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December 18, 2019 12:00 am

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December 18, 2019 12:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why do people think Friday the 13th is bad---2- Are there two different creation accounts in the book of Genesis---3- What is your take on Derek Prince---4- What is -the discerning of spirits----5- Who are the real Jews-''--6- How does 2 Peter 2-1 fit with reformed theology- Is hell just for the fallen agngels and the false prophets---6- Is the immortality of the soul taught in the Bible- If hell is forever, how is that compassionate---7- Can you explain existentialism---8- Can you explain dispensationalism and covenantalism----9- How do you interpret Revelation 20 in terms of amillennialism-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine as a man. Why is called may be booked up if you wanted McCauley to do garlic 772072276055 lines and night Friday on the Lord's give you a great day today and a great weekend coming up the no. He's good, though he's merciful, no matter what happens, your eyes on him. So sometimes things get difficult.

Now Friday the 13th will work for the caller to come in 877-207-2276 Friday the 13th. We operates on a calendar thing where the day changes at midnight and this is how it's been for it, like Rome, ancient Roman things like that in Egypt and modern culture. However, with the Jews instead of midnight being the the time when the day would change you from the 13th of the 14th of the 15th and it would happen at sundown Sunday I would vary a little bit because so it's timelier so sundown was the beginning of the new day and tells sundown the next day would switch all right now.

On the 14th of Nisan. That's so that looks like it was Saturday for the Jews. Now let's just use the time of 6 PM because it's about average time when the sun goes down to 6 PM.

As an example so a citizen without a 6 PM that would meet at 6 PM it changed to the 14th of Nisan for the Hebrews, but was still the 13th for the Egyptians. What happened on the 14th of Nisan, the angel of death came through Egypt and killed the first and so it was the 13th for most probably the 13th for the Egyptians, but the 14th for the Jews. And so it looks like that that might have a bearing on this idea Friday the 13th now up to similar areas about number 13 and hope not Triscuit technophobic, which means you're afraid number 13th but nevertheless what do I now Lilith phones. Let's go to Dan from Richmond, Virginia. Dan, you are on the air and matter are you doing all right when he got.

I would like to know your opinion. Are there two different creation account in the book of John we might different as in they say different things or their contradictory and can both be true or what you mean well something like that. My family on the well did you actually want. I would get like to know that everything goes along together. I was trying to explain matter in my family was kind of done that my faith and I didn't know.

I know how to adequately defend that I could see that there was different yeah, but I'll let you go ahead and stage of the fadeout usually simple. Genesis 1 is more detailed in Genesis 2. It's a degree retelling in a different way for different emphasis for different purposes with their doing is not looking at the context not look at the culture, not looking at the literary form that was written and and so with her doing is committing an error called ethnocentricity.

Ethnocentricity is the error of judging the culture by your own culture. They didn't write the way we would write. They didn't think we we would think and believe in a lot of things we would believe. So what gives them the right to say that this is wrong in the sense of a literary style is what we have in Genesis 1 is days one through six in the created order. But when you get to a Genesis 2 verse four. For example, this is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord made heaven and earth, and he said now no shrub of the field was there in the mist was on the ground went to Garden HS has us all in the day so one things I'll ask people who bring this up as a safe Genesis 1 Genesis 2, so you read them and I'll ask have you read them recently and the answers always know so you got this information from some places that it is yeah okay so you haven't really read it.

You just repeating what you heard is that it lecture lot has also yes sometimes a saint will know I have read it okay if you read it okay now you think by any stretch of imagination you think that the Jews who regarded the book of Genesis as the inspired word from God himself. Do you think that they were aware of the different styles of approach in Genesis 1 verse in chapter 2 task or do you think they were so dumb, so stupid that it never occurred to them that they're not exactly identical. You think they were aware of that and course answers well yeah I'm sure there were aware of it, utilize it, they didn't have a problem with it, I'll tell you why. It's because they were different accounts of the same thing. Different ways of looking at the same thing so ill. Genesis 1126. The days one through six.

Would it just talking about is more details per day.

Genesis 2 is a real synopsis of the whole order and that's all. As you can see that as it goes through their and easily bring certain ideas out Genesis 2 contradictory produce a different approach a different style. That's all this.

Okay so when it talks about he created better in different parts of the world that does not at all. That's not different than Adam and Eve when he wears a sale clearly came from them were to say he created them in different parts of the world. It may not matter, I apologize.

