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December 31, 2019 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 31, 2019 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there a mother God---2- Do the angels say -holy- three times because God is a Trinity---3- How do John 3-16 and John 17-9-10 fit together---4- Isn't believing the Trinity applying pagan attributes to God- How is it believing in only one God-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why Rimes is called Hernando. They wanted you to call 772072276 we have five lines which means nobody is waiting right now to give me a call to talk about somebody if you want to talk then the you're doing 772-072-2766 yes you so will have to do now is redo the Facebook page. Total psychedelic look on the Facebook similar to some of you are looking up and see if it's really well but all work on that. Just for the people who are listening and carry-on of your listening live were blushing in the name right there to we are just to let you know we are doing the matching funds drive to the other year. If you want help us out.

His good conduct toward CAR.O RG Christian apologetics research ministry to cite me down for little bit but not back up and down on the right-hand side of any page you see I donate end of your matching funds drive. So if you donate anything it gets automatically matched and we really would appreciate that because we need to set a budget for next year and know who we can trust, trust, and who we could support and select that we have to make our budgets for missionaries and we can do when they depend on us so well this alright so you Bible questions you have comments you want talk all you do is dial 87720722765 open lines. Alright, so if your newbie national shows about we talk a little kind of thing people call up with all kinds of questions on Al Qaeda topics Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses criticized unity behind Islam. We do all kinds of stuff. I love talk about Catholicism Christian doctrine and theology. It's a lot of fun for me. I can aware that what I really enjoy it.

So we have discussions and debates effective try to set up debates with the guy it's been difficult since it's the guy who's a rabid rabbit anti-security security believer, you know, if you believe in eternal security. You cannot lose your salvation. This guy absolutely hates that Dr. and trying to get us to debate set up with them but it's been difficult. He says it's a damnable doctrine. If you believe that your secure in Christ. You can go to hell. So I wanted to defend that. That's what he says and hopefully he'll be able to do that we can arrange a how to have that done.

Hopefully it'll work, you never know and will only you know more about that if and when that happens and hopefully it will alright let's cease.

We got that going to get this going on things going right now tech wise and I feel you may call like us at 877-207-2276 and the system aligns and get to and from North Carolina and you are on the are welcome and are you there okay there you go.

Alright, so we got our start can get this again. My question is what like it here config on top site concept about what what it here on… Mother.

There is no mother God is only one God knowledge. This is all place all time. And that's just the one being that was God is no other God in existence as a mother goddess or of any sort any kind.

I was on top charge that IDF Bernie because I got out thinking that it bothered you just want God exactly and do things like epic all is that not God and other – is it kind of very young bonded out and I just wanted you know will help with your will. When people say that God has been in aspects what is a feminine aspect we think about our set is femininity, living, loving. I love men love what, what's the feminine aspect. What femininity is a biological thing.

So when I say a feminine quality why one of those qualities are that are exclusively feminine and we know that there's biological structures. Unless you are of the ilk that believes in and the gender fluidity and you know going to girls bathrooms. If you're a guy, could you identify all this is the sinfulness, but you know it, so I don't understand what the issuance of the feminine aspect of God. What's a feminine thing, love, patience, kindness, men are that way too. That's a masculine trait as well. So his desk was that like I one. One of the packet that Sen. let's make men in our large event and it meant God made at both their image. I think that what is the image called the module day and in the image is not male or female is not bylined national right has guess it has to do with rationality able to be self-aware, aware of others could love and hate things like that. That's the image of God thing that makes us the spirit, soul, and now it's my understanding that theology down following Monica think that's very like the.not being a father, but also how I think this monarch Eric McIver. I looked at like that they become like many scriptures in a look. Read it myself but I had about I up quite a few people who say these kind of things so you want to do this is impose upon the Bible their own particular views through particular ideas, and this idea of goddess worship and or goddesses that we know the ladies or goddesses. This kind of idolatry and foolishness is becoming more and more prevalent here in America of the New Age movement is rising since coming back 20 or 30 years ago, and the innocent, the goddess idea and so we have this this and plus in our society. The that the harm that is being done by the gender fluidity is called idiocy. This is causing problems.

