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December 13, 2019 7:00 am

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December 13, 2019 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller commented on a previous caller. He also shared his story of leaving Catholicism and the struggles with that.-2- How do I show in Scripture eternal punishment as opposed to annihilationism--3- A caller asked about a story that Matt had written on his site in 1996. She wanted clarification on its meaning.-4- How can you say that any religion, other than Christianity, is apostate--5- Can a false prophet bring people to God--6- What does 2 Corinthians 4-4 mean-

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Why is the founder and president of apologetics found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why, I hope you show Scripture yesterday. The Lord blessed again. I always pray every time before the show. When asked God for his mercy and his grace upon us for you.

The hearers would be the speakers in the caller and all of that so will be the Lord bless the show and it would give me a call if I was in lines 877-207-2276 and let's see let's see, let's see. All right, so what were doing is to let people know me doing it now through the end of the year. We are having an end of year matching funds drive and if you're interested in helping us out like I did was go to carbon work/donate everything secure so it is been a bit of a browser issue and so sometime this has secure some of the says not, but it is definitely secured as let you know.

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So what if you decide something new. It's doubled if you were to sign up for a new single payment single donation if it is 10 bucks. Then another 10 will be matched if you sent for five dollars a month and start up on that.

So they knew that $60 and then six dollars will get added into the $60 for 51260 per year, and if you think you're already doing. Five. And then you put to 10 it's five dollar increase then will match the five dollar increase. So that's was happening and so it's through the end of the year.

It really does help quite a bit over trying to get recurring donations because that's what helps us do budgets and the kind of stuff that we need to do all the time so you do again is good carbon work.

See assaultive management) all right, let's go to the line just on the phone to Chuck Green, Chuck with Michelle. You are on the air. Good looking young woman. Yes and she was a Christian, I just want that way at all that but I am what I call a recovering Catholic. I grew up in the Catholic Church and I was one of the capital. Page 29, 48 years. Try get all is all that I read the rest of the store and make quite a difference in my life. Need to know when you talk to Catholic league. Most Catholics are just like every day, but people know what unfortunately which you much about the Bible people that you would dedicate a Catholic think they do know what the Bible teaches that what they really know what the priest and others have told them I haven't got that out what to Catholic school for 12 years 68 years I went to mass every day is going at the catechism classes every day school board and they indoctrinate you they do a good job with the catechism and the problem they discourage you from bringing the following: because we are not to understand it. So we need those erudite to explain it to talk about the situation but that's that's the truth of the matter and when you tell somebody that they're not Christian I'm down and get back Scripture not received well is just like with Islam know they indoctrinate their people in much the same way they grow up with it.

That's all they know they think is right that I have a lot of Relatives and I got out a series goal escape from home and then I hesitated to release difficult on about what they received well. I just want to share that with Cleveland try to live life think they know the Bible but the only know what's been talk about is not God's right man of God and the church as apostate. But you know that I did give her the gospel is what it is you and so I hope so too the closet.

Well, no, you say that they are so brainwashed by the methodology, the Catholic Church, in fact, I have a book packed away, but it's a leading role something like it's 50 testimonials from 50 Roman Catholic priests who left the Roman Catholic Church and the great majority of them left because they started reading the Bible and they said something very interesting. I didn't even know about this so that when you go to seminary with this with a set most of them said this when you notice Catholic seminary. You don't look at the Bible for two first two years, you learn Catholic philosophy even philosophize about this and that and then you are not looking word of God. So if it is going to God's word. It's good Catholic philosophy first so I can tell you what people don't do not follow your heart. God's word is issue like homosexuality have people see all those poor people. God made them that way. No you following a heart but your soft feelings to read without so what the Catholic Church does coaching from the heart standpoint I give a simple example. They teach that you must be baptized.

Go have this might've changed many years ago but it was a very solid dock had to be baptized go to heaven and so they have the baptism.

