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March 6, 2023 5:29 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 6, 2023 5:29 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include- --1. Asbury-2. When is the rapture -20-3. Orthodox vs Roman Catholicism -37-4.- Geological evidence for the flood -49


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's Matt Slick live. Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick live. Francis, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. And he sent me back a couple of messages. The messages are his interest in how the audience is doing. You know, I'm slightly offended that he wouldn't ask me how I'm doing, but no, I'm joking, of course.

But he is hoping to get back in the saddle again after this two-week period of me sitting in for him and getting back in the saddle and taking your calls. But until then, I'll be taking your calls with questions here at toll-free 877-207-2276. And is our website. Matt's done a monumental job in building it over the years, and I think you'll find some rich and valuable resources if you go to and take advantage of what he's put out there for all of us in the body of Christ to look at, to criticize, to evaluate our biblical position, and to bring your suggested adjustments to him if you find him a little bit wobbly on a point or so.

There's thousands of articles to choose from. And in my case, I like to look through them kind of critically, and sometimes I find out I might need to adjust my way of looking at things when he brings in the array of Scriptures that are attended to a certain topic. And that's always something I didn't at first enjoy having to adjust my position on things, because I'm a rather stubborn person and prideful. But when it comes to standing before the word of God, I've got to shed those carnal feelings and go ahead and adjust myself to God's word and God's view of his word.

And so I try to do that the best I can with this help. And we do have someone on the line already. Bussman from Ohio, let me put you on. Hi, Bussman, how are you? This is Charlie Spine.

You there? Good evening, Charlie. It's wonderful to hear your voice. Yes, all my best to Brother Matt Flick. I call his radio program quite often, Charlie. I've been following Matt Flick's work, gosh, for when I was in ministry, sir, back in 2005. And I remember coming across, and Matt really helped me with some Mormons that I wanted more information because I didn't understand the Latter-day Saints. So Matt Flick has been a great resource for all these years, and then when I found that he had a radio program, Charlie, I was ecstatic. And so they have a radio station that's hosting it.

It's awesome. Yes, the Truth Network has been very kind and gracious in airing Matt's show, and we appreciate them immensely. You wouldn't believe how helpful they've been. But yeah, that's how Matt and I started cutting our teeth, so to speak, in cult apologetics. And so we've got a great deal of information that's built up on the Calm website, which I invite people to go to if they have friends or family members, or they've got Mormons knocking at their door. That's an entire mission field that's right on your doorstep.

You don't even have to go anywhere to engage in that mission field, that and the Jehovah's Witnesses who also come to your door. So I'm glad you find it valuable. Do you have a specific question today?

I do, Charlie. The Asbury experience that's taking place in Kentucky right now, Charlie, I would like your take on it, and then I have a follow-up as well. Well, I haven't followed it as closely as probably I should, since there's been several questions in the past few days about it, but from what I have seen as I dip my toe in that pool of water, is that it can be disturbing to see some of the people who have tried to insert themselves into that movement, if it is indeed a genuine revival.

I'm always cautious when people try to impose themselves in something like that. No doubt there are people, when the Spirit of God is at work, it's going to cause a revival. It's going to cause them a necessary feeling of conviction and the need to be right before God. And this is the goal of revival. In my view, it's God's goal in revival, to get people more serious about who they are and the condition they're in. And when they realize that, they seek Him ever so much more to take advantage of the work He's done to correct our sinful position and bring us closer in relationship with Him. My concern is some of the people that have interposed themselves into that, if it's a genuine movement indeed. So we've just got to be discerning about that, and your evaluation of it with your Bible open would be ever so legitimate as mine, but at this point, I don't see any reason to doubt there is a movement of God going on in a revival fashion.

But for the other reasons, I'm careful. Awesome answer, Charlie. Yeah, it's actually amazing that you said open up your Bible. I'm looking at Joel chapter 1, and I'm starting in verse 13 that says, I live very close, Charlie, to another major Christian college. I grew up just down the road from it. It's called Cedarville University, and the great Dr. David Jeremiah's father was the chancellor at this school many years ago. And Dr. David Jeremiah, I believe, is a Cedarville graduate.

