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March 16, 2023 1:57 am

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March 16, 2023 1:57 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include- --1. Satan's Temptation of Christ-2. 08-Rapture Rev 16 14, Wheat and Tares, who is taken first---3. John 3 Difference in Baptism of John vs Jesus-4. 23-The Chosen, LDS connection-5. 34-Why Easter falls on a certain day -6. 36-David and Bathsheba, was it consensual on her part-7. 55-Joshua 11-6 Animal cruelty in the Old Testament

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The following program is recorded content created by Matt Slick Live.

Today is March 13th, 2023. As usual, if you want to give me a call, all you have to do is dial 8772072276. And if you want to email me instead of calling on the show, you can do that also. All you have to do is just go to your browser or wherever you go, email me at info at, info at And then we can talk.

You can email me there and do whatever you want right there. So that's it. We've got one caller waiting. I'm thinking, hey, why not? We'll just jump right in and let's get to Rudolph from North Carolina. Rudolph, welcome. You're on the air.

Yes, sir. My question is, if Satan knew Christ was God, what would he try to tempt him with something that was not different? That was not what?

Tempting. And what he tried to tempt him with something that was not tempting to him. He knew Christ was God. Yeah. Do you think that the devil in this case is perfectly rational and logical?

How do you say that? I don't know. He's not dumb. Well, yeah, but you see, you got to understand that we often judge what others will do by how we understand ourselves. For example, that Satan is kind of logical and he gets it that Jesus is God. He's not going to be tempted.

So why bother? We're going to add into this an insane evil that is flowing through all of the essence of the devil. It doesn't make make any difference if he knows he can't be successfully tempted. He is so evil he will in his malicious intent, seek to undermine all that is good. Always. So he would work to undermine who Christ is.

Just because that's his nature to do so is he's evil. All right. Okay.

Yeah. But temptation in the Bible, it's of two kinds. One is to tempt, but God is not tempted. The other is to tempt an individual. They can be tempted. The illustration I use is, I think it was in Psalm 110 or 105, I'm trying to remember, that they tempted, Israelites tempted God, 106. Here it is, 106, 13 through 15. They quickly forgot his works.

They did not wait for his counsel, but craved intensely in the wilderness and tempted God in the desert. Well, the illustration I use is, you know, is I have no interest in sports. I don't watch any sports. I don't care about any sports. And it just has no interest for me.

None. So if someone were to offer me tickets to go to some football game, instead of going out to dinner with my wife, they're tempting me externally, but internally, I'm not tempted. It doesn't have any effect on me.

However, if I am going out with my wife and someone says, hey, Matt, there's an atheist new age conference over there, and they're opening up topics to anybody who can ask questions. Now I'm tempted. So God can be tempted without having an internal temptation. And this is how Christ can be tempted. He will not fall.

He's not capable of falling. But nevertheless, the evil one is not rational. And he tempted Christ.

