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January 2, 2020 7:00 am

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January 2, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you know about the story of Lilith, Adam's first wife- Where did that come from- Is it heresy---2- Why do you often say to avoid churches that have the word -united- in their name---3- Matt goes through an article he wrote dealing with things to look for when going to a new church.--4- Where are the people who died before Christ's death and resurrection- Did they transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant and does that affect where they are now---5- My father professes Christ but doesn't seem to be bearing fruit. What can or should I do---6- Are people assigned a guardian angel to protect them from demons when they believe in Christ---7- How does God relate to time---8- Can you explain John 12-39-40 in relation to Calvinism---9- A caller wanted clarification on Matt's use of the laws of logic when debating atheists.--10- What is the original name of the Savior-

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Why is the president is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is this mess would live.

It is December 23 two digital Christmas and hope you want to give me a call we can blab you for open lines 877-207-2276 and I'll be taken Thursday Friday authoress of the week because the vacation and stuff like that so hopefully will be fine and should be back on Monday with him today and then maybe to cover so week off after that to let her know we'll see. Forgive me call 877-207-2276 the last four digits of LCA RM which is the Christian apologetics research ministry CAR M Honda Garmin org if you want give me a call and we are working on a new Spanish site Mia and it looks like really going to meet we have some things we can work out and strategize about but if you're curious of the Spanish site, you can go there as well rights and just let you know through the end of the year. We are having a call and end of year matching funds drive. So if you want you cannot go to Carmen and whatever you donate so your tent will become 20 or 20 will become 40 and it just doubles so if you're interested in supporting us in this ministry. Whatever you donate to that one time, or if you will sign up for say five dollars a month. $10 a month. Whatever it is that's what we hope for, because it helps us to establish budgets. If you do that, whatever you do, it will be counted double and that it really does help us of the year so I think that's about it.

What you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Randall from West Virginia Randall, welcome to the show. You're on their mandate on the back.

I'm doing all right hanging in there and got a question and the air with a few people brought up that there was a woman named Luella that was the first wife of Adam and I find it hogwash and get the bottle but I want that you if you knew anything about that when actually it is it's in the book of second hogwash and next to three central articles so you know it whenever some necessity like that this tenant Bible say show me show me God's inspired word and if they can't do that no thing to do is that the Talmud outside of Scripture in order to establish that idea and so when we go to for example do this let's go to Matthew my Bible program and I would just do a search for the word Eve and what will looks like a space seed that we go and all actually connected occurs in the New Testament. How about that, but we do find in first Timothy 212. It says it is a vector for was added was first created and then Eve. The first creation was Adam and then Eve. So it doesn't say.

And then LLS and then Eve.

It says and then Eve such as first and then Eve.

So you know when people do this and I just wish they would stop, you don't read with Microsoft yeah remind me of having a little of the disagreement was someone on Facebook today and someone asked where was Adam when Satan was talking to Eve in the garden and this is one person wrote he was standing right next to her.

While it doesn't say that doesn't say it just as he was in the you know he's in the garden. We know that's I just wrote what he does in the garden. I said no, he's right next door wears a say that it doesn't, he's� Your opinion, it is not there. Your argument Silas. I am not. It doesn't say go with what it does say not with what it doesn't.

That's the whole point. If you start adding and say what doesn't say this so therefore it's okay will and you might as will become a Roman Catholic or Mormon. Okay if they were arguing they were using up all extra biblical corseted but I got a little argument when the bad argument that the I wanted to get your opinion on and I know that Al Mudd has a lot of hair at the barn a great Anthony. I did a little sarcoma lab not much did a little sarcoma then I found some stuff in a download that will pretty terrible, but anyway he said it was Timothy lot for 7212 okay I'm only right that burst down and try to get more and that helps.

Mia also asked them where did they get this and if there's any go to extra biblical which that's only place they could just ask him. Is it inspired from God. If they say, the United States quoted a script.

They are 34 or paying for it talks about Greektown stuff like that but what I read that was out of Babylonian in the desert creatures will meet with the wolves and the Harry goat that description is or demon also try to its kind. Yesterday night, monster will settle here.

