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July 28, 2023 4:27 pm

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July 28, 2023 4:27 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics include---- 08- Refuting Islam using apologetics.-- 21- Were Adam and Eve Married---- 27- Very angry Atheist caller.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have good calls. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call.

I hope you have a good time listening and hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call. I hope you have a good call.

I hope you have a good call. Hopefully the phones will work and if not, let's keep teaching on some stuff. No big deal Hey, if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We'll be right back.

Please. Stay tuned It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt slick All right when welcome back to the show if you want to give me a call all you got to do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Let's give it a try here Jamal from North Carolina. All right, you're on the air Hello Well, I guess those answers that would for the cod sauces now, let's see if you can hear him I don't hear him and everything on my hands normal everything on my ends working we're definitely having phone problems and I think There they'll be working on it. That's all right. That's okay. So I'll tell you what I'll do is just leave him open and Maybe I think what I'm gonna do.

I don't know. I think I'm gonna do this I think I'm going to just get out of the stack and come back in and See if it kind of reconnects things and let's just see so Jamal can you hear me? No, yes, sir. I can hear you. Oh, there we go.

Now. I hear you. All right, man. Okay good.

Praise God. It worked All right, buddy. So what do you got? All right, just let you know it's Got a little distortion in there, but I'll go ahead and continue if that's all right. That's okay. That's all right, man. Go ahead All right, just a question online I wanted to give it to you Get your answer Somebody is Adam Adam and Eve were married Well, it doesn't say they were doesn't say they weren't it doesn't say that they went through any formal ceremony But what it does say is what God has joined together.

Let no man separate marriage is a covenantal contract where you know people are joined and Marriage is something instituted by God so we can conclude that they were in that state of commitment contractual commitment with each other That's what I would say that they were married in that sense the broad sense Okay Good. All right, makes it sound good to me. Thank you, sir Okay, ma'am. Well, god bless. All right.

God bless. Okay. Hey folks. You'd want to give me a call We have nobody waiting right now. Now.

The phones are working. Give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six and By the way, I'm gonna jump back into this stuff on Islam I could every now and then I feel like teaching about you know, various things that I think are are useful and So as I was mentioning before the break sort of for 171 now before I read it, I'm gonna read it because it's gonna it's gonna be interesting I want to show you something. That's what I say to the Muslims sometimes And I'll say is the Quran the word of Allah and they say well, yeah, it's the word of Allah Okay, and so we could say it's the word of Allah from the tablets in heaven and it's in a physical form right before us Right now say well, yeah. Yeah, you can hold your hands So in that sense the word of Allah can be in a physical form, right?

And yeah, and that says, you know the Quran the book and it's a stuff like that alright, so I See, okay. Let's go to surah 4 171 Oh people of the book Commit no excesses in your religion nor say of Allah ought but the truth Christ Jesus the son of Mary was no more than an apostle of Allah and his word Which he bestowed on Mary and a spirit proceeding from him What And I was reading this last night to the Muslim. I was saying no that's really interesting that what the Quran says of Jesus is that he is the word a spirit from Allah. I Say can you explain that and oh, I'm telling you they have difficulty And I'll say you know, what's interesting is we call Jesus the word and the Quran calls him the word But his word because it says Christ Jesus the son of Mary was no more than an apostle of Allah and his word Which he bestowed on Mary and a spirit proceeding from him Now what is going on there?