The question came up. What happens if they empathize with mortgage-backed that God doesn't get baptized and have liked up to start almost like the baby dies they have to have something else of the greatest number and then dollars just like him, except I was not there they met now that might haven't got the appeal to the human rationalization sounds good because it presented a very long we don't do a good job. We need to repair catechism take one Book 1st and then edited take out the errors and then show the scriptural reference and we need to teach our children to the Catholic errors are the catechism it would be much less well I don't agree with that. There is a lot of truth in what they do is they start off with the Trinity many twist around and I get that you take the thing with a copy of are you at that hail Michael Gray's large with you When they would be doing the second Park and onto that prayer. Holy Mary mother of God, not even realizing what they're saying. And the queen of heaven in Scripture.

Jeremiah 744 your mock warning people about the Craig That's your*babble about us and hear the blanket was personal grant was near the college at California Turkish ticket before waking through Jeremiah 718 queen of heaven right it's in the context of idolatry will you know I've talked many times about the idolatry that occurs regarding Mary and I got close still read over the air sometimes that are from unofficial official apparitions of the Roman Catholic Church says are actually for real Mary, I read some of these things and people are jaws drop. Like for example this is out of Guadalupe in 1531. I'm your truly your merciful mother yours and all people who live united in this land, and of all other people of different ancestries.

My lovers who love me.

Those who seek me. Those who trust in me. Here I will hear their weeping their complaints and feel all their sorrows hardships and sufferings, so she's the one point herself and another one is the same thing is are you not under my shadow and protection.

Am I not the source of your joy. Are you not in the hollow of my mantle and the crossing of my arms. Do you need anything more that asking Jesus it's exactly right is to idolatry and then Fatima hears her three quotes this request from Fatima. This is 1917.

This is the Roman Catholic Church is officially really was Mary. This is us.

Are you willing to offer yourselves to God, to these three children are you willing to offer yourself to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the sins by which he is offended and for the conversion of sinners. Reparation sends me to pursue the tone Fort removed, taking care of but Jesus did that on the cross. So what this is is a false gospel. It is a gospel to be cursed in this with this apparition is in the Catholic Church is what's really Mary, there's no problem with it. This proves that scavengers apostate proves here's a second out of the third of three Jesus wants to use you to make me known and love he wishes to establish a devotion to my immaculate heart to let the whole world. I promised salvation to ever embrace as it now. This apparition promises salvation to anyone to have devotion to the Bakley heart of Mary Heuer. I Dollar Tree and the third one I've listed here is sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often to Jesus, especially whenever you make a sacrifice of Jesus. It is for the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary. What niacin is marrying you and Heather take care of you think it's worth something compassionate different model of don't get a confession to a priest to go to hell and wanted to have on others. Thinking fast to go to purgatory and be courteous docents that you can burn the candle at and give talk about sooner if you stop and think about it so illogical. But you're so brainwashed that just sounds good. You will the idea when I think is this is the idea that Jesus Mary and the Saints with they did was they earned grace the merited grace is a treasury of grace in heaven and in order to get it yet to go through the Catholic Church's authority called sacerdotal is him there.

Sasser their own sacraments.

You go through their system and then grace is infused in your soul to make you more righteous is not justification by faith in Christ.

If justification by the work of grace. The change grace into works. It is a blasphemous false gospel and I will say again the Roman Catholic Church is in apostate Falls Church, and it's the greatest got beat of damnation of any religion on the planet only because the biggest outside of Islam biggest spirit people going to hell because of this I have no known doodles, some who are Christians and those of you that all those things are things are all embedded in our lives is this is a lot of them. I talked to left Catholicism. 10, 20, 30 years later, are the they still want to say that she is marries a virgin and pray to her. They know you can't in all this stuff and it still brainwashed into them.

It takes a lot of work to get it out the way to do it is read the word of God and believe the word of God. That's what you do if you believe the word of God you can't be Roman Catholic, simply keep the one in the back of the conception Aji yes like to not even give you nothing oh he listened to tell me about. Listen to this one you like this Thursday May how disabled he quickly Mary by her spiritual sacrifice.

My son is the man to go for a checkup. For folks like that Japanese messages for the month.

Why call 77077 records show we have I, 720776 was going on with Chris from Bellingham, Washington with Michelle running her. I know okay well you pick up the public starting January probably working on the second one. Continue working the second elected board. I just finished a science fiction novels.

