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January 3, 2020 7:00 am

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January 3, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is it that we literally can't keep God's law or that we don't or won't---2- How can I best refute the flat earth argument---3- Aren't flat earthers using the same kind of arguments as atheists---4- Is Oneness theology a false gospel---5- What does the word -dumb- mean in Exodus 4-11---6- How was God glorified by the man born blind in John 9---7- My kids and their mom are catholic. What should I do as a Christian and their father---8- Matt talks about an upcoming debate with an atheist on Apologetics Live.--9- A oneness adherent called to discuss the Trinity.

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Why is a lot more January 2 year 2020. Hope you all had a great New Year's. I did read a bunch of people over a lot of fun notice at time of blessing with a bunch of Christians in preprinted event and it was great with good time.

Hope you had a great time as well. Really do.

And dogs when you thanks for all of you who contributed for the year and matching funds drive that we had it worked out very well and am not sure thank you for all who supported us and will continue to support us both financially and prayerfully.

Thank you very much.

We really do appreciate it and matching funds drive went pretty well and will help us out for months to come. So thank you very much. Also get this today is a special day anniversary day for me. I started doing radio five days a week, Monday through Friday, 15 years ago today about that was so January 2 and reverts well being a little bit nervous the first time ever do anything like that on my own without a host helping calls would come in and they did was here to Boise, Idaho area and is expanded run a lot of stations now documents was a thanks to all of you ballistic over the years.

If by any chance you want to call up and say what you think the show good and bad that's fine. I get a kick out of those and but there you go. 15 years ago today I started doing radio five days a week now before that I had done.

Radio for two years.

One day a week in Alaska guest host on a show that was just out of Oregon and that was fun but I love doing radio. It's a lot of fun.

I just praise God for the people for the blessing of the people who call out questions and the challenges it has been just wonderful.

So thank you for that as well. Alright, so if you want to give me a call. We have three open lines 8 772-072-2760. Recall Liska to Tim from Iowa to near the first caller of the year Shelley Rainier great thinker.

My call happy happy new year. I am calling former Christian I believe in the doctrine of total depravity of man, but I I'm wondering I've heard you play things this way before. Most pastors and Christians. I talked with about doctrine say that it is impossible for man to keep God's law that that we are unable to do it and I think certainly a sense that it but I wonder. I wonder if it more helpful to phrase it that we refuse to keep God's law that we don't keep it. I'm thinking about the laws of the Old Testament or the or the command of the new and and none of them are physically impossible for us to keep work that what I wouldn't what what I'm concerned about is that we project this idea that that God laws are too difficult for man to keep and therefore they might be unfair for him to judge us against that standard might be better to say that we refuse to keep good law rather than were unable to do so.

What what do you think we have to define things. First we have to define what it means to keep the law always tell people. First things first, define your terms and we know what total depravity is on the do that when to find it for what people those who don't know, total depravity is the teaching that sin has touched all of what we are as people are blind or parts emotions our bodies everything is touched by sin and were not as sinful as we can be to break me even more simple but to everyone is touched by sin and the effect of that touch of sin is enslavement to send for the unbeliever and I give all the verses and things like that but in that for knowing what for. The result of this is that people will not of their own free will to Christ because their free will is enslaved to sin, it won't do sinful things alright so I still depravity is now what is it me to keep the law.

Well in one sense we can keep the law in another sense, we cannot in one sense I can keep the law by not coveting and so I don't cut it. However, I went to a store yesterday. This is for real. Now I'm a tech gadget guy I use my phone a great deal. I do Facebook with seductive discord will be continue to do Twitter even more.

I do emails. I'm constantly using it as a tool not as this is a look at my stupid pictures, no that's what I do and I saw a phone yesterday. It folds open to Samson foldable and boy do I want it to thousand dollars I can afford that and I could justify don't like I'm cutting now. In one sense it's happening is I'm keeping the law okay I like it but I'm not worried about it another sense, boy, would I like that.

What is it mean to keep the law does it mean to keep the law. The human standard or does it mean to keep the law on God's standard. If it means God standard. Nobody can keep the law because the level of law keeping is perfection.

When you have to do laundry, 27, 26, with Paul references in Galatians 310 and the standard of of lucky thing is perfection in that sense nobody can keep the law because it means after perfection. For example, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

I could ask you do you do that with the answer has to be will know and I talked to Catholics as an example Alaska is a saving keep the law. And I said you do it perfectly missing. Yes, you don't.

