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Matt Slick Live 12-9-2019

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick
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December 11, 2019 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live 12-9-2019

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 11, 2019 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the two debates he had with an atheist, particularly dealing with the issue of predestination and man's free will working together.-2- Is there any way that someone could believe in the Black Hebrew Israelite position but still be saved--3- Is the prophecy in Isaiah 7-14 a dual fullfillment- What about Psalm 2--4- Can demonic influences come through electronics-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines as a matter why look like with Netflix to your ninth of December 2019 and the Lord bless you. Hope you have a good time listening today and if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. I will say thank you for those of you who contributed him to go fund me that we did for the three computers 14014 Africa one for Brazil and one for Columbia missionaries in those countries and don't say thank you and the monies being transferred. We pick up everything and that they will link up by the computers locally. Just exactly. They need you guys were great. Thank you very much.

Really appreciate that and let you know that we have a donor who will through the end of the year doing the matching fund so I'll let you guys know for the rest of the year that that's what could be happening. If you are interested in supporting this ministry any new donations we get any new anything so if you did not donate $25 once then that is matched with $25 if you did the $10 a month then.

Now that's feel for a year.

That's how helpful calculated out, that we hundred $20 and the net will get matched with an additional hundred 20 so that's how it works and if you want support is light and you don't make things count double leader. Duke is a good RM.O RG/ can figure it because waiting to look at the number out again and think about doing some teaching on something because of the debate I had on Saturday night so if no one calls little teach for little bit.

It will be little provocative. It should be interesting. If you want to call if I look in lines 87720722760 before you know going here. I know that a lot of people want to know what's happening. The forms now we have order for hard drive to get it recently to pay the hard drives will be sent out to a data center in Texas and then of the be installed and then what we do is install the software on their have a new location and knew everything for the drives should be good and I just sings hi to the people joined in the Facebook that's it met yesterday, David Hagan, but sure yet cool but John Baker entry-level off and middle bless all of you guys for tuning and listening all right again five open lines 877-207-2276 so there was an atheist is a semi-well-known kind of atheist name Skyler fiction, and he and I debated about a week and 1/2 ago on debated on oh is there evidence for God or something like that and that let's just say he didn't do very well. He was rude and can now condescending and insular things and so I thought it went very well. Lisa my side is able to answer his objections and ask things he couldn't couldn't deal with the course is atheist and so he wanted to round two with me and he wanted to do objective versus subjective morals and okay fine distillates of Saturday had a two hour… A debate. But a lot of people make comments about it and it says some don't call it date is some colic to or referencing it is as being a brouhaha. Skyler repeatedly interrupted me out was demeaning and condescending and I just repeatedly just answered a patiently and all people commenting about that now. I was just able to stay calm the whole time while he had given answer go. He asked me a question I did. I give an answer he got his phone while I'm answering. I said if you want you know you want to answer why you not listening and he said you not answer the way I want you basis what was things I don't answer the way he wants me to answer will, nevertheless, so something came up and he thought that what he would do is corner me by a theological position dealing with God's decrees and the God decreeing bad things to happen, and therefore God is causing them to pursue not caught in the behalf of happening and so therefore that's an internal inconsistency within Christianity and I said no it's not an internal inconsistency in first of all you don't understand what God's decrees are and I thought I would do is is go over some of this a little bit right now and do some theology teaching, which I think might be helpful and a lot of you will already have known this stuff but a lot of you won't do is discuss the issue.

God's decrees, predestination, and the man's free will can they work together and answers and undoubtedly strong. Absolutely yes to show you something here. But first, by definition, a decree is God's action and or decision to bring a certain event to pass now. He decreed directly in one sense he decree directly by signature be like, and so that was a direct decree in a direct action of direct involvement of God.

However, he would say things like it say things like, do not lie.

And yet, he will permit people to lie to me have to ask the question, does God decree that people lie.

While there is a sense in which the answer is yes sent a sense in which the answer is no. A sense in which the answer is yes. Is there that God works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 even though we might lie about something which is against his will, he wills to permit so with understand that in the sense God has a will. We does not want to do something, but he has a will in which he permits us to do what he does not want us to do so we say in theology.

