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February 14, 2023 2:53 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 14, 2023 2:53 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- The fall. Sin, corruption. Are disasters a result of the fall----2- Why do Non-Believers who prosper.--3- Which Bibles do you use-- How to study the Word.--4- Difference between Christian Nationalism vs Christian Patriotism----5- Why do Christians talk more than they act-- --6- Good works, Judgement.--7. Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT. -AI---9- Lutheranism and baptismal regeneration.--9- Is Yeshua is the true name of God--

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Okay, a week from today, I'll be in Israel. And so Charlie Spine is going to take over. And Charlie and I have known each other for 43, 45 years, I don't know. And so he knows a lot about stuff and he should be able to handle the show fine. Luke is now with another company, and that's fine. For those of you who miss Luke, you know, we can probably arrange it so he does a show sometime. Once you get so situated in the new ministry he's in, they said he could actually work a little bit with Carm, so that's good. So maybe they'll grant him an hour every now and then to do a show. So, but in the meantime, so it looks like Charlie is going to be doing it for two whole weeks, and maybe he'll have on some other guests. I don't know, he could have on Laura, he could have on Dave Kimball, he could have on all kinds of people and talk. So what I want you to do is get your most difficult, ambiguous questions you can possibly think of, and then give them to him.

And so give me the easy stuff so I look good. And then he'll be begging for mercy when I get back. That'd be a good plan. So there you go. Now he's a good guy, he's a good guy.

And he gets mistaken for Santa Claus around Christmas time and you'll see why if you see him on camera. Though I'm not going to set that up. It's up to you guys, we can talk about that. But anyway.

So open lines 8772072276. If you want, you can also email me at info at, info at And just say, hey, you know, for the radio show, you got a question or a comment, you can leave it there. Read them on the air, you know, and if you don't feel comfortable being on the air, a lot of people get nervous on the air. You know, I remember the very first time I got on the air, at least in this show, I actually did two years before I did this radio. So I've technically been on radio for 20 years. But I've been doing Matt Slick Live now under a different name than this name, but the same show for 18 years. Two years once a week before that, helping a guy out. So technically, I guess you could say 20 years of radio and we'll see.

But anyway, I've been doing that and loving it five days a week, doing it for 18 years. And like I said, if you want to email me, you can. All you got to do is just email at info at We already have a radio question that came in and we'll get to that after we get to the callers. Rudolph, welcome.

You are on the air. Yes, sir. Are things such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes part of the curse on creation because of man's sin? Yes.

Okay. Adam represented mankind and the world. And so when he fell, the world was affected. Sin entered the world through one man, Romans 5-12. So yep, all this stuff and problems and everything.

Birth defects, earthquakes, famine, plagues are because of the entrance of sin into the world. So yeah. Okay. Yes, sir. The reason why I'm asking is because Christians, I hear them saying all of a sudden death, mother nature and this, that and the other.

And it's really irritating when they see that because that is not what we have problems in nature. Yeah. Well, yeah, that's a lot. And it reminds me because a death toll in Turkey, in Syria, I'm just looking, a day ago it was at 33,000.

Yep, it's like 35 now. Oh man, that is horrible. We actually have a missionary in Turkey and we're supporting him as he goes through seminary. He's a Christian, speaks four languages. And we couldn't contact him for a little while, but he's okay.

He couldn't get ahold of his father-in-law, but he finally was able to. So we had a donor who gave us some money to send to him, some extra money. We keep him on staff salary, but he's not producing anything. He's just going to seminary and that's our missionary work and support. Hopefully he'll stay with us, but if he doesn't, that's okay.

I already told him, he's not obligated to stick with us, but it's just money well spent. But nevertheless, so we had someone send money to send to him. And if people want to do that, they can do that and we can send stuff to him.

He's a good Christian man and he will use it for the glory of God to help people. So there you go, that's that. But yeah, the fall, it brought a lot of disaster. Absolutely. Okay. Yes, sir. Thank you very much for saying that.

And I will call you back. God bless you. Thank you. And your wife's birthday is today. My mother's birthday is tomorrow.

