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January 1, 2020 7:00 am

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January 1, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you think about the teaching that the Genesis account isn't literal but that God instead used macro-evolution---2- If God has to supernaturally act on us for us to love Him is that love genuine---3- What do you think about the editorial in Christianity Today calling for Trump's removal---4- Matt talks about the media and its problems-issues.--5- As new-covenant believers, can we become defiled like in Haggai 2-13-19---6- Are there consequences for grieving the Holy Spirit-

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Why is a lot more live. You have a good day and I know Christmas is coming up so I'm looking forward to deals mostly because I know sometimes our Christmas can be a sad time.

Beautiful, thoughtful people, but Joan played havoc with the family and all of that stuff. Hope you do to New Year's and friends and all that so that the Lord gives you a good holiday and am if you are enough you want to give me call you to do was dialing 772072276 and the if you're new to the show to challenge people have them have them was talking to somebody last when she went to dinner with Celeste talking. He was telling me that the theology that I taught him and others have taught him had a profound effect on him and we got talking about this issue of righteousness and truth in the word of God preaching and teaching and elders and all of the stuff is a great conversation we had and am one of the things I love to do was to put theology together it makes sense for people so they can understand what's going on with the theological perspective of Scripture is and I just hope that the that I can continue to do that and so people call upon the show and a lot of times when they asked me questions on writing articles based on the questions of the ask, really enjoy doing that as well and am so if you got questions aggressively want talk about we talk about anything you want to talk about UFOs talk about the cult, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism talk of atheism all kind of stuff.

The Bible questions doctrines and issues that sounds like you do, please consider calling us 877-207-2276 and also were having a matching year, matching your matching funds rifled in the year end of year matching fund drive. That means if you were to donate anything and then not today. You're here on out rectally in the year if you donate anything that gets double whatever you contribute will be matched and it really is helpful. We love it when people set up this even five dollars a month which is very much at all the good karma toward/donates just a firearm. I think $10 a month and it really does help us a lot because it helps the budget for it with an hour-long meeting today with we had like 670 people from one was in Africa. One was from Brazil was from Columbia and the one from Utah. The one from Washington and we are discussing the things of karma and the site and all kind of stuff was great to build to speak with her friends and the people that were working with, and people in, and no Africa we're going to because there have as much Internet there.

Would you be trying to develop a system to be able to get literature there is a lot of thought. Islam is a lot of fun. Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and that we need to get the truth out there. So to be working on that as a campaign later on all kind of things we try to do so anyway. The Lord blesses you are blessed you greatly as you call 877-207-2276. Let's get only one more thing.

If you would you want support. Just go to combat fraud/donates all you do to help some of us get you away from West Virginia Way. Love Michelle you're on the big band I got in the Last night at one of the calling today and get cleared up. I would want to know how you felt about the heat that the Gannett create account is meant to be taken literally to be a poem about God creating the world for man, but involved. They keep that macrolevel macro evolution to create Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are interesting. They're not literal.

In one sense, but then they are not literal slick.

They accurately describe what God did the accurately do that with the writers and Moses did was extract information was necessary to get the idea across a God did create in these periods of time and he did what he did and is no problem. I have no problem with 24 hour days and the sunlight after light appears on the bottom in the slightest little great.

I have no problem with that. I believe it's all accurate just how God did it, and when people say the God use macro evolution to get us here. Now they're wrong macro evolution doesn't work is not possible in our timeframe to build.

It was necessary for the body phyla thought the filers body types. It doesn't work there's too many problems with macro evolution being a viable theory.

I know people are listening and don't stick your coffee in the instruments. An idiot I was sitting evolution off and on for four 3040 years, and I know that there are some serious problems in the back of theory and I died and been doing studies on information theory and how mathematics relates to actuality and mathematically speaking with that and combined with information to readers is no possible way that life of a chance. It just cannot happen and I've shown people.

This recently left on discussed it with people.

