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May 9, 2023 4:31 pm

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May 9, 2023 4:31 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is produced by The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST---Topics include---- 10- How to pray for a spouse, and wait on God.-- 13- The danger of- -Works Salvation-.-- 33- The -gods- mentioned in Psalm 82- 1-8.- See also- John 10- 25-39.-- 46- Is the Theocratic law dealing with stoning false prophets still valid---- 56- Why did God kill all flesh in the Noahic flood---- 58- Is church membership biblical--


The following program is recorded content created by Live! If you have a comment or a question, we get them. Sometimes I look at them on the air, read them on the air, and we go through stuff. For those of you who are curious why the sound isn't coming through, I don't know why the sound isn't coming through.

At least on the feed, not on the radio, but on the feed. We'll see if we can reboot the computer during the next break, and we'll see if we can figure out what's going on, because I don't understand why a certain aspect is supposed to show up that hasn't shown up. We may have to reboot the computer for that. Anyway, I have a fast computer, so I can do it during the break.

Also, if you're interested, you can join us on Rumble. What we're doing is we are slowly trying to get more and more people to go to Rumble, because let's just say as the society moves to a more liberal bent and YouTube, it becomes a little bit more difficult when it comes to freedom of speech. The conservatives are often penalized if you say things, and that's been the case for quite a while. They call things misinformation, which reminds me. I read an article that talked about the government developing a ministry of, or something it was called, the Department of Misinformation, or something along those lines. When I heard about that, I just thought of the novel 1984, where they had the Ministry of Truth. The Ministry of Truth, their job was to decide what was true and what was not true. Of course, what was true is what agreed with their agenda and the political movement. That's what was true. You've got to read the novel. In fact, I even have this shirt on, 1984 fiction again.

I love the shirt, but it's pretty bad. So that's why we're moving over towards Rumble, because we get more freedom there. We don't have to worry about many things and not have to worry about being penalized because of our opinions. So there you go with that.

We'll be going more to Twitter also, because we do believe in the work of Elon Musk, who I'm so glad bought Twitter, and is trying to get freedom of speech back. That's good news. I'm encouraged by that. I think that's a good thing. I don't know what you think, but I think it's a good thing.

Let's see, what else? I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm going over to Rumble right now. I don't know why the sound function is not working at all inside the browser. I'll do a reboot during the break.

It takes me just a little bit to do that, because my computer is really fast. Praise God for that. All right, why don't you give me a call?

877-207-2276. All right, so I think we'll talk about something here that was interesting. I had a friend over yesterday, and he asked about Michael Heizer's position on the Council of the Gods. I went over some of the material with my friend about this and tried to get him to understand and to see and accept the idea of strict monotheism. I've got to read more of Michael Heizer. I have read a lot of his book, The Unseen Realm, but what concerns me in it is the idea that there are a council of divine beings out there.

This is polytheism. So I have a problem with that, of course. As I've read through Heizer's book, The Unseen Realm, I was let down by some of the exegetical procedures that he went through. I thought that he did not represent certain texts properly and that he read into things that weren't necessarily the case. And because of it, I lost my respect for his exegetical ability. Undoubtedly, the book that he's worked on has a lot of information, and there's a lot of research in it.

I'm familiar with a lot of these issues. So when I went through, I read about a third of his book, I think, or 25% of his book, and I've got more to read. But as I went through stuff, I remember thinking, okay, this is good, this is good, oh, my goodness, why is he saying that? I don't get why he would affirm this and that.

This is not necessary. He's reading into it, and I remember doing that several times. And after a while, I just lost faith in him, his ability to accurately exegete scripture. So that's what happened with me, and I'll get more into that a little bit later. All right, we know there's no sound, so we'll figure that out. I'll reboot my computer. It should work. Like I said, if you want to give me a call, you can do that, 877-207-2276.