Oh, well happy birthday to your mom. Yeah. Okay. Take care. All right. God bless. All right.

Four open lines. If you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Amor from North Carolina. Welcome. You're on the air. Hey, Matt. I've been listening to you for a while. I listen as much as I can if I'm not working. I'm sorry. Can you hear me okay? Yes, I hear you.

Okay. I've been listening to you for a while. I listen to you as much as I can, especially when I'm not working. My question to you is that I hear some people sometimes say, like for example they say, some people are ungodly, they don't even go to church, some nation or country, they don't even believe in Christ, they don't believe in God, or whatever they say like that. But they're living a good life, they're living good, so why worry about praying, worrying about God, they're living okay. What can I say, that kind of question like that? I will help them.

Yes. Well, what you need to tell them is the same thing you tell everybody, is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, Romans 3.23. And that they should not put all their hope and trust in their finances or their possessions because they can't take them with them when they die, and everybody's going to die. And so I just tell people, I tell them, I say, look, I don't care how rich you are or how poor you are, if you put your trust in your possessions, then you're going to face God naked because your possessions are going to stay here and you're going to face Him. And only His mercy and His grace lets you continue to breathe because you have offended Him so much.

Every day you offend Him by denying Him, by doing things for your own interest, by not being godly, by lying and cheating and stealing and coveting, and all the things that we do throughout our lives. And God is merciful, letting you breathe, letting you walk. But when His mercy ceases, you're going to face Him. You'll face Him alone or you're going to face Him with Christ.

So now's the time of salvation because judgment's coming. Okay. But anyway, I enjoy listening to you and continuing what you're doing. God bless you. And as the previous follower said, happy birthday to your wife. That's right.

Yeah, she actually went out with the ladies and had some coffee and had a good time, was able to do that. So praise God. Okay, we have nobody waiting. So if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 8772072276. Let's get to, let's see, let's get to the radio.

I mean the emails, the emails that have come in. Here's one. Hello Brother Slick. It just doesn't sound good. Brother Slick. But for those of you who might be new tuning in, it is my real name. So a lot of people don't think it is. It's a radio name.

They think Matt Slick Live. No, it's my real name. But at any rate, do you use Specific Study Bible and or do you recommend one? No, I don't use a specific study Bible.

I just use the NASB in English. I'll look at the Greek and the Hebrew. And occasionally I will go to commentaries that I trust and look through them and see if I can glean anything new or something I hadn't thought of. When I do stuff, like for example, today I released an article on Matthew 5-8. Does it contradict 1 Timothy 6-16?

Because the former verses, the pure in heart will see God and the latter verses, the fathers cannot be seen. So how do we reconcile that? And so I wrote an article on that and I came up with some answers and some stuff and then went and checked a commentary to see if there's anything new in there. And I actually got one of the ideas. Oh, that's right. That's a good point.

I forget which one it was. And so this included it. You know, when that's what they're for, the commentaries are to teach us or to help us. And sometimes what I'll do is go to Bible dictionaries and I do that a lot. And also lexicons, which are word definitions. And so then I'll take the word that, and I wrote for this article, I actually looked up the two different words for seeing that are used in two different verses. And I did an examination on every single use in the entire New Testament, could have written in Greek. And so I do stuff like that and I learn and I glean. That's what I do. That's how I study. But at any rate, a specific study Bible, you know, if I were to recommend one, I'd say the Geneva study Bible would be good.

And even though I prefer the NASB, I think they use the ESV. Let's see. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Romans 16, 20b. Gray hair is a crown of glory. It is gained in a righteous life. Well, I think mine's from worry. As a person thinks, so is the person.

Man should not live by right alone. Good. That's good stuff. Yeah, that's right.

A person can be identified only by a set of propositions. That's interesting. Gordon Clark said that. I'd like to ferret that one out. All right. Pretty good. Hey, we have four open lines. 8772072276.

Busskman from Dayton, Ohio. Welcome. You're on the air. It's always good to talk to you, Matt.

