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December 20, 2019 11:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 20, 2019 11:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the problem with the theory of evolution, particularly the idea of life forming by chance anywhere in the universe.--2- Should Christians celebrate Christmas- Is it ok if I choose not to---3- How do I explain to people why James 2-24 is not teaching a works slavation---4- Have you heard of the objection to Calvinism presented by Thomas Mcullough, from the Facebook page Logical Faith-

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Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why is called Matt slick. I have a good time listening today: what you give me a call 772072276 and let's see now, just let you guys know him, hoping it is working fine. Tessa people to help me test this out. So we got a new thing going on YouTube go to the corm org YouTube page, and I hope it's working but people think sounds muffled already. Well, just something would have to work on and I will figure things because things are working out just right. All I know I gotta do one thing here, turn this on the walls I've had to do all this so get networking hopefully this should work no better in them. You may call as usual. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and should be fine. Alright so late let you know that we do sell nearby your support if you like what you hear here join the show. All you do is dial you will go to comment org and screw/donate and you can help us out over asking is that you donate, what would it be donate wheat we like recurring donations because recurring donations enable us to be able to say you do the budget. The budget will be needed merely doing whatever you donate will be matched. So if you donate 20 be doubled matching funds directly.

The sums can help us out with that. So it would be just great if you would go there and check it out. Whatever you donate will be matched and doubled. If you do a $20 month thing summed up the next year that will be matched. So what you know to stop Prescott alright now of the producer before the show about various things that I thought I might talk about something just a little bit to what your appetite is we don't have any callers 877-207-2276 soma try something when trying do is explain why life cannot form by any by anyplace by chance in the entire universe and triangle thrown explain this and do two things. One is probability and one is information. This is good be difficult for me to get down to an easy-to-understand level because it does take some Illumina training and the hopefully patient with a well explain something why there can be no life of forming by chance anywhere in the entire universe, and here's why there's a concept like understand and it's real simple math relates to the world math relates to where we are and if we were to build a roller coaster on paper with using math, physics, trigonometry, calculus, all that stuff and we were to then draw up those plans based on math between engineer for Donna math right then when they build these things they will work perfectly because the math works just like relativity, Einstein on paper chalkboard workout math and then they finding out when they go faster. Go slowly go here they go there it works that what he was saying was true. So math relates to reality. Math relates to the actuality where we are and our world and why it doesn't really interesting thing alright so in the universe. If it were 18 billion years old, which I don't grant to sake this is the outside age that even the scientists say… So psyched… And that's what then were 18 billion years old and every single particle, the entire universe were changing. It states the maximum rate possible for 18 billion years they will be tender.

The hundred and 38th events. That means every particle traded state in the entire universe is like every atom changing instinct is the maximum number of times can per second.

So how many seconds in a tubular billion euro universe, etc. the math comes out to roughly 10 to the hundred 30th power is incredibly huge that the second universal limit that when you get DNA DNA has called nucleotide bond pairs in his four main building blocks and DNA adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, and the first two editing and thymine. That's one group and is 18 GC and going, going, and cytosine. They go together.

18 NGC that so that they just called the insignia of ATV can also flip it and have TA NGC new flip and have CG which means you have one in four chance of any particular nucleotide being in a position in a DNA molecule. It's like a ladder that's been twisted, or each step is one of those molecules were those bond pairs of nucleotide bond pairs is the steppingstones speak every 24 so that means it means that each time the molecule has to have that nucleotide bond peer in place it wanted for any particular version of it will be there if two of them.