Hebrews says Lilith. So the night monster or Lilith so that this is getting interesting now so they do a quick thing here. Look in the interlinear and let's see what it says about Lilith in that verse. Let's say come on where you okay because I like to find what that word means. I think of an article in this venture. Let's see we can find the word monster will settle their okay here. Let's do this. Okay and night monster. Okay, that is right there okay so it's 3917 in the Hebrew soma do a search, 39, 17, and occurs only once right there and right. There is only time that reversal in place that verse occurs and the says screech owl. Lilith came from the female God is known as a night demon who hunts the desolate places of Edom so well you know if they want to talk about this. It will that this is where it's mentioned so what you knew about that and actually keep addressing belief in, and its lambda lambda absolutely so anyway if they were to to use that.

That's really bad there. Stretching the guy asked where they get horny listening to the get the stuff from this profit that is reflective of listening to other false doctrines that are being taught to get back to you and ask questions that ask him okay and so when I act totally agrarian event right and at right and then find out that the elders know what they're doing to this is important. I considered everything will depend since he hit hit the bed. He defined heresy. Heresy is that which is not biblical but is damnable heresy and is not damnable heresy or false teachings. That's a false teacher would say to damnable heresy. I dislike they're just wrong like annihilation is damned if you believe it is not a true teaching. I like Matt S all right, folks want to give me call you to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Tracy from Charlotte, North Carolina Tracy Buckner the showing on the air called white shirt and or what kind of church does boy many times) to worry night in their name like that, generally, and always say that I think generally speaking, stay away from and for some strange reason I don't know why but most denominations at Heather were united in them are just whacked so just try to give people a quick easy rule of thumb in the United Reformed Church is an exception. It's a good denomination, that's good, but United apostolic cult United Methodist called United Lutheran false doctrines. It is best if United Presbyterian.

Very bad and I don't know why, just to hike out kind how it goes. So just an easy way to do, remember that. So stay with him. Churches were united, but this is but it might be.

That's a good church that because you might have an independent church unity United Valley church but might be a great church so it was just I do be careful about that and I trying to people in general rule of thumb, but to on the other hand, they can check out things of themselves at Nixon okay welcome very much. Will God bless you to Merry Christmas I to five open lines which you may call 877-207-2276 since she brought this up about what to look for a church that to them to do-an article on karma go through it when you look for in a church things you should look for so I discover some of the stuff and since no one conquers it just slows down for the holidays. So if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

All Hindus can call me at five open lines. All right now, there are bad churches everywhere in a good churches everywhere as well.

So here are the general things you should watch out for that I go online and check out the website. The church first.

The first thing I do when I go to the website to check out a church.

The first thing I did is I go to the statement of faith. I want to see what they can say with a statement of faith.

And if they don't have an affirmation of the Trinity. That's a problem or if your statement of faith is really weak like we believe in the God of the Bible and salvation in Jesus.

That's her statement of faith.

It's so weak that you don't even know what they really teach. That's usually a concern and so you want to watch for things teaching on the Trinity, the deity of Christ and things like that and then went out there was go to the staff for page and the staff they don't have a staff link that's a problem.

Also, why don't they check out who's there and if they have a woman pastor then did not know the facts, if they have a woman Elder no thanks it and if they have woman as a Pastor of children's ministry or something like that.

She's not an elder, but the color pastor.

That's a problem. Also, because they're inadvertently using that title inappropriately and it will bring confusion.

I can't trust them.

At that point I'm very serious about this got stuff so this these are the things that I look for. Also, you want to make sure that they're not supporting homosexuality. That doesn't mean that we don't want homosexuals in church of those were struggling with that sin is that's not it doesn't mean we hate them. It doesn't mean we do speak evil about them but we don't want a church that says now homosexuality is just alternative lifestyle and it's okay.

It's not okay but all homosexuals are welcome.

Muslims are well documented church and to hear the gospel so that hopefully they can believe the true living God person of Christ and come to a place of repentance and trust in him and turn from sin as we wanted it would. Here's another one. Look at what callers will continue after the break. My actual will list do this through the break and then continue with the colors afterwards but John get theirs to break right there okay photo for line call 770-7507 North Carolina hey Matt how are you are Merry Christmas to you too God I'm hoping that you'll be nice to me because I'm a little you don't even have to write the question okay well you know I'm a good guy, and so, lay it out and you need to back me up. You do that okay okay I confused on our last call we talked about pre-Christ. The people were under the law, and we got into it that about how they were say I've been watching sermons and I try to do that.