I got a question as I was asking your screen. What is the difference, Matt, between Christian nationalism and Christian patriotism? And as I was explaining to your screener, I love my country. My father and grandfather served in the Navy. They would be very upset with me right now if I stayed on my couch and didn't get involved with what's going on in our nation today. So I'm very active, Matt, very active, all the way from school board meetings to meeting with representatives of Ohio and even speaking with our governor, Mike DeWine. So what is Christian nationalism, sir?

Christian nationalism is the position from the Christian perspective that America is defined by its Christian principles and should be a Christian nation, where patriotism is something similar but without the Christian emphasis. Hey, we got a break. We'll be right back, folks. After these messages, please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Everybody, welcome back to the show. Let's get back on the air with Busskman.

I hope I didn't skip somebody. Busskman, you're there? Yes, sir. Still here, sir. I hope that helped, you know.

It did. In fact, I think I have to change my teams then because it sounds like I'm more of a Christian nationalist and I just couldn't differentiate the difference. And I'll tell you what, Matt, you really set things clear because I serve on a lot of different groups and some of the men and the women that I serve with are not Christian. So they would be considered patriotic.

They just don't know Jesus Christ. Am I getting that right, Matt? Yeah, except that it's not just a Christian who believes in it but a Christian who believes that basically America is a Christian nation, was founded on Christian principles and should continue to be founded on Christian principles. So to that degree, I agree that we need to definitely have that.

I agree, too. And I'm just curious, where I work and I serve, both in my churches, if I can go into this, why do Americans who were born and raised in our America talk a lot, Matt, but they don't do anything? And then I want to ask that same question to the American Christian Church. Let's do that. Let's do that, Busskman. So ask your question again, okay?

Okay. I talk to a lot of people where I work. I work in customer service and I'm very chatty, which is why I like calling the Matt Slick show. Why, when we get into a chat about how bad our America is and how far we've drifted off of our values, founded by our founding fathers, how come men and women who love their country won't do anything, Matt Slick? They're conditioned not to do anything. They're conditioned not to do anything.

That's it. Wow. Because there's no unification, plus people are too used to their creature comforts. They want to lose a job and lose everything. And so they have the principle that is predominant, that creaturely comfort is more important than integrity, more important than other centeredness in relationship to the furthering of the gospel through the integrity of our country.

Wow. Now let me ask the same question to the American churchmen, the people who claim Christ and go to church. Why will they not do anything, sir?

Because they're likewise afraid and are not organized. Now there could be lots of reasons. I remember I had a theory in my social science class in college about why people didn't evangelize. So I had a theory. It turned out my theory was completely wrong after the research.

Still got a good grade because that's what you're supposed to do, verify or disverify. And so with having said that, I can only give you my opinion. And what I have found is that most Christians don't know the Christian faith. The pastors and the elders aren't equipping them for the work of ministry, but they're babysitting them. And if I were a pastor again, which I would like to be only if we had people did everything and I just had to preach and teach, but I would be warning people that to come to the church would mean to get equipped and that with this equipping comes responsibility. And how that is worked out in individuals lives is between God and that person. But this is not a comfortable message to teach. It's more like a warning. Because Jesus said in John 9, 23, 24, He said this.

He said, as He was saying, let's see if we get these references right here. He was saying this, He said, If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow after me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it.

Whoever loses his life for my sake, he is the one who will save it. This is what Jesus calls us to. Now let's just say hypothetically that I was preaching on a church on a corner and I'm the pastor and across the street is the church of what's happening now.

And you go over there and you'll get a good, comfortable message. God wants you to be blessed. God wants you to be healthy. God wants you to be wealthy. God wants you to have power and influence and this is what God has got for you because you're a child of God. Children of God deserve to be treated like kings. And we'll be pre-trib raptured out of here, so everything should be fine. Now, then the person says, I'm not going to try that church across the street with a guy named Slick.

I could hear this and I could just see them coming out afterwards saying, I'm not going back there because he requires too much. It's not me requiring anything. It's the Lord. Because what does the Bible say? Pick up your cross and follow after me. Now I'm certainly not saying I do it every day, but I am saying that this is what we need to be doing.