There is a prescriptive will and there is a permissible prescriptive approach prescription and that he says I don't lie. Don't steal. That's his prescription, he prescribes that is a moral standard but yet the same time he also wills that we be able to live and what it means by he wills that we be able to lie is not hit him. He is not causing us to lie, but he wills to allow us to lie in that he wills us to be able he wills that we have the freedom to disobey him.

And of course we could not disobey him if it wasn't his will to allow us to disobey because of free will with talk about free will little bit when we relate this idea of freedom to decrees. God has a direct and indirect decree a direct decree is B light and indirect decree is he puts in places those things by which evil will come to pass, but he's not the one responsible for the evil because he is not directly causing it. He's indirectly causing it, or indirectly allowing it to say it. Either way, but how we want to define the issue of causation. So peoples then say well if he puts people in a situation known with her to choose that he's forcing them to do that. That's not the case I'll explain why free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your nature where those choices are not coerced. Now a lot of people will fall prey to my trick question which in this this free will mean that you have to be able to desire to do something good and bad, and be able to be able to choose good and bad, that would free will is a people all the time. A civil yes that's what free will is trick them.

I tell them to trick you are tell, I did trick you.

Here's how what I did was I offered to definition from a human perspective, not a divine one for God is a standard of righteousness. And God is a standard of holiness, and God is a state of the book free will is man, however, is not what I did what I said this free will mean that a person talk about men or women is able to freely choose between good and evil and build accomplish those and he chooses which one he wants people say that's free. That freedom is it because God himself cannot choose to do that which is evil, and yet God is perfectly capable of having the freedom of will cc he's not free to be able to do that which is bad, he can only operate within the confines of his holy nature, so free will, ought to be properly described as are defined as the ability to make free choices are not forced, that are also consistent with your nature. Now, if God arranges the circumstances for someone to exist to be born with certain sets of parents, whatever. And a certain situation arises where God knows that in that situation, the freedom that that person has he will freely choose to rebel against God is God causing him to freely choose to rebel or is God allowing the circumstances to exist by his ordination by which the person then freely chooses to rebel well it's the latter case because he freely chooses to rebel, and because it's a free choice to rebel, not a caused choice. Therefore by definition it is free and he's the one who's responsible for his own decision. Therefore, God can decree certain things to be. He can cause certain situations to be but he can also have the result be what he desires in his permissive well it he's not the causation, the direct cause of those people who choose on their own free will to rebel against him and do them just contrary to his will. So city will say Wilmette that's a bit of the doublespeak does not let me read some scriptures to would you agree with me that Jesus had free will. I certainly hope you would, because he certainly was not a robot and he had the freedom to do as he desired his God in flesh, he has so one person with two distinct natures of divine and human natures called hypostatic union. Now this is what Jesus says in John 519. Truly, I truly, truly, I say to you, the son can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing for whatever the father does these things, the son also does.

In like manner interesting. Jesus can do nothing of himself. Check this out. John 530 Jesus says I could do nothing of my own initiative as I hear, I judge, my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but the will of him who sent me, so Jesus is saying he can do nothing of his own initiative. When a man doesn't have free will. Yes he does, but he could do nothing of his own initiative. This means logically, necessarily, it means that Jesus would free will could only do what the father had ordained for him to do.

Therefore, we see the freedom of Christ is combined and consistent with the decrees of God because God the father decreed what Christ would do because Jesus says he could do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing this mean that the father has certain things he wants his son to do by his decree, direct and/or indirect. And Jesus as I can do nothing of my own initiative. John 530 and in John 828 Jesus says when you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am and I do nothing of my own initiative, but I speak these things. As a father taught me and Jesus said this in John 829 he says I always do the things that are pleasing to him. Jesus always does the will of the father in Jesus could do nothing without initiative.