Well, that's just a stone's throw away from where Buskman lives. And I got a word, Charlie, that there was a similar, what I call an experience happening at this school, as is happening at Asbury. So, your Berean brother, Charlie, drove out there with another witness, a dear friend and brother of ours named Mark, who is very scholarly, not just in the 66 books, but pretty much all things Christianity. And with him, Charlie, he had an original copy of the book that documented the 1970s. It happened in 1970 in Asbury as well, that revival. So he had the actual book from the 70s that he bought during that revival. He had that with him.

So we have the 66 book, plus the original experience that happened in 1970 with us. And when we drove to the school, Charlie, it was pretty benign. It's in a very rural part of Ohio, the colleges. And when we pulled up, we didn't see a whole lot of what we were expecting, I guess, with people on the ground. And it was about 6 p.m., Charlie, and to make the long story short, in case you have other callers, we was able to talk to three students of Cedarville University, one senior and two freshmen. So I focused my attention on the senior.

You know, as a Berean, Acts 17, I wanted to check via scripture and via our original book from the 1970s experience to see if it was compatible, if they were congruent, at least. So I interviewed all three of these young men. And the one I focused on, his name was Steven, and he was the senior. And I said, Steven, if Jesus was sitting in the midst of us right now, would you write to me? And he says, absolutely not, Bussman. And I said, I would love to interview you. He says, absolutely. I asked him for his take. I said, what's going on?

He said, yes, sir, it is real. Faculty and students are breaking out spontaneously in worship and in contrition. But here's what was very interesting for all of Matt Flick's listeners, that happened right here in Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.

And it started on February the 13th, by the way, approximately 1 p.m. And that was corroborated by another student who I had called. And he said, evangelism, sir, has just gone off the charts. One of the freshmen pipes in of the three and says, sir, we just got a bus back from Ohio State University where our students went to Ohio State University and evangelized the students at Ohio State. I said, what about Wilberforce College and Central State? Because those two colleges, Charlie, are even more local than OSU.

OSU is in Columbus. And they said, yes, there has been factions of Cedarville kids going to minister to the Central State kids and the Wilberforce kids. So what God's doing here in Ohio is evangelism. Yes, that's fascinating to know, because that's consistent with a fruit that would follow from the intervention of God in any situation. My only caution is, as much as I enjoy thinking that this is genuine, I always have to weigh experience and emotional responses with Scripture, because that's hard to authenticate. But to have reported that there is fruits of evangelism going forth and stuff like that encourages me, and I hope that those things can continue in spite of some of the other people that are trying to take advantage of the exposure they would get by associating with the move of God.

That's great. What comes through my mind, Brother Charlie, was this. Is it copycat that's going on in Asbury, or a real authentic roar of the Lion of Judah?

And that's why I had to go and investigate it. And God brought us randomly, I don't think so Charlie, randomly to a senior and two freshmen, so I focused on the senior because obviously the senior has been there for four years. So I compared his freshman year, Charlie, to his now senior year. I said, Stephen, have you seen anything like this in all of your time at Cedarville University? He says, no sir.

Well that's encouraging for me to hear, and I hope that it isn't watered down by some of the people that I warned about, because we need a movement of the Holy Spirit in our community. I'll tell you Charlie, this young man looked me right in the eyes, and once again I predicated it on, hey, if Jesus Christ was with us right now, son, would you lie to me? And he said, no sir. Good, good, good, good. Alright, well we have a break coming up, and thank you for that report. You are welcome. God bless Max Flick, and God bless you Charlie, and God bless Truth Network. Thank you for all you're doing, Stu. Thank you, sir.

Okay, bye-bye. Yeah, we appreciate people like Buxman who call in and give us good reports like that, and after this break we'll have more calls today. Stay tuned, and we'll talk to you then. Hi, this is Charlie Spine sitting in for Matt Slick on Matt Slick Live. Welcome back. Today is Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023.

We welcome your calls toll-free at 877-207-2276. I also want to advise our listeners and our participants on the internet that we're transitioning much of our content to Rumble, and you can find us on Rumble. We've found Rumble to be more friendly to open discussion, and they don't seem to be playing mischief with opinions, whether you or I like them or not. They allow everybody a pretty much free range to compare notes and to talk and dialogue, which is always attractive. In fact, in dialogues with people, people from two different parties might come together and hammer out a subject.