It's one and 4×14. Which of the years .25×.2514×1/4 116 odds of that particular arrangement. The third one will be one is 16×1 and for the words each time it's 24 times how many there are percent of a mixed one. The fourth, the fourth and times and each time you add one of these steps, it gets smaller and smaller. The odds become so small as the smallest known virus has over 200,000 of these steps that would mean one fourth which is equivalent and decimals 2.25, one fourth quarter as 1/4 of a dollar $0.25 so .25 so .25 to the 200,000 power, which is so small that it can even be measured. It's so statistically small it just you know I can make up numbers like tender the 500,000 power. It is not going to happen and people say will okay remember the maximum number of total events in the universe of every particle changing estate 50 million years. The maximum number of that speak to the hundred 38th with the odds of particular arrangement of a DNA molecule is tenderly who knows how hundred thousand power just like it happened, but people will say this for several women the state. These molecules do occur, and things do occur even though the odds are against him. Yes, they do occur. You could throw a bunch of rocks out and what the odds of them falling in place to limit good illustrations. If you and I were walking down the path and there were two stones next to each other good thing you think if a foot later there were three stones, suggesting a foot later. Now it's equidistant every foot and is two and then three and then five and then seven and 1113 it was on the hundred one prime numbers there certain kinds of numbers are called primes of four is not a product is 2×2 was possible along with one times for the prime is only one times the number five which is prime, you can't get any other good any other way using hold so primes are just right there know if we're to see these primes we would know that there was complexity, there were odds that these particular stones would be in a position along with the complexity something called specificity.

There's an arrangement inside that complexity.

The arrangement is the information the arrangement is what makes it interesting. You can have a molecule DNA molecule that has an incredibly against it set of audits, but it exists but it doesn't contain information any more than a thousand rocks thrown out into a flat surface parking lot. Doesn't it doesn't mean this information, but if you threw all those out anywhere in stacks of prime numbers. That's an interesting issue and that would be called specified complexity is complexity but has a specified quality to it and call it information DNA has to have complexity and specificity. It has to have the complexity plus after that arrangement, which is information not only does that molecule have to be arranged in a special pattern of information structure but also has the reader and has enfolded information genome structures. Things like this which are good way to call and the odds of this happening with the information structures is so into infinitesimally small coming so infinitesimally small that it's impossible that life informed by chance any place in the entire universe, it cannot happen, cannot happen when someone says any particular arrangement of Adam has a certain complexity to them. That's true, and it could be infinitely big to be tender the hundred thousand power extra. But then it happened that what he say that I think you're missing the issue of specificity because specificity is arrangement in patterns that are a sign of intelligence and information like prime numbers or if we are take a bunch of stones and throw them out without the stones thrown out into a parking lot. We do see a bunch of stones thrown out or whatever if throw them out there and they formed a face of somebody like Pres. Trump Eagle well how did that happen very detailed measles and influence their it can't happen that you throw something out like that would cause of a face to appear a very detailed face. It doesn't work like that specificity implies and necessitates intelligence and unless God has intelligently designed something in the universe. Life can't form in the universe any place in this is why there can be no no lifeforms anyplace out there anywhere.

It just can't happen by chance God has to be around.

God has to be for the information to work.

I hope that makes sense. You know it'll take me some practice times run-throughs to go through and explain it to make it more coherent, but I hope that that makes sense if you questions about a gimmick, call 87720722764 open lines was good to JC from Des Moines I went JC welcome the show, you are on the air format.

I'm doing okay. How are you doing pretty good this wanted to get your input. I'm one of those Christians that not celebrate Christmas. Probably Artie done your research, but what would you say to. I have a lot of Christian know they want celebrate the day that you want. Obviously the street that they was declared by the Catholic church to be the day that Christ was born by a Pope so in looking back at Christmas work Christmas for Christ. The mass medicated to Christ. So what would you tell someone who comes to you and tell you that Christmas shouldn't be celebrated by Christians.

What is, what are your thoughts about that. If the person want to say that all Christians should not matter why call 7707.