The arrogance is incredible. Nobody on the other hand on the human level yeah we do.

We know we love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

You know is a room for improvement will yes will if there's room for improvement.

There were not good with all her heart to you. See, this is the issue and what level what sense so total depravity and reform context is correct is biblical and those who hold to it are also correct when they say nobody can keep that law because Twitter talked about his perfection. That's what they should be safe.

We can't keep the law perfectly to what you would normally save you should take correct, but they could also say that we do. Okay, try to keep it know we are not lying and stealing. Let's good. So in that sense you were keeping but even then not perfectly so you see that's where the issue comes except helpful answer and I think you're right on define what we mean.

I regret Dr. Nate the time go. Nobody but if it unfair for God to judge a standard we can't keep.

And that was that was part of the context for the question but I do agree that we are totally depraved and we are unable to keep the law or not. Because the law is so stringent and difficult, but because of our innate desire for help elevation. I will address.

With that said, because the common complaint and it the answer lies in the difference between humanism and Christianity in humanism. Man is the standard in human's description of the Christian church quite a bit when humanism, God will not require of us anything we can't do. That's humanistic philosophy it's in the church so therefore we have to have free will completely autonomous free will bill the choosing Jesus to jerseys with humanist philosophy. God says in first Peter 116 be holy, for I am holy. We can't be holy, only God is holding what he commands it. Why does he do that he commands it, because he's the standard of righteousness, not us. Humanism says we are the standard Christianity says God is the standard. So yes, God will hold to a standard we can't keep because the standard is perfection because it's based in his character, not ours. And that's where the answer lies.

Yet in Christianity God also gives us what we can't do it gives us righteousness. We can't be righteous, God wants to be righteous, but he gives us the righteousness that comes from by faith that come from God. Flipping 39. We cannot be justify before the law because we can keep the law perfectly even James 210.

If you stumble in one point you're guilty of all is we can't keep that law it. Christ kept it first Peter 222 and then we receive his righteousness. Flick 39 or are declared righteous by faith. Romans 51 so God provides for us what we cannot do with the standard is his character, not man's at the difference between atheistic philosophy and Christian philosophy humanism in Christianity. Okay helpful. Thank you for thank you for the gospel that I created. It's got I Jim Douglas, what alright, let's get all three don't let that come off, let's get to wait from West Virginia weight look of the show. You're on your that young. By that I mean I've only been regenerated years ago and I've got more involved in group media. I've noted trend of Bible black earth and it didn't write it though many group and my question is, will you give me a break. And by the help unit dissing you to write an article on it going to put some little do is say the four corners of the earth, and it talks about that, but there are other places that talk about the circle of the earth, and some will say that this is circle and flat, and some will say it's a rectangle or square and flat and what happens is, those who hold the flat earth and look at Scripture to justify it will choose to pick one or the other widely choose to pick one of the other. The four corners or the circle of wells because they can do this inconsistently you cannot have both be true. The circle of the earth, along with corners of the earth. You can't have both be true.

So what happens is people in the flat earth area what they're doing is misusing Scripture and taking things literally that were never meant to be literal and then enter saying that supposed to be flat well one of the things I'll do is I'll ask them what's under the flat earth is it for elephants standing on a Turk tortoise shell that used to be one of the cosmological. I forgot what I can do is my think that I could be wrong. Cosmological understandings of why the earth is what it is and what would be able to to stand course to can't answer what's on top of that was on top of that.

With that, etc. so the flat Earth's have a problem there. Furthermore, another issue that is really problematic is is that GPU is really getting hot. Difficult monitors can shut off. Interesting. Nothing is so anyway.

Another issue is that when we see rockets take off cameras from the rockets and cameras from astronauts who going out and Apollo space shuttles.

We have satellite photos know what they're going to say is these are all doctored and it's a conspiracy.