After hammering it out with each other, they might come out with a point of view that's sharper and more precise than either party entered with into that discussion. So we encourage that kind of stuff. Of course, we also invite you to open your Bible on the biblical topics and compare everything that you evaluate according to the Word of God. We also have schools available through CARM that will help you to learn about the Christian faith and better how to defend it. You can see three of those CARM schools online, the CARM online schools, the School of Theology, the School of Apologetics, and the School of Critical Thinking.

You can go online to those schools at slash schools, and it will come up and give you an introduction to those schools. Of course, supporting CARM is something we encourage. If you are predisposed to supporting Christian ministries, we'd like to be amongst those that feed you good information from Scripture.

If you go to the slash donate, you'll find several different ways that you can take advantage of blessing us as we try to bless you through the Word of God and his sound doctrine as found in the Bible. So, I'm going to go back to a question we have waiting here, and we're going to talk to Alex from Wisconsin. Hi, Alex. How can I help you?

Hi, Charlie. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. I have a question about eschatology. I keep hearing myself in an echo.

Oh, I hope you don't have your radio turned up. I'll just go ahead and ask it. Sure. I'm a pastor in rural Wisconsin. I've been studying eschatology for some time now and am slowly developing a biblical understanding of the timing of the rapture. Right.

There's a pressure in this area to hold to the pre-tribulational rapture along with dispensational theology, and I did not really understand what that perspective was. So, I was starting to dig in and looking at... Okay, the echo went away. Can you still hear me? I can hear you. Go ahead. Oh, great.

Now it's not echoing. Okay, so I've been reading 1st and 2nd Thessalonians because there's so much on the timing of the rapture in these two books, and I was wondering if you would be willing to respond to a few observations I've made through these verses, and I'd like to get your perspective. Well, it would be better if you have a question, because normally speaking, the topic of the rapture, there's become a very popular view of it, which doesn't necessarily make it an accurate view of it.

Some of the pre-tribulation rapture views I found to be absent good biblical grounding, whereas I find other views more grounded in scripture, specifically speaking to an article that's on Carm. Is it the wicked or the good that are taken first at Christ's return? And that particular article goes through more than just Thessalonians, but it goes into other scriptures that demonstrate that when the reapers go out to reap in the end times, the reapers reap the tares first, and take them away. And leaves the believers, lest we try to do it ourselves and tear up believers with the tares, they harvest the tares and take them away to a place of judgment. In fact, the disciples asked Jesus, well, where do they go? And he says, well, where they go to a place of death is what he pretty much says, where the eagles have gathered, there the bodies will be in conjunction with.

I suggest that particular article on the topic. The view that the pre-tribulation rapture of most of my friends that hold that position, they'll say, well, see, it says that God doesn't pour out his wrath on believers. Well, God poured out his wrath greatly in the global flood, and killed all but eight who were in the ark. So the wrath of God was poured out, yet those righteous few were preserved through that pouring out of his wrath. You'll see a lot of parallels, and in fact the New Testament says, as it was in the days of Noah. So we see Noah didn't escape the wrath of God, but was preserved through it with his family. So this is an interesting comparison in the New Testament when it couples that event with the return of Christ. So I'm of the opinion... So I have one specific question. Sure, go ahead.

That would help me. So in 2 Thessalonians 2, verse 3 and 4, Paul states that two things must happen before the day of the Lord, and in 1 Thessalonians 4 he describes the day of the Lord as including the rapture, you know, the coming of the Lord, and our gathering together to him, our being caught up to meet him in the air. So he says two things must happen before the day of the Lord, the falling away, and the man of sin, the antichrist's revelation, you know, the revealing of the man of lawlessness, the revealing of the man of sin must happen before the day of the Lord.

So if the pre-church rapture suggests that the antichrist is not revealed until the midpoint of the 70th week, then would that not contradict this verse here saying that the church would be present until... like if the antichrist is to be revealed before the day of the Lord, and the inception of the day of the Lord is a rapture, then wouldn't it teach in this verse that the church would be present during the reign of the antichrist? Well, that's a good question, I'm glad you asked it, and I think I'm going to hold on to you through the break that's coming up, because it deserves an answer, and so hang on, and I'll bring you right back after these words. Hi, this is Charlie Spine, back again with Matt Slick live. We've had some interesting callers today with some interesting questions. You can call in your question to toll free at 877-207-2276, and let me bring back, I believe it was Alex, who had a question about end times. Let me find the button, and there we go, hopefully I brought Alex back. Are you still with us, Alex?

