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December 2, 2019 12:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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December 2, 2019 12:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about some ministry needs, such as laptops for the international staff.-2- What're your thoughts on Joyce Meyer--3- Are men and women equal--4- Have you ever heard of a belief that Eve had sexual intercourse with the serpent--5- When did the oneness doctrine begin--6- What is speaking in tongues- Is it praying in the Spirit--7- Did Judas hang himself or die from falling in the field--8- Can you be a Christian and a freemason--9- Matt talks about why he is so passionate about confronting false teaching and teachers.

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Why is it apologetic for you have questions about why is called slick live. It is 226 of the member, 2013 for the pod casters. I hope you'll want to have a good time listening and maybe we challenge today. We'll see what happens with the with the callers. If you want to give me a call it forth in lines 87720722760 a lot of stuff going on and by way of a minor couple issue so this will let you guys know about. I will be expanding the help needed section for corn in the next day or two or three depending of and I would be doing is asking for help in various areas on email responders and organizers say things like that. If you are checking out already.

What we do have discrete carbon/help a GLP and you'll see what's there is let people know that because were asking is that the pre-butter for two weeks. First before they do that for the call for the contact us who you are serious about needing help and also Sears about the people who will help us writing to godly people. So you had to pray about every two weeks Henderson stuff there. The newly invented little bits that's one thing we also have a go fund me account for trying to raise the funds for computers for three missionaries to Brazil. We have Africa and we have Columbia so we got three different languages.

Well actually the guy in Africa as in Malawi and he knows several languages get a PhD he's doing great is going around all, and Africa. I need a laptop. We have our Friday meetings. He gets in the 40 meetings are used zoom to do that and that he often has problems with this phone and the home is never a good laptop for the old unit were traded to make it so that we can work in a limited supply. So things like that were doing. If you like that idea all you do is click on the org/help work hundred/I go fund and exude information on expanding some personal information about each individual there who does what. For now, let's get on the phones to Charlie from North Carolina, Charlie will show you are on the air that they I okay Joyce Meyer has lots of problems and solicit his own recent stuff you use which has tip taught and so this is a little year two, three, four old, five years old six years old. I have not heard anybody come to me tell me she's recanted from anything the letter read some stuff and try to understand that there are certain areas we can disagree on. That's okay, but the circulars were cannot do certain theological areas were it's worth dying over and she steps on at least one of those and violates the very word of God.

For example, this would, she said he could he could have helped himself up until the point where he said I commend my spirit into your hands the first of all, that's not true. Jesus could do anything he wants. He doesn't lose his divinity does lose his ability because of a certain point in time. That's just if you have had teaching. Then he says, she said at that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. That's not true. It's a book of direct me or second Chronicles, which is not in the Scriptures, and she said he had become. Cindy was no longer the son of God. He was sent.

That's flaming heresy that is down was that you become sooner he became sin. Note the Bible something and 10 521, he became sin and live read that because what she's going through is that that's not a problem because how can be understood right and she's not a good theologian at all. He made, he made him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf. The second print is 521 two, in the sense which I need sin.

We understand despite imputation is not a problem but is a problem says is this, he was no longer the son of God that Harrison got a sheet I don't know she's talking about. I would love to debate her. I love to be on stage with her and debate her it would never happen.

He's too smart to have like me or other apologists on on her program to actually go over some of these things with her. She would never do that because she be made to look bad. She's recanted from this is to say heresy. I taught every kid from check this out. The minute that blood sacrifice was accepted. Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again. That is not true. That's another flaming heresy because she failed to understand that his deity and humanity were sinless born again means we are regenerated as being born again means the Holy Spirit comes and indwells us in a savage and part light. Right. Jesus defeats this makes me angry because most Christians don't know what they're being taught. They don't know what the truth is, because I believe that pastors across America are not teaching theology you not have a seminary education everything to teach textbook stuff, but they should know it well enough to build and started throughout their sermons to teach the truth and not the Christian from heresies like this when she says things like S. The men them. Men around her are the ones called primarily to refute error and they should stop her from saying this, but they don't have the gut and wherewithal to know what's going on and it is much adjustment to her was it around her is not Jesus speaking became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not stay dead. He was in the great three day stereotype you entered hell where you would I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There that's allowed to make my Joyce Meyer second printing May 1993, page 35. Though she said she paid the price. Whenever that is the sacrifice the sin debt in hell that is damnable heresy without me and held me back what it means is that if you teach this.