I worked on and I got a novella called atheistic, a member check it out to and we got onto many different issues, but one of the which I didn't know how to catch on why God how I how do I show your everlasting punishment for annihilation. Well, you could go to Karnes annihilation subsection railroad hundred and 80 articles dealing with the topic and in there are all cut you could shoot search for punishment, for example, punish, and you can find out various things. For example, Matthew 25, 46, these go away to eternal punishment to righteous into eternal life.

One of things I'll do with people in Alaska I see in in the Bible.

The biblical pattern is punishment experienced when God punishes people do they experience the punishment and intercourse is yes if AC's existing how was it punishment, just stopping to be punished. The punishment is pending. Look how is it then eternal punishment. If the punishment secrets of the never wake up by yes I'm ecologically appropriate and eyelet items in a logic to limit Gibby's about a kind of a logic thing here I go to go to Scriptures about this as well, but some only imagine in front of you. Condition one, which is nonexistence before we exist or is nothing we don't exist condition to your born on earth you exist, let's work for the Jones with his perspective to condition to you how just in condition three you die you don't exist anymore and we limit good condition for your resurrected and your annihilated condition five nonexistence okay so condition five is punishment to say the nonexistence in condition five.

When you finally judge don't exist. That's punishment nonexistence is identical to the nonexistence of condition one where you don't exist for nonexistence of condition one is equal in every aspect, and every way to condition five it condition five is punishment wise one. Also punishment you see the logical problem that's one way there's there's logic issues like this with people prepared for. Generally speaking, but we can also do is just go to verses like Revelation 2010, which is the devil who deceived them was thrown in the lake of fire and brimstone with the beast, the false prophet are, so they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. You can ask does is there any instance where it says here that the devil's gonna stop being punished by the Jones what is it should say no that's right should sink now and on those with the verse says okay it says the devil who deceived them was for the lake of fire, where the beast and the false prophet are, who the false prophet as a human being and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. Without end for at least one person right there human being who's going to be tormented forever without right to assess and assess forever and ever. Which is Greek is I don't know stone. I don't know.

And here we see the same thing forever and ever in Revelation 1411 and the smoke of their torment arises up forever and ever. They have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name to women so overseeing is that according Revelation 1411 the smoke of their torment Emmys are experiencing torment there experiencing. They have no rest in this torment goes up forever and ever. The smoke of their torment also might take just the smoke goes up. There were tormented for little bit of time within the smoke was a forever. They don't exist anymore. Let the problem to because think about us people are punished according to what they've done by the law right according the degrees of the law. When you greet their Carnegie because in Matthew 1015. It says that the more tolerable for for you and Linda Sodom and Gomorrah day just with that city they be different degrees of punishment.

Luke 1247 to 48 something with many stripes on the few. So this means that those from their perspective if they can interpret Revelation 1411 to mean that they be punished for a time and then annihilated than what they can to be saying is, are punished according to the law for their sins. Right. That's correct. So then when the satisfaction of the law occurs there annihilated right so yes here's a question. Why are they saved what they saved them because if they're being punished according to the law requires. And then there's the laws, but satisfied they should go to heaven.

Why would they be judge to damnation and nonexistence as another punishment if they've already met the punishment requirement of law, double jeopardy there okay so yes I can, and then you go into the issue of unquenchable fire.

But in some people will say unquenchable means it's only unquenchable until it's quenched. So unquenchable really means is questionable. So when the fuel is burned up the human body is burned up.

Then the unquenchable fire is then clinched is with her saying is it's called the next difficult fallacy and they get the Scripture to say the opposite of what it really means. And it'll still take meanings of one person. Words of another place they do various things that we say will rethink your manner going around a lot here but lenticular Jude 67 and angels who did not keep their domain, but abandoned their proper abode, he has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them to now talk about the Angels kept under bonds of darkness for the day of judgment, just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them are people since they, in the same way as these.

These angels indulged in gross immorality went after strange flesh, are are exhibited at present tense. As an example in undergoing. That means it's called the present participle in the Greek and ING word is participle eating, walking, thinking to present participle. They are presently undergoing the are exhibited as undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. The words, the eternal fire is eternal and their unit right now and these are people Sodom and Gomorrah. There's judgment going on to get their agenda right as go-ahead three. I brought up the rich and elaborate.