It's this enough people are taking those ideas and trying to impose an end of the goddess and so God is and they look for whatever they can find to make it fit and then to take things out of context to listen to their next is something to be dealt with properly dismissed and move on. When you look alright has electric chichi you to think you resigned from North Carolina folks have three open lines. Let's give me a call 877-207-2276. This can only from North Carolina Valley. Welcome your on the right note when God's holy, holy, holy guy got me back. I think I might yet it's a losing Isaiah and also Revelation, holy, holy, holy. It's a Trinitarian realization is it's so good for you.

Good for you right where you live and I got an eye down Route down if I got to Greg lighthearted website. I help people yet I get the book caused it out and I can't guy the combined route and how got all the current tell you why I don't care. I am glad this guy Joyce lines myself and people don't know and realize that science is a philosophy and it's based on assumptions that you can't prove it using science is based on was called uniformity of nature that nature every hour will act the same way.

Also, the presupposed universality laws of logic which they then use these tools in order to learn about the physical world.

Such a philosophical approach to the world than what he will do is don't realize it can't justify those philosophical assumptions without the Christian God-I will not write you to bless right there with Melanie and let's get on the phones with filth, North Carolina Phil Rainier quickly and about done with love, love the world on everything. The upgrade of the cleanup government that would context is always the issue and in John 17 is also called the high priestly prayer and what is mainly doing there in John 17 is praying for the disciples right there but you read the whole thing to find out that there's a lot more going on with John 316.

What's happening as Jesus is talking about the generic of all the nations and all the people groups because people don't realize that Jesus was not sent to the whole world. He was only sent to Israel.

And Jesus says that in Matthew 1524 he says that he says quote I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jesus himself said, I don't know that that's Matthew 1524. For those of you what eyebrows are raising your surprised by that.

Matthew 1524 so that was a covenantal work that Jesus Christ did, and that God the father had worked with Israel as of the Messiah was coming there for Israel. Israel rejected the Messiah and then we the Gentiles are then drafted in and coming up little going a little more about John 17 this is a two filled right back okay after these messages vote for field lines 07 mass Y77077.

Here is Matt's way back to show good lineup will write so John 316 sign is about all the nations, and in John 17 that what you bring a little bit of research, there's three verses are interesting, six, nine and 12 that's addressing six Michael Ive benefit manifested by name your name to the men whom you gave me out of the world and in verse nine I ask on their behalf. I do not ask on behalf of the world in verse 12, I was with them was looking I was keeping them in your name, etc. so what we see is that God's son Jesus.doc of the cyclist.

John 17 but when God wanted for God so loved the world that he gave the community even though we've reprimanded Randy. We know when we say this with understand that the word world can have different meanings and a lot of people don't like this, but that's just what it says of the Bible says so and so they just wouldn't do this so word study on harm here on word world and I did what I did was so see starting point.

After what I did was I went through every occurrence of the word world in the Bible and the New Testament that is the Greek word, and so I did that and what I found was fined five main uses of the word, and so you can have the word world mean whole group of people. A narrow group of people every person that ever lived, and it also mean I just don't like for example of a certain select group is how it is used as lease five different ways find demonstrate it's all over. There's lot of thought different meanings for the word world. Evidently I would get an leave that out… Yeah yeah his name info will okay here's the thing to think about life, people are not here from the founded the comparison world and so is used as every individual who ever lived a limited area all the nations, the secular realm and the planet Earth is using different ways to go to Carmen this look up the words. Be with them in context of the word world but nevertheless, so we have understand that God was covenantal in the Trinity is a covenantal being. So God himself works in the intra-Trinitarian communion in the issue of covenant by which he then has made an agreement now just to me just dawned on me distracted.

I have been trying to think about ways to demonstrate the necessity of God being triune and I think that might be a helpful little check out another time.

Okay so is God the father elected. The sun redeems and the Holy Spirit applies redemptive work then we understand that God was covenantal. He covenant is a packet agreement between two more parties we have the eternal covenant spoken of in Hebrews 1320 and so Jesus was sent covenantal. He only to Israel, per his instrument.

What he said in Matthew 1528 5024 says that in fact I in Matthew 10, forgot where he says to the disciples only go to his people of Israel to go to place us because he's covenantal. He faithful to them because of the public audit promised to the nation of Israel.