This is what our goal is. I think Christians actually, believe it or not, true Christians who hear the voice of God, who are out in the field of the world, long to hear the voice of the shepherd. They want to hear the shepherd. They want to know what to do. They want to know what direction to walk, to do what's necessary while he protects them from the wolves.

I think they want that. But I also believe that there are those whom God is calling to be strong and to be shepherds within that situation. And so, therefore, they are called to equip the Christians.

And I'm one of those. I'm a teacher who is called to equip the body of Christ, among other things. But how many would go to that church versus the one across the street that tells you what you want to hear to close your ears? This is the problem. Matt, your church would be the school house sized church and the mega church car lot church building would be the second one.

Maybe. They would be overwhelmed with people, but Matt Slick's church would be just 20 members probably. Well, that kind of a thing. John MacArthur has a big church and he's a good teacher. So there are good churches, big churches that are teaching good stuff.

The illustration, and I appreciate your sentiment and you're on track with me there. But the sentiment is that we are not being taught what we need to be taught. And you don't have, people don't have to do radio shows or write websites or stand out in front of a Mormon church like I want to do more and more recently with a sign that says,, which is one of my websites. I want to just stand out there on a Sunday morning. I prefer to do that than go to church. I mean, you might win one of those people, you know. I don't want to, but I hear you. It's worth the hour.

Well, it's not wise. I do that sort of thing, by the way, Matt. I do that sort of thing. I do it. I do it. But it's not wise to do it by yourself. I would need backup because I've been threatened before, threatened with arrest, threatened with physical harm. And this is because people get violent when you tip over their items.

They do. So I would have to have, you know, assistance. And I would love to do that.

And maybe I will sometime. It's very strengthening. What's that? It's very strengthening. I mean, you stretch out in ways when you actually get out and physically do something that is in the face, flies in the face of your culture, whatever it is, like yours being the Mormon culture of the lost. It definitely stretches your Christian muscle when you actually go do things instead of just leaving it in our minds. And I'll tell you, Matt, you get stronger and stronger the more of those times you do. It's awesome.

That's right. Amen, brother. Hey, we've got a break, so God bless. Thanks, Matt. Okay. Thanks a lot. Thank you.

Bye-bye. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Hey, we're at the bottom of the hour, everybody, and thanks for listening.

Wow. So, tell you what, if you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get on the air with Martin from Virginia. Martin, welcome. You're on the air.

Hi, Matt. Hey, thanks for your ministry. Happy birthday to your wife. I hope you gave her a nice flowers gift and maybe a message that said there'll be no sandwiches made today. Unless I make them. True.

Yeah, you make them for her, right? That's right. So, your second caller had talked about, and the sentiment's quite common, it was even common in scripture, about all these people that are doing along quite well, doing quite great, but they have maybe not the quite scripture tone or the sentiment of God in them. And I think scripture, you know, it referenced that, and I might be morphing things here in quite all realities. It was clear that, you know, as in the time of Moses, that there will be marrying and drinking, and there'll be times, but judgment will come. It will come.

You can't avoid that. Yes. Yes. Yeah, in fact, Jeremiah 12.1 says, Righteous are you, O Lord, that I would plead my case with you. Indeed, I would discuss matters of justice with you. Why has the way of the wicked prospered? Why are those who deal in treachery at ease? And there's Job 21, there's Psalm 73, you know, Psalm 73, For I was envious of the arrogant as I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

For there are no pains in their death, and their body is fat. Yeah, it's a common theme. It's hard. I mean, you go through life, especially now with all the social media influence that those that don't have a scriptural influence or even a parental type directive to kind of be meek and humble, you're going to lose your way pretty easily. Yes, but they have their reward in full here, and it is fair to wonder why the wicked prosper. You see, you know, I was watching some movies this past weekend, and, you know, there was different themes, but the wicked were very prosperous drug cartels, for example, they kill, they murder, they hinder truth. And with threats, they gain power.

Well, with prosperity, become very successful. But this is their reward, and the punishment they will receive is, I can't even imagine, because the hell that people are going to be subject to is so unimaginably bad. And then for those who have, at their own hand, at their own dealing, killed and injured others, young and old, how much more will their judgment be? And this is something that I don't want for them, but it's coming for them. But the thing is, pray for them, pray for their salvation, their redemption. You know, God's judgment is going to be just, obviously. Yeah.

