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December 9, 2019 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 9, 2019 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt tells of his friend's recent work in Africa.-2- If Adam and Eve were not fallen and did not have such natures, why did they disobey- What about the fallen angels--2- If a nonchristian marriage is performed, is it still valid--3- Do we get to heaven by faith alone, must there be fruit of that faith- Is justification the same as getting into heaven--4- What is meant by grace in the Catholic doctrine--5- Are there other gods, like in Hinduism- Are they all manifestations of the God of the Bible--6- When do you know to move on to the next step in Matthew 18--7- Is God angry with sinners--8- What do you know about the Masons-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics and research was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why is called the life and if you want to give me a call as usual to do was garlic 772072276 the Lord bless you and hope you have a great day today and we can coming up as well in the holidays and all that stuff if you want to call about. You don't really talk about Bible colts, religions and things like that. Please feel free so I had lunch today with a pastor and Chad. And he's been my show from roof reset in and filled image pretty good guy and the he went to Africa for three weeks to 1/2 weeks was or something and we set had lunch today and he filled me in on on the what was like doing mission work there, establishing churches and he said something that struck me.

He said he went to these places so I think he's called Begala Magali which is the native-language for white man and he heard that word over and over again as he went everywhere because he was only white guy there son actually and some talk about it and tell me that they were in the different parts of Africa and just walk just how thorough the car you don't lions and zebras, elephants and giraffes and so you just is just blown away by what he saw the nature and it was for everybody else.

It is normal. You just make do you walk around here and there. You guard yourself and I want to get a flat tire in the vehicle they were and had to wait 1/2 hour for Linus and the cups to go away. So to get out and change tire so they just sat and talked and he said it was so surreal.

It was so different that was smiling about that because of these different churches sometimes just sticks and of roof and am no walls and he would preach and he said they are so receptively possible people there want the gospel so much and he said something really interesting. He said so happy they are so full of of the joy of the Lord.

It would hardly have anything and they are just full of joy and full of kindness giving and he said he was just profoundly affected by, and I was just sharing in his joy over lunch today was really nice to hear you say praise God I wish people here in America were that he could hear the gospel, but not before they they sure are back in the recent Kenya and the various areas where he was an Kenya area that I think established or helped get started. 17 churches in a few weeks.

That was really busy and have a good time and anyway it does not share that with you so's it's really good thing. Alright Silas telephone so we have three open lines 877-207-2276 Michael New York Michael luckily Rainier Estonia going when you make this real quick so I watched your whole series of Calvin really weighed heavy on my heart watched your debates on it. Open a new file now is just too much like God.

It failed loudly Scripture. And I have so the only issue I have heard it brought up the answer he gave me you would be their natural state that God why did they choose to waive because she was deceived and she led them into the deception also. So they had good natures.

They were not fallen within that goodness was the ability to disobey God and so they chose to rebel against God, they freely did that was within a capacity to do that and we inherited your sinful nature so they did that because some of the freedom of will and that the deception that the enemy and basically deception a sense of trying and they didn't know enough they had the word of God anointed it was his trust God and always believe what he said but as is when people do doubt God's work with Adam and Eve do it, or did it at that point things worked only three. How much more people this day and age the same thing that that's how it works with them and that will be more like the same ad for the Angels correct fallen angel phone. Angels freely chose to rebel and first 2521 it talks about the elect angels and the elect angels. It looks like of those Angels were chosen by God not to fall because of that verse, I developed a theory and is just a theory not condign the sale of my theory is that only God is incapable of sin and that all sentient beings with all the while people with an beings angelic as well as a human with the self-awareness and free will and rationality things like that so all sentient beings will end up sending because I don't possess the quality that God alone possesses, which is holiness that is my theory.

I think this a matter time of the fall and so God had elect angels any he did something somehow so that they would not fall were chosen not to. That means God did something something we don't so it is my favorite questions are okay were to get married before God did it make it work that matter is that marriage still valid. Yes, if two atheists go to the courthouse to get married before an atheist judge there married Alyssa say five years later both the husband and wife become Christians doesn't mean and not married Mary okay the government has the authority to do certain things and we as Christians do to. And it's a perfectly valid marriage would it feel with me when I got sent it valid, but forgot you reminded of the movie on dancing with wolves and with the guy marries the Indian well she was Caucasian woman tingling is with child raised the movie and if you see me not put down people get married and will there married they have a ceremony it's public and it's it's a mutual commitment and they did marriages merge covenants take different forms, but it's a binding one to another and have different cultures so happens in Japan and China with atheists with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses to married. Thank you. Appreciate you you Frank for your wife got blessed YouTube plastics, right photo for anthropological to give me a call 877-207-2760 Charlotte I have the wrong button.