Then, when Israel covenantal. He rejected the Messiah. We, the Gentiles are grafted in. This is prophesied in the Old Testament Genesis 12 three and Paul references that verse in Galatians 38 and talks about the whole world have the gospel at that point I says I get you a rental.

The gospel is preached for him to Abraham, saying in you all the nations shall be blessed in so with understand that God was covenantal.

God sent Christ of the colors in Christ to the nation of Israel, not to the whole world not to all the other nations. So, John 316. When you look at it.

It should signal the word world means all the nations Gotshal of the world, not just the Jewish people, not just the nation of Israel and people, but people are always taught that means every individual who ever lived.

Not necessarily. It could mean that, but it can also mean all nations, and it can also mean the secular realm. Those are exegetical, he possible. In fact, I can show you where… Wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world is it mean to every individual, but it means all the other nations and there's other verses like that as well and for John to to propitiation for our sins on the first those of the whole world that see the thing about word propitiation is laudable. Don't know this. It's a report a loss must propitiation is as a sacrifice that removes the wrath it doesn't make it possible upon something else occurring. It actually accomplishes the removal of the wrath that's what it is to be propitiation so it is a propitiation for the whole world. If the people say the word world means every individual that he is remove the wrath of every individual of God upon every individual and that means every have to go to heaven.

This is why some I've mistranslated is expiate incentive propitiation, so if we understand the word world to mean all the nations know it. Now things aren't making sense and so you know it. We in the word world to me in the secular realm not love the world nor the things in the world.

First John 256 please see there's all kinds of things and dumped in John 17. The word world means what it means in this context it looks like it means the secular realm, although the false groups all false nations.

Whatever it was interesting is that it's looks like a certain reference only to the disciples and to any were taken out of the world of what were taken out of the people of Israel. Could the word world there mean just Israel or does it mean the entire secular realm know He secular realm because they're not secular DC go. This data gets interesting. What is meant by it in its context so that I like to say to people context is a nasty work with people because with with the word context. You start reading your theology gets corrected by looking at the work the words okay and content is exciting and you're going to pay word yes we can do is go to Carmen and under the up on the left-hand side you will see the navigation bar.

He'll say home.

What's new apologetics click on that and a bunch of categories open up Elsik grids and charts and and you can see of that analysis on the word all a woman baptism, church, head in Christ justification in world okay.) I scrape everything in it and I have a lot more I've done on on the secular updates are done putting their 34 studies not as though the video message was mostly run by His message is up to a blind man's like why call 77077.

Here's Matt's way back to the show here with us to North Carolina. Welcome your call.

Are you Muslim, I you Muslim right okay so what you question our Randy client by buying not about backfiring on me and had their fine art and lady right okay not even reincarnate like it a lot better than I can direct and about like lately what's your question okay and lie on their my eyes because the Trinity is a document is one God, the Trinity is monotheistic and just so you know, I know a lot about Islam. I've debated many Muslims formally and informally and very frequently they misrepresent with the doctor.

The Trinity is the Quran alludes to the idea that the three separate gods, but that's never been what it was. The doctor, the Trinity has always been that it's one God thing that a certified 73 and a blessing to say all is one of three of the Trinity. There is no God except one Allah.

That right there demonstrates Mohammed didn't understand what the Trinity was.

He got wrong. We never teach the Trinity.

Three separate gods ever type concept.

I the Trinity is the teaching and the one being who is God are three distinct simultaneous persons father-son Holy Spirit. Think of it this way, God loves and he has someone to love it's to and that which is love is three to God is Trinitarian, we could look at it that way, or covenantal, that God makes a covenant by his word he binds himself and he said he covenants with someone and that the covenant itself is 1/3 part the sender the receiver and the thing sent. So we see that ended pleasant in nature. Time is past and present and future, and there are three separate things but there's a, they're all one thing time and matters solid, liquid and gas and spaces height and width and depth, and so the Trinity is is just nothing more than the revelation of God in the New Testament Scriptures and incinerating 34 it says that God's words cannot be altered.

And Jesus gave the words from a lot supposedly. Even the Quran and yes all the truth and so is can't be corrected in and what he says about the father being God himself and God saw it go through that is Mohammed who got this wrong Mohammed got so Barry is non-when he does something today why he needs up.

