, and I died off and on several times.

It's amazing. But it was like the day I was born. I think I want to call myself special. But I was born on Labor Day and it was in, of course, September, which is the sign of the Virgin and the stone. Well, you don't believe in astrology, do you?

No. And my last name is Lucero, which means Morning Star. But anyway, I was also there were seven children and I was the only one that was a namesake for my mother and my father.

The only one with two middle names. And I grew. OK, your question, though? Well, I'm just I'm going to ask you, like, is there some people that are, I don't know, born lucky or what?

Because it's like every time I go fishing, I'm there. Well, hold on. There's no such thing as luck. OK. OK, Christian. But hold on. You're saying a lot of things. Just keep going.

I got to address them. There's no such thing as luck. It's all in the Providence and the work. I'm telling you, I'm the only one who catches a fish. We go find crystals. I'm the only one who find a crystal.

I'm like, if I gamble, the dealer here is astonished of my luck. I've been told that several times. OK, so what's your question? What's your question? Well, I'm just wondering about are some people just born that way?

Just, you know, how everything comes your way so easily. I don't know. OK. And then my other question was, do you ever watch Matt Slick or Mike Murdoch actually on TV when he asks for money? And if you give him a thousand dollars and you'll get rich, do you ever watch that guy?

No, I do. That would be I would be yelling at the TV if I ever watch. I can't watch those guys.

Thank you very much. Because I watched him for about five, seven minutes and I got disgusted. And I thought, what is he preaching? That's blasphemy, don't you think? Yeah, he's a charlatan. That would be a charlatan technique to say, if you give me money, you'll be blessed.

I say to people, if they support Karm, you may be blessed, you may not be blessed. Who knows? You give because you want to give, not to get anything. Right.

That's what I thought. He urges people and there's people answering phones anyway. And then my other question was how Jesus forgives and how David killed, you know, hundreds of people, Christians, etc. And what about Hitler? If he ever decided to become a Christian, would Jesus forgive him? The blood of Christ can forgive all of what Hitler did.

If he would have truly repented and come to faith in Christ, he would have been forgiven. Okay. That was my other question. And then also, you and I could talk a lot about the Mormons, okay? When I first came to Salt Lake City from Colorado, I lived in an all Spanish community, talked Spanish, etc. And then when I moved to Salt Lake City, it was totally shock, culture shock. I couldn't believe what I was doing.

It took like 30 seconds here, so go ahead. Okay. Anyway, my mother immediately called him a cult. Do you think that they are?

Who? Mormons? The Mormons? Yes. Mormonism is not a Christian religion.

It's identity theft. They've taken the true God and redefined him, the true Christ, redefined him. So they teach that God's an exalted man from another world. Trinity is three separate gods. We all had a pre-existence.

We can become gods and goddesses, potentially. It's all this redefinitions and fabrications. And then they claim it's from the Bible, and it's not. Okay? Okay. So it's a non-Christian religion. All right.

It's not Christian. Okay. You wouldn't call them a cult then, right?

Yeah, they are a non-Christian cult. Absolutely. Okay? Okay. All right. Got to go. There's the music. But thank you.

Hey, folks, we're out of time. May the Lord bless you and by his grace. We'll be back on here tomorrow and tonight in two hours, I'll be on a clubhouse answering questions.

We do it once a month. Be right back. I'll talk to you tomorrow. God bless everybody. See you. Bye.
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