It's a very interesting issue and I've asked Muslims about it and I'll continue to ask Muslims about it and say Can you please tell me what this means and they have trouble doing it because they just don't understand what the Quran says about Jesus sometimes because you know that Muhammad what he did was he just put a lot of what he heard about Christianity into the Quran he never had any vision from God he just made stuff up and he put it in and try to sound like he's from God and then and He just heard various things and we know this is the case because some of the things he's he put in the Quran are just Wrong about what Christianity teaches just wrong. You got it wrong, you know and And uh, so and then it goes on in surah 171 a better area of a problem that they have in the Quran is You know when Muslims talk they you know, they'll say no, we don't believe in Trinity We believe that Allah is just one and I see well sort of way as a Trinity and they what? Yeah, we believe in the Trinity that there's one God. God is one. Yeah, and that's what the Trinity is So what's the problem? And what they're doing is they don't realize it because the Quran is deceptive and inaccurate and just what it says You know after it says that Jesus is the word it says the same verse the second half of the verse say not Trinity Desist it will be better for you for Allah is one Allah glory be to him. Oh Now why would they say don't say Trinity just say that Allah is one Well, the Trinity is that Allah is one that that God is when all is just the Arabic word for God So I say well, that's it We do teach that he's one but it's wait for the Muslims to try and follow up and try and make sense of it They don't understand they think we teach a form of polytheism and God has partners We don't say that and I tell the Muslims I told him last night in the room I said look if I'm talking to a Muslim and a Muslim says no, that's not what our position is. I'm gonna be taking it Very seriously.

I'm gonna say okay. Well, what is the position? Can you please show it to me from the Quran or the hadith? And I want to I want to know And because I don't want to misrepresent you guys.

I want to understand what it is. You actually teach That's how I am with Muslims and I don't know everything and they could certainly teach me things and I have no problem with that I just open up my Muslim file Which is over a hundred pages 140 pages long in word and I just I add my notes I don't have any problem being corrected. I don't have any problem of being taught. That's fine It just makes me more accurate when I learn about it and recite it and go through it And I'm grateful for that do the Muslims do that. No, I would say It's exceedingly rare when a Muslim actually learns what Christian theology actually is Very very very rare. I can count how many maybe two people that I've few Muslims that I've met who actually can understand Christian theology some degrees and Well, then we can recite it and understand it pretty well It's just a couple three in my I don't know 10 15 years of talking to Muslims. Anyway, so there you go That's just some information. Hey, let's get on the phone here with Dylan from South Carolina, Dylan.

Welcome. You're on the air Just a quick question. Um, if the Trinity is true, why hadn't none of the previous servants taught this concept? Why what like because it's so hard about seeking this Because it's a revelatory Concept that's revealed through the whole of Scripture through the entirety of the work of God.

So one individual doesn't have all the key Excuse me. If you're asking me a question, let me answer it. Okay.

All right Okay, so it's a revelatory Doctrine that's revealed to the whole of Scripture and no one individual would teach it because they didn't have the whole of the Scriptures Revelation for it, okay If you're God and you're all-powerful and you know all things don't you think in a 20-year salvation you have to explain how it works Well, hold on a sec. We had a break and we get back to the break say that again And I'll show you what the problems are with that statement. Okay. Hey folks We write back after these messages if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six We write back It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Here's Matt slick. All right, everyone.

Welcome back to the show If you want to give me a call all they're gonna do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Let's get back with Dylan Dylan welcome you on the air Yeah, I'm back All right. Got a question for you. What are you? Are you a Muslim atheist?

What? You're an atheist Okay, so once you restate what it was your objection was and I'll tackle it. Go ahead Well, it can't be tackled because you called the Bible God's Word and God in his words fail to explain how the Trinity works That's a fact Okay, so Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I want you to do something it's gonna be very difficult for you. Okay, I Want you to do some I want you to do some thinking. Okay. I want you to think I'm gonna ask you some questions Alright Let's see how well you do Is there a universal standard of what ought to be done in the Bible that you're in touch with?

You know because There's not so the answer is no there's not. All right, so then it's just your opinion That you're imposing on the scriptures, right? All right.

Yes, and it's just just hold on a sec. It's just your opinion. So here's a question Why should any of us take your opinion so seriously?

Let's see here God in the Bible says he's changing All right, you're not asking the question. Why should we take your opinion about this seriously? Um, what world do I live in? I don't know.

I'm hoping it's Earth, but maybe you're you know living on on the planet Zebulon. I don't know But because your logic isn't very good. So why should we take your opinion about this as a serious issue? You should look at logic and reason and live in the real world like me I should look at logic and reason. Okay. So can you tell me the first law of logic? What's the first law?