Now here's the thing. If you and I for example wanted to make up a conspiracy, it was just between you and I to verify you saw something I saw something women really didn't and nobody else is involved will then we can keep the conspiracy going with you. The problem, but if we get 10 people that we say saw the same thing. We have 1210 people now. Now it becomes a little more difficult because what if one of them says no I never see that what you do when the whole world countries all that after the break voted right back. I call 7707 with the show ways are you still there alright so the issue conspiracy is something really seriously think about in order for the. The oblate spheroid. The oblate spheroid is a sphere rotating in the equator because of momentum and centripetal force. It kind of bulges at the center of the earth is in oblate spheroid.

So in order for the sphere. The whole conspiracy theory would have to maintain that NASA is involved with the military the United States is involved with the various scientists are involved with it.

Plus, scientists, and others in different countries all around the world. Plus people on the Internet and the government has to control the Internet to make sure that the real pictures don't get out etc. etc. and this becomes extremely problematic. How do you then maintain such a vast conspiracy among so many thousands upon thousands and thousands of people in the flat or Thursday to answer that question. I can't help you a lot.

Yeah I a lot. That article on that with with the biblical reference that would be great. You have to just think it's as think the problem in Christian group is things I think is interesting to read to something and maybe it means something. Maybe it doesn't.

But it's in first Thessalonians 4 and verse 16 is that I will read the whole thing with talks about the rapture's immortal bullet sand and those who live eventually caught up together in the chapter written fortunate but it says now as to the time vignette ethics brethren have no need of anything to be written to you talk about just talk about since the rapture return of Christ for you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night so it says there and not that's first Thessalonians 52 that the day the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

Well, when you go to second Peter 310, with the day of the Lord will come like a thief thief in the night, but a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and illness be destroyed with intense heat. Now is only one day of the Lord. Both come like a thief that once at night and one day apparently that would make sense if the earth were round and Argonauts that so I'm I think is proof but is like your God's word is really something, and I think there's clues all over the place about all kinds of things and I just think that that's one of them make sense yet. Thank you very much okay I'll throw article alright goblet okay. Well, that was way let's get over to Steve Utah he's not there. We have three open lines fall 20 McCall 877-207-2276 get to St. from California looking to show your on-air thing right. Thank you. In your program journal from via my wanted but actually change it talked about that are very familiar character thought your opinion on bladder, biblical actually opening the door and evening using the same reasoning and logic at eight it and you can give me just a few speculative expound on. I think you watch a lot of debate on channels and there's some people that come on the title of the directors and argumentation that the earth is not around because we can see anything about.

But when people like you and me present on eight years of the bar at a baby check. He had been anything I want it out. However, if you knew the exact same thing in regard to the resurrection. The Bible, we give them evidence, the resurrection through a historical account like Keith is a candidate they reject. We do presented in an estate. I will believe in it is something out here get your thoughts on does not enter dockable and cries in a bad way. Opening the door for X can hinder the presentation of the gospel because most people rightfully understand that the earth is round sphere and so if people want to have credibility before them to some degree. Not that we want to see that credibility is what makes the gospel true, but we don't want to put unnecessary stumbling blocks forward and so flat Earth-ism can certainly appreciate the stumbling block for many people as you know, I talked to a lot of people on a regular basis. I'm in contact with unbelievers and believers of differing types and so every now and then the flat earth thing will come up with an atheist and the last what I think about it now. Right away, say they just do not looking at the facts misinterpreting Scripture they don't represent true Christianity. In that respect it's like to dismiss it quickly so that I can go on and preach the gospel trying to get to that place you right in that area is okay to do an article RMS what your question of the Trinity, though, and the one stuff one of my question with our leadership are accurate teachers that up each one mandatory, are they not all stop in a dangerous condition.

I willfully teaching that, in rejecting with the clear Bible than it back in regard yes it does. Because ultimately their denying the true revelation of God as a Trinitarian being is with her preaching a false God, along with the preaching of the false God of preaching a false gospel because one is Pentecostal to say get baptized, and in these words in the name of Jesus say that's how you have to be baptized if you baptized in the father-son Holy Spirit false baptism. They also say that baptism is necessary for salvation, and so they're doing is adding a ceremony to salvation, along with the formula of words you have so that is very dangerous. It's a non-Christian cult. Plus, there's the issue of the incarnation.

No likely speaking Jesus have to be God in flesh in order to offer as soon sacrifice sufficient for the divine Lord as well as on our behalf people so Jesus had to nature's God and men in oneness you don't have a Trinitarian being what you have is a monolithic being modernistic MON but monistic and there's problems with logical problems with that as well.