You cannot be considered a true Christian because Jesus said on the cross to Telus Dyke John 1930 it's finished. In Colossians 214. He says that he canceled the certificate of sin that the six or the consent that okay the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross. That's where was paid for. He bore our sin in his body the cross. First Peter 224 she was teaching antichrist teachings antichrist file.go to hell now to help finish the atonement in the hell he did not pay for sins in hell that is damnable heresy is not qualified to be a preacher teacher for lunch is female. Give your pastor and another is that she is disqualify couldn't even have to really competently and partially to floor about it because she's she's teaching stuff that condemn people that how it's like someone saying Jesus is not God.

Now in a fight. Now we fight sick you should believe in preacher, but after I go glibly. That's okay, what's next. But if SAG does not God on the fight you if you say that Jesus to sacrifice on the cross. I'm going to fight you with the same fervor. This is what she said in that same book, listen to this heresy. Heresy does not list this of this in the taste like get to hear this because what she said that he went to hell when he finished he told that there then she said Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place. God rose up and slowed and said the demon powers tormenting the sinless son of God let him go.

They were not tormenting Jesus that is flaming lies from the 10 of hell. It's not what the Bible teaches it anyway and then she goes on to say the same book. I said earlier, where he would finish the atonement hell.

She says this is spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve ago. Listen to this. There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth, she just now violated gospel message.

She just preach the files gospel. She said she is a heretic coming. She's never recanted these things.

I'll try to contact her ministry and I said I have question writing about Joyce Meyer website has 100 million visitors a morning radiograph, etc. can we have some questions answered.

We gotta just a standard. No thank you but thank you for right writing us so I don't know what she's teaching now I have to do more research on her and others are so many heretics on TV. I don't have time to do everything from his nest listen without go ahead okay James, I don't fit you okay okay God took the rib man and made woman were not seen as evil or they're not working out like because being that is not what determines the quality it just is rare for me. Now, we commemorate that quote.

You probably do better in our company for we came, but she came from man, but is not a decent is not an inequality in the sense of its inequality in the sense of nature so presented at unmarried. My wife and married 33 years. Last week 33 years, actually days ago so were married, you know, and I'm the head of the family. This position I have, by the fact of being male but effective. Being a husband. That's it on the head of the family. She doesn't like it is too bad I don't like it that's too bad as what it is with both human beings were equal in the eyes of the Lord is for salvation goes everything else but were not equal.

Biologically, she can have babies. I can't have babies so now the head of the family.

She's not have the family is not a big deal. This is how I write you know where were you think that you, for you know you know we get it we you know we been that the children and they make them that the only different but if it was the light like you said order. I just got.

We came first year were better in a way that is not better.

It's just simply the skull primogeniture, the firstborn male. It's the biblical concept, firstborn male has authority. That's it.

Just how God set it up because it reflects the person and work of Jesus on the cross. He's the only begotten, the firstborn of creation. He is the one who has that primogeniture and Adam had because Christ had it. That's how it okay okay God bless what you James all right hey folks, Joyce Meyer, unless she has repented me tell you this, that in less she's repented of what it is she is taught she is a heretic out if she has repented and she teaches proper theology, I will come on the radio safe folks for theology, heretic back of his messages. Why call 7707 and let's get right on lost and maybe a little bit of a head cold over for a few days and I let's get on the phones with Nelson from California.

Nelson will show you on your IMAP yes I can. Okay.

Got a question.

I'm pretty sure you've heard this doctrine before I used to go to visit the church by the church and the pastor used to believe in the doctrine of the Trinity is what we believe and somehow someway states and has started but messed up his thinking theology what he believes that in Genesis 3 1540 never wear. He believed that Eve had a sexual encounter with the circuit six: sentencing teaching by the Kaiser to center our shipper chapel. Is that cool or is false to the NS excellent conceit is teaching that Satan had relations physical relations with Mary and produced cane okay so that'll teach this refuted very quickly and very easily like Genesis 4, verse one. The man had relations with his wife, Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain like I do not. I've I've spoken commodity actually block them out from is a pastor yet.