Mm-hmm. Okay, so do you have any idea what the law of identity is? No, okay So you're telling about logic and you don't even know the very first law of logic the very most fundamental basis of what logic is All right, so Revenant? No, it's not what it is Um, and so are you familiar with the idea of logic being transcendental? Yes You know what that means?

It's transcendent? It goes beyond the laws No No, it doesn't go beyond. That's a meaningless statement It means that the laws of logic are not dependent upon the physical realm or your brain or my brain We don't determine those laws Because your brain is transcendent Because your brain and my brain are different So those laws that you like to appeal to the logic like to appeal to is based on the basic laws of logic law of identity law of non-contradiction law of Excluded middle law proper inference things like this In the basis of classical logic And so you're you're the one who said what logic is you're also Telling us that we don't have to listen to your opinion because you don't have a universal construct by which you can say what?

Ought to be done. Then you said it was logic. Well now i'm going to show you something about logic I'm just going off with what you said Because logic is a universal transcendental necessity In other words the law of identity something is what it is and is not what it is not is a universal It's just universally true So from your atheistic perspective, how do you account for that universality of that that uh abstract thing? The law of logic, how do you account for its existence? I don't know. I don't make up the rules if there is a god he should know And so i'm just asking you from your atheist perspective.

How do you do that? The answer is you don't know Because the atheist can't justify this All right, so atheism is weak. But yet what you do is you use or you try to use logic But your worldview can't even account for it Guess which worldview can account for the laws of logic the christian worldview?

Because the laws of logic are reflections the laws of logic are a reflection of the character in the mind of god And if we presuppose a trinitarian being we can then account for the one in the many issue We can solve it and we can also deal with universals and particulars And the universality of the laws of logic that you like to cite or use or reference in your atheistic worldview that can't account for them So you're inconsistent and when you argue against god By using logic you're presupposing his existence in order to do that. You just don't know it. Hold on It's what's became the trinity is true. You don't know it. Is it like I can't hear you You got to speak up. I can't hear you. You got to speak up speak up man. Okay Is it my fault that god failed in his word to explain how the trinity works?

Is it my fault? Well, let me ask you yes or no if god if god intended for the trinity to be revealed the way it would It the way it is then it wouldn't be a failure then would it? Um Yes or no did god in his word? Fail an almighty all-powerful all no. Oh and everybody in that comment Section is a moron and uh, hey, hey, hey, hey stop. Stop.

Stop. Yes or no. Yes Just no he did not fail. He did not fail.

He never fails. Well, then where does he teach? This is the trinity and here is how it works Where does it keep that it doesn't say it like that and so god absolutely did not put it in there like that for a reason So he didn't fail Because the bible isn't the word of god And it doesn't even exist your god isn't the bible even if it doesn't he has he's a hypocrite, too Well, wait a minute. So our god doesn't exist and how do you know that the christian god does not exist? Because the trinity took centuries to invent develop whatever you want to call it Well, if it took centuries to develop does that mean god does or does not exist if it took centuries for people to figure it out? If there is a god well god's word is being played with you can play with god's work But isn't it going to take you in the right direction but you didn't answer the question whether it took centuries or not Centuries to figure out the doctrine of the trinity. Does that have any bearing on whether god exists or not?

Well, if if it's the right god he should know that he's a trinity and teach people but clearly But if the trinity is linked to your salvation god has the right to know that he's a trinity But if the trinity is linked to your salvation god has to tell you how the trinity works Unless of course, jesus never dies. Okay, and even if he did where's that rule book? Actually, where's that? What did he sacrifice when he returned back to life? Where where's the rule book that you have?

That says what god ought to do. Where's that universal rule book? Where is it? Did you go to amazon god, it just works.

Maybe I don't know. I don't know ebay Standard, did you get on ebay or amazon? Where'd you get this universal rule book that god has to follow?

I just want to know well because i'd like to get one All right. Uh, my do you have one where's the universal rule book? You keep appealing to what should be what god ought to do. It means you've got to have some universal standard You have to have some universal truth So i'm assuming maybe you've got it.

