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January 7, 2020 7:00 am

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January 7, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses Sola Scriptura.--2- What does Song of Solomon represent---3- How do we know which, if any, near-death experiences are true---4- Why is the original Hebrew name of Jesus being hidden---5- Do you think we're close to the end times---6- How do you define the sovereign decree of God- Are there some prophecies in Scriptures that have conditions- Are they still all part of God's sovereignty---7- If a system of theology was developed or can be traced back to one or two persons, is there merit in examining their lives- Could anything in their lives negate their theology---8- Does the New Testament command us to tithe---9- How does the doctrine of federal headship work before and after the fall---10- How can I best refute those who say regarding homosexuality that we are just picking random verses and not taking into account the whole Old Testament law- Why single out homosexuality but not clothing styles or shellfish-

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Why is it apologetic why you have questions about why I'm the recount of a good weekend except for one little thing, I just, I discovered when it's a good time to have your heater go out house and I discovered that you really appreciate a lot more during the winter when it's snowing outside and your heater goes out so that's what happened to me it just got fixed about the little about 20 minutes ago but hey look folks are going to give me a call only to do is dial 877-207-2276, and though we have five open lines right now and so what were doing here is some apologetics a defense of the Christian faith. By the way of the Lord will be in a just debate, discussion kind of thing tomorrow night on the issue of baptism is baptism necessary for salvation and the answer is no, it's not. Should you get baptized yesterday with more baptism.

Do not ignore it. Is it the thing that makes you a Christian.

No is it necessary in order for you to go to go to heaven know well.

There are some Church of Christ people who are very… Say obstreperous about the issue and a well know to say there.

There pretty negative about about my position and built them converses with what they often do is dismiss quote verses about the various things and we put in context and are some issues and some something comes up with the burlesque so like I said if you want to call 877-207-2276 and is some of you may know I have. I think it's been 15 and 20 Facebook pages that I frequently run and I I do this for various reasons. What I do is I try and learn to test things and I learn and so I have one of the Facebook pages I run is called is Roman Catholicism true and my interaction with the Catholics.

There have been very interesting. I really appreciate that there are often quite difficult and it just dawned on me to see so simple. The reason they believe what they do is because they don't put the word of God where he belongs is that the supreme place of authority and that you'll hear some read should say many times in the Facebook page and we've got to have on the on the Roman Catholic one.

There will be no so many people will just say that solar script Torah. The idea that you just look to God's word is the final authority. I think that it's a false doctrine very very interesting because you know if you think about it.

If the if God gives his word.

He would appear to you and he said something.

Would that be something you'd have to believe and obey, will of course why you don't just decide he is a good enough for me to pick believe in it that you don't do that if it's what he says it's what he says. So the old and New Testament are inspired got there his word, so naturally it should just be the place of final authority is what it says is some tradition comes along, or some belief or opinion comes along. The contradiction is just wrong and anything would come after would have to be in agreement with what God is revealed and so so what I did was I think a post and I'm writing some articles about this kind of stuff and out with him to read something here that might be interesting with still doing and not just Roman Catholics. I want you to understand something happen. Also, is the idea from the Eastern Orthodox, the Oriental Orthodox, and things like this. They put a great deal of emphasis on tradition, church authority and things like that. In regards to the Roman Catholic situation. They claim that the early church fathers are the ones who substantiate support their view and that what they say is is true because it's come from the early church fathers letter. Think about this. If that's the case then what came before the church fathers. They want to go back to the original church fathers have an unbroken lineage. They say well I go back to the book of acts and epistles because that's where the early church was and this is where it recorded what they said they did.

They believed gets that we would go right so I asked him questions and him and haven't received or I haven't reviewed I should say the response from Roman Catholics yet, but here's something that I find to be interesting that are not in the New Testament the way through mechanics teaches like the Catholic Church is the one true church that's out of paragraph 2105 in the catechism, the infallibility, the Roman Catholic Church in matters of ecclesiastical etc. they'll that's not in there either. Not in the New Testament not is not written or taught by the early Christians only. The Roman Catholic Church has authority to interpret Scripture. Let certainly not true. Roman Catholic Church is necessary for salvation. It actually says that in paragraph 846 and the full benefit of salvation can only know the Catholic Church. Vatican II says teaching grades can be merited that these things are not in the early church writings of acts and epistles.