But getting to. Here's the issue of the incarnation. How then do you have a true incarnation of the person of God in Christ. And so you don't have that because when Jesus was in the garden is not my will but your will be done. 2242 they had to say thank himself on Friday voted right back after the messages I call 7707 last couple of weeks of summer was really great. Really helps a lot. Thank you so much. Thank you. This appreciated whole bunch and we have three open lines of 20 McCall 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina alright. We got out the other day back to the story that John 913-8011 they make no with that one couldn't quite follow you. Your leg muscles and we left anything you needed okay Alexis 111 yet is God talking the Lord Yahweh.

Yes that because it mental dumb mute death saying blindness as what he says is is a maximum you toward death for seeing, or blind as dumb, but I think the word in the King James is referring to is mute okay which six 411. This is why we said user more accurate translation that the King James great but it just helps to guess what it is a season were dumb when it really is mute is a mean dome is in your stupid lifetime.

People couldn't talk or consider to be mentally deficient called dump okay okay so will he go John.

John 922 John 911, 20 God got it. When we make you added a single word is extremely important to only can God only glorified if that good.

Can God be glorified in them in a person's blindness. Yes, we only go I'm having trouble and wait wait wait wait. Having her understanding you because the connection or something isn't quite very good to speak slowly and loudly. Okay when you make God your okay. That made it. He is a say that it doesn't imply either thing just says that he was blind from birth, and it wasn't anybody's fault that that's it.

And so he was allowed to be blind that God might be displayed.

The work of God would be displayed in him. That's what it says the same thing about only this or could only be that under certain different conditions. It only says what it says okay okay so again it is not man think that he would not know now you says, but he was. It was so that the works of God might be displayed in him. That's why he was born blind, so that God's work to be displayed in him. That's what assess is why, what, what would that be the work of healing your don't lose weight, make stop.

Don't think so.

He couldn't glorify, don't say he could not be glorified. Don't don't have that into the text of the try make it fit that issue.

There's nothing in there about could or could not be just says that he was born blind, so that the work of God might be displayed in him there is no issue there. And logic that requires could or could not to do that is to read too much into it to imply too much into it. Just read what it says okay are you there okay so I get a meeting about not the reason why the male God got one that you might go well say they don't believe it says that he is glorified in John 924 is the first word glory occurs in that give glory to God. We know that this man is a sinner and that is said by the time limits by that the Jews yeah and so now, so the Jews were saying this. Nevertheless, what the text says is he's born blind, so that the work of God might be displayed in him.

The work was done by Christ he healed him.

As we know when the text that's what it says doesn't say he could. Christ could do something or had to do something we don't do that don't add anything. Just read what assess the works of God might be displayed in him. That's why we say will say more with less.

We could say yes God was glorified because I said one of the aspects of healing. God is glorified. Yes, we could also say that the ministry of Christ was further validated, yes, but these are outside conclusions that we know because these are the broader scope of truths that this particular truth fits into that that make sense to help one of Jesus our it doesn't say Jesus cause this man to be blind when you say Jesus you're talking about the incarnation that began in this case, about 30 so years earlier. Since Jesus was conceived and was in the womb of Mary Jesus by definition, has two distinct natures.

So when you say Jesus cause him to do that now we don't know how long this man had been blind. We don't know if he was older than Jesus or if he was younger than Jesus. So to say Jesus cause that is a logical problem, but we can say is that God at the very least, allowed it, and he may very well have ordained it in a causative sense where he made the man blind because we know from Exodus 411 Yahweh says who Mays makes man's mouth are who make some mute or deaf, or sitting or blind, is it not I the Lord. So this is certainly a possibility we don't know which is the case. Okay will goblet okay okay all right let's get on the phones is who's next longest waiting Nick from Texas Nick love Michelle you're on the there Nick did. Yes, like you want your only her neck okay got you know what, what would you not all given Like in the Non-Catholic and all what not tell them about what they think they know I do like every time I hear my aunt say I wrote right Mary non-like fishing. Where should I say something and the time that I have that something that causes no conflict. So what is good, like the Scripture will ask what I asked 529 really context when they had brought them listed before the Council, the high priest questioned them this is Peter saying we gave you strict orders not to continue teaching in his name and yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and intend to bring this man's blood upon us first night, but Peter and the apostles answered, we must obey God rather than man. There's your answer. You obey God rather than men.

