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December 3, 2019 8:00 am

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December 3, 2019 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the fund raising efforts for CARM's international staff.-2- I volunteer at a Christian organization who just allowed a 7th Day Adventist on their staff. What should I do--3- What's the best way to witness to LDS--4- What's the difference between interpretation and translation- On what do LDS base truth--5- Why do some of the Gospels name persons in the narrative while others don't--6- Why is Ezekiel called -son of man-- When it mentions the Spirit of the Lord, is that the thrid person of the Trinity--7- A caller shared a resource that helped them leave the LDS church.

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Why is why you have questions about why all bad rest of the country watching the news and Walter.

The weather's norms were billing extremes is not here so that we might want to move your right to vote for. You may call you to do, dial 87720722765 alignment means nobody's waiting right want to call if you're new to the show.

Not sure what's going on holidays people I be driving during different hours. What we do here is answer difficult questions concerning Christianity, theology, Mormonism, jewels, witnesses, Christian science community behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, UFOs, atheism, evolution all kind of stuff and with a list of about 40 years and loving effect last night you watch, but I was in a debate with a guy Skyler fiction that's his name he goes by the functional atheists claim itself to be in agnostic and so well. We had a discussion last night about various things Ephesus for Christianity and the it was interesting discussion and I really do think that that he didn't do that well. He thinks I'm sure that he thought he did very well. It's up to companions the atheist worldview is not defensible cannot be held to be true, it cannot provide the necessary preconditions for eligibility for morality and for existence and up discussing some of those things and it was interesting discussion.

I enjoyed it so if any of you want to know if you watched you heard what you do is argue McCauley to talk about that, but if not, no big deal.

Also, just to remind you that we are doing a fundraiser for some computers, one for our missionary in Africa. Another one for missionary Columbia another one for missionary in Brazil and we just got talking and found out that basically all the computers are in pretty bad shape and so on. The one who raised the issue. I said we need to raise some funds to get you guys set up and I know computers because a computer for five years and build an internal part doing the kind of stuff so we went online and ate ice.

It is kind computers, only to have because of what you have something that could be good for next five years and like us on every two years and you'll get a little bit better than what most people might think we might just get by. The minimum you want to minimum you want to get something better than just minimum that way is a lot more efficient in the long run.

So these are exorbitant computers not exorbitantly priced anything or discomfort computers so that I give myself and so will you do is raise the funds. If you want to help out all you do is accommodate org/funding this car and got org CA fund me one word in any can you pick me up for Columbia, Brazil and Africa and dump we get there so people leaving coming and helping out really appreciate that and hopefully another week or so. We should have all the monies that we need a little bit was all for the money to them and they know where to go to get the particular computers have already cited as a get and in the client and have everything set up so you go and some semi computer a year ago.

Well six months ago and I haven't opened it yet. I don't need to organize computer and I was keep a spare just in case.

What we have another need for a computer with someone else on the Sinemet with so little work providing he is providing and praise God for that again is just a/condo/go fund me all right folks, we have four guidelines want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get him herself in Toronto. Myself look initially on the not the only I typically watch you on Facebook. Pretty critical to your funny looking, maybe that's a lot of people say that have been a fan for years and that I was looking at you right now that I invited her to get open line.

I volunteer for Christian organization and we chat and I've been here at your Lord. Very good and I my mentor coaching reorganization and greatly in the office at me an application completed and signed off on this particular coach who is Seventh-day Adventist and that I know that to be not a Christian organization they speak the word is sometimes safe derivations and deviations within something of this at Seventh-day Adventist and some are Christian and some are not. Okay, the toughie testified you'd ask questions, but any rate, the go-ahead, while it might.

I went on here site and I and I know it, not your site and then note the other articulate and you don't mention derivations there and I'm not when you think so I went back to the office that hey we need to leave this person question honestly, there is that there could be Christian Wilkerson and all kinds of different church, but the church statement of faith may be something they haven't looked at the core and honestly a lot of people don't and I know pretty much what I'm going to do. I like to surround myself by people of the thing like your style.

I have an older inventor that I go to her question then so my direct feeling with like I need to talk to this person that beckons the path straight out. Questions like you believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel, do you believe fully that one yet to ask a little more because the when they say they are going to say yes. He's he's Michael the Archangel, but they believe mistakenly.