Well, you know, I was working on something last night. Let me go through it and read a little bit of it, just while I'm watching TV and writing this on my phone. You know, the place we live in is a corruption of God's creation. Our fallen world is an attack on his goodness. It's a rebellion against his order and a distortion of his truth. The world is godless, evil, secular, humanistic, atheistic, and idolatrous. The world speaks against God, uses his name in vain, kills its unborn, perverts sexuality, weakens marriage, and defines its own truth as it refuses to submit to the one holy, triune God. And because of its rebellion against the holy one, it dances with the devil and revels in its own sin, all the while thinking it is righteous, progressive, and inclusive. Yet it teeters on the precipice of the eternal fire, held from falling into its flames only by the patient hand of God.

And there's more. And these are the things, you know, that I've been thinking about, because the wicked are prospering, and I believe that the time is coming, maybe not in my lifetime, but maybe in my lifetime, because I'm 66, where Christians will be gathered up and persecuted, maybe Gestapo style, maybe Nazi style camps, I don't know. But I do know that shadow banning is going on, that the political system is basically corrupt.

We can't trust the elections. They're forcing things on us like vaccines that don't need to be forced on us. They're controlling the energy input in our country, and they're doing exactly the things that you would do in order to destroy our country. It is the wicked who are in these places of power who are prospering by the demise, from the demise and the destruction of the people that are supposed to rule. And this is what's happening in our country. Yeah.

No, you're right. I mean, you can see that in the news even today, that there are Christians who are persecuted. There's a supreme world that is definitely being abandoned, and God's will obviously be restored, and it's going.

You know, according to scripture, it's going to keep going, sadly, you know, keep praying, keep the faith. But I did have another question about chat GPT. Yes, I was just on it today, as a matter of fact. Uh-huh. Oh, nice. Okay.

So I've got some screen captures, and it was quite hilarious. I've got like six or seven where I got the chat GPT, you know, the bot, to admit that it was incorrect. And I started moving about bias, and it said, well, it's not bias. It can't be biased.

That's no feelings. It has whatever. It's an AI. Well, yes, it's biased. It's biased.

Yeah. Yeah, it's biased. It's already been established.

It's biased towards liberalism, and let's see. Well, let's see. Say some good things about Trump, and I'm going to do the same thing about, oh, it actually has some stuff in there. Okay. Well, yeah. How about that?

And then say good things about Biden. I'm going to see what it's going to do. But, yeah. Anyway, go ahead.

I'm sorry. Yeah. Well, no, I took a different path, and I found out that it does. I asked it if it's a self-learning bot, and it says, no, it's not. But the next day, I asked it the same question, but it came up with the correct answer. So my first question was, what was the very first coin minted in the New Orleans Mint? And it took maybe 13, 15 seconds, and it said it didn't know, it didn't have that information, and it gave me a bunch of great information about that mint. And I knew it was a half dime. I've got several half dimes from New Orleans.

I love those half dimes. And the next day, I asked the same question, the exact same question, and it says it's this. And I asked it, well, why did you say it was this? I mean, you could almost have a semi-inventile conversation with it, and it tried to repeat the same question, and it says, sometimes I can be mistaken, and then it says, you know, this. So then I said, okay, what was the very last coin minted in the Mint?

And it went off the back of the wall. I don't have that information. I'm like, okay. So it is sort of a self-learning, self-programmed. Absolutely. It's an old program. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it is biased by whatever programs we've fed into it.

By the logarithm. I talked to someone who's very knowledgeable about all of this stuff. We spent a couple hours on the phone. One of my daughters knows some people in that field, and so he was very gracious.

Ph.D. candidate. Took a lot of notes. And it's only as good as the algorithms, and they can create them so that they're self-learning. The thing I'm concerned about is, and I told him this, you know, in a chuckling kind of a way, you know, when Skynet becomes a reality, and they come after us, and he says, yeah, it can't happen, at least not now. But there is a community of individuals who are concerned about the potentiality of it in that context.