He can only do with the father we saw the father. Doing this means Jesus was necessarily following the decrees and the prescriptive will of God is what the permissive will of God in that he was freely choosing to do whatever he could do, but he could not do his own initiative if he still had free will disproves that compatible as it is true. In other words, the freedom of man in Christ is consistent with the decrees, predestination and ordination of God. It's right there. John 519 John 530 John 828 John 829 this is stuff that I think is interesting and worth looking at. I wanted to talk about this because there are people who don't understand how these things fit together, but they do fit together. This is what the Scriptures teach Jesus certainly had free will and yet he could do nothing of his own initiative, his initiative. His will was to do the will of the father and yet he was free is perfectly consistent with the decrees of God with the will of God is not then there is a break just unless you live 877 mass Y call 77077.

Here is Matt's way back to the owners with your to vary from Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to show your yes I can. I'm here and you sound about right emanating I want… Anywhere. Not matter what I like to call anyway. I think it happening fully and Andy and we line up in a current outpatient well and God tell them each day that I'm brainwashed by the church and I don't go to church. I did leave my bio I pray and develop not outlook on our relationship. I said that what you believe in it that when I'm building living under the law. Okay, make that yet is life there. One of the techniques in martial arts are different kinds of martial arts in Krav Maga which is for years. What you do is when someone confronts you physically you meet them deadhead on and destroy the less the idea is another martial arts aikido which I'm not taken the what it does is it uses the energy of motion of the person against them, and I often think of martial arts this way and that exhibit in the style that you want to do what I recommend in situation like this is to let them hang themselves. And it doesn't take much. I do so if they say will your guess is religion is a well I don't have any problem with that is that wrong and why is it wrong to their made state when you're asking for further information is in a confronting them and denying stuff. What I would do is say okay will why is that wrong and what's gonna happen is I and I mean this metaphorically.

There heading little rope to you and you keep asking questions. Okay, so they might to us, that's his religion is religion bad is Christianity religion is a black Hebrew Israelite movement, a religion is no it's not nonreligious defined religion is good to find was to see because I don't want to use a bad turn if it's not the right thing to do. So maybe it made a magnet yet is I do all the time with people and I will also answer questions and I will go on the attack. I can certainly do both, but the issue is that sometimes look at the do with people are so hardheaded who don't listen to have an agenda.

I asked questions how do you know this, please explain that I want them to hang themselves and they don't realize it. That what they're going to do is there going to provide the rope for me to hang him with.

This is not what you know that the bank loan for all of the great, and she claimed that because the lower leg to jail. I never under the law that been a bad argument that cannot stand in it right as she might want to get your damn flight. They came back back back. Then they literally think that I believe what what do you want with what you could do is you could offer them to debate me live online one at a time. Allie and I had had no problem with that. I know someone vocab Malone who's in the Phoenix area who is an expert on BHI and other so he's the guy that I would call up if I wanted to have information I want to be taught, but I know enough to be able to argue and and and handle a lot of things. So these guys were debate me that's fine you can say hey there's a guy in a radio or we can do it on Tuesday night nothing but disheartening. A regular thing on Tuesday night. We have debates and I know if they laugh and say well I don't know.

Are you afraid and need to say they like this guy is a white guy wouldn't be a good opportunity for you.

The black Hebrew sliced destroy this white guy you know if they were really the race card okay will then go ahead and when they don't ask is they say that different versions of BHI are one of the devil. I would ask of the of the death that part that don't agree but he believed that white people. The true black Hebrew. But whatever might that let you fight. Even if you like they belong quite great by faith. They speak and put it in much about it because I really had a family therapy demo demo 40 flight and I never had a stand.

I know that your energized by this is a real frustration he doesn't take as part of this is arts of how to do things and part of it is is just knowledge and putting it to go to practice so see if they will debate that we can have a topic on the record in the Bible, New Testament, let's say, is the law necessary to be saved is a keep commandments nor to be safe. Something simple or how is it that white people really black people slave. We all debate that and we can go through the stuff and so I've written on/I will link with training in biological or entity family that I know email she probably not feel comfortable because they're about to get some guy together and I got them but what's happening. BHI is strict racism.