But what they believe is Michael the Archangel was the pre-incarnate Christ. They just see him as the pre-incarnate Christ MC Michael the Archangel is a created being the same as eternal being manifested. The second person of the Trinity, manifested as Michael Sweeney stated below.

Your thinking all your sink educated being that when they say Michael the Archangel are not saying that the wrong he wasn't.

Michael the Archangel, I think they assume that that Means he's either pre-incarnate Word is mentor not denying his deity in that sense, if that makes sense.

I'd like the old will be word always was, always will be, as we had to ask it. I'll ask him know it due to concealed from the doctor, the Trinity, that Jesus Christ is God in flesh, and that justification is by faith alone in Christ alone. That's the only point well will also affirm that Jesus was raised physically from the dead. That's going should affirm that justification by faith in Christ alone to ask you have to worship on Saturday in order to be a true Christian. If he says yes then they would get occultist if he says no, these have some is aberrant, not yet really got together and then there question and this is heresy that they teach a lot of ST I don't believe this but Ellen G.

White taught that Satan will become our sin bearer and that essentially crank on him and he'll be cast into outer darkness at the end in judgment on all underwriting website going .8 under paragraph they believe that there is a lady what you and it is not a good stuff in there yesterday. I can fax I live I drive by all the time. The thing is the world headquarters of the STA for the publishing headquarters.

It's just going on very close to me site and I've been there before and nurse people are nice to have different things, but in the issues are the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the resurrection justification of any nature the atonement because McGinnis say that Satan becomes our sin bearer, then you have the intonation to deal with will.

Jesus is one of our sin.

First Peter 224 he canceled the sending of the cross. Colossians 214 so in the ask these questions as he says he doesn't understand or doesn't know okay will then an opportunity to talk to all think they wildlife they affirm.

Salvation is through alone. Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. Roman Catholics would all affirm right and we got a get down to alert their faith. They will later faith right not to like my kind ago. Now I'm in no Anderson toughie Sarah Bucktown. This is just the coach is us in our Christian organization. He must belong to something that all I need on the community with the word I work meet new all people, long will have a collection about the orders.

Some of the legal sprinkle, so this is a ministry that you are running and we held no will go on to a job site on the code so I say it share the gospel is good for you cool clinical and is not long but now this wonderful and beautiful thing and question you know more than we think we know on people word they say there is no strength, diagnose, ask questions, tell people do for you. Okay feel better not doing well. She had her struggles. I am to get the stupid head cold enough to 90% done. They may think love is everybody okay I call 7707 is saying it's Wednesday and we will not be on their life that is Thursday Friday so back on live Lord willing. Monday I think that's a December 2 lecture but the will be offered tomorrow and Friday like this, but if you want to call now.

Therefore, lines 877-207-2276 is getting in from Salt Lake city Andrew Welk show.

Thank you, glad to be here. You can take the I'm actually new to the Salt Lake Valley. I just got that Salt Lake City area five months ago and I'm a Christian born-again believer, and really just looking for not invest in the people around me. I am surrounded with the giant mission field is more there left evangelical in this valley than any other area, and so last week I actually had a really interesting conversation with a coworker. He actually brought it up because he knew I was the young non-Mormon and he said hey so you know, according to your doctrine that I believe in Jesus Christ to nonstate and you know I like well you know it really depends on what you being saved from and the conversation boiled down to.

I as the strictly Bible believer believe that man is inherently sinful. Without Christ and it came down to.

He believed that man is inherently good, so really the definition of salvation. There is a different definition.

I just wanted to call in and get your thoughts on, you know, how would you respond to somebody that take Methodist get to that. But when they say this beforehand when they say they believe the same piece of the Bible that is not true, the right not believe it is the same one and one is listing. We have a station beyond Salt Lake with two stations on Peninsula visitors. They have to understand is that they believe that Jesus is for them or listening lately that Jesus is begotten through sexual relations between God and his goddess wife pay for their world they live the flesh and bones and the produce Jesus that is not who God is not who Jesus is and so they can say the same word but they don't mean the same thing and that's what's critical, but nevertheless since the eighth article, the Mormon church says that the Bible is correct insofar as it is quickly translated, then I would find is that when you quote Scripture that the Guinness say they might say things like, well, it's not trustworthy is been corrupted or whatever it might be and what I often do, that point is I go to Genesis chapter 3 verses one through six. Where is Satan.