I try to really drink in good pastors and try you understand thing my true question is the people before Christ died.

You have made a statement and please correct me if I'm wrong, but you said they were still just� A God trying to achieve the wall doing the sacrifices they won't necessarily faith the law but by faith like Abraham's, is that bad if they were justified by faith because is no other name under heaven by which man may be saved to become nice X4 12 so even those people in the owner-it were justified by faith. But the level of knowledge that they had they had to comply with that law and they did but it's not the law that saved anybody.

It was verified with a.

God is our God and were trying our best to do this thought a lot about you. I got, will you and is in its reflecting I James 214, 228 were talks about true faith and false faith, truth, faith has works that were true faith is but that the works and faith.

Don't save us is just a faith but true faith has works and so those who believed in God entrusted would do those things that were revealed to them according to the law, but it wasn't because the Bible clearly says that if we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. Romans 320 okay where's my true question that Matt where are the people who passed away before Christ because it was the pretty big amount of time that we were under the law.

Where are they when the Lazarus story speaks of Abraham's bosom and then there was a different than where they were was not like heaven to which which question will you use and where are they aware that I will just make it straight up and you can help me.

Where are the people who die or cry where with a hat before Christ.where were anywhere nice out right now you have a landmass away, where are they now did they transition from the old covenant to the new covenant means jumping okay, so their series about what happened in the Old Testament and New Testament time because Christ had not yet shed his blood. Therefore there was no access to heaven. And so the people who died in faith beforehand before that event went to the holding place called Paradise or Abraham's bosom, which seems to be what Jesus is alluding to in his account of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 1619 to 31, and it seems to be backed up by other scriptures and we go to get to them. We go to heaven and I like that kind of negotiations for whipstock 48 but for breathless roughly the first eight and that's what it says. Therefore, it says when he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men.

Now so in a good on he says now this expression, he ascended, what is it mean except that he also had descended into the lower parts of the earth discussion and debates about what this means in the lower parts of the earth. That means a holding place down there, or does it mean he was buried, but he was buried above ground to that's how he was buried so we don't know exactly, but it seems to be the case that those who died beforehand before the crucifixion of Christ with two Abraham's bosom and then Christ would make proclamation and then during that interim state and then ascended into heaven with them and they enter into heaven when I lean towards the dinette hill that I lean towards the were kind of having to really dissect it and make a good guess at it because we truly did have that knowledge right now exactly doesn't say specifically but we can drawing conclusions from the general revelation we have in verses like that and also first Peter 317 and see it verse 318. Actually, for Christ also died once for all, the just for the unjust, so that he might bring us to God, having been put to the death in the spirit. But in the flesh, actually, but made alive in the spirit in which also he went and made proclamation of the spirits now in prison. Another thing says the spirit in prison so that's present tense, so it wouldn't make sense to say that he's making proclamation to the people impaired in Abraham's bosom.

What it probably is is the wicked because it says the next verse who were disobedient, when the patience of God kept waiting for some people refer to these verses in relationship to Ephesians 48 that I don't think they're related in the sense of the try make it related to paradise and things like that and think it's a different issue that the Jesus during the interim led captive a host of captives.

Ephesians 48 into heaven with them who were justified by faith, but couldn't enter heaven yet because the blood had not yet been offered, and then Christ also, the theory goes with made proclamation to those were condemned that this is why you're in trouble and not a evangelistic messages. Some people like to say Vanessa proclamation, but this is conjecture, but this seems to be seems to be the case.

Okay, when he was dying on the cross and the asked hand to remember and many will be with me that day that the worker I am not letting you be with me today is to tell you.

Be with me in paradise. Yes. Okay. So at that point, when he died.

That was the line that was crossed but it Christ. This ended. I don't want to say that Shaw is I have a lot of respect for you and more for God, but is Christ defendant at that point and and there was something that happened before he ascended into heaven, I wonder what he was speaking of money that the day because God is trying know that existed when he saying, right there in Luke 2343 is he says and said to the man he has on his right is left. Incidentally, save you, today you will be with me paradise because the man was gonna die and Jesus was going to die and the man that here's the interesting thing with to think if if when the blood of Christ was shed, then the implication was that those were justified by faith is immediately gone to heaven as he says here that I wife back at one of the line. Exhibit 7 mass Y077 her alright so what address one little comment that someone is making a thought about addressing this, but I didn't but I will now because of the chat rooms, people listen.