That's where that's where you have to go aggressively merit I just can't believe that this is so incredible. Grace can be infused of the soul. The thing of indulgences penance the masses a re-sacrifice of Christ. The merit of marrying the St. can be applied to others and etc. other things. But here's the thing. My point is this that you the same as me ought to believe and trust that word of God, you ought to hold that Bible that you hold in your hand hold it in reference it is the inspired word of God. It is the inspired, that is true in everything it addresses.

And because it is and should be in a place of authority and all people should be able to follow what it says. Listen to what it says believe what it says it should be, and truth should be measured and what it says not and what anybody else says anyway that we have three open lines to be call 877207227, subsequent Carlton, Charlotte, North Carolina Carl. You're on the air on the book in the song column is that representative of God love for the church and the bride, or man's love for his wife. I would say both because when you read this on the Solomon. It is definitely sensuous absolutely right and I remember the first time I came across the book of Solomon the son of Solomon. I remember doing this member reading it after logging when a minute and I closed the people you don't get my finger in place of I got close that the cover. I look at it yet. That's the Bible to back up because of social pride of what was there without something people will say that it's a common commentary between the love of God and his church, and I think there's some truth to that, but there are certain things in their that I would not attribute out there some that I can't sit over the radio because it's so those are very sensuous, obviously between a man and wife so I feel a bit both inner by appreciating Matt God bless you. He felt he won't even call for lines 877-207-2276 Marco from Florida looking to show you on the other guy hello when you are you.

I know my question. Yes, my questionnaire okay, how do we know if like you know okay that they are aligned by day they went to have a nail, but some people say that you know date the other being backed out of them that you know like it something like you make which I will gladly yeah and light a tonic. They okay yeah but you can make your spiritual where you want to go. I guess I need to have you go that fan. Yes, the answer is simple.

So whatever agrees with Scripture is what we have to go with the discrete of Scripture, we can trust it doesn't make it make a difference.

How many times in the cold. NDE's near-death experiences where people go to good place bad place where atheists go to a good place or a bad place whatever there are variables that we cannot analyze completely and totally.

I've gone through a few books on the stuff and I know that MDs are are possible biblically because of security is 12 to Paul says he knows a man with her in the body or out of the body I do not know, but such a mascot of the third heaven and so he saw things that were to know inexpressible so he saw stuff and we know that this is this kind of thing is certain, alluded to in the Scriptures we do about the people today-legs has been alive for many, many, many hours studying the topic.

Over the years and I've watched the videos on it read books on there are certain accounts that are very memorable one individual who is not a Christian went to a place where he was demonic things, torturing Arbor reading the first one that I've read that stuck with me years ago is when a man who was shot the back of the head while driving a motorcycle.

He crashed woke up in a field and Jesus approached him in the closer Jesus approached the worse he felt. The reason was because his sin was so strong that he could not stand in the presence of the Lord because he felt so guilty just he said it was incredible and then you just just communicated to them without talking to follow him and he did went down to enter going down and down and down and went to a place where there were people in an fire in agony and the man was an incredible fear he said to be thrown in. Judah turned around and back of the hill, and sometimes not gotten the men woke up in the hospital. He's a quadriplegic and he said to have Lisette because he knows when he dies, he's gonna go to heaven please not worry about being a quadriplegic. That story stuck with. I've heard stories of black people born blind born blind, who will have surgery or something like that and I'll die the operating table and they recover and they will describe what they saw in the hospital and were able to recognize people by their voices that were there for whatever reason, you know, there friends, family, and recognized and described with were doing and who said what and things like that so these things are real but we always have to judge the truth behind what the Scripture says always says okay you are bright. Think about that idea and you got prayer.

Yeah, we know I don't do very often on the air, but every few months. We can pray for somebody thing this situation become ill because I have the honor for prayer is okay I recommend a photo five open lines of why 07, lines 87772276 at the end of North Carolina. Andrew will show you around here right we got all along what the original night and walked out with the law is against asked the question please assist okay why the original night and I talked about Max. I think I do, but originally mean of Yahweh say: when not here to preach. You could ask the question.

