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December 17, 2019 11:44 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 17, 2019 11:44 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain limited atonement--2- Regarding Luke 23-34 and Luke 17 3-4, if Jesus could forgive sins, why did he ask the Father to forgive those who crucified him- Was it because they had not repented--3- Which is first, belief or regeneration--4- Why did Jesus have to physically die for sins--5- If there was no ark in the new testament, where was the blood sprinkled at the day of atonement--6- What are your thoughts on eastern orthodoxy--7- How does Matthew 18 connect with Colossians 3-13- Are forgiveness and reconciliation different-

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Why is a lot more you have questions about why and/or listening to God's grace will learn if you will recall five open line 677-207-2276 and district some things out here so some topics are kind of surfaced recently. My talk about a couple of them before the callers called in by the way, just letting you know what were doing is having a matching matching funds drive for the end of the year. So whatever you donate will be to this ministry you will be double so if you donate 20 become 40. It really is a great way to help us out so that sounds like something you want to do if you like the show and if you like to show you want to hear it more and keep it on the air. Please consider supporting us and really appreciate all you do is go to CAR M.RG the right hand side you talk about this donating to just go there and she was able to modify the site a little bit. It's still broken but sit on the right-hand side of any page on Carmel CI donates end of your matching funds drive click that and it'll take you to the page and that whatever you donate will be double so I know that a lot of people regular feedback from people get a lot of feedback and calls because of the radio show and I know that there are people who don't agree with everything I teach that's okay as long as it's not a disagreement in the essential document just say that if you're interested in being challenged. I have this ability. People told me to build a challenge people theologically they don't agree what I ask is that they go and learn how to refute what I have to say in order to do that you have to go to the work you have to go to Scripture. And if you don't go to the Scriptures, it is give me an opinion, then it's definitely matter.

Disrespectful opinions don't make doctrinal truths we need to work and I cannot tell you how many people many many many people years working from is 15 years now full of fighters. We could just and I can't tell you how many people have emailed me contacted me I met in person have said things like, you know for sure that listening to you with everything you say. I think you're wrong in several areas and I smile because I get the same response from site and then I started checking what you say so to get the word of God found out that you sent us. It's what it says. I've a friend mocks me every now and then he'll say it was because the health say a high voice is imitated me because you don't have a high voice of a low voice and do some Bible studies all puppies.

It looks like it will say so.

He takes me to mocks me about that but it's all good fun and unknown for that you know is what is my will say what is the word of God say that's what I want you the listener to do a check of things I say against the word of God. I think about this because I'm not reference slack and that's my real name is Matt slick is my real name and not a radio name and so what people think about you don't trust you going to write your name slick now make sure what I teach is some is good stuff and you do that by going the word of God.

I just got invited to teach in September next year at a conference on Islam will be in Chino Hills, California and will be much more about that as time goes on I'll be teaching on Christology the doctrine of Christ to five different topics by different lessons on the person of Christ and things like that little bit you think looking for that already, and some other things going on but he ready.

Look what you recall, we have three open lines 877-207-2276 is Spencer from Charlotte, North Carolina spatula to show your on their quick question for you about what what about no and limited atonement and Calvinism give up a bit exclamation atonement means is that Christ only legally for the sins of the elect. The elect are the chosen ones of God were predestined for salvation.

That's out of Ephesians 145 and that Jesus only bore the elect's scent because sin is a legal debt and if it's been canceled at the cross. Colossians 214 then you can go to hell for a sin debt that's canceled just existing. So logically, only canceled for the elect was given to him by the father limited atonement is one of like so many people are because the Bible says things like John 316 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that they interpret the word worlds to meet every individual who ever lived, and the word world. Their cosmos can mean that's it and it was called semantic domain so the world word world has several different meanings depending on the context. So the say that auto go to first John 222, which says he's of appreciation. Only prayer sent the sins of the whole world is a CME's every individual but who you know and so generically speaking, since very carefully because I do hold those doctors in my opinion that generically speaking.

Most people don't understand very deeply the theological perspective that's not to say be careful here say that if you're not smart and educated like me, then that's what you believe like me. I want that to come across. There are some very intelligent people who don't agree with with the reformed theology were very educated as well. So my suggestion is a people learn from the Scriptures and checkable such thank you so much.