He sought to work against him in all ways and all things and tempted him. That's what's going on there. Okay? Well, that's the number. Also, for those of you who might be new to journalism, Mormonism, Islam, UFOs, the occult, the nature of truth, evolution, we talk about all kinds of things here. So if that sounds tempting to you, and you want to talk to me, all you got to do is dial 8772072276. And we can talk. Or if you want you can email me at info at And say I got a question for the radio, all you got to do and then we can talk. Let's get on the air with I think it is Phil from North Carolina Phil welcome you're on the air hi um I was so glad to hear you I don't know maybe a week or two ago you were talking about those three devil frogs in revelation 16 as in spirits like these yes I'm a millennialist more or less like and I never could figure out how that Matthew 24 forties fit into the omele kind of thinking but then you brought up those devil frogs and it made it and it makes me wonder why is it I'm 60 years old and I'm 61 and I'm just now hearing this yep yeah so that reminds me on Sundays I sit around the house I watch TV all day that's my day of rest and I just watch whatever and I went in and I watched just for a little bit the movie that played at a church the day I got saved called a thief in the night well I hadn't seen that thing in a long time so I watched about 10 or 15 minutes of it it's not very well done but it's okay you know and and they had they quoted where it says two men in the field one is taken one is left and that's the rapture and I was I said out loud that's not the rapture you know it just reminded me what you said why have you not heard this before well I think it's just simply because people get and pastors and teachers and stuff they just get kind of stuck and they just assume that everything that they've been told or they hold to is correct and so they don't know about these things and you know they say study but they don't study in depth and you got to hear hear what I said and I got that from somebody else I forgot who this years and years ago they said what about this put these together went well good good thought so as it you know for those who don't know who might be really what what I mean two men it feels one it's not though not the rapture it's not the rapture it's the wicked who are taking well appreciate you I appreciate you presenting that because I you know I've troubled over it it's really troubled me over the years what what has particularly that troubled you what was it again well the thing about one person being gone and the other one's still there and you know it's like all the people that are sold out for the rapture idea you know it's like that's kind of like their evidence and it's so it caused me to have a lot of doubts about my own little idealism well the rapture is true you know it does occur you know and and it's spoken about in 1st Thessalonians 4 verse 16 through chapter 5 verse 2 it's just that the the rapture stuff of Matthew you know two men the field one is taken one is left that's not the rapture that's something else yeah rapture is real well the dead in Christ shall rise first and then we will meet the Lord in the air but I now I'm considering that the wicked have been taken for the Battle of Armageddon problem is Christ gathering his army to fight the wicked army I mean I don't know not a flesh and blood we guess they are but also of flesh but I mean I should say also because you know when Ephesians 6 talks about their flesh and blood but yeah so you know I'll see if you go to Matthew 13 you know to we're talking about the wheat in the chairs I don't know if you heard me talk about that kid and it says a lot of both allow bro both excuse me both to go together until the time of the harvest I'll say to the Reapers first gather the tears so the time of the harvest the first ones gathered are the wicked that's what Jesus says Matthew 13 30 and then he interprets the parable later and he says in verse 40 so just as the tears are gathered and burned up at the fire so shall it be at the end of the age and the Son of Man will send forth his angels and they'll gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks well people say well that means it happens at the end of the millennial reign of Christ a literal thought thousand years the problem with that is that when you look at this age in the age to come there's only two ages and at the end of this age is when the new heavens and new earth are made and when the judgment occurs and things like that it doesn't fit their theology but I've never heard anybody preach on this and this is I'm gonna tell you that I've been doing radio for 18 years when I really started focusing and discovering this stuff about two men the field one is taken one is left is the wicked and the first was taken are the wicked in Matthew 13 I didn't really talk about it for for two years and the reason is because I was the only one I knew who who was teaching this or believed this and I thought that can't be right so I kept looking at alternate interpretations and alternate things to see now this is something's wrong here and I can't be the only one who's seen this and since then I've discovered others have seen it so I finally started admitting it on the radio this is what I believe so I was very cautious because well you know who am I I'm nobody but this is what the Word of God says and so I think people need to believe what it says and that's what it says there's two ages this age and the age to come at the end of this age there's certain things that happen and fact yeah there's back in the 90s I spoke to a minister about the book of Enoch and he told me oh well the book the book of Enoch is a lost