The pastor and then named Selena California is denying the videos land Conservancy will be used to believe in the Trinity. All of a sudden not anymore. You told me over the phone that he did not believe that Jesus was born from a virgin is that he's on his own is a false convert and he's a false pastor. I wanted you to elaborate much on that and so am teaching come about what audits came from Singleton started from his cane for support himself. Singh has many servants inside the church visible outside the church and for the manifestation of his false teachings are such that districts are considered teaching. Jesus was not born of the Virgin Mary Trinity is not true. Jesus is not God you does not rise within physically we don't need to of been were not justified by faith alone in Christ alone have to Works these are all morning that that denying it's always doing what he was saying that the definition of the means clean home and that's what you and that's it that's all that and that's like fortune cookie theology. They don't understand how language works. If he's in Salinas. You know I consider California socially bit as you speak Spanish at all in English blood, mostly Spanish, you might have been targeted.

I miss I go there on the legal and economic otherness manual to limit this to get a psychological need to talk about this if you use when you know sufficient so you know I got something to talk about this and he's in Columbia any triangular system for color, but allow so we have the call we have stuff on this and he thinks Carlos and he's very very good.

A Beulah talk with this guy's a false teacher and the congregation easily warned. So if you have friends in the congregation or if you're nearby, you might want to consider taking some action. You cannot sit around and let false teacher do this kind of thing to do something sometime somewhere. So if he's blocking I mean I yet met him a couple of time directly and in the light I find it you believe it, that because of the fact that the Holy Spirit has not revealed to me you understand all you will debilitate you. Blah blah blah will reveal about yeah and so that he said that when he was a beautiful structure. See how many you slackers nothing more than an eight some and use of what people do is use the Holy Spirit himself in order to teach false doctrines and not submitting themselves to the word of God is a false teacher on the will to talk to them but you know my Spanish is not good enough, but Carlos would be willing to talk to him. If this guide will the talk, but I'm sure he won't be so what you got it done and this is what you gotta do you find people in the congregation. If you can contact and say here's what the Bible actually teaches Genesis I got the Conservancy to my website aggressively.

Trinity my website go through. Yes I have a lot of you and we have a Spanish site that I can tell, but the Spanish site is downright it's been were trying to raise the funds to get things going. We had our problems here everything under heavy attack that could some major setbacks mechanical setbacks as forceps or servers, hard drives and things like that were trying to forward we are moving forward with the new sites not yet manifested. It should be in the next week or two or three or four that range and then we appeal to backup equipment study was efficacy Christiana's Mia and so we have everything a Spanish to so Carlos can send you articles and am if you want email me to give you information from Carlos. You should talk, but if not that's okay. And how can I form a question mark about one more) that now I have a friend that she is. It currently is an ophthalmic they believe in the moralism and teaching and I've told him about it and she sincerely believed that we believe and I truly believe you seeking the Lord in that but I know that what the being taught is heresy correct San Houck. How come first and foremost. When did this doctrine began.

I know will detail I have listed is difficult to talk about when it began exit this is with them's ability is one of of being part it ends that I won. This was taught by Sibelius back in the for 500 innocent colts of the legalism modem with organism dynamic mechanisms different versions of it when I'd recommend you do is go to Carmen look at the oneness Pentecostal stuff and start reading through their nursing very strong arguments to demonstrate when this is incorrect, but the thing that I find the most effective. Luke 2242, where Jesus says the father, not my will but your will be done if Jesus and the father and the Holy Spirit. All the same person with me to have one will why would Jesus say, not my will but your will be done as to wills, we can't have that moralism to the problems with have to say, then, is that the human part of Jesus was praying to the divine part of Jesus. The two natures within.

That's a prophet because then we get to the one person told the story, Carmen Rita everybody right back half is that we live in. Call 77077 back to the show with Kemper with your background that we hurry, let's see. I have to see I don't beliefs is always the case. Not talk to Michael before I could call up and ask I think.

Romans eight talks about this. It says so groanings. The Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words ring in the spirit right there in the same of the Spirit also helps her weaknesses.

For we do not know how to pray as we should.

The Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words and he also searches the hearts by the spirit is so that I will be groanings not speaking in tongue so that right there demonstrates that not all instances, praying in the spirit is the tongues met without log note Dr. Michael Brown. He's a good guy and he is I don't agree with every thing is a saying all he does everything I have to say he's charismatic so my gifts, but the UI if he if he said that all instances of spring in the spirit is pregnant tungsten of Romans 826 defeats that okay don't get happy to be quite of course not feeling on the lease between her knees praying in the Holy Spirit is speaking through you. There been times I have even known what to say to me I pray sometimes because one thing I've learned through my life is I messed things up. I don't even know if I'm asking the right thing. I want to be in God will not my own will.