It's tricky right so what I like to tell people is and I mean this isn't just me and the radio. I say I mean it is only one race. It's the human race and that is it in different people of different color and sizes and shapes. It's all one human race. That's how I look at it and I'm dead serious about that. I got three daughters and their attracted the black guys. I don't care if you want to marry blog that's fun doesn't bother me as long as a good man. That's all I care about good godly men. That's all. And I believe that, and that's what II promote. There's so much racism going on and sensitivity and organized oversensitivity is ridiculous. I call diaper Indians diaper Indians because they don't just grow up and go with the Scriptures. I did let a debate of sitting set it up. Okay, I want anybody dreaming Lorraine is now very Durham North Carolina faulty of lines 877207276 why call 7707. Here is Matt's leg. My folks will show if you recall, through 677207276 and letting you know that we are doing a double tickle of matching funds all man were having a guy who is helping us raise funds and so we hoped it was his match whatever it is that you give. So if you give 100 she'll match 100 if you give five Tokyo match five if you give for five dollars for five dollars a month. We just automatically calculate that for a whole month in a full year. If you do five dollars a month. That's six dollars a year.

Then he'll hold us a video helper that was of yours so that it's a matching fund doing this month so if you want to help us with matching fund attempt to help raise money all you do is go to carbidopa/donate car in the room/donate, you help us out to be love. That was good to Gavin from Cleveland, Ohio. Gavin will show you on here and at great going well. What's up we have… Long ago about United.

They're working and I'm looking at it for a little while. I'm having trouble fee and how it not. I'm kind of dual fulfillment because of the verse of that come directly after 14 things to say that the child that will be born before he knew between good and evil that the games that were troubling at Dunaway with some. You interpret the neck next to Beaufort well understand that the way prophecy works is that sometimes you get a whole bunch of foam prophecy and other times you'll get a reverse and, for example. So if were to go to Psalm 69. For example, and what we have there is an account of the having brothers. I think it's it's I have become estranged from my mother's an alien to my mother's sons for zeal for your house has consumed me and approaches for those who repute you have given me when I wept in my soul, and with fasting became my primary approach when I made sackcloth. Wait a minute secular clinic because some of the Psalms that it 69 verse eight through nine is allusion not not illusion, but allusion is relating to it. Talking about the issue of the work of both the brothers of Christ.

It's what's in it say yes salt messianic history messianic Psalm.

That's us all night. 69 penitential today.

So with you. If you read it when understanding is that you'll find that certain verses about the verses are extracted by the Holy Spirit where you might have five or six verses, it might take three in between certain things and then it will apply to the person the situation in the New Testament. This is how it is done. It happens a lot when you go to Isaiah 714, that particular issue is part of the methodology of how prophecy is word and worked I should say and improve extracted and propelled into the New Testament and then to create a me how it is ethical to work at the time and hard to explain but in the words you might have several verses you take one part in the middle of that applies. It is applied to the New Testament and it works. They don't have a whole context in their earlier context. In order for to work them except you think it had never felt it never got back. I like a direct error like a course it does work, but you cannot think of everything without born there during the time of day at the claimed upper of course not mean we understand that certain things apply in certain situations as part of the method methodology and the methods the Holy Spirit uses in order to get people to be used to the Scriptures were take certain things are the Scriptures, puts them into certain place and that it is exactly what it is supposed to be understanding as a prophecy. It's like this how you have fallen from heaven, will start in the morning from the dawn you cut down from the earth. This is Isaiah 14, you said your heart I will mount side to heaven etc. etc. I will make myself I will make myself nevertheless you will trust thrust down to heaven to the recesses of the hit, though the pit that is those who see you will gaze at you, etc. etc. you, who shook the kingdoms made the world like the wilderness and length of the Twin Cities lesson suddenly not talk talking about Satan, but it certainly looks as though it is Satan being spoken out so there you have this context is another example of the context is extracted out of another context and that's what's applied to Christ. Christ is apply to the evil one.

There so so the client and the like.

A dual meaning, though I met and have it apply to the king, and I've been airport but also yes it could be in Isaiah 14 yes because if we we look at or we go to different things. It cannot be that it's it's the King. It has to be others. I will send a sent into heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God certainly looks like it's the devil himself.