I don't have my Bible open microphone that is really one to call you when I had the chance is okay say they do that okay so what he did was he created Adam and Eve and their genetics are perfect. Sure… And so they had children and the children would marry each other, and that they would live a long time hundreds of years they had lots of their children very quickly. Within a few generations.

Lots of people around.

They were intermingling there and it wasn't until later that God then put a prohibition upon incest. So what's the big deal here. I think that there is no big deal, and I never really want I want I just wanted to hear your take on that list to select and resume of your ministry, and I have not met your money yet but were working on a budget and we plan a budget UNR. God bless you and the kindly appreciate that million bless you, thank you for your kind words and thank you for your you do. Thank you.

Right was Dan from Richmond, Virginia. Folks if you want to give me a call to do is dial 8772072276F for open lines so should give me a call around whiskey to Ryan from Denver with the show there late. Maybe if I hit the button I don't have more lately.

I forget if the button look at everything just like so there you go right are you want a negative talk you recommend about that. Sure they know yeah question on Derek print eased out the way that a Bible teacher.

You've heard of them is 108 authentic teachings with I have not studied him enough to build give you very much opinion.

I do know that he's charismatic just fine as long as not openly to carriers magic and so love me since did you say he passed away. Usually I think he died in 2003 or something. No matter not at any rate, I guess it doesn't turn Kaiser Christian magazine and looking online to see dies in Jerusalem. Prince when a minute.

He was 88 okay yeah somebody else guy don't know so I cannot tell you I don't know who this person does so without that kind of get really find much material related to the disarray of spirit interested in what that really wasn't. He spoke on that is debatable discerning of spirits is some people don't know exactly.

And so if you find somebody says this is exactly what it is will then what you have to do is save shown within Scripture that that's exactly what it is because the Scripture does not say exactly what it is is mentioned said okay, so the mystery reiterate anybody tells you this is what it is they cannot think they might be right, but they can't back it up that they are because the Scripture again does not say so, so, what are the theories behind it discerning of spirits. One is that it if you do not possess a person's deal possessed an a Christian can then discern that that is the case. Another one is the discerning of the spirit behind certain teachings in certain ideas discerning the spirits of that, I would say well if that's what it meant that I can do that but I would have that ability and I recognize doctrine recognize truth recognize there but nothing that is what it is said that would under that qualification. By definition that would fit in, most anybody else worked with them for some think it might be that some think it might be something to do with the spirit of God versus the spirit of something else speaking through people and or demonic forces and/or angelic forces speaking and working through people and people being able to discern which spirits those are so we don't really know what that means we did like to know if there's theories okay with you, and I really really respect your logic and thinking I know can't be a matter dogmatic if they got the word to you about it, but that you know I did. What your thoughts are on me and I know you had to experience nickeled and I have you and I and I've had some experience in the scene you know if the you not not. You obviously know experiences aren't about the right to know what your thoughts were on that my definite opinion about it is, is very clear that I just don't know. I said I kind of want to lean towards the idea of the spirits being actual entities discerning of the spirits and that there somehow is to do with an actual being of some sort, angelic realm, good or bad, and towards that kind of effect I can lean that way I would not die that hill like I'm thinking Eric 61: deal with that spirit of divination nominated you know he even knew you know that that was that year that if there be other deftly help the body, not with regards to just demonic forces right so we talked about that you know it's in the charismatic context and I'm open all the charismatic gifts.

I have no problem with all of them continued for today in the church as a whole. I do have a problem with how I think of this used but to be definite. I don't know what your idea is the harassment is later.

All right, they voted right back after these messages the mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave that everybody hates what you know the end of the month year were having a matching funds drive. So if you want your support is all you do is go to convert/donate and anything that you contribute today and on will be automatically matched.