Also, if you're interested, you can e-mail me at info at, and we've done that, so I'm going to go through some of the questions there. The one person says, I often hear that if a person has the desire to be married, that desire was put there by God to be fulfilled through marriage. Basically, if you don't desire a good thing like marriage, God must have a spouse out there for your speech. That's not necessarily the case. Marriage is something that is good, and a person that God may not want to be married for whatever reasons may still have marriage urges, et cetera. God may want that person to sacrifice that aspect of his or her needs for the glory of God, and God may be calling that person to such a thing. So the generic speech, if you have a desire, it's a good thing.

Not always. So anyway, that question, if I desire marriage, does that mean God will give me a spouse, or is it just a platitude folks tell a single people? I would say, I don't know if God wants you to be married. If he doesn't want you to be married, he won't find out until you get married.

And if you do get married, then you'll know that's the woman or man you've got to stay with for the rest of your life. But a lot of times what people do in this issue of marriage is what they want to do is they pray for the perfect spouse. They have a list of things, and that's fine.

You should have a list of things that you expect from a spouse, godliness, faithfulness, things like that, honesty, integrity, being a good parent, things like this. They'll also be praying that you are made and changed to such a degree that you can then be a good spouse for whoever it is that God would put in your path. And this is something that I find that people just don't do. They don't realize what they're doing.

They think they're pretty good. And can you give me a spouse, Lord? I need one that does this, this, and that. In other words, I've got myself worked out pretty well. This is what I need is someone else. And it's a selfish attitude. It's the same thing. They will just pray like that and not realizing that.

They need to be praying, Lord, I know I've got issues, and please change me and prepare me so that I might be a good spouse for the one that you would give to me. And that's what needs to be done. All right. Been catching up with the old Slick Answers episode, Bible-Thumping Wingnut podcast, great stuff. Yeah, that's a long time ago. That was years ago.

So I've been doing all kinds of podcasts, all kinds of different things, different ways, and that was a while back. All right. Now let's see. This person says, I've tried calling previously to discuss Mormon topics within the radio. Oh, okay, we already talked about that.

That person, I already had that highlighted. We'll get to another one. Let's see.

My name is so-and-so. Oh, okay, that's something different. Here we go. I understand the verse, Galatians 5, 3 through 4, that deals with if you receive circumcision, Christ will be of no benefit. So that verse will be speaking of people who initially dabbled in Christian faith but did not remain per 1 John 2.19.

That's good. Which that verse says, they were not from us because they never were of us. If they had been of us, they would have remained. Instead, they went back to leaning on and relying on their own righteousness rather than in Christ's righteousness. That's right. Ultimately, as we view their life as a whole, they did not have true, saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

They only seemed to believe it first, but eventually it became obvious what their actual faith was in. That's correct. So that's a comment. Oh, okay, good.

Oh, I get that. That's Tim. Oh, Tim, you did a great job.

Tim, he's one of our email responders, and I thought that was a comment from somebody else, and that was Tim, and he did a great job answering that. Good, good, good. Okay.

All right, so let's see. The Roman Catholic Church is not the only leading group that teaches salvation by faith plus works. The Orthodox Church does that also.

That's correct. So to most Protestant denominations, a lot of them do. A lot of Protestants erringly refer to or believe in the idea that you have to be good in order to keep yourself right with God, that if you do bad things, you're going to lose your salvation. And this is a false teaching that is taught in Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, is taught in Islam, is taught in Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and a lot of Protestant churches. Now, with the exception of the cults, most evangelicals see all professing Christians as saved as long as they're persevering to the end and doing good works. If one must believe in both the gift of God, the everlasting life, the giver, and the Lord Jesus Christ, then anyone who has never believed in the permanence of the salvation Jesus gives is yet unsaved, not necessarily. You can have someone who doesn't believe in the permanence of salvation but still be saved, and the problem is they're just not understanding the doctrines, not understanding the true position.

You can have people who are saved in varying levels of theological understanding, and they just don't understand certain aspects, certain issues, and they can still be saved. That's fine. There's not a problem there, okay? So, not necessarily the case.