Yes I am, thanks. Yes, yes, concerning the timing of the rapture. Let me give you my opinion, I would like to be wrong in my view that we're going to have a post-tribulation rapture. As far as those that look at pre-tribulation rapture, I hope they're right, I really do. What you're talking about is the people that are joined with him at his coming, and then later there's another event that takes place. There's only one second coming, and if he comes back and takes the saints back to heaven with him, and then during the tribulation we have people who refuse the mark of the beast and remain faithful to Christ, or convert to faith in Christ, and they may indeed lose their life for the sake of Christ, he comes back for them. The scenario that sets up is that Jesus comes back, in a sense, halfway, does a backflip with a half gainer, and then goes back to heaven with those saints, and then returns again for those who suffer through the tribulation. That view is somewhat distorted and requires too many gymnastics for me to accept, whereas also I find amongst my pre-tribulation friends, as well intentioned as they be, they sometimes preach an overemphasis on the pre-tribulation rapture in saying, you better get right with God, because you don't want to be left behind. It's almost a way of frightening people into the faith, whereas I would rather look back and encourage people to come to the faith on the basis of what Jesus has already done. Not what he's going to do in the future, because that's up for grabs, really.

He doesn't make it crystal and precisely clear. What is clear is what he has done for us, and you place your faith in him, and whether it's pre-, post-, or mid-tribulation, you're going to be amongst his faithful. I'm not an expert on end times and eschatology, but I am assured that I have an accurate view of what he's done for us, and that he's going to either preserve us through that wrath, or somehow protect us from that wrath, according to his liking.

I'm going to leave it there and be satisfied with that. I don't disrespect my pre-tribulation rapture friends. They're ever so much as entitled to their opinion as I am, but we've both got to be gracious and say that the Lord will lead us, as far as we're capable, to an attitude of appreciation, no matter which way. Does that make sense? Yeah, what you said definitely makes sense. Could you just help me with trying to understand one Bible verse, if possible? In 2 Thessalonians 2, verses 3 and 4, those two verses suggest that the church will endure the reign of the Antichrist, because it says that the revelation of the man of sin must happen before the day of the Lord. Well, I can only go so far as what it's talking about is before the day of the Lord commences, that he's somehow going to be revealed. We're told in other places that he's going to sit in the holy place of God as though he were God. He's going to require worship. He's going to require you take the mark of the beast.

It says that the order will go out. You'll issue a command that his mark be taken. Now, just because he issues the command doesn't mean that every one of us on the face of the earth are going to face someone trying to enforce that command.

I've had plenty of things I've commanded around my house that a lot of my family never heard about. Just because the command goes out, it shouldn't be seen as something that is going to be universally experienced, although this man of sin is going to wish it was universally enforced, obviously. But the details, to me, are still fuzzy in my view, and that's why I'm not going to be dogmatic on interpreting these things, actually, because I don't think that would be wise, because the Lord has a way of surprising us when we start to hold too closely to a personal view. We just continue to seek him and continue to seek his word to sharpen our view as much as he's gracefully able to allow it for us. Some people, he's really given a gift of insight to some of these end times. In fact, the book of Revelation itself promises, like no other book in the Bible, a blessing to anyone who reads it. I've read it, I still don't understand it as much as I'd like to, but there's a blessing in it, so I know whether I can realize it or not, or experience it or not in my own mind, there's a blessing in it. So for that reason alone, I'll keep reading that book of Revelation. But I just haven't gotten some of the insights that God has given and gifted other people into that particular work of apocalyptic nature, which is very symbolic sometimes, and it seems to me almost mystical in some things, but the more I read it, I'm promised a blessing, so I encourage people to do that. I appreciate the honesty and openness. I'm kind of in the same boat there with trying to understand things that are so deep and asking God to reveal them. The struggle I've been having, and it kind of forced me into this study, is that there are so many who are very dogmatic about the minute details of these things, and so you almost feel cornered. Yeah, that's unfortunate.

I'd recommend that the wicked or the good are taken first on Carm, and I think you'll enjoy some of the scriptures and the chain of events that has followed according to scripture in that article. But thanks for the call. I appreciate that so much. Bye-bye. Excellent call. I wish I was one of those people that had more insight into the end times.