Roman Catholicism is apostate, and if they grow up and die Catholicism there down if they believe official Roman Catholic theology so your obligation is to teach them lovingly and patiently with wisdom. If your wife ex-wife and her situation is mom whatever this says no, sorry to sound gross, to be telling them the truth. Just as you want to say only what you want and you don't want the same thing for me that's not fair and it's not acceptable because of problems that Sophia is okay okay remember that His messages please take to why call 707 show and hate to give you a little bit of a heads up all been a debate in about an hour or so hour and 15 minutes with an atheist on God's decrees versus man's free will.

If you're interested in watching.

I may be participating afterwards all you do is go to apologetics apologetics live as one and forward you guilt information. If you are interested in that. Let's get to Berry from Houston, Texas, very welcome Michelle, you're on your regular and you hear me yes I hear you okay okay how you doing today. I goblet to all the listeners so I'm calling it today because I had made a comment at the bottom of what you are dating a minute ago about the holy Trinity and I am a firm believer in the work for sure, but I do not follow man and I've had a lot of conflict based off posting that have to do with certain type of pastors and and just different reasoning that have to do with materials or following a man wanted to state the reason why I don't believe in the holy Trinity. Now I do believe in the father son and Holy Spirit.

But the holy Trinity. You don't see that in Scripture it's not in the Bible and I go by second John apostle 911.

Whosoever transgressed and obey it.

Not in the doctrine of Christ has not God. He then obey it in the doctrine of Christ at God have both the father and the son war there come any unto you okay so let me ask you what Trinity is. While I feel that this is coming. I understand the concept defines me. The Trinity financial outline can only have about had the Trinity. To me, and Phil is a self-made doctor of define what the Trinity is not a self-made is not true. I keep asking the same question, what is it that understand first what you thought it is to see this biblical are not welcome me that hard to answer because I don't believe in it. If you're asking if you setting us right on believing I don't understand if you say it's wrong. How can you say it's wrong. If you don't know what it is.

The only thing I know of.

It is based off what they teach of it, which the holy Trinity is the father son and Holy Spirit from what they teach them help you. Okay so the Trinity and I'll explain it. Trinity is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons we see person.

We do not mean a person like you and me with a body of flesh and bones like three God is three of these. Now I don't teach that that's not what it means the word person has a theological importance to it and I theological ports such as the attribute of personhood is being aware sex and you win yours in me and my can have a will and things like that so we would say that the father and the son and the Holy Spirit are each called persons. Willie don't seem to have the word person but they all exhibit the attributes of personhood. The father will speak to the sun. The sun will speak to the father and the Holy Spirit speaks to people so they exhibit attributes of personhood so far.

Do you agree with that yet. I do agree with that good so the father speaks to the sun. The sun speaks to the to the father so they can't be the same person correct if the father is called God's 12 and Jesus called God. John 24 John 2028.

John 114/29 Jesus is called God you believe those right. I do believe that yes or okay in the Holy Spirit is also called God to go to for two a for example, for scripting, chapter 5, verse three and four and what he called God and you believe that yes or okay so the Holy Spirit speaks and has a will to act 13 to recess is set apart from me is whom I have called etc. as a Holy Spirit speaking so the Holy Spirit has personhood right and and so what is study ability and so the Bible said is only one God and all existence all place all-time. Isaiah 4310 44 644 845 five so you believe is only one God nonexistence yet you just affirm well that can be that can be debated because even God in Genesis talks about other God but he is the one and only true God, and I think the reason why he brings that up is based off the traits of the human belief like we we basically create God in an image know we deal materials. We do it like I got you finance but I got you, but you agree the Bible teaches is only one true living God.

