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July 4, 2023 5:01 pm

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July 4, 2023 5:01 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Topics include---- 06- Unitarians, John 14-23, How does this verse deify Jesus---- 11-- John 10-27,- Can a person truly to follow Jesus daily---- 14- How does predestination work with free will---- 32- Refuting Atheism.-- 48- What does the inference of the worm mean in Mark 9-48---- 52- Universalism and John 12-32.-- 56- Evangelizing.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Podcast. Watch this video to learn more about Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast.

The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network Podcast. Does the personhood of Christ and dwell us also now they can't say yes because they do that Then they're admitting that Jesus can be in more than one location and indwelling people just like God does which is what the text is Saying but they can't have that's what they'll do is they'll say by the power of the Spirit You know God gives them the ability by the power of the Spirit. What does that mean? Well, it means he has the authority Well, what does that mean and we have these discussions? They work so hard at denying who Christ really is so Then it has something to do with perichoresis the questioner asks Well perichoresis deals with the issue of the Father Son Holy Spirit indwelling one another in their mutual existence as a triune being so now in the Lutheranism they get into perichoresis dealing with The divine and human nature of Christ. I'm gonna read it or look into that more because I can see why they would say it That way but nevertheless perichoresis is definitely a doctor related to the doctrine of the Trinity. So You we could say yes the Father and the Son indwell us Perichoretically in the sense that they indwell each other there. They are the part of that mutual existence So in that sense, yes But I think really what the issue is here when I say the person of the Father the person of the Son are indwelling That's the issue and a lot of times they have problems with that.

So that's Unitarianism is Raising its ugly head now. Here's another thing before we get to the caller Is I've been working very hard on Videos and I've spent Six or seven hours today working on just two videos getting them up and getting them released So what I did today was release two of them on The Karm videos that we have on YouTube and I crossed linked them back to rumble And so what we're doing is going through and just linking as much as we can here and there It's a lot of work, but I'm just letting you know we're doing this and now that the process is down a little bit faster You can you can expect we're gonna try. I'm gonna try for one a day There's a lot there. Just a lot to do in fact. There's so much to do with each video that I have literally a spreadsheet that I've gone to to To check off various things that I have to do in order to make it all work I wonder how many columns I have I have at least I have Twenty six or seven twenty eight columns That I have to check of information That's how many bits and pieces It's really like more like 50, but any rate, so that's what I'm doing and we appreciate your feedback on things like that We're gonna be doing releasing them on Instagram Pinterest Facebook Tick tock we just haven't gotten all of it released yet We're working on it just takes a lot of work, and I'm the one who's got to get this.

I'm the one who's got to write the text For the one-minute video I have to produce the web page for it. I have to upload the web page I have to make sure that it's SEO ready Then I have to set up the lighting and a sound for the video then I have to shoot the video but that's after I do the phone thing that has to have the The text that's backwards and stuff you know upside down so that you can put it into a teleprompter And then I do that and then I have to take the information Upload it to my system, and then I have to do all the editing and the video Editing that takes a long time then it just goes on and on, but it's just a lot of work But it's a privilege to be able to serve the Lord this way so I pray for me, please if you would pray that have the endurance and would make too many mistakes boy There's a whole there's a lot of options, and we have subtitles on them, and we have Sign language on the videos as well, so we're really trying to reach out It does take a long time to get to now hey there you go see a lot of stuffs happening Hey, let's get to Alberto from Georgia Alberto welcome you're on the air, buddy Yes, he has My question is if a person accepts Christ right and the Bible says he got eternal life and never prayers So what about John 10 28? Jesus said that you know if you're a fishy you will follow him So can a person accept Christ and not follow Christ daily and still be considered well Well you mean daily not follow him daily well What if he's you know what if he's in a hospital in a coma that he would be following him daily? What about being sick, and he's just laid up watching TV all day, and he's just got nothing to do so the Technicality the technicality is yes, you can do that you're talking about normatively speaking Can a Christian not follow Christ no Christian will always follow Christ, but can he? Get a lot of wind on your get a lot of wind buddy Okay, a lot of wind so Can he not follow Christ very well for a day?