The first thing he did was was doubt God's work did God really say.

And the whole issue there. God did God really say the doubt of God's word. Then she altered God's word and then Satan contradicted God's work and trying to do Mormons do is understand something that their eighth article is actually saying that God himself is not capable of keeping his word pure that it was lost. The Bible's insignia lost and no one says it is in the Joseph Smith comes along and says it was all lost and that God the father appeared to him. But God thought it cannot be seen a ghost, unapproachable light. First Timothy 616 and who they were singing the Old Testament as God was a pre-incarnate Christ as a limited topic. We get to the issue of this inherent goodness and badness of man that I would do and submit a claim. Like I've said can you show me that in Scripture. Just show me that in mind to the Bibles you Alcala stated that you believe the Bible's imperial reinforcement works right. Yes. Is it inspired no see what they say yes so you believe it's true. Yes, okay then. Can you show me, for the Bible it says were good by nature because spray the burden of proof back nine. Funny that you mention that because actually start a dialogue is exactly what that was like you know about it that good at it, you know, had been translated and you know that's really where that the course different live I believe, like okay what the Bible says is true and that my foundation of belief is interesting that you bring that up last night and I dealings with know what to do with the city and South insofar as the Bible is quickly translated. You know the differences between translation and interpretation when talking about when languishing in language lot even on translations like can be lost in translation but not an interpretation.

I actually I could use another to translate like I get to go on in Spanish is I am hungry. It literally is. I have hunger so that this did was I interpreted this interpretation is that translation written language to that a written language.

That is, it is some is a translation switch interpreting when we speak one language in their language, it's translation when it's written when language letter language. So when they say this is that the say they'll understand.

It's a play on words kind of insofar as is quickly translated with a wanted to mean is interpreted but not in the literal sense of interpretation from one language, letter language, but what does it mean source. It is a double problem here but nevertheless because it had a Greek in college and seminary. I can say to them. The New Testament is been cricket translate I can read the Greek I can go to go check translations. I could do my own translations and it's accurate and so we want you to do. You utilities not translated correctly and are you saying that all these these scholars, all of the world who know Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek can't translate across a properly. Have you ever heard of of scholars yelling at each other and suing each other over these translation problems and things ever happens, so asked what would you think it means what it says insofar as I was quickly translated it a look at the meeting the right thing is not not know what that means you disconnect yellow go look at the look up what it means to translate, but right now I'm going to Google define translate and enter express the sense of words in another language first and comes up cc what they wanted to say is it was the kind of meaning and how it interprets know a lot of times what people do to me and say well it is how you interpret things, which is your interpretation and I love it when a guy debates a debate last night. We can use this argument, people feel adjust your interpretation suggests it is just my interpretation so I go to the word assessment justified by faith without the works of the law from 328 and I believe it means were justified by faith without anything to do. Just my interpretation.

Yes, it is interpretation yes and then I say will thank you for agreeing with me think what to bring with you after you coexisted again.

No I did not I cannot agree with you on no no no no, I'm not that that humble in my magic I got problems, but thanks for saying that we talk about what I'm doing is take whatever they say they just reinterpreted everyone when I wanted to be because if it accuses excuse is just a matter of interpretation that I can interpret whatever they say to me whatever I want, but no doubt that in language doesn't work like that is not just a matter of how we would interpret something that's us an excuse not to believe the facts are.

I think a lot of time. The question is not much with like interpretation but actually in the changing of language so you know were translating that evening translate like you know there's different words that the drive is why 073 open line so will do was dial 877-207-2276 is get back to Andrew from Saul exerting Andrew back here. But I know you're talking about interpretation versus translation there and I think a lot of times there is miscommunication between the two and I think you no longer talk about translation they believe that there's a lot of stuff that lost in translating from language to language in it that happens over centuries and centuries continues to get further and scared how it works is how it works is the. The original documents were copied and copied very meticulously and logical don't know. For example, the Greek networks in the Hebrew. Also Hebrew and Greek are the same in that both of them only have one set of characters that served a dual purpose of big numbers as well as letters. So if you write a word you're also writing a set of numbers so every word has a mathematical value like the word exists in Greek and for flavored fish you add up all the letters that come to the 1224 for use increased costs, which is Jesus Christ of those letters at up to 88 888. That's all it is the reason this is important is because when they would copy the documents that would add up the numbers and they would check copy with the original and bike doing number addicts as well as letters they would they know letters that would enable numbers and they could do.