Right. Right yes okay so the father is called God which your degree to Jesus is called God the Holy Spirit called God your degree. Each of them exhibits attributes of personhood they speak. Each has a will speak to each other. Six of the father is not the same person as a son could speak to each other, and Holy Spirit is sent by the father and the son that's on John 1426 John 1526. So if there Holy Spirit is sent by them. The Holy Spirit is not the same person as a father the son correct correct so you're saying that the Holy Spirit is not the same as the father in the file that the same person is a heart yet, I believe that you will believe it or not. You just affirmed all things necessary to establish the doctrine of the Trinity, the doctor, the Trinity is one God in three persons, you said fathers, and Holy Spirit are each person they'd have wills and things like that is only one God, not the same as each other and that the father speaks to the sun and the sun speaks of the fathers of different persons in the father to send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks as well so he has his personhood you just affirmed was necessary. It will establish a doctrine that yet, but that's exactly my statement of what you just explained is the fact that there were Trinity or the holy Trinity is not part of biblical doctrine in the modern doctrine. No because it was hey you don't see Trinity and their right. If you do you see to the word Trinity about that, you'll see the word Trinity, but you also don't see the word atheist but atheism is just as taught in that it is mentioned but he just said that it is nonbelievers knows his rifle he said as heartily guided and ate it.

That's what if you submit us to say there is no God is on St. you don't have to have don't have to have the word be there for the concept to be there like monotheism. The teaching that is only one God, all existence, all place and all time. The word monotheism is not in the Bible, but monotheism is taught okay.

Do this from your perspective… I completely understand what you're saying and second John when it talks about that like it in my wrong for for believing that if it's not in the Scripture because he said he will preserve Scripture for eternity that if it's not in the Scripture that it shouldn't be taught the question and I do believe in teaching the father, son, and the whole spirit would where did the doctrine of the holy Trinity come from the college and the guy was stable for him not the Catholic than the Roman theaters in the theaters of what they're doing. Who cares of the Catholic state that my question really here is am I wrong for teaching that John second John the wrong family daily. Not wrong for believing what the Bible says the question is that you're not applying truth from the Scriptures to your own life in this area. The truth of the Scriptures is that Jesus is called God the Spirit called God the followers called God with these references, which I gave them to you. The truth is there's only one God. I gave the references for that. Also that they speak to each other and the father and son send the Holy Spirit to their separate persons which you all acknowledge this is from the Scriptures.

Yet this is how John got it from the Scripture. It the end. This is exactly how the Trinity is arrived at by doing exactly what you and I just did and you just agreed to all the think not all, you agree to a sufficient number of things to demonstrate the doctor, the Trinity, you just did.

That's how it arrived okay so as now probably I will get on my knees and pray about this but from your perspective what I should. I mean I don't feel like I'm wrong. Instead of teaching, father, son and the Holy Spirit is the holy Trinity Trinity is audited and always spirit the 20 is the team's advocate that created by man, or is that I mean I understand the father-son Holy Spirit, but your ear were creating a title right to only tell you this first before we can talk is worth getting one time now. Are you familiar with my website. I'm actually today. This is my first time listening and money posted on one of my pages and yet, my heart, thinking I'm not familiar with it, but I definitely interested.

Okay so the website car network see CAR.allergic Christian apologetics research ministry. I've been working on the site for 24 years and doing a lot of discussions a lot of stuff like you to do is to go to Carmen and just type in the word Trinity in the search engine the on the right hand operates right hand side. You type in the word Trinity and what you'll see there are articles that I've written what is a Trinity Trinity chart. The dictionary questions on it another look at the Trinity in response criticism, but with a Trinity's do your homework and I'm not saying I say this jokingly your my last name really as slick as my birth name. Okay, so, so I gotta say you know I don't trust a guy in the radial name slick. Okay, you gotta trust the word of God.

Okay, it's great. Hey it works out perfectly for radial and so I want a little real quick before you let me go. I am to do that is that the same concept of the fivefold ministry. No no-fly thing about it is no fivefold is at Ephesians chapter 4 verses 10, 11, 12, and they misunderstand with that is ballistic with one thing at a time. The Trinity okay so I have a lot of information, a lot of articles and I want you to do if it's okay for me to say I want you to do this but hope you would do if you be so, I would love is it is to go through and read the articles and check all the references but don't just read one read several of the articles because a Trinity is something I'm extremely familiar with and I write a lot about over the years, I defended countless times so I think I understand well and I and see what you without you knowing it. You've actually agreed with the Trinity. Without saying a Trinity because you've where adult conversation and like I mean everything you asked was biblical and the only thing I never got out of it was the Trinity, but from what you are explaining based off I don't have to have a justification one is not read assigned the Scriptures to teach. We just call that teaching tomorrow. I will let you appreciate your time away apologetics the

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