book and then later on you know I find it was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and I've done considerable studying over it and you know it's there's a bunch of passages in the New Testament that just don't make sense if you don't know what the book of Enoch is telling you right and and then Jude quotes it directly so like I've had a lot of people tell me oh well it's not inspired it's not part of the canons well you know not technically but there's a verse in Jude that was inspired well here's the thing there are other books mentioned in the Bible okay there's lots of them that are mentioned the book of Wars book of Jasher Chronicles of David book of Kings of Israel and Judah the book of the Kings of Israel the words of Kings of Israel decrees of David King of Israel Chronicles of Samuel the seer I go on okay there's lots of books I have an article on this other books mentioned in the Bible just because someone else is quoted doesn't mean it's inspired so I think it is Erastus that Paul quoted as a pagan philosopher and I have a Menander I think he did he could put a Menander and in Acts 17 so there are false prophets and false teachers that are quoted doesn't mean they're inspired so Enoch is not an inspired book but there are certain things in there that the inspired writers can reference and they did just as they did in the the other books that are mentioned in the scripture so it doesn't mean those other books are inspired it just that they're quoted okay that's all yeah I'm not accepting it as canon but I think it has good I think it has wisdom that can be used for for Christ glory submit it to scripture always submit it to scripture okay all right okay buddy gotta go thank you all right man god bless all right just have an article on that did Paul quote pagan philosophers on carnal or I guess he did but doesn't mean you're inspired hey we'll be right back after these messages please stay tuned it's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick all right welcome back to the show everyone if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six let's get to Kenneth from North Carolina can look welcome you're on the air yes sir thank you for having me up one question I was I had I was you know when I was reading up you know John 3 there at the end John said you know John was baptized in but baptizing or his disciples are baptized a little bit of that question that the John's disciples asked you know about the Baptist I was wondering what type of baptism or was it the same as John's or I was just curious about any what kind of baptism did the disciples have well you know I said that they were decided you know John was baptized and then Jesus's disciples were baptized included like that into John 3 we yeah they were all baptizing but it was not a Christian baptism because Christ not yet died right so they're baptized right okay but so you mentioned John 3 and yeah I think it's up to the chapter he's talking about that about baptism okay it's always good to have any exact verse but so John 4 it says therefore the Lord knew who the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John though Jesus himself was not baptizing but his disciples were so they were baptizing baptism was a sign of a public sign declaration of identification with something and the Jews did it and others did it too and so it was just a baptism that was going on the question is what kind of baptism was it that's another discussion okay yeah that's what I was curious about I'm sorry I said in the job three but it wasn't for that's all right a big deal all right so I'm not sure what your question exactly is what it would listen if you could formulate it again what would you say your question is how'd you ask it I was just curious because you know you know what disciples is you know whether the Pharisees heard that Jesus was baptized in the morning John that I was just wondering it was still a baptizing of repentance or it was a baptism into you know being the disciple of Christ or a rabbi I wasn't sure oh I get it yeah it's just a baptism of repentance and edification you know that's all it was okay okay well thank you so much you're welcome so much all right well God bless all right well as Kenneth from North Carolina we have three open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Bryce from Utah welcome here on the air hi there how are you doing doing all right by God's grace what do you got hey well I was wondering about you what you thought about the chosen TV series have you heard of that oh yeah I've watched every episode except for the last one or two because I was in Europe but yeah I've been watching it enjoying it mm-hmm okay so I had just I don't know what the I don't know what to think about it because having a hard time because I come out of the LDS and it seems like jealous jealous Jenkins the Creator he's saying that all the Mormons that he knows are all brothers in Christ and I'm just like what what why would he say that cuz he's ignorant and he just seems like he's very he's very ambiguous over LDS doctrine he takes the death of ignorance mostly just to play nice with the LDS Church because they filmed the the show on their property right and to make matters worse now they have they're selling devotional over the show and churches in Alabama I know specifically they're bringing this devotional into their you know their service their church functions and they're referencing the show and and I'm just like it just bother it kind of bothers me it's like why do we need this visual why do we need this devotional to come inside the church I mean and you know on top of that like we know a lot of people don't actually read the Bible the Christians and so I'm just like how