I pray that God will give me more insight as time goes by. We have another question here that seems pretty important. It's from Luke. And go ahead. I hope I brought you on the air there, Luke. Are you with us? Hello? Hi. Hi, Luke.

I'm on Matt Slick Live. Yes. Hi. Hi, this is Luke.

Thank you for taking my call. My question is regarding the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. The Oriental Orthodox Church has one Mass on Sunday, but the Catholic Church has a couple of Masses on Sunday.

What is the reason for that? They have one Eucharist a day, but they have multiple Eucharist. Well, they have multiple Masses. You're saying the Catholics have multiple Masses, and the Orthodox have one on the Lord's Day? Is that what…? Yes.

Okay. Well, the Catholics have Masses throughout the day, not just the Lord's Day. They have morning Mass, evening Mass. They have special Masses that they have to celebrate events in the religious calendar. They have Masses for certain days that are named in memorial to certain saints and things like that. The Orthodox Church, they have Masses similar to the Catholic Church Masses in that some of their beliefs are closely joined and even identical in some fashion.

But then there's other things that they obviously don't accept about each other. One group has anathematized the other, and they've anathematized them back and so forth. Although there's been an ecumenical movement to try to join the Orthodox communion and the Catholic communion closer together again, we don't know how that's going to work out. The thing is, in both communion, the Orthodox and the Catholic, they've introduced a lot of works, righteousness requirements. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Hi, this is Charlie Spine back with you. I didn't notice the break snuck up on me there, Luke, and hopefully I started to answer your question. Referring to the Orthodox Church as compared to the Catholic Church, the things I find concerning about both of them in common is that both claim to be the only true church on earth. In fact, I have a large contingent in my family, Luke, that are Orthodox, and they assure me that outside the Orthodox Church there is no salvation. And I was assured of the same thing when I was growing up as a Roman Catholic.

These kinds of exclusive claims are not uncommon. The Mormon Church teaches that, the Jehovah's Witnesses Church teaches that. A lot of errant and aberrant movements of a religious nature claim that, whereas that's a red flag to me. It's also a red flag for me to say that, as the Orthodox do, that I can become absorbed into the essence and power of what God is. It's called theosis or deification. I don't have any comfortable way of looking at my being absorbed into the essence of what God is.

I'll forever be a creature of God, and He will ever be my Creator. I also don't have any idea of how the toll booths are supposed to work in Orthodoxy. After my death, I have to meet certain requirements and answer certain questions along the way in order to finally make my way into heaven. These kinds of things are baggage that doesn't belong in a Christian movement. These are extra biblical things that I believe if people become convinced that they must adhere to, then they're adhering to something that's spiritually dangerous and can lead them into spiritual trouble. Therefore, I warn them against that, and instead of going to the priest for forgiveness and absolution of sins, Jesus Christ Himself invites us to come to Him personally and ask Him for forgiveness of sin with a contrite heart and with sincerity. He says He will do that, so the priests in Orthodoxy and in Roman Catholicism are playing a role. I don't want to be insulting and say they're pretending to a role, but that's the role of Jesus Christ, who we're told in Hebrews is our priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. He holds that priesthood inviolate forever by virtue of an indestructible life. So my priest is Jesus, and that's the one I bring my cares to. That's the one I bring my prayers and my worship and my humble request for forgiveness. The other priest here on earth who is required to be called Father is problematic as well. No, my Father in Heaven is God the Father. My priest in Heaven who experienced a sinless, perfect life for me on earth is Jesus Christ, and I answer to his invitation through the sanctification of the Holy Spirit. I respond to his invitation to come to Him as my priest who lives wherever to intercede for me. So I hope that helps in comparing a couple of things between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

I hope pointing out that error that I believe is a flagrant error isn't insulting, or you don't take it the wrong way because I have a great deal of people in my family, both Roman Catholic and Orthodox, that I dearly love and care for, and I don't mean to insult you or them by being blunt with my evaluation according to the Word of God. Is that okay? Yes, I didn't answer my question. The question is, hello? Yes. Do Orthodoxes offer baby masks? Because you didn't answer that question.

I'm having a hard time understanding you. I'm hearing something about the masks. Do Orthodox churches offer baby masks? Baby?

Masks for babies? Forget it. Forget it. I'm just sorry. I'm just unable to hear that.