This is extremely accurate and so when a document was signed copy was copied multiple times, but it wasn't copied in on the cake Frank again. Write this down. It was like that.

It was very sacredly taken as as a sacred duty one letter at a time in her care and arcade lock us in the beginning was the word and its epsilon new they would do the E and and space space like that so they they knew the sacredness of their jobs and they would not do. By memory mistakes to creep and people are human, but with all the copies that exist of the Greek manuscripts are to be like 99.8% technically identical in 6000 different copies of the different forms and of the Greek New Testament. It's incredible. And so we have is very very accurate of the original very very accurate presentation original the original into English now. The original into Greek or into Spanish.

Now it's not one language within language in 500 years later, their language, that we get the hours it's 10 languages that went through and now it's from Greek to our language and its copy very close to the originals with 99.8% textual identical stuff in all the various all the manuscripts all over the place she go straight from the original to what we have now.

That's what it is and Mormons been misled repeatedly by their church miss informs them about the facts. If the gain of the fact people would leave even more than they are now cannot and on my McLennan so I believe that the king actually translated the Latin Vulgate that correct without an immigrant language or whatever and that will be put into Latin because Latin was in a proper language in the theological language of the time, and then with the Catholics to admit a mistake with the Latin into the English Latin into something else desolate that was a mistake that they made should be the Greek in directly for the Greek into any other language. I thought should be so bright and Latin Vulgate is a translation of the Greek in the Latin that should be the Greek into German. The Greek into English. That's how it should be. That's how it is not so not from the ink for the Greek to the German to the Spanish to the English that's not how it's done.

Never has been like that the Mormons are very frequently misled when recommend you do if you're interested in this kind of stuff is you can always spit a little money it's it's very powerful witnessing tool unit by two books. Neither one is exactly cheap, but it's worth you go to and you get the Greek New Testament have to read Greek. What's at the bottom of every page is with color textual apparatus that Nestlé Allen Greek New Testament like Nestlé crunch bar no candy bar Nestlé that Nestlé Allen Greek New Testament any nature has the textual apparatus and it is at the bottom of the page it shows textual variants and go to center tennis websites all my goodness she's thereby that's the stadium there and put in them. Salt Lake I cannot leave Utah lighthouse ministry is embarrassing.

I know Sandra should never move the pointer. I'll get to tease me so I go there go to Utah lighthouse on ministry UT and order the book the 3913 changes in the book of Mormon 3009 at 13 changes the book of Mormon which she told me she did was she and her husband before he passed away.

They had an original book of Mormon first copy and I forget which when read in which when marked. I think he read and she marked the whatever and they had a photocopy of that original book of Mormon and then the hand wrote in the changes to the contemporary at that time the most contemporary book of Mormon. They had in the market 3913 changes very very interesting Eliza so useful. The book of Mormon drift roughly 200 years old. The New Testament is roughly 2000 years old, so have them with missionaries in it. I felt many missionaries I've been told over the years with omissions and leave the church and one of things I'll do is I'll show them the Greek New Testament and I'll say this is Greek New Testament. You don't need to read Greek and I say at the bottom. Here you will. The numbers are in English like 1617 18 at the bottom you can see the textual variants. It doesn't take the 1015 minutes of it looking noisy with doing the big deal.

Now this verse like verse 16 whatever chapter this might have a bearing on the work half which is the word thought might be in the in the alexandrite's are not dissing Atticus or whatever it might be. And so it is with particular thing is ICC.

Here's a textual variant right here, soaking up to both pages count total potential bearing sphere. Lexi to might be three that a page is open up randomly in the nude in the New Testament and count them on the bottom is her numbers verse 16 verse 20. Next page, Matthew, verse 33) free variants.

What you do you take the 3013 changes the book of Mormon. You fan through the ash is a stop stop this accounting. I've been doing this for decades and only wants once did the New Testament pages have more variance than the book of Mormon. Just once. I've had him just as he looked so you see the Bible's been corrupted. Look at it.