I ask for things that I always ask after I say Lord, your will be the primary thing, not mind.

Your will be done, not mine.

That's how it has to be. Nevertheless, in my ignorance Lord.

These are things I ask for but nevertheless work, but not my will be done, but yours be done and what I get to the place ring just just I even know I just I'm groaning as a movement of the Spirit, because the Bible says so in reality, 26.7 Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words exit this definitely praying in the spirit. I'm sure the manifestations of praying in the spirit where we actually don't know the spirit is working through us to pray properly is intercedes in us getting Mark back on Sherman. God bless. All right, that's Kim from Winston-Salem.

Let's get to see Alan from San Diego Alan with Michelle. You on the air that were at a question for you. Where are you in San Diego. I isolate the San Diego left Clark of La Jolla area is a finesse and all right or at my got an alley right now but quick question for you to actually my cousin called last week. My question different than the both. Not you are wondering if the pollution on knuckle Abia are Abimelech that you is where you like that about them. Where are you, you had released it off tomorrow.

All of the method. But at a different question should we watch a lot alike our government to cut a hole yeah I mechanically worry coming from. We can I get offended. One of the truth you brought up yet one issue where is Matthew would think that you did. On the and then an act that that that he felt had not filled open so I think you had a debate with that Peter and William thinking and we could, we can totally like reconciled and that well you know you think the tree branch broke and he fell and then kind of try to reconcile both the cases but really and that interview I got that debate.

He said yeah but really like we can reconcile anything like we can say that in out the people that we went to the moon and in their conspiracy theory is that they probably never went that we can reconcile that day. We circled around we came back. Yeah, that's to say that we can really you credit for that. Like anything is irreconcilable, it really is ridiculously, they will eat ice cream but I see where it's coming from work is nothing that you look down on paper are different, but wearing a thong number thing on the tree branch broke, but I think that we don't really know broke within a break. Okay yeah you get a steady logic, yet the city logic. Carmen look at logical fallacies and memorize through those logical fallacies. Yes, some questions you will teach you your that I use this illustration.

You probably heard me say it that you and I are opposite sides of the street corner intersection and were waiting for Charlie Ellen yelling across the street each other like her in her favor to get. And lo and behold, there's a car accident right between us, a black car and a white car you see three people get out of the the white car. I see two people get out of the white car is a contradiction is a country to know where the perspective why is it not a contradiction not to speak to perspective is get more precise. Why is it not a contradiction of before we answer the question define the contradiction as this is what this guy. He's just angers me because he does things like this, people work astute. This can be deceived if are debating my state. Please define the contradiction in the second law of logic. The contradiction is you cannot have a statement or statements be both true and false at the same time the same way you can have choose to statements that contradict each other and both be true. The law of non-cluttered looking at an example of that out at work. Sure act like you can't see it unless you're looking at Facebook have a glass of water in my right hand right now.

I can imagine holding it right okay tapping okay so I have this glass in my hand of people who were watching me and I can say I am holding this glass of water in my hand. I'm also not holding this glass of water in my head to both statements cannot be true at the same time and same sense I'm holding the water in my hand is also the case and I'm not holding water in my hand is not true.

I'm either holding the letter in hand or I am not. It cannot be that both which contradict each other. Both are true, it cannot be read both. I'm holding it and I'm also not holding it at the same time the same sense the same way as was call a lot a contradiction. That's a contradiction.

So we can allow users logically when debating atheists say it's even the case that God created the universe, or it's not the case that God created the universe is no in between, syphilis, true dichotomy. So if you see God three people get out of the white car and I see to get out of the white car. It's not a contradiction because if there's three people. There's also two people is also one person in the car but is missing only one sort of thing with my children. We had this game don't be like thank nobody got out of the car done it completely something that codifies I'd contradicted exactly if I said no one got out of the car. I said I got out of the car and nocturnal don't know. It could be the dentist in the car because it could be that you had special-effects guy who has a outfits and all the stuff so you see that the thing is that you know if I said no one got out of the car and you said three people down the cart that's a contradiction because I don't have it be true that no one got in the car also three people going the car. You can't have that you can have it.