Do they offer? I'm sorry. I'm going to have to move on. Can you hear me now?

I'm having too much difficulty understanding the question. I'm very sorry. We're going to have to move on, but I apologize.

I am not Orthodox, no. Thank you so much. I'm sorry, folks. I just didn't have... I couldn't, with my audio here, really understand the question, but there is another question up, so let me get to that before we go further.

It's going to be Joshua from Tennessee. Are you there, Joshua? Yeah, I'm here. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Go ahead. Awesome. I was wondering if you believe in a global flood.

I do. I believe that there's some geological evidence for this as well, but I was curious on your thoughts. If you believe in the global flood or not, why or why not? What evidence do you think supports this?

Yes, I agree with you. There's more than just some evidence to that conclusion. There's an overwhelming amount of evidence to that conclusion. When I took geology in college, some of the geologists I spoke to were of the opinion that what we see on the Earth is a result of an accumulation over millions of years of things. It's called uniformitarianism, that layers and layers and layers of deposits were laid down over a long period of time, and that there have been local floods here and there, but that the global flood was something they rejected. Now, their model, from that point of view, would have certain predictions.

When they would look into the evidence, they would try to make the evidence fit their model, even when the predictions didn't hold up. Whereas a worldwide flood model, as is described in the Bible, would give us a model that would predict exactly what we find. And exactly what we find are deposits that are clearly made by a cataclysmic hydraulic event.

Okay, we see deposits that were laid down quickly, we see things in those deposits all jumbled around in a ghastly, destructive force. We see evidence of things that, according to the model of the global flood, would fit exactly a hand in glove with the predictions you would have from that point of view. Now, it's not popular among the secular world to say that the global flood happened, but the Lord does give us that historical event as being accurate. Jesus believed in the accuracy of the Old Testament.

He gave it his certification or seal of approval. And so we should do no less. Now, there's plenty of organizations. In fact, one hydrologist, a very famous guy, was Dr. Henry Morris, who him and John Whitcomb established the Institute of Creation Research. And the evidence for Noah's flood is massive there. The Answers in Genesis Ministries has so many articles that compare the two views together and give evidence for the global flood on a massive basis. They've got so many good articles that point to all the particular issues having to do with Noah's flood, and the predictions of the models opposed to each other from the secular to the divine, as it were. Peter thought in the New Testament, when he said that some men have apparently thought that things have gone on as always from the first of time.

And he says, but it's not so. And Peter believed in a worldwide flood as well. The fact that some Christians don't is maybe because they haven't looked at the models and the resulting predictions, and how those models and predictions fit the actual evidence that we find. The evidence for a global flood is just overwhelming. Deposits of things, I could mention, as a matter of fact, before the end of the show, there's a place south of the equator in the region of Australia or New Zealand. They have an entire beach with fossilized remains. I mean, these are hard remains for as far as you can see standing on that beach of jellyfish. Well, jellyfish don't sit on a beach and stay there long enough to become fossils. I grew up in Huntington Beach, California, plenty of jellyfish would wash up on the shore.

And believe me, once they get up on shore, their nature is somewhat almost liquid, and they deteriorate within that day, very shortly within that day. So this evidence of the soft creatures that have no hard bone structure being fossilized give evidence to a rapid event, a rapid event that takes place. So I hope that helps, in my view anyway, of the geological evidence for NOAA's flood. And those two organizations I mentioned are excellent resources to get evidence of that, good scientific evidence from people with PhDs with terminal degrees who know what they're talking about. Is that helpful?

Yeah, yeah, that is helpful. I heard you say, what was the first organization you mentioned that engaged in? It's called the Institute for Creation Research, ICR. They're in Texas now. They established themselves earlier in California, but have now moved their ministry to Texas. And the Ministry of Answers in Genesis, they've moved up into Kentucky, just south of Ohio.

And both are superb resources for the evidence of NOAA's flood. All right, yeah, it does help. I actually agree with the thing that you said. In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, whenever I see something, because I was an atheist, and I believed in all the mainstream science. I've been a Christian for two years. Yep, well, mainstream science... Whenever I see something that seems far-fetched... Yeah, what I was saying is, mainstream science has actually had to adjust the positions every so often, whereas the Word of God doesn't have to adjust to anything. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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