Don't own people as property. I just wrote a better book than god You did Wow, yeah better book just simply putting don't own people as property and oh and before you go with your indentured servitude Christianity is a false religion. It's teachings are false. So then Can you name me a teaching that's false The trinity the belief that jesus died for our sins everything Let's take the idea that jesus died for our sins so did jesus die on the cross Jesus No, even if he did he didn't sacrifice nothing Hold on. I didn't ask all this explanation stuff guy calm down You're so full of hatred and condemnation You know what's in you that you're like that so So did jesus did jesus did jesus did jesus die on the cross the eyewitnesses wrote what they wrote Oh, he did not.

Well, so did jesus exist Did jesus exist Did jesus exist Probably did how you think he does Okay, and how do you know how he existed? Where's your source information? All right, get all the gospels line them up and see how accurate they are Okay, they are very accurate. So where did you get this idea that jesus wasn't crucified?

Which where's your information coming from? The bible outside sources, but the bible says you shouldn't believe in you. You're not making any sense The bible says he was crucified No, i'm making sense, but the bible says he was crucified. What did he say?

So, how do you say what did you tell him Dylan? What did he sacrifice when he returned to life? Dylan, dylan the bible says he was crucified. So is the bible wrong? And how do you know it's wrong?

Because all these gospels differ significantly from each other and even if jesus did die on the cross He didn't die for every single person on earth. Then hell shouldn't exist So when the hindi god created their cultural relations and they're going to go to hell no matter what Dylan, dylan, you are so full of hate and condemnation So are you you just you criticize other religions the second somebody criticizes yours All you do is just repeat yourself No, I don't just repeat myself i'm asking you diagnostic questions not as a man and all that Dylan, dylan, dylan, please Dylan, i'm gonna have to put you on hold. Okay, I put him on hold Folks what i'm letting him talk trying to get a word in edgewise. I want you to see This is something I could deal with on a regular basis this kind of anger and vitriol and brainwashed attitude That is so prevalent among atheists Some atheists are polite this guy unfortunately is an increasing form of atheism that that's uh That's being manifested but it's it's all easy to handle. You just have to know what to ask Hey, we'll be right back after these messages. And if he's still on the air, we'll we'll continue So we'll be right back, uh, eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We'll be right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's matt slick All right, i'm gonna welcome back to the show last segment of the hour i'll not be on the air live Uh tomorrow or monday, uh, do a little bit of traveling. Hey, dylan. Are you still there? Yeah, unfortunately Unfortunately, why is that aren't you having a good time?

It doesn't seem like your binary brain cares much about things It doesn't seem like it won me about you. He was a thousand and a half percent, right? I'm, sorry, hold on a little muffled who warned you about me Dan barker. Daniel barker. Dan did? What did dan say? Dan the man.

Yeah, I know dan. I debated him. I had the cell phone number What did he what did he say? What did he warn you about?

What did he say? I'm curious He he did a whole interview about how people like you and he's a thousand and a half percent correct Have no middle ground. It's either like the bible says it should be hot or cold because if it's warm I'll spit you out of my mouth And he said a lot of believers had what he used to have it's called a binary brain where you choose binary brain Yeah, that's and what's wrong with that that's our that's our position so is our position right or wrong Uh, he's a thousand and a half percent, correct? How do you know a thousand and a half percent?

A thousand and one half percent. That's interesting much more opening towards other stuff because even you know The supposed good news of the gospel is really just solving a problem of its own making Okay, so, uh So it's a solving a problem of its own making interesting and and what's the problem? Um who created adam and eve god did Who who created the devil? Uh, god created he didn't create the devil. He created a good angel who chose to rebel And he started acting like an atheist and started trying to decide for himself. What was what one dylan hold on So when the satan and adam and eve started acting like atheists because atheists Try and determine right and wrong and truth and falsely on their own Merit and their own ability when they started doing that things really went bad So that's what happened So, how's it right that we are here because of what two people did and then he has to suffer for what everybody did Well, jesus chose i'll explain if you live don't ask me a question dylan And then I start to answer it and you start interrupting if you ask me a question.

Don't you want me to answer it? You're being aggressive matt. I don't like you I'm aggressive And you don't like me. Yes Look, no, I never said that I like you. You're funny.