Three people got the cart and two people got the car because both of the state, with Churchill true in either statement does not make the other one impossible to want to think about like children made a game called I got an animal slide think of an animal, or they think of an animal we had to ask questions. I can only be answered yes or no. We had rotate through each other until one of us got the right guess what the animal was so one-time it was the horse and the point of my daughters asked me, as I have two legs. I said yes it does linger on that they couldn't get it figured out it and they said what is is is a horse it that you said had to legs it does have two legs. It also has three legs. It also has four legs will is true zero. Texting is a have a hair's a dozen also has two hairs and three pairs so from then on.

It's a dad visit only have two legs and say no it is not as it only have three does not does only have four yes it does only have four they learned how to think that I taught them how to think back, I'll talk the same as hanging and falling like Bart Ehrman right back. this message is pleased to mass Y.

Call 77077 back to the show before get back to Alan.

I was checking some stuff and why people are are going to go find anything for the.

The laptops and a computer for three missionaries and you are donating.

I said to begin to show you guys are awesome and district to keep it, and over halfway there and one of them happy.

Almost half your third and if you're interested in checking it out.

It's just car the rug/go fund me and he can check overdue and try to raise funds for laptop for our African office and done a laptop for Columbia office and a desktop computer for our Brazil office and so were looking to get Axel Prescott thanks all right, hey, let's get back on the phones to Ellen Miller realized so let me make finish this will get other callers.

By the way, we have three open lines folks 87772276 Bart Herman if he said what he does. Guy said he said then he needs to study logic to say we can reconcile anything means we abandon the laws of logic in order to reconcile anything that's how you have to do that you could not use logic.

The laws of logic and critical thinking in order reconcile anything you cannot do that for example on hold the glass of water. My hand is also the case of not holding the glass of water.

My head no, the laws of logic say both of statements cannot be true, but if you glissade reconciling anything means we can find a way to make it true that we have to abandon the laws of logic.

If you abandon the laws of logic, abandoning meaning, and then I could just say, well, you don't whatever you say all interpret whatever. Anyway, I want because were banning logic.

So it is statement is just bad to begin with it bad to begin with. Now Judas hung himself in one place and he fell down. I had long discussed birth burst of success. I have been to Israel and I have seen the hillside where he hung himself are still a member driving in their tour bus tour guide said, look over there. That's were Judas hung himself along this bank of trees I glass right over and I watched it was really interesting because this this this plane. This field goes up and means flat. Then all of a sudden his his bank goes up in only about 60° angle or so and up 3040 feet in history to the top of it and it was off to another in a flat area.

There is so on the on the edge of that area, he hung himself in and the rope broke tree break broke fell down his gut would make sense to because if he's been up there for a while, decaying bloating that occurs falling down with them resolve their is no problem what so ever with the account and for anyone to say it's a problem. Can't think their way out of a wet paper bag switcher six was at the micro Raleigh, North Carolina Michael commission.

I might how you doing all right. Just like the Pharisees, which I meant my question as to do with Freemasonry and whether somebody could be a Christian and be a Freemason mouse bursa and like it so in an elder role as Freemasonry requires this secrecy to a an order that ultimately teaches false gods Freemasonry – freemen medley to Freemasonry or some theories about its origin but looks like it might have the charge and it was called a knife to the Templar and this is during the Crusades and the Knights of the Templar were people who the nights that I did was he when innately provided safe passage through certain hills and valleys and then when the Crusades ended. They were kind of out of a job is what they started doing was charging passage to go through and then he became corrupt.

You want to go through you have to do it in extorted people, then the Roman Empire Roman Catholic Church Empire for points in the military and to defeat them. The underground, and they surfaced and under different names in different times and some of the people who've really set is a lot says this seems to be how they got 33° of missed sonic levels as the various times in an ethics. They went through that the went underground stuff they have secret handshakes and hugs and things like this which the Mormon church uses because Joseph Smith took it because he was so Freemason and he took their stuff and then said it was really from God, which is why the killing that was probably because he swore blood oath to the Masons, but any rate, so no true Christian should not be involved with that because you just swear allegiance to the Masonic order in secrecy is different is in swearing an oath. For example, in the military to public oath you're swearing to pull the Constitution is not a problem because it's your yeses yes your nose is no or single do this. That's okay, but in Masonic stuff if secret oaths under secret organization that you can't reveal the washers consequences and this is hidden stuff and occult means hidden is what can be called. Plus, like I said if you do some false things when I will unclip you quickly got callers week, but when I was dating a girl before, get married, I ended up going to whatever ceremonies and it was a Masonic hall next to it and went into this holds open the door.