And it is very powerful. Now, the thing is that if liberals are the ones who are in control, and they're the ones who write the algorithms, and they're the ones who tweak the algorithms, you know they're going to tweak it towards socialism and communism. Well, this means, then, socialism and communism are a means of control from the government over the people. This is exactly what the Antichrist would like.

So this is one of the things that's scaring me. But here's a question. How can the left use this?

How can it be used for control? Well, we could probably sit here and think of some ways, because if people are going to start using AI, because I went in, and I released an article on Beatitudes, and I wanted to see, okay, what's it going to say about the Beatitudes? And I said, what are the Beatitudes? And it gave a decent answer. You know, I've done this.

What is the Trinity? And it does the same thing. I don't copy these things, I just put them straight in. I go, okay, what's it doing? And I'm going to learn on how it's learning to see what it knows. But here's the thing. If people are going to start using this and become dependent on it, then there's an issue here we've got to worry about, and that's the nature of truth. Because if everybody starts using it as a means of finding truth, then that's potentially a problem. Right.

And it could mean, then, that the IP addresses from which the questions are coming out, other programs can use those to see what you're interested in. And then that can be used for further control. So this is, you know, it's a concern I've got. Yeah. No, I agree. I agree. It's a very early form of mind control through social influence.

Influence. It can be. You know, it's Google on steroids. It's not perfect. It's totally artificial. It's not true intelligence.

And, granted, it's moving in the right way, but it's biased, clearly. It is. Absolutely. Yep.

We'll see where it goes. All right. Well, God bless, Martin.

God bless. All right. Bye.

Hey, folks. We'll be right back after these messages. Stay tuned. Welcome back to the show. Man, this hour's gone by fast.

We only have 15 minutes left in the show. Let's get to Sean from South Dakota. Sean, welcome. You're on the air. Yes, sir. Thank you.

So I'll articulate this very quickly. So I've got a really good friend. He's one of my best friends. Comes from his dad's a Lutheran pastor, grandpa, Lutheran pastor, uncle Lutheran pastor. Well, a couple years ago, he started looking into Lutheran theology, and since then has written a book against the baptism of what the Lutherans believe in or baptismal regeneration. So he's 110% convinced that Lutherans teach and believe that water baptism is what justifies a person. He actually has written a book on this.

And so I started doing some research on it. And I understand there's probably, you know, I've come more from a covenant view of baptism. I'm going to go to reform church, but I mean, I can't change his mind. So he even goes as far as to say that, you know, like Martin Luther would be like a false teacher. You know, he's like crossing some waters here that I think are very dangerous. So I just want your opinion on that. Well, surprisingly, I actually have a bachelor's degree from a Lutheran college, and I took all the theology courses that I could there in preparation for seminary.

Rod Rosenblatt, Dr. Rod Rosenblatt, a great teacher. We talked about this. And there's a phrase, ex opera operata. And it means by the doing it is done.

They consider, from what I understood, they consider a baptized infant to be saved, but they also believe that he cannot be saved if he does not keep the covenant faithfulness. So this is a concern because when I would talk to him, and he was a very good representative of Lutheran theology. Let me put it this way. I can't remember ever having really it resolved. And I would say, but this can't be the case.

And yet he would say, from what I remember, I'm trying to remember this because it was back in the late 80s when I graduated from there, my bachelor's. But what I'm trying to remember is he's not saying it's actually the water that saves you. You're not regenerated by it. But it's the means of grace by which the regeneration occurs with faith.

So it's similar to the Church of Christ. And I said, but that's just not satisfying. But I would be interested to talk to your friend. I would. Because if he's got documentation on this, do you know if it's LCMS he's talking about or ELCA or whatever? Yeah, you're exactly right.

It's the LCMS. Actually, I'll send you an email. I'll even send you a copy of his book. I mean, he's written another book, too, in this other book. It's very difficult because I disagree with him. Sorry, I disagree with him.