Yeah, they can certainly happen all right. It's still be saved Okay Because Christian says you know they say carry across deny yourself and tell yourself they follow him daily So come here cross daily, so it's all his sheep will follow what know his voice So how would a part of how would a Christian know the voice of Jesus through? How we how we recognize it wasn't Jesus compared to other way? It's a it's a supernatural thing, and I don't know I don't know how to tell you I just when I'm reading the word.

I know it's from him and when I read the Quran I know it's not you know the Book of Mormon. I know it's not Because you have that the truth of God in you the true and living God So how does it work? I don't know how it works.

It just does okay? Mm-hmm all right Okay, okay, buddy Okay, thank you. Okay, brother.

I met okay. I'll go to the god bless Hey, I just wanna let you guys know we have a Japan tour that we're gonna be doing in Christianity in November so if you are interested in joining me and a few others going on a Christian based Japan tour seeing the sites And go to and just type in Japan tour and all the information you need is Right there. It's gonna be fun.

There's a lot of stuff. I'm gonna be checking it out be going there Lord well and everything work and There you go all right. Let's get to Luke from Washington Luke welcome. You're here I'm mad. How are you? I'm fine.

How are you? Good my question today How did Adam and Charlie and I would ask in different ways did Adam and Eve have free will? We have to define free because God said yes, and no we have to define it first Free will is the ability to make choices that are not forced upon you that are also consistent with your nature Did they have free will yes they did okay?

So how come God decreed before the foundation of the world so how come that possible because it that's what God said sorry God did everything before the foundation of the world so didn't do everything No, no no no no he didn't do everything before the foundation of the world all right So he predestined and ordained things and elected from the before the foundation of the world But Jesus God in flesh wasn't crucified until 2,000 years ago, okay? The thing is we have we don't have free will with us Adam is Paul if Adam has free will that means Before the foundation of the world God our name is in the book of life Adam. You know I what about as well, okay, so then every destination and free will work together We have the freedom to be able to do whatever choice we want to do and God is the one who sovereign over those a Lot of times what people will do because they can't think through this they then reduce God's ability and say God doesn't know the future or God can't Violate our free will which he certainly can if he chooses to you could do whatever he wants But he ordains whatsoever shall come to pass we have the freedom to be able to make choices But the freedom does not mean God can't work that God isn't a sovereign over our freedom, okay? Since Adam is Paul we say that we are dead so we cannot choose our our choice is always Everything no no no you don't understand. I'm saying we have freedom in consistency with our nature We got a break coming up, so let me explain this when we get back The unbeliever has freedom and the believer has freedom they both have free will I'll explain the difference though within those freewill So when we get back hey folks be right back after these messages, please stay tuned You It's Matt slick live taking a call at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick Robin welcome back to the show If you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero five seven Let me try this again eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six so Alvin and I'll look for that link during the next break so hold on All right, let's get back on with Luke from Washington.

You still there. Yeah My question was God's decree and the Predestination of all things before Adam ate the apple, and I'm not talking before After Adam ate the apple before they ate the apple God decree and the predestination of all things then how come they have choice? Okay? Because I did kind of think okay hold on there you ask a question now Let me get it and try and answer the question okay, all right. I understand the question It's been asked a thousand times.