Dr. Knight okay you have any other questions about that because I've been I've been defending that for about 27 years. I'm not quite really I was trying to get a better understanding of it. That's pretty much it. Right now I'm looking into it myself watch budget line explanations noted there some guys. I like that like that. John MacArthur and RC Sproul washer and a few different guys at the top my head, but you're both not really smart guys smart, but when I word it. But you get both the well about this, is still in my two cents.

If you go to YouTube and type in Matt slick my name and word tool. If you want to look stands for right after okay then, you'll see. I did five one hour radio shows on the five points and then I took them. I did this a few years ago on a different radio station was on and I did this five days a week and wanted to Thursday Friday to UL IP and I took the shows and I put them on video so you can see the Scriptures that are there to check those out to okay okay yeah thank you so much. Sure, no problem. God bless you work all the time really appreciate the show really, who give me some names all say hi. I like doing that is fun. My dad we do a lawn care company and name is Wayne Wayne tossup. Good for you. Good for you will thank you for walking so much that you go have a nice night you to read our level. Spencer and his dad. So when they folks like you to call forth in lines 877-207-2276 Oscar to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina near 30 on the on the screen here and the first one was much worse was that 23 okay one 17 34 okay all right father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing and the cast lost abutting the garments among them, and Luke 7234 young guard Jupiter's interview committee for repentance, forgive them, and if you sins against you seven times a day returns you seven times saying, I repent, forgive him. Okay, so what's up Bob how is why it happened and for Bob that's really that's really a lot in there is an interesting statement and there's actually something in it which not many people talk about but from what you know I never get to that. But what you're saying here is it that repent, nor to be forgiven. That would be problematic.

Theologically, the reason is because it would mean then that compliance with the law.

Repentance is a priests are lying Bibles adult lives. We repent we comply with what God wants us we don't want to see the forgiveness of sins is based upon a repentance because it would be forgiveness based upon keeping the law want to say that forgiveness is concomitant.

That means it occurs simultaneously with something else and depend upon something else so it concomitant with regeneration justification and belief, the central kind of a simultaneous thing. So when we say that people to be forgiven. The art there forgiven because they have faith, not because of repentance with only Mormons are Jehovah's Witnesses or Roman Catholics teach that forgiveness is based upon your faith and your repentance. We are supposed to repent.


But repentance is not what saves us faith in Christ is and then repentance is something God grants that we have in our hearts because were regenerative or born again may decrease your segment is 517 John 33 through eight were indwelt by God John 1423 and then got grants. We have repentance 2nd to 25 just as aggressive as belief asked screen footage 129 so all this is by God's kind of package deal work.

So that this is better theology took to hear and to know so that's a little background so I don't answer to question because of explaining stuff something to do that teach not forget to answer the question so what was your question again. It many what it would not believe that you case believe that's the case, there could be that I just don't see that in the text. Why did he asked the father to forgive those who read that Jeffrey's message is why all why call 7707 everybody that's their why would the sun asked the father to do this, why would Jesus say to the father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing. I don't believe it's because the issue of the people had repented, because Christ has authority, forgiveness, all authority in heaven and earth with 2018. Forgive sins. Luke five 2748 which interesting here is two things. Why would he asked the father but he doesn't ask.

It's actually the questions command but start command in the city's ordering of the fathers, as were those statements that this meant as a question. Father forgive them for doing so that's that's it. But here's a question to ask if Jesus asks the father for anything.

Does father do it. That's a good question because if these people here who are crucifying Christ are requested by the mother son to the father that the father forgive them the question.

II would like to have the attitude I don't have interest to us, then, were they forgiven. I don't have that answer because about Anything. But it could be that the statement is one of his merciful love that Christ who was God incarnate, was displaying and requesting not demanding, requesting that the father forgive but as Jesus had said in Luke 2242 by the crucifixion. He did not want to go to the crucifixion. Somebody said to the father. Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done so Jesus was submitting to father so perhaps what you have here. Luke 2334 is via the request of Christ to forgive even those who were murdering him well enough they were forgiven just so I don't know how much we can answer in regard what you're saying. I don't think that what you said. No disrespect meant that and think what it says we were alluding to is really the case. I don't see it being supported with Scriptures are okay, but it's good to see Cicely I know you called every now and then and now your voice is tough and you usually have very good questions seriously.