We need to have a son and not in the sense that Islam teaches.

We do not teach that God had a concert.

We do not teach and never have taught that God had relations with a woman to make a baby when I hear anybody anything God did not think that I now think of a mapping the right and how do you know how do you know him as a Muslim is not a person is God and stand you understand where Christians use of the Christians mean when they say person so you are. Every person I'm a person, but when you and I think of that we think of two separate beings know your female and male but in theology and Christian theology with that means is that personhood the quality of awareness, self-awareness, awareness of others being able to say you and yours and me and mine. That's what is meant by personhood. Okay, so we don't say I don't say God is three persons in the sense he like three beings walking around in the hands and feet is not a repeat. Why) on the I lack my right hand while he that Eric Pratt is not a time Jesus said Jesus is, unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins.

John, a 24 Jesus says to Julie that I am in John 858. He says before him was, I am if tickets don't want to kill them for saying that he's the I am in the I am is a course in speaking of Exodus 314 and Moses said to God, what your name and God says I am you deny that he's IM according to Jesus, you're going to dine there since not that I know you did not you deny it right and you have to deny but doesn't the Quran itself teach that the words of God a lot cannot be altered is not correct out and I know no eclectic glisten with this without the Quran says okay this is a region with him to read it to you and Sir 1827 to 3014 27. None can change Allah's words did Jesus get the words of the law.

Okay so so then none can change his words so that means Jesus gave the words that means nobody can change them resending some diet that is not what it says you just altered the Quran is change the Quran. None can change his words, and none will you find as a refuge other than him. None can change his words, you just visit all is wrong. So you see how I arrived I bet you will write them down and I you mean by cumulative Mohammed changed because he did not. Not this he did try to fight back.

No, we didn't out. How do you know that because Mohammed said so I knew Stanley go to hadith know he did not know now you call and find a mobile know lately lately.

No, Jesus sick. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit with the one who would come after him. The Holy Spirit is not Mohammed Mohammed: I can read the Grieco case, I do. It says the thing is Mohammed Mohammed was prophesied by Jesus as a false prophet. Yes he was, because Jesus said, let me explain to you all and hold on hello to start your show is mine, because Jesus says the law and the prophets were until John. John the Baptist is no more profits. Mohammed came along. How do you know Mohammed was true. How do you know, now you still he said that Mohammed said that how you know it's true.

How do you know he said his okay what if I can prove to you if I could preview the Quran has mistakes in it. Would you say that I owe I will I get a question for you to be very careful how I say this because her children were listening. All right where is a man's seed formed in his body. Yes, in the genitalia and the genitalia right okay sir 86 527 now let man but think from what he is created he is created from a drop in emitted proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs break the hold on right back of his estate to folks.

Hopefully love mass Y. Call 77077 back to Cuba over hello okay I forgot we were sort recited are you there yes that's right that the seed of man. Yes, so the Quran, the Quran says now let man but thing from what is created is created from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone in the ribs worse between the on the ribs. Where is that that's a chastisement that's just not right there does not seem that this is not just is what it says. I'm looking at the back and I love the common era Elekta I use if I leave is is excellent. You read Arabic. I okay good then you need to go and look because it says in I don't read Arabic. This is an con it says proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs and you go check it out for yourself that if it does say that in the Arabic then according to the server 482 that if there's one thing wrong for you to not consider the Quran. Had it been from any other than a law, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. If there is discrepancy in the Quran, then it's false. I hiring out that Brian did what assets and what is it, get the crucifixion wrong type of Fairoaks crucifying Pharaoh what didn't have crucifixion then insert 71 23 through 24.

Crucifixion was of and by the Phoenicians Road 600 BC or why does it say that to Mary was a brother of the of the Moses Larry was a matinee balance not that okay what's with. They like to say they have to say that you have to say that and so then I tell you what, could you then do some research. Do some homework on sir 86 527, which says that a man's seed come from his chest and found that a productive I followed note does not know doesn't I have ever people read. I have people I would a second.

I know people Arabic I knows people who raised in an Arab countries they speak.