So if you're giving $10 a month already and you double lips to add another 10 then that additional 10 will be counted as something to be matched. If you get a one-time gift of 25. It will become another 25 and so this is one of the ways we help that was budgeted and you will pay for things we don't pay for keeping this and so if you would unity are considered mentally to reduce good karma toward CAR M.RG/ is go to current website and on any page on the right-hand side to see and read the delay, think, and matching funds drive liquid love that's great help. Let's get your phone number #877-207-2276 for four lines for what you may call 772072276 Michael from Pennsylvania welcoming on their day was going on at Leona. I so it is a guy why what one out on a regular and we bout it by and yet the question I, Abby stop DB bring up rate and bring up like prophecy and said you know right now that the Jews that are in Israel are not the real truth there there there like Colin Russia and its that the you know that the promised land promised to the Jews. But the Jews that are there better power not merely to but he also bring up another point is that the sect who then are the real Jews unique and who at the asking who the real Jews really are is the Jews who were there, who mostly can trace their ancestry back to their mother's house was to be done can do it for centuries. Please do not say what it was real Jews. According the sky and that that that that that let out a loud went right and then and then he went on to say, well, you know it we go by what the Bible says and and everybody you know humankind deriving from Adam and Eve, wouldn't everybody be considered to do so and had children and then later on they had different nations are performed, and then God called Abraham and out of Abraham, the Jewish nation was developed from not other people and Abraham had to go in the other descendents of Abraham went into slavery into Egypt for the people already there who were not the sons of Abraham, so know that that's incorrect. He does understand the Jewish being as you would would involve you, being a part of the bloodline and also part of the covenant correct. Well yes you can be a bloodline necessity, but also you can become a Jew, you become a convert, and then I forgot how many generations it is that after you your sons and your children children's children's children are Jews, then they become full-blooded Jews and the exact wording that I remember hearing about that.

So you can become a Jew like conversion but he could not but then there's a true value of it.

Biologically the ascendancy. After several generations of government exactly so anyway think there are those Jews who can trace their lineage back and I the Jewish friends was a Christian and he knows his tribe so you know that Judaism is about. This is their heritage that is having to go to the left back in the land of Israel. If using another real Jews are thinking.

Sure he had the question. Yet another question, but I can't remember the verse and I was watching it all gone over your your videos on Calvinism and and somebody had posted of briars and it was basically saying like it was talking about what was false prophets right in playing that the basically the things of those false prophets were atone for but they still basically what Dan got the first pair of rate so verse my computer saying Peter 21 of the false prophets also arose among the people. Just as there will also be false teachers among you who will secretly introduce disruptive heresies, even denying the master bath them reading swift destruction upon themselves and wonder how that fits in with reformed theology. EAA easily so let's seek and find the right verse, you got it so if you were to look at first and second Peter now I have the new American Standard Bible and with the new American Standard Bible does is it references the Old Testament a great deal and we have what's called quotes and allusions as a LL allusion so I quotes is a direct statement is quoting from the Old Testament and Peter, who wrote first and second Peter quotes the Old Testament a great deal and looking through right now and I'm just saying quote after quote because in NASB there in capital letters.

And so it's very easy to see where these things are and when you go into second Peter where the verse is, you'll see that Peter also quotes the Old Testament and he alludes to the Old Testament that was what he does is he references the Old Testament like Sodom and Gomorrah present making a quotes and angels when they sinned cast into hell. This is from the Old Testament as well. He he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the inverse things.

So what he's doing a great deal as alluding to the Old Testament and for example in second Peter 222 he says so you know he quotes the proper dog charges on vomit, etc. so he's what he does is is he's referencing the Old Testament if he's doing this we have a question, but false prophets also wrote rose among the people which people talking about you talk about the whole the Old Testament. Because he says earlier, that no prophecy of Scripture is of one little private rotation. Prophecy of Scripture folks Keflex not Scripture the prophecy of Scripture. For no prophecy ever made by neck acumen well but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

This is the false prophets also rum rose among the people who will who was he talking about it makes most sense to say, referring to the Old Testament and the false prophets of the Old Testament time and where would that refer to, because it says that they were bought who these false prophets were bought. I can't prove this is what he's alluding to go to Deuteronomy 32 verse six because remember. But I Peter is quoting the Old Testament a lot and is a lot of references to the Old Testament. So how do you know he is referencing 32 six which is okay. Please stay tuned photographic after these messages the McCauley seven mass Y call 77077 is already what about the showed is a reminder that end of your magic on track to help us out to anything that you donate and help will be matched will be doubled. to see was get back on the line to Michael I Michael you still there yeah all right. So in the context of Peter referencing the Old Testament so much, which is what he clearly did not written article on this in another website I got there is a verse that is very interesting that refers to the time of the false prophets in Egypt and as they left Egypt along with the Jews.

It says this the in Deuteronomy 2032 six.

Do you thus repay the Lord of foolish and unwise people is not heat your father who has bought you he is made you an established you and what is doing is he talking about the Old Testament people were bought and were false prophets among those people so they were box but doesn't mean that they were justified and saved.