You have a good way of looking at the text thinking about you keep doing that you keep asking good questions, all right. Okay, that was Kim from rural Hall North Carolina with Europe in lines folks 772072276 was good to believe. Luke Bellini from Greensboro, North Carolina met welcome about okay just about it. It to be born again. All but one was a very good question. What were dealing with here is the order of salvation of the art regeneration so minutes speak slowly because I want a lot of people to hear this, to be introducing some terms nor explain something and temporal priority versus logical priority temporal deals with time.

Logical priority deals with logic to limit use an illustration of this illustration I will then turn to to discuss the issue. Regeneration and belief regeneration faith which one comes first, you have to believe in order to become regenerate our debt to be regenerated in order to believe it's a very good question and the answer lies in the descriptions will be would say with logical priority versus temporal priority so the way illustrate this is to say that.

Let's say hypothetically that we have a lightbulb and we flipped the switch on the light bulb.

It takes five seconds. Let's just say five seconds for the electricity travel for the wire into the lightbulb and then the light comes on what we would say at that point is that the electricity is temporally prior to the light.

It's temporally in time five seconds before and then the light comes on. So that's what we would call temporal priority.

If I have a ball in my hand I throw down a wall.

It must first leave my hand travel through the air and then hit the wall so the woods temporally prior is me throwing it and is temporally prior to hitting the wall. So this is what we have in temporal priority. So let's just look a little bit different.

Let's look at logical priority only illustrated again with a lightbulb when we flip on the switch in a lightbulb.

It doesn't take five seconds it's instantaneous that lights the switch is on atrocities already there.

The current moves and light comes on so is whenever the electricity is present in the lightbulb light is also present so they happen at the same time.

What we would say is that they're not what is not temporally prior to the other would say one is logically prior. In other words, it does not take five seconds for electricity to get into the lightbulb for to go on temporal priority is not the case. We have left over is what we call logical priority without means is that the electricity must be there in order for the light to be there. It's not the case that the light must be there in order for the electricity to be there. Electricity is the cause of the light, and light is the result of electricity's presence, but they're both simultaneous. So whenever electricity is there light is also there. So we would say that electricity is logically prior. It must be logically in place in order for the electric the light to be in place so we actually call logical priority there simultaneous but one lease or the other, not the other, leading to the one now is take this to regeneration temporally and logically. We believe for five seconds before regenerated or do we have regeneration for five seconds before we believe.

Let's work with those.

If we must believe for five seconds before we get regenerated that we have a believer who is not regenerate for five seconds. If it's reversed and that you must be regenerate for five seconds before you believe that we have a regenerate person who's not a believer for five seconds is five seconds just just to illustrate time differentiation is one second 100 seconds is the 10th of a second. It really doesn't matter because we have a problem here if it's one precedes the other one temporally.

Let's say five seconds or so use as an example that we have a a believer is not regenerate for five seconds or we have a regenerate person who's not a believer for five seconds and both of those are logically very problematic.

So what we would say is that regeneration logically precedes faith there simultaneous but regeneration is what enables us to believe the regenerative work is logically prior to her belief and we believe because regenerate will be freely choose to believe because were regenerated by God. So we would say that regeneration and faith are simultaneous, but regeneration is logically prior to faith that make sense. That's how I explain it's and it solves the problems and make sense of the sites other areas of the all right.

A fellowship for one McCauley 720-7257 707 Matching Fund Dr. are told through the year.

If you were to donate anything or increase what you have a monthly or whatever it is we will know you have records we can keep track of everything. And whatever you give couple and we really do need that because were trying to set budgets for next year and plus it was tax-deductible Mollica stuff if you want to do that help us at all you do is go to the right hand side of any page you will see the work writing in red matching funds drive just click on that. What you need to okay alright let's see this week person is Jennifer Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Janet welcome the show.

You're on the year. Pretty are probably wondering why I thought why lack of better word. You been on the cross or physical death. Okay the wages of his death, now will make the backup score the first place. In Genesis 217 so God is the standard of righteousness and holiness, and he speaks what is in his own heart. Matthew 1234 Jesus says, and so God says existing like like that. Don't lie. Don't steal.