Let me go on reading. Okay, that means that many outstanding Christians are not yet in God's forever family. If good works can't get you to Christ's kingdom, then it is essential that people believe in Jesus for the salvation he guarantees. Of course it is. You've got to believe in that.

Some people mistakenly think you can lose your salvation, though. Thanks, Matt. Love the show. Longtime listener and supporter. Thanks, Mark.

Appreciate that. All right, all right, all right. So, it's a good question. It's a good issue to discuss because we want to make sure that people understand that salvation is not dependent upon your good works. It's not dependent upon your faithfulness, either. A lot of churches teach this. Forget the Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox.

They're just way out in left field. They're not even saved. They're teaching false doctrines. But within Protestantism, there are so many that teach that your salvation can be jeopardized by your behavior. Well, then that would mean, then, that your salvation is kept by your behavior.

And that's works righteousness. So, a lot of people don't connect the dots. They don't see that. And once the light comes on, they go, Oh, my goodness, you're right.

That is a bad idea. And then that's okay. And that would be a sign of their regeneration. So, faith and works are related to each other. But works are the result of the change in us that God has given us. And that's regeneration.

And that is what the trust is. All right, folks. Hey, I'm going to reboot here.

And we've got a break. We'll be back in a couple of three minutes. Please stay tuned. We'll be right back after these messages. Hey, everybody, welcome back to the show.

If you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276. Now, I know that some of you can hear me, but if something's up, I'm just going to tell you what's going on. I do not know why, all of a sudden, one of the audio feeds that's always on my computer suddenly stopped. And it's the one to the headset microphone, so I don't know what's going on. Maybe something's unplugged someplace. I don't know if they've figured it out. I'll do some troubleshooting later, but I can't do it right now live on the show.

So what I've done is set it up so that you can hear through the webcam, so it's going to sound a little bit distant, and you won't be able to hear the callers if and when they call up. So there you go. That's what's happening. All right, well, we've got a little, you know, issues here every now and then, and that's just what we're doing. So if you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276. I hope you guys can hear me. If you can, let me know if you can hear me in the rumble a little bit.

So someone says, someone get car sound engineer. You know, I was just thinking today how much I have to do and the things I've got to learn. Okay, now, you know, now I've got, when the show's over, I'm going to have to troubleshoot this issue, which really has got me puzzled. I don't know what is going on and why. I have to check all the wires. I've got to check everything.

I've got to redo drivers. You know, and I was a computer tech for years, so it's going to be helpful to do that. But also, get this, I was reviewing. What I'm doing in PowerPoint is prepping in PowerPoint. I spent two or three full days now working up intros and outros to one-minute Christianity, one-minute apologetics, and just articles, so that when you click on the article or whatever it is, then a nice little intro comes up for three, four, five seconds. This is what looks professional. And I've had to spend so much time looking at how to do, learning how to do that and how to make this work and how it works. It's just complicated. And so I've spent hours and hours and hours doing that and then also trying to make the graphics look good, so I spent time in AI learning how to write prompts in order to get graphics to look pretty good so that I can make something look decent. All right, so that's just part of it. Then, now get this, so I've had to learn the camera we got and how to hook it up with the audio and for the audio settings and camera settings for video.

And I have to do the lighting. And so in order to do the script for one minute show, for one minute theology, one minute Christianity, what I need to do is have a, I have this old phone. It's just an old phone, I don't know, maybe 10 years old. And it's small, but it's just the right size for putting text onto that you can put an app onto that you can scroll with it. Well, in order to do that, you have to mirror it. Well, you've got to get the app to mirror it. And I had to get a small, just a really small, what do you call those, teleprompters that goes on the end of the camera. I had to research which one and find out how to work it and use it and how to use the software for the phone, the old phone I'll be using, and for speed and things like that to make it work. So then once I get that going and I get the script on there and I get the lighting right and the audio is at the right levels, then I do tests and I have to run it. And then once I make sure, okay, that's good enough, then what I'm going to do is just do some videos. Then I take the stuff, come over to my computer, and I have to open up a pretty sophisticated image program.