Here is Matt's way back to the show morning there alright so okay so you and I I support your interview that you have the right to believe that that's not a problem if you don't believe that you should be celebrating Christmas and you ought not do that if you say other Christians ought not do it then you have to have a reason based in Scripture as it has to have a universal application yet. It will save all Christians ought not do this, but this can be difficult to do because there's logistic as well as scriptural problems with it and lessen your position as a right you do what you gotta do before the Lord. No problem. So the origins of something being bad doesn't mean that it is bad. So if a murderer taught me trigonometry. It doesn't mean trigonometry is false is called the genetic fallacy. No, we have to be careful though because in Christianity, we know that and doesn't know that the Christmas tree is really of a pagan origin and of course Jesus was not born on December 25 and the apostate Roman Catholic Church is the church that designated that day for being that they so we should maybe we should celebrate because December 25 was the winter solstice celebrated by pagans and Roman Catholicism tried to adopt that day and make it a Christian day in the kind of work and kinda didn't work and so that's the traditional day was not really the day and it has a Christmas tree associated with that which is not of biblical origin is a pagan origin origin so therefore we should be celebrating. If this is a person's conviction than the ought not do it, but here's a question let's say you and I are missionaries and we are in a foreign country and we are walking down a road going to marketplace to get some food and we see up on the hill, a pagan temple. We know animal sacrifices occur in that they contain double and we know that they take that temple meet that they sacrificed to demonic forces.

They don't know that it is that we know what it is and they offer it down in the market to be sold to be eaten. Can you and I then freely eat it. What you say. When we freely be able to eat that meat I would play poker with Paul mentioned that vital right first contents 10 which it's okay to do that is not to hurt us. Even though the origin of it was pagan but were beyond is so don't worry about that now. We don't want to do that if it's in a stumble somebody else that's a different issue stumble anybody and so we have a good about that but were free to be able to partake in that even though it was a pagan origin in the principle I believe carries over the idea of Christmas.

Of course it was December 25 yes to the apostate Roman Catholic Church was involved in that day. Yes, the Christmas tree has a pagan origins. But when we have a Christmas tree in our house with lights on it. The family gets together and is fun to decorate and to put presence around and we know and everybody knows that we are doing this because we believe in Christianity and work doing it as a day to celebrate Christ, and we have a prayer that I leave the prayer and I pray to Jesus and say thank you for us to be able to celebrate your birth.

We don't even know exactly what day it that he was able to do that and so let's say hypothetically that there was a family on a deserted island in the mom and dad celebrate Christmas or the second and they did this in their children don't know anything about the origins and mom and dad die and so the children continue to celebrate it with a B incentive for doing they have no understanding of the origins no inclination about anything. He just think it's it's okay and that's what they're doing in the celebration. It would not be simple for them because they don't know celebrating anything pagan. Their free and another thing is that were free because we died with Christ. Romans 66 Roman 68 Colossians 31 through five talk about us having died with Christ and Roman 7124 says that those who have died are free from the law, so were free to build a celebrate that on let's go stumble somebody else. We don't ease her freedom is a case of stumble anybody else so I know he's not born December 25 I know and I know that a lot of this has pagan connection to stuff but that's not what I'm doing, doing it because it's a social thing people get together. I don't have a problem with it.

It's meat sacrificed to idols, to some degree I could participate in it as long as my stumbling anybody that okay that makes sense yet.

Sometime I think if we look at the other way around as I don't know have everybody believe what I believe you like you are staying like a picture that I appreciate your understanding. My point of view.

Sometimes I feel like that they look at me like I'm the Grinch who does not believe that you know it Christmas and I will I hate you know prices for and it looks like they need to look also understand that I have my belief and it's not because I don't want to celebrate getting together and all that stuff but yet it become because I mean really rare to find people who don't celebrate Christmas. It's almost like you know who doesn't close that you know that they don't like Christmas. I think everybody like I I human you doing the holidays you know it's the third of everybody's being nice and everything so it is a hard subject for me to touch during these times and I try not to. I try not to tell them buddy that they need to stop celebrate because I believe that everybody should have built conviction for you. That's the right attitude to have you lead by example, if you think this is right to do. I have a good friend of Nathan and he and his wife won't buy or sell on Sundays and he doesn't judge me when I go out to dinner and I judge him for not respect him and he respectfully no judgment were still good friends and no mocking about it on my block, my friend, but to it's all good and stuff like that so we have freedom we need ability to express that with each other.