Let's get to Jason from Michigan. Jason will Michelle you're on a map think that man had a question on the really mean Mark I know you're by faith alone in Christ alone. Looking for urinary thing we are justified before God by faith alone, but we don't get into heaven by faith. Faith must work therapy not not that work that the one that day, but that justification is nowhere.but by God through faith alone, but we don't get that heaven by eight alone and not when not at the root of that faith yet is that he's he needs to polish what he's intending to say and he needs to retract that statement and delivered in a better way. I think I know he's trying to say to you the benefit of the doubt is probably saying is the faith alone is what saves but faith alone. This is faith is never alone and that faith produces works, but right if that's what you want to say what's true but you got a problem. What about the person on the deathbed. I ice what hospital I've seen things like this. Definitely a tubes here and there there awake.

The conscious to Kandahar to communicate and got minutes, hours, maybe couple three days to live, and I've seen this. What do you do then they receive Christ are justified by faith alone. They have no good works.

They can even speak to profess Christ the Witness can evangelize the just in bed and they die will, according to what that pastor said that way, that person could go to heaven would not therefore be justified before God by faith alone so that this is likely to work these things out. Was he really mean by that. Sometimes people say things and they don't say it the way it needs to be said, but the doubt if he said were justified by faith alone that we just live by faith alone works have no bearing on our entrance into heaven. If he says that you must do works in order to enter the heaven to prove your faith, then that's a problem that would be justification for men that's James 214, 227.6 justification before God. Romans 41 through five is by faith alone, so I hope it's not to keep yet he was Martha thinking about that day.

You know, having a ball faith where they are right, but then they don't really follow God's commandment for some 24 come to the place you know, if you so you know him, don't's commandment.

The truth is not in you and your lyre and so know someone who says what maybe was talking about is what caused the difference between Ascension and fiducial Ascension is the devil has in the deep demonic forces a mental assent that God exists and asked James 218 talks about that. What we don't have just merely essential. We have essentially also fiducial fiducial is a heartfelt trust. Demonic forces don't do that you are aware interest sentimentalist center where God's existence and we have that as well.

We have a sensible bill for fiducial so the unbelievers ready and demonic forces have ascension only. So maybe the pastor was talking about. We don't have just essentially fiducial. Also so just a matter item hopefully try to say it the right way and when you talk about things like this to be extremely careful what you say because you can say it wrong and mislead people accidentally. When his unintended was one other question going along, talking with a Catholic pertinent I would talking about how we are saved by Christ alone. By faith alone. Everything they don't like the thing right faith alone, but we are quite loud because they don't like the reformer unit thing update the loan and with her saying is that they believe are saved by grace alone in Christ alone with the mean by that is that grace is a substance that is infused into the soul of a person when they do the sacraments, so there are saved by grace you things to get the grace is a bank account feature given to you to make you more and voted right back after these messages if two lines 877-5077 show with competitors enough of it will break yeah yeah I think the important define and make sure that you know when you're talking about elevation through faith alone in Christ alone. Great alone that that great.

The unmerited favor and not one that is youth into it you it the imputed right right so the proper doctrines for those who want to listen the proper doctrine is that were justified declared right according the law by faith alone in Christ and that's all we need to to be forgiven for sins to be with the Lord in heaven forever. Catholicism, on the other hand, for example, 68,000 that you obtain salvation by faith, baptism and observance of the commandments and it further states that the sacraments are the means by which grace is then infused into a person because when you send a little venial sin you loose some of the saving grace you loose some of this grace. At this infused into and the more you lose the more time you get to spend in purgatory. If you commit a mortal sin in all of your saving grace is instantaneously remove it if you die right then just go to hell forever to figure the priest to be absolved in a negative penance and you do these things, the reporting it grace. You don't get filled back up the coffee pot full of coffee and coffee pot you think the filter body your soul with more grace and so that is a damnable heresy from the Roman Catholic Church, the false doctrine because it makes grace into works in the call it grace.

We talk to Roman Catholics as are saved by grace is like talking to a Mormon belief in one God.