It's obviously far more accurate in his transmission than the now then your book of Mormon is and is more changes in that in the book of Mormon. Since then why should I trust your book of Mormon which is only 200 years old and the Bible which is 2000 years old and it's got less. The cold variance than them years at enough to come back with well just spelling errors all know they're not in a plot more documentation to show elders actual doctrinal or actual significant changes in the book of Mormon very serious ones that show it to them only don't like that, but the effects okay is a lot you can do you care to class and had a witness to Mormons using things like this and how to market data Mormon a certain way sleep just handed to Mormons than at many times a book of Mormon worked up with tabs and show the doctrines in the book of Mormon that are not found in Mormonism and that contradict Mormonism right there in the book of Mormon. I find it till they look at nurse blown Leah at what I'm finding to out here in the Valley and as a basis of truth it hard to nail down where my Mormon friend face the truth of that they had leave and in the book of Mormon. But then there's also a large Burien shall apply to it as well.

Where so you know my bishop wouldn't like that, but I actually believe that homosexuality is a catlike wild at directly opposite to you.

Note Mormon teaching so there's a lot of sway even within the church in the church of Mormon. So it's very very and I'm learning a lot and there's still a lot is not based upon facts is based upon what they call testimony and the testimony is anything more than an experience. The problem with experiences are expenses can mislead you and how do you know any particular experience is true because I feel it's not a deception they feel is true, it has to be true so they don't see it. It's not a proof of anything is not is not truth and I've had the gratin ratably profound experience of God's presence and I was 17 I got saved. I mean incredible incredible have never heard I live in 07 and back to the show to open line 72276. Let's get to Andrew from Ohio Andrew welcome all Matt sure about that one and four Gospels lineup Peter Cartmell get your butt and John Day they name the rate that now get my name Peter at Big Island weld authority without anything in the three synoptic therapy died protecting his identity because that is still at power, but because John left St. John the Divine with capital after 7070 A.D. they had no power though the man's mouth it okay is one possible name doesn't vacate. They keep they don't say that now get Peter that my gal 199 death is not and we don't know why, except that to say that the Gospels are different very similar course, but are different because their different purposes.

Their different goals that are trying to get to some different information would be extracted from historical events and then recorded for varying reasons. I don't know what the reason would be like he's mentioning one and not the others but for example, in the Gospel of John. It believe it is that is the only place where John 21, the number of fish is caught that's caught hundred 53 after the resurrection is only mentioned there are several other gospel events.

Many of them which will only mentioned one of the Gospels and not the other is just the how they did it because they weren't all trying to convey the same vital information in the same way to the same audience. Third is differences in one mentioned in one didn't think that argument again yesterday on the text of Scripture and no one ever had. The entire New Testament.

So I think 300 something now know it was because I needed by you to some by the first century so that the church had it set aside accurate. The atheists in my opinion are not known for superior logical analysis of things I was doing a debate with an atheist last night and he attacked something and reformed theology on a decrease in with the correct him on something in teaching and he didn't want to know and he was very resistant to it. This is very typical of atheists signifying that when you correct them. Using logic is not truth or after. It's their agenda. They want to promote their looking for agenda to promote and work reasons in order to deny God's what your job would be to simply give the truth answers about this because it mentioned in one place and I know doesn't mean the Bible is not inspired and you can put this back on them and say all right so if it's if it's going to be inspired.

What must it have please tell us. Since you say that this isn't working is not true, then tell us what must be in place in order for to be inspired.

If you tell us in the next because of how they know what's inspired anything to say what is required for inspiration will listen to the Bible, looking at things with the annual flight. You know I look at the conversational atheists on this topic of the interesting, if God exists, and if the Bible despite what kind of things do look for find if they don't have an answer to. Don't tell me it's not inspired that you have no means to know where it is or isn't it. I gave it right in our thinking that I now want to eventually get to the resurrection of Christ. That's a historical event that all forgot dissidents and elders at any lender resurrecting the Last Supper. The main thing and you'll find this at eight this was a little I'm not convinced by that, while not here to convince you to present the evidence. You do what you want with it there with the proof will nothing to be proof to you to review that the problem but here's the facts. He was not that the law and you just got it going that way.

All right, I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. I appreciate everything you're doing an apologetic thanks God bless have a great night you two was Andrew and that we have three open lines folks want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get delivery from the morning I Larry you are on the air. Anything that I the first one I've been really unique and about our Son of Man on chart all right you know when to channel it means our life.