So a lot of people see that as being that.

But even though it is a type of two-part typology about the king as well.

So yes that's what I have happens in Isaiah 714, the same kind of thing works.

Behold, a virgin will be with child and of their son.

Call his name Immanuel will that is clearly applied in the New Testament and Matthew 123 we see that and so under the Holy Spirit. What happens is the new rep New Testament writers would take that verse under the inspiration of the spirit take that say this is applying to Christ, nothing was going on, and so can be a double fulfillment right and I got I got the ramp and come before me.

Matthew 24. Read through it and talk about the temple but I don't think I'm kind of fell I got that kind of their report any that I had a contract that with the king's men off the future as well. And then, are you familiar with partial plagiarism. You know, you're missing this year so I'm a partial prearrest and that I hold to the idea that Matthew 24 Luke 17 that what happened there a lot.

It was fulfilled then and will also a lot of it will be filled fulfilled again and so interested double fulfillment in the skull, partial plagiarism, full plagiarism is not biblical but partial in okay right right figure, Garnet got Cheryl fast it goes along with that, I would like to be that I would like to add a contact with and I'll coordinate everything but off the final got on you would say that will look what it says you know I will to actually tell the decree of the Lord my son today have begotten you know there's a sense in which that could be spoken of the king is also sent to be spoken of the Messiah, because the understand is the Old Testament is about Christ. Jesus prophesied in John 539, the Scriptures are about him. So I believe that a lot of times the stuff is written in such a way that only those who hear the spirit of God will understand what's happening and how certain things are extracted out of the Old Testament. I said I believe this my opinion that certain things are written so that those who don't have eyes to see and ears to hear, will not see, and will not hear so that there's no reasons. That's why Jesus is John and my opinion in March for 10 to 12 where he speaks a parable so people will not be forgiven. He specifically says that widespread parables not to be forgiven and a lot of those Lotta people away, but that's the case, so he speaks in such a way to hide certain things. So I think that there's a possibility that because it does make sense because are not decreed and ordained for salvation, and so this is why it happens like that's the only place I come up with.

It makes sense otherwise it's a guessing game.

As I have a documentable time to find on the back of a pattern either 11.

Please do absolutely like to see them car info: and hopefully in front of the people they think I'm okay Goodman got there a lot of stuff is ready for Vatican. If mostly the call to debris come in a few minutes will see, but the number is 201440. Try this again 877-207-2276 have office phone numbers and other phone number 87720711 call back after the mass Y call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to show it for online 772276 is off letting you know that were doing in matching funds directly in the year. If you want to help us out. All you do is go to and whatever you donate new whatever you give new from here on out for the rest of this year it will be matched. So if you give 100 will be match with another hundred if you do, for $10 a month you commit to what counted as a whole year and that will come in and get get matched so this will let you know if dues go to all information be right there. All right, let's get to Samantha from Richmond, Virginia Smith of luckily you're on your money here is praying for you and your wife good.

Thank you. We needed to give me any permanent morning. I recollect that I heard what I got like my neighbor's TV on our garden neighbor spell a statement achieving that not think anything of it. When I went back On the Side Door and Came over and over and over Again Everything Mechanical or Try to Reach You but I Walked over to the Door.

And No, I Mean If They Found That Coming, and On-Site Cable Wire and Anna like a Demonic Scared Me for Bad.

I Can't Remember… But I Guess That Means That All You Get the Right, but It Was Saying That for Some Reason That Just Break Even on Right Now It over and over and over Again and It Just Sounded Really Creepy but That's Not Unheard People Have Received Radio Transmissions in Their Mouth Based upon Braces And/or Fillings Weird Kind of Things. It's Very Rare That Kind of Stuff Is Happened of People Be Able to Hear Things in Your Ears Because of Things in Their Mouth.