Yes, we believe in one God. What that means is that of all the gods that exist and we serve and worship. One of them we say are saved by grace what they mean for example that your resurrected by grace, not to say doesn't save the rest rush to judgment. God, the words are the same with the definitions or difference when you go to speak in terms of definitions with the cults and with the Roman Catholics of that helps you appreciate what level the article. Good luck there for sure – thank Matt ever got to all right, let's get over to Gerardo Arizona. We lost him and we have seen three of lines of what you may call 877-207-2276 Cisco to Amicus from Florida show.

I micro-around about implant not get eight outback got me and it got me to thinking. I don't go out that my life that is only one got one living at idle.

What are we out. Are there other guy in and came around. But we know he's wrong let you know me know if you there is only one being who is God. All creation, all time all as since all places. There is no condition where there is an actual other God then Yahweh, the triune being who is the beginning of all things and that exist in the universe and there is no other being who is God there are no other gods. Mormonism is false for this Hinduism is false for this Michael Heiser is wrong and what he does is he going to Psalm 82 Psalm 89 which are imprecatory imprecatory Psalms.

A Psalm of cursing me the rot. May they die, may they suffer and Psalm 82 is imprecatory song which means it's a cursing saltwater people don't know this is what that many imprecatory Psalms and so what says, for example, is only two God stands the conjugation of the mighty or the assembly of the gods he judges among the gods only just some of the gutters really got out there know what is happening is all the false gods that are out there that all the false gods of the God judge amongst all them and they're all wrong. You show partiality. It's a poetic form of mockery and condemnation of the false gods of theologies that are about running amok around the cultures of the time. He is the one got there yes note you because you said that I'm a go to Galatians 48 but then Stan Espey. However, at that time when you did not know God, you were slaves to those which by nature are no gods, women, how are you enslaved to something that doesn't exist because that's what's going on here you slaves to those which are, by nature, no gods are not godly or slave to them with her one way we can look at is her demonic manifestations that we could be there disfigurement to people's imaginations and assist in these are called gods and the slaves of these things, but they really don't exist in this the kind of thing that's going on. When God speaks. He does even know of any other God, reading some verses Isaiah 4310 and it says this. You are my witnesses declares Yahweh in my servant whom I have chosen so that you may know and believe and understand that I am he. Before me. There was no God formed and there will be none after me for God says is no God. For before him and know God formed after him right recess so there is none before and none after okay and then he says this in Isaiah 44 six. He says some thus says Yahweh, the king of Israel and his Redeemer, Yahweh of hosts, I am the first time. The last and there is no God besides me.

Verse eight. I do not tremble and not be afraid. Have I not long since announced to you and declared it in your my witnesses as are any God besides me. Is there any other rock. I know of none.

This is clear. Michael Heiser is damaged in the Christian faith. The Mormons have jumped on this stuff. The Mormons are using is misapplication of Scripture to say Sears is guided Dr. from your own campus is that there's many God see who's helping cultists do better. Yeah, he's a dangerous teacher. Because of this, and so there's there are only one God is a Trinity and he is the necessary precondition for our existence for all morality and rationality, the one chewing the got I could make the case and I won't do this here because it takes a bit sophisticated argumentation I could talk about the universality of the laws of logic which undergird and form the basis of rational thought and I can make the case that they are abstractions you can't have extractions occurs in different different minds only one universal Michael always is why 07 funds supply three missionaries with the laptop computers were $84 away from meeting our goal to purchase a laptop adjuster connection in Malawi, only $84, but we are closed. Praise God for that and desktop computer for pastor David breed over $367 away from that meeting our goal, we will purchase a computer for him and that is for the car and Brazil ministry and for Carlos and the Kia Columbia for $207 away from meeting our goal to get a laptop for him as well. Will you guys know you don't even help announce and were almost there.

Thanks you guys are awesome and the interesting to say thanks to all of you who have supported we are almost there.

And I'm gonna let you guys know that for those people who are supporting Carmen to let you know more tomorrow when you have a matching funds thing no talk to you about that tomorrow we can get your way. Thanks for those of your supporting us in the go fund me thing if you want to help us out with your dues go to fund me all one word you get right to the information. God bless. All right, let's get on the phone to Gerard of Arizona, Gerardo look yes I can. Today brother. I want a brother, but if not, you will not ask about what the product palliation but then continue action.