I've had to deal with it a lot of times, so here's here. We go look Free will is the ability to make a choice. That's not forced on you Furthermore free will can only be consistent with what you are So if you cannot understand a super complex Topic for example say equals MC squared and understand all the math Okay, that's a limitation of your free will of your nature See you can only choose to do those things that you can become aware of for one thing So if you're not aware of a concept You don't have the ability to choose or reject that concept or that action or that idea Free will is the ability to make a choice. That's not forced, but it's also consistent with your nature Consistent with your nature so a five-year-old child has free will but cannot choose to do the Pythagorean theorem for example and solve it so let's just average five-year-old, okay So I'm just trying to show you that free will is must be understood is the ability to make a choice That's consistent with your nature But also is not forced. That's the basics of what free will is The free will of an unbeliever is free He's going to act in a manner consistent with his nature his nature is fallen He's a slave of sin a hater of God doesn't seek for God doesn't do any good cannot receive spiritual things So he's free to choose in a manner consistent with what isn't fallen. This is no one forces him No one stops him. It's just what it is so he's free the unbeliever is free except he's free in a more complete way because the unbeliever is now regenerated and can make non sinful choices Where the unbeliever can only make sinful choices, but he's free within the nature of his fallenness So God who is the sovereign king over all things ordained whatsoever shall come to pass Ephesians 1 11 We have freedom and God is the one who ordains the freedom that we have now some people say well That means he's forcing us not at all There's an illustration a very basic illustration. I could be sitting at a restaurant next to a window opposite a person at a table having a cup of coffee and I could look out my right to the window and I could see something and I can exclaim I can make a loud motion motion a loud voice and point out the window and say look at that really loud and really fast and the person I'm Look, I'm talking to will look out to window to his left. I Wanted him to look out the window So I caused him to look out the window, but he was still free at the same time I didn't force him to I just made something happen in such a way that he freely chose to look out the window So this is just a basic illustration. God can certainly bring about the Circumstances to bear by which we act in a manner consistent with what he wants But we're also free at the same time. This is not difficult and that's how it can work. Okay All right, so Okay.

Thank you. One more question is Adam is responsible for his sins How come we are responsible for Adamic sin? I I know but we're not We're not we are not responsible for Adam sin Okay, we have the effect and the inheritance of his sin.

The reason we do is because of Jesus Jesus is the one who represents us. That's first Corinthians 15 22 Romans 5 18 Romans 6 6 Romans 6 8 where he represented us because of Representation he then bore our sounds we died with him Romans 6 6. We were crucified with him Romans 6 8 In Adam all die in Christ all she made alive first Corinthians 15 22 the idea here is that Christ is the representative of his people So he's called the last Adam in first Corinthians 15 45 Jesus And Adam is of course the first Adam, but Adam has also the ability to represent his descendants It's called federal headship just as Jesus is our federal head. Adam was a federal head of all mankind So he was able to represent people and so when he fell we fell in him His sin became ours was imputed to us now people say they reject that Then I'm going to show it from Scripture For at this is Romans 5 19 for as through one man's disobedience the many were made sinners The issue here Romans 5 18 it says were made sinners. It's the aorist past of indicative in the Greek aorist means past tense Passive means they received the action and indicative means it's a fact So by Adam's sin the many were made sinners by what he did We were made sinners by Adam's sin And if you don't like that, I said if people just cross out Romans 5 19 because that's what it says so the theory here is dealing with the issue of federal headship as As Adam represented all people then we fell in him. We were made sinners by his Fall, it doesn't say we were made fallen Though we were but made sinners and sin is breaking the law of God. So he represented us and we fell in him. Okay Yeah, the Muslims they deny original sin the reason is that they are other we are not his children are not responsible for It's not a effect of his sin.

He is the only person Mm-hmm. Yeah, I know Yeah I know what they teach and then I can I I teach on how to witness to Muslims and the failure of their Theologies more it takes more time is more time consuming that then I'm gonna get into right now here We have callers waiting but yeah, that's what they say and what I'll do with Muslims is I will work with what they tell me and then I will Answer them accordingly because different Muslims have different reasons for believing what they do and we'll talk You know, I talk about it by the time I say you can deny it, but doesn't mean it's not true They just don't like it. And that's what I say to you know, and I get a lot more I can say But I want to get into it right now. Okay everybody The concept of original sin is not part of Islamic doctrine. That's why I know that I know that I Know that yep, and it's another issue It's another issue and maybe sometime when I get into talking about Islam I can talk about how to deal with that with them. But the basic thing is I just say to them.

Look I say You're judging the Bible by your Quran We can judge the the Quran by our Bible and then we can discuss why one is superior over the other And I can prove that Islam is false from the Quran. Anyway, we got to go buddy. There's a break. Okay Hey, there you go.