So if you could ask that question. Try to address the question and I think I know you know I'm very cautious about this but go ahead, lie, lie was to move along. You question folks just to get the question instead of saying why so many lies in and you know it just needed to skip to a specific question you want to give a call and we have three open lines 877-207-2276 Tom from Pennsylvania. Tom show you're on here what I did what he said so I maybe maybe somebody in the text can type out what he said had no idea. So when we debate some things whatever was either no and then he hung up of folks you if you get a little complaint or challenge to stay in the phone little bit and talk to me okay big deal. I don't even know the guy was was getting to let's get to date from Virginia Dave.

Luckily the show you were on the air hanging in there when he got my wife. We ate about the field that we are in a like relatively we gave actually in the bowel court that that man will know when that common and I've kind of feel like the, far off of more decade.

Weird. That your opinion on these soon could be many years Bible doesn't tell us exactly will know the times and the seasons.

The issue then becomes what is left before the return of Christ. And there's the issue of your pretrip rapture, mid-trip, rapture, post-trip rapture because if Jesus comes back and pretrip rapture. People could say, well this could happen any day. If they say post-trip rapture got many years to go to. Depends on their perspective, but there are such what I understand before Christ comes back. There has to be several things that are not yet happened.

Need to happen, but that's my opinion on stuff so it worked were close okay think okay alright God bless.

Alright let's see who's next time you have any info let's get to Kevin from Washington and Kevin you're on the air. I arrived. I was wondering how you define sovereign decree of God will decree and sovereign, a kind of redundant but God in his sovereignty is the ability to do whatever he desires and the right to do whatever he desires decree to be direct and indirect decrees, different kinds, but nevertheless that which God ordains will come to plat of the past. Okay you better management had it in my head. Do you believe there's different. I'm in DC the in the Bible better like the matter contingent and sometimes got that I will do that and you can't do anything about it.

But then there's other properties that day. If you do this then I will do this like different can't be the thing in Scripture without you just described is this the distinction, but both of them fall under the sovereignty of God. Whatever God says will come to pass in your doing with you she was called counterfactual's and if certain conditions are met in different situations. Everything will occur because God knows all things actual as well as potential and he can declare the end from the beginning and decide those things reveal them to us.

We wouldn't know them. Otherwise okay okay thank you okay right Kevin well it's good to the next caller who is waiting is Eric from Nevada, Eric, welcome to show you're on the air we yet. A lot of theological logical view on theology given you to argue diligently comparing all of the theological and Matthew what extent should we look at what you can trace their lineage back to like one or two people should we consider what their life looks like, like whether or not they were living a life that was reflective of the true believer your life how much credence our way out there might be some merit to examining witchery.

Any big things that stick out like I repented and or something like that. Would that be something that could actually mitigate whatever idea theological ideas that they are the way we determine what is biblically true is by looking at the Scriptures.

What if we have an atheist who reads the Scriptures and studies Greek and sees something in their and then comments about it, but he's an atheist, and he accurately represents what's there. Should we then disregard what he said will know if what he says agrees with Scripture set the source, and the human level that matters whether something is true or not. The source has God inspired word Roman Catholics can get things right. Mormons can even get things right atheist can to soak in various people in Protestant denominations. So if you talk about people starting something like Luther, Calvin and Zwingli were whoever or whatever for Joseph Smith is the origins is worth looking at. But the ultimate truth or falsity that are just about everything you write that These messages that I call 77077 filter alright so Greta Tyler had a break there so well. We want to address yet where it really been on theology a lot lately and that kind of pairing on theology from the land of trade lineage back like going really trying to get at historical understanding for the development and evolution of the theological ideas and maybe just speak to a little bit you early church birthday August being in what would later become known as archaeology because I get what I'm running into it and I get for August the early church fathers not pocket my guys that were one to two generations removed from the original disciples I like Aaron and the teacher was Polycarp with the Bible directly by Johnny. You read these guys. It doesn't like any of you guys really help to what later became more and maybe either that I would call a discrepancy with Roman Catholic discrepancy as you call it, I see it that way I can understand the context of the early church in the years in the deck of the 60s, Nero was in charge and people being persecuted and they were fleeing and running to the hills, quite literally three or not, can find a whole bunch of early church writings from that. That then demonstrates what you would call reformed theology. You also don't find clear definitions and statements regarding the dock of the Trinity or the hypostatic union of the committee cut you in your bottom or imputation, but these things are clearly taught in Scripture.