I Also Know That You Can Have Radio Transmissions with TV Transmissions That Can Be Picked up under Rare but Corrupt. But the Right Conditions Where Wires Can Vibrate into a Certain Frequency and with a Certain Electricity Going in or Something without so Much and You Can Kinda Hear. Thanks, and It Can Happen. So What I Always Do As I Always Look for the Natural Escalation First.

If You're Hearing Something in Spanish and All Totals, Which Means All All All of Them and Your Hearing Things and Then You Watch Your Cat Levitate across the Floor.

You Know Then You Know Some Things up.

All Right, but for the Most Part What's Happening Is Resistant Electrical Something Going on Right Now. Iran Last Night.

Actually I like Writing Out Of Your Think about in a Demonic like It or Not, I Will Worry about Its I Had Friends Who Have Said That since Objects Move Their Homes. I've Never Seen That Happen That Involve the Cult When I before Became a Christian of Seeing Things Manifest and the Lights Move in across Materialize Move across the Room I've Seen in My Own Eyes. No Drugs and Alcohol and with the Witness, but It Was Things like This Are Real Things like This to Happen, but I Remember Back Boy Back in the Day I Deliver Exactly How the Circuit before Became a Christian I Was Involved in. I Admit This Was Involved in the Comments He Trying to Contact the Dead, Trying to Cut Experience Argument Very Regularly in Variance by Ashamed of It.

But This Is My History and by God's Grace, He Saved Me and so We Were Doing Was Called Table Tilting and We Were over Someone's House and We Heard We Actually Heard Audible Sounds in the Room When Everything Was Turned off.

We Actually Heard Words There Was Very Clearly and so They Were All Freaking out Because It Was Clear but Very, Very Faint. Had My Young Ears at the Time and Could Just Barely Hear It out and I Said the Listen Listen What It Is and We Figured out What Was Took about 10 Minutes Somebody Was on the Ham Radio A Few Doors down and We Were Not Able to Hear Is Because of This Transmission Was so Powerful and Able to Hear Something Resonating inside the House and Those Away They Were Able to. I Forgot How It Worked Actually Heard As I Exited with My Own Own Ears Once We Heard It so That Spec Phenomena Occurred like That Weird but It Can Happen and Nothing Is What It Is but You Know What to Worry about. You See God Allows Things That Happened.

Let's Say Hypothetically That He Allows a Bad Thing like That to Happen in Your Home Will That We Have Finished It with the Reason Would Be and If He Allows It Is Not Allowing It Because He Wants to Harm You, but Is Allowing It Because of the Development Because of Small Cultic Participation by Somebody Else Who's Open up the Door and That Could Influence You and Have an Influence in the in the Home, Then It Would Cause You to Have To Study Read the Word Pray and Deal with It on That Kind of Level and You Could Only Benefit from It. If You Keep Your Eyes Your Mind Your-Heart of Jesus Christ. A Lot Of Times People Think Is Because of the Demonic Might Be Happening That There Have To Be Filled with Such Great Fear No You Don't. And I Remember When I Started My Studies in Wicca and I Was for Research and Comparing and Exposing Interest Is a False Thing That Was Well the Day That I Got the Books That Evening. Got All These Books from My Mail That That Night I Had Karen Distally Bad Nightmare.

It Was the Kind Wicca Gasping Know It Took Minutes to Calm down Was That Terrifying and Then a Couple Days Later. The Right Rear Tire.

My Car Exploded on the Freeway and Then I Am a Very Good Swimmer and Always Have Been a Very Good Summer.

Just As in the River and Raft and Got Thrown in the Raft.

It's about 68 Feet and Linen Rocks in the Middle of of the River. The Only Place with His Rock Just a Little Water with the Weirdest Thing We Still Know How It Happened and You Know It's Okay If the Gods and Allow within God and Allow It. I Was Not Afraid or Fearful during This Time, It's like God. This Is What You're Doing. I Know You Have It for Reason and Assist a Fight. And Sometimes We Have To Realize As Christians That We Have To Fight with a Fight on Our Knees with the Fight with Their Heads Held with the Fight with the Words of Scripture Fight with Prayer Doesn't Mean That All These Bad Things Are Going to Happen or Cartooning in a Levitate in Her Cats Can Start Talking to Us in English Doesn't Mean so Is No Reason to Be Fearful There Is No Reason I River. Once This True Story.