Three open lines. You want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Be right back It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Here's Matt slick All right, when welcome back to the show if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Elijah from Pennsylvania. Welcome. You are on the air Hey, man, how you doing today doing?

All right busy Tired, slightly melancholy, a little obstreperous, but other than that, I'm okay. All right, my question, I got a another quote from I got a another another quote from from our raw again. Okay, Aaron Ross. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, so It was a few weeks ago, I watched one of his videos and He said this My question would be what would be this? How would you respond to our raw or any atheist if they said this to you? Okay, so he said he said he said the God of the Bible is so powerful. He can create the universe He can create all these planets stars. He can create, you know everything life on earth But but when it comes to things like Noah's Ark The Ark of the Covenant the Holy of Holies and temples in the Bible. How come how come God never made? Never made those things if he's so powerful it can create everything and then he went on to say well Wait, wait, I'm not sure I understand but hold on It's a one-pointed one sub point of time so God can make everything the universe etc. And how come he couldn't make an ark? Yeah, he went on He went on to say how come how come he didn't make Noah's Ark How come he didn't make the Ark of the Covenant the Holy of Holies and other temples in Scripture and then then he goes on To say what? I'm trying to understand. Okay, because there's a logic issue here. So uh, so he's saying if God can make everything How come he did not make Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant because people made him.

Is that what he's saying? Yes, but he said something after that too, which I want to you know, you know question Yeah, so Yeah, but the next thing that he said after that Uh, he said he said that this is what we would expect if God was if God was American But if God was imaginary so basically he's saying I got it all powerful He can create all this stuff But but but he can't he can't make simple stuff like like a giant boat or you know, no temples and stuff like that Okay Yeah That's basically A really bad logic so he say we would expect such-and-such So he's saying that his personal opinion is how we people would expect things to really be And so therefore God doesn't exist. It's really dumb logic and I'll just say it flat-out Aaron Rock Couldn't think his way from wet paper bag so He doesn't know what he's doing and if he were to say that to me, you know Here say look your God could create the universe. Yes, that's true, but he can't create an ark Why did he create an ark? Because he had people do it instead. Well, that means, you know, we would expect him to be able to do that. We would So where'd you get this idea that we would expect what? Universal truth pattern principle.

Are you in touch with that? You'd say this is what we as people would expect about God to be able to do It's just ridiculous. All he's offering is complete subjectivism and what he and his varied Imagination thinks ought to be done So maybe this is when you want to go to SpongeBob SquarePants and go, you know use your imagination Because that's all he's doing. All right All right It's it's just yeah, there's no merit to it. There's nothing he's just saying this will be expect In other words, it's what he thinks even though it's not logically necessary And he's just imposing a personal opinion about on the God of the universe.

I'd say dude, you know You know if I was standing in front of him I'd go dude, come on. Come on. You're supposed to be smarter than this Just give me something to work with. This is this is like shooting fish in a barrel here. I mean, come on I'm feeling guilty. It's how easy it is. Give me something more challenging That's that's Aaron wrong. Yeah Yeah, yeah, I think just like like trying to say that that He thinks that he thinks that this is evidence that God is imaginary because because because he I guess he's trying to say that the that the Israelites or like or like You know pretending and make believe in God because they had to you know, do everything theirself like God never You know help them build it, you know, I guess it was so lame It is such really it's one of the worst arguments I've ever heard in my life.

I'm not kidding It's so bad. They were imagining it because you have a could do it themselves But but so they that's obvious obviously they were imagining God really existed What what what does he get off on this stuff? you know Moses came down from the mount they walk the the Israelites walk through the the Dead Sea. Oh, what I mean this does that was imagination also I Mean, you know, this is it's called stupidification. Okay. It's what I call it It's stupidification to stupidify It That's all that is it's come on, you know, he's still stuck in his Neanderthal stage because he loves evolution You know, I'm just sorry. It's lame All right Yeah, he uh, he also made a video recently. I didn't I didn't watch yet It's around 12 minutes long and it's titled it's titled correcting Romans 1 and when I first started I'm sorry. I'm already cracking up. Okay when I when I when I first started video title, I Had immediately thought about you and how how how badly you would you would you would school him on that on that theological study?