We have to do is Romans 45 E. plan must be fully convinced in his own mind that were all obligated to do good for you.

Thank you alright God bless Tracy all right is good over to Eric from Richmond, Virginia Eric, welcome to the show.

You're on the air got real quick question we regards to James chapter 2.4 K only Scripture when I read the script. I believe that were justified by faith but made like Jesus Christ and nothing but leave you still telling work of Jesus Christ in our lives that make righteous and tight with a lot of people who keep a space salvation got James 224 and it's this remarkable because even though Scripture or that the lease that Abraham believed God. I think I'm right. And if James was saying they were justified by works, what would contradict Bob, and I know that you are spoken on occasion one man and you can further expound on that really matters. Like why 7707 back to the show.

There alright so a Paris could be is a section of Scripture to be one verse two verses half of verse 750 verses which is a section of Scripture in the Paris could be of James, to a certain verse 14 it says every clearly what use is it my brother and if someone says he has faith but has no words can that faith save him this what type of saving faith. I think it's real saving faith is. Talk about true faith.

If a brother or sister is without clothing in need of daily food want to be sent and go in peace, be more refilled it you do not do it or give was necessary for their body, what use is that what he's doing here. She's illustrating the issue of what true faith really is is is even so faith but has no works, is dead, being by itself that this is essential you. I believe God lived, whatever. And then he got do bad stuff that's not true faith. So what Jane is talking about is a difference between true face of true faith and false faith or someone.

Some people like to say essential and fiducial essential his mental assent, mental knowledge mental faith fiducial is heartfelt trust, heartfelt faith in a different the second is what leads what is salvation.

The other is false.

In this essay, I believe it or not trusting.

That's the difference. We know this is the case because we know it is on the issue. The horizontal because of the issue of justification by faith and works was going on by faith or by works well in the context of James two.

It's on the horizontal verticals between people, because verse 18 says, but some may well say you have faith and I have works. Show me your faith without the works I will show you my faith by my works. That's deftly the horizontal Cygnus hot you can see my faith.

That's how I'm to see your faith. You believe that God is one. You do well. The demons also believe in shutter. Now that's what he called false faith. This is or is this called essential his mental assent.

Yes, a demonic hordes know that God exists. They don't trust them. They don't have faith and hope in him, but they have that kind of of a belief in the word is from the Greek's 20, you believe that God is one. You do well. The demons believe also asked us to test the work to stew over the word faith is justice purpose 20 the verb and the noun to stew always.

The verb is this is the noun, and so it's the same word okay so you saying you believe that God is one you have is essential that kind of face the demons had the same thing but are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith that works is useless. True faith is gonna manifest true faith is can have works true faith is going to show was not our fault without Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up Isaac his son on the altar will justified before who before God know because we know from Romans chapter 4 verses one through five.

Paul clearly speaks against what shall we say that Abraham, our forefathers or poor the flesh is found.

For if Abraham was justified by faith is something that by works is something to boast about, but not before God. That's the vertical that this is a horizontal hearing. James so he says was not our father Abraham justified by works, he offered up Isaac is the issue of the faithful people in the horizontal issue of justification.

This is he's the demonstrating that his faith is real but is not the demonstration that makes them saved because God knows our hearts and he knows the faith that he's given to us the goods.

129 is granted to believe he Artie knows what is real in us. This Weiss hasn't been diverted from to see that Bennett faith is working is working with his works. As a result of the works, faith was perfected. And so even as we believe and we behave according to your belief. There's a mutual work in between, or in with both of those were both of them work together and our faith is increased as we do things. This is more the emotional, spiritual things occurs in the Scripture was fulfilled which says Abraham believed God, it was reckoned to him as righteousness is called a friend of God.