I Remember It's All Subjective and Not Offer This As Proof of Anything but I River Very Very Clearly Not Been Married 33 Years and Is Happened a Couple Three Years before, Was Married to Forgot How Long It Was a Long Time, 35, 37 Years Ago Wherever My Friend Dave and I Were Roommates and We Did A Lot Of Work against Cults and False Things by Setting up Booths Once a Week. On Saturdays We Differ Well over a Year and 1/2 Together and so We Were Just Attacking the in the Spiritual Realm with Prayer with Giving out Literature Going out to Where the Enemy with the in Trying to Make Inroads of Truth and We Became a Target I Know Became a Target Target Various Demonic Things. One Night I Remember Very Clearly That I Was Laying in Bed and Going to Sleep and I Still Regret so Clearly That I Know How I Knew but to This Day I Still Believe There Were Three Demonic Forces That Were Just There and I Was Afraid It Was the Weirdest Thing I Think Were Thinking This Can't Be Real.

I Don't See Anything.

I Just Sense It Was Just As Afraid and I Remember like It so I Could Tell They Were, but I Could See Anything. Not Maybe Just Bad Pizza, but It Really Had an Effect on Me and I Decided to Not Be Fearful and I Decided to Go to Sleep and I Went to Sleep so Quickly.

It Does Not Make Any Sense That Situation I Believe Was Supernatural.

Next Morning I Told My Roommate about What Happened That Night and He Said to Me This Look. I Will Say Anything That I Didn't Think Anything about It Thing to Tell You What Happened and He Told Me That Two Weeks Earlier That He Was in Bed and Woke up with Bad Dream of Suffocating Suffocating so Badly, and He Told Me That He Was so Wrapped up in His Sheets so Tightly That He Had Trouble Inhaling.

It Was like a Snake but Was a Constrictor around Him Impressing on His Chest and He Could Not Agree and so Many Other Side Apartments. We Couldn't Yell to Get Each Other Just Such a Situation Was and He Told Me Took about 20 Minutes from the Work Himself Loose. That's Extremely Unusual and so These Kind of Things Would Happen and We Had Situations at the Swap Meet.

We Did for Years Where Strange Things Would Just Occur Every Now and Then People Out Of Nowhere Giving Us Things Telling Us Things, Pronouncing Things When You Are Are Doing Something for the Lord Very Often the Doors Open for You to Step through. But A Lot Of Time. The Resistance and I like to Say to People That If Things Happen in Their Home. Just No Need to Be for Fearful for What You Do Is with Confidence.

Keep Your Eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and You Ask God Why Is This Occurring. What's the Reason You Want Me to Learn and You Going to Prayer and People Have To Realize That in This Kind of a Battle in This Kind of War. What Often Happens Is Things Get Bad, Your Tire Explodes You Fall Out Of a on the Boat on the Cold Breath Thing out When You Shouldn't Be Able to This Odd Things and Is That a Reasonably Fearful Why No, It Just Happens but It's Okay Because You Can Trust God and I Don't Understand People Are so Afraid of Demonic Forces. In All Seriousness, We Have Jesus Christ. So Things Are Happening in Your Home Must Not Sin. They Are Will Okay Surprise You Get People Involved Start Printing Have To Have That Confidence. Confidence. Jesus Is on Your Side You Have Jesus That Reminds Me, I've Had People Tell Me That the Conflict Curses on That That Had People in Wicca for People and in Sickness Stuff, Various Groups and Things City Purposely Considered and If It Curses on Me and Send Their Forces upon to Destroy Me and I Warned Them As You Don't Want to Do That Is You Don't Know What Can Happen Is I'm Good to Pray That What You Desire Happens to Me Will Happen to You All Pray Imprecatory's like Psalms Where in the Psalms Judgment You Have Will Have Come Okay Already Felt Right at Time of the Lord Bless You and by His Grace That I Go There Tomorrow. May the Lord Bless You Greatly

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