And so if reformed theology is to be put on the back burner because we will seek exact clear statements very early on thin so must also the idea of the Trinity, the hypostatic union etc. etc. remember they were running and fleeing for their lives.

And once Christianity became more and more accepted.

Then it was safe to have synods and assemblies were discussed theological matters and so they did. The major matters is that they were discussing work Trinitarian issues. The work of Christ issues the person of Christ issued the first of the spirit. These are the main issues that had to be addressed because they were just the ones that came up, historically speaking, so you'll see the early church fathers focusing on those issues that needed to be addressed in the phrase the squeaky wheel gets the grease is like what I do writings people call me up in a safe, why don't you on the Judaism because the wheels are squeaking their areas. That's right, go to if every source: about that. I'll work on that. So doesn't mean though that I said I haven't got to Judaism is an example that when I do later on, or someone else does. Later on after me on doesn't mean the issue was an important back then, or reality so that we can be careful how we look at the idea of early church fathers and stop what you have to do is go back to the Scriptures. I would suggest if you're really interested in this topic. Colossians 214. Colossians 214 and see if what you find in that verse and notice Rita once study and study the context and see was being said there good the NASB do some serious analysis. Call me up at the office here and I'll discuss it with even further and tell you why it does teach reformed theology in a very deep level, and I can show you other verses that do the same thing agree segment is 514 with Romans 622 and Colossians 3125. I can discuss that. I can also go through the issue of John 10 talks about the limited nature and essence of what Christ atoned for and that he did, along with version 2 for I can back all the stuff from Scripture and so I'm able to do that but I do it all the time. I'm defending all the time. I know the Scriptures so when we look at the history we can understand. It was a developing nature of the issue of theological necessity and the theological issue that were most profound are the ones I got addressed first.

Then what happened is because the church and state became one in the Roman Empire.

Hence, the Roman Catholic Church. The corruption that became embedded inside the Roman Catholic system. The people say to me that C will know know know you can say that's just mean talk no it's not because think about this when Paul the apostle was walking the earth. He had to write letters to correct the churches when the apostles were still alive. They were having theological problems because people were not following the word of God, how much more so you think to be problems after the apostles die in the church whose persecution. Finally, this is purified to some degree. Then when it's set free and is able to just start doing councils what a lot of good people were there at the time, but you'll notice that the Donatist error is an holder issue type that's right believe that the real authority Roman Catholic Church got its start and the Donatist error. Look it up and through this, you'll see that then they started exercising their own ecclesiastical authority, but they were in cahoots with the Roman Catholic Church. What can happen in that time, historically, are they gonna be discussing the two rheological issues doctrine of salvation and imputation where you're pointing people to the word of God itself or the reporting to their own authority because her in ecclesiastical/governmental system of the latter with more sad you and the Reformation. Like I union of church date right like like you broke away from alternate Church state idea that had obviously a lot of big problem daily life. Yes, that's correct, very correct and you'll know about the issue of Servetus.

Now a lot of will complain that Calvin had Servetus killed.

He did not try to have surveyed the saved items, life spared any risk his own life to save Servetus with the issue in Geneva was that there were certain governmental systems in place and heresy was a capital offense will is that right thing to do is arisen with a talk about that are some theologically significant issues there. Plus, Luther Blewett, Luther made some mistakes. He was a brilliant theologian who broke away from Catholicism. We cannot escape hundred percent our culture be hundred percent pure in the word of God. But as times move on to modern-day modern-day cabinet you guys politically speaking there and perform, they know what they set projected lookups economy's economy. There are were formed.

Yes, people did what church state. Yes, there else the uneasy agreement that are to some extent yes to some extent, no because the Bible does talk about the government being in control and government exercises. For example, the application of Capital punishment.


The power of the sword. The sword was using executions and enforcement of law.

So what should be enforced. Which of the government for shaded force righteousness will yeah shoot it in force execution of murderers will that's a debatable issue but the idea is that the government will do this, why does it do it where to get it's right to do it come from the word of God. If the government is atheistic. I can give you your rights and take your rights away. The only way to ensure good biblical or good social system is that the principles within the probably comes as a like to say you want to mess something up. All he needs to think people in time, you don't care who it is. Catholics, Baptists, Calvinists, charismatics doesn't make a difference. You put them in power.