Yes, they are validated as a part of this affair is terrible. Hold on. Every company you had to say they voted right back at his messages with Chris from Bellingham, Washington mass Y call 77077 back to show just let you guys know matching fund drive for the through the end of your letters. If you would help us out. Whatever you donate will be coupled with a matching fund donor who can help us out. That way you can double whatever it is that you contribute all you do is go to CRM.RG/donate no information needs right there. Please check it out with love. All right, let's get back to Chris from Bellingham by Christie Stiller. I met yeah you not think that that he mentioned my friend mentioned that that that required a ladder for the parable quite comparable and then went on to kind of explain why he went and actually feeling pain and torment because it was just the parable in the sea you know of any other parable were proper name is used because this is an individual that Jesus names.

How then is it a parable is one point had appointed us and I got to the switch of his witnesses in the states a parable not to argue too much about that with them because all say that it isn't just brainwashed and of the annihilation assignable. He also cites a parable and what they do with is really funny but any rate salsa okay so let me ask you just missed you. This will save you is the idea of consciousness after death in torment of false doctrine, so yes okay so Jesus is giving what you think is a parable here and he's teaching that the skies actually live after death. She's teaching the false doctrine you explain to me why is Jesus teaching the false doctrine here without correcting it saying it's not true. Explain that's the thing that it works okay because yet you ask them first is is it a false doctrine that is conscious torment after death.

Yes, all right. And Jesus is saying it he states a parable. What's he illustrating here since in here. No rebuke is given about that teaching you and that'll stumble okay hundred Eric yeah yeah appreciate that and Antivert to check out your website to get backed up there.

There's a lot of stuff that the service okay God bless Matthew McAleer all right all right is stuff all right. Let's get on the phone with Samantha from Richmond, Virginia Samantha look Michelle, you are on the year are now well I got grace you deserve is for sure what you are not quite quite a bit. Click on your wet hair. Why paragraph or story or a rating of talk about drinking and yes is cold and dark story needed 1996. Smoltz one page story yeah I could read it over the year.

I've even read it in years and years with but I can read it right now people know like interest in knowing what it is will you do then think about a minute maybe two would do that. Sorry. All right, this illustrates what she's talking about folks these three demons and a dark hot pit filled with jaggy stones and gray shadows, evil spirits slowly gathered they came to hear three demons speak of their battles against God and his people. Finally, when the time is right. One demon that resembled the dog with with leathery skin raised its carcass upon clawed feet move forward and in the gurgling low voice brought forth his proclamation, I caused the death of the Christian this week he died slowly increased pain in his witnesses.

No more. Upon hearing the good news of demonic cord erupted in loud growling excitement. The first demon satisfied raised its head proudly before returning to the throng in the second demon moved forward. It had two twisted horns that erupted out of his head and pointed backwards and upwards. The scales on his body faintly reflected distant firelight.

It stopped, turned and glittered menacingly at the assembly until the pit finally grew quiet, then the mocking voice it said the death of the saved is most to be sought but saved the and here he is not the first demon returned to hate filled stair through glowing red eyes and snorted a grotesque breath. The second demon glorifying smile and in a craggy voice said a family of of four believers this week died by dark servant drunkard car. They laid in agony upon the road. The cold rain drowned their tears up with great pain. The heat slowly past the enemy to our masters delight witnesses no more the demon horn erupted again, but in greater and more violent growls than before. Then when the noise finally died once again. The second step down proudly dragging its tail and legs behind filling the pit with the sound of scraping flesh. Finally, the third demon rose took the place to post it did not look as hideous as the other two. Nor did it move with self exalting pride. Instead, it smiled slightly looked out through its narrow, cunning eyes and calmly said death has not come to the believer. I have killed. His heart is cold and he is little room for the love of our enemy is known for belief in the one get small things of darkness, he partakes by word and deed defames the name of God is poor witness will continue for many years to see with this.