like it seems like it's just asking for a danger because most people aren't reading the Bible and then they they get most of their information about Jesus from the show and this devotional you're just you're just asking for generous generational problems if this if the show keeps on going so I'm just I'm just very concerned I'm like just what what do I do with this show that has so many LDS ties coming out of the LDS and I'm like how do you how do you think about that it kind of bothers me but you have any you have any thoughts on that mm-hmm so Dallas Jenkins has been in contact with someone I know I don't know if I want to say his name but he's extremely well qualified to discuss the issue of Mormonism I guess we could talk to Eric Johnson down there in Salt Lake City area and hold on and so he says he's been an email contact with him so he knows what to say and how to reach Dallas with the truth of who what the Mormon Church really is it's not Christian so you know I'd love to talk to Dallas jinx and I'd drive down or just sit with him for a couple hours and we could just go over stuff very simply but there's a lot of qualified people who could do the same thing but nevertheless so there that is a problem and also not only that but the actor who's playing Jesus is a Roman Catholic and food I understand someone has said to me that he's done some occult things without realizing it's our cult you know going to be some tough and well Catholicism is also as bad as Mormonism is they both teach idolatry both teach a false gospel and so what do we do do we say well we're not going to watch it at all well that's a problem because I say that people need to be convinced in their own mind about this if they don't want to watch it don't watch it if you want to watch it watch it there's there's two issues of logic here one is what's called a genetic fallacy so if my neighbor is an atheist who teaches me how to do algebra does that mean algebra is no good because the source of the teaching was from an atheist well the source of the teaching doesn't mean the teachings false so just because a Catholic is playing Jesus doesn't mean the information that's coming out of G about Jesus is false and just because Dallas Jenkins is using Mormon scenes I mean it was what's the the town you know the the setup of the settings the town that they use does it mean that it's bad no we can't say that either because that's good kind of a genetic fallacy thing but on the other hand we've got to be careful we don't want either Catholicism or Mormonism promoted and accepted because of this so that's a problem but then on the other hand there's another issue I'm going to read it to you out of Philippians 1 starting in this verse 15 because this is what gets me this is the thing that influences me the most some to be sure preaching Christ even from envy and strife but some also from goodwill the latter do it out of love knowing that I'm appointed for the defense of the gospel the former proclaimed Christ out of selfish ambition rather than from pure motives thinking to cause me distress in my imprisonment what then only that in every way whether in pretense or in truth Christ is proclaimed and in this I rejoice yes and I will rejoice so we'll get to the after the break we'll talk about this a little bit because one thing is for sure Christ is being promoted in the chosen and so we'll get back we'll talk about that some more when we get back okay hold on Bryce hey folks three open lines if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six we'll be right back it's Matt slick live taking a call at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick all right welcome back to the show everybody we are at the bottom of the hour if you want to give me a call all you got to do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six let's get to Bryce you still there maybe we lost him hello are you still there all right what we'll do is kind of continuing the comment about it so I've watched basically every episode and I'm glad that Christ is proclaimed so there are legitimate concerns and I don't acknowledge that the question then becomes should we then is it better that the series is not there or is it better that the series is there that's the question I ask in my opinion it's better that the series is there it's better that Jesus is being portrayed and pretty accurately and yeah there's some additions here and there but you have to with a series that's gonna just fill in a lot of blanks and that's okay but it's better in my opinion that who he is what he's done with the disciples the issues a well-done series is proclaimed that unbelievers can look and learn about Jesus they don't have to know that the issue of Roman Catholicism is false you know from the lead actor who there's no Catholicism in the series nor is there Mormonism in the series and so you know it's right there and in my opinion it's worth having it continue because I'd rather that Christ be proclaimed than not and that's out of Philippians 1 15 through 17 that's my opinion let's get to Sharon from North Carolina Sharon welcome you're on the air and thank you for being there for all the best by God's grace so what do you got okay I have a question about Easter is there anything in Scripture that tells my Easter is on different days every year it's known nothing it is due to the idea of celebrating I think it's the first Sunday of the month or something like that after this first idea for the second something anyway I have it written someplace and that's why it changes it's it's not a big deal yeah that's all it is I have no idea unless it's something to do with you know back in the Old Testament the way they counted days it has to do with that with this