Now, if someone knows, or a video program, they have different ones, if someone knows a good basic one that you don't need super sophisticated stuff, just the basics, be able to put text in and blend things and things like that, let me know because I'm researching those too. And once I find out a better one than what I have, I'll have to learn how to use it. But I already have one that's pretty powerful. And I've been using it for years off and on, but it's so powerful it's hard to use. It's a high learning curve. So anyway, I have to put everything together and then port it out to the proper format of MP4 and then upload it.

And hopefully it'll work. So there's just, I'm smiling when I'm saying it because there's just so much to learn. And don't forget this, when I write the texts, I have to write them so that I can read them off the teleprompter looking like I'm doing it without just a monotone kind of a thing so that it's engaging. And, oh yeah, get this, so on screens there's 16 by nine. That means 16 by nine proportion, 16 being horizontal, nine being vertical. Well also, because we're gonna be doing it on Instagram and on TikTok and things like that where people go on their phones, we have to switch the format to nine by 16. So I also have to take the video and figure out, don't know how to do it yet, figure out how to port it over to a nine by 16. That also meant, and it still does, that I have to develop intros and outros not only for 16 by nine but nine by 16. And I have to teach myself how to do all of it and teach myself PowerPoint. So it's just a lot to do. I'm not whining.

I'm just saying there's a lot and this is why it's taken me a while to get there. So hey, look, Mr. Kitt who gave us a five dollar rant and I thank you very much for that, brother. Mr. Kitt's a good guy.

Mr. Kitt's a good guy. And if you want, you can support the show. All you gotta do is go to rumble, forward slash mattslicklive, mattslicklive at and if you do forward slash live after that, it'll take you right into the show I'm in right now and you can see me sitting here at the desk doing what I'm doing and telling you how much I gotta do.

In fact, I'm playing with some of the lights behind me, orange and blue and teal and some other stuff. I gotta figure things out. I like how personal Karm is.

The big ministries I could never have interacted like. Mattslicklive. That's all right, crazy. Dimond?

Diamond? That's what's really nice about the group of people here except for Mr. Kitt. Everybody's really nice and worth having in there, okay? So some people I gotta tease like Mr. Kitt. He's a good guy.

And there you go. And on Wednesdays, I do a Clubhouse Q&A session and on Thursdays I teach Bible studies so there's a lot I'm doing, a lot of stuff and I gotta finish editing a book and start working on another one. And I'm 66. You know, most people, when they're 66, most people, they slow down and I'm trying to figure out how to do more. How do you, for example, maybe some of you around my age have struggled with stuff like concentration, what did I come into this room for? And you stand there, I'm not leaving till I figure out what I came in here for.

Three days later, you give up and then you walk out, oh, I just remembered and then you, you know. So stuff like that. And plus, there's some other stuff. Man, I got so many things. So many irons in the fire.

I got a lot going on. So hey, pray for me. And we do have a prayer ministry incidentally.

Prayer at if you want. You can pray for us and I'm gonna ask you if you wouldn't mind out there praying for our missionaries in Africa. We have a guy in Malawi, that's kind of the southern half-ish of Africa and we have another guy in Nigeria.

And so the guy in Nigeria, I gotta be careful, I don't wanna say names because it's a dangerous situation he's in. And when we get back to the break, I'll tell you what's going on there and then I'll take a call. So if you give me a call, we have nobody waiting. So give me a call, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking a call at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. If you wanna give me a call at the bottom of the hour, we have nobody waiting, please give me a call, 877-207-2276.

And I apologize for not being able to hear the bumper music in and out. We're doing a backup thing. I think the Comrix might be the issue now. That's the next thing to reboot. I'll do it during the break so I can test it.