The demonic cord quietly without the greater victory. That's a story I hear you right in regard to Revelation. No not not so I'm think about my third novel of the summit so that your edits today. In fact, my first novel. The influence is written in the style that I just read the creatures the things the movements and things like that. The whole book like that and so in the third of that I'm to get eschatological. That's the plan update what type of the antichrist and put in various theological perspective that will be popular and it will be basically the subtitle depressed ecology, but the I finished my second one third, I don't one page story but by now you have the influence and that's the first one and then I written a novella called atheistic. It's about an atheist nation, things don't go well. I just finished it just to do it. Go to sci-fi novels, not theological.

Even though I I'm very surreptitiously moving a few things that Christians, who know me will go.

Oh, I get that but other than that, I just want to try something different and wife's editing it, I headed one more time and then release it. It's so only people I Ask everyone to like Gary. Gary yeah it's it's to people die in this one, and they don't die well I there's a preacher that's unlike anything ever describing any science-fiction preacher thing, allow, okay, I appreciate your all right effects revealed in the freezer for fun. I can read the third fourth chapter, which is one page in the second novel, and people enjoy that too.

It's the same kind of thing anyway I enjoy writing enjoy writing fiction. It's a lot of fun.

Currently Douglas okay all right, all right, let's get on the phone with Mike from Thomasville, North Carolina Mike, welcome looks there you go, you are on the air name talking about any religion is off by comparing it to Scripture itself just really to learn. That's why the Roman Catholic Church is false read prayer prayer married Mary idolatry.

What are their their not actually Mary are at the price for them. Just like I would at rightful you talking to me you not playing to me and is talking to sounds different than playing is after the break. So please hold on right leg of his messages.

I call 7707 is Matt's way back to the show 20 reminder before we get back on Micah were doing a matching matching funds right for the end of the year. All you do is go to whatever you donate every you had to redo match to be doubled. And that's one of the ways we we do we do in order to make the bills pair missionaries and develop budget. So please check it out. let's get back to Mike are you there not work there.

Yes, I can hear you are okay sure the bottle is every man must seek out all salvation with fear and trembling in the low slippage 213 and 212 13 yeah yeah that's pretty much what the Church and mopping. No, not to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. That's I think it's 212 verse 13 says for his God is both who works both to will and to work in you for his good pleasure in the Bible clearly teaches us in Romans 328 we maintained that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law apart from the works of the lot was for five says rooms were five says to the one who does not work but believes his faith is reckoned as righteousness. The Roman Catholic Church at paragraph 26 to the Catholic catechism that you obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. So you obtain salvation by keeping the law by keeping the commandments that is a false doctrine is damnable doctrine. It teaches a false ungodly doctrine for salvation. These children are not part. It's like baby allow the documents the teaching of damnable documents. The Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian church.

It is an apostate imitation church. It fell from the truth. The truth, centuries and centuries ago and adopted paganism and it adopted a false gospel and adopted Mary all the tree units Mary worship.

They say they don't but they do in its false doctrines that it has about submitting to the Roman Catholic Church's authority by the false doctrine that you have to go do ceremonies in order to get grace infused in YouTube to make you right with God. These are all damnable heresies that it if I were to take these and extract them out and make makeup told what he hears is new cult I discovered in it a list of stuff out people's it was false as false as follows.

I don't know really it's Catholic Church teaching these thankless different now.

It's it's a false church. The Roman Catholic Church says was necessary for salvation is the church itself. Baptism penance sacraments service.

A witness of the faith, keep in 10 Commandments and detachment from riches necessary for salvation.

Necessary means is no exception to it. It's it's works righteousness.

It's horrible, horrible with the Catholic Church is doing right and bring God a false prophet can bring people to God to God only by the grace of God working through that false prophet in spite of his false damnable teachings because God is not limited by the false teaching of the papacy. The magisterium with the false doctrines found in the Catholic catechism God can certainly work in spite of those damnable demonic teachings that the Roman Catholic Church works but doesn't justify that this essay is okay to do that.

God is so sovereign, even over the work of the right guy losing losing you. You realize there for a few seconds.

Try one more time. I got that God would do something about You know what God God. That's correct yet or not you got what you will will be able same walk around after after the resurrection, but he sat on the cross that got stopped chatting with a minute and a gap that happened that night. God God he can go to heaven be back God speaking. Anything you your will and listen your real trust in Christ God in flesh right thanks for your program and YouTube.