Just give enough time to mess up the good become oppressive after I believe is the case's right the government at large is a matter what kind of government on you when you give people I know violent element right I tell you that I that I could question you write all the letter on the Gutenberg Dave let Calvin about if I read them all. I am not sure you said that Calvin had. From what I read. There's only one letter where Calvin calculated on the air but anything you do come here I will not edit long it might influence is still very powerful. I will by no means let you leave alive once.

If you know documentation sent to me because I want to know what Calvin was like I don't follow Calvinism. I do know he went to France. At one point and risked his life to talk to Servetus and if you been caught. Calvin would've been executed. I think it was in France or the was I forgot where there's a lot of stuff I people to me all things over the years. I just had to deal with a there's a pretty little buddy stuff man already voted right back after these messages that I call 77077 back in the middle right meant reality. So I have a couple questions.

I know you all a lot, but I really do like to list all in question we get a full roll lit up so we got at the thought yet about the question I have mainly is about tithing, though I have a group of God to live with that.

You know you know the Bible, whatever. Whatnot, you know, and no topic of tithing came up and they're kind of a mold you and got a kind like over the current Decon was like well you know what Scripture, the question is basically what I'm alluding through is that the New Testament Amanda you hi or is it giving out of my heart being a cheerful giver or the boat clarity on that trip really the Bible does not command tithing is just kind of assumes that something they were free to build do and we understand that were no longer under the law and those who have died with Christ died to that loneliness. 7124 so not obligated legally to tithes were free to do that and we should do that cheerfully, etc. that while like hiding come before the law with order of milk at the deck. Yes, that's kinda what would brought like it would be for the law they need technical I know the law or but it come from a law that would right but the thing is that nothing in the New Testament says we have to time to tithes and offerings of various things not under the law and you can, I did research on the nature of the law and got a grid release, so pretty soon Ray go through on 120 are some all some odd instances of the use of the law in the New Testament, and that none of this week and some of them in the different contexts say that the law is to submit the entire Old Testament just some is very specific to very specific verse. Book some to the Pentateuch and summits the entire Old Testament so that all you in the Pentateuch of courses includes issue of Abraham. And so that's often referred to as the law. The law includes the first five books were no longer under that law. So no longer under any obligations. I don't see anything in the New Testament says obligated to ties now I don't see thing is has worked it out. Obligated to worship on on the Sabbath, either, but were free to arrive on Saturday were free to do what we want on those days. Why don't want to put law on people that there are free and so if were free to serve God and to love God were to be giving and that's how it should be. Yet okay whether that scripture to that that about don't give out invite you unitedly about your heart as you and that's outline okay that's interesting yeah yeah hopefully early that and I would love God your big right now I really forget everything you like when people say that because they don't know me, and if they didn't know me he would say that okay right so that we like the work that you will God bless, Chris Gubler. Have a good night you to write speaking to people who know me here is a day from California. I know you are Dave Dave nicely roommates or for how long. Dave let almost 40 years now.

Right. All you had to remind me to the previous caller.

You know the great ILS it was you know me that's not the case and you know me very well, so you know you can't talk about it on the radio.

I have a question for you. Are you for a moment the doctrine of federal headship and how it relates to before the fall of Adam and Eve and after the fall. There is no ontological change in the necessity of federal headship because it's a doctrine that order and a revelation that resides in the heart of God. He's the one who set up the issue. Federal headship and the reason this is important. That way is because if understand that Christ is the reason for federal headship. Jesus is called enforcement in 1556, is called the last Adam and Jesus represented his people and so that's why Adam was able to represent his people.

So ultimately speak of the cross. So God in his eternal decrees and eternal work and covenantal work, X 13, 20 talks about that in the blood of the eternal covenant, the necessity of federal headship in the representation of Christ on the cross to represented his people of the father gave to him. John six or seven, 240 because of that. That's why Adam will also possess this issue. Federal headship because he's the first Adam, so he possesses his authority, because ultimately Christ did and why did Christ do that because of the decree of God revelation of God's character so there is no change in the essence, necessity, federal headship from before the fall or after the fall.