It only takes half a minute to reboot, so I'll be doing that. All right, if you wanna give me a call, 877-207-2276. All right, now I think we'll get some more e-mails and do some e-mail stuff because I like it, you know. It's always good to be able to answer questions. Oh, I was gonna talk about the Michael Heiser thing. That's right. So there's an issue that comes up out of Psalm 82, and I'm gonna go through this and talk about it a little bit.

And I'm thinking about how deep to get into this kind of a thing. There is this statement in Psalm 82, God takes his stand in his own congregation, and he judges in the midst of the rulers. Now, the word there, he judges in the midst of the rulers.

The word for rulers is Elohim. He judges in the midst of the Elohim. Literally, we could say among the gods.

How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? All right, now Heiser, from what I understand and recall, and others who've represented what he's said, says God takes a stand in his own congregation, judges in the midst of the gods, and so therefore there's a type of divine beings that have a quality of divinity and are called gods, but are not the true God. And this is one of the verses that is used to support that idea. He stands in his own congregation. He judges in the midst of the gods. So the problem here is there's several, but I'll look at the context first. How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked?

So what's he talking about? What's the psalmist saying? Is it the gods who are judging unjustly and showing partiality to the wicked?

Because notice what the next verse says. Vindicate the weak and the fatherless. Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy. Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. So this is interesting in that that verse, those verses of 3 and 4 of Psalm 82 are for us today. But that's another thing.

This is what we're obligated to do, but we won't get into that. Now, so God takes his stand in the congregation. He judges amidst the rulers. Who are the rulers? Who are the ones who are judging unrighteously, who are showing partiality to the wicked, who are not vindicating the weak and the fatherless, and are not doing justice to the afflicted and the destitute? Is it a bunch of gods? If that's the case, then what that would mean is that these gods have power over earth and God's condemning them for what they're doing. Is that what's going on here? No, it's not. They do not know, nor do they understand.

They walk about in darkness. All the foundations of the earth are shaken. I said, you are gods and all of your sons of the Most High.

Nevertheless, you all die like men and fall like any one of the princes. So then he says, Arise, O God, judge the earth, for it is you who possesses the nations. This psalm is what's called an imprecatory psalm. To imprecate is to wish harm upon someone, judgment. It's like saying, God, go get them.

To imprecate, when you're praying, you can imprecate, because the psalmist does it. You can say, Lord, judge the wicked in their wickedness. I could say, Lord, judge the Biden crime family and all the ungodly pagans who are raping and pillaging the government and trampling the Constitution underfoot and taking bribes. Lord, deal with them. May they be judged according to their own unrighteousness. And you can pray that, and it's legitimate to pray that, because that's what the psalmist does in his songs, which are worship to God. So they're asking for righteousness, the righteousness of God, upon people. Now, when I pray imprecatorily, I also add in, but nevertheless, Lord, I do ask for their salvation more than their judgment. Please save them, but if you choose not to, then take care of them. Get them out of the way. Destroy them, whatever it is that you must do, Lord, and ask God to deal. So this is what an implication is, and there's lots of imprecatory psalms.

I think there's like 10 to 20 or something like that out of the 150 or maybe 20 or 30, and there's quite a bit, nevertheless. When God says, Vindicate the weak, no fatherless, and take care of the needy, he's not talking about these gods that are out there in some council of the gods. He's talking about the unrighteous judges of Israel. There was a time in Israel when the people who were running things were the judges, and many of them were corrupt. Also, the people of Israel were also, as it happens, people get in power, they get corrupt.

I mean, look what's happening in our government. And so this is happening there, too. And so what he's doing is saying, Get them. And why is he calling them Elohim? Because they have the power of life and death.

They have the power to say what can and cannot be, and they're like gods, and that's what's going on. And this is why God says, Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes. So what he's saying is he's mocking, he's condemning, and he's judging the psalmist as the unrighteous judges and saying, God, judge them. And arise, O God, judge the earth. So he says, You will die like men, and all of them, like any one, will fall like the princes.