It just cannot happen and the evolutionary process of macro evolution to be able to produce the body types and the things that are necessary does not work. The reason majority. The scientists believe it is because they haven't studied all the issues and that plus in my opinion they lose their tenure if they don't adopt evolution or they just are atheistic. They've been brainwashed in school, they haven't really studied the issues on the micro level the genetic level in the these information problems that are there if you want to go with randomness. It just doesn't work and so no I there's no way identically the macro evolution at all. I do believe in micro for those who don't know what my invention is not different that I wanted to point out here people there. They don't say that in a weekly came back they state that basically God program that failed 14 billion years ago and do what they were going to do, and therefore that would I agree with you, but they say that with a you know the randomness out of it now and know God created Adam on where it says, and here without form and void and darkness on the faith of the babe in the spirit of God on the faith of the water and also the translated add and it came to pass that the earth became chaotic, bacon, and they're saying that it might mean that he was working on something that was already there can't be the case because in you have to deal with the issue of the niche of regression of existence. So to get a little technical here. You cannot have an infinite regression of thumb causes you to have a single uncaused cause that initiates all causes you to start saying that there was something before this earth than what came before that and the cable for that to what are they attributing it if they want to see that God created it will and that's another issue. If you want to say that God simply use minute was already there awarded come from and it's highly problematic. It's impossible at that matter being that are universally infinitely old is just cannot happen like logistically, scientifically, doesn't work, but the issue of microevolution is there. God did through the genetic information into the cells to allow them to adapt under different environments. This is why we have different as we call them.

I don't want to agree with it with racist black white know what mongoloid Negroid caucus. Only the three main races types.

I don't believe that I believe are just one, and that the reason that we have these different skin colors and tones things like that is because, as they were different environments. Those that had better survivability did survive and those that did not did not didn't pass on the genetic information that God had placed it's not of macro evolution.

It's micro is like plants can adopt adapted birds can adapt in short environments. God put that information in there. There's nothing wrong with it. Macro the way I like it little, well, I agree with the defense and how to find client dependent how you define, because if you define aligned as not being able to not be able to interbreed, will you can have microevolution lead to the place where interbreeding doesn't work anymore, but that's always with right duction of that of the gene pool reduction of information, not an increase.

Macro evolution posits an increase of genetic information were micro deposits reduction in species of specialization through a removal of certain information so and like we did look at the second law of thermodynamics. We convey that yes he did not.

They don't and they fall they all believe they will respond by saying that new information is created through mutation in varying copying areas various Coppinger errors extremely and that natural selection is the thing that selects and guides, so to speak. What survives and they say that's how complexity can be increased a courses that's highly problematic as well. Lottie little realize and explain this look at the colors but mathematics relates to reality so we can build something on paper, or draw it up on paper using math trade calculus. All I kind of stuck and I give it to somebody who didn't build it and it works because math works with actuality that Wyatt does is really interesting discussion. So when odds when things work against us went and odds.

We don't want to get involved with. You know, someone said said you know for hundred dollars you can enter the lottery and the odds of of you winning it are one in 10 with the thousand zeros behind it.

I just know you throw your money away is never been significantly it because it's just impossible is the health of the hundred on the second you drew the numbers it would take like you know hundred billion years to even get halfway through the numbers.

This is ridiculous.

How MathWorks negatives and when you look in the details when you apply mathematics to genetics and the odds of certain things coming into place and you combine that with information because information is a specified thing among the cop and within complexity and a good investment of time and when you look at both of those teeth combined together together. I'm sorry evolution doesn't work macro. It does not work. It cannot work. This is why Stephen Gould came up with the three couples with equilibrium and it's to explain the lack of fossil evidence and transitional forms because it they don't exist or not there is a league had to invent a theory to explain why the work there is ridiculous.

This would happily take you will remove God from the picture we start serving the creature right in the creator okay yeah man out. I've been running into that more and more with Apollo claim that it then they say that you my way jobless man why they voted. Rebecca is only 772075770712 question regarding time valve point out that God need to step in and cause a person to be born again or bring your life etc. before they can believe in Christ and actually love God and I'll respond by saying if God have to do something to you in order to get you to love than you're not choosing to love and by your own free will therefore your the love that you're giving are the love your writing isn't really genuine thing that you love to be genuine right what what their thing is that if an order for love could be genuine. You need you need to that of your own free will without God's help otherwise with the argument thinking critically. You can't love someone you don't know.

And if you're not aware of your existence, you can't love them. When a person comes in your life that were the first knows about you and decides to come in your life and through his or her kindness and faithfulness to you. You go to love that person then with that person has done is in and the fact here in one sense, because you love him or her and you do that because you're in an unknown proximity with somebody and so will say cause to love their different senses in which the word cause can mean what they mean is God's forcing it on you got some forcing it on what he does do is he regenerates us so that we are then enabled to believe and trust in him and show love to him. An unbeliever can't do that in the Bible clearly says clearly teaches that the unbeliever is a slave of sin. Romans 310, 11, 12, doesn't do anything good rose ~12, excuse me, is that as the verse and he's a slave of sin. Romans 642 20. He doesn't do became receive, understand, believe the spiritual things prescriptions to 14 is hard, especially with this evil Jeremiah 79.