If you lie and you steal your breaking the command of God, the command of God is a reflection of the character of God. God is holy, and the law is holy, don't lie. Don't steal to commit adultery so these things are holier if you break these laws and you commit those sent of sin is broken aloft got for John three for if you do that, then there is a consequence and the consequence of separation from God. Isaiah 59 verse 2% of cost of separation between God and you and what God says to Adam in the garden in Genesis 217. He says the day that you eat of the fruit you will die and the fruit was the thing God had commanded not to eat again the why that was there no other stuff that her time what Adam did as he rebelled against God by participating in that fruit and it was a consequence to that the effect was to make a consequence upon him because he broke the law of God, that consequence was death note in Romans 623 it says the wages of sin is death. The free gift of God eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. So death is separation from God, and death is also physical and death that deals with damnation, so this is what the necessity, the law is not Jesus was made under the law.

Galatians 44 he had to fulfill the law and he did. First Peter 222.

He did perfectly. The reason he had to do that is because righteousness is based upon the law and when we talk about being justified before God. Having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 51. What is talking about. There is the right standing that we have before God.

According to the law so why is it then that Christ had to be God in flesh, who then for the sins of breaking the law and died not cross in order for us to be forgiven. The reason is because only God is capable of living. The law perfectly. The standard is perfection. First Peter one 1627, 26, James 210 James Galatians 310. These verses talk about the necessity perfection in varying degrees and forms, but we can't do that. Also, we cannot be righteous before God, according to law, so the only one who's left to do that is God himself. Second person of the Trinity who empties himself. Lukens 2528 news media for little other than the Angels.

Hebrews 29 and I was made on the log. Galatians 4 for any fulfill the law perfectly never broke the lotto first Peter 222 now the funny thing about sin is sin is a legal debt and Jesus is our father who art in heaven how would be the name forgive us our sins and Luke 11 for forgive us our debts, he says in Matthew 612 Jesus equates sin with legal debt.

Legal debts can be transferred or transferred to him on the cross. First Peter 224 and John 1930 Jesus says teletype which in Greek and English means it is finished. So what happened was he was under the law for our sin was transferred to him to send legal debt and he died in the trust of the wages of sin is death. So the one who's going to atone has to die because part of the requirement of the law because breaking the law is death, but Jesus never sinned for our sin, and so he could not freely die, so to speak, he had to be killed.

They had to inflict damage upon his physical body and ordering the die. The reason had to be both God and man is because only God is capable fulfill the law perfectly, and he to die for men and women course for people so just have two natures and he does the hypostatic union. Jesus is both God and man, both divine and human. So therefore, as a divine one.

He is able to offer a sacrifice of infinite value and he can he can close the door so to speak. The of of Sims decisions affect damnation, eternal damnation is close by Christ and all who put their faith or trust in what Jesus has done with them. There will be justified in the reason has to by faith alone and not faith and works faith and baptism or faith in reading the Bible or faith in going to church or faith in being sincere, but faith alone what Christ alone is because to do so is to say that he completely accomplished every single thing necessary for us.

Our salvation because we can do nothing because everything we have and do is touch by sin. Isaiah 64 six so therefore the perfection of his sacrificial work in his active obedience and is passive obedience is active. Obedience is him keeping the law. His whole life perfectly and is passive obedience is being led to the cross in his passive obedience. Our sin is imputed reckoned to his account legally and he dies. But in his active obedience. His living, the law perfectly is righteousness so flipping 39 says we have a righteousness, not our own. We get the righteousness of Christ by faith and it can only be by faith. If we were to add any work to it like baptism or communion or it or anything that we would do in order to obtain what Christ has done. Then what were saying is that what he did, the cross was not sufficient because it would mean that something else is done in order for us to obtain the forgiveness of sins.

So we look at this whole picture we see that God is the one in the second part of the Trinity, who became one of us and did what we could not do with the law perfectly, and while he was there this the penalty of sin was put upon him, and he died with only God amount that my God, thank you, thank you, and then praise God. Okay, thank you God bless you. That was Janet's and folks hope that was clear and hope you understood and the 640 get to the next caller. This is why Catholicism is false because Catholicism would say that you obtain initial justification through baptism you have to have it by baptism and that you keep commandments in order to be saved, be forgiven and that paragraph 2068, the Catholic catechism. That's why it's false. It's just as simple as that is why Catholicism is absolutely a false religion because it violates the true nature of the sacrifice of Christ and adds human works in efforts to obtain what Christ is done, it can't be tested by faith alone because even that is granted to us by God.