That's what's going on. So this is an imprecatory psalm. Now, having said that, let's jump over to John 10, 30.

I and the Father are one. The Jews picked up stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them, I showed you many good works of the Father.

For which of them are you stoning me? The Jews answered him, For a good work we do not stone you, but for blasphemy, because you, being a man, make yourself out to be God. Jesus answered them, Has it not been written in your law? That's interesting, your law. I said, Ye are gods? Now, I suspect the reason Jesus says your law is it's the imprecatory psalm that's applied to them.

This is for you. This is your law. This is a law on you. I think that's what's going on. He didn't say the law or our law because they're all Jews.

The law, but your law. I think that's a hint of what's going on. He says, I said ye are gods. He's quoting Psalm 82, 6. He says if he called them gods to whom the word of God came and the scripture cannot be broken, do you say of him who the Father sanctified and said unto the world, You are blasphemy, because I said, I'm the Son of God?

So what he's doing is he is invoking an imprecatory psalm, which is a psalm of judgment from God against the unrighteous rulers, and he's applying it to them. But in that psalm, it says ye are gods. So God is calling them gods, not that they're true gods by nature because we know that they're not. Because Galatians 4-8 says that when you did not know God, you served by nature those which are not gods. So there aren't any other gods besides God.

So what is going on here is the people in charge had great power. They had godlike power. And so because of that, they were called gods. It's a mocking thing. You're like gods.

You've got little gods. And so when Jesus quoted the psalm, he's quoting condemnation upon them and at the same time throwing them a curve by saying, well, those judges were called gods. Is that with me for saying I'm the son of God?

Answer that. That means they have to answer two things now, the imprecatory psalm aimed at them and their unrighteousness as well as exegete properly why they're called gods if they're just men. It's like you. You have power too to the unrighteous Jews because they want to stone him. So Jesus is exceedingly clever in how he responded to them and what it was he said to them.

And this is what's going on. Now, the Mormons use this, you said you are gods, and they use it to say we become gods. And I say to them, it doesn't even say become gods. It says you are. Are you a little god right now?

No, you're not. And I use their own theology against them, and I show what it is. And then I think it's in Jesus the Christ page. I'm trying to remember. It's been a while. Where James Talmage actually properly analyzes this verse in Psalm 82.6. I'm going to figure out what page that is, and maybe someone can find it for me in one of my articles. It'll come back to me.

Six, I don't know what it is, something. Anyway, so it's there. And this is what's going on.

So this is the kind of stuff that's important for us to be able to understand by reading context and understanding various things in Scripture. So there you go. Now, we've got a break coming up here in a second. I want you to give me a call, 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you. And after the break, if you don't get any callers, we'll be getting to some more of the mail. We'll be right back after these messages.

Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody. Welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call, three open lines, 877-207-2276. All right, let's get to Jamal from North Carolina. Jamal, welcome. You're on the air.

All right, Matt Slick. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. I had a question about the seasons. And you answered a question similar to this about stoning folks. You said it was like a form of prostitution back in that day. I wanted to ask about killing false teachers. I don't have the passage right in front of me or the scripture right in front of me, but I believe it's in Ephesians. So you want to know about stoning people, to do it today, whatever you're saying? No, that was a previous question, but it's something similar to that. I read, I believe, in Ephesians where they were saying, or the scripture was saying, for the false teachers, they are to be killed.

Why do you take on that? I don't think that's in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, they would kill false prophets, but not in the New Testament. I don't know of anything about stoning false prophets now, stoning people.

I don't see anything like that. So I don't believe that's in the New Testament. So if you're considering the Old Testament, we'll have to follow that, right? We don't follow yes and no. We follow certain aspects of the Old Testament, but not all of it.

And people say, well, why? Well, there's divisions in the law, and there's some aspects of the law where God said, say to the sons of Israel. That was specifically aimed to the Israelites.