Do you want to let you go back to what you so you get the streets your slinky since you asked for forgiveness and continues to do the same thing over and over again. We do just going out house to the left temple not know what you do see his talk to you just you just look, don't you think you so much for talking to me in confessing this and it have to second, third, fourth time at the third or fourth time I think talk to you realize what's happening is continuing to happen and can I help you be better in this kind of thing you just his work with them but she can and if it just continues on and continues to get worse then you know talk the elders of the church and see what they say. But you might want to then distance yourself to some point it just depends on what's going on. The nature of the offenses and things like that quick and slick. That is so true, and I can tell people I'm slicker than anybody else much less than slick.

Also, all right.

Thank you.

Are you two goblins.

Gerardo from Arizona. You may call folks all you do is dial eight 772-072-2764 open lines when she recalled. Let's get to Freddie from North Carolina ready look in the show we are on their radio that's what's up what you got a call 800 teaching like that you website will praise God praise God's glory. All right, so we got my my mother-in-law. She thought click on.

I'm not sure I not at my wife then there email and my wife said something God or not on Not only that my grandma by my mother not here, and it felt like she was trying to engage with.

She thought my wife well God is not a God of passion not not angry and even in there something that I thought I got nothing. I've been reading on the Internet that it God? How can I best respond her and that question would be listed with push on. Okay, so what is your question though one on the first issue I want to know how to best to what is simple. If she got up she brought the God God not angry. First of all… Is getting pretty he is a verse that says be angry but do not sin and words that verse and find New Testament with no God does get angry at me just find a verse be angry and do not sin. That's Ephesians 426. Do not let the sun go down on your anger, so this is a quote from the Old Testament and that's from some 44 so no God does get angry at people to some angry being anger is not a sin is what you do with how it's done and things like that. So when she says it God's elect, but she said you said that. She said, mood swings, will noise that mood swings that hormonal is not the issue you dislike corrections are but you keep going.

So I mean… I know that God is angry she got in Ability.

Yes, I am so so the anger of God rose against him.

Psalm 7831 Congress angry someone. Psalm 7831 told us to search for anger of God and Psalm 7031. Is there and that's good that seat numbers 1133 was at say the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people. That's not a numbers 1133 okay let know not says while the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people and the Lord struck the people with a very severe plague that is not metaphor so the anger of the Lord burned against him and the departed number 12 nine something good go to that wedding was 11 3311. I said back in just quote that will either yellow oak sex you also know there's something versus and there's lots of stuff in the Bible talked with anger of the Lord God is angry, great this dog to show versus the Bible.

Okay now the anger of the Lord burned against Israel, and it incited the litigants and the go single number Israel and Judah. Second 724 one tablet second Samuel 67 the anger of the Lord burned against his nose and God struck him down there for his a reference that's good for their sought second Samuel six soap young dogs angry.

Okay, so the first thing the guy does get angry okay so those of other stuff that she was saying talk about that question. As I was reading about God.

I thought okay I might not what what God ever angry with no shrinking tree to be and his people.

He predestined to be justified because you can have someone who is predestined to be justified. When he turns 80 years old and he could been that center so life is right back after these messages, please stay tuned for what I call 07 back to Freddie from North Carolina will crucial near Stiller hello looks at the man I do that every element all right. You so I hear you.

Okay, so that held that is helpful, but I know it when I think I got it and I married you I think about it long and I are a matter of people going that's happily read the Bible you find out the blonde hair, black occasion, server images and the great one in the God angry.

True, he does get angry does hate peace loving sacrificial is very powerful, omniscient, doesn't lose any. He predestined us with a come to pass after the counsel of his own will.

He's in control.

He allows bad things to happen but it's it's a sovereignty thing of God's majestic Majesty's majestic character that is develops, the more you understand who he truly is, but he's dumbed down for a lot of five children and then they don't seem to grow up in churches. A lot of times the idea of the incredible majesty of God is not presented, but it needs to be know who is were serving. He's the God of the universe were things every electrons location at every second of the entire universe existence. I can do this as well as know our thoughts and work all things after the counsel of his will is goddess so good for you meant that I got bless you to let's get on the phone to try to get on with Andrew North Carolina Andrew you're on the juvenile rights.

So we got all night. All flight thought it a lot. Jesus Christ is the ace to creased us in the Greek of the New Testament so Greek New Testament will be held twice. Christ is just in the means anointed one. It's so cool with the Old Testament Messiah will become clear near the inmate at Leiden going to all. Christ is the Greek creased us so that great yeah okay okay let all that held watches ask a direct question is addressing one little thing one little thing would've it where you want to get to okay you wrote there is no recorded original name of Jesus in Hebrew. Why do you say Mr. question why do you think the test was written in Greek and not Hebrew. When you think you want to conduct a lot of ground to calculate hold on hold on. I didn't ask about that focus on the exact question I'm asking you why do you think, the New Testament was written in Greek and not in Hebrew. Very easy reason. Very simple reason why.