Someone says will Jesus is today. I'm telling you this, that you be with will be with me and generally those people who hold that also hold to annihilation is him or soul sleep and other errors� Nevertheless it quite obviously Jesus was speaking to Lisa today. I'm telling you this mega sensing, but it makes more sense to say with the hope of the of the thief, today you'll be with me in paradise.

The thief knew what that was probably is the case, is that Jesus died and the man died and went to paradise and then Jesus took them up later. During that sometime in every day. That's just the general theory that a problem okay okay somebody cannot comment on their home is a lot of average theology out there and people like to read in the text things are not there. It happens all the time so they have a disability. Those rankings and others. I'm sorry were you thinking Matt, the way that it was worded as an eat that that day telling you instead of light and day out yet. It's as with sometimes people say and say I'm telling you right now telling you today but I don't know about any instance in Scripture where that is repeated like that to parallel this account is really patterned to this kind of thing in Scripture, and that no so this is something that that people who have a predisposition to an error in view will hold to and then when it comes to that. This is not also sleep. He could not say you'll be with me today because of soul sleep. For example, at the site today. I'm telling you later. You'll be with me in paradise. That's what the idea is so soft as I develop much that okay that makes much that now before I go I know you descriptor lots filled up and I'm tickled that hold you up. That okay my father, I have witnessed him for very long time and issue the gospel and prayed that he would get the call. He has no further, and when I say that I mean he doesn't talk about God. He does not read the Bible, the can't really get out anymore, but he will watch her calm line but he says they now I know that you can't give me the perfect formula or you know to get God to call him, but I'm asking you as a friend.

Then as a pastor.

Do you think with the red fruit that I'm right that currently he is not generic. The Bible says will know them by their fruit and sometimes fruit can be internal and external and I say this because my own mom was on her deathbed when I had to go see her and she went to church, but let's just say there wasn't a whole bunch of really good food and a lot of other areas and Micah despaired my mom but I ended up calling her pastor and he knew her for years and years he performed the wedding for Mike. My parents and he told me said God can save people in different levels and different degrees of bondage to sin, it doesn't mean they're not say and I remember talking to my mom and literally she died a few days later, I just told her mom just ask you, and she said that she professed Jesus as Christ as Lord is God risen from the dead, and salvation by faith alone and him. I just looked at that point. Okay that was it. I let it go at that point and she passed away just two days later but am is hard to judge because you know fruit is patient, love things like that.

Maybe he's struggling major something he's bound to can have victory over it. Maybe it's just pride and and he is regenerate.

Maybe that's the case, but maybe not. I think we need to do is just ask him straight out, not an issue fruit, but I would ask him straight. Does he trust in Jesus Christ God in flesh who died in that cross rose from the dead, that the only way to be saved from the wrath of God is by trust and faith in him alone just asking that because that's the core right there and if he says yes what he can do that point you have to just trust God. Okay, okay. The hard work that is I know I buddy will make it to thank God for you daily. While Prescott they met okay.I write. Sometimes the skill of phones to Benjamin from North Carolina and here on the air. Are you doing today right by God's grace we got it for you getting at that they could give me make my credit for the cry I automatically find a guardian angel protective demonic forces out your we don't know anything about any assignment of the guardian angels in the Bible doesn't say that's an angels assigned to anybody upon birth and salvation. Anything can suggest counseling, but site that assisted him in either angels that I believe ours are assigned to us. To some degree yeah I type proved from Scripture. No, but the Angels work to accomplish the will of God. I'm sure there are certain angels that mix would make sense to say that there are certain ones that kind of stick around for an individual to get to know them but does necessity that's the case so okay that you quietly create high annual God would not operate in our time mean that it said if it could be possible that it will Revelation it already occurred it out.

Tribulation all at it at that. God is not operated.

I really timing it and operate the liquor. When I say that because because he didn't know how God relates to what we call time. I don't like to say that God's outside of time or beyond time or anything time I disagreed with his can't understand how he relates to it so I don't go there. When I do know is that God little technical here because God is omniscient. He knows all things before the universe was created. He knows all things that could possibly have existed because his meant wisdom in his mind is knowledge art infinitely capable so he decided to bring into existence the universe and knowing in that process exactly what would happen throughout all of history because of all the potentials that could exist, he decided to bring in a world in which he knows all things and all things exist by his permission.