Then there was laws that were aimed at everybody, and they're not to lie and steal. Those things are universal, and those things are carried over into the New Testament. So we're to follow those laws, like the Ten Commandments. However, just to make a note, the only commandment of the Ten Commandments that's not reiterated in the New Testament is the Sabbath. All the other ones are referenced and cited, but not the Sabbath, because Jesus is our Sabbath. He's the one who fulfilled that aspect. The Sabbath is rest.

He's our rest if we get into that. So we are to follow those, but we're not to follow stoning people, because that was under a theocratic system where God was in control, and we are not under that now. We're under a different covenant. So the old covenant was abrogated at the death of Christ.

That's Hebrews 8-13, Hebrews 9, 15-16. So we're not to harm people. We can execute them, however.

We can do that. That's in Romans 13. A lot of people don't know that. We're to be subject to the governing authorities, and it says that it's a minister of God to you for good, and it has the ability to use the sword. The sword was a means of execution and of enforcement, and this is what is in Romans 13.4. So capital punishment is supported in Scripture for the issue there. So other than that, no, I don't know anything of churches and people and Christians stoning people and killing false prophets and things like that. Okay? Okay. That is pretty good, sir, as usual.

You answered even my follow-up questions about why we are not to follow today, so that's pretty good. To answer a question you kind of posed earlier, the thing that the Biden administration was trying to push out was called the Ministry of Truth, and I'm so glad they did not pass that. I'm with you on that 1984 book.

I read it, and it's so funny how some of that stuff is so prophetic today. Yeah. Yeah, it is. Our country is in... People don't realize... Here, I'm going to say this. I know I'm a doom and gloom preacher here, but like an iceberg, you only see so much above the surface. That's what we're seeing now, and there's a lot more under the surface that's going on that's evil and wicked. I mean, you think about this.

Oh, yeah. When there's people who riot, when something doesn't go right politically or someone is killed by the police, there's riots, people are killed, property is destroyed, there's mayhem, the government is opening up our borders, they're sending our reserves to China. I mean, people in control, they don't care about us. They only care about themselves.

Right. And so that's just the tip of the iceberg. You just know they are looking good on the surface best they can, but underneath, they're whitewashed supplicers. They're doing kickbacks. They're doing under-the-table deals. They're patting their own pockets. You know that's happening, and the ones who are paying for it are us, the average Joe.

My wife and I get this. My wife and I, we need to move for her health to get away from a two-story house to be a single story, but basically we can't afford it, and I make okay money. We can't afford it because the interest rate is now double what it was two years ago, and we can't afford it.

Exactly right. Yeah, thanks, Biden piece of crap. And I don't want my wife to fall down the stairs. I'm not saying she's going to, but we're getting older, and she's got medical issues, so blah, blah, blah.

We want to do this for her health. We can't do it. You know? So we just can't.

This is what it is. We can't afford it. Yeah, I had a conversation today with a couple of people about people owning their own homes. They wanted to downsize the move for whatever reason, and again, because they can't afford you. They can't afford the new rate. That's right. Stuck. Yeah, they're stuck, and we have, what, another bank's failure? Yep. So how are we going now under this administration? They're talking about how they were sending reserves overseas.

During our crisis, when everybody was trying to conserve gas and all that, why in the world did the Biden administration send oil to China, of all places? Yep. So how is that benefiting us? Yep.

It's got that. They're talking about interest rates on people who have good credit on their homes. Who are not having good credit. How does that make any sense? You try. So this is all some kind of, in this office, some kind of plan. Like you said, we don't know what's going on, but we all know that we're all hurt. It's the corruption of socialism. It's communism-lite, and we have, as citizens, need to rise up and say we've had enough. We've had enough. Definitely. And my opinion is they need to get these people out of office and read the preamble of the Constitution.

Read the preamble. Amen. It's time for us to get our country back. Right.