But I think, yeah, I got my little four-year-old yelling at me it's time for dinner. Well, the thing is, when I went there, I was concerned. I was actually offered free seminary education if I went to an LCMS seminary. And I told him I could not because I did not believe in that issue, among other things. Right. And so also teaching to lose your salvation. But it's very difficult to lose your salvation in Lutheranism. Yeah, exactly.

And so I understand there's differences among the entire universal church on things. You know, he's even gone so far as to cutting off his family. You know, because he says his dad's a false teacher. He can't do that. That's not good.

Because his dad's a pastor. Yeah. We should talk. He should not cut off his family. Yeah. I understand why he wants to.

I understand what the logic is. But I don't know of anything the scripture says to do that. If anything, he might want to be there to make sure that his father is understanding what the true gospel is and not putting any faith or hope in baptism.

That's right. And so I could talk a lot about baptism and what it is. In fact, I'll be doing that this Thursday night when I teach on Romans 6 through 11. I may get to 11, talking about the issue of baptism or circumcision as a sign of the seal with baptism is related to that.

Now baptism gets very complicated. Sure. So I'm glad you're a covenant theologian. Let me ask you, if you're a covenant individual, do you affirm infant baptism from the Reformed perspective? Absolutely.

Yeah. So I grew up Roman Catholic, was baptized Roman Catholic, was part of the charismatic movement for a number of years. And then my wife and I, we somehow got down to, we were part of a really good, what I would call just Reformed Baptist Church for a number of years. And I sat under a really good pastor. And I always tell him, I said, because of your expository teaching and preaching, I've converted over to covenant baptism.

So yes, we actually got our three year old baptized, now he's four, then we got our 18 month old baptized about four months ago. Now just so people know, because I agree with the caller, I'm a covenantalist also, we don't teach that baptism saves. We teach that it's just simply an extension of the covenant requirements and signs that God has in the New Testament economy. Because circumcision is related to baptism in Colossians 2, and I can get into some more theology.

And if you don't agree, folks, that's okay. Because nothing in the scripture explicitly states that, you know, nothing says that infants were baptized. Except there are hints that whole households are baptized and things like that. So, but, here's the thing I say to people is, all covenants, biblically, have signs. So when you make a covenant with God, there needs to be a sign. What you're doing with infant baptism is you're covening with God in the community to raise that child for the glory of God.

And by the covenant requirements, as a father is, that God looks upon the child faithfully as a covenant thing. It's pretty advanced theology for a lot of people who don't understand that. Yeah, it's not a very popular opinion. No, it's not.

It really is not a popular theological belief. And I'll just say this, you know, there's two things I wrestled with, and we're short on time, and I wanted other people to, I waited 20 minutes, so I guess I could take up one more minute. Sure. You know, I think, you know, as we're on this path, and then I'll definitely reach out to you via email and chat a little bit more, but, you know, we have to identify, you know, if we don't hold the covenant theology, when were the children kicked out of the covenant, right? And one of the things that got me to that on it was, yeah, exactly. And one of the things that got me was, you know, in Paul's letter to the churches, well, he addresses, and I know this isn't, like, a rock-solid thing. There's a lot to covenant theology, but, you know, there were children a part of those churches that he addresses.

Absolutely. And now, do we know, yeah, we can get into the whole thing, but just a couple little tidbits of, yeah, some, yeah. Well, the illustration I use is, two Jews are walking down the road, they do this once a week, and they always go to business together, and they're talking about their families, and one of them says, you know, I've been listening to Paul the Apostle. I've been listening to him, and you know what, I've become a Christian now, I'm following Paul, what Paul's saying about the Lord, you know. And he goes, really, you are?

And he goes, yeah, now that I'm a, you know, I believe in the Messiah who comes, now I get it. Our children are not included in the covenant of God. It's just, a Jew would never say that.

It would never be the case. So, you know. Exactly.

Yeah, because it's Jewish, the covenant is Jewish, and Jesus fulfilled it, and then we are an extension of that covenant. And so, yeah, that's it. But, you know, I'm going to say this to everybody, look, if you don't agree, that's okay.