It's is a manifestation of its reality in Adam and then again later on and Christ live except yet thank you so much good will get done so you can see thing negative about me. It's okay. So a good thing else that that brother that was it was a good nobody. Thank you.

Okay man goblets. Dave all right Jesse Dave. He's a piece on the board of Carmen and a great guy.

We you may have here for me every now and then talk about going swapping ministry. I did this back in the in the early early days of 1980s. Dave is one of the guys we were, we did that with great guy good men to God. All right, let's get to see okay that was over to Brian from North Carolina. Brian look Michelle you're on the my question about not conducted because it helped a lot people say we pick and choose what we wanted, so for example, figure out the reading considered scriptural to say that were not to be in effect under sexual urges or whatever, but the claim is that picking it up maybe a handful of verses that might be okay and other yet the people who say that we pick and choose. Don't know what you're talking about. And I've had many, many people say this to me and I say look, you have not studied the issue you don't know what you're here talking about you need to read.

I give him articles on Carr Sigel read this essay. First of all to theological issue. We have the Old Testament, the New Testament, the old covenant, the new covenant and the old covenant is fulfilled at the death of Christ. Nancy was 813. He was 952 60 and with that there's a change in the coming requirements is for the 10 Commandments going the Sabbath, the 10 Commandments are all reiterated in the New Testament except for one, that's the Sabbath. Nothing in the New Testament says were obligated to keep that Sabbath day took me on Saturday to say that. Furthermore, the issue of homosexuality and clothing styles and things like that in the Old Testament lifetime of the critics say when they bring this up is that they fail to realize is that they fail to realize that there are certain things that were that was designated by the phrase say to the sons of Israel and if you go to Karma and you can look at that phrase you'll see written article where I did the research and are certain things where God says, say to the sons of Israel, not everybody but to the sons of Israel there other things were he speaks about and he says Satan basically that these exact words but everybody applies to everyone were not picking and choosing which things we abide by what is happening is, God is saying Israelites you do this because you are to be representative of the separation of your own holiness against and away from the pagan things of the world. Therefore, don't do this, don't do this don't do that very specific things, say to the sons of Israel. A lot of times when people talk about are those things that are only applied to the sons of Israel. They fail to understand the context this a lot you don't you cut the size of your hair. I was a don't do that now it is is it to the sons of Israel and said not to us. So I say them.

You'll understand. And I say if you are interested in learning I can give you a Bible study on this sometime we could talk about me talk about abrogation, covenant, fulfillment, and save the sons of Israel are certain requirements homosexuality is a universally condemned thing and in the Beck book of Leviticus as well as in Romans 1 to 6 through 28 in first 15 69 is with very clearly decried and condemned in the New Testament so little I see them. Why do you pick and choose with things you criticize about us suggesting you pick and choose what you want to criticize you even do your homework.

I say this regularly. The people who bring this kind of thing up doing your homework. I do your homework for I tell him I know your atheism as well as you do, or better, your humanism as well as you do, or better, your philosophy as well as you do, or better, and yet when and if I don't you guys get all over me but yet when I I give you an answer like this essay will assess your opinion.

Double standard abounds all over the place that we are doing with their okay caramel CAR M.O RG is my website and working for 24 years you check it out and look up I say to the sons of Israel in the search engine okay. The site is quite big a lot.

There all CAR or just look at my name Matt slick on the web you'll see a lot of stuff most of its natural okay thank you for okay but guiltless all right list up on the phone to Jim from Indiana Jim Michelle questioned Gloria for a chat room. I go by the name of Mr. Batman or what you do not keep the law talking momentarily that it will suck the loss of reason for what reason God commanded know what reason I say in what respect for salvation. For example, what salvation is only diet it only through Jesus Christ lives hello I'm asking are you saying that we have to keep the law in order to be safe. That's from asking and I noticed her thinking is only but would you agree that we are saved unto good works, and of course Lukens 213 and also if you click nine works are God in Christ said if you love me all day. My commandment Commandments are the referring kid love God and love your neighbor but God come from okay look you're talking with Jim right it's time to go back tomorrow like you know who this guy is so… A safe okay right back will be back tomorrow. Lord willing. Stay tuned less later

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