I'm trying to remember and you can look it up online why the date changes but it has to do with trying to remember I am trying to remember but in Iraq I can't remember sorry sometimes it comes back to me but it has to do with how they judge it how it's done it has to do with the feast has to do with the date has to do it the first Sunday or something after this time which changes because of the calendar normal stuff it's this well it is you're welcome well God bless okay all right so it's oh yeah okay so Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon from yeah the full moon or something like that so that's what it is and that's why it changes okay so and because our calendars are totally different than the than the Jewish calendar all right we have four open lines for to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two ones or two two seven six sorry about that you know I released an article today the problems with oneness theology and if you want to check it out you can and also we have I gotta get the URL for that let me see if I can put that up let's I'll work on it for the break but we are trying to raise funds for a camera and when you get the camera then I would start doing some of the videos and stuff and one of the things I want to do is like this video just or this article I just released I want to be able to to do a video on it and then there's a whole issue of intro outro it's gonna take me a few weeks to get into groove and how things are done but I'll get it figured out all right all right let's get to let's see Shiba from or wait no Kenneth blew that one from North Carolina welcome you're on the air all right thank you sir I just had a question about you know David and that Shiba mm-hmm you know I've heard some people talk about you know it was adultery and I know it was on David's part was that Shiba willing partner because I just noticed in the new chapter you know I was looking at second Samuel the 12th actor you know said he knew he took her and that's the same word that Nathan used you know in his when he confronted David mm-hmm talk about you know in that little parable where he's given their little algae he was given there and I just wondered you know here's a force well here's this let's look at the culture now I just got back from these Israel about seven days ago and so six or seven years before that I went to Israel as well and the previous time the tour guide said here we are at the the foundation stones of David's temple David's Palace he says now look down and look across the little valley there and you can see the rooftops and he said now imagine that's Shiba you know he doesn't want me to imagine nakedness all that stuff but you know that would bear Shiba would have been like that and it occurred to me that it would have been very visible if you have good eyesight and I used to have excellent eyesight and now I don't because I'm in my 60s he's be better why I see speeds better than 2020 but twice as good as 2020 actually a 2010 vision for a long time but nevertheless he could have seen her now why would she be on that roof bathing without any clothes on it's just a question someone brought this up a while back and I think that's a good inclusion so was she tempting David I don't know was she loose I don't know or was it that she was bathing and was hidden but then how could he have known she was bathing so that's one thing so we don't know but these are just possible factors that need to be included in them now when a man like David was was was walk around people were extremely respectful and even reverently fearful of him because he's the king he could order whatever he wants so when he sends for her she's going to be there she's going to come and she was there and then it says then he took her it could have been that she was intimidated or it could have been that he said I saw you on that roof and she says yes and so there could be a possible hint that she was making herself available I'm not saying it was the case I'm saying it's possible when we look at everything it could also be the case that she wasn't trying to tempt him and he was putting his eyes and looking noticing she's on top of the roof maybe but why be the top of a roof all roof also it doesn't make quite you know there's something else there because you'd normally would do that you know I was wondering about I was wondering about the water situation I know they didn't have hot water like we do you just turn in on and all right that the heated or you're going to be out in the Sun you see what I'm saying in the evening I'm not sure whether was like or any that so yes you got there just because it'd be a warmer spot to wash up no give her the benefit of the doubt or you know like you say we don't know that was kind of speculated there so I was wondering if that verb took because you know that's the same word that Nathan used when he confronted David yes he took his lamb from this other guy yes and that was an accusation so I'm just saying that it you're right that's what it is but what do we do I'm just saying there's other stuff even if she was tempting him it was not saying if she was or wasn't distinct if she was and he knew she was married and then he took her he's doing an action on his own even if she were tempting right so then it would still apply and it was not his place or his right for that so that's it that's it so that's how we could theoretically respond to that so there's a lot of factors there and of course one of the possibilities is that she was up there with a small pot of water because water is heavy goes up there maybe to who knows what reason to to a bathe and it would do that not by essentially she could have poured water over herself but generally you think