Well, we're not going to die in that hill. That's just a theological thing that my brother here and I agree on, and praise God, you know. And if you don't agree, that's okay. Yeah. It's all right. It's all right. All right. Okay, buddy. Thank you, brother. All right.

God bless, man. Okay. All right, now let's get to Erin from Virginia. Erin, welcome.

You are on the air. Hi. Hi.

So, what do you got? I was watching a video on TikTok, and a gentleman stated that if you didn't know God's name as Joshua, you don't know God. Yeah. That's stupid. You could say G.D. and stuff like that and be blasphemous, but it's not blasphemy because you're not actually calling him out by his name. Yeah. Yeah, that's, it's just, I'm sorry, but it's just stupid thinking. Sorry, I have to call for what it is.

Okay, it's stupid. Nobody knows how the true name of God is pronounced. The Hebrew is yotei vade, the four letters, the tetragrammaton, and the vowel points weren't added until later, so no one knows the exact pronunciation of the name of God. There's a group called the Sacred Name Cult. It's a broad cult, and it has many subgroups in it, and they'll teach that you have to say Jesus' name right or you're not worshipping the true God, and you have to say God's name right or you're not worshipping the true God. You've got to pronounce it right, and they know what their true pronunciation is.

Well, this kind of stuff is what they're teaching, but nobody knows, and so by their own legalism, they hang themselves because no one knows how it is. I don't know if that helps at all. It helps that my fiancée was correct, that it was utter crap. It is. It's skubalon. That's the Greek word used in the New Testament, refuse, and it means more of that stuff. So, yeah, it's foolishness. So people will say that, and, you know, so I'll say, okay, so what's the name of Jesus? And I love doing this to him. And they'll say it's Yeshua.

And they'll say, it is? Then why does it say in Matthew 5, 21, he shall call his name Iesous in the Greek. Iesous. That's what his name is. That's what they were told to call him. Do you call him that?

Iesous. No? But, well, wait a minute. Well, his real name is Yeshua. Well, then why is it not referenced in the New Testament? Why did God choose to have the New Testament written in biblical Greek, coined in Greek of the time, and that was a name used and told right there. So why is it that what you say isn't found in Scripture?

Oh, they don't like that kind of thinking because it doesn't fit their cultic mind. And that's what it is. Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome. See, I get upset when I hear heresies that bind people. That stop them from growing and put them under legalistic bondage. That if you don't say it right, you can't be saved. You're not worshiping the true God.

Nothing but bondage. And it's foolishness that needs to be rebuked and put in the trash heap. Let it smolder with other pieces of refuse that belong there. Okay. Okay. Thank you greatly. You're welcome greatly. Well, God bless.

God bless. Okay. All right. All right. We've got nobody waiting.

We've got about two minutes left in the show. So let's see if I'll go over and check on an email to see if anybody emails. Look at this. Someone says, silver in the issues with Facebook. Oh, that reminds me.

A couple of things actually. Thank you for that. One, we stay on the air by your support. And I'm just asking if you like the show and you want to see it continue or hear it continue, please consider supporting us at forward slash donate. C-A-R-M dot O-R-G forward slash donate. We hope that you would consider that.

Five dollars a month isn't too much. And we hope that you might help us out. Also, because of shadow banning and the censoring Gestapo and stuff like that on Facebook and YouTube, we are gradually moving over to other venues. We have a page on CARM forward slash social hyphen media. You can go check stuff out there. But we're going to be moving stuff over to Rumble.

We're going more and more into Rumble and we'll put the emphasis at the top of the page there pretty soon on which social media we want to start moving over to also. We're still going to keep the ones here until they kick us off because we've got like well over 60,000 people who are followers on the CARM Facebook page. But we don't know how much they're shadow banning us. And on YouTube, we've been penalized so many times when I've said things on the radio like, I don't like the COVID shots.

I don't think the masks are very effective. You're not supposed to say that. So just by saying that, let's just see if I get censored again for my opinion.

So you've got to march lockstep with the jackboots. All right, there you go. There you go. May the Lord bless you. And by his grace, we'll be back on the air tomorrow. So have a great evening. God bless. Bye. I'm powered by the Truth Network.
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