Oh, okay. You're doing the job of turning everybody to atheist Okay so, um So which question do you want me to answer and hopefully you'll let me answer it sort of jumping and interrupting Which which question? All right, what exactly did jesus sacrifice when he returned back to life?

Is this the whole purpose of giving up your life to give up your life? What did he sacrifice dylan dylan dylan? What's your question? What's your question answer this? What did jesus sacrifice when he returned back to life?

What is the purpose of that? Isn't the purpose to give up your life dylan dylan? Let me know dylan dylan dylan dylan dylan You you let's practice ask me one question Without commentary just ask me one question.

Let's see if you can do that Let's see if you can do that. Just one question. Let's try that Go ahead What what did jesus sacrifice when he returned back to life? He didn't uh, well, that's a good question actually Because that's an interesting question Well, hold on. Let me think through it because could he have sacrificed anything by becoming uh entering into the fleshly body again? Well, there is a sense in which he was Uh permanently entering into that state of being a man forever And you could say that he's giving up uh, so to speak the ubiquitous presence possibly To some degree, uh outside of that condition. That's an interesting thing.

So that's certainly possibility Dylan dylan, let me finish my sentences Dylan, let me finish. Come on. Why are you being so rude? Is this what is your rudeness what atheism teaches you? No, it doesn't but christianity isn't much better. So so then It's not what I mean.

You're just being rude by yourself. Okay, that's what that is then. Um, okay So do you have any other questions you want to try? No, because you didn't answer my question. The correct answer is nothing when jesus returned How do you know that's the correct? How do you know how do you know it's the correct answer? No, it's the correct answer.

Okay, if I put a million dollars to the side just to know what it's like to be poor And then after a weekend I go and get my million dollars Ultimately, all I did was just have a garbage weekend because i'm still going to be a millionaire. You know what I mean? Do you drive a car do you drive a car do you drive a car you drive right? Yes What state are you in? I'm in idaho.

Are you in idaho by any chance? No Oh good Good, because if you did live in idaho to make sure you weren't on the same road with me because I want to make sure I don't drive When you're around because if you drive like you think There'll be some problems Well, you're not a very good thinker You know, I don't just go criticize other religions like Yeah, no you just you know in your hypocrisy you just criticize me You see well, I'm not supposed i'm not supposed to criticize Dylan dylan, there you go being rude again, so you don't want me to criticize people. So you criticize me for what I do You know, isn't that an inconsistency? Um, well you worship a god who has inconsistencies So wait, wait, wait, I asked you i'm pointing out what you're saying and doing you complain that I condemn other religious systems Yet you condemn mine Is that okay for you to do and not for me to do?

Um, it's still hypocritical because you're still doing it first Um, it's not it's not hypocritical to do what I do But i'm asking you if it's hypocritical for you to do what you do because you say matt don't do it, but I can Isn't that hypocrisy? Okay, you're a hypocrite too and so is the god So you admit you admit you're a you're doing something hypocritically you say don't criticize other religions and stuff But yet you criticize mine So that's well, that's that's what you do And no, no, no, I don't say don't criticize. I don't say don't criticize other religions Do you want an example dylan dylan dylan dylan dylan?

Hold on. I don't say don't criticize other religions. I never say that If you want to criticize christianity, you're free to if muslims want to they're free to and i'll answer their objections But I never say don't do it and then I do it you say don't do it, but you do it.

That's hypocrisy Okay, well you're if you ever find out or reach that point where you realize yeah, this is hypocritical. Let me give you an example uh God says thou shalt not kill but in order for him to forgive people he has to kill Don't you think that's actually Actually, it says don't murder. That's what it really says not just kill like that's a better word. But all right No murder is different Dylan dylan dylan dylan Dylan sounds like a logical conversation and everybody in that chat is dylan dylan. Hey, dylan, dylan Murder is different than killing.

Did you know that? if someone Is is injuring somebody else and another person stops him by shooting him for example And he saves someone's life by killing that individual that is not murder So if a gunman goes into a school to shoot up children and someone shoots him and kills him. That's not murder Now if he just doesn't like the color of his hair and he shoots him that's murder The bible says don't murder The unlawful and immoral taking of life. That's what god says So what's the problem?