They were bought in a generic kind of way.

So that's why it's not talking about legal purchase and legal atoning work with us and that is cancel per click Colossians 214 okay this is many will follow their sensuality, etc. so that's how I look at it is what I see because the false prophets goes back to the early 13 I dealer false prophets and false teachers and things like that so well among the people which people since you squealed estimate so much that seem to be the context we talk about in a Jew would understand the people of Israel were bought by God doesn't mean that every single one of them was redeemed is going to heaven, but they were bought generically because God purchased them. He got them out.

That's how it's spoken of via Moses into every 3 to 6 letter like I see it, there's more complicated answer to that little more terrazzo to buy is not using the sense redemptive work when it's this and that is another thing but so but I think there were 32 six is a quick, simple way to the Scriptures. Okay, well you get a quick and another crack at that that you like apologetic crap on page write that up. What I do since you asked is patriotic/Matt slick just for Mexican patriot and what I do is once a week. I just sent to my computer and I talk about something.

I think the video and people can sign up just to just to watch it. Basically, they can ask questions and ask about the respondent and will do periodically as is have a time where only those people who are participating.

Can can come into a room and we can just talk and things like that is where the ways I'm using to help meet the financial obligations and I got and as well as trying different avenues to begin to communicate. It's not as wonderful as you might think only speak for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour. Generally, in a lesson and then I move on so you decided to give a try if you want, I'll shoot you have got bless and since I could to significantly go go there we go.

And since you brought that up is one of the things I do in order to don't just make ends meet and do not participate in any can go to Petrie on his look at my name and check it out. I photographed for the lines all you do is I give a call 877-207-2276 don't make me come out there. You may call let's get to Nate from Salt Lake City showed that I have a question for you fiber into a program before your running May 20 here in Galway and this person said that the Bible does not keep you not to defendant definitively say that all you would so morgue is immortal being the into the innate immortality of the soul of the human soul is not actually hot definitively in the Bible and I wanted to find out what you thought about that. Yeah, that person is wrong case that the Bible teaches that. So when we die that we continue on in our existence. You go to second printing 12 to that policy processes later in the body or the body do not know such a mascot would have, and he heard and saw things and so we go segment is 58 which says that the gaps of the body is to be home with the Lord will raise reason bringing these verses up is because what the annihilation list will say the cold conditional condition list or conditional immortality annihilation is the say that the human soul is not innately immortal, and that it will die, and that God's judgment upon people and that those were damned will results either in universalism, which means that everything be saved but in the next context of annihilation as it means that people who were not redeemed are going to cease to exist and that that's what I can say and so there's a logic issue here as well.

You see the thing is if you saying is not innate in the sense that the human soul is not obtained of itself was called the CFT CFT is a quality of God and really got alone, but is the concept that God is eternally independent will. Does that mean then that in the module day the image of God.

Genesis 126 that we then possess an immortality innately in us, because God created it in us and that we will always exist or is it that in the continuation of the soul, even damnation, that the soul must be maintained in its existence by God's active will so there's discussions about what this means. But what we do see in Scripture is that those who die who were damp, are forever in conscious torment. Either way the personal to say that the innate issue the soul's immortality is that it is a quality that is possessed by it by its ontological nature. It's essence of its nature's God created that way or that it is maintained by God's active choice to maintain their existence in the same damnation as well as gumption. Either way issue is the section 112. Another kind of thing happens under the issue.

It is important and is very very very important because letter to be saying is that the human soul ceases. Most of them say and I literally literally last night was having a discussion with two or three of them holding this position last night and they couldn't argue their way out of what paperback they don't understand the soul is with the spirit, is that understand the relationship between the two did understand some areas I was bringing up which will bring up now again to show people but they didn't understand a lot of logic and a lot of the Scriptures. My theological blessing that logic from Scripture, but we can't have something be true if it's counter logical if it's illogical is we cannot have the soul be immortal and also not immoral at the same time the same sense it's a simple common sense but nevertheless. So with this issue. Issue does the human soul continue on eternally in torment for the wicked, because that's what the issue is not about the good, but about the wicked and slowly go to verses like Revelation 14 of the show you the support 11 and the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. They have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image whose whoever receives the mark of his name, so it is says here is forever never relive literally what that is is in the Greek is Iona Stone, Ionia, and that literally means age into the ages or in ages into the age agent, ages, things like that.