Clippings 129 John 628 29 and so Mormonism also is false because it says you're saved by grace through faith. After all you can do in this second Nephi 2523 and it requires the effort of good works in order to be saved and the Jehovah's Witnesses also teach that in order to be saved.

You have to keep the commandments that with the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach in the reference for that, trying to get the city to memorize that one is as good works are necessary for salvation studies in the Scriptures. Volume 1, pages of page 150. It teaches these things in February 15, 1983, page 12 it says that you have to obey God's laws in order to be saved. Ever since forgiveness forgiven Cece false religions adds works to salvation, false religions, false teachers, false religions, damnable heresies will say yes. You must believe and you must blah blah blah whatever this is, so that anybody says to be safe you faith in Christ and only why I got these messages I call 707 when you're growing up. Boy boy celebrated old yes right yes when you grew up when you know right before the year before Dimock celebrated so where do they sprinkle with no mark. The high priest when they are no mark what they are not what you know will be my thing would complete this good question. When the ark was in the temple at that time and that's you know if it was there to sprinkle. Sprinkle it on the mercy seat if it wasn't there they would've done was probably sprinkled it. If he did it all and that the holy of holies. But I don't know me to ask a Jewish friend of mine who's not Christian. It goes around witnessing to Jews about the Lord Jesus thing: asking that question. A big question. I do know that there are some verses in the Old Testament to talk about having atonement without blood and it's by grain offering to some other offerings that it's spoken of and I've had people quote that to me to say this is how they delight, or written health. I'm sorry, what like yeah I remember because it's been a while's that I've had a discussion but I just just the first, which is another way in the person you showed me in the Scriptures wasn't in the first five books, government correctly was later on when they did various things and for atonement. So my front and had to ask about that question not economically okay please do all right. It was Orlando from High Point, North Carolina. Let's see we have a broom father of many from North Carolina all right looking initially on the year.

Thank you note what you about our stay away from it by because it is too steeped in tradition and it teaches you to lose your salvation and teaches that baptism is part of the process of salvation. He also teaches that their church group.

This little book is ambiguous, but the church and her group to East Orthodox is the true church in that true salvation. Knowledge is found in it and that's why just a way because those kinds of groups that all teach that always add their tradition into the gospel message and usually invalidate the word of God. I have been in contact with Eastern Orthodox people and have slowly been listening and learning from them. The problem with Eastern Orthodox is it's not like the Roman Catholic Church.

Where has a catechism that's official that you can go to and you can read this executive teach their differences among the Eastern Orthodox people and the commonality has to do with what from what I've seen you lose your salvation you have to be baptized or to be saved and that their church is the true church. Nothing is teaching to baptize, we saved their teaching a false gospel flat out okay so this is what I've seen this record from them are viable man, Dr. Walter Martin ice to study under him in Southern California. He's original, and then Hank can a graph over and right. She went into Eastern orthodoxy, which is why he was removed from a lot of radio stations and that's why I'm on this network.

Because of that, you know I've met him personally, but in brief, federal, and a funeral and was the time to talk, but I would be glad to have a debate with them on on various things on Eastern Orthodox if you be interested and offer some corrections because some of the issue is listenable to God's sake and generally what happens is that those who hold to Eastern Orthodox and Catholicism in the forms like it is.

Are variations within both of those groups they hold to a form of traditionalism. That's the thing that's a problem and I was saying my church father can beat up your church father.

So what that means is that they will go with tradition of church fathers and say the church fathers taught this and this and that's why we have to go with this kind of style where it is and will the church father committed to each other and themselves. Many times we should always go with the work of God inspired God and not with tradition, so I'm not saying everybody in the Roman Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church is not saved, but if you believe from what I understand of Eastern Orthodox leave official Eastern Orthodox theology, namely that you can lose your salvation, and it is capped by obedience along with baptism as a requirement dinner, teaching a false gospel.

Okay great Mike you're welcome so much God bless. All right, let's get to Jeff you know we lost Jeff.

Let's get over to Sean for Missouri.