Do you know what the reason all want okay one thing the time so the answer is because a better understanding connection you correct Alexander the great's about 250 BC 300 range had come through the Mediterranean area and conquered the entire area and Greek then became was called the lingua franca the language is universally used. That's why the New Testament was written in Greek and not in Hebrew. It was in Hebrew. Very few people would understand what was going on was written in Greek, which it was by the apostles and the amanuensis they could be disseminated around the whole Mediterranean empire and it was.

That's why it was done that way. That's why it says that Jesus is his name and assess Greek and not the entire New Testament. That's why for in Greek and that's what we have. Okay well Rob you Bobby I told you this yesterday. The Aesop's. The Asus EO to ETA said, omicron salon Sigma E. Asus, that's how it's pronounced in Greek, now do we have to say okay we have to say the Asus each time now with a pencil in the Greek way doing 28 that we must be saved and baptized all the fun. Okay, one of the following day wrong question wrong question. You go to ask for seven you see in the name of means, the authority of that's the culture of the date you have been misled.

Your you're involved in a bad group and you been said all kinds of false information is the same dogma for a bottle, not overly geologic. So let me ask you some questions really fast for the call risks we have colors waiting I do affirm the doctrine of the Trinity, one God in three distinct simultaneous persons. The father the son knows for you for the Trinity is just great… On his his son Jesus Christ both got a one-day is Jesus Christ. Both God and man about okay and are we justified okay okay sorry you know I just try to just go so far we have found three colors when you listen to Mike from Winston-Salem, North Carolina Mike, welcome to the show. You're on their all right we gonna get all follow that about that about one thankfully not a bottle woman didn't you write.

This patient is in lots of things we can you be that's right my watch while you follow the idea and when would people start talking about the J to pronounce it this way then you want to get it to just be a shoe, she or it becomes a legalistic form of you to say certain words a certain way in order to be a true Christian is ridiculous. Okay, everybody will label the most intelligent part of the barn body will know more about Elder Tom Lattimore, the letdown planning early if you do not that's a sharp humility in the world anymore there is but it's not common anymore and it's true he thinks that I we got a couple calls ways want to get to them with excellent okay appreciate thank you for is already skillful to Chuck from Greensboro Chuck show you're on the air of all follow fail to get 18 adults, so unless the Jeroboam was from the travel day and I'm still stuck on patient okay you probably thought to try to block them.

Keep researching to find great wealth. The more important question that was just on my curiosity and perhaps help in the future, but I have an immediate problem. I have a friend I've known for many years and I just found out intimate and he says that the everything he teaches based on the Bible.

I can ask him to ask them to Get his magistrate ask him what things can I ask you ask them what they teach about Jesus just go straight to the jugular where they say about you but this and and when he says something it is not accurate. Don't see what's wrong to signal what else they teach, get more information and you could even say have any books on this with the Mason save Christ gather information and then you can present information back to say, look, this is from your writing excellent assistance to belittle the patient and do that and will be productive okay that I case it should to get patient he tries mind so I appreciate the dedication. By when it's testable like I got on the skin over to last color Chad from Illinois.

Just look at the show.

You're on your right Matt are you doing you know I have a small ministry. I'm starting to Jehovah's Witnesses okay and I love watching videos of you learn from other thing you Jehovah's Witnesses and one of the things I found out I'm sure you're more than aware but the Jehovah's Witnesses will oftentimes just memorize scripts about. Passages of Scripture right and one thing I've discovered like John the 11 that's like almost useless to go to but one thing I've discovered is that they have a script for the third part worth that and wanted one God.

But if you rephrase it to you a question form thought make them feel important and put them on. You asked them face-to-face with God will creation affect it will really put on the spot and I want to get your your idea to face-to-face with God for six Scripture John 11 didn't say face-to-face there. John one. Well, if it does use the preposition croft and toured with a number yeah Robert one pictures. He pointed out that with you that preposition is the type of myth as any two people are faith, the faith with each other. If you do it that way and by the documentation that will stop them.

Yes, right.

And I've been using it very that point with Jehovah's Witnesses than one, topical, go to bank which was either Trent and it really got caught because with the JW. They have get out and the Word was God. They have that down pat, but when I did come out and ask him God's creation is time to stop tomorrow. Jeff Miller, knowing the Lord bless you all

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