And again, I'll leave you with this. They will rise when somebody gets attacked or somebody gets hurt, except when it is for Christians, unfortunately. Just like with that Nashville shooting where you had those three kids and those three teachers get shot, there was not a peep. Because if we, as Christians, if we don't do that, so you let somebody else get caught up in that kind of mess, rise from the street. Now, why would you not need to rise for those kids and those teachers that got shot in their own Christian school?

Where was the outrage for that? That's right. Oh, yeah.

And did you see the clips of different, there was this one woman, she's, I can't believe, she had little ears on, like cat ears, on a panel or in some school board or something, and she peed, she said, no, because Christian values are no good. And it's like, what? And this kind of stuff is happening all over the place.

We're in trouble. So the Christians need to get off their hands. They need to, we don't have, we don't have the unction to fight back anymore because people are wussified. And they don't, they're not ready to pay the price of righteousness. It's costly.

We're too comfortable, apathetic. The people in leadership know it. And so they just did their thing right. That's right. Well, anyway, I don't want to hold you up. Thank you for the answer and thank you for the conversation. God bless you for what you do, Matt Slick. All right, man. Well, God bless, buddy.

All right. God bless. Let's get to Matt from Fort Worth, Texas. Matt, welcome. You're on the air.

Hello, Matt, Fort Worth, Texas. I clicked on the right button. I'm waiting for you. All right. Want to give me a call? Okay.

Let's see. Let's put him on hold and let's go to John. So, Matt, if you want to call back.

John from Illinois. Welcome. You're on the air. Hello, Matt. How are you this afternoon? Doing fine. Hanging in there, man.

So, what do you got, buddy? So, I have a question regarding the flood. My question is, if you could point to scripturally why, and I know you're probably not supposed to ask the question why. Why does God do this? Why does God do that?

But I feel comfortable enough to ask you, and depending on your answer, because I know you'll give me a full, complete, and honest answer. Why did God decide to, in the flood, kill all the animals except for two of the unclean ones and seven of the clean ones? I mean, what did the animals do? Well, it wasn't that it was just all the animals.

The flood would kill the people. The animals were on the land, too, where the people are, so they're going to suffer, too. So, they suffered for the sins of man, and that's it. That's why the animals were also killed. That's why they had to be spared, at least some representative of them, to repopulate the water.

That's all that's going on. People were all over the place. They were bad. They were very, very sinful into all kinds of sexual sin and perversions, and God said, that's it.

We're done. Start over, and there's some other reasons, too, with the Nephilim and things like that. So, he couldn't just have the water just get the people. It got everybody and everything. The plants were submerged, everything. It's kind of because God decided to kill everybody with water, and killing all the animals was kind of a byproduct of that.

Sure. Reading too much into it. To kill all the people, you've got to flood the land. Well, there's animals there, too. They're going to die.

So, let's save some of them. That's simple. Matt, you answered my question. Thank you very much, and you have a great day. You, too, man. God bless. Thanks. All right.

That's John from Illinois, and we lost the other guy. He had a question on church membership. I love talking about church membership. So, if you are in a church that has church membership, okay. I always ask people, show me it in the Scriptures, and I'll do it. I don't see church membership in the Bible, and that's it. So, I've had a lot of people in my Reform camp just get on me for that. You should be a member of a church.

Why? Show me the Scripture. Boy, they don't like that. And I don't say, don't do it if you don't want to. I just say, show me in Scripture the obligation that I have. And me, what I would do is I would just attend a church I would never join.

I just don't believe in that. And I would just go. I wouldn't be used. I wouldn't have any ability to do anything because a lot of churches, you've got to be a member in order to teach or whatever. I just would never be used because I just don't believe in church membership. I don't see it in Scripture. That's just me.

That's my narrow-minded view. So, there you go. All right. All right.

Hey, there's the end of the show. May the Lord bless you, and by His grace, I'm back on there tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll have that tech problem on my end here somehow. I'll have to work on it. We'll figure it out. May the Lord bless you, and we'll talk to you guys later. I'm out of here. I'm out of here.
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