That's what they're saying say they say what it really means is there's ages and you only have eternal life in ages, but that the ultimate age you don't consider saying is eternal with her to be saying that is that while wait a minute they're different ages. So, for example, in Matthew 12 2232, when Jesus says last week the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven at this age or the age to come, the universalist, for example, will save obligated for that they will be because a take the word age they define it not as being an eternal thing in the context it's used like God is forever never wholly the age of the ages, holding the symbol that means it's forever, but over here with people.

It means it does not truly the pick and choose how they want things to be done. How they want things to be said, I'm very familiar with this whole argument all the stuff of an awful lot on the deal with a lot and am good at Revelation 2010. The devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone with the beast and the false prophet are also in the be tormented day and night for ever and ever a lease with English translation say, but what these people say is, it doesn't mean forever and ever. It means an age of ages and so therefore those ages can and so therefore the really unit not exist. After a while, which is problematic for other reasons admitted to, but this was going on here.

I do you make me want about God's compassion is there, your that's why people might invent things like purgatory is like that because they can't at the very heart concept. That my brothers my my parents for my is ever one you get a break.

Let's talk about them. It is important annihilation. This is as close as the mass Y call 77077) could back to Nate from selected innately. Still, there are some people will say they have often said Wilbur is God's compassion and isn't going to grieve God and stuff that people are in hell forever without any hope. How does it make you feel isn't that horrible.

Why would God do that and so these are emotionally based arguments.

They have nothing do with the truth. If nothing to do with logic and nothing do with God's inspired word is what they gonna do is extract out of God's character. Certain attributes and abandon others and when you do that, there's official salad I believe is called the fallacy division, where it states the remixer get this right was letter I get the fallacy of conversion of division and and composition mixed up but those who division yet is when the whole is true to her talk about with Isaac fallacy of composition. The engine is blue.

Therefore, the car is blue. So what is it composed of his truth, the whole.

In other words, God is love. So therefore that's how we have to view God as a whole. Loving will. God is also just what I could say that we need to view God as a whole is simply being just what to do either one is to misrepresent because God is not those not composed of different parts. We want to say that we do want to say that God is love and is just in his holy these righteous in his merciful patient. He does get angry. He does judge he does various things and all of these are equally valid and true in God's character we do not want to extract one thing to represent the whole, is called the fallacy of composition. The so God is love. Therefore, all he is is love. That's not the case and is not really the fallacy published was a close friend know someone who's logician and knows an argument with a fallacy is please let me know were properly and accurately represent but nevertheless, so be careful when we do that in their emotional arguments have no weight when it comes to truth is God is just and I will punish people for their rebellion against him and so he must start. Are you familiar you are familiar with the effluent I okay for you wrote a book called the great DeVore where he counted made but found like that people who aren't hello have a chance to correct their call P thinking in their stubborn ways in and make their way toward the mountain of God in heaven. So yeah exist as his nose was not right about everything and in that he's a great thinker, but he's writing this. There are hints of universalism. There and he's very incorrect yeah, and to find people saying that this notice eternal torment being thrown into the lake of fire is only reserved for Satan and the people in Europe and the progression in fallen angels that not true either or is you yeah good.

Revelation 2010. The devil who deceived them was thrown in the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet were false prophets with the human being and okay in relation 2011. The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever.

They have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, that's a bunch of people who ever receive the mark of his name. That's pretty sobering to think that there's no chance for a second chance after the body we need to have a relationship with God. Here and now and exactly here is not likely seven says is appointed unto men to die once this judgment. Jesus is, unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. You'll find a second chance sentimentality or is the logical fallacy I think is more accurately noticed call the appeal to pity and appeal to emotion is a fallacy of thinking broker and appealed emotional view Goshen and I appreciate that I am here the show before your micro pastor of a church in is very adamant there and he was talking with another pastor so this is very interesting. Katie is even among no clerical type people. Yeah, I kinda want to definitely lean toward completely making this caramelizing out today what website may be vented to be having the time that I look up in isolationism and look up universalism.

They have not exact the same, but have similarities and the that are in the hundred and 80 articles related to annihilation is I have very very very thoroughly studied the topic and it's it there incorrect. The soul of the Don continues on forever and I've offered a debate event on that already. So whatever logos is the correct outfit for the next color. Thank you for your time and I met. I listen on the way home from work though. I really appreciate your ministry as well.

Thank you, plus let's get to be Charlie solicited Charlie welcome to the show. You're on the program about that mat down.