And when you look at the New Testament that I knew what I understand they like it, although I wondering what the different when you feel that way words knew the meaning context phrases meeting with a mean in the context setting the word green has a semantic domain and range of meanings, a semantic domain, and can drink and mean envy.

It can mean money it can mean naïve for coming color becoming sick can mean many things and so what is the word green main exit. If you think that was green main exit will what it was.

Context which the vasectomy sentence Natalia and so the same thing here when he goes to Son of Man. In this context it is referring to Ezekiel just referred to mentally and occurs in Ezekiel in the two verse one and down verse three. This is a set. To me, Son of Man sending to you this so that Israel is its reference attributes of Ezekiel know that the Son of Man and in the New Testament is a different context in a different meaning. And so this in their he's the Son of Man, and because it's Christ and the things attached to him.

It takes a little bit different meaning. We know that Ezekiel is just a human so Son of Man know it's kind of interesting title. Interesting way of speaking. One of things that would be worth looking to see if you think I could do. Sometime when I have some spare time. You have right right now is to take that phrase in Ezekiel and look at every single instance where it occurs in the book of Ezekiel and I can actually do that right now. Just check to see how many occur. Let's see doing this son of man, and I can go to Ezekiel and look at that well it occurs after like every Right so just using this really interesting because it occurs. Meanwhile, because a lot of times I can even count the right how many and in Ezekiel a truly amazing and more in in the book of Ezekiel that all the Old Testament combined the references combined the select. In fact, like the Lord, there is not, but is a phrase that states it's you we want, when you don't make the mistake of say list harmonize with something I think is better with this class he was accusing son of of a man is not it will do that because that will change the meaning. There's a reason I don't know what that reason is this what it says it is not referred to him in a divine sense. It is using different context in the phrase occurs hundred 96 times in the the New Testament. The first mention is in Numbers 2319 which Muslims like to quote him a lot.

God is not a man that he should lie, nor a son of man, not a Son of Man that he shouldsee God can't become flesh. See Bethel's status as God is present tense. Not a man that he would lie is a lie like people do.

That's what he saying there any way that the first mention of it and that the last mention of it was kind of curious as Revelation 1414 and a look, and behold, a white cloud seeding the cloud was one lucky son of man, having a golden crown, and said that's not Christ, so I don't miss the first mention of Son of Man is some of reference for sinner Son of Man. They would lie in the last reference in the Bible is referring to Christ has different different meanings in different contexts and it's not hundred 96. I like doing that I actually could do was take this and have time to do because that time to so much to do is I'll take this all exported to Excel and then I have the ability and Excel do all kinds of searches in all kind of things and sorting the bullet into a grid than he put it into HTML and then I sort and I do all the stuff analyze, categorize, and into an outline of the categorizations I learned with the phraseology of the semantic domain of the phrases that I was now working with another quick about our talk about spirit of the Lord moving moving back one of the things. As spirit, the third Trinity is the Lord fell upon the I would say yes and it quite often there occurs quite often moving Ezekiel worn out real well.

It occurs in Ezekiel on splitting the Lord. Ezekiel twice and occurs in the entire Bible 20 times technologies.

Great technologies greatly below right now. I got like a great thing you to the goblins next. All right, let's get the last collared John from Salt Lake and John Locke.

Michelle began about two minutes with some car trouble: it does… I convert daddy I got from but that happened with me that I could hear it doing it all on you know how to work. Starbuck is the one that had come they don't know if you know about about the church update on the out the door off the last I can understand you want all this research essay on tell the doctor working yes, I do not get heard about the powerful thing is like ethically anti-Mormon literature on my site. The phase 1 this is the I definitely am so you know and I found a note on meeting Sunday and I out all the bread I like on struggles and why guys Ulrich had never heard of the church update numbers don't know about that.

They hide it by the website but there you I II love God is okay II without I got you, and I am grateful to your show what's up seceded the rights of the essays are very very critical and very harmful to Mormonism and you knew anything about it because Christians were putting about doing all the stuff so they try to get ahead of the curve.

Basically, all that.

Maybe a lot.

I don't know if you have a job and I think I know they must Lord bless you back on the air live on Monday, Lord willing

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