God bless my right muscular to Glenn from clean Creek, Arizona. Interesting name for the city England will come here on the all right.

Hang in there we go to church and not God. Minute detail by the demise of inbound labor would not be redundant. Sure, what happens when God lines the coming when Satan blinds the Muslim leaders agreed it's worth for what he's doing is is performing his action of hardening and what God is doing is ordaining that Satan will do that, the ordination that God does is not by direct action where God is the one who's putting words into his mouth and moving his hand on that weapon.

Whatever it might be God certainly can control the circumstances. Remember, he wants to pass, as he does that. That's a fax to 728 God predestines the death of Christ through the unbelievers. God is in control. We have to bill the say that and he has to admit that God works all things after the counsel of his will is Ephesians 111. If he does not do that. You can't go any further because he's denying the word of God. We have to work out how is it possible for God to work to work all things, even murder and theft and things like whatever people might talk. How does he work all things after the counsel of his will. Would it means is God whatever God desires to occur will will occur with different levels of desire. God has a desire that no one sin, but he also has a desire to allow people the freedom to sin. So both are within his desire with different kinds of desire. One is it will be called a prescriptive desire. One was a permissive desire or prescriptive will and permissive 12 and so what we see is that freedom of will is the ability to make choices that are not coerced there not forced God is in force anybody to do these things. So integrity is for three and four when Satan is hardening somebody God is simply using the person using the enemy to carry out judgment upon the person for that free will choices of rebellion against God, that they are guilty of and is even using the enemy to carry out that judgment just as he does that in Romans chapter 1 verses 26 to 28 God God is the same thing. He hardens people in total depravity does not mean that people can't become worse. Total depravity means that a person is touched by sin in all areas of his life in all of what he is.

It does not mean he's as bad as he can be, and does not mean he can't get worse and it certainly doesn't mean that Satan can't act accordingly.

Upon someone and bring them to greater levels of depravity, which ultimately would be accorded the plan and will of God by which God who works all things after the is the counsel of his will is bring his ultimate and to fruition that help God just because it's hard to little doesn't mean it can be hardened even more like Pharaoh because Pharaoh's heart was already hardness of excellent example and the words and saying leafs and Finis and God says I will harden his heart say yeah this is Exodus 421 the Lord said to Moses, when you go back to Egypt, see that you perform before mirror before Pharaoh all the wonders which I put in your power, but I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go because Pharaoh's gonna let him go. Pharaoh already hates the Jewish people hates that she would live in God and yet he's hardly even further to accomplish the will of God and what is that will of God that the people not be let go, so that ultimately the death of the firstborn can occur in the death of the firstborn have Passover and the blood put on the doorpost by which anybody passes in through that blood will be saved. That blood represents the blood of Christ. So we see the tip a logical prophetic work of God in the judgment upon the unbelievers as a means by which to demonstrate the coming sent salvation for the blood of Christ. In Sparta part and parcel of the firstborn male lost in the firstborn son sacrificed so Scott had just ways so you're exactly right.

And it's a great way to to to demonstrate that is Exodus 421 God made Pharaoh already one little girl. The guy hard to start. If he was it was not fair. Yes, it is fair is whatever God does is always right. God for civil asking is asking us just using who you think God really do think he's standing the door of your heart, asking permission for you to things you think you learned by your decisions or do you believe that God knows all things. Return 320 Julius to learn that God is God ordained of God is he doesn't create evil nope didn't create evil, but he is even though he might go to Isaiah 45, seven, which is God. Evil is in the King James with the Hebrew Israel creates evil but actually is right is justifies with shalom's piece was a juxtaposition between calamity and peace. And that's how it's best translated that's how it should be transitive, but God cannot create ontological evil.

Your opponent needs to call me when you talk, but he doesn't understand typical theology does not understand the majesty of God, he does understand that God is sovereign over all things, and God does ordain with her shall come to pass, because the Bible says so.

He works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 so you can memorize that verse and you go to him when you ask you believe this verse and he spent a half-hour talking about that verse all things after the counsel of his will dissolve things mean church.

I look at training quickly went on back tomorrow okay conversation because it is the folks Glenn and I will be back on nearby God's grace tomorrow is

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