He's not a God love God. God have to do something God must intervene.

These people who make these these arguments are humanists realize they can say that the Christian but their humanistic and their philosophy because I can say that God can't do this or that otherwise I blah blah blah what they're doing is limiting God is saying what God can and cannot do based upon their feelings and their sentimentality. The fact is, God said you cannot even come to me. Elizabeth granted to the father. Jesus asked John 665.

You can even come to Christ is been granted to you. Wait a minute. If it's just up to the person to believe in God on his own free will, left on his own free will and why does Jesus like you can even come to him on this is been granted, there seeks the with a doozy. These sick people with. They do is they don't study the word of God very much they don't know the issue of God's sovereignty. They don't and what are not aware of man's depravity and understand the issues of how these things can fit together. I encounter this on a regular basis and it aggravates me when I find Christians who speak and I mean this lovingly, I really do they speak of their ignorance they have not studied these issues and they need to they really do because of misrepresenting God the misrepresentative people in the issues related to his frustrating library up and go from behind that if you yeah, like you know if you're married and your and your wife how you could go and and get her a birthday present narrow lot of Valentine's Day or an anniversary of the act that allowed her weight then then he can't as well.

But what it really genuine. I had to tell you to do that, what kind of things like that sort of humanistic's notion of their humanistic humanism is the idea that man is the standard of righteousness. Truth of morality, etc. and what a lot of Christians are woefully ignorant of is how this all fits together and wish someone would let me come to their church and let me teach something called theology and sneakers. I just stand up and start teaching theology for like an hour would take a break and continue on and I put it all together for them to the understand the nature of the Trinity, the incarnation, they understand the nature of the atonement. Why we have to be justified by faith alone in Christ alone. What baptism is what justification and sanctification. Things like this are security in Christ and get into the issues of the nature of God. His society is omnipotence on the present, how they relate to our freedom. The different kinds of freedom that people can have libertarian versus compatible list which one is a biblical model going in the things that Jesus said about free will, and various things and I try to put it all together because people don't understand the broad scope they don't have that 50,000 foot view. They have a 2 1/2 inch high view and they think they can see the perimeter of 3 feet around them. They got it all figured out, but they don't because God is the sovereign King I have people tell me on a regular basis that God won't do anything to violate your free will process up so that the Scripture wears that I go right along with with what you out of love having them be freely filled in order to be genuine, etc. in fact they need to better know their argument.

They go together until now to violate your free will and write a blog there to float interrelated. You guys are not violent free will and explain why you got consisting violent free will to second violate the free will of my child. My child may not want to go and eats her ghost sits in a chair to table and I physically pick her up and put her in a chair because she needs to eat your veggies or whatever it might be, I can finally free will is it morally wrong for me to do that, of course not. If their essays a violation of the will of man's free or woman's free will are they saying that got that that issue is a moral issue or logical one. It is logical.

I can no deal with that very easily that the more one where they can the morality from because it realize what they're doing is getting out of their own desires in our own hearts there judging God realizes this a real frustration for me.

I fixed variances on a regular basis from Christians who think they understand these issues and really don't. Furthermore, the issue of love is that nobody can love God, unless your regenerated, you cannot love someone you don't know exists.

You cannot love someone you hate.

You can't love someone you don't believe exists.

So the only way we can love is if God enables us to love by regenerating us and then we freely love him he has to do something to us.

He has to regenerate as he has to say about what they learned or were able to love it and then what scripture the Scripture that relate directly to the one in Kurt God. I think not that we love God like that he first loved us. Yet for something. I think this report presented yeah and that's the people wished it would stop and he was an infant and what gets me is I think they're getting it from the pulpits.

I think they're getting it from the pulpits because I'm not hearing that. On the Senate.

Nobody preaches right on the judge of all preachers on my saying that tell you I listen this instrument.

Sometimes I think in unit week, it just wears the strength to get into the thing holding you all at go and move on, but glad you was never read back after these messages with 757707. About your on that topic recently where today the back today at oriole calling for or regrouping that Eric and that the egg that up early Graham created. I don't know maybe you spoke on it before but thought scan through the article and I was surprised that it would advocate for the author would advocate getting rid of the present. Now I didn't vote for Trump and I am a constitutionalist. That's believe in but the issue is not whether or not he thought I understand you been following this here and there. If he didn't treat someone properly female or male.