with a little bit of water they would use a washcloth of some sort and then bathe that way and this would require you know being exposed but why on top of the roof it's just a question so there's a lot more there but he did you know is the word rape appropriate there and some would say yes and some could say no it just depends on how we were to interpret the facts and but nevertheless he did what was wrong absolutely all right okay yeah I guess the question is that's one thing well God would look at her heart always hurt why was she there right and there's right and there's no record of her crying out against him which the Old Testament says she's supposed to do so there you go there's a little more okay buddy all right man we've got to go hey folks there you go I mean the Lord bless you be right back after these messages please stay tuned it's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick everybody welcome back to the show if you want to give me a call all you got to do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six I want to hear from you and just want to let you know that we're trying to raise funds for a camera for calm and it's a lot of research and found one that can meet a lot of needs very easily and we're hoping to get it if you're interested in checking it out and maybe helping support you go to forward slash camera and there's a link there to give send go and there's also an option to give directly to calm and we just did it last night and now it's just fine mentioning it so you can just go to forward slash camera and help us out if you want all right all right having said that let's go let's get back on with Daphne Daphne Daphne from North Carolina welcome you're on the air all right yes I can yes I can yes I'm sorry he was what be the battle at this time well yeah a lot of them were you know Bathsheba's husband Uriah was out there and so David instructed him to be put up on the front line he was killed so it was as bad you know right but I was just saying I was just thinking that David was I thought that people part was out there on the on the top of the roof all the people were in battle that's and David was not I see what you're saying so she would have not had to worry about being exposed like that well that's an option and but to be public on a roof there would have been some men in battle but the elder men and the young boys would not have been and David lived the sat in this palace within eyeshot and should have known he was not out there so there are some if and buts about it okay well even then women were modest in the culture they weren't there for displays hey you know the guys are out you know because in normal culture like we have that's formidable but we need to be very careful not to pose a name is it even formidable but but the thing is even if something is normative and it's okay was it back then so in this issue there's a lot of things that are hidden in the text and like I said right before the break there's no record of her crying out and in the Old Testament it actually says when a woman is being forced upon and she doesn't cry out then she's guilty because it implies she's consenting so there's no record of her crying out so therefore it implies her consent the implication is there you see okay yeah all right okay sure all right well god bless all right well we have nobody waiting right now so why don't I get on to some of the emails I like doing the emails to particularly on Friday's when we interesting it's a long email get into this one time when we do stuff on like a distracted sorry about that all right let's see if it get in some hate mail stuff let's see the passage reference in the Philistine cities you know we're talking about David and Goliath because the Philistine cities you know I saw the valley I went to Israel and just saw where it had occurred it was right there it's really nice being able to see that kind of stuff look down in the valley and you can see it so let's see let's try this look it's gone past that oh that's right I got to I'm gonna answer that that's a whole other thing to do is I stopped listening oh yeah because of the flat earth stuff let me talk about that you know it's good talk oh we've got callers coming in but I can I can prove to you it's easy to prove to you that flat earth is not true it's very easy and all you gotta do is look at the moon now imagine something like this imagine a circular table and this represents the round earth and there's a dome as you like to say over the earth let's say that the circular table is three feet in diameter one meter diameter let's say the dome would be maybe two feet above it to top of it and then the moon and the Sun are inside the dome and they're rotating okay all right now imagine if you would you're in a living room okay we'll just take this angle and in the center this living room it's a light bulb and there's a chandelier hanging from it or a round light cover from it and you are in one side of the living room another person's on the other side of the living room you're going to look at that object that light this represents the moon which is rather low compared to the diameter of the flat earth or the distance between you and the other person in the living room so if you're on one side of the living room and your person your friends on the other side the living room and you're both looking at the same light bulb with a you know a light shade thing around what they call a light bulb you know a glass thing around it you're both going to be seeing the same thing from entirely different angles and you will not see the same thing you will see different sides of that that that orb that that light the only way to see the same side is to raise that that object