You think maybe you know, I'm looking to start actually doing video analysis of other people's work and stuff like that Just you know So I'm gonna have to do research legality of what can and can't be done and things like that Send me the link to that because maybe I'll just start, you know, take an excerpt since we're cracking up. Like are you kidding me? Really? That's it He's correcting Romans 1. Oh, so what universal standard of logic and righteousness and truth is he in touch with? Oh man Yeah, Lee You know, I'm serious.

It's it's just it's it's a Just cracks me up. I mean I've talked to so many atheists. Yeah, I'll tell you how God ought to be Really? You're gonna correct the Word of God. Yes, right on I will and that what qualifies you because I know things I was talking to a guy get this I'm having fun here, but I was talking to a guy I think was Friday night on a clubhouse and you know debating patiently with this guy and he tells me He tells me he goes he's anointed of God and I love that when someone says that Really? So you're anointed of God. He says that's right He goes I can tell you what the truth the stuff is like really Can I test you on that because you don't have the authority to test me? and I said Show me where it says you had to have authority to test somebody in the scriptures and he goes I'm not gonna play your game It was like shooting fish in the barrel, you know, it's like what I love people boast, you know, I have the authority from God Wow Okay, that's awesome Man, you know, that's pretty good. You know what else it and he couldn't he didn't know what he was doing I love stuff like that. Hmm Okay Yeah, Allah Allah Allah definitely definitely singing that video I didn't I didn't I didn't want to watch it because because because I want to be careful what I you know, you know Accepting to my spirit. I don't want to Get deceived by whatever, you know these a PSA, you know Well, just so you know a lot of atheists don't regard Aaron raw well in high regard They know his logic is not very good. In fact when I went to every four years in Washington, DC I want to go to the next one.

They have a cold over the reef Here I go again, I love it's called the reason rally It reminded me of spongebob Imagination that we have goes a reason rally, you know, it's so blessed. I was there Um, I saw Aaron and I and I'm I in him. He looked at me best. I remember he looked at me he would he didn't wanting to do with me and I love going there because people go again Because it's so great that they they they have reason And yet they're not reasonable.

Oh Man, you know, I love heresies and stuff like that. I do Can't get a kick out of it as you can tell Yeah What is the next reason rally and find out when is the next ring? Yeah Let's see. When is the next reason rally?

Reason rally org. Okay. I'm looking at it right now.

This is exciting for me. Let's see and where is it? Come on What?

2012 2016 maybe they're not having it anymore. Oh, man Man, it'd be great with a camera going out there and witnessing to him Let's do reason Anyway, there you go. Okay, so I'm gonna get going buddy. All right. All right All right, thanks, okay Hey folks, three open lines. You want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six I should be right back after these messages It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Here's Matt slick. All right, everyone. Welcome back to the show Let's see. Let's get on with Cole from Indiana Cole. Welcome.

You're on the air Hey Matt, how you doing? I got a comment and two questions about Isaiah 66 verse 23 and verse 24 23 says we're gonna worship God in the New Kingdom with the on the new moon and the new Sabbath. We're gonna go up I'll let you read it. But and then a verse 24 It's talking about us looking at the ones that are suffering in hell, I guess But I thought I said wait, how could this be but then I thought about Lazarus and the rich man and illustration where he was able to, you know, see out Lazarus and Abraham But he couldn't get across to him. So what do you think about those two verses 23 and 24? 66 Well, it says it shall be from new moon to new moon and it looks like the context is it's the glory of God and looks like something to do with Jerusalem's Future there. So what I'm curious to know is if it's eschatological or if it was already fulfilled Because I often sometimes but they have a dual fulfillment, but any rate and and So he says I also take some of them for priests and for Levites says the Lord so that's in verse 21 So this is telling me it's dealing with national Israel for just as the new moons new earth Which I will make a dual door before me So your offspring and your name will endure and it shall be new moon to new moon From Sabbath the Sabbath all mankind will come to bow down before me says the Lord. So that's there certainly looks like it's Eschatological and they will go before us and look on the corpses of the men and so looks like Then with bodies and Stuff who have transgressed against me for the their worm dies will not die.