So what's the problem? Well, wait a minute if god has someone executed it's because they've sinned against him They've broken the law and since he knows they've broken that law they've committed Sin worthy of death those therefore they're executed according to the law. So it's not murder So if he has died for us things everybody should be in heaven right now because he's rapid No, I don't believe he died for everybody all powerful I don't believe I don't I don't believe he died for everybody. Okay Then there's no point in dying to begin with Well, no, hold on a sec.

Hold on dylan. I said I don't believe he died for everybody I believe he died only for the elect the ones chosen by god for salvation given to the son So he chooses who he likes and all that stuff. He doesn't care what your life is like. He cares what you believe He does uh choose who he wants to save and if you don't like it, that's just like your opinion Well, it's not my opinion that all the hindus are going to go to hell through no fault of their own and being born in Who created that? Well if the hindus would listen to the true and living god because god has his way of communicating himself to other people All over the world and if they were to hear that the voice of god speaking to them in different ways Well, then wouldn't that be okay and if they choose to rebel that isn't that their own fault They're no fluke of their own they're born in the wrong culture where they got the wrong theology What do you mean? It's the initial revelation but yet so you mean killer in america you mean Are you saying there is a right religion then if they're just happening to be born in the wrong one?

There is a right one, which is the right one then? Uh, we don't know because nobody's died in god in heaven It's only it's kind of messed up that you have to only go after your death. No, so nobody's died and gone to heaven So, you know all people don't know deaths You don't know, okay well what we're going to do now is we're going to move along gilland because um, we're almost out of time and I need to close up and I just want to inform you that you couldn't argue your way out of a way that you couldn't argue your way out of a way that you couldn't argue Your your way out of a wet paper Out of a wet paper bag.

I know yes, and that you couldn't get water if you fell out of a canoe If it was angled at 45 degrees down There's a chain pulling you and the bag was greased and it was a neon light pointing the way you still have trouble You can't think critically Okay, so you can't think critically. All right um Anyway, folks that's what's going on. So we're going to move along here. We only have a couple minutes left I just want to let you know that uh, I won't be on your life tomorrow friday or monday I'll be back on the air lord willing, uh on tuesday a friend of mine's uh, mom died and uh got to go down and You know memorial service and stuff like that So, uh, I hope the lord blesses you. I also hope that the lord blessed you in in this dialogue The reason I I kept at it Was I wanted people to hear now he's typical and also not typical to be honest Most atheists aren't as rude and is as illogical as him, but I have noticed an increase in um the attacks on the truth And atheists present stuff, but they cannot Defend their position.

They can't defend They can't defend the foundation of their attack. Just like I asked him because this is what this is What a lot of atheists will do. Well, god was wrong for doing whatever it is Okay Well, why is he wrong? What's the standard of righteousness you're in touch with?

Where is it? Well, they don't have one. Well, that's just your opinion And if it's just your opinion you're entitled to it, but so does it make it true or not true? And if you say god ought not do something Or he ought to do something else then you're saying, you know, what ought to be done. Well, where'd you get this from? This is a real basic stuff when you talk with atheists and it's all you got to do if they say god should or shouldn't That means they Where'd you get this art?

Where'd you get it? I don't know where they get it Except they make it up sometimes and then when you point it out and they kind of cry about it Well, you know, it's just what's common sense. No, it's not common sense Any rate, so it's uh, it's tough and i've written a lot on atheism I've done a lot of debates with atheists and i'll continue to debate them They're trying to become more sophisticated, but there's only so far they can go because they don't have a foundation for truth Or morality they cannot defend the necessity of transcendentals by which they argue and they have a weak thing they cannot Establish the causal chain by which all facts obtain their context.

That's another discussion Hey folks, there's the music i'm out of here. May the lord bless you by his grace look back on the air next week on tuesday And hopefully we will talk to you then may the lord bless you. I hope you have a great weekend. God bless you. Bye Weekend god bless you. Bye another program powered by the truth network
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