It doesn't mean is disqualify coming present. I'm not saying it's okay to think these aren't the laws or the rules by which he can be picked out. Understand the issue then becomes us in that article says this quote the present United States attempted uses political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president's political opponents." Well, Diddy, and that's the question and I've heard different people talk about this. That seems to be with the issuance and when I heard from the, the president of the country was talking to us Ukraine. He said he didn't feel coerced at all.

And so if he doesn't feel coerced and Trump was in heat, he wasn't coercing him, then how is it that people to say he was. And that's the thing that surprises me is I've heard him said this guy the president of the Ukraine river was say he didn't feel coerced.

Within aware of any coercion and that he, Biden's son should be looked into, and he should be looked into. From what I've seen and what I've heard, he absolutely should be. So why shouldn't translate look into the sky. There's some bad things going on because there are so I don't understand why the article was written understand the moral aspect is not being worthy, morally, Trump does put his foot in his mouth and he has a lot of bad things in that respect, the question isn't whether you like them or don't like the question becomes, under the law of what they yes the Constitution says it is disqualify for for that and for what I've seen no it does not he does not qualify for dismissal of office and I despised Obama, but if this was if Obama said what he said and the present unit Ukraine to didn't feel afraid that all I would say okay so what move on from that's just me. I'm surprised that I agree 100 that I think that a lot of will also like the fly and I hope this bread will there's a lot a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing and we have a lot of bad people in office all over the place. I don't trust the left and went through an elephant and on the right. I don't trust them much more. This is me. I think they're hypocrites and it's because of the Trump stuff because of the difficulty impeachment process. That's what finally settled in for me on what why God condemns up property so much.

I saw the hypocrisy they go after Trump when Obama did far far worse things violating the Constitution and they would say a thing is the hypocrisy it is is bad and it was a result of trumping offices of the stats. All I know is with the stats of been and the economy is doing great and minorities are doing great in jobs this a job that but the thing is he doesn't toe the party line is not loyal to anybody and he's not to uphold the anybody and he doesn't trust the media and I for one don't trust the media in my opinion I think the media is my opinion I think that the media mostly is leftist and I believe that the media can't be trusted with the media is complicit with trying to undermine the Constitution in the fabric of our country through half-truths and through shoddy work and agenda and I've had personal experience with this. I know some stuff but I don't trust at all. They are the epitome of many of my feeling of hypocrisy.

They don't do with her supposed to be doing.

I note it means to write objectively.

They don't do it if you could do some speaking generically the left trust it on that that never delete you to lest you forget the next caller my wife this when I first became aware of the stuff my wife she was an antiabortion rally in Southern California decades ago and they were sitting, and maybe she can and I will should call up right now get on the air and tell us what really happened on a few details wrong.

She's often listen to me on the show here okay honey if your list. I just call up and tells what really happened, but basically what was is that the member correctly is that she was.

They were sitting on the lawn and the leftists the pro aborts were screaming and yelling and doing all kinds of really bad stuff in the cameras. The news media were there and fill the little bit of stuff and then when a Christian finally lost it. After all the abuse that was coming on and yelled back. The cameras went on and then later that night on the news basically was Christian almost caught up in the right and she was rumored that Christ yelling at the TV. My wife with each other and releasing of angry like that and they clued Lynn and I start paying attention.

That was 30 years ago or so, but everything attention.

I do not trust the media. I do not. Some right wing conspiracy conversing. I'm still trust the and the leftist agenda when they interview people I've seen this over the years to Belleville interview Chris was for Christians and there they only get the thief so to speak. Christians that are of one liberal site. They're not fair. And for those of you don't know I was on the the I was on the daily show years ago and they pursued me to get me on the air fly me out to New York and I talked to Dr. Michael Brown to talk to my pastor talk to somebody else advised that you can trust the media and I have a by belief is take chances you take chances to expand the gospel for the kingdom of God.

So I finally decided to go out there and for two and half hours they filmed and was on and on. The room with the Samantha B and were sitting there and she's trying to do all kind of stuff oak to get me to say thanks and what they did is they when they aired it.