One way or another by his direct decree, or is indirectly created by his direct will is indirect will and nothing exist without God's permission is Ephesians 111 says he works all things after the counsel of his will. So if you look at before the universe was God was. He knows all things.

He doesn't know what's going to happen under certain circumstances. If someone in their free will is going to do something and then he extrapolates from there and figured out. The only way leaving their free will could occur and work is if by the planets foreknowledge of God, and that's about it.

Topic foreknowledge what that means if insensitive Scripture discuss the difficult topic. So basically the Christian theologians who really wrestle with this tend to say that the reason he can prophesy everything is not because he knows that the future will be as the sense that he's in the future. It's already happened. What is passing through clear and if that's the case, but because he's ordained whatsoever shall come to pass. He's just telling us what will be is a necessary part of his existence as he brings things into actuality so there's two groups of knowledge that which is actual and that which is potential for some people, however, will say that there is 1/3 group and they talk about different issues as natural knowledge, free knowledge is counterfactual strategic different kind of thing to talk about is he what he knows of people might do or would do possibly due under different circumstances and so there's problems with that. But nevertheless it's not an easy topic for the good question, but is not an easy one to do so.

Okay, line 877507 I was wondering how can you explain John 1239, 40. If the document total inability is true, namely John here, they could not believe� Then not believing because God hardened hearts, and how could they always and only of their own free will total an ability to just what you're asking multiple questions at 16211 time. Okay, I'm curious to confirm Your nocturne experience I do I do a bit ago. I don't think it I see from this text in numerous other tax absolutely seek out heartening people throughout the Bible that it seems that someone then as a result of the heartening God, not the know it cannot be that they sin because God did something to them in a direct sense, causing them to sin, but it can be in the indirect sense were guy can certainly set circumstances are. For example, in Mark 410 through 12.

Jesus speaks in parables, so that people will not believe and not be forgiven. He specifically says that the question then becomes, because it can credit cross-references with John 1239 through 40. Why is it stated that he hardens their hearts. He blinded their eyes so they will not see in the context of Jesus. Here's what I think it might be is that when Jesus is walking on the earth because he's God in flesh, he has that ability to command and it occurs if you were to say to somebody believe is a command willing to believe because that's what God does. So I suspect that what happens is because Christ is saying what he saying in Mark four, and previously in John 12, where he talked about being lifted up from the earth worries giving commands about things he's talking about believe in the life walking like in these these urgent these urgings that there is this is only answer I can possibly come up with that. The reason that this is the case is because God is not chosen for salvation, and he hardens them because in the context of Christ and Christ work on earth they would've believed otherwise that some people say not that I have been met in the field to try that because all say no. It's up to their free will, but that doesn't answer the question because we can say what is one person's free will and able to believe that one is not in the can answer that question.

And we know that God grants of people believe that getting all the stuff gets gets me difficult topic but this is what I have rightly towards I should say okay I am a Calvinist.

I would, but I believe in them� (Nation I would okay not hateful only� The decide the fate of all mankind, but also works that played out in time. It's often well inside the text like John 12 140 could not believe that means have the ability to if they could just believe anything other than that heartening support for.hardened heart blinded that I needed that they would not leave the voted that the area and I just feel like if they cannot believe because of their own blood, like the depraved pollen and why would it say they could not because God hardened and blind as the context of Christ. That's where I see the answer to be and by the way, I hold a supra-and equal ultimacy also makes most sense biblically and logically but as I've thought a lot about that people. They define it in a way that I I had the golden the that much of lot of arts in small boxes will defined equipment. Gotta working on belief in people time and now when I sleep. When you do different things and equal ultimacy because there's variations within it. I believe that God is equally active in condemnation of the non-elect, but that there is also the natural tendency of the non-elect in their depravity to continue in what their natural position is that those people who were not elected, as is its disk declared as being elected in acts 1348 in first John 45.

These are versus people who don't agree with us will talk about the need to go to the Scriptures and check out that word just to read Ephesians 1 verses four and five.