up and up and up higher and higher and higher until it's so high that the angle between you and your friend looking up is almost the same that's when you would see the same side of the moon this is one of the ways to prove the flat earth does not work because the people on the earth would be seeing different sides of the moon from the flat earth model they don't see different sides of the moon therefore the flat earth model is false it's so simple this is so simple it's easy easy peasy let's get to Rachel Rachel don't know where you're from welcome you're on the air well thank you how are you doing today mr. Metzler I'm doing fine by God's grace what do you got I've got that answer to the how they determined the date for Easter okay and you were on the right track and you're thinking it's the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring like you always say there you go so it's the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first after what the first spring and that's why sometimes it can be in March and sometimes because if the first day of spring and the first full moon happen within a day of each other it's gonna fall in March right there you go well I've actually written an article on this and they showed it to me in the web I've written so much so and a lot of times I'll write something and then forget what I've written and researched and that's I remember there was something about the the calendar and there's a date there's a marker that changes and that's why and so thanks for for providing that information appreciate it all right good I'm glad thanks appreciate it all right god bless okay all right see I love that that's good and I've got an article on car why why maybe they'll tell me what the article is to get a little look at it Mike from North Carolina Mike welcome you're on the air hey thanks sure I was reading in my Bible and it was talking in Joshua 11 6 about how Israelites were supposed to go into a country and they were supposed to kill everyone and they're supposed to hamstring all the horses okay I it just seems cruel to go in and I'm not sure if I'm just thinking about it in my modern sense but to go in and just do something to an animal but not kill it but just wound it really severely it just doesn't it does it seems inhumane if that's maybe a word I could use inhumane yes mm-hmm also you know it would be inhumane is taking a lamb and slitting its throat let it bleed out and then sacrificing it to God and goats and bulls have been humane also it was done all over the Old Testament yep by our modern standard we wouldn't agree to that so the question then becomes because there's a critic criticism that sometimes atheists will give well that's wrong to do and I'll ask them where does it say it's wrong and what standard do you have that it's wrong you're just saying you don't like it so is it cruel well depends on how you define cruel yeah there's different levels of cruelty and so the fact is this is what was done and we just accept it that's what it is okay yeah it's a you know it is worth discussing there's a phenomenon called ethnocentricity and what it means is that we judge another culture by our own so we would say our culture is the right one the normative one and then we judge another culture based on that and we say well we're the ones who are more progressed we're the ones with better morals we're the ones who are this and that and it's called ethnocentricity and so that's what happens a lot people will judge the culture of another like in the Bible and they'll say you can't do this you can't do that well why not what's the standard if God decrees it there's a reason for it and if God is saying kill an animal for the sacrifice well that's in at one sense it's cruel what would they say animal do nothing but then again they'd also do the same thing in order to kill it in order to eat it so is that cruel maybe the you know we could how far we want to go with this but we could say well the Israelites probably just took a knife and the slit its throat let it bleed out well what has been better to take a a you know a more humane method with a shotgun or something like that or give it a drug to put it to sleep and then take care of it well these kind of things are our impositions upon it and we say this is how it ought to be done but they didn't have the facility back then and so they would do it the way they understood and it was acceptable so there are you know when you start examining stuff and looking at a different context different ways you go man yeah and our modern framework of thought we wouldn't do it that way but they did back then okay sure man no problem god bless all right well hey we have nobody waiting and we got less than a minute on the show just want to let you know that we stay on the air by your support folks if you want to support us all you got to do is go to forward slash donate I don't like asking and I don't and I'm just letting you know just by the grace of God and we stay on the air by your support so if you like what you hear you want to support the radio show and the website which is reaching or has reached I updated my calcs it's reached a hundred and fifty five million people one hundred fifty five million eighty two thousand two hundred forty two visitors 85 million have returned and a total of 240 million page views so the web is incredible we can do a great deal we write articles and thousands and thousands see them all over the world so if you want to support that effort please consider just going to forward slash donate and we'd appreciate it god bless everybody there's the music and I'm out of here god bless bye another program powered by the truth Network
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