They called Frankenstein. They took two different things of what I said to put together the McKusick seasoning. I did not say in my wife proved it because I have the audio recording of everything, everything, and I gave it to her and so you know that I've had experiences, personal and other stuff I know about that. I just don't trust him sort of trust complaining in one hand how many of you out there going a manner that I don't trust media we need Christiansen Christians who believe that it's wrong to tell a lie and the bear false witness. In fact, I'll say this, I want saw the movie Richard Jewell about the guy who will who saves people's lives at the 91 96 there was Atlanta Olympics bombing and then leave.

The feds turned against him and the media turns against him and what they did. One, it is worth seeing just for that how they think they can care about the facts the truth he was guilty and that's what worries me is that when they decide are guilty. They use their power to shade meetings to shade think I'm a tell you something out of regular break. I remember something I member this bonus first teaching and that sunlight Christian center in Tustin, California. I was teaching it was the first time I recognize this the first time I realized that in this room full of people that I was teaching that I could have shaded the next few sentences I was going to say a certain way to get them to believe a certain kind of a thing.

It was a weird situation.

I could shade and sway that Microtel would believe most anything I would say no to a point and I could sway them towards a personal opinion or echo is biblical.

Whatever was I remember the power.

I remember the promise to God is always right I have is less is more than line 075770776. Give me a call and let you know that were doing an interview. Matching funds drive support is whatever you do support us with will be double so if you support for $10 and become 20 if you do five dollars a month. The whole thing will be and that for next year and will be double as well. So the Lord bless you in that effort. Hope you do one support is just good karma that works see ARM.O RG/donate or go to website on the right hand side of the page will see the information we have for open lines. Call 877-207-2276 Adam from Des Moines, Iowa at about was showing on their partner, all your labor. The Lord I had a question about Haggai. You verse 13. It then Haggai at the one defiled by contact with the court that did any of the become defiled. 13 through 19, of Canada Gen. tech the area that I'm looking at and what am I? I knew at the new Christian faith by the Holy Spirit can can can we become defiled question.

In that context, there, the issue is under the law, and what we would have is when someone was defiled a touch someone else. They became to file. This is why in the parable of the good Samaritan the priest and the Levite walked on the other side of the road so they would be within a certain distance, and if there was a corpse. There then they would become defiled and the likewise the holy thing that is holy doesn't. Generally speaking, doesn't undefiled the shedding of blood have to be the thing that does that which points to Christ, so can we be defiled well yes and no. We can be defiled independence to say to people always define your terms always define what you mean defiled. Does it mean unholy well we never are holy of our own. We are holy in Christ. Does it mean unrighteous well where never you never unrighteous on her own but we are so you never righteous in Iran were righteous in Christ. So in a sense we can be defiled if we were to do something. It was quite sinful and he said actually. But if six of them were to go out commit adultery. Let's a very bad thing this is defiling but if was a Christian who did this doesn't mean a loser salvation and that of many to be disciplined, glitter, judgment, things like that but does that what makes them defiled, but if it hard to find what is that mean that the go get cleaned well in the Old Testament in order to get clans. They had to go and offer sacrifice and sacrifice of blood. What we don't do that now because the blood of Christ was offered once for all. So we don't have to go offer sacrifice and said we don't have to offer sacrifice, then, are we really defiled. We do something that it is getting to be as complicated kind of thing there is in theology so they called the now and the not yet in the now and the not yet is is really interesting fact I was reading the Scriptures and I found something interesting. Let's see John Forrest at John 17 I think it's around here quick.

He says he says I'm not in the world. Jesus says this where is that a fight or just as I got there he goes in verse 11 to write something 11.

I am no longer in the world and yet they said they themselves are in the world. Wait a minute what is amoebae he's no longer in the world will yes Jesus is in the world.

But he says he is not in the incident interesting. Kind of a phrase obviously he knows is in the world. What he means by that. I'm not sure yet. I could've think about the ideas but there's is now in the not yet. This concept is in the Scriptures, and in theology, where, for example. Another area where we can find this is some more.

My favorite ways to demonstrate this is to the Roman state, 29, 30. It says something very interesting for those before knew that's past tense. He also predestined that's past tense to become conformed to the image of the son of that will be a future tense kind of thing so that he would be the firstborn among many brethren and those he predestined past. He also called past tense and those of the called past tense. He also justified. That's past tense of those were justified as tense glorified past tense weatherman glorification is living that occurs in the future. And we know the first 2015 35 to 45 so we see here a way that why would Paul the apostle say what were glorified and the reason is because were glorified because we are so thoroughly secure in Christ they could be said were glorified. Glorification is the resurrection of the body that some might say, with notification just means that you you look good before God. That's not seat does not seem to be how the word is used in the context.