So the fulfillment of this wasn't that Abraham was justified by my works before God or by faith and works, but is the demonstration that the faith that he has his real faith is manifested with works in this kind of faith is what justifies not the faith is essential, but the faith is fiducial because fiducial has works with it because we truly believe God can act accordingly will believe that's the key. We behave based on what we believe, not what we don't believe so.

Abraham believed it was real belief and so therefore the works that he had manifested out of his real belief that the faith that is justifying and that's why says you see the man is not justified by works is by works and not by faith alone. That is interesting statement because if they want to say that were just about my works and not by faith alone.

They have to save is by faith and works that were justified, but is that what it setting the context in verse 18 is a horizontal and if someone wants to say that to the horizontals not was being spoken of any have to remove verse 18 the deftly says you show me your faith. I'll show you my faith. And that's the issue. The manifestation of true saving faith with God. 20 says a man is not justified by works, that is justified by works and not by faith alone. If someone wants to saved by faith and works that we have to reconcile other verses in the Bible in the city if they mean that that faith and work have to go together in order to be justified before God. That's the condition we were talking about here is what they talk about is not the case to be justified by works at all, because Romans 45 Paul says to the man who does not work but believes in him justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Who does not work so we can't set Scripture against Scripture and see.

Will James 224 is refuted by Romans for five or Romans 45 is refuted by James 224 is all inspired. So those who hold to the idea. James 224 is saying works and say that we got to go to James five. Explain, we can't have music or something started hearing Eric Holt I don't know what is going on. That was from him.

Eric there adults were still on still hear me to the radio having a problem. I don't know if we are where we live on the air to ask could have a little problem.

We are on okay no problem so I don't have there, but no big deal, and so we can't have scriptures contradicting each other, refuting each other. It doesn't work like that. So, since the Bible clearly says in Romans 450. A man is justified at what it does not work but believes when there's no works, but belief that faith alone.

That's the justification before God. James two.

This necessarily must be paid as justification for people and what true faith really is all right.

Hope that helps. Let's get on the phones with Jeff from Michigan Jeff welcome you are on the left little game in a linear, which we got any for your ministry appreciate it will open the way. I don't know what going on will I hear you son Academy okay you get a bit so I ran across the objection, the Calvinism, and it would open up on a Facebook page. It was a lot about it factually apologetic Facebook page called logical faith and that all the sudden the guy got a Carnatic Calvin.

Though he posted that objection and it was from, all I do know if you ever heard of, all that he is an author and I printed out the pole basically and if you don't mind I'll read through it real quick.

Probably take me 32nd and and get your response, McCall offered the following illustration to show how Calvinism present both with the God who is unquestionably a morally rich and maniac coherently.

The military's imagine okay here we go imagine a parent who is able to control each and every action filled and it's furthermore able to do so by controlling their thoughts and inclination you got able to determine each and all action taken by the children. He is also able to guarantee that they desire to do everything that they do and this is exactly what the parent does put them in a special playroom that contains not only toys but also Gatling and matches and then he gives them explicit instruction with the beer warning to avoid touching the gasoline and matching stepping out of spite E determined that the children indeed begin to play with the Gatling and that when the playroom of the blade and the situation. Desperate, he rushes in to save them break through the walls on break will finish the that place on right after the break we have for the lines 877-075-7707 is back in the show to quick one overdoing so. Matching funds drive. If you are interested in supporting us would love that whatever you donate for history. From now on the end of the year will become a double so if you want to help us out all the dues go to, CA.R and a/donate organs, go to the site look on the right-hand side to see and read to the donate link and the other thing is, before the lines if you want to give us a call 877-207-2276 let's go to Jeff or Michigan. Jeff, you are on the here now quit discontinuing where you are okay.

I'll try to get adequate care if I can go to the plate to fire the parent break through the wall, grab three of the seven children carried them with safety.

The rescued children after they calm down after about the fourth sibling. They want to know if the parent can do something correctly them as well.

The father tell them that this tragic occurrence has been determined by him, and indeed it would look matching that it had worked out in exact accordance with his client that he reminded them of his instructions and warnings you reminded them. Further, that they if they that they willingly violated his command. I should be grateful for the rescue and they should understand that the others got what they deserved when they begin. You wait with them and tell them that he who has compassion on the doomed children.

Indeed, the compassion of the children for their sibling. Only dimly reflected all but children are puzzled by this and one wants to know why such a compassionate father did not rescue the other when it is clearly within his power to do is answer is this happened so that everyone could see how Mark is the parent or being able to know how to do all that, how powerful he is being able to control everything and then effectively rescue them. How merciful he is correct doing the children who broke his toe and how Jeff you are leaving the other.

Their faith in the burning playroom and he said the right thing for me to do because it allows cases look good.

I should look okay got so very clear. So this guy Christian is running this or non-Christian Christian Albion can't hike out to look at Christian so he's a Christian, then why is he acting like a humanist to be my fourth hour dialoguing unsecured is the humanist and he would take no offense to that is a deal of humanism teaches humanism, teaches man centered logic massacre, thinking that's exactly the sky doing these never got than those what you said up. He says there's a parent who can control their each action and each thought was that mean from his perspective that God could control everybody's thoughts because there is an active and passive way in which thoughts can be influenced by God.

This guy is not thinking deeply enough about this this issue. He does understand the culpability and the responsibility… Say of the people who are made in the image of God in this issue federal headship with this guy is doing is failing to think of the issues so power to discuss this with the might say something like what we mean by God controlling their thoughts in what sense you mean in every single sense that they don't even have their own thoughts or control, therefore not thrown thoughts that what you're saying it or not their own thoughts that how can God judge the and I would agree with you that that would be wrong, but on the Calvinist and II say that God is correct in judging people. I think we have a disparity between what you think it means to control her thoughts because anybody who would say that if if something control the thoughts of another that is not their own thoughts that God couldn't judge anybody.

It doesn't make any sense what what what way are you saying is control your thoughts and this is what has to be examined right away if he saying that the reformed position is that God controls every single thoughtful.

That's not the before position two is not attacking Calvinism is attacking something else. Something is invented is the problem right there with me so far yeah yeah that a character yet to Mr. presentation position he's done so because he hasn't thought his own positions. All criticism through sufficiently and this is one of the issues. If I had that statement. I could write a paper on in an article and say here's his weakness, his weakness has a weakness and second Ephesians 111.

I would ask him. It says that God works all things after the counsel of his well I think you believe that if you would give me any excuse whatever I miss Québec and Salem ask another question do you believe Ephesians 111 Rick says God works all things after the counsel of his will is either the case that God works all things after the counsel of his will or is not the case that God works all things after the counsel of his will.

If this Christian believes that God works all things after the counsel of his will, does that mean even the thoughts of the individual of of which he's accusing God of injustice. Does God have that influence the control he works.

Given that our thoughts after his will he have to say yes that I'd say now we need to discuss what is that mean and how does that work because if you deny that verse that I can't see how we can have any further discussions at your denying the word of God in order to attack something you don't really understand the problem. So what he's doing is complaining and as I already said he's not really dealt with the issue in the necessary theological perspective of the module day there was a God, and federal headship that is more complicated.

Here's another thing we need to do is go read Romans chapter 9 verses 9023 and Romans 923 is very important because Romans 923 is basically saying he's objecting to what it says there. This is the word of promise at this time I will come, and Sarah shall have a son and not only this, but it was Rebecca.

Also when she had conceived twins by one man her father, Isaac, for though the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because he recalls it was said of the older center. The older will serve the younger.

Just as it is written, Jacob I loved what he said I hated I would go to the skin as it would you agree with this. It was not because of works but because of God's choice. That's when one is this. He would the older would serve the younger. Just as God loved one and hated another you agree with that company's feet to the fire this point with many people who don't like God's sovereignty. This is the word of God. I think this is what he says right. This is what is seven Romans nine.

Do you agree that God has a right to love one and hate another based nothing on what they've done and thus it will. That's not right. Forgot to do that. Which means there telling what God needs to be right about where they get off and what arrogance do they have what arrogance is manifested by saying God is not separately control and that's what this guys doing. He's participating in the arrogance against God himself, not Calvinism is objecting to is God's sovereignty God's right to do with his creation as he desires God who the sovereign when the control of all things. Ephesians 111 and even as a says next four 2728 that God brought. Parent Pontius Pilate. The Jews and the Gentiles to come together to do whatever God's hands and purpose had predestined to occur and what was talked about was killing Jesus.

God had predestined that they do these things, yet in act 223 they're the ones held responsible for so I come back to Romans nine.

Its ability.

Think of this. People don't like it because it's not fair that God would love one and hate another not based on anything in them really. Where would you get the standard of righteousness by which to judge the word of God. Arrogance is the seat I guess you understand with the word of God is active saying you don't like it because the next verse says this, what shall we say then there is no injustice with God is.

There may never be there thing is not right. Forgot to do it just like disguising is not right for God to put the situation in which he misrepresented in reformed theology and difficult theology and the sovereignty in the and the knowledge of God and what is freedom of man and things like this new module day he's misrepresented. He's not as knowledgeable as he thinks he is.

As is typical, the case when people like that of raise an objection was that I faced many times before but nevertheless back to the text as it so there's no injustice with God is there, if you read the text of Romans nine and you object to it, and you understand what saying if you say no is not a problem like… But individuals talk about people groups are no problem Lynn, why is the objection there. There is no injustice with God is are may never be for he says to Moses, I will have mercy on whom that's singular in the Greek, whom I have mercy, I will have compassion on whom I have compassion singular in the Greek so that it does not depend upon the man who wills of the man who runs Billabong God was mercy for the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose.

I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you that my name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth will God raised Pharaoh up for that purpose to demonstrate his power through him, and how that power demonstrated to the plagues the death of the son and the destruction of that Army and it says in verse 18, so that he has mercy on whom he desires and he hardens whom he desires. If you pursue that's not right because he should be looking at the heart of people because were basically going to support free will that the Texas A&M says he has his version who desires and he hardens whom he desires will say to me than what it is he still find fault for who resist his will is this guys complaining about his understand it yet but was complaining about ultimately, on the contrary, who are you will man who enters back to God. The thing molded will not say the molder. Why did you make me like this will it is not the potter have a right over the clay to make from the same length one vessel for honorable use another for common use with God. Although willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory.

What are they prepared for is because God lives in the future to see what choices are to make.

Obviously, not because the beginning of the parade could be clearly says it was not based upon anything they would do, but because of God's choice. So your friend there needs to deal with Romans chapter 9 9023 he needs to stop being a humanist and judging God can use to understand what is criticizing better and stop make this mistake and make himself look foolish in public for speaking against the things of God, because that's what the word of God says I be glad to have a dialogue at the back with him right well I I am certain that many many other people commented and rolled and ignited and July been banned from the pay at that point, not because I not because I've been belligerent or vanity or anything like that because I kept that same question over and over eight what you do with the added and obviously doesn't like that.

Now that doesn't really want to deal with it and when he did happen at three I answered you and I will not really wow your band that got out of but one thing that you pointed out, is the issue of free will. The fall and the man all the that's one thing I think it is actually overlooking because because he said the children are puzzled by the fact that the father is not going to rescue these other children right but if whom the good man like you said we are basically good that that's an error. I think like the air using he's using what we see is a parental standard and that's how God ought to be in the Scriptures is called I started right, starting for the human and and right applying that to the divine humanism another one like you will realize that that there is your honest is a humanist at heart is even realize it. And when he silences you because he does want you to answer this difficult task was that the questions okay until Magellan discussions your Utah sorry don't have time for you by his grace back on here tomorrow

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