Their fire will not be quenched They will have an abundance of its worth abhorrent so Yeah, it's interesting. I think I've dealt with this on my Actually, I'm thinking about it on my section on universalism. So let me get there.

Let me see this is he calm down or close left? Universalism. I read a couple of commentaries and they were saying that it is referring to the new world Annihilation isn't actually Okay, and it could be yeah, so let me see It's annihilation not universalism.

I brought over a hundred and 60 or 180 articles I forgot which on Let's see if I did that on that one. I don't think I did I say it No, there it is, but it worked. Yeah, I did address that the worm dies not So that's in the issue of eternal punishment. Anyway, uh this is God's judgment upon the wicked and So that's what's going on. Okay.

I did kind of get a little familiar with it. So what? So what's your question about it? Oh my question is Are we gonna be able to see the ones that suffer and inhale no, no, what's gonna happen is that The first door makes you think that you know, you're right Yeah, but okay So trying to fight for the right way to word this the ultimate judgment of the wicked is that they're gonna be cast into outer darkness and An outer darkness is just way out there where way way way way out there. We don't know where it is It's just so far gone. So we won't be able to see that It's just gonna be so far gone. So we won't build a seal Okay, that's basically what it is There was this is an analogy of the decay that was going on the where the worm dies not and so when a body decays worms will consume it and So what's going on the The writer is simply saying that he's using okay, he's using a Contemporary thing to see just to talk about an eternal thing It's representation where the fire don't go out where the worm doesn't die He's just using this as an analogy of the constant condition that people would see in Certain places and times that they were aware of it.

Just didn't end and so he's using that as an analogy to show This is what's going to be happening for forever with them. Okay All right, oh wow, yeah, that's strange to me, you know It's because the Lord is mostly talking in that chapter And then uh, you know, he's talking about, you know what he's gonna do God I don't know, you know, you know in the rich man, you know, he would he was he was suffering man, because he's Abraham, you know They have Lazarus to put some some water. Yes, but but That's in paradise. There was a gulf between them and that condition of paradise and Hades doesn't seem to be in effect anymore So that was before the crucifixion after the crucifixion It looks like Jesus led a host of cactus out of Ephesians chapter 4 it talks about this going up into heaven So there's a separation before that it looked like they could at maybe see the locations across a gulf That's one theory, but we don't know but that's changed since the crucifixion of Christ And now the believers died they go to heaven and hades is elsewhere Hades is elsewhere Okay Okay Okay. Well, anyway, thanks. I just thought that was you know Yeah I think that whole chapter is dealing with the new world the new when God's gonna make everything new because he's talking about destroying And making it all new again in that whole chapter Yeah, but then it says no go forth and look at the corpses.

So it's a mixture of uh Of things that's being spoken about there Uh, which is one of the reasons I hold to partial preterism and the analogy that God gives Speaking of one thing often is used to speak of another he does that a lot. So that's where things happening here. Okay, buddy Okay. Well, thank you sir.

Thank you very much. All right. God bless All right.

Let's get to uh, eric from charlotte north carolina. Welcome You're here god bless you matt, thanks again for your ministry to listen to you I mean, I can spend all day asking you questions. Um, I hope you're doing well, but my question here is You mentioned Sort of ties in on universalism Uh and how to address this whole matter of um, we're in john 12 Uh where he says when he is he says that's not john 12, please forgive me.

Um, Is it john 12 30 12 i'm sorry Oh my goodness what he says Don't find it. Yeah, I will be lifted up and draw all men. Yeah, john 12 32 There you go. Thank you Um, of course, I don't believe in universalism But how to address those who will say when he says I will draw all men Unto me.