Sean Michelle met good all right what's on a quick question about what are some that you said about forgiveness, is it weird to you as cry for help, how to look for us as believers when we compare it to Matthew 18 and we can get people if they repent and be forgiven or give it back from a person yeah that's where my least favorite verses in the Bible. First of all its Colossians 313 bearing with one another and forgiving each other whoever's a complaint against anyone, just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you start with that first reason I don't like that verse is because I can't live at whenever I come across this verse. I'm convicted. I can't forgive as Jesus forgave like I should. And it's certainly a very good thing yes wow tell you my heart is still struggling with sin, angering resentments and pride and all those things that get in the way of complete total forgiveness seat that it says there as the Lord forgave you. How have we been forgiven. We have been forgiven completely and totally by G does he do what he can bring up our sins anymore.

That standard of forgiveness is perfection. I can never attain that I want to. I try to boy do I fail.

That's why Colossians 313 is difficult for sci-fi consider Colossians chapter 3 verses 1 to 17. To be a mirror that when you hold it up. Read these verses you see yourself what you really are, but nevertheless, so the issue forgiveness is forgiving others and you compare that to what what what is yours competitive something else. What Matthew 18 where you and were Jesus said that we are to forgive 100% complete but also it doesn't admit there seeing and you can go to all of the steps communicate them from the assembly of the things right and when we forgive someone that were supposed to do is completely and totally. Now in Matthew 18 in the discipline of Christians in the church when they offend the Lord when they say they're committing adultery, watching pornography, unrepentant plated that they're doing things fornicating sex outside of marriage little white lies are doing these things that they say about God understand no and what happens is out. We are supposed to take such people and lovingly offer correction lovingly come beside them and help them repent and if they don't do that, then we are to excommunicate them there to be forbidden from taking communion and are to be considered as unbelievers and so how can we forgive them we can forgive them in the sense that we understand the fifth.

They lied to us in our church in this part of the thing that they have not repented of what we can forgive and we ought to, but we also have to also carry out the discipline that is necessary because we don't want to have people in the church were going to cause others to stumble and it's the issue of holiness and things like that.

This gets difficult area where do we draw the line is we are to forgive 707, as the Lord has forgiven us, we should to. And yet were also told the discipline people so balancing those things out is difficult and both exist because both are necessary so in our our forgiveness of people that were disciplining we are to do that and were to offer correction but if were different. Can we do forgive them we are to forgive them as much as possible, as deeply as possible in our hearts, and yet the same time to lovingly take them to a place of discipline for the hope of bringing the back to a place of repentance and those two to balance not exactly easy to do that make sense okay. Yet you agree with the reconciliation is forgiveness or give it is reconciliation, but we see the fruits get more technical than most people isolated by fruit context and what an American so maybe forgiveness will point of forgiveness could lead to reconciliation. Look at our the Lord, the ministry of reconciliation, forgiveness is a part of it, would you consider though the same old Debbie speaking no reason to their similar and they are a kind of symbiotic forgiveness and reconciliation. So if my wife and I have a fight, you know, maybe some of you out there, Greer smeared fights with your spouses and you are at odds with each other. There needs to be reconciliation sometimes reconciliation necessitates forgiveness but other times it is not. Wickedness necessitates forgiveness. When sin has occurred, but it doesn't necessary necessitates forgiveness. When sin is not occurred. Maybe it's an issue of blue carpet red carpet argument and is not an issue of sin is just being a little bit stubborn and they don't belong in that area will map place issue banker. My dispute dress and things like that but is not an issue of sin. The carpet color is lying within forgiveness definitely needs to be offered by one to the other and then what were supposed to do when our forgiveness is not bring it up anymore. A lot of people don't know that because God says he does not remember our sins anymore, but he never forgets and when it says he doesn't remember them anymore means he doesn't bring them up. Probably forgiveness is. I mean this tongue-in-cheek. The problem with forgiveness is when you forgive someone that was bring it up and again I like to bring it up because I'm a sinner when he's against you later which I think then go ask forgiveness of my Lord, I thinking like that because I'm a sinner still and so the problem here is that if we can seek reconciliation with Duke from our hearts before the Lord as well is one another but it also depends on the situation. I will always end up being reconciled my wife because week. There is no option for divorce, but with others differences you think RMS are not really a time there was just so much shredded time.

The Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow

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