Nobody was in there. It was unlocked, just walk right in and went up into the Masonic area and on the table in the Masonic area always chairs hundreds of chairs around. I went up with my own eyes. I opened up two blocks in his podium kind of thing so member and open up these books and in their scan through and it's one of the said Jesus is not God and the other one said Christians have to be dealt with through problem. I remember reading this and I really remember thinking I should swipe these books for documentation that would be theft like I did not my own eyes.

I read this there is should be involved in movement masonry okay I appreciate your input to come to the conclusion any research that I've… Laundry, get your payments on a project they have a wonderful Thanksgiving that I can do to bless all right, let's get to David for only North Carolina. I was only he would yeah probably I was characterizing Joyce Meyer callers waiting to want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let me teach you, teach you within the Christian church there is the necessity of teaching truth. There's a dividing line between truth and error. Some truths are so important that we as Christians should die for them these documents.

For example, Jesus is God in flesh. Jesus says in John 824.

Unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins.

That is a doctrine that we must die for. We must defend to the death as being true that Jesus is God in flesh was also defend the doctrine of justification by faith alone in Christ alone.

You go to Galatians chapter 5 verses one through five. Combine that with Romans 328 Romans 45 but in Galatians talks about those who seek to be justified by the law, they fall from grace if they seek this through the issue of circumcision which represents any work that you do and that we say then that anyone who holds that cannot be true Christian. That's another document. We must die to defend another one is the physical resurrection of Christ.

Paul the apostle says if Christ be not risen. Our faith is in vain for 20 1514 in verse 17 and Jesus prophesied his own physical resurrection. John 219 to 21. He did this he died in the same body die.

He rose within the same body died. And if he's not risen in Christianity is false and anyone who would deny that the deity of Christ, the resurrection of Christ cannot be true Christian. The atonement of Christ occurred on the cross. He bore our sins in his body on the cross. Colossians 214 says says he cancel the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which was awful to us. You took it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. Enjoy 1930 Jesus says on the cross. He says it is finished to tell us tying the Greek, which is a statement saying a legal that is been paid in full. Jesus finished the atonement on the cross.

Any catalysts and then on the cross. Anyone who would say that he did not finish it on the cross is a flaming heretic teaching damnable doctor just as someone would say Jesus is not God its damnable heresy, which means you can be damned for that to hell for teaching a false doctrine for denying that essential Christian faith. The essentials of the Christian faith, are in Scripture.

They are declared in Scripture is not me making them up is not my opinion the Scriptures declare because they have a a warning with the essentials that Jesus said it's finished on the cross. It's finished. Jesus equated sin with legal debt. Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Forgive us our sins look living for.

Forgive us our debts. Matthew 612, the parable passage that that Jesus equated sin with legal debt in the Bible says I already repeated first Peter 224 he bore our sins in his body on the cross. John 1930 he finished it on the cross. Colossians 214 he cancel the sin debt on the cross for anyone to say that Jesus did not finish it on the cross is to deny with the Scriptures clearly teach and is the they are therefore outside the camp of Christ. They are therefore heretics must be rebuked soundly and thoroughly and publicly as heretics and they should not be listened to with such is the case with Joyce Meyer because she said in the most important decision you'll ever make. Second printing May 1993, page 35.

She's recanted from this. Praise God.

But as far as I'm concerned, everything I've read everything I've heard she's never recanted from this.

This is what she said he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not state that he was in the great three days during the time he entered hell where you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There to saying he paid the price in hell is to say, he did not pay the price on the cross is to deny the sufficiency of the cross that is damnable heresy, damnable damnation. This is serious stuff and when she says that was page 35 on page 37 of that book. He says his spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go there is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth so she said you can even go to heaven if you don't believe his spirit went to hell because that's where we deserve to go and that's to page 37, but on page 35. Six. He went to hell and paid the price. There folks that damnable heresy. She's a heretic and people need to stand up and say, along with the other false teachers that are out there and if you're a pastor and you're listening to me. You need to equip your Christians you to equip the peoples under your care to equip them with the truth and don't be afraid to draw the line where it needs to be drawn. You need to know your doctors well enough to know the truth is, instead of the truth and not compromise the gospel not compromise the gospel and thereby damnation of the people under your care. Bless you, by the grace of that go there tomorrow

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