I have my own thoughts, but I want to see how would you address that? Sure. No problem Sure first of all Um, jesus was only sent to the lost sheep at the house of israel He was not sent to the whole world. You can go to matthew 15 24 for that Clearly so this is a covenantal aspect on the other hand you and you go to genesis 12 3 It says god says to abraham in you all the nations shall be blessed And that's quoted by paul in galatians 3 8 and he calls it the gospel So jesus was sent covenantally only to israel only to the people of israel. That's it Okay So when the israelites rejected him we the gentiles are grafted in Men when i'm lifted up from the earth i'll draw all men not just the jews To myself that's what's going on.

Okay? The all men then are All all the people groups Because people will say look he's every individual. Well, they can't I see it for one thing the word is men It's a it's uh pantas in the greek.

Um, which is masculine. It's a masculine form here and so it's talking about all the men male and Uh, the implication is men Okay, but then it's not literally it means all people So all people all right, but you got to understand that jesus has only said to the lost sheep of the house of israel So he's saying he's going to take care of everybody But when you go to first samuel 3 14 God says i've sworn to the house of eli that the Iniquities of eli's house will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever So it cannot be that these people will be drawn who have died and who and in particular with samuel With eli's house is never going to be atoned for So when he's talking about all men, he will draw that's future tense. Does that mean the people from the past?

Are not drawn. Well Obviously, so he's talking in a future sense. Okay So what does it mean by all men the best explanation that i've come across is simply this that um, He's going to draw all kinds of people not just the jews That's all okay. Uh, that makes that makes perfect sense. Uh, I can understand that. Um, Another question if it's okay Real fast. We've got a couple other guys waiting. Why don't you call that? Um wednesday?

How about that? Call back wednesday? Okay, we have people waiting.

I might be able to thank you so much man. Thank you. Bye. Bye. All right, man. God bless Hey, let's jump on with melanie from virginia. Melanie.

Welcome. You're on the air You're on the air Hello, thanks for taking my call or my question Um, my question is i'm a barber so I have a lot of young people high school age that um question a lot of things within the bible and as a believer in a faith-based prayer and That's my upbringing and my life and what i've witnessed to god blessing Me and people that I love I Believe strongly in prayer and things so when i'm asked I simply say I don't know Read the bible and you know, just um pray about it, but I would like to give a better passage or reference to You know to the ones that asked me this question. So, um, what questions would you recommend? Is there a particular question?

Okay, well it is a bunch but earlier it kind of answered it with the the one um, you were saying the person And in what they expected so I I hear from a lot of young people the expectations that are unreal Um, you know kind of like you said not a lot of logic in it um and it's mostly with the things that they're faced with I mean our world's pretty rough right now and um the bible is most the bible is being uh crucified basically with our young people so when they open their heart and their feelings and things to me I I would just like to give them a passage to kind of Set the pace for them to do it themselves It just it depends on the individual and so it's hard to give one passage That's going to help them all. I know what you want to do. You want to reach out to them There's you know, there's all kinds of options one is you could say Hey, if you want give me your phone number or whatever and i'll give you uh an opportunity to meet with a bunch of people online And this guy me i'll come on and answer questions That's you know, we could arrange something like that. You could tell them to go to my website and to uh to look up Issues and questions.

I have a radio show they can call in they can eat write us with emails. I'm on clubhouse They can uh, come you don't say you want answers. There are people out there who have answers Here's one of them that aim to say his last name is slick for real, you know make a fun of it because it is my name it for really is and maybe they'll remember that but i'm just saying Because they have so many different kinds of questions I learned about you um traveling home from charlotte still on a one-hour commute and at first I didn't know what to think of you To think of you and then I listened and you were there again and I was like, oh, wait a minute Now this man's just very intelligent and he knows the bible Very well, so if I got a question, I would like to get an answer from someone that's knowledgeable like yourself I'll tell you what look we're out of time. There's the music I'm, sorry. Melanie. We're just out of time. So it's end of the show.

Can you you know call back wednesday? Maybe we could talk about it some more I was just gonna say i'm gonna reference that to you Thank you. Okay. All right. Okay. God bless. Okay. I hope they talk to you soon. Hey everybody. Have a great Eight, uh, fourth of july god bless another program powered by the truth network
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