Just read the first few verses of Ephesians. You'll see he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that's election, and if and Romans 922 and 23 that you apparently chose people greater than four for other stuff and there's other verse that get into all this, but so we had. As noted when I would very much like this in Romans nine stock mountain who you talk about Pharaoh East heartening and according to his desire, and its it so that he will be at fault not because he resisted God will harden them but because he's being hardened by God not eat them but got done. I would think you would.

He's not likely� Mulder and that he still still at fault guard hardens. I am back in the something and when we look at it is God strengthen his depravity more in line with what he already was because Pharaoh was already resisting the truth of who God was. So this is these are relics that would that would mean that you would already be apostolic is not all right.

Have you already be at right why we keep buying fall after a hard because he still freely because he still freely committing the sin. This is an issue with likeness.

But let's say what we recognition getting this right here because really committing a lot of the too many dislike that this too deep to get into work and this is 1/2 hour long conversation. I suggest that you go to discord and find the karma server and we can discuss it. There was a mother's ill take a half-hour to an hour to go through details possessor I wanted just talk on John 12 because I think more clear than many other good word of ability or power. They could not believe what you for not believing in Jesus gathered acknowledging what because like like I say I know your they want to get into this, but I don't heart it would be the cause of yes but I don't want to take but I don't want to get too deep into this right here because we will lose everybody and let her do. I was at.

I'd rather discuss this on discord.

For example, we get a couple other guys and we can have a really deep conversation on these issues is with the finally returning free will and compatible us free will. Different kind of the trees different kinds of will and kinds of various things they all had to be laid out beforehand and it just becomes a lecture at that point and I will do that right now in order to outlaw just� Do you believe they could not believe because he harden the hearts I'm not to say that right now because I need to explain things I need to explain things in different senses of how it can be and how this blog will talk discuss_okay all right thought that it is likely to have avoided okay last night on triangle.

Okay I say what I meant to tell you one more time and try to be very polite. I want to discuss it with you when discord okay but I went back okay will move along. So let's get to Joshua from Idaho I Joshua, welcome to the show your normal as I can. Josh welcome your on the Army yes yes I can automatically go up with it okay okay I talking about tag that possible yes it's certainly possible article, so I listen to your debate thereon. The time and one other thing that got out in your tag argument log of logic came and I find that my nadir (God the good they want out that prove limited to the same standards. I believe that I'm quoting you correct the scientific method used to examine lot for example correct right they make a mistake. They want proof and I discussed issues will constitute proof to them sufficient evidence because it become subjective.

There are ways to prove God not just by the possibility the contrary.

Okay Matt yeah I am then when you use the laws of logic down there live in Dallas. God is.

I swear, find like no I know that they and I understand that. I think that you also said that there were conventional in nature and they were transcended. Yes, so we can't say that we can't hold them and their airmen. We can get like it might if I had, and even out.

Yes, we were getting that one time here. That's all I'm saying is okay to guess or ask actions and cater universal abstractions because we obtained them. We don't create them or invent in the they have their existence independent of us, but their universal abstraction somehow. Then we come in contact with them will because we are spiritual beings made in the image of God were able to therefore contact them and the universality of those laws implies universality the mind of God. Just about another argument so sophisticated and a lot of atheists don't get it. I do yeah intimated that you had an amicable question or a stumbled an ironic note that there were not cut it and I love.

I try to use her for our God notepad a little better and familiarize myself with it a listen. I will let you know I appreciate you taking the call I wanted to let you know that I hear you calling from my years ago.

Cool okay and now by now how I've been out for a year and 1/2 and I have a new baby yeah I struggle better to let him get an eye out. 080 things they love for you to goblets. Thanks a lot.

I think I write is on the line to see rent from north Carolina will have about a minute or so on the show Brent you're on the air. I do not write hanging and how we got like one of the callers earlier I got that at 12 without doubt fill out an icon that happened about lack very name the name of the baby of the name is recorded in the Greek New Testament is the Asus point where he would come out.

It doesn't say that Hebrew name in the New Testament, which was given to us in Greek by God's sovereign decree. Okay great. The Savior was Jewish.

He spoke Hebrew. I'm sure he spoke Greek because it was a late language of commerce and that's the language that God chose to have the New Testament written the Lord so do you think that that was good for God to do that to have it you in Greek world that you know what is there is not as sorry as an additional Carolina

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