So you see here's an example of the now and the not yet. It's his audit phraseology now I'm not glorified, but actually I kind of him. Now I'm not fully redeemed but actually I kind of him for different senses which I can be said status over the issue of defilement can we be defiled. Well, how can we be defiled if we died with Christ.

Romans 66 Roman 68 enrollment 74 says he who has died is freed from the law, which means a lot doesn't have a jurisdictional but the law says if you do something wrong or defiled with the laws not there then you can't be defiled because it says, for example, in Romans 513 it says this until the lost and was in the world, but sin is not imputed when there is no law so we've died to the law by dying with Christ. The lot is never jurisdictional for us.

Therefore we have another question we could ask can we even sin because sin is breaking the law of God. So if the law is not over us. Can we send what we could make the case that we can't sin, but actually reduce because we know we break the law, but it means were not under the law, and that we have to keep the law in order to be justified. Yes, we can still send because the laws a guide that demonstrates what is right and what is wrong and shows us when we are wrong, go to the cross again and we've become necessary more realize in the continuation of our forgiveness, because his letter issue is Colossians 214, it says that Christ canceled the certificate of debt. The sin debt at the cross, he didn't cancel it when you believe, which is a fascinating time Scripture Colossians 214. That means she canceled all of our sin debt and first 2 to 24 says he bore our sins in his body.

The cross if he bore sin is body the cross he died without sin is a sentence and we died with him. That's federal headship representation, then how is it that we can be sinners, but yet we hardly see how all this works in a very interesting Konica away so your question is right in the midst of that. It's hard to answer. What is it to my ID. I have a yeah that that that that that difficult way, but helpful though then I got my my next question would be to further look into this. What is there Scripture that you would point me to slide the bag at that that violating an Old Testament… The terrace. Romans eight 2930 Romans sent you okay 718 through 25 Kennett talks about Paul as I do the things I don't want to do and don't do things I should do and the not answered go to first John chapter 1 verses roughly 79 and then your exit chapter 3.

Also, 3739 talks about the issue of phone we can't sin, because if we died, we can soon and you can abide in sin, it this is really interesting topic. It is, it's not an easy one and not make it clear enough people to get the idea that there's a concept that not many preachers talk about is called the now and the not yet that's what that is Nella not yet. So okay well I like that.

I think that the good so thank you very much Frederick but okay Hope that helps.

All right yet okay so that was added from Des Moines, Iowa.

We don't have anybody waiting on the phone to let me cut to continue with that topic a little bit now wanted to make completely clear.

I do not want any of my haters. And yes I do have haters. I wanted to take things out of context and say that I'm teaching a license to sin. I am not I'm not saying it's okay to sin. I am not I'm not saying we don't send movie gliders steal whatever it is it a Christian can still physically actually do not not saying that that's that's all okay what I'm saying is that we have the Scriptures we have these things in the word of God that are very interesting to deal with and how do we put them together. What I think happens far too often is that when people run across these kinds of things they stop doing in-depth study and the reason I say this because that's then what I've seen that there's more to something then what a lot of Christians want to dig into and when I show them other verses that relate to a topic at hand. Often time I met with a lot of resistance with a lot of people say no you to stop talking about is a limitless liberty versus I show them these things and not get people to think but anyway it is called the now and the not yet the Nella not yet slow to jump on the next caller will to jump right onto get to Christian from Saul excitedly at what a year on their body.

I can barely out of it is that shirtless up you hear me yes I do on wondering if there's got the collective. I heard that you to video it godly limited him comedian, I don't.

I pastor that we have got going to grieving the Holy Spirit and wonder what I'm going through right now and challenging market.

I don't know if you're going to end and don't know what the issues are, that would lead up to that thing. But hypothetically… Say that when a person, for example, lies a Christian lies as it can happen.

There will be a couple consequences to one God will convict and if this continues with an repentance. God can take action to discipline you. Certainly as possible.

Absolutely consequences source inflections there going through a lot of anxiety and fear troubled about the future I'm 6100. Maybe I'm suffering God on it for years. I thought it was okay to drink, but I you know and fornicate smoke pot and I don't do that anymore.

I was convicted. I felt I don't do anything anymore.

You don't will the consequences of your actions. I heard one person say sin can be forgiven, but the effects continue. So if I were to punch someone in the in the nose and break their nose and that person forgives me effect is still there so we have to be willing to understand God our better by the time the Lord bless you have a great weekend by his graceful next week

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