I don't quite understand what it is a philosophical approach to knowing and learning and it deals with the idea that this kind of humanistic and in that humans are and their experience as they exist is the means by which they are to determine what is true and so truth is found within personal experiences, understandings, feelings, so the human experience is the beginning, the human experience is where we need to be human thinking human feeling and things like that. So we start with the individual as the means by which truth is obtained existential is it's a sophisticated form of intellectual narcissism and that I will tell you what the truth is I will experience it, etc. etc. and their problems with this because one person's existential experience might differ from another person's how do you know which one is correct, morally how you which one is true and how do you know the next expect essentialism is to begin with. If you look at the human condition and that truth is found within personal experience how you verify that that is the truth.

How do you know it's true because if you appeal to personal experience to validate personal experience is pure circular reasoning and subjectivism. It has no merit. Intellectually, as being valid that make sense okay very good. Sure how I will show. Also understand it well was misunderstood. In contrast to commensalism, in my opinion this contrast were covenantal is is how God speaks and he works covenantal. He he makes covenantal agreements with the intra-intra-Trinitarian communion for various reasons and he also does it with people at various times, and so a covenant is a pattern agreement between two or more parties, so God was covenantal so the Old Testament Latin for Testaments or land for covenant asked excusing is testament to him, Old Testament, New Testament old covenant new covenant you go to Hebrews 8 Hebrews 9 talks about new and old covenants. God was covenantal. He, I believe, because it's based on his word.

Dispensationalism would say that God works throughout history in different time periods or dispensations so dispensation would be the same thing is a period of time and so some people in the government. My notes because there's different views on how many dispensations within dispensational circles and to be fair, their differences in opinions on how many covenants there are between and dispensational stuffs on this because there's differences of opinions dispensationalism doesn't mean it's not true but so.

One view holds that the seven main dispensations at the dispensation or the, the age of innocence in Genesis 1 and three, or conscience. Genesis 3 through eight civil government. Then another one a promise another one of the law of grace and then dispensation the millennial kingdom and things like that and I'm so that's the idea.

Some have seven.

Some have three dispensations something go down emitted to the Old Testament time was the dispensation of law that were the dispensation of grace. I disagree with those things.

But no other good godly people who dispensation lists. I have a good friend and Rappaport worked for striving for eternity. Ministry sees a different specialist and outnumbered us talking today or yesterday but anyway doesn't matter so that's what that is dispensationalism okay I am out what you to bless all rights. Let's get on the phones with Sean from North Carolina.

Chandra got about two minutes with somebody you think that got a question about Revelation 18 and and how how to interpret that warned that that Big boy. The only words that you know bait and a lot of the unexplainable. You know it excited would like to Give the girl a log that the millennium I got that at that. My question how I noted that I wrinkled millennialism you think I get off at job along seminary yet fully understand most of them do teach on millennialism and I hold well on idealism, but not because of that yet. No church or and I know that you thought or bike. How would you interpret that regulation for any regard to be gone for about an year being the easy and threw it on millennial view. Yet, we would say that the Word 2000 is uses a figurative context there and other places that owns the cattle on a thousand hills of the thousand years, etc. so thousands like our term a billion, and how long a billion years. How long that no one else look at the content land right now. Well, no, I don't believe I don't personally believe so. But if you go to Mexico.

2232 Jesus says that Satan was bound then you can verify that in Matthew 12 went in order for him to cast out demons. The strongmen has to first be found. He says so.

And since he's casting the amount that means he's bound so Revelation 20. For example, let me ask you some questions as I read through it that I saw an angel come down from heaven, which is it's a literal into coming up in heaven or figurative little more effective. Eileen met Ward interpreting a lot like Revelation wanted to do what they thought by the end of time, and I was kinda sorry sorry Cesar literal or figurative, literally okay holding okay, holding the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand, literal or figurative. Okay, delete, hold the Dragon literal or figurative signature tell you sir okay language by the real thing yet, but that's yes so that then you admit to be figurative and bounty for a thousand years, literal or figurative. And that's just a question to ask at that point. How do we know it meant a literal question in the sink it isn't literal. I'm not saying it is literal. I'm just saying in the context there is room for figurative interpretation. That's all I'm saying. I hope I'm wrong though.

I like the frail and better than mine.

I'm close to government folks, we are at a time in the Lord bless you I hope you rate by his grace back on the air on Monday. Hopefully

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