This is what it says so you and ask question on right right but I will plan and LOL I then got a firm handling. Not that I can firm as a firm I is and off of anything at me that oregano on God that came back adding, and I came radio to add) say is laying claim can your Islam as soon as you finish since tin can your Islam save you from us in you understand what I'm saying. That does the teaching of Islam. This the how do you get your sins forgiven and slung by seeking my account and not me.

I guy and I missed it but I have a question for you. So let's just say that there is a very very evil man, very evil, and he's murdered and he's done this all works because of the children. My ballistic but very very evil man that many many many many things he deserves to die and is been filmed on this and have hundreds of witnesses and at his trial, he is found guilty, and the judge. The judge does to this guilty manager says the good, the judge assessed and your free.

Don't worry about it. Go had your free punishment saved by is a good judge of that God is a good giant granddad judge Greg got a good judge who ignores the law and lets the we could go free. That's it.

That's good listening. He mentors the law, the judge ignores the law is not the law of the law that people who sin should be punished.

Does the law nor his law, the CARS on now he doesn't lock identifying I got a month so if you do said that he does you just that he does so he doesn't unless you say he did.

That means he does ignores unlock your to forgive people, Hitler ignored his own law is ignore is not a law frame.

You are still excited about the dead, but I am saying that you work your understanding of sin is to break allows work what you set right all along. That's not shiny. Bob is not true that's not true.

And like so most of the talk like to keep focusing back on the main topic you keep want to go on the attack. So look what is sin in this long to define what is sin no lock okay so sins going against the law of God, and you said that with the Christian teaches that the same thing that's for John, three fourths good.

So in order for a lot to forgive people does he have to ignore his own law are going out all okay so you admit that Allah can ignore his own law okay I just want to make sure that's how he does seek the God of Christianity can't ignore his own law is to perfect impure for that is too holy for the he can't ignore his own law, which is why Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, God, and flashes to nature's that he became one of us and he fulfilled the law perfectly if you want to sit. The Quran is on God. People and many foreign law line that people put up law at nine tranquil hand because he acknowledged that again he arrived that say forget now is not how I met with the point is making is that in order to do that he has to ignore his own law is to just not do what he said he's gonna do just to contradict himself, but that there are not law that you are on one minute out right. The Koran lock out long but not the faith that you stop doing that thing, and if you repent and became you know what that that convinces everyone that they are doing the happy" but I think the guy from yeah that convinces me that allows false and the reason is because in Christianity. Repentance doesn't forgive you repentance just means turning to the law. Turning away from doing something bad in doing the law by which you were then say because that means that God would accept your goodness your effort in Christianity, the God of Christianity is far too holy to accept anything that we can do because I'm a sinner. Everything I do is touched by sin. Nothing I do is brought me from the bony and I lie about my dad and me the bad thing about the wrong thing, except that Eric heavy hope for anybody except in Islam God, your God has to ignore his own law, which means he contradicts himself in Christianity God is not ignore his own law he fulfills his own law in Christ, and I law the lot is the law is what God has revealed is morally right out of his character don't lie. Don't steel no commit adultery. Don't murder, etc. so these things that Gmail a lot. No, I said that the people all people have sent everybody has the only way for the law to be satisfied is for God himself to keep that law you can.

I do a lot of fun and I did that because only because I because he's an artist, keep the law. He's gotta be a person to do the law about a lot of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is to nature's a divine nature and human nature and he became one of us under the law. Galatians 44 and he fulfilled the law perfectly. You can't Mohammed certainly didn't Mohammed send in the Quran teaches that Jesus was sinless, even the Quran exalts Jesus above Mohammed was a sinner and no one outside find it.

So Jesus is is perfect, even in Islam and Mohammed is not in Jesus, was given the words not mine, so insert 23 1141143 when the trumpet is blown to be no more militia between them and that they rooms at a time and those whose balance of good deeds is heavy they will attain salvation those balances like they will have lost their souls serve 23 so you have to do good works to be saved, if ever since forgotten all kind of good works. I tried so teach them to get this straight. You are God accepts your efforts as being good enough for him. And when your efforts are touched by sin. So your God accepts the unholy guy guy guy God is not your God is a false God. If you die in Islam to tell you leaving me dying this long you can go to hell you not hold formal training that I